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Arya Stark Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Arya Stark MBTI personality type cover chart

#MarkzDemerius, O, hi Mark. She is clearly an ISFP. 6w5s aren't as compliant as the 6w7s and they can seem like 8s. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. Lol at even thinking about INTP" We all can be that way :)¤You're the one who didn't give good reasons for being INTP, so the burden of proof is not on me.

. Anyway, the point was that being tomboyish is probably why she seems like a T type to people, when most of her decisions seem to be based on her personal judgements of right or wrong, not what works or doesn't. She was not very passive in season 1. The thing is that the character is inconsistent. What would an INTP, or even an INTJ, be like in her position. Pretty revealing. It happened so suddenly and that was primal kind of feeling judgment, which Fi-doms use more often than Ti types, because they rely on their feelings and belive them to be truth. I guess I triggered your 4 wing. Her inner narrative seems fixated on who she is, who others are, what others want her to be, what she desires to be instead etc. Man, if I had a dime for everytime an ISxP is mistyped as an INTJ or an ISFP is mistyped as an ISTP Id be rich (mostly from the first thing but they’re both accurate) ISFP 8w7. It has certain moments that she really seems intuitive and rational strategy, but this can be seen more when there are times of stress or decisive - where Ni-Te like to appear. she don't show any kind of obeidence unlike the hound, who was a cp6w5. I clearly judged you too quickly. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Derek, apologies. Inquisitive can be a P thing*. she don't wanted to become a faceless men because sshewanted to belong to soewhere but because she wanted more power, after she had this power she leave bravos for revenge==> 8 are you being serious. so ISFP 8w7sp/sx Cp 6w5 ISxP. Khel, well at least you've actually admitted to targetting me now. I literally said that 9s are sponges so dismissing it by saying she's defo not a 9 is retarded. bundle, is knowing a bit about enneagram your only pride in life. I'm not totally opposed to 8w9 for Arya as she's more introverted than the average 8, but she acts more like a 7 than a 9. I must have somehow mistaken Arya for someone else then. But later on that becomes a moot point as she is clearly S, and less clearly T. Well then 6w7 could be possible. I want control and i'm a 4w3.

. Any type can want control. You seem pretty knowledgeable in the field of enneagram. She tends to dwell upon how wrong it was for her to kill even though it was for damn good reasons. I just didn't bring it up since people often see them as being dutiful worker-bees. I thought ENFP at first, but Se is too obvious, she could even be a very serious ESFP due to the harshness of her life, but ISFP works best. Like I said on Wolverine's page, "acting on one's feelings" when it means impulsivity, as in acting first and think about the consequence later is really a sign of someone who leads with sensation, not with feeling. He fell apart acting on his impulses. An IxTP doesn't rely on feeling decisions often, but when they do, they are absolute and unshakable. Dylan Klebold saw the rest of people as mindless shallow conformists (zombies) that he wanted to get rid off, Elliot Rodgers wanted to be accepted based on those things he thought will give him acceptance (money, cars, social status, being a ''gentleman'') but when people didn't give him that, he wanted revenge. I don't see Ti. She seemed values driven from the first when I first time I saw her, listening to what she felt was right, not what made sense. rolls eyesType 9 is not remotely plausible. " Yes Ti-dom would be more like "what is the point. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Well, educate me then jackass. I'm not kidding. It's not that Fi-doms can't get revenge but they are less likely to, and long-term revenge to them is generally of a more complex nature. She has always been a very active person prone to vengeance and confrontations. I would type her 8w7. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Game of Thrones characters list.. Only have a couple more to go, but so far I'd go with ISFP probably even more so than Jon Snow. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Arya Stark MBTI type.. Arya is essentially very reactive. Fuck off, malarken aka dumb twat. The difference is the 8 will be go to great lengths to make sure they aren't control. ISTPs can have the traits I mentioned too. I really don't see how she could be a 9. To me Arya is clearly SP, I'm always surprised to see her typed as something else, she's the first one that comes to mind when I think of XSXP characters (same with Sansa and SJ) The reason why some people dislike her (even me sometimes) is because she's really impulsive and doesn't think of the consequences her actions can have (like in season 2 when she could have asked Jaqen to kill Tywin from the begining instead of stupid subordinates. Why would ti-doms use small judging machine when they have big judging called rationality. In the first seasons, she seemed quite analytical, cunning, calm (except for the dumb decision to not directly kill Tywin, but I see it more like a fail made by the author in order to not kill a major character too soon, Tywin dying like that would have been a disappointed death) when in the last seasons she's revealed to be more acting with her feelings or according to what she thinks is right, contradictory to rationality. "Why are we arguing. Ti-doms can be immensely stubborn with their own values so I really see nothing in the whole story in direct contradiction to ISTP, like I would with any other type. I think her tomboyshness makes her seem ISTP, but I don't understand how anybody could ever think she's INTP. