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Anita Sarkeesian Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Anita Sarkeesian MBTI personality type cover chart

She was very different on Colbert's report though and exaggerated thr extent of perceived sexism in video games. ENxx or ESTJ make sense, the rest don't. At this point we seem to be on very different tangents and look at her through different lenses. So far I'm pretty sure there is Fi more than Fe for her even though apparently speaks for the "collective" and twist it anyway you like but an ENJ's strength lies in dealing with conflict, Anita's lack this strength as shown repeatedly. I can to a point understand ENTJ given how she projects herself but ENFJ. I don't know how you guys see ENFJ or INFP. How about instead of patronizing, just make your case and not worry what others vote (sounding like an A**hole in the process. A case of personal moralist, a bad NFP. They can however take on such projects for a sense of achievement. You find INFP ridiculous. She can argue against it with all her resources. Seems like an NTJ. I must grudgingly confess that you did get the better of me in some aspects of the discussion (minus the personal)I think thats fair and liberal in essence. An ENFJ would cater a larger viewpoint whereas she is stuck in her own views and her own ways unconcerned with what others think. Also since I like to call it out when I see something, I'd appreciate if you inform me if something annoyed you so I don't bring it up again in the discussion. He must be an INFP. Anita has completely shut off any sort of argument against her values which points not to Te-Dom but to inferior Te. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of hers as supposedly you are. And no you shouldn't UAE emotions in an argument. I don't see her doing all this just for the sake of achieving the goal. I also am not a huge fan of political correctness and feel that opinions should be heard regardless of how others "feel". ENTJ makes the most sense to me, but I can get behind ENFP too. @StreetSpirit: Could you elaborate on your reasoning. I liked the argument for INFP and thus voted. :) The funny thing is that in the last exchange, you were arguing for her being more of a "J" and I was arguing for her being more of a "P"Anyhow. You can visit any Typology site and can confirm that this is indeed true. I am more convinced that she is atleast an NFP. Generally I_FPs and E_FJs would abhor violence like this. At least check your reflection before you call the kettle black. From what I'm reading, she's not even for censorship. It reminds me of the people who call her a SJW, implying that she works from a basis of illogical passion. She's a bad ENTJ tho, most of them are cool. I don't know the deal of her but she isn't very N I think. I did go over the top mainly cause I'm worn out with arguing against a specific school of thought. Free speech is free for all. She is not an idealist, she is a business woman (to be polite, cause really she is a scam). But yeah I watched a few of her things and seems like a lot of Te. Just like other cognitive functions have negative attributes so does Fi. ENFJ seems like a tempting vote for her but I will go with ENTJ. Hopefully we can discuss the case without ad hominem, projections and personal remarks. She isn't just campaigning for realistic portrayals of women. She does like to rile people up and have them do the hard work. On topic your argument might hold weight to an extent but still wouldn't undermine my position on INFP. Regarding E/I. In pure behavioral sense she appears ambivalent on I/E speAgain you are conveniently ignoring that no matter how much you'd want to push your agenda, an ENFJ (because her strength would be Fe) would be able to better understand and accomodate opposing views. She is such a manipulative person who kept bringing lies and more lies. The debate was fun nonetheless. I think she is trying to be tough but since her Te is inferior she gets overwhelmed very easily and plays the martyr card regularly. Anita's loud personality comes across as faux to me, shielding her more vulnerable and debate avoiding INFP self. Fact: some games have sexist themes, Myth: Majority of gaming world is programmed to be sexist. Why do you think INFPs can't assert how they feel about an issue like Anita. Are you saying she isn't "authentic" but a "scam/business woman" and therefore Te dominant. Sometimes, as an attempt to convince people, she inflates her points with Se by the use of body language, face expressions even when they do not really make sense. So here is what I'll do. I refuse to accept that its just a business venture for her. INFP make a topic more personal and she tends to detach herself from topics in order to get her message out in a way unseen for INFP's. My objection is imposition of regulations on the gaming community when they wouldn't want any. She is no Fe type. However, you are setting the goalposts so wide, so that taking a common sense approach to a situation makes one an "Fi-dom", so that the vast majority of people will get typed as Introvert + NFP by Impeccable Typing System simply by being in her situation. A lot of people say things we don't want them to say, but you can't claim to be for free speech and then arbitrarily decide to draw the line on free speech, putting on the wrong side of the line people who are advocating completely peaceful, educational approaches to advocate their cause. On the free speech, I guess we are saying the same thing essentially albeit because we had taken the role of rivals in the debate we refused to acknowledge it. Anita has all the right in yhe world to have her opinions and even preach them but so should everyone else. INJs inferior Se is their Achilles heel. My vote is actually on ENTJ at the moment. And no I personally have no stakes or interest in her activism. Her judging bends to fit her interpretation of how she thinks things shuold be, which is Je + Ni. Anita can't decide what the gaming content should be. Actually logical (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) she is so funny that she is paid money to HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She is concerned with how oppressive her opponents are, a common thread amongst Fi-type crusaders. Anyways it was a nice discussion which would hopefully continueTry not to take anything personally cause it was really just a projection of my frustration with other peopleAlso I appreciate the honesty. If it changes the market forces such that video game manufacturers are economically pressured to stop making games with a certain ideology, then you have to accept that. A bit atypical but still. I got exactly what you said, but I still stand by what I said. You are getting hilarious at this point "no one should have the right to censure. Possibly with further explanation and/or sources that cement your point. Very decisive and black-and-white which are not how INFP would be. Look at her, she points to the flaws in the gaming community and how its harmful without a dogmatic undertone. I see no Fe in her whatsoever and the people arguing ENTJ can't explain her so much un-ENTJness. I do not believe they do not make up a majority of Anita's followers as you claimed. So in crux, here is my political opinion, in general her views are true atleast to an extent but no I don't believe that videogames encourage misogyny. Seems like its not a good recipe for reputation if I oppose Anita because I'll be put into a Wife beater, extreme right wing, neo Nazi camp. What did I say negative about her and ENFJ. They have nothing to do with what she's trying to accomplish, so they are best left ignored. I find passionate discussion on typology futile. Fe obviously are more noticeably capable of that. Anita has completely shut off any sort of argument against her values which points not to Te-Dom but to inferior Te. Well thanks for acknowledging the mistake but you're still strawmanning her position with your fact/myth thing. Also saying that an INFP wouldn't identify with the group she is part of is rather odd. A case of bad Fi type. There would be plenty of cases where NFPs joined together to form a group. Her online interaction style is almost definitely a strategy rather than a personality, which is why I still think ENTJ is a possibility. I have revised my vote to ENFP as well which makes the most sense to me now. No, it's really just indicative of someone who isn't about to get derailed by a bunch of people who want to see her fail. My take on E/I isn't behavioral. She intends to reform the gaming world, effectively attempting and lobbying to impose regulations on gaming content. So when her use of free speech leads to results which you disagree with, you oppose it. " and speaking for their opinion which apparently includes banning games altogether. It's how it should be. I stopped at "SJW". Why is idiot not an option for vote. Also, she's not "victimizing" herself. v=lWQcqabG0J8. Anyone can have her views, but views =/= personality. Yet more INFP votes shat out by some randoms. So you don't believe in the sanctity of free speech and rights on individuals to have opinions. She is speaking for people who already are going to be open to watching videos about feminism in video games. This would be my last post on personal political ideology. She rallies the base. She is not appealing to non-feminists. Which btw is your original vote and its strange how 8 votes followed. All that desire to stand out with Fi morals rather than be melted down with everybody, as an ENFJ would do. But legitimate well structured arguments by "individuals". What is the best option for the MBTI type of Anita Sarkeesian? What about enneagram and other personality types?. It's her perception that's rigid. To me its just an interest I indulge in from time to time. Yeah but its a worthwhile idea to look into even though you didn't implied it. Well people identify with arguments available on the web. Maybe her behavior may point to her being an introvert, but I think because of recent internet hate - she