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Barack Obama Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Barack Obama MBTI personality type cover chart

He testify in his auto-biography to have been very laid back and disorganised. PRESIDENT OBAMA POSTS ON PD=0 RYUGAN POSTS ON PD= 100 RYUGAN IS SUPERIOR TO OBAMA. Also it doesn't work like this: Mr. com/blog/the-career-within-you/201407/president-obama-enneagram-type-9-part-1. MBTI test all too crude. Much better than so many other sites which have brought typology to the same level as astrology. Just wanted to share. See, I DID provide actual reasoning for Obama being introverted. Susan Cain from Ted also considers him an introvert. He supposedly "overcompensated" for his P-tendencies sometime in his youth, thus why he looks J. He just enacts and enforce like an Si dom; That progress, Democrats, and Hillary is the way to be. His Fe is very fair and not inferior at all. I'm not convinced he's an extrovert (though I'm not certain of introversion either), and if his Ne is "subdued" but his Ti is obvious, doesn't that point to Ti-Ne rather than Ne-Ti. Clearly delta socionics if you look at his childhood biography. v=c0KYU2j0TM4The way I see it, the debate should only be between ENTP and INTP. what a poor left handed person WTF. I don't know where people get the idea he is Fe-dom. I agree with CT and Keirsey (both use different methods) on ENTP. Tertiary Ti shows up when he always bring up the same slogan when not much has change. You don't want your ideas challenged and if someone does he must be a fool. The problem I have with CT's rationale is they dismiss introversion right off the bat as if it's obvious, and then argue that Obama's an ENTP with unusually subdued Ne. So/Sx 7 social idealism and visionary with 3 in his tritype. He's probably INTP. But being pro-gay marriage doesn't necessarily mean someone is Fi. v=poz6W0znOfk. Those are the unmistakable stubborn Si-dom eyes all government loonies seem to have. Vision with a people focus, not someone constantly seeking novelty in the outer world, using impersonal understanding as support (ENTP). The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. There shouldn't be such a landslide in favor of extroversion given that he appears to at the very least have Ti-Ne-Fe-Si which would be xNTP, not ENTP. His Fe is strong but he isn't extroverted. Yes, he probably has Ne dominance, but keep in mind that auxiliary Fi in extroverts can come off like Fe, and is nothing like the dominant Fi of INFP's. com/2016/07/03/us/politics/obama-after-dark-the-precious-hours-alone. Ne+Fe can be very charming and concinving. He is a Ti subtype ENTP. 3 come across as insencere and polished, even when they're telling the truth. Please make your case. Meaning he being an ENTP prefers Ti over Ne. According to 5tar it's because a well developed Fe but I'm not buying it. Inferior Fe doesn't mean one is rude or completely at loss of social norms but suggests the person struggles. And the way he aged so fast, the grey hairs; an ENTP wouldn't be so affected like that. Obama is a Ti subtype ENTPThe Inspirer (ENFP), Although I can't say I was particularly inspired by him. Keep talking buddy. Definitely ENTP and not ENFJ. Similarly letter by letter typing us wrong, the reason why Keirsey typed Lincoln ENTP for instance. Meyers and Briggs salvaged his ideas and made them into a logical system that can actually be used and tested for with decent reliability. does not make them an ENFJ. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Barack Obama likely is!. MBTI both helped and made a mess of Jung's work. I can agree with 3w2. He even brings up of suggesting preserving his legacy. That would be amazing though. Which is why he was very often drawn to ideological movements early in his life, and seems to have taken a while to develop into someone who appears as a pragmatist. Oh but I heard he doesn't talk that much. But whenever you hear him speak off script, you realize immediately, his go-to functions are Ne and Ti. You can if you like. Based on the best of my knowledge, Obama prefers introversion and is therefore INTP. See, what I'm doing is challenging YOUR ideas and you cannot stand that. If you prefer Ti over Ne, you're an INTP unless there's clear behavioral extroversion or clear Fe > Si. encReferrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8%3DENFJ 3W2ENTP 3w2ENTP qui fake le Fe pour faire genre. Obama, behind the scenes, is an intellectual, not a moralist. com/obama-enneagram-type. Obama may or may not test as an introvert on a Big5 or OCEAN test but not on any Jungian test. psychologytoday. Bush is most voted 9w8 and so is ronald Reagan (well, only 2 votes for reagan). You can have yours. Don't be fooled by the smile. But is he an ENFJ. I would say it's more of a Fe use to be so, since it makes "sense" to respect "love" between people because it's simply what they want and what nature has given to them. Their charisma is rehearsed and put on. His speeches always makes me cry. Ds on his Big Five scores suggests he's above average on extraversion, conscientiousness and agreeableness. I don't see in him any of the natural draw to impartiality expected of a NT. Just because someone has a large following. Yeah, he crosses his arms way too often according to online photos. Idk, he's one of those people that could really be anything. I just