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Bobnickmad Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Bobnickmad MBTI personality type cover chart

I spend way too much worrying about people's types and after awhile, it becomes depressing. When they feel insecure however, they can actually go to the other extreme and be very shy. I remember he was cool, I liked that one. I think I made a better person being an adult, and I love being adult (except for the part about self-reliance, can suck, but other than that, loved it). I lack allot of things, but my ability for creating intense scenarios in my mind and effortless imagination that everyday were problems, are something that could be put to good use. Ni is dynamic and only has one Lambda while Ne is static and has multiple 'greek letters' but those are most likely to be constant. Who/what are you even arguing against. You were infected by Ni. Sexual Fives like sharing secret information with their intimates. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Bobnickmad likely is!. I thought you're out of your Te grip. Which is basically the INFJ/INFP dynamiHahaha, love the picINTJ in denialINFP, 6w5 probably, not a 4. And then when I started to type people irl, some people fit so nicely into their type, that the fact some don't doesn't invalidate MBTI. But it's impossible for me not to go from this aspect to the other. believe it or not the site doesn't have the worst security I've ever seen. Plus, socionics' Ni can be conscious or unconscious. ) PS: It's the metaphor with the seed and the tree a good aproximation for Ni. Your last messages screams 4 to me (desire to be unique and to not be a stereotype, and to not be with someone similar)I think I'll remain with 5w4 as I seem to be too argumentative for a 9w1 INFP, at least how they appear on forums. For example, after 9 sp, it follows 4 and 5 social. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. I guess the matter of not giving up, would be to make my own ''system''. And why did you liked MBTI in the first place. It was simply a character thing for me probably, where I basically invented characters for this types, so it was merely a game,and a role playing fantasy. After giving it another shot and getting more involved, I started to realize is not something I could easily get over it. For this reason, people of this subtype could easily be mistyped; those Fives who withdraw from social contact because of feelings of insecurity, might not seem like social subtypes at all. you are retarded. I think MBTI functions do have correct interpretation and that there are typings which are objectively better than others, etc. If I'm 5w4 so/sx, I must be a terrible insecure one, tough. I guess I was thinking about Ni in terms of the image to the Si objects, that is, Si records the experience in its reality and stores it, while Ni records the ''idea'' of the experience and stores it. Thus Sexual Fives are driven to engage intensely with people, although often with anxiety and a tendency to withdraw at a moment's notice. They think stingrays are cute. In INFP the active functions are Fi and Ne, and the stabilizing are Fe and Ni. No, I was in a inferior Te grip with MBTI, but I'm in a process of recovery. This is not directing towards others, I'm just trying to convince myself, that MBTI was something temporary, that helped me grew through some things, but now that I reached or almost reached the first stage, I can go to the next stages without MBTI. Bob, on a hindsight, you'd laugh about it. Ni has the greatest ability of bringing them to the surface and actually interpreting them as information that can be used, rather than glimses of something that can't ever be captured. So, I'm not as intense as 4w5 and too argumentative (at least in an environment I feel safe) to be 9w1. *Scream Bloody Gore, Screeeeam Bloooody Goooooore. And bobnickmad, I get what you mean about extreme music having a calming effect. There will always be haters, but just ignore them. Enneagram 6 is the least positively portrayed of the enneagrams, the sx are portrayed like 8 but lamer while the sp are because like more irrational 5 or less serene 9. Who were you on PD. Mad=Mădălin. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. Like, I think a 9w1 wouldn't care much that there's people out there who could be just like him, while a 5w4 has that individualistic strike. Types are just approximations and empyric interpretations. bobnickmad actually does remind me a lot of Markz Demerius. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is a better idea for your to find a job, whatever that job may be, and gradually work your way up while studying whatever you want on the side. So for example: Kurt Cobain -ISFP/INFP; Albert Camus -INFP/ISFP; Fyodor Dostoyevsik -INFJ/INFP; Yukio Mishima -INFJ/INTJ etc. Also, don't worry. Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. That's clever. People really should get rid of those stereotypes. No, I don't like 6 too much. ^^ Even philosopher INFPs like Rousseau and Kierkegaard couldn't help themselves against slipping into stories and childish jokes. But I’m American and I haven’t even graduated so I don’t know, it might be different for you. All types have emotions and values and are aware of them at certain times, but Fi is the most aware and most capable of getting in the depth of those emotions. Just go away, pest. Fuck off my page and lick thy peehole. Differences within the same type can usually be explained by enneagram. There's not much J about me, I doubt my perceptions way too much, and in things I say I often come off as pretty random rather than focused. I really don't get much of modern death-metal. I wasn't a spam-bot, someone was hacking my account. They mess up a lot of individual typings (like you do with all things that have an objective logic, like math), but their general idea of what it is and how to use it is pretty good. Become a code monkey, make some good money, and in the meantime you can pursue writing on the side. "Ni is not a magical time machine as bad descriptions of it say. One thing to tell y'all: if you can see emotions, that's either Fi on a brink of breaking, or Fe. Also, I'm mixed on George Martin more because I'm not sure that his work is as personal as you seem to believe, if anything he comes off as more detached and calm in interviews than I am in posting. I should have known anything that tries to pass of as objective truth when it's not, ultimately does it because it's power of affecting one's motivations, and it ends up turning against oneself. ,Blue Velvet and Eraserhead (so you think he's INFP. All functions try to get at some aspect of ''reality'' in their own way, and all are limited, thus all are ''realistic'' in their own way, but neither can fully grasp ''reality''. I like this song for Mayhem, ''Freezing Moon'' as well. 4w5 so/sx thing, which makes me seem more cool headed and detached I guess, and you more passionate and personable. Albert Camus is Albert Camus. ''Sexual Instinct in the 5. You know, actual trends. At least that's my experience. And, actually, tritypes hold the healthy traits of every fix, so even unhealthy 6 couldn't make sense as 469 part. ) an INFP here (butterfly) who majored in philosophy, so me being too analytical is no good argument. But it still lingered on my mind. At the end of the day a few letters in a certain order doesn't determine what you are or validate/invalidate your life experiences. Or I guess it's like a tree that grows from a seed, the Tree as it observes the nutrients and the sun it becomes something very different than what was in the seed, yet you can still see the basic parts of the tree in the seed, just minuscule and indifferentiated at first. I could explain the opposite as unhealthy 9 traits of desintegration on 6 but, you really don't identify much with 6 at all, it seems. 6 with X wing, X instinctual variants. But you can identify with work of people who don't share your types quite easily or you can dislike a person sharing your type. And your arguments and way of coming to conclusions seems the same. You probably have the most developed typing methodology on this site, but I need to adjust the way I view MBTI with the way I view life in general, rather than make an intellectual mind game out of it. To be honest I have not had a lot of interaction with butterfly but based on the posts I have seen her make she doesn't come across very INFP to me, at least compared to you and Markz Demerius she doesn't. The thing is 5-4-9 combination and sp/sx is an awfully introverted combination, and while I am very withdrawn, I'm not completely disinteresed in people and stuff. On this site, I appear very much like a 5: very argumentative and focused; but outside of this site I'm more like a 9, unfocused, constantly worrying about avoiding any kind of displeasure to others. There's no reason to work a menial job when you have all that valuable knowledge. Frenemies:Scotty, Butterfly. I wish I could be a book translator, while being also a writer. If not, activities will be dropped. Always produces well thoughtout arguments. I also considered doing another degree in computer science, psychology or something of that sort, but this kind of thing is a slippery slope. Still, I'm unhealthy doubtful. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. But I honestly very quite comfortable with living solitary, while a very withdrawn so/sx would probably feel frustrated because of this. Whatever it is, I demand you stop this instant. As for why I don't want to be here anymore, it's that most people will often just ignore all my effort and post, "They are [whatever type]," without even bothering to make a case for it. But although the totalitarians use their knowledge of the mind for vicious and unscrupulous purposes, our democratic society can and must use its knowledge to help man to grow, to guard his freedom, and to understand himself. PS: If you don't have an ability to foresee the likely outcomes in real life, you're probably not a Ni-dom. As an NFP I sort of relate to a lot of the things bobnickmad says. INTJ lost in emo land who now thinks he is INFPThe best example of INFP 5w4 that exists in this cruel world;I thought we were friends :'(Name:Bobnickmad. Probably because I don't have friends with similar taste, and part because I don't like attention. But he jokes about that to vegan's face. Now, starting from the assumptions that the functions exist and that there are types like INFP or INFJ, one logical conclusion would be that since there's no I,P or J function, this is due to the combination of different iNtuition and Feeling functions at the top. Before that I was continuosly searching about stuff like Avoidant Personality Disorder, Depression etc. I think first we'd have to look at how it's happening and maybe change some of the mechanics of the site. But leave me around 2 or 3 people I'm comfortable around and I'll start acting like a ADHD child or a cheerful puppy. Usually don't except for this one band, and my songs where they scream are not my favorites. There's so many different websites and people and blogs each trying to sell their own brand of stereotypes and function magic. Basically, the T functions correlates more with a pragmatical kind of intelligence, while the N functions with an abstract kind of intelligence. 3)I'm imagining Ni like a unicelular organism that feeds what comes to it, and as it feeds, it grows, and becomes something quite different from where it initially started, it becomes more differentiated, it gains color, the parts inside become more developed, yet it retains the same initial body. Very strange things happen in this site. INFPs can be pretty damn intellectual if they want to. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Bobnickmad MBTI type.. So even if I'm a sp/sx 549 I still wouldn't look cold and pesimistic, because this type appear warmer than other 5. Dude, me thinking that Kirk Hammett is INFP over ISFP is not the end of the world. bobnickmad: Are you sure that's what Ni is. Unless you were hacked, nah, I don't think you are ISFP, but sometimes I think you seem kind of INFJ-ish because you seem to prefer art I would mostly term Ni-ish and like "classics" (Fe). " That perfectly describes my experience as well, and it's also part of why I've been trying to distance my thinking from MBTI lately. Because I feel like I'm not who I'm supposed to be and thus end up putting a facade that is a lie to others, and maybe if I break this facade I may end up being finally appreciated for who I am, but any attempt seems so stressful as I have this paranoid fear that everyone will turn up against me instead and I will not be able to deal with the stress of being looked down upon or hated by others. But Enslaved,has more of an INFJ feel to it. Or the 9 because that's how I'm more in everyday life. Like the sx/sp wants me to be uncompromising and even confrontational but because I'm a 9, anything resembling conflict ends up stressing me allot. :)I've heard that INFP is probably the most cold looking feelers, because Fi lacks outer warmth. To be honest, I thought I was INTJ before I knew anything about the types, and INTP for a while, but I never actually identified with INFJ. To be honest, you remind me a lot of an INTJ friend of mine. Whereas Type 5, I guess, would be more likely to sort of just "learn the great films"; Type 4, I guess, would be more likely to start fetishizing their fixations to be contrarian and independent. When not in a good mood, I appear extremely non-expressive, like I'm almost a living-dead or something. After spending a year interning at a major engineering company, I became even more disillusioned about engineering in general. Like early Morbid Angel, Darkthrone, Death, Candlemass, love. Also, we have (had. If anything, if Martin is INFP, my complain with him is that he's too stuck in his Si and Te, and should let his Fi and Ne take control of the story. Honestly, I don't know what ever I could be good at except writing. There's no one person I typed INFP that I don't have seriously doubts about. Bob should embrace his inner INTJ and go back to computers and numbers. The only kind of solutions i've found would change what this place is supposed to be so i'm still looking for it. Being so/sx sounds great, but I definitely relate more with the self-preservation 5 characteristic than the social one. My avatar eats Scotty's and Randomguy's avatars for breakfast. He would rather talk about history than get deeper into his personal feelings (plus the fact that he repeats the same lectures over and