has to stay low. I might not even condone for some of what I said here but someone has to play the devil's advocate. It's not in the abstract theoretical as I'd expect from INxP, who would try to come up with an explanation true to a personal logical or moral understanding. We can discuss the merits of her activism on a political forum somewhere so lets keep this place strictly MBTI related. So i'm unable to give you all sources that helped me form my opinion over the years; here's one on other 'feminists' asking her help : https://www. INFP seems far-fetched now. She shunNed any form of debate altogether effectively vilifying everyone opposing her views. The only thing I said was that she's got a loud personality which would make her an extrovert and definitely not an INFP. She is not a gamer, she pretends to be. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Anita Sarkeesian likely is!. Instead there should be content which neutralizes the content she is campaigning against. I bet she's not going on Fox News. Fi is more rigid and judgy as you put it. They are the authoritarian lunatic fringe, and they exist on both the left and the right, and in between. I doubt she even uses her Fe in a healthy manner. I find it funny that you say she could do a better job at whatever she's doing when she has become *the* leading voice on misogynism in video games and a majority of the interested people at least know some of what she wants them to know. I don't know why its so hard to fathom. Any attempt to influence authority and institutions to make way for one's opinion is no longer free speech but use of authority. But guess what ENTJ and especially ENFJ is more ridiculous. I really don't find ENFP all that ridiculous. I got a feeling that if she is after all a perceiver, she could be having a partnership with a Judger. Although they would always shy away from a face to face debate. Am I reading this correctly. Then you changed your vote to ENTJ and then ENTJ votes follow. I have my own opinions which I will continue to keep to myself here. She is gathering *certain* people together and directing them toward a cause. But indeed I am convinced she isn't passionate about video games and she isn't authentic. Also I agree with the general position of your argument but given the nature of Jungian typology where there can be no effective falsification, you can argue one way or another for any I/E, N/S, F/T, P/J type. She does a very good job at it, hence her popularity and the subsequent hostility directed at her. I voted ENFP as she is both someone with an agenda as well as underlying ideals. But she sparked my interest. I get the impression that you're trying to type what you hate about her rather than who she is. She has done this from day 1. I keep debates and personal seperate. Seems to be the kind that would like to police others around. Where people see idealism is really just a strong and non ethical business plan. That's my only opposition of Anita. So you're laser focusing on one aspect of her interactions but yet completely missing the context. Remember ENFPs are the stereotypical champions of causes and actual doers with a tendency for execution. I'd have a (kombucha drink) with hersexy hot cute Disgusting. Can you share how you arrived at this conclusion. There's also the assumption that you seem to be working from that "Fi" is fueling her beliefs and stances, which I think is erroneous. If a videogame has misogynistic content, community at large has the right to ostracize the developer and refuse to play it as it is their right to protest and reject. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. An FP type is more rigid on what's right/wrong but an FJ is more rigid on the way the world should be. The most evilest ENFJ wouldn't be like that. An ENTJ would be as dauntless in debates as they come. Reason I voted INFP is because despite how she presents herself she is a strong idealist, she identifies with her cause completely and is presenting it to the wider world in a way she feels is necessary. Yes, "gamers" are not some monolithic universally hateful group, but so what. I guess we don't see eye to eye on the whole matter. For me its either INFP or ENFP. I can't see her as a Ne Dom. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Let's put this discussion on a hold here and get back to it when we can break the deadlock instead of reiterations. She has to have Ti in her stackNot so sure she's an F type. She has failed to acknowledge all the reasonable rebuttals to her complaints and therefore not ab intellectual giant in my opinion as others might like to portray but thats a discussion for another place. com/guess-type/178490-anita-sarkeesian-post13495978. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Anita Sarkeesian' belongs to!. How regressive is that. Also from a trusted source - Anita Sarkeesian "earned a master's degree in social and political thought", it paints a more or less accurate image of an ENTJ for me, who is naturally able to think like a politician/business-woman. Here is my opinion. She has very weak fi. Also when you have to deal with the amount of hate thrown her way it tends to shape just how patient you are with the so-called public. 