don't get the slick and polished 3 vibe from him; he comes across as sincere and natural (even when he's lying). An atypical ENTP. He's also an introvert, surprisingly—his closest advisors believe so. Lincoln was DEFINITELY low conscientiousness. It is more of playing it safe is the vibe I get from him. You can never judge a person's MBTI type based on speeches somebody else wrote. Inferior Ne is his inability to see the possibility that Trump will win 2016 race and fears that TPP and Obamacare his only legacy will be shot down. Neither pegged him as an introvert. His campaign mangers knew that the voters would respond more to his Fe than his Ti. I'm not convinced he's an extrovert (though I'm not certain of introversion either), and if his Ne is "subdued" but his Ti is obvious, doesn't that point to Ti-Ne rather than Ne-Ti. And dat smile. He always had a reputation as an idealist up until his Presidency where he was in over his head. Kool-Aid and have no interest in what these supposed "authorities on the subject of pseudoscientific personality believe. Your behavior is indistinguishable from a cultist. And there's not enough evidence against INTP to make it less likely than ENTP. Obama would test as an introvert. Most politicians are going to try to look like they care which leads to traits associated with Fe, but if you're talking cognitive functions, they are supposed to describe cognition rather than behavior. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. He's absolutely ENTP. I just hope you realize that, though I know you don't. His foreign policy strategies focussed on peace, dialogue and diplomacy - his opponents accused him of being weak and spineless. Ti is not as rational and pragmatic as Te, and Secondary Ti is not primary Ti. That's just his speech writers. 75% right, but Obama is not only an introvert, but a strong introvert. (The NT definitely is, most everyone agrees, and I for one think the P is even more obvious. Maybe back in 2008 or 2012 I will agree when comparing to McCain or Romney. )"Abraham Lincoln (a clear INTP) scored above average on extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness" That is ridiculous. Those who are interested in Jungian typology will agree on Ti for Obama which crosses off ENTJ and essentially ENFJ (due to inferior Ti)MBTI equivalence letter by letter is ENFJ and/or ENTJ. Take it from somebody who knows somebody in Congress who knows him. She wrote "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talkin". I'd imagine his stage presence being enough to convince people of this but on the surface he's certainly careful, thoughtful, poised and guarded, and these traits only lean into the introverted side people around him talk about: of someone who remains distant, needs to spend time alone and holds themselves reticently. The test is the ends to its own mean. I also see a lot of projection in the "you don't want your ideas challenge and if someone does they must be a fool" department. Actually there are several independent researches. I have a hard time determining between ENFJ and ENTJ, but his earlier life seems to lean more to ENFJ. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Barack Obama MBTI type.. There is something highly genuine about all his recorded speaking, on or off script. And his public image is an act, and could be very forced, so saying he's "too smooth at social interactions" to be an INTP isn't a strong argument. In his younger days his agreeableness was pretty low too, though he was a bit more so after he grew and matured. when you put Fe in the way. He's probably some contradictory mbti type and enneagram type. P all the way. His function are developed extremely well and he can behave like a really healthy ISFJ which he does talking to the media. Obama is a frustrated ENTP trying to improve this world. A single person can come out as several types on different tests. Where'd you find that data. I was kind of shocked at first too, but it actually made perfect sense given all the pauses and hesitations in his manner of speaking. I don't even know where the ENTP typing comes from. Ds on his Big Five scores suggests he's above average on extraversion, conscientiousness and agreeableness. I think he's an obvious ISFJ. You are just passing statements. Or something different. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. They actually put him pretty much right in the middle on extroversion, somewhat BELOW average on agreeableness, and yes, above average on conscientiousness. For example, many people could think he is Fi just because he is pro-gay marriage. And a clear STJ as well as an advocate for traditional policies and standard political hogwash. Some of the Enneagram blogs authors typed Barack Obama as 9w1, using evidence from the people he worked with, for example. Just because someone invents things does not make them an ENTP. INTPs would need to develop it to succeed in office, as politics entails a huge amount of networking and you won't get elected if you're not charismatic. Type 6 and 9 makes better harmony/peacemaker leader type than type 3. Individual research scores range from slightly below average to one score way above average. The more you attempt to explain with more certainty and dogmatism, leaving less room for flexibility, and four locked functions wired in everyone counts as that, the harder it is to be accurate in