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Anakin Skywalker Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Anakin Skywalker MBTI personality type cover chart

people just want to see him as ENFP to applicate the theory of shadow ENFP/ISTJ but this theory can't be applicate to a character without Ne. The ISFP argument was very weak and Vader is not an ENTJ. @Derek I disagree that he's a horribly written character, some people are unpredictable in real life but that doesn't make them bad or fake. I much prefer clone wars Anakin to movie Anakin. Why would that be his enneagram type. I could see ESFP or ENFP though. Because of this fear he strives to be unique, in the sense of "the chosen one". E rather than I. People stereotype him as the "angsty teenager" so they assume he's self-loathing when he isn't. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. ’” / “Sexual Fours are usually arrogant, despite having an underlying sense of inferiority. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Anakin Skywalker Myers-Briggs and personality type!. No, don't you see. His Ne got toned down later on and his auxiliary Fi took over in Clone Wars. He does this often, coming up with ideas and solutions on the fly. 2w3 that disintregrated to an unhealthy 8w9 (Darth Vader) makes sense. The kid would not stop talking. Also, there are some traits that functions share with each other. ESFP 2w3 je le typerais plutôt ESFP 3w2sx/so il me semble trop ambitieux personellement pour être un 2, le 3 colle aussi avec son désir d'être approuvé par le conseil jedi ou par palpatine. Rather, 2w3 to 8w9 is way more logically coherent. whereas Si past oriented function is not share by any other function.

. Esfp who occasionally uses he. The only difference is that one is intuitive (perceives possibilities, connections and ideas) and the other is sensing (perceives the environment as it plainly, realistically is). look at the 2nd movie how he act without thinking in trying to save obiwan , it's clearly a sign of inferior Ni. all N function are symbolic oriented , but what they differenciate them is the present avoidance of Ni and the regular switching between future and present of Ne. Despite the show coming across as directed at a younger audiance, it is actually written much better and is overall less cheesy (especially the dialogue) than the movies, and the characters are way more developed and realistic. Bad character writing aside, Anakin is an idealist and really does care about people. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Anakin Skywalker? What about enneagram and other personality types?. This is why letters can sometimes explain things just as well as functions, because when I say something is a perceiving trait, I'm essentially saying that it's a trait shared by both Ne and Se, and when I say something is a sensing trait, I'm essentially saying that it's a trait shared by both Si and Se. The difference here is that one is extroverted (externally oriented) and one is introverted (internally oriented) but at the end of the day they are both still sensing functions, and both still focus on reality and the real world. My first lesson will be to wait while you come up with the answer. When he gets older, he's less talkative but still is extremely overt in his feelings and is never afraid to voice his sentiments. I won't go into that here though since many people probably haven't seen it. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Anakin Skywalker MBTI type.. destroys the galaxy because "save Padme"). I changed my mind he's a 9w8 Pre-transformation Anakin is a ludicrously inconsistent and horribly-written character. Realizing the unfair/scummy side of the Jedi and seeking to change that was "inferior Ni". Donc difficile à statuer. Well first of all, quick wit and creativity can be associated with Ne, but they aren't what defines Ne, and impulsivity is simply a perceiving trait, not a trait of only Se. Ne is simply described as a future-oriented function that focuses on connections and possibilities. Sometimes breaking down in tears (frustration, anger) for apparently no reason. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. He has the emotional openness of a 2 or 4. I agree with your idea of function sharing similarities but some think like aesthetic oriented or impulsivness are specially Se. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. " And his "prophecy," "chosen one" mystic stuff is so totally "Ni. It really fits to his personality. Everything you just said as "evidence" for ENFP (you actually haven't even offered any really, not even for Ne, which is a totally wrong way to type anyway), I could easily argue by spouting the same psychobabble back at you from my side. