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Annie Clark Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Annie Clark MBTI personality type cover chart

To me that kind of dancing just seems like a Pe thing, letting the present moment sort of take her wherever. Yeah, if you adopt your anti-reality function model and interpretation, then what you say will be the case, but I am not working from that framework, because I don't believe in bullshit. Ni is more convergent which takes a lot of ideas and form a synthesis which is more subjective than Ne. But since Annie Clark has inferior Se, it's more bland and stylishly futuristic, with Ni touch I think. @butterfly True. Lol butterfly says that thephaxsi is basing things on "imaginative" whatever, yet butterfly's whole argument seems to rely on imagining Te that just isn't there whatsoever. She's definitely not an Fe user. That said I agree that using astrology is a a stupid way to differentiate Annie vs St. But I don't hear, it's this idiosyncratic mixture of melody and noise. But she's parodying idol fashion so she's still Ne, right. Fi is individualistic in the sense that ''the same coat doesn't fit all'' in morals, because the ireconciable differences between different kinds of people. Te looks more impartial because it's a judging function. Go to any high school computer club and you will see all ITs (no pun intended). Her lyrics do not have anything personally against the technology as a Pe type's might, but attempt to demonstrate the essence of technology in a Heiddeggerian sense (IN_J). Anyway, I'm not going to get into a discussion about this again. " Also if we watch this interview where her extraverted side is on (because it's not actual an interview) there's an incredible amount of Fe: https://www. The entire monochromatic, robotic faux-reality that has been created there. David Byrne: Yeah, we take an intellectual approach to song construction. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Annie Clark likely is!. Here's the "big reveal" article: https://www. It's pretty simple, but you can always make up a bullshit system to make it sound more special than it is. Not only do they share close to nothing in common, but virtually any artist (especially INxx, and F and P to some degree) are likely to make comments such as that. Next, to the point where you claim you "fix my post" you actually are not doing so. I find that INPs as a result of tertiary Si are much more likely to allow for their personal stories to serve as a basis for letting the god of truth pour out. In Annie's case, however, this manifestation of body energy once again ties back into the idea of her individual momentous exertion of anger/physical force rperesenting human struggle to liberate truth and demonstrate the power of the constructions we live in, while not emphasizing the belief that we can constantly live outside of them as an IN_P might. In all fairness, I did find this prior to coming here, but there's a funny twist in this story of me being one of the commenters/debaters. All by the letters, and all simple. When INPs dance it looks awkward, but it still looks like they really enjoy themselves, she's moving like a robot. There are no, "Ah, so she's kind of like. Whether or not you like it is not my problem. She is not going to win any fans by sounding business savy. In terms of self-removing from society, yeah I do think P types are more likely to not care what society says and just sort of live their own true way or whatever. I think there is something stilted, awkward about her Fe. al) is very forthcoming with her emotions and understands how to explore them and use them to mediate her connections very carefully between herself and others. We both agree she is clearly an INxJ type. Typing by music only makes sense as far as "it is hard to imagine [type]'s cognitive process producing [music]" But this whole thing about what she is wearing is completely killing any intelligent discussion. Now I agree there is a distinct lack of Te in person, but seeing as Te is highly culturally and socially discouraged in females, it's not surprising that she's going to have a stilted, courteous social style. So I'm kind of undetermined in how to type that. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Annie Clark MBTI type.. INFJs are maybe the most likely to be anti-Ti out of INFJ, INTJ, and INTP because they fear over-rationalization getting in the way of their intuitive thought process. Although leaning towards INFJ. ENTJ = 2 points, ISFP = 3 points (ISFP is more individualistic). Yeah, she dresses like an. She just wants to be seen as an individual. For this reason it's not improper to type her according to her lyrics or the form she creates in her art if we understand through her descriptions how she creates these forms. Look at the video for Actor Out of Work and think of how she describes that experience. She does seem like she likes to explore different topics (some obviously more than others) and share her opinions on them, but it's tough to determine the psychological process behind that. An INTJ especially. It has to do with having Fe in the auxiliary. So how about that Guardian article. You won't find INFJs in a computer science club. The message through music argument is much more complex. INTJs also derive their individuality from tertiary Fi which gives them a much more personalized world view and value system which they then intend to implement. @bobnickmad Yeah I think one of the interesting things about INFJ is they're able to come off like a thousand different things because of Fe if they have a good hold of it yk. Her cold, distant, worried, detached, even challenging eyes. I have no clue how people think she is a judging type, unless they are just Ni fetishists who type her as such cause of some bullshit like "mystical aura". I see absolutely zero Te. Even in NJ types it is there too. Annie experiments w other characters that are not herself and uses bright but not so bright colors = INFJ. #Butterfly, True, it could be a being a female TJ thing, it's not unexpected for female