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Arya Stark? What about enneagram and other personality types?. 8w9 is plausible but not 8w7. A while back people thought that The Hound was an 8 too but now most think he's a cp 6w5. unlike 7 she don't want to escape suffering and is not mainly interressed by pleasure, but she have plenty of 7 characteristics : playfull , adventurous ,energetic and malicious. When will choke on a frog, already. Revenge is one of the simplest, most direct, primal kinds of feeling judgment, which is why Fi-doms usually aren't all that keen on it. She tries to become "no one" but struggles to separate from her identity as Arya Stark, it's too strong and she holds it too closely to her. inquisitive is just P, not intpIn the beginning she is very inquisitive and idiosyncratic. She also struggles to separate herself from her desires, the ones associated with Arya Stark. I don't care about you specifically, I saw this thread, I didn't even look at who wrote the first comment until you started going anal about how others didn't agree with your opinion, and I commented what I had to comment. I don't really see her as having that much of a fear of control that she'd be an 8. are in* not aren't she act on her guts far more than her tough so i can imagine her as a thinking type. No shes definitely ISFP, the guy she is traveling with in the beginning is an ISTP, the contrast is pretty obvious. Also, I'm pointing out the retardation of your logic, no hard feelings, but at this point it's pretty clear to me that you're dumb and have a lazy intellectual approach. 8s are in the anger triad but fair point about her wanting power and vengence. Fine, but you still should have some examples of 9-like behavior. I thought ISTP at first, but I might be able to get behind that. >Doesn't act like a 9. A F-dom is more tempered, because their judging process is more deliberate as to make sure their value system remains trully consistent. Like I agree that N types are as a rule more inquisitve than S types, and yeah, you're right, inquisitivness is more N than P (I admit I was wrong here) as NJ types are more inquisitive than ESP, but among the S types, ISPs are more inquisitive than the others. ISP for example can think intuitively at times, but it doesn't cancel the fact that they think concretely most of the time. You may have read more but that doesn't mean you understand it that well. A disintegrating 8w7 in the position of King would be like a Stalin or a Henry VIII. Certain traits don't cancel others, it just means they're more preponderent over the other. ", and there isn't proper feeling feedback saying "should I really do this. She wasn't full on in the first series. Many Fi doms wouldn't say that revenge is so simple and imo Fi-doms usually are more keen on it than others. I think an INTP girl in her situation could easily end up as a "tomboy" simply as rebellion against the life she was forced into. But yeah, ESPs are kinda similar with SJs in taking things a bit at face value. 6's are literally in the middle of the thinking triad. I would think 7w8 for Robert Baratheon. Derek, I watching the clips in season 1 and she was pretty reactive. There's just such a large focus on identity, who she really is, what she really wants and what feels true to her and her values throughout the story in a way that that just seems so Fi to me. Honestly, Klebold and Rodgers killed people because they had something psychotic inside of themselves, not because of their mbti type, but I don't think in a normal case anybody would type someone like Rodgers as INFP. *I'm more surprised that you are surprised when you. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. It's more productive to move on so i will move on and i will be more happy. So you're really going to stick to your idea that inquisitiveness is more of a P trait than an N trait. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. 9's are the shapeshifters of enneagram. I think a lot of her 7-ness is coming from the actress who seems like a 7w6 ESTP. Yeah,she does not use any Ti. He was more like a psycho ISFJ, but I guess people can't see that. Also, I write anywhere I want here and you have no right to stop me, only an ability to make me more trollish at will by being butthurt and uptight. She's had people do her wrong and she wants them to pay. Anyone who has a familiarity with the books knows; she's a definite immature ISTP 8w7, prone to vengeful thinking as much as she is ruthlessly practicality. see: Dylan Klebold, Elliot RodgerAs for ISTP versus ISFP, the way I like to think about Ti-doms versus Fi-doms is that each of them has one big judging machine and one small judging machine. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. And also true NJ's are more inquisitive than ESPsInquisitive =/= N. When something comes through the small one, it is rare enough that it gets put in the driver's seat in your brain. ENFJ 2W1 nice troll Not sure about F or T, voted ISFP, best ISFP ever. I don't want to be dismissive, but I utterly dismiss the notion that she's a 9. But she's definitely a strong Se user. ISFP makes more sense. 8w7 is pretty much Robert Baratheon and they clearly seem very different. To what exactly are you reffering. My guess is that your way of looking at things doesn't even allow for an INTx to exist in her circumstances. Also, you're xenophobic. Arya in indian means noble goddess, implying heavy Fe. Elliot Rodgers is nothing like a Fi-dom,much less INFP. Not passive at all, what did you smoke. Anyway, you seem to agree that she's most likely ISP anyway, so what are we arguing for. It's going to be a tough sell for someone like her even if it based on motivations not personality. rolls eyesonce again the stupid newbs want to comment on something as advanced as enneagram. XSFP for sure. Inquisitive is a P thing, it correlates with Se and Ne (users). she want to control situation and want escape from social convention who want to controll her==>8. Khel, no but butting into convos that you don't have no need to butt into clearly is your life's calling. Like an INFP but more practical, Se user. I can't recall but 9w8 is a good fit or at least 8w9. There's just a lot of "that's not me", "that's not who I am", "that's not who I want to be", "that's not what I value", "this is what I want to do as it feels true to me" talk from her character that seems so very Fi to me. I could really tell that there is no hard feelings considering all the stuff you wrote before that. I agree there's something wrong with ISTP, her whole story is about identity seeking. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Arya Stark' belongs to!. I've read a lot on the enneagram and understand the more complicated elements of it. My infp friend got revenge on her boyfriend recently and on parents 3 years ago. What I mean about the machine thing is that when you make very few feeling judgments, you tend to pay way more attention to them, and then the question becomes not "do I feel like doing this. Her story arc is very Fi-Se. Well, thanks for the apology in any case. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Arya Stark likely is!. >Doesn't want to be a 9. But it's not a definite N trait. Sensing types are all sensing, none are "intuitive". This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. arya is indeed 8w7, she have nothing to do with a 9 she is not supportive, she don't care about harmony, hate stay immobile. Tell me, ain't you some essentialist scum. The word stark means bare, infering auxillary Ni from the way society views Ni users Yeh, Indian is a language. She even stated as much that she wanted to be a knight or something so she went with the way that they are. She's always trying to stop him from doing amoral things (killing or let innocent people die) not to say that ISTPs are amoral, but usually cynical, whereas Arya is very naive (even in season 5, I think the scene with the other girl making her believe a fake story is a good example). Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Arya Stark Myers-Briggs and personality type!. ISFP she is clearly Fi (care a lot about being authentic,and have strong feling she don't show to other and her own identity)*rolls eyes* she's not a 8w7. There isn't going to be 9-like behaviour with someone who clearly doesn't want to be a 9. Like Snape she wants to belong somewhere aka the faceless men. She's a 9w8 or a 8w9. 9's are the sponge type that can behave in the way any type does and she was very passive in season 1. ) It's clearly inferior or tertiary Ni so I could see her as a Se dom. I've started reading the books recently, and even her very first chapter seemed riddled with Fi. I'm pointing out your retardation so you can see it and go suicide and improve the quality of the planet's air. Can't stand it being attacked, can't stand people disagreeing with you on it. You just coincidentally happen to be steadily stupid. ISFP is the good guess, even though she could ISTP and that's the way the actress portrays herNo, it isn't, blah blah blah (sorry). if she were a 6cp it would be 6w7 she is not analytic, and is focused on thrill so 7 wing fit much. Erm yes it is. A S-leading person would be more impulsive, since they're essentially reacting in the moment, rather than rationalize their actions too much like a person who leads with feeling or thinking would. Even in her talks with Ned she isn't passive. cp6w5 seems plausible as well since they're a reactive type. I guess her image seems ISTP.

Arya Stark
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