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. What makes you think he's a 9. the typology community especially has a bad habit of hating people who don't easily fit into a box and it's not healthy. Marrying Padme was one of the signs of his insanely strong sexual instinct more than anything else. He don't use Ne we can't see the quick and witted mind or the desire of creativity and innovation in him. I personally think Anakin is ENFP, not only because I related to him well as a kid, but because the arguements for ENFP are backed with evidence rather than assertions and stereotypes. i don't value clone wars cause it's a bad cartoon. Impulsiveness is Se i don't use letter cause function work better. Ahsoka: sneak through the middle then. being an emo don't make him a 4 are you stupid he doesn't seek authenticity or creativity like 4. Explanation for him having PTSD can be found here: https://www. "Not abstract" in what way. Ouais mais de tête, surtout dans les deux premiers, il a vraiment un désir de sauver tout le monde autour de lui, et je trouve qu'il cherche à être le meilleur pour pouvoir justement sauver les gens qui lui sont proches. His decision to have a relationship with Padme is one such example of this; he got so carried away with the idea that he was willing to break the rules to do it. He would do anything for his inner peace including destroy the galaxy. And here, I've got a clear example of him using Ne from the Clone Wars movie:. Movie Anakin was just "love love love that's all I care about" which makes me think 4 or 2. He also sees flaws within the Republic's system of government and proposes that a dictatorship would be better (in general terms, he notices a big picture problem and thinks of a solution). ” : He is extremely arrogant, feels misunderstood by the counsel and becomes part of the elite of the Sith because he was "rejected" from the Elite of the Jedi he was seeking. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. If you expect to have an actual intelligent debate with someone, you're going to have to learn that your opinion isn't the only one that matters, and you're going to have to learn that functions aren't everything. Likewise, Se and Si share similarities in that they are both sensing functions. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Anakin Skywalker' belongs to!. ” He was very resentful at the counsel for being denied the rank of Jedi Master in Episode 3, which lead him in part to his rebellion, and at Obi-Wan in Episode 2 for not thinking he was ready for it : a four angry at the world. "Being an emo" I'm dead lolol. Se he lives in the moment and he does not think of the consequence s of his actions. Primary realizing the environment he's in and jumping into action. In the movies he more emo - so 4 works - and in the show he more aggressive and dominant - so 8 works. He seems to want a lot of praise and validation in the prequel triloogy. I could probably come up with more examples, but unfortunately I don't remember much about the movies (must be my bad "tertiary Si". These Fours like to be part of 'chosen’ group, and they can be very elitist. A core 2 or a 7w6, probably sx 2. Ahsoka: Alright, you win. He's hard to type cause Hayden Christiansen is such a shit actor that doesn't portray the character well. I watched the prequels not that long ago and I remember thinking that Anakin is one of the clearest examples of person with sx-first (notoriously neglecting both sp and so) and the most obvious moment was him trying to save Padme even if it meant killing Samuel L. And if your definition of Se is "impulsiveness" then you might want to reconsider how you define the functions as well, because most ExxPs are at least a little impulsive, including ENxPs. Anakin: that'd take too long. I think Anakin is a good example of sexual 4 in the enneagram. everything he does in the Episodes 2 and 3*. So N rather than S. )Great, he's ENFP. Imo he's 4w3 in the movies and 8w7 in the Clone Wars. They also have a very conservative shadow side. Anakin desired change *because of* his dislike of the rules. That would explain Vader in a nutshell. Becomes the complete opposite, ENTJ, as Vader, and he gets an intelligence boost as well. Ahsoka: Why don't we just go around, outflank them. he clearly does not think outside the box look at the 2nd movie he does not understand politic and propose a banal dictatorship due to his poor intelligenceIn that case, sorry but I'm done with this. impulsive traits is Se not Ne i work with function not bulshit letter theories make by strawberry crisis. I do that sooooo hard when I don’t think fictional characters fit into MBTI well. The movies would have been so much better if they were written similarly. People themselves are not abstract, but their thoughts and ideas can be. In fact, you might even call the functions "anti-Te" for that reason.