T types to put some feminine characteristics but still come of as rather cold despite of it. I think if she were INFJ, there would likely be a stronger collective element and she would say it in a more self-assured way, like she's some kind of sage and she is introducing you to a magical fellowship of musicians. I want to hear people's reactions to what is being said on this blog. Annie does not live out a truth authentically to lead by example. Now put in Ellie Goulding and Joanna Newsom (INFJs from two very different musical styles). The result of this is seen from Elvis Depressedly (INFP) to Courtney Barnett (INTP). But she sounds more Fe than Fi at times. The only way to tell they are Fe is from the serious work which they create alone. INFJs it's decided are Fe (and since this Fe isn't dominant so it's binary function isn't inferior either), so if we are accepting the theorist to use auxiliary function, why not go a step further and accept their stance on tertiary function as well. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Annie Clark Myers-Briggs and personality type!. If you start at 1:50 by 2:00 you will notice how much she clearly introverts thinking when describing her process of rationalizing the fact that there "was no wind. Gotta go work. The only types that have 2 of [Ne, Ti, Ni] in the top two slots of the Grant-Brownsword model are xNTP. INTJs with secondary Te are more likely to NOT adapt to the environment in a way that is out of line with the goals of the ego Ni because frankly they do not care about social norms unless it is conducive to follow them for their Ni goal. I also have no clue how you are using this Ni/Se concept. PS: Annie and David in their own words, as a reminder "Annie Clark: We both think of music in terms of riddle and form, like a puzzle to be figured out in terms of construction. The only sentiment in Annie's music seems to be the moments of energy release which are akin to the aforementioned inferior Se. what does Se have to do with pretty luminous colors. In her "Track by Track" commentary regarding her most recent album she closely describes the way humans react to technology and emphasizes its non-neutral truth about how it colonizes our perception of reality, and as a whole warps human understanding to create a new sort of "faith. Oh no all those. When we open up for the kind of (imo) speculative analysis you are doing, it's more or less possible to justify any type. Meanwhile she exhibits Fi (the quirkiness, several concrete examples from interviews) and some subdued Te (harsh outbursts with swearing, songs with combative themes). @Van Houten, so do all introverts. What I am saying is not "N period. Btw, INFJs are interested in humanities as a rule yes, but their Ti is their "aspiring" function, so many INFJs are addicted to computer stuffs, and wanted to be better at Ti.

. Digital Witnesses is anti-Ti song, so not INFJ. Apparently INJs just so calm, analytical, and intellectual while other types [like INPs. If anything enneagram 4 likes beauty for beauty's sake and many INFPs who don't use ~*Se*~ are E4 What I meant is the bright colors used, not the beauty for beauty's sake like Fi. So certain individuals do use Ni-Fi-Te in that order which goes against the aforementioned model but helps understand the dynamics better. But, whatever. Personally Annie's music seems much more detached from sentiment than this. P more individualistic than J: so ESTP more individualistic than INTJ. It is not showing how personal, authentic principles (Ti or Fi) are being compromised by the truths of society. Scotty's right that she's a perceiver. It's just a pattern I tend to notice in Se users in general. She has that freedom-loving aversion to being pinned down to anything, which is usually the most obvious difference between INTPs and INTJs. While, you'd expect a female FJ to just come off as simply feminine all around. I believe introverted types are more complex than how they manifest in their extroverted stance as Jung stated. No, you don't owe me an explanation. What a clear INFJ. Well people, the gospel of Annie Clark rings true. Scotty, I respect your calls for the possibility of Ti dominance. com/music/2014/feb/02/st-vincent-interview-intersection-accessible-lunatic-david-byrneOh also please don't take this as me endorsing this blog or its attempts to connect astrology with mbti. As for the whole INFJ being addicted to computers thing, it seems to exist solely in your head. It can be so detached that you don't even know what exactly you're grasping at until you have it. That's vanilla. What is even J about that. Spelling out the truth and working top-down explaining it is very Je, yes, but providing a mirror can be a heuristic, and I feel like in general helping people to form their own conclusions from heuristics is much more of a Ji trait. Imo it's because Se is about immersion of the senses, and the more intense it is, the more fun for them. I think that's the problem. Probably one of those rare INTJ E4. To me you can clearly see Annie trying to connect with and introject into Tune Yards's world, make jokes, lighten the mood, and demonstrate the power of respect: https://www. I've never insinuated as such, but this is my belief. What's more is that IN_Ps are, as you initially said, usually able to leave and take action to live through some sort of truth or peace outside of society. Se can't be activating into doing in an INJ because it is repressed. The reason both INTP and INTJ seem reasonable is because she is clearly Ni dominant and on the Fe/Ti axis. I feel an INJ would be more likely to sort of put on a nice face and then punch a wall in frustration when nobody is looking, because it simply isn't practical to piss people off with your stubbornness. Try to think things through before you embarrass yourself. That is not anti-Ti, it's actually something that an INTP or INTJ would come up with. So the question would be: in what way is Annie individualistic. care to show examples of Fi vs Fe smile. And it was beautiful. I don't have some beautiful argument to give for her being F