those claims. Also, haven't seen you offer any support of, you know, reliable, unbiased evidence proving there actually is such a thing as a Jungian function in the first place, let alone that everyone has four of them in a fixed order that dictates everything we do and say. Not at all, not even close. Where do you see dominant Introverted Feeling. But the reason why I think Obama is a Ti is because he makes "sense" okay. Fi would be more personal, vague. Therefore he is an introvert. I think that when President Obama ran for election in 2008, he presented himself to America as super Fe-inclined because Bush didn't seem to convey much emotion. "A research done by several Ph. I reckon he was an INTP afterall. They do provide a reasoning while you are not. I mean read his biography or something, his biological father abandoned him BUT he was raised by some Asian man - Lolo Soetoro, while spending a part of his childhood in Jakarta. Just wanted to share. A research done by several Ph. Are you saying Lincoln couldn't handle his "inferior Fe. INTP is likely but less so than ENTP. While there are very evident similarities, the style and personality changes alot. General consensus on above average conscientiousness and below average neuroticism. Obama was always more laid back and natural, he comes across as sympathetic and approachable, like a 9. According to mbtibase, George W. Yoy don't accept this, you don't accept that. Agreeableness is average. He spouts thing as "if we don't activate this progress. And like I'm said, I'm certain he's an introvert and the other three letters should be obvious. Carl Jung was frankly a quack. Don't make a fool out of yourself by rejection of the basis of all Jungian Personality type tests including MBTI (in essence) i. (And plus, that's entirely subjective). I can see why you think he might be a feeler since his dreams are extremely progressive, especially for US terms. He's got Fe, but he's not Fe dom. High Ti and relatively well developed Fe while unusually repressed Ne. Which is obviously nonsense. "Trying to improve this world". I know Jung all too well, have all too many clues, enough to dismiss it. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. The test is done the way it is for a reason. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Nothing is wrong with that. Lol he's definitely a J. ENTP is a laughable vote. Also thought that Donald Trump will be the same goons like lame Romney and lame McCain and Hillary will breeze in 2016. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Rubenzer and Thomas Faschinbauer, Abraham Lincoln (a clear INTP) scored above average on extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness too. I THOUGHT OBAMA WAS WHITE. I'm still not seeing any Ti at all, let alone dominance. MBTI is impaired if you score 49 on I/E dichotomy you're an introvert if 51 you're an extravert. To be an extrovert does not mean that you appear extremely talkative and outgoing. My interpretation is: "That everything in 2008-2016 was the best thing that ever to happen to USA. It was crazy how he influenced the emotional atmosphere. But after seeing in 2015 and 2016, they way he acts towards Trump 2016 campaign makes me start to doubt of his INTP and ENTP. But he absolutely is a Ti user. His idealism and desire to reform indicate a strong 1 wing. And yes, INFJ. I'm open to other arguments but why would an ENTP in a Je field have such unusually developed Ti that it makes him behaviorally introverted. Doesn't seem like a hard logic kind of guy as ENTP would be. ENFJ tend to be more serious, focused and intense with Fe/Ni/Te. And thus we don't determine MBTI type based on behaviour. Is it an expansion of the Rubenzer data I shared earlier. " (And I disagree that Obama is "too smooth" by the way, seems rather awkward and clumsy to me. Are implying Congnitive functions mean nothing. Just lofty idealism and vision with the help of emotional effect that the whole crowd goes crazy for. Yes, he has worked on putting on that image as it has been essential for him to overcome his ideological baggage, but who is he really and what motivates him. Some ENTP can even be very religious, into new age stuff and most of them are more into soft science/psychology than hard science or computer programming. *bipartisan INFP because he is a leftist and because he is introverted. " I've seen it. com/g00/video/2016/10/10/obama_talks_addiction_i_used_drugs_i_smoked_i_pretty_much_tried_whatever_was_out_there. They are still paramount to modern researchers. Goddamn saem your head is deep in your ass. Don't mistake intelligence for T. Go figure, 9's often become president. It's clear that one of his top 2 functions is a feeling function. He doesn't really fit the Ti or Ne dominant mold. All agree on very high openness. Oui mais je crois qu'on a déjà eu cette discussion dans le bon vieux personality databankAh oui en effet. You can pick cherries and go down rabbit holes all day and prove absolutely nothing. That would be more Fe than Fi I geuss. Just because someone invents things does not make them an ENTP. He compromised way more than his left wing followers wanted him to. And by the way, I've read his direct environment perceive him as cold and arrogant, argumentative, especially when he needs to get personal. But I have to say, if he isn't an ENTP, he could be a professional ENFP in all probability.

