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Batman Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Batman MBTI personality type cover chart

This statement right here. Ben affleck's batman seem ESTJ to me. He's way more 1 than 8. About the enneagramm he fit perfectly to the 1 so description. I could go on and on about how that isn't Fe and how you're leaking Ne all over the place. Bale is extremely relaxed and fluid with a calm demeanor and a present relaxed gaze. I'd say INTJ or INFJ. He has contingency plans to take down the entire Justice League if necessary, exploiting all weaknesses physically and psychologically. And you didn't get the point either. He’s taught himself everything he’s needed to know, decided on his own life path and dealt with criminals the way he’s seen fit. What's the point of this argument which I never even had any intention of starting. He's a man of possibilities, and one of the best characters when it comes to connecting the dots. Okay, but can we discuss the enneagram votes. i can't see inferior Se in him at all , he react quickly and he is clearly not clumsy like will be an inferior Se. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Doctor Strange, Aquaman, Professor X, Wonder Woman etc have Ni in their first two functions too. No offense, but I'm starting to think you have only a superficial understanding of the functional axis and gripping. He takes action but doesn't really get into the shouting matches or "yell" at people. He doesn't catastrophise in the same way someone with inferior Ne would. Which I already know about. in bvs he is istj. And that's only in addition to the fact that Bruce Wayne is, overall, a very logical person (despite call to heroism) with reserve and tenacity. His biggest fear is being corrupt or becoming like the criminals he fights, which is why he has a strict no killing rule. "Christopher Nolan's Batman is ISTPish INFJ. " It's funny that you say that considering the fact that Batman does exactly that. The Ne/multiple ideation that he uses is very simplistic and sometimes even leads to his own downfalls where he grips and becomes reclusive, looking back and reflecting on the past and all the different things he could have done and and all the different ways it would have been better, which would mark it as inferior Ne. Because all he does when he grips is have racing thoughts, which is generally linked to inferior intuitive functions. I specifically said that he takes an inquisitive approach to his past and his past actions. They always seem gruff and appear to be judging everyone constantly as they notice the chaos and disorder around them. As I said, an ISTJ in the grip catastrophises and cannot stop seeing potential wrongs and negatives in any situation, they can barely get anything done. batman is ISTJ in frank miller's comicbooks , and in justice league. They live targets and facts that can be improved. Both Ni and Si are internal and subject, based on impressions. "He is clearly obsessed with the deeper and *conceptual* implications of things, what is beyond the sensory facts of the matter (as Si would be). hey you don't need to loose your time ,we all know that you like your comments with your alts. Ben Affleck: ENTJ. Batman doesn't have control through his environment (Gotham), he has to analyze the situation & go from there. That said, the symbolism and archetype of Batman points more toward Ni and just using his popular image my conjecture is INTJ but by no means is this a definite typing. His entire thing is his crusade against crime and bringing forth change in Gotham. Entertaining different choices he could have made, what would have lead to a better outcome. He lets his action speak. I don't think Batman can be typed. It is what he created Batman for. The guy can't even maintain a relationship because he is so absorbed with his mission and purpose. depends of the writer or the movie maker. He has no Se, he hates it when people take hasty action, and he doesn't even care much for parties outisde of what they can do to reach a goal and he hardly participates in hedonistic behavior. Batman is usually typed as INTJ but we can see far more argument for ISTJ let's compare. Ni dom would think that planning for all the little details to be tedious and overthinking. Batman is from DC Comics, please change that. Everything he does is based on his past experience. Yeah I voted Batman INTJ mostly because I grew up from the animated series. Also this:Quickly deduces how Know Man's technology (given to him by a Controller) works after studying it only for a short while then comes up with a plan using the same tech and his league teammates to free the trapped minds of everyone on earth (Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #3). Gripping is when you are under stress and thus manifest unhealthy behaviours of the lower functions. It's his seeming use of Ti that is creating all this confusion. Bale has the Se "I don't judge others though words and gestures. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. Both see the past as something important but not allow themselves to be completely attached, and uses them to connect to the future. If I was INTJ it would impose renovation, which is not the case because it does not kill your enemies and see the past as something important to follow and set out in this no major changes. Si is about forming impressions from sensory data, and thus using these to navigate through the present. He is pure INTJ. If you don't even understand what the functions ARE, then I don't see how you can presume to type anyone. I'm sorry if my bluntness hurt your delicate sensibilities but come on, it's as if you're not even reading the posts. You even continue to rant on about how I referenced inferior Fe gripping (when I mentioned it once and literally as a comparison, it wasn't even a serious point). Especially from villains like the Riddler. I put 2w3 because when he thinks he does something wrong, he always tries to make things up right. And yes, I said that because he has no Se. And inferior Ne is pretty clear with his paranoia. Batman lives in the past, get the details from the past and use it for the present. The main stereotype of Ni is that they are mystics that operate spiritually, but that's not true, especially for NTJ's. They feel an almost OCD compulsion to fix the disorder or they fall into anxiety and temper tantrums. It's the comic book batman entry afterall, not the movie version. Did you ignore what I said when he grips. I could see INTJ but he has no visio'and for the future of Gotham. Christian Bale: ISTJ. The difference being in the information they interpret and form impressions about. Are you joking. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Batman? What about enneagram and other personality types?. The only reason why your hung up on 'civility' is because you have no argument left. The point is that Batman is not a fully objetiivo expensive but prepared and focused on the details. It's simply because Watchmen was a graphic novel, and had a conclusion. Plus this moment alone from Zero Year proves him to be an Ni user. He's a clear ISTJ. Yeah as with most comic book characters his type depends on the writer, but overall I would say ISTJ. That's why the "you complete me" climax was so haunting and brilliant. Joker is the opposite (ENTP) and Bane is the counterpart (ENTJ) while scarecrow was another side of batman (INTJ). I mean, really. It's self indulgence. Batman contrast, which combines Joker's extreme (villainous) ENTPness with Batman's extreme (heroic) INTJness (both NT, with completely opposite orientation functions, thus "completing each other" psychologically and providing all eight functions). He has to understand every members' full mental profile and power set and then devise ways to take advantage and exploit everything he possibly can, which is how he manages to stand side-by-side with super-powered beings in the first set. ISTJ fits better. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Besides, Ni wouldn't bother with all the catastrophic possibilities or options as to how things might go awry, it would only see one clear idea that personally affects him. He would likely be ISTJ if such a character existed in real life. Not sure about the others yet. An ISTJ in the grip would barely be able to get anything done. I actually can't recall a time where Batman clearly used Ti over Te. He spent years of his life training the body and mind which could result in a good development Ne, but we only see when you're trying to see the future and use as a strategy, the rest is just details of past and preparing and following order which was imposed preventing many changes. in nolan trilogy he is intj. Doctor Strange, Aquaman, Professor X, Wonder Woman etc have Ni in their first two functions too. He is clearly intuitive. Let's compare it with a INTJ characters - Near, Lelouch, Sasuke, Aizen, Hannibal Books. more Si oriented in past and negative view of world than Ni vision for gotham's future. Most INTJs would honestly not be as proactive as Batman in shaping and realising their visions, but Batman is slowly but surely, in the only way he knows how, hammering Gotham into shape by making real and tangible changes (by fighting crime, cleaning up the city, some of his work as Bruce Wayne). I agree with you that Bale appears to be ENTJ. Except if you were actually familiar with the character, you would know that everything he does is planned. He doesn't just postulate any and every possible wrong that can happen with an action and paralyze (inferior Ne), He doesn't explode and lash out in emotional angst due to build up of turmoil (inferior Fe). INTJ all the way. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Who voted ESFP. He is clearly obsessed with the deeper and *conceptual* implications of things, what is beyond the sensory facts of the matter (as Si would be). Thinking he does things wrong and trying to make them right = 1 trait. Plus how are you going to have any cred when you think that an ISTJ, one of the most duty bound and productive of all the types, "cant do anything" while they're in the grip. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Batman Myers-Briggs and personality type!. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. If he has a contingency to take down all league does not make it Ni. He doesn't spiral and catastrophise (as I said earlier). we can see many Si aspect from him. As a longtime Batman reader, I absolutely see him as a mastermind that takes risky methods. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. Have you ever seen an INxJ in the grip. Batman’s independence is also a hallmark INTJ trait, and even though he’s had his share of sidekicks and partners over the years, he’s a loner through and through, depending on Alfred more than anyone else, next to himself of course. Some people say they can see INxJ or ISTP, but for some reason batman appears such a clear INTJ to me that INFJ and ISTP seem laughable. christian bale seems more Se than Si to me and he is an obvious TJ like all batman so ENTJ. detail oriented , check. Very similar ideals and starting point as Light Yagami if you really think about it. Where is the master plan. It's really too bad there wasn't a fourth movie with an INTP villain. An Si user rarely trusts anything that isn't a fact. Plus there are several other Ni using characters that lack a future vision like that of Ozymandias. another wannabe INTJ who don't understand MBTI. After all he is playing by his own rules which indicates Se over Si. This is all being in the grip of Se. Bale's Batman is the only ISTJ Batman I've seen. Oh well, cognitive functions are BS anyways. I find it strange that so many people type him as ISTJ. His Introverted Intuition has him making the finest details his biggest strength and his enemies’ biggest weakness that everyone else overlooks. It is all spearheading Gotham towards the way he feels it SHOULD be. enneagramworldwide. He's 126 or 125 sp/sx. his core action is his ethic and his weakness and strength is his Inadaptability to act against this inner moral code Can the mod change the pic to this. That he looks at decisions he's made and turns them over and over, approaching them from different perspectives, analysing the consequences of different decisions, analysing connections forged as a result of his actions. But he was an 8. @Johncena I would agree. If you don't have a valid point anymore, you could always concede with grace as any sane person would. Batman doesn't look at a clue set by a villian and think of a linear conclusion, he goes right to why they left it and tries to deeply analyze it, finding the bigger picture. but we can clearly see inferior Ne in him , he made a plan for all worst possibility that's why he accumulate data about weaknesses of the justice league. Batman is 100% INTJ across the board and it's not even close. All of this is the most extreme example of what the INTJ is capable of; long range ideals that are rarely explained to anyone but executed in a quiet, efficient manner. One of the major themes of The Dark Knight is the whole "you complete me" Joker vs. I'm not sure if I've learned how to type people the hard way or not. Ni is basically just a more deep and less boraod analyzation of the future and of concepts and ideas. Plus this moment alone from Zero Year proves him to be an Ni user. Reality doesn't live up to the ideal, but to Batman that doesn't matter, he has a vision for Gotham and whether he be damned or not he's going to do what it takes to realise it. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of DC Comics characters list.. He's 126 or 125 sp/sx. He is someone stuck in the past and stuck to the values that their parents went for it. It doesn't just manifest as binge-drinking and regrettable one-night stands for goodness sake. ISTJ symbolic oriented or INTJ stuck in the pastLol everything you just described is a 1 trait. An Si user rarely trusts anything that isn't a fact. I could see ISTP but he's too organized. in alan moore comics he is estj. hehehe He would probably use a manual to get out of the trap. A Ti conclusion would probably look like, "If an apple is red, therefore it is not blue" and a Ni conclusion would be more like "If an apple is red, then apples probably reflect a different light off it" Ni is deeper and more theoretical, which is what batman is. INXJ types are usally thinkers than atheltic. Sempra has something prepared. INTJ all the way. Animated series: INTJ. Highly doubt an Si user would pass this:. the bat symbol seems Ni but it is the only Ni traits showed by the character. Plus this:Figures out how to use Rann Zeta-beam technology within a few minutes with Adam Strange pointing out that it took years for him to learn to use the technology (Brave and the Bold #6). in the animated series he is entjTotally ISTJ, and I'm talking about the comics. Inferior Se would either abhor partying or go off the deep end and binge in drinking, sex, gambling, etc to give them a cheap thrill, which he clearly doesn't do. It's simply because Watchmen was a graphic novel, and had a conclusion.