over T (I don't think it's by much) but I think the Annie Clark that hides behind all these different transformative personnae ('House Wife On Pills,' 'Near Future Cult Leader,' and 'Dominatrix at the Mental Institution et. It is true that a guardian as well would take on a similar approach to suggestion we maintain the systems we live under and not tweak them as Annie does. I find her fascinating, but for INFJ argument, I don't see any of her Fe. Vincent isn't one. " That does not relate to identity. INFs (rather than INPs, as authenticity is more of a priority to moralists) are much more likely to "lead by example" in this case, taking some action to free themselves and in doing so what their truth is and to live out that truth authentically. You do realize that is speculative analysis, correct. You'll often findSeiko Oomori drowning herself in a bright palette of colors ranging from hot pink to eye-popping orange but she's a very clear ENFP. Eighteen out of the last eighteen votes on this site have been for none other than Annie Clark. They are wired to force others to question, to enlighten others, and to force others to change their views. I don't see how either is more individualistic than the other. I would say she has clear and apparent Ne traits in response to your "clear Ni dominance" though. That sounds like embracing Ne. thephaxsi, click on Activity Last 100 on the top of the screen. I don't really get that impression from Annie. This is squarely an IN_J mindset. I like to think of it more as Ti-N for INTPs and Ni-T for INTJs, where N overlaps with both Ni and Ne, and T overlaps with both Ti and Te, if you are to name top 2 functions. I would GUESS Fe simply because Ni-Te-Fi users still have that Fi to know what they're feeling as they write it, whereas Fe users don't always. The Masseduction and other album looks have been far different. Using someone's color preferences to type them is too silly and disjointed from their Myers-Briggs preferences to use accurately in any shape or form. Scotty's point that she would fit a type algorithm of trying to "outright [reject]" "society's expectations" for the sake of being "free and unbound" seems incredibly incorrect to me. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. With respect to your first comment I'm not equating. INTJs are N dominant, they have superior Ni and Ne to INTPs and INTPs have inferior Fe and Fi usually. And I think in an interview where an INFJ is trying to be themselves they might seem less emotional and Fe because they aren't trying to interact with the interviewer so much as expose themselves (or not) and they dont on the inside tend to be as emotional in that way as IFPs. @Van Houten, the tertiary function stuff is a mess, I wouldn't even go there. If it's really Fi that gives INTJ their "individualistic" nature, then how about them ISTJs. I think that for doing anything VERY passionate you're right. If we flip over to Enneagram for a moment it becomes clear Annie's tritype is 5w4 - 4w5 - 8w9. Ok, maybe no all INTJ are individualistic, but they're known to be quite individualistic despite their pragmatical apearence. That's just retarded. Don't ruin it. I think they connect very well with one another. I-N-T-P are individualistic for Ti reasons, I-N-T-J for Ni reasons. I honestly cannot believe 5 people voted for INFP just to create a ridiculous ratio. " That's so Fi.

. I didn't say they have to be in computer sciences field, though, but personal addiction, especially those in Ni-Ti loop. Wide smile instead of high smile: Fe over Fi. Perhaps an INFP but she seems to be playing directly off this woman and reacting how she wants her to. It's simply the piece that is missing. ISFJ = 2 points, ENFP = 3 points (ENFP is more individualistic). Lol, even your silly sensory arguments are way more against most people's idea of the cognitive function of Fe, rather than anything Ti or Ne. So as well as you could make those “Ni-Se” color arguments you should consider making the equally bizarre “Fe-Ti” playing non-self characters argument that got people to believe Bowie was INFJ (obv that was crazy. How about this. " To me this animalistic release of energy is more closely correlated with Se than Ne, as it is a more primal and grounded function. That is some very visible Ni there. I’m an INP and I realize the same not-very-deep things that Annie realizes, because I’m not a fucking idiot. Yes, I would say INFJ is an inferior typing to INTJ, but the thing that I don't see the MBTI fetish crew touching is how she is anti-Te to the core (thephaxsi did mention that and it's true). She keeps this to the studio and in interview situations acts emotional - which causes the stilted courteousness some people are suggesting is Fe. And if you don't like that explanation, compare Ne-doms with Te-doms. Lol, I think this discussion is more suitable for our forum. Fi smiles with the lower half of the face. These letters seem like an over simplification to me so if thats useful than sure this table can work as a short hand. I think what differentiates INTJs from INFJs is a combination of Te-Fi and Fe-Ti and not F/T dichotomy alone. Yeah I agree with y'all that Cara is ENFP the only thing that really seems ESFP about her on first glance are her eyes, which seem to hold Se and not Si in them. Due to Ne (which isn't really an individualism function), INTP want to keep options open. Jung has expressly said all types use all fucntions so it's apparent Ni types will use both feeling and thinking to some extent as well. For example she says, "Awww, that's lame when there is really just us," and "there were never many cool kids in suburban Dallas", and will abruptly swear quite a few times. These are ideological movements in reality that allow her to feel her reality being colonized around her by her understanding of its truth. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Annie Clark' belongs to!. Yeah, Scotty itself is a great example of how light-hearted INTPs appear like, even when they go to war with most of the site, lol. This is the exact reason CT made the mistake that Heidegger was an ISTJ, because they read too much into the manner of his projection of truth which at times seemed to suggest Si and not the truth itself. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. Or rather, I wish I had the commitment and dedication to write an MBTI blog as long as this. We manipulate guitar sounds to sound like [other] instruments. Idk, it might be some kind of Te/Ti clash. The difference between Ne and Te shows because one is judgement function and the other is perceiving, not because one is more individualistic than the other. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. And please don't spam, it's retarded. INFJ Learn to visual type, kids. XD Anyway, that blogger (whether it's you or not) literally uses ASTROLOGY to justify Annie Clark is an INFJ above an INTJ which is precisely the kind of argumentation I've been criticizing, that is so abstract and over-elaborate that I'm no longer certain its results have anything to do with the subject matter at hand. Obviously there are different kinds of INFJs and a lot don't suppress Ti, but an artist would probably be especially likely to, because their profession can get by with only the top 2 functions. @fuckboy you're right about the high school clubs and the pun was hilarious though I think that there are plenty of people who feed their tertiary. Completely by the letters, and completely simple. That aesthetic was crafted to be like that. It is beyond clear that she is an iNtuitive and therefore I did not start from the notion that she could be SJ or NJ. @Van Houten, that is just a completely circular argument. The next part of this topic I must preface by clearing something up: I am not attempting to say IN_Js realize things IN_Ps do not but that their manner of expressing and dealing with them is necessarily different due to their cognitive function makeup. IN_P is more likely to reveal their personal situation and through this let their truth or message speak out. org/blog/wp-content/uploads/uexc_attach/gingrich-newt_wife-callista_robotic-smile_kennedy-center_look-alikes. While there has been rampant debate already on this site about where the origin of the emotion directed towards the goal of human liberation comes from within Annie (Fe or Fi), Annie's attempts at getting humans to understand the systems they live in clearly demonstrates Ni dominance. I just don't see this much at all coming out of a J type, who would have that "get a degree and put it to practical use" mentality, sticking through with it. The main attempt of my comment is to show that Annie has a PERSPECTIVE that is Pi-Je. This rings especially true of the INFJ. I feel Ne is always trying to get people out of their intellectual inertia, and someone like Socrates would be the ultimate example of something like this. I would have to watch more interviews with Annie to be sure which of the INJ types she is. 'Tis forbidden. I believe it shows more than the surface of the type which you seem happy to accept. Oh my that is such Ti. These are momentous expressions linked to a Je ideology. I believe INTPs are individualistic in their logic because they have Ti in dominance. Since you have no shadow of a doubt, maybe you could illuminate us on how you overcame this doubt to where it doesn't even have a shadow left. @Van Houten, Ne has to do with abstract connections the individual makes with the environment as he is experiencing it. So that, to me, seems INFJ. I don't know what world you are living in right now but it isn't this one. " IN_J's enjoy spelling out truth in order that others may realize the systems in which they live so that they adjust their perspective and from their adjust their behavior. On the other hand she's kind of distant and "takes herself very seriously", careful both with her words and poses. Also she has this roughness, coarseness, rawness to her I've never ever seen in an INFJ. This is why in general IN_Js are far less introverted than IN_Ps. Vincent's type. annietheINTP: why is Ne more individualistic than Te. Meanwhile INTJ are Ni-Fi , as Ni-doms they don't need anything to give them a sense of security except following the sequence of events that makes sense in their head, thus Ni-dominance accentuates the individualism of Fi, rather than suppress it like in ISTJ. Her Te is there, believe me I saw it (even though nobody has seen it). "She is an Ni-dom. And to respond to maximillie, Digital Witness IS PRACTICALLY Ti. Te aims to detach from the individual, while Ne is driven by the essence of the individual's abstractions. It's obvious in the interviews, no responding body language that seeks to compromise, appease, or imitate other people whatsoever. But make no mistake how Te is being categorized in this video. INTJ's individualism is very apparent but it's not because of Fi but Ni. To build their fantasy elsewhere and be authentic. Can't really tell she is Te or Ti. That would be insulting, and stupid. Perfection is everything on time, in tune, not a hair out of place. Nor are INFJs really addicted to computer stuffs. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. And maybe it's the sides of Te and Ti that we both see in Annie that is making us come to vastly different conclusions. More than one function is individualistic sir. Compared that with Ventus, which is an example of a courteous INTJ on this site, and he always comes off as very serious even when friendly. @fuckboy how do you figure out which are for which. This to me shows a difference between IN_J and IN_P. I am more into nuanced bullshit, I just find it more fun. Lady Gaga is often typed ISFP for her crazy Fi and Se derived from her fashion sense and her attitude but she's pretty obviously an ENFP if you actually look at who she really is; Kate Bush is very INFP but of course since she's a dancer, Celebrity Types types her an ISFP; Russell Mael from Sparks often gets an ESFP typing for his flamboyant clothing and his stage presence but he's also a pretty clear intuitive; lots of k-pop stars get typed SP and NJ because they're just oh so good at dancing and have such a presence even though