9 people need to get a clue. There's different kind of rigidity. Not attempts to choke others. Yeah although I agreed at first with why INFP was an option from the get go, further inspection makes it less likely than ENFP. She comes across as a J type like any crusader would be but she just avoids discussion and debate. I don't have much stake in the whole gamergate saga. Her look and body language is indeed of an ENTJ. And obviously you again failed to read my post. She won't engage them but they are wrong from the get go. If you are right that her "forceful" persona infact holds sone ground I can see ENFP (Te tertiary) or a very atypical ENTJ. Also Ni is a perceiving function which can evolve and change. html#post13495978And no, not all INFPs are angels by default. After all this I am inclined to say she is most likely an ENTJ in my view. She also comes across as a unhealthy NFP martyr type, her opponents are out to get her. I think her "agenda driven" persona is rather reluctant and backed by others as well, I agree. The whole debate of free speech is that you accept the social change that free speech brings about, as long as it isn't putting people into some kind of imminent danger. Maybe I was too tunnel visioned and focused on the personality weaknesses. Not ENFJ and definitely not NTJ os any sort. I am all for equal right to free speech, not free action. She is the total opposite of "authentic". I don't see that with her. I think her "strategy driven" persona is faux. I think you'd agree yes. I can see yout point more clearly now. Pretty sure she expected to see all the hate since it is the internet after all, unsure if it is exactly the degree she imagined at start. She isn't introverted nor a blazing extravert. And as I mentioned before, if you're a leader of a political movement it's best not to confront opposing views directly. Why doesn't President Obama respond to "Anonymous" or "Occupy Wall Street". Save me the drama and don't get personal. Afterall an INFP would be more attached to their ideal than an ENJ would. On the contrary I'm all for using negative aspects of personality to identify the type, I was just annoyed with the selective treatment. Even OWS was bound more ideologically than gamers and would at least be able to produce some spokesperson. Despite identifying with Leftist thought I don't ever blindly endorse everything an ideology proposes. I'm not a "fan" of Anita. Can someone seriously see Fe dominance in her. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Anita Sarkeesian Myers-Briggs and personality type!. So I see either INFP or ENFP. I might be open to the idea of ETJ that bobnickmad proposed earlier. Her reluctance to respond to a bunch of insignificant ants actually has to do with her role which she has been in since day 1. Read this post - this guy has it down. She speaks to feminists to get them to see what is in video games. To clear my prior comment which I think you misunderstood. If not - ENFP or INFP, nothing else really. She doesn't do what she does because of passion but because of interest. I suppose your mind is set. She is absolutely clearly not an introvert in any way, even more clear than her J-ness. "She told Colbert that video games often portray women in a manner which "reinforces the cultural myth that women are sexual objects" and that her goal is not to censor video games, but to raise awareness of how women can be portrayed in more realistic, less stereotypical ways"Insignificant ants. Now that I've examined your position, it might be true that Anita's reluctance to response may actually be due to the sheer volume of opposition and thus I can see how she is an ENFP and not an INFP. She is a legitimate victim. Also taking account of what you shared I can see ENFP as a likely option as well. Seriously, you're drawing extremely rash conclusions from behavior which doesn't show much of anything. lol the INFP votes keep pouring in which is nothing short of hilarious. From now on I'll keep the discussion purely related to typology and if you add a good argument I'd be glad to indulge. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. I really can't see her as an INFP. Please defend yourself. I'll look into her more and then come back to you. Somehow you're okay associating negative aspects of ENFJs with her. So you don't believe that a certain section of people want to "ban" certain games all together. I'm not saying she is 100% certain Te dominant (though Te is probably one of her rather strong function in my opinion), I'm not convinced about what type she is. Also, how can one claim to be for free speech, while at the same time opposing people exercising their free speech by dissuading others from making and buying certain games. Won't type her, would feel like insulting people of the same type :pHow does anyone see such a loud personality as an introvert.

. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Anita Sarkeesian MBTI type.. Ni counts for a world-wide view of sexism starting from video-gaming and probably envisioning the future steps, since it is introverted it really isn't that obvious. They argue their weakness, opponent's bad will and a reluctance to debate logically. Ah okay now I see what you mean. Because she clearly is a Te inferior and Fi Dom for sure. ENTJs have inferior Fi and so they find it hard to identify with such activism as their ideals. A bad Fi-Dom will judge the world solely through their own narrow value system and not attempt to understand opposing viewpoint. I have no problem with her position on the matter. They shouldn't be allowed to use power and institutions to crush liberals. I am almost tempted to vote INTJ. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. An ENFJ, no matter how big a villain, would form a holistic, mutually acceptable solution and influence opinion rather than going on one way tirades on how bad an idea is without even attempting to engage in a dialogue, thats how a bad Fi-Dom SJW would be. I suggested quite a lot on how she manages her views, how ahe presents them and how she defends them. If someone used persuasion through speech to turn liberals into peaceful right-wingers, any true supporter of free speech while not satisfied with the result, would not want to ban them from persuasion. She comes across as lead Fi to me. A regulated gaming industry. She is very extroverted. Since you've taken that position, I suppose there isn't much room for any further discussion between us. Her viewpoint is a niche like an NFPs would be and not a large scale public struggle which would interest an ENFJ. Though for ENTJ, inferior Fi would have to be explained. Even the name of her channel is "Feminist Frequency". Personally I identify with the feminist agenda but more so on my priority list is absolute right of free speech. I don't mean it in a derogatory manner. You're talking about her as if she's on a web forum or something. However on a few occasions discussing negative sides of a personality also helps in identification. Since it's MBTi derived from Jung's take on I/E. That's why I may appear scattered on my ideology. Many people defending (real) feminist causes came to her asking for help as she has good visibility and she ignored (didn't even care to respond) most of them. For me its either INFP or ENFP. I'd concentrate on her aux and tertiary functions and see what makes sense. After boiling down all these well formed arguments, I can't really understand how ENFP has considerably less votes than ENFJ. I said we can discuss non-typology subjects on a different forum. The only way anyone types her as INFP is if they are irrationally matching irrational stereotypes. Like seriously how. I am not talking about responding to anonymous hate mails. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. But taking other things in account I tilt more towards I_FP and specifically INFP for Anita. Those who extrovert judging are more judgy. Don't INFPs refrain to engage in a sort-of hostile debate and argue from a distance, effectively away from straight on confrontation. Her take is narrow on many instances and she refuses to see evidence to the contrary. So yes she is very likely an INFP. Of course we don't see eye to eye because you're putting forth an ideology which is hypocrisy in its most distilled form. Because otherwise, If you're going to arbitrarily protect gaming corporations from the results of free speech, that would cross into authoritarian/fascist anti-free speech territory, in that the voice of the people is being suppressed to protect the nation's economic interests. She clearly has no notion of what the gaming community thinks and sees her personal morals as the final truth. Of course, that's in the face of the *obvious* extrovert traits that she exhibits in her loud personality which nobody is going to try to deny. It seems like she's mainly doing everything for attention/money. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Alot of political leaders who are EN_J do confront their opponents directly to give them a fair chance or atleast try to engage them. Rest assured I've had fair share of frustration debating with individuals all over the political spectrum. Ofcourse if her free speech manages to satisfy the gaming community and the willingly change for the bette. Sociologically speaking, Anita is playing the role of choir preacher. She is not driven by passion or idealism or morals but by her position, profits and interests. Scotty you might not have noticed but I never suggested that views = personality. ENFJ's Fe might be manipulative but it also engages etc. She's fake as hell so she's hard to type, but I agree that I don't see any Fe in her.