. He's *learning*. At least in the Christopher Nolan series, I see more INTJ than anything else, though. act guided py past experience, check. Yes I did ignore it, because it is misrepresentation of the very concept of gripping. Plus he's taken down Superman in several different ways, so it's vague to assume that he sticks to trusted methods, that's Deathstroke. I just have a basic idea of how each type acts, and then I go from there. Been a while since I've seen the film's though. And say what you want about it "just being a movie" but only an Ni user would seek to become a symbol of justice. Most definitely an INTJ. But Ni is different in that it focuses on what is NOT sensory. in deed the batman in animated series is probably INTJ. com/instinctual-subtypes/. Yet an entirely different outcome. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Batman' belongs to!. That is how I see him overall. Most of the ISTJ arguments only summarise the stuff he does, but not HOW he does. Very telling stuff. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Batman doesn’t do anything unless he has a contingency plan…and then a contingency plan for hiscontingency. And even then, he still continues on down his intended path. Honestly he seems to be simultaneously a thinker and an INFJ. "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. He recklessly *indulges* in his work whilst ignoring the larger implications/consequences of his actions, in favour of the immediate satisfaction (inferior Se). People like you always suddenly start caring about the civility of debate when they're on the defensive. Damn, not only can you not handle having a civil argument, you also have no idea what the functions are outside of your own limited mindset and you can't even read an argument without coming to a billion unrelated conclusions. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Batman MBTI type.. @Markz Demerius. Like he purposely plays the devil advocates. This is why I thought the villains worked so well. That was literally my first post. He is without a doubt an INTJ. He's way more 1 than 8. Bale's Batman is the only ISTJ Batman I've seen. (2) That's the one worst argument you could give for Ni. He doesn't follow the conventions of external morality. Batman does this all the time, the way he develops his plans, the way he goes about fighting crime. His agression is very physical. Hedonism extends beyond drugs, alcohol and sex you know. "he hates it when people take hasty action, and he doesn't even care much for parties outisde of what they can do to reach a goal and he hardly participates in hedonistic behavior. Being down in the dumps isn't gripping. He seems to also have Ti, meaning he analyzes things for weaknesses or plans rather than positions things throughout his environment like a Te user. I would like to know how an INTJ would be able to reduce the Riddler's traps. You haven't addressed a single one of my points.

. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. Batman (ISTJ) "in the Grip" | Batman v Superman I think you got Affleck and Bale backwards. NO, that is not Si. He has one rule and a vision, one planned out and executed as only an NTJ could. stuck in the past ,check. He is clearly a judger. Even Batman as a concept, is focused on the bigger picture. i think he's a blatant 1w9. Clear difference between them via Se/Si. Batman - INTJ. If he has a contingency to take down all league does not make it Ni. His primary motive is to bring justice to gotham, which seems very Te to me. As a longtime Batman reader, I absolutely see him as a mastermind that takes risky methods. Funny thing is that I'm also starting to think that you have a superficial understanding of the functions and how they interact on the axis. All those who are dead sure on their abilities to type Batman must be full of themselves. While ideas and motives are bound to be found anywhere, Wayne looked no further than his own mind to unearth the hero underneath and change Gotham forever. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Batman likely is!. The character has a core but most of his "personality" is all over the place. He loses sight of the big picture, whilst inferior Te would lose sight of one's own values in their driven compulsion to meet objectives. But what's the point. he has not really long term plan to fight the crime(ozymandias a true INTJ hero made a long term plan to end the war between russia and USA) ,his fight is more an everyday battle. If he were a INTJ he would not think twice about killing your enemies to turn Ghotam in your ideal world. Batman clearly favours the immaterial over the sensory. That is clearly an intuitive obsession. Notice how Affleck is has that squinty frown that ISTJs often express as they disapprove of everyone who doesn't behave how people should. Plus there are several other Ni using characters that lack a future vision like that of Ozymandias. Of course being puritanical is a trait of inferior Se, are you kidding. Batman is a tough one. He puts on the mask and makes the gruff voice but he never lectures people like STJs do. He is an ISTJ. He has things very planned and prepared. He was an INTJ. He does not follow anyone, he is very "my way", many times "my way or the highway" (Ni-Te)Apart from obvious Bat symbolism there is nothing Ni about him. You may well seek to understand the past of the enemy to use as possible for the present - Si-Ne. He prepares for the future, if not plan. Most of which I already knew. If you don't agree with that, pick up a Batman comic. That was my point. Whoever claimed that he is focused on details and the past doesn't understand the core concept of Batman's character, of his existence in of itself. That IS aggressive. He's really the perfect example of a 1w2. 2w3 5w6 and 8w7 sp/sx being his core enneagram. As for INFJ, since the Ni explains his analyzations, and he uses Te, he is probably not INFJ. The relationship between Ni and Se is clearly congruent to that of an INTJs. And to me the thinking is just as clear as the other three. And I think Te-Fi is obvious in him.


MBTI enneagram type of Batman Realm:

Category: Comic Book Characters

Series/Domain: DC Comics


INTJ - 60 vote(s)
ISTJ - 22 vote(s)
INFJ - 7 vote(s)
ISTP - 1 vote(s)
ISFJ - 1 vote(s)

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1W9 - 15 vote(s)
6W5 - 12 vote(s)
8W9 - 4 vote(s)
8W7 - 3 vote(s)
5W4 - 1 vote(s)
5W6 - 1 vote(s)

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