a good portion of them are SJ with a few NPs here and there too. Thanks for the back and forth as different perspective on Annie, though, it was interesting seeing everyone's different analyses from yours to Scotty's. If anything INTJs followed by INTPs would be the ones who "do not show any true sense of self to the world". Or is she not in touch with her tertiary Se. You're like his clone or something. Everyone except you knows how to avoid using brutal straw menEveryone except you, knows that INTJ are very individualistic. So you are saying it has more to do with the combination of letters than individual letters alone, am I right sir. Although she's certainly an Fi user. I agree with bobnickmad on the account that Si's security seeking ways can appear very different from INTJs who are more likely to show individualism but I think even ISTJs have a very personal value system which they mostly apply to personal matters. Obviously Ni over Ne. I do not agree with them, but I think if you are to claim this you should say ISTP 5w4 with an incredibly strong tertiary Ni. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Yeah, due to their IN / Ni traits. As, for Fi, I don't know if it's true to say that Fi doesn't have universal principles, as there are values that Fi doesn't let anyone cross them. The arguments in what you posted are so similar that it's either your blog, thephaxsi, or you took the argumentation from that place. For example an INTJ's Te is subject to how their vision and values are formed (Ni-Fi). That model is static while most of us use variations which are more close to how Jung would use them from time to time. I realize that the two people that keeps the argumentation going, thephaxsi and scotty, have completely different MBTI systems than I do, but in fact most people who come here, I believe, except the model which I'm trying very hard to adhere to. Honestly I think using the P J distinction with Annie is not good enough in itself to determine this difference because Annie seems to have integrated all her functions well and could thus appear at one moment P and one moment J. She's definitely not an Fe user. N more individualistic than S: so ENTJ more individualistic than ISFP. An INTP I know will go hang out with these people with the most disgusting values and insincerely "talk shit" with them when hanging out, just because that's what you do to get along with those people. Different combination of function work different together. And if you don't want to answer my question about another INTJ artist that's fine too, I was just genuinely curious as to what you thought. Vincent album very well. For every Plato, there are so many people who don't fit that model. Don't develop your shadow of a doubt, stick with the main 4. I feel like lots of the different perspectives in this article have been a result of these exact clashes. If you want more evidence of this difference hear that Annie calls her newest album "most like herself. Uhhh, honestly I don't owe you any kind of complete analysis of Annie Clark. The "intuition" comment can't be read literally as MBTI intuition and actually would probably correspond more to MBTI sensing. And that's not a 100000% INFJ thing to do (demonstrate respect) but the way annie does this does not seem INTJ at all to me. I never said that all Se users need to use a lot of colors. I am not sure if i make sense lol, I tried I promise. As for static sound elements, similar construction and renewing her style - I don't see how lacks as specific as that would suggest she was not an INTJ at all. At one moment you are criticizing harping on details and another the opposite. "Se users are usually drawn to overwhelming use of brighter and vivid colors""But since Annie Clark has inferior Se, it's more bland and stylishly futuristic, with Ni touch I think. Scotty, I do agree with you about the clear Ti as you know. Meanwhile she flaunts her quirkiness (Fi), has an unusually chilly nature for an INFJ and sometimes has combative lyrics like a lot of those named by thephaxsi, such as how she won't be anyone's carpt, etc. It is a hodgepodge of various interpretations Grant-Brownsword model that people generally use. Is it your personal gauge or did you use a source you could point me to. Oh and I would like to ask who you think another INTJ artist to compare to would be. Jesus, peoples. P type in a nutshell: "I wanted to move to New York and have fun. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. That blog mentioned Kate Bush as one which is ridiculous to me, but do you have one. And if someone is basically going Ni-Fi, then it makes sense to say their auxiliary is Fi. Look at who all the Enneagram 4's are. The stories are not necessarily ever stories or aren't ever necessarily about herself. And Te users don't have naturally curly hair. It's not really "struggling" to fit society's expectations as much as the outright rejection of them for the sake of being free and unbound. They are just how information is handled not how individualistic the approach is. In essence Annie is an instructor, a truth-teller, and a liberator of the psychological truth of what technology does to humans. Most Ni dominants do not feel as though doing this would make them any freer, because they see and realize humans will tend to meld and organize into external patterns of action in whatever environment that are not correlated to their inner liberty of reality, or their ability to use this to optimize external systems. This is the kind of over-intellectualized comment made in order to justify function axis I started to become weary of again. Ne is more ''bubbly'' than Ni. She liked drawing and at five made her first guitar from cardboard and rubber bands. Unlike INTPs and INFJs, INTJs don't believe in universals. e that combination gives them a functional stack. I think bobnick mentioned about how J types are more "classy", and I would agree especially in a more formal, presentable way. 17 votes for INTP now. com/st-vincents-myers-briggs-type-now-revealed/. These things add up logically in my mind and have