. when he thinks she betrayed him*Yes, and also I forgot to say he's the ultimate romantic, so 4sx fits perfectly well. Mytr - If you mean his transformation into Vader, he is ENFP turns ISTJ. I'm guessing 2w3 was probably spammed recently as a few days ago I'm pretty sure there were only as many 2w3 votes as 4w3 votes (aka 9 less votes than there are now) :/. (Like Moolfreet described) I believe his tritype is 478, the messenger. dislike rules, =/= desire of change. son Ni inférieur est évident et se révèle dans le 3 lorsqu'il provoque lui même le tragique destin qu'il redoutait pour sa femme. As for his MBTI type that seems more blurry but it's either ESFP or ENFP. Ne and Se are both extroverted perceiving functions, which means they both involve perceiving traits. I thought Anakin was a 9 because he shows traits of all the types but not enough to be them fully. He's a typical 4 sx. actually he could be a 2w3 since it seems to have the highest votes here and i recall him being quite gregarious and competitive as a kid which is more of a 2w3 thing than a 2w1 thing. Anakin's thoughts and ideas often are abstract. in your argument about impulsiveness you said it was a Ptrait when i disagree with you it is more about the definition of an inferior function or the character analysis itself. "I didn't really think he cared too much about others' approval, and especially not the council's" wtf look at the 3rd movie , he is so offended when the council refuse to give him the jedi master's title. I wish the show writers worked with Lucas to the write the prequel movies. But rethinking the options I see ENFP 8w7. Moody,introverted sensitive. Naranjo points out that Eights often don’t need to get angry, whereas this Four frequently feels misunderstood or envious, so they may show anger more often. Immature Fi out of control. Marrying Padme was "inferior Ni". Congratulations everyone type a guy without Ne as ENFP. love obsession in anakin is more due to his teenager mentality + the sentimental repression of the jedi council. His vision of the future is clearly Ni inferior a vision of a tragic future who obsessed himself so much that he make it happens. In all seriousness, I didn't really think he cared too much about others' approval, and especially not the council's. He literally just up and left everything behind in order to become a jedi and only got upset over it when it came back to haunt him in painful ways. he is Se:he react quickly to his environment , and is one of the most daring jedi , he is also very impulsive. I think he is more a 3 than a 8 he seek the council's approbation like a little dog and he is obsessed by what obi wan think of him. *realization spreads across face*. Après c'est vrai qu'il est aussi très attiré par le succès pour le succès en lui même justement, par exemple quand il veut gagner la course tout petit. a bad past is not inferior Si , but wherheas other type remember painfully this bad memory , inferior Si try to escape and avoid the subject about their past. And y'know, remembering painful memories is more correlated with PTSD and related disorders than Si or any other personality aspect. Did you will understand someday the letter dichotomies was just vulgarization of the function for dummies who can't understand function like strawberry crisisYou do realize that I WAS using the functions in my arguments, right. I have compromised in every way I possibly can with you, and yet you just dismiss all of my points with "I don't believe that's proof so you can't use it". He seems impulsive in a Se way at times, but that's just repressed Si and him being impatient. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Star Wars characters list.. But in the third movie it's pretty obvious that he's ENFP, and in the Clone Wars series even more so (that's where you see a lot more of his "quick wit", as you describe it). He's allured by the dark side in part because he finds the Jedi way limiting. He sees his strong force abilities being a way to be more unique. Despite these intuiting/sensing differences, either of these perception styles could lead to impulsivity simply because they are both extroverted perceiving functions, or perception functions rooted in the external environment. Any sensor would be more realistic in that situation, while he constantly had his head completely in the clouds. ENFP 8s would be more openly vulnerable and idealistic than your stereotypical 8. Joining the Jedi was "inferior Ni". "some think" <--- And this right here is the problem with functions. Vader is such an 8w9. you can turn yourself into a droid. Anakin has inferior Ni don't think about consequences of his action and when his Ni come it's unhealthy. IMO Si could be the hardest inferior function there is. Marrying Padme wasn't even necessarily a bad decision, my point was that he married her despite the rules stating that he couldn't. Anakin has to have the same 4-function combo as Vader. (Se) His love for droids, and machines comes from his (Se and Te), and the weakest function Ni, foreseeing and thinking about possible scenarios and perspectives. As a child, you really only have your dominant function, and I think that it's clear in The Phantom Menace that his dominant function is Ne. Moody,introverted sensitive. But he also doesn't have the senseless rebelliousness, forcefulness or egotism of an 8. They are not clearly defined, to the point where everyone has made their own definitions for them, leading to everyone having different interpretations where nobody will ever truly, objectively, be correct. I thought for a while he'd be 8 because of his rebilliousness, he seemed to have a fear to be controlled. I would say ENFP 8w7, but again, he's a horribly-written character. Te very direct, he has a it is what it is mentality. It usually makes them ExFPs. com/r/FanTheories/comments/5kpt58/star_wars_anakin_skywalker_has_ptsd_and_ocd_and/#ampshare=https://www. He is seen as an 8 because of his anger but type 8 is a thinker type, and he says himself in Episode 2 he can't repress his feelings and emotions, they lead him. Plus it's easy to explain how ENFP Anakin becomes ISTJ (the converse of ENFP) as Vader. I don't agree with you definition of function being anti Te. That's what I'm getting at. Fin is ISFP, but that's a topic for another day. An incredibly dumb ISFP for that matter. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Anakin Skywalker likely is!. Jackson, Ewan McGregor and the younglings (and paradoxically,even killing Padme when she tried to break their bigger-than-life bond), turning the whole Republic on its head and going batshit crazy straight to the Dark Side. the inferior Si in star wars is Fynn try to avoid his past in the stormtrooper. Besides, wouldn't it make sense for a jedi to transform into his repressed type through the toture of his wife just dying and the guilt of him betraying the order for a vision that happened anyway whether he would'be joined or not. The other reason he turned to the dark side was because of a vision of the future he had of Padme dying, which isn't inherently intuitive, but the way he acted on it was. You can see the 2 Ne users here bouncing ideas off each other in order to solve a problem, and Anakin ends up coming up with an idea by thinking outside the box. I actually think he's ENFP too. Dans un autre sens je me dis que sa colère provient du fait qu'il n'arrive pas à sauver les siens, et en même temps il a la haine contre obi-wan car il pense qu'obi wan le bride dans sa montée vers le succès de l'ordre jedi. even if we take the N/S dichotomies he clearly is not abstract so not N. we can see in him every Se characteristics and none of Ne characteristics that's why we can't see him objectively being an ENFP. Anakin: Well the wait's over. That makes sense, snowpetal. Se dom explique son impulsivité et son habilité par rapport à son environnement. ” Sexual 4 is the type that shows anger the most : "Naranjo says that this Four subtype can be the angriest personality among the Enneagram types. (I'm sorry for my crappy english)The Se is obvious, and the way he acts in Episode 2 just screams ESFP. Naranjo calls this type ‘Competition,’ (and called it “the mad four”) and Ichazo called it ‘Hate. com/r/FanTheories/comments/5kpt58/star_wars_anakin_skywalker_has_ptsd_and_ocd_and/. Yes he knows he deserves what he wants, but he has limits and doubts and always does it in someone else's name (i. Anakin did try to escape and avoid his past. " Yeah, it's ridiculously easy to spout off pseudoscientific psychobabble and make an impressive sounding but utterly hollow argument for any side, isn't it. he don't try to avoid his past the council force him to let down this past. i think function work more sociologically(where we can see this theory being applicated tradition Si, innovation Ne, value Fi etc. I also think it makes sense he's ENFP because Darth Vader is a clear ISTJ, and so it would make sense that Anakin is the opposite of that. Anakin: Impossible. How does he not have Ne. I'll admit that in the prequel movies (especially the first 2), Anakin's personality was kind of all over the place, especially on the N/S dichotomy. But in spite of that Anakin still has the need to control things and it's his downfall. He acts like an autistic ISFP 3w4Yes marrying padme was clearly his Ni inferior he was incapable to see how this is a shitty decision for someone who plan to be a jedi master. He also has a strong desire for change, shown by his dislike of the rules and desire to change them, and was a major reason he turned to the dark side. I've got a plan. Are you going to argue that Anakin was using his "inferior Ni" in all the other situations where he thought of the future/change as well. “And Sexual Fours can be very impulsive. com/amp/s/amp. And no, Vader is an ENTJ, not ISTJ. And, if anything, I'd attribute poor planning skills to poor Te. He's actually proud of his abilities and doesn't feel he is undeserving of love, he's just shocked Padme loves him because she's so out of his league. So I guess you're right. Impulsivity and poor planning skills are just indicative of P, not specifically inferior Ni. I think his Fi was what drove him most to make that decision, but an Ne user would be more likely to directly oppose the rules for the sake of a fantasy than an Se user. So by your logic, anyone with a bad past is Si inferior. 9 seems way out of left field and not remotely corresponding to anything he does. Ni inferior him seeing visions of padme dying and he sees Luke as a representation of him facing the truth about himself. “the typology community especially has a bad habit of hating people who don't easily fit into a box and it's not healthy”. Anakin tends to get carried away with possibilities. Hopefully this helped explain where I'm coming from, and why functions and letters aren't really so different at all. That seems like Ne to me. An ESFP likely wouldn't change their entire life because of a possibility of the future going wrong, and they certainly wouldn't be as obsessed with the concept as Anakin was. A clear example of an ISFP. ) than psychologically He's definitely not a 4 or an 8.

Anakin Skywalker
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