. Didn't intend to offend you. Just don't insist me on changing mine. You're unnecessarily putting words in my mouth possibly to annoy me and clear through my actual argument. How about you do the saMe and lets back and see how it worked out. I don't agree that she isn't sincere to her value system. However she did oppose making of games that sexually objectify women. She's either ENFJ or ENTJ I think. To be honest she doesn't have a fixed goals but a general direction for improvement with multiple ideas floating which are in line with her ideals and ideals of those who identify with her. Okay, not to piss off any INFPs here but isn't it an INFP weakness to hold their opinions when evidence to the contrary is presented. She probably feels the most effective way of dealing with the various haters is to not lower herself to debate with them - a common political move which makes it a bad way to judge her personality. Yes that's a load of Fi-Dom gone wrong there. From the very beginning she started lying to build a fake image of a gamer she never was. Ni can appear like Si, however it is strongly linked to cause and effect relationship, which I believe Anita uses in her videos. It's all about how you arrange the two in the functional stack. Unless you want an ENFJ's strength to their weakness in which case you're biased against ENFJs. My opinion on her has been made over ~2 years and I didn't keep sources and references I could redirect you to (I chose that vid in my previous message simply because it contains the older clip of her revealing she never liked games and had to research a lot on the subject in order to give her speech, something she totally denies later on (when she got famous) as she self-proclaims a long time game lover). She's like the left wing version of Ann Coulterestj for lulz. As long as its purely educational its all good. Manipulative, liar, more concerned about her own interests than what she pretends to be fighting for, ewwww. By negative I don't mean bad things but rather weaknesses. What Anita should do is create video games that suit her world view and let the people in general decide what they do or don't want to play. Your opponent can be intellectually superior to you despite being wrong "morally"lol, yeah video games don't influence people at all *eyeroll*. J types get stuck in their "Ni" or whatever you want to call it more than P types. The nature of her position is *clearly* relevant because the basis of your argument rests in how she responds to her "opponents", and how supposedly it is an INFP way to handle it and not an ENxJ way to handle it. She saw an opportunity to gain fame through the use of internet + the gaming community and she took it. There are many cool minded legitimate opponents of hers but like you she too paints them all with the same brush. An ENTJ would be as dauntless in debates as they come. They are insignificant to HER. When your opponent is just a nebulous ball of hate, how do you "confront" it anyway. Being hostile to Se and Se-traits is something more that an Ni-dom would do I think. You prefer ENTJ/ENFJ and thus you voted that. I can understand why you'd refuse to believe how an NFP would ever do that. I have problems with the solutions that may come as a result. v=WL0-AKOjgHQ. So she can be either. Function wise, her videos aim to bring people together through verifiable facts, which seems like a lot of Te, Ni, and Se. No thats not how all INFPs are just like not all ENFJs are Goebbel or all ENTJs Stalin or Genghis Khan. I get the feeling that you want her to act in a way that is conducive to your ideology winning out, and because she's not bending to the wishes of essentially a colony of little ants, that somehow is indicative of some personality flaw. @scotty: went through the thread, seems like a good case was made for NFP but people can't accept negative traits of Fi but will harp about how bad Fe can be. Apologies if it comes across like that. If anything P types aren't quite as vigilant and may be tempted to take the bait. I don't want you change your vote or whatever. I didn't mean INFPs are intellectually immature. I'd consider ENTJ if someone convinces me that she isnt an idealist and that all her activism is just some ambitious project for her. No INFPs are so brash and combative, and shoving Te in your face. I believe reluctance to debate also points to inferior Te. Many strong Ti users (INTPs and ENTPs) have already demonstrated through commentary videos loop-holes in her beliefs, and "morals". Aren't some on Anita's accusations unfounded and debunked but she doesn't give way and still holds the same position. I have at no point said that Anita should be stopped. She isn't forcing her view at all. That's not exactly a bad thing. No it's not Ni but clearly Fi. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. I don't know how to type her but I think ExxJ makes sense because of how externally controlling she is, of her environment, her image, her business plan and how she never listens, never questions herself, but keeps pushing forward like a bulldozer. Take Che, Castro and many more NFP "comrades" sharing similar values but still very Fi and vilifying opposition. No one should have the right to censure and approve what video games content is. Social media is her specialty and she manages it well. ) would show up like this where a person with strong opinions doesn't engage or entertain opposing views and keeps their opinion in face of evidence to the contrary. We'll continue it at a later date. I voted F but not sure. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Acting and Movie Industry characters list.. That would kill the reason to debate more effectively, don't you think. ENxJ may enjoy casual gaming because of tertiary Se and that is exactly what she claimed she was doing, though not sure to what extent. And yes they are totally insignificant as it pertains to what she's done and continues to do. Sure generalize the whole gaming community. Alright, so my attempt at closure is either ENTJ or ENFP. Most people on Anita's bandwagon want to ban such games all together which is not okay in a liberal society. Her cognition seems to be based on the Te-Fi axis and not Fe-Ti. Her Te is just too evolved for it to be an inferior function and I don't see her as an introvert either. When did I say she is on a web forum. Seems like an ENTJ to me. You are saying that thousands and thousands of gamers are insignificant ants just because they have reservations about Anita's worldview. I'll go through her videos and attempt to type her without preconceived ideas. I feel personally that ENFP is somewhat more likely than ENTJ. Also she doesn't seem an introvert in any sense. And the main reason I bring up her videos is because they're the easiest to find. I see what you mean but again this doesn't negate INFP nor makes case for ENJ. But yeah she likes to speak more in a collective sense which would indicate ENxJ. And now you're talking about "most of the people on (her) bandwagon. She is neither inferior in Fi nor Te. I hope you see my point. If you're going to vote as an NFP, why introverted. She is like the most obvious judgey judger J-type ever. I guess I learn a new fact every day. Well I can sure see ENFJ a lot more than INFP. I've seen her on TV and she's great at coming up with concise on-the-spot cold-logical arguments. what video games content is" yet you claim that Anita is the one standing in the way of free speech. I am agreement with parts of arguments for INFP as well as ENTJ. Since there are no holy cows in my world, I'd beg to differ obviously. Also refrain from personal jabs. Maybe there should really be an obligatory commenting system along with voting. Common sense 101. I'm gonna stick with ENTJ. You are right, Zen, there is this Te and Fi ambiguity which could be explained by her being an ENFP. How is she an INTJ. I think her "strategy driven" persona is faux. At first she didn't present herself as a gamer but quite the opposite but she realized it was playing against her so she totally changed her speech since and reinvented her childhood. I would like her to rather campaign for making games with no objectification to counter those who do objectify. An E_TJ shying away from direct defence of their opinion is more unlikely that an INFP championing for her cause. I see Te everywhere in her videos, in the way she forms her arguments,(reductionistic) in the way she probably plans everything in a step-by-step manner. Likewise even though extreme right wing should be allowed to have and voice their opinion. Also, I'll do that (watch videos). Sorry didnt see your last comment before the below oneHa, that last comment must mean your "Te" is inferior and you are intellectually immature. Typology isn't serious to me, I came on this site after about a year or so. Free speech means free speech. For argument sake I'm playing the devil's advocate. I abhor authority of all sorts. I don't seen how anyone can see her as an INFP. The very foundation of her public persona is based on a lie : https://www. I've also seen her on progressive TV channels. A lot of feminist waves nowadays that you can just ride, if you have the seemingly good causes and arguments for it. INFPs are especially sure of what right and wrong is and if they take on activism they can come across as eextremely stubborn and confrontational. Also both Fe and Fi can push for their agenda. And thanks for correcting the mistake. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. However I agree with everyone who believes ENFJ is the least likely type for her. Yes, a certain section of people want to ban games all together. Atleast in ones who aren't very mature intellectually. They also concern themselves with a personal moral standard taking no account of what others think. but Anita is nothing like that. Back to typology, alot of ENJs have fought through hateful opposition more effectively since that's their strength. She didn't play that many video-games and thought her scarce gameplay experience would really "help" as an evidence for becoming a video-game theoretician. I find it hard to believe I'll ever believe in perceiving based on the information I've accumulated already, but I'll try to keep an open mind for it. Not ENFJ and definitely not NTJ os any sort. Inferior Te, especially in a not so intellectually mature INFP (read the specificity here. An ENFJ would engage public whereas Anita just puts forward her thoughts as the final word and any one disagreeing a big bad wolf. http://personalitycafe. I believe educating younger generation to abhor discrimination is a better way around it than attempting to ban. Her concerns are real, yes, but she has mishandled the case and vilified a huge populous just because she doesn't see eye to eye with them. Did you mean "censor". I'm just saying "an" intellectually immature INFP's inferior Te would appear to shun counter arguments. But seriously, ask yourself that question and then apply it to the context of the mess Anita find's herself in the middle of, and maybe you'll see that your argument has as many holes as a boat of swiss cheese. They don't despise it rather have a secret admiration for it. Voted INTJ because she has a definite end goal but uses power over others as an easy instrument. I don't know much about this McIntosh guy but are you sure a) he does Sarkeesian's work, and b) he's not an INFJ. One thing I just do not get is how anyone can vote for her as INFP. Its strange that opposing Anita's position would make you a misogynist when you clearly aren't.

Anita Sarkeesian
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