practical manifestation too. I was always trying to get my sister to do fun, mischievous adventures, like to tip over the porta-potties (portable lavatories) at school or steal candy". I find her fascinating, but for INFJ argument, I don't see any of her Fe. They wanted everyone to be middle of the road, ready to play every potential style of music. My point, thephaxsi, is not that you're not allowed to have a different view than mine, but that imo you are not playing by the rules. She is never genuinely wacky in the lazy, automatic kind of way of an INTP; the visual weirdness is controlled in a very Ni+Se way. @Van Houten, the reason why no 2 INTJs are the same is because no 2 people are the same. I think I've pretty consistently argued why Annie Clark must be an INTJ despite subdued Te in earlier messages, which I recommend reading again. In YT interview in Studio Q, she says that she finishes whatever she's doing no matter if it makes sense to her or not; she'll check it next day. Everything can be broken down in like two seconds. Why don't you start a blog called Bobterfly where you categorize people's cognition based on Google image search and fetishes. That to me is a really good example of how any deals with logic and is just so indicative of Ti over Te. Check this video: https://www. I think even the most true believers in the G-B model would say that INTJs don't "extrovert" their "thinking" to the degree of ENTJs for example. I'm INTJ and around Reddit and such, I've seen people have this "intuitive dominant" pride which always just seemed like something created by self-hating INJs to feel like ENPs. No two people being same has no implication on two distinct types which are more similar to variants of other types than their own. While her third type is clearly behind the other two it is an important type to her and can be seen mixing with her second type in songs like "Cheerleader. Someone voted INFJ and ruined the balance. By the way thax, 7 are for INTP/INTJ, and 4 are for INFJ. Adele's supposedly an ENTJ but when was the last time you saw her wearing something vivid and bright. That model is static while most of us use variations which are more close to how Jung would use them from time to time. s were supposed to be crying emojis how embarrass Ng. A tinkerer focused on nuance: Ti over Te. She's a J type. Not because they are complex in themselves but because it takes longer to decipher an introvert's inner functioning. Vincent album character. Probably one of those rare INTJ E4. (also Lady Gaga is an ISFP, not ENFP. < On the other hand if you go with the INFJ line of reasoning you have to explain her chilly nature, why her courteousness feels kind of stilted and why she flaunts her weirdness. Steady gaze instead of wandering eyes: Se over Si. No INTJ would ever do that. Disclaimer: last comment is only in line with mys system. Look at the reactions on her face. One type (INTP/INTJ) may be slightly more prone to Annie's methods here, on average, but this is hardly a major differentiating factor. jpgNot going to get too much into debate here because that ship was primarily docked back at P-D but I really think she's an INFP. Music "obsessed" her. com/st-vincent-infj-intj/ Reading through these comments (especially what this woman Piggie states is a great thing to watch). It also could be an Ni vs Ne thing as well. Her body languages didn't associate with others, no empathy reactions, etc. I don't think Annie Clark is really that difficult to type, at least not from a pure functions point of view, but an artistic INTJ is rare in itself; an artistic, female INTJ is a unicorn, so there is little to compare Annie Clark to. She calls herself a weirdo and says stuff like, "I have a sneaking suspicion that everybody has dark thoughts, but maybe doesn't say them", and made an album about her mother's cancer. This truth might not even be the focus of the artist because the sentiment and abstraction on it are what are most focused on to create a story. If cognitive patterns didn't have common practical manifestations it would be almost impossible to type people the way people do on this site, lol. Te is so much in than INTJs thought just as you speak of Fe being in an INFJs thought. David Byrne doesn't have to worry about being judged so heavily on his appearance so he has more license (from society) to relax in that regard. So certain individuals do use Ni-Fi-Te in that order which goes against the aforementioned model but helps understand the dynamics better. A lot of INTPs don't act like average nerds. ENFPpop fashionista Misaki Koshi from Wednesday Campanella has impeccable taste so she's gotta be ESFP or ENFJ right. Fe in the auxiliary equates to matching to the environment to act a certain way, but never revealing the true ego (Ni or Si). Sorry about what you interpret as gaslighting. To me that reeks of Ni-Se interplay, because it is about converging to one whole of the universe. :pAuxiliary and tertiary functions weren't even part of Jung's initial types and were only added later by subsequent theorists. What #thephaxsi says is just N period, not NJ or NP, just N. < Kate Bush, by the way, is surely an INFP. Alright Scotty, I can see how my initial post came across as necessarily overly dogmatic, but I'm going to go bit by bit here. I've never seen a Fe user do that, but I do it myself (as an INFP) all the time. Combined with a theoretical disposition, this seems like a textbook case of INxJ - which is a typing most are in agreement about here. Someone tell me who the fuck is that random girl. I'd think that both INTP and INTJ are the two types who value impersonality the most, and detach themselves from their thoughts on stuff. A new balance has been established following the powers of 2. @Van houten, are you kidding me. @bobnickmad, yeah you can say one is more individualistic, because INTP also have Ne-aux which isn't anti-individualism like Te. I see all these INTJs always saying INTPs are the kind who don't accomplish much because they are lazy or whatever, but I do think INTJs do have more focus on measurable results, which