. You are not taking on a debate directly. He obviously has a good feel for the audience. It's either ambivert or slightly extraverted. His IQ isn't crazy high or anything. Very likely NF. That's interesting. There's no secret part of his brain that is wired so that he is actually an ENTP who just happens to act like an INTP. You can talk about your "Fe inferiors" all you want and "Jungian" this, Jungian that. His extroversion always felt forced and he had a tendency to be rather dry. You can't stand to have the Jungian pseudoscience you hold so dearly questioned and so you defend it fiercely with no logical argument for it, attacking all those who dare question it and accuse them of being fools who don't understand it, who are guilty of the crimes you have committed. I don't drink the Celebrity Types, Keirsey, etc. Yes he's an introvert but you need to look behind his speeches. Because he isn't exactly cerebral and seems to most naturally speak from the heart. He's learned to put on his thinking face to try to put the public perception to rest about him being a hopeless idealist. Just because someone has a large following. ) I also clearly explained why I see Jung as inconsistent and unreliable. And just because Jung's functions claim to explain more and be more fixed and rigid does not make them correct. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Barack Obama' belongs to!.

. I am also quite certain that he was introverted. Fucking Obama cries too much for an ENTP. Different dominant functions make as much difference as different inferior functions. " and etc appeals more to Fe. You are the one who refuses to respect my argument because you have your head so far up your own ass and think you have to "educate" all those who disagree with your Jungian theories. Obama also may have read Ayn Rand, smoked, in his younger years, so most likely he integrated. '" http://www. Obama doesn't seem to have this. Type 3 usually become exhausted/stress out due to overworking or because putting up an image. As to Obama's Fe, of course it's going to appear more developed, he's a politician. " Nibba's istj lmao integrated 9w1. Clueless, yes, a common fallacy, often committed by religious fundamentalists: Accuse your opponent of not knowing or understanding your argument because they disagree with it. Many of his view isn't really all that new. realclearpolitics. Plus, 9's integrate to 3's so it is unclear if as a 3, he's disintegrating to 9 (unlikely) or if he's integrating from 9 to 3 (more likely). His persona is ENFJ (hope, change, corny heartfelt speeches). Auxiliary Fe of able to appeal everyone that he was the hope and savior of 2008. He defends his statements using logic and a lot of arguments. " Are you saying it would be impossible for an INTP to "develop" it. Still I have nothing against the guy. Compare him to Mitt Romney who's an obvious 3; or Bill Clinton for that matter. Between ENTP and INTP, most people who know him personally identify him as an introvert (to see for yourself, type in EITHER "Barack Obama introvert" (no quotes) or "Barack Obama extrovert" (no quotes) into Google and the first page is comprised entirely of articles arguing that he's an introvert or people who know him claiming he is). I didn't utter gibberish about "Fe. Jung's works are hard and absurd at time yes but at same time extremely insightful and profound but I wouldn't be surprised that you reject them just because you are clueless. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Barack Obama? What about enneagram and other personality types?. I think Bill Clinton is more of your ENTP type with a strong Fe. Religion claims to explain everything about everything, but that does not make it true. Telling people that criticize him aren't progressive and is backwards. He always tried to unite and reach across the isle to work with conservatives and achieve bipartisal agreements. There is his public persona which is very Fe, but with the few information we know of him (he likes to joke & brainstorm new ideas) and the way he acts on camera sometimes in more relaxed moments, I think he's more of an ENTP with Ne/Ti/Fe. Gut feeling completely missing if you ask me. Even if typing sites get some of their typings wrong. I might add also that in research done by Steven J. Jungian Cognitive Functions. He doesn't dwell on the ideas of it. MBTI isn't exactly hard science anyway, but it works as a crude approximation of 80% of the big five and a quick and dirty way of grouing people based on personality. Maybe ENFP then. He does not willingly and often use impersonal logic like an ENTP, and always had an idealist streak. ENTP his is type and ENFJ is his social image he is clearly a 3 very good with his self representation at TVhttps://www. His strength lies in community organizer not so much oral presentation as people tend to claim. ENTP is the most fathomable choice for Obama. ENTPs are often seen has the most idealistic T types. ISFJ is borderline retarded. But I also tend to think his actual personality is too. Jung's theories are dismissed as complete pseudoscience by literally every respected modern psychologist and researcher in the world. Guess what: There's enough room in this world for people to have different interpretations of personality type systems. You are shutting all the room for discussion. smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=curlike when they typed Neil patrick harris as ENTP because he used to like knock knock jokes and black humorObama is an xNFP for sure but celebritydicks typed him as ENTP without much senseWhy can't a Ti user be idealistic. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Barack Obama Myers-Briggs and personality type!. The Si dom and Fe aux starts to appear more. Et j'avais déjà été d'accord avec toi pour le ENTP lolISFJ imo. yes that sounds about right and I think summarizes the driving force throughout his life. And Obama is a Te user, how. does not make them an ENFJ. That would actually point to xNTJ. He's an ENTP, who acted like an ENFJ while running for president. Which would point to ENFJ which is the most popular typing on the internet. Him being ISFJ is probably my hunches. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. Type 9 disintegrate makes more sense than type 9 integration. Similarly letter by letter typing is wrong, the reason why Keirsey typed Lincoln ENTP for instance. extroversion is where you get your energy from. That's the same reason people type Woodrow Wilson INFJ despite him being an INTJ. They didn't just rely on the videos of him talking, for example. Like 3w2 ISFP or 5w6 ENFJ or some shit like that"'He seems to be somebody who is at home with himself. ENTP are the less "logical/rational" of the NTs. Behavioural introversion or the general concept of introvert being soft spoken and not a talker is only a small part of Jungian introversion but I'm sure you know that. extroversion is where you get your energy from. Letters or functions, I think Lincoln is a straightforward INTP. If you look beyond his public image, it's clear that he is not any sort of F type. I geuss you get what I am saying, lol. He doesn't like to use Te. Even in the photo is crossing arms like typical ENFJ. I can't read politicians too well obviously but Obama doesn't really seem the type to lean E. Went to one of his speeches, it lacked logic. Not all politicians are core 3s, Bill Clinton is so/sx 7 like Obama. However they have got likes of John Lennon (ENFP) and Dylan (INFP) wrong in my opinion. Lincoln was inferior Fe. Based on their own function logic, INTP works better. Which would point to ENFJ which is the most popular typing on the internet. He is an INTP. And considering Abraham Lincoln is commonly accepted as INTP, I have no idea why you are so opposed to the suggestion anyway. You are not providing any reasoning behind your statements. Sorry dominant introverted sensingObama is not an extravert and nor does he really consider himself to be one. Obama is a Ti subtype ENTPTo be an extrovert does not mean that you appear extremely talkative and outgoing. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Politicans and Leaders characters list.. And thus we don't determine MBTI type based on behaviour. "The problem I have with CT's rationale is they dismiss introversion right off the bat as if it's obvious, and then argue that Obama's an ENTP with unusually subdued Ne. An ENTP's first judging instinct is to rationalize with an impartial sort of logic, even if they don't always judge as much due to Ne dominance. An INTP with unusually developed Fe. The functions stack change when you go from ENTP to INTP. No, he's ENFP with Ne and auxiliary Fi, which he has compromised due to his evolution as a politician. That violates Occam's razor. That's why you get people who mistake his type. http://livingenneagram. He starts to stutter or make more appeals emotion rather being rational. I think he's an INTP because no one who knows him personally (as far as I know) thinks he's an extrovert. Lol, he is INFJ. I'd say Fi is his primary judging method. All of this point to enneagram type 9. Even if that was true (I'd say ENTJ are less rational because they prioritize achievment so much), that's no reason to think he's an ENTP. I will continue to dismiss it and voic my criticisms because at this point I know enough about it to do so, but I will not attack you and call you clueless for continuing to believe it. He also did some drugs, I think. Si dominate for great detail organizing and able to sound professional with the telegram. Obama is way too smooth at social interactions to be Fe-Dom. And it should stay that way. Its outdated while Jung's theories aren't. He tried to reason and compromise his way through office, which accounts for most of his failures. All presidents carry an Fe rhetoric to the public -- it's the nature of the job. You have to look at how Obama is behind-the-scenes, in which case he seems like an introvert. CT has alot of wrong typings which I find odd because they are generally very good with typology knowledge.

Barack Obama
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