may or may not lead to them "doing" more rather than talking about it. I get the feeling that most people with her attitude (which seems more like an INTP one than anything) would be completely unproductive but she is one of the lucky few that isn't. I do favor factor models (like the 6-factor HEXACO) over binary models, but I do think there is an advantage of expressing 4 factors in binary form: it's simple and takes up less "memory". Also “bland and stylishly futuristic” describes herNear Future Cult Leader persona for the St. CT got this one very wrong. There is a little of a trend here which I don't think is helping things, like with the "INTJ-sounding music" category. You can point to cases like Plato who pretty clearly demonstrates Ni-Fe-Ti, but that is ONE person. As for how she handles message through music, I'm not sure what to think about it. The fact that she cries when she listens to it back makes me think this sounds most like Ni. ISTJ are Si-Fi, so their values are strongly linked to some path that gives them security, which means some kind of institution or organization that can give them that sense of security. I think the things I've been saying stick with this video. I'm not well studied enough in the message of SM to properly comment on it but a great contrast I see between INP and INJ is the presence of Si. She could be a more rigid INFJ or a more warm INTJ, but she doesn't act like an INTP. *Fe in the dominant equates to Fe in the ego. BASTARD YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS. @Van Houten, addition allows you to treat each letter independently of the others, which is why I used it. But what more noticeably will set INTJs apart is their Ni as well as some introverted thinking. Even in your words "introverted types are more complex" is a description of a letter relationship. So I'm not surprised if many of female NTJs' music aren't just about subversive ideas like the male ones. INTPs think like robots, but they act like average nerds, lol. Annie's "animalistic" stage moments clearly fall under this category and are far different from an INTPs. If an INJ sees no reason to go down a certain path because another one is clearly theirs to them (her music) they won't bother with it because they will devote their life to a simple pursuit. It's kinda something that I feel people picked up a little on and ran with when she introduced the St. Similar construction from one to the next. Absolutely agree that providing someone with the information to reach their own conclusions is a very Ji thing, but I would say that many INJs provide data in a similar way to how you are saying ISJs do in that the data can be used to favor a certain perspective that the ideological center of that type would prefer. " Annie's concern does not seem to be in freeing herself from such things and going on a rampage against them, but instead seems to be a call to demonstrating to humans what the loops in which we live consist of so that we can change them, optimize them, and begin to "live for ourselves" as she puts it. Oh also, I was perusing around online and that blog Stellar Maze that some people love and others hate decided she was an INFJ. Personally I believe songs like Digital Witness and Huey Newton bring out a non neutral and uncompromising perspective that more aligns with Je/Pi than Ji/Pe bringing to truth. I watched some of her interviews, there are no Fe whatsoever, not like INFJs in their Ni-Ti loop either, more like nonexistent. 4:2:1 balance now. I think Ne is as detached as Te, Ne is just feeding information to person's psyche, of course each individual perceives it irrationally and differently. What you are speaking to in going to college seems like a plan and not the lack of one. It is much less likely than an IN_P would play the role Annie does of uprooting the listener's reality directly and much more likely than an IN_P would show from experience or possibility what things are possible as a result of current societal trends. Are you people typing her or the music/lyrics she makes. I just wanted to know if you knew of any other INTJ musicians to which to compare her. Ne is free flowing, it jumps from idea to idea, it actually multiplies ideas. She doesn't get that at all. Fe smiles with the entire face like this:. In her videos there are a lot of Se elements too, those bright luminous colors. I guess we shouldn't have any back and forth here. Hmmm this is less so a careful analysis than it is just roundabout reasoning made to justify a typing. Also I really don't think she's as austere as people make her out to be. But unlike the more compromising ISFJ, ISTJ always stay on their path. I don't believe this is enough, though. The function also cannot be accessed without the auxiliary first, and we know that Annie plans out and performs her shows in specific detail which alllows her to "experience the moment. 17/1 – 22:47 Same as above. No you don't "have to use functions" to explain such a damn simple thing. Of course you could say Ni might cause some disruption to Te here, but I'm seeking to understand the argument as to where this comes from. You don't need functions for that. And yeah if you want to make something on the forum, go for it. Anyway I see her as INJ because she has a very sobre image consciousness, an INP can be into fashion but they would take themselves less serious. The point is that a cognitive pattern can have different manifestations and you just choose to type based on stupid sensory stereotypes that really have nothing to do with cognition, based on some voodoo crap like aesthetic aura lol. It's also how she caries herself, INTPs come of ass less stern and even somewhat more bubbly. You are supposed to stick as close as you can to concrete, revealing details. So an INTP's Ne serves Ti and INTJ's Te serves their Ni. I guess I did say she put a value on individualism which she does, and which INTPs do more than INTJs, but "not wanting to be pinned down" is more specific in a way, and also applies to Ne more severely. I appreciate your extensive explanations, for being the first person to respond to my initial comment, and for being a great spearheader in this debate. Do you consider her songs an example of this. Revealing your personal situation seems like an S (concrete experiences) rather than N (theoretical realm) thing, specifically SF. Both sides are equally individualistic in their own way. Despite this it is much less likely that an IN_P would be a true mirror for society. INT's Ni and Ti is their subjective functions. Sam Harris (INxJ), and you can see this difference. I'm not sure about her type, but not INFJ imo. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. I'm not anti-education, but my best education was listening to records and going out on the road. Her music has become increasingly Ti heavy which has likely led to Scotty believing INTP but when we look in the context of where this Ti is coming from and the purpose it serves in her work it is clear it is not her dominant function. I have a different challenge for you: What is a female INTJ if St. The producer and I slightly recontextualise sounds. Therefore both are detached in that sense. "@bobnickmad (the rest of the things are addressed to thephaxsi): People who should be typed the same come in many different forms. Finally Annie Clark's philosophy at the end, I don't think it's particularly Fi or Fe (though I guess it can be speculated that there is something Fi+Te about looking for music that speaks directly to you and then wanting to recreate that for others), but I think the way she explains it is very Fi. It's nothing like that of INFPs per say but it's there to see. INT's Ni and Ti is their subjective functions. ''Unlike INTPs and INFJs, INTJs don't believe in universals. I however respect you stance on the subject, it's easy and simplistic and you seem to find it helpful so more power to you. However, the major difference you describe (in being more attentive to her own self-image) doesn't even necessarily demonstrate a personality difference from David Byrne. INFJ without any shadow of a doubtHow do you reconcile typing her as a Judger. To me Annie's Ni seems ever present so I am still going for INFJ with well developed Ti, but my second best guess would be ISTP with great Ni. However, that is just one piece of the puzzle, even in that interview (which is a very good and revealing one by the way). lol Idk I thought she might be highly intuitive ISFP. I don't get how you could not say that Ne is a much more individualistic function. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Annie Clark? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Se users are usually drawn to overwhelming use of brighter and vivid colors, think about those ESxP artists like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, etc. She talks about her aversion to college and why she never finished because it was so painfully structured. Even if she mostly uses Fi for her lyrics and emotional impact, there would be some traces of Te. 17/1 – 22:52 In the midst of describing how INJs are so practical (they won’t tell you to throw your phones in a trash can or live in a forest like [INxPs. The purpose of the auxiliary function is supposed to be to assist the dominant function, right. Annie does not live out a truth authentically to lead by example. Yes she's gotten stronger, more steady but think back to songs like the Apocalypse Song, Landlines, Now Now, The Strangers and so many more. For Jung INJs were the same type more or less. Kinda like those INFP writers who have such good/clear SiKinda like those INFP writers who have such good/clear SiKinda like those INFP writers who have such good/clear SiKinda like those INFP writers who have such good/clear SiI think it's anti-Ti because she did say something like "internet is lame", and the concept of the MV is really dated, something that has been done like 20-30 years ago. It seems technology is fucking with us and we don't know what's real on here and what isn't anymore. I don't see Annie's rejection on the lines of being ideologically against college based on an inner judgment but an anxious attempt to put her course directly as she knew it must be. The only appropriate way to type an Ni dominant type after noticing their Ni in conversation is through their systems/creations. Well put Straw. I think the crying about the work though to me sounds Ni-Fe more than anything else. I'd love to think INTP but I know an INTUITIVE DOMINANT when I see one. I think you're right it does most correlate to this but a certain type of INFJ could also write this if they choose not to exude much Fe and have a strong Ti. Diamanda Galas is an INTJ but she practically only wears black—is it because she's only relying on her dominant Ni. Those types can be highly intelligent too. It's like striations of T in a sea of F. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of St. Vincent characters list.. The part towards the beginning where she describes how she was gauging if there were wind, because of the temperature of her skin vs the air. As for "INFJs it's decided it's Fe", who decided. Donald Trump thinks Annie Clark is INTJ. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Saying that Ni-Te-Fi and Ni-Ti-Fe is INTJ and Ni-Fe-Ti- and Ni-Fi-Te is INFJ makes not much sense to me except for how the letters are structured. Where do you see her Ne btw. That is the problem. Not sure about J or P, but I know a lot of both SJs especially who just won't stop talking about their personal experiences as if they are a source of infinite wisdom, even if they distort them in a ridiculous way. It's obvious in the interviews, no responding body language that seeks to compromise, appease, or imitate other people whatsoever. ) Also I don't know most artists you mentioned so I couldn't comment on that, except Adele, and it could be due to her trying to make herself look smaller (no offense, just something most overweight women do to be presentable and stylish at the same time). Neither Te nor Ne is associated with individual himself, thats what make them the objective function.

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