over). *hast the lamest/least interestingThanks. using letters to defend MBTI, external stereotypes to type except when they feel like using function magic, their own interpretation of JCF for their tests, and their articles are more about functions without much magic). The randomness of my mind and the solipsism of my feeling are my biggest traits, not my ability to project myself into the future or to get on the same length with others feeling, which I suck at. I think you are a 5w4 so/sx or else a 9w1 sp/sx. I don't think removing one page is likely to improve much. I'm aware that on the internet I appear much more serious and put together than in real life. *I like enjoying strong emotionsI don't come off as ''raw'' I guess as a 4. That's probably the reason why NFP like NTJ because we can sense their "inner warmth" even when they look cold from the outside. He knows the rules, but he find them silly. :/I want to remark the INFP attacks. There's also the thing that on the internet I try to put my thoughts very in order, but in real life I struggle with giving concise arguments so I would appear very different in argumentative style irl than on the internet, because here I'm allowed time in before replies to organize my mind, thing I suck with irl. Good job butterfly. :The people I feel more on the same soul length on this site are Mark Dezmerius (NFP) and well, you. @bobnickmad you need better friends. bobnickmad, if you don't mind my asking, what is the origin of your username. This is the least thing I needed to realize in this time of terrible self-image I have. However, it's really not AS easy as it seems. Sometimes I listen to Morbid Angel while I watch cute anime pictures, and I don't see any contradiction, lol. (although it seems that butterfly is more playful) They both have a certain raw emotionalism to them that it's presented analytically, and share an interest in the dark aspects of human nature. )What kind of engineering did you study. Continued in Forum, section Other Discussions. Anyway, after all the comments were deleted on House page, the spamming just begin new again, and with the same vigor like before, so it was a dumb move. I might as well use this page to complain about myself. I guess it's possible that they are both INFP and scotty INTP, but I think there are other differences too. How is that possible. Is this from that show about Pokemans. What do you guys think would be closest to how I really am. o I thought time machine is an Ne+Si thing. He made almost every old comment by himself. Well, I do not think it is really a INFP, because it shows a certain maturity and understanding in the comments and has a highly developed intellectual base. Ti is not independent thinking, but a way of referencing those thoughts to a personal framework that it's continously build inside for maximum integrity. Clarification: When I say "people who don't actually understand Ni trying to describe it," I'm not accusing you, bobnickmad. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. I thought it was quite clear that he was at least an INP. It's kept in check. What I don't get is what does 'unconscious' mean on Ni. If many say INFP's are immature, they probably already lived and observed several INFP's with such traits; same INFJ mystic, INTP autistic, ESFP retarded and ISTP badassINFJ with Ti developed* translator automatic. In real life I think I'm generally seen by people as shy,sincere, light-hearted, weird and rather cute, and overall I think I'm seen as far more child-like than I would want to (I assume from people's reactions, I actually rather suck about knowing how people see me on an individual basis). I needed MBTI to go against my lack of faith in this ability. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Bobnickmad? What about enneagram and other personality types?. It formed a loop that it's hard to get out. Like basing your identity on belonging to a group and stuff like that, sound terrible. And what's your new picture. bobnickmad belongs to the past. I was just saying that Butterfly must have had some suspicions about me being ISFP till now. 3)I'm not as intense as 4 seem to be, and I rather keep emotions that are very intense at bay when they would distract me, at the same time I get into periods where I feel comfortable but apathetic. Long live EON. / 4)What I think we have here is two types of function role, I called this difference''unlocked functions'' vs ''locked functions'' or ''active functions'' vs ''stabilizing functions''. He focuses on detailed and directly connective work, he picks a quote/interview then interprets it as a single separated function, that's Si with a behaviorally 5 Ti simulation. Otherwise you might start to fetishize fixations more and roll your eyes at a lot more stuff after developing your Si more. @Zeego All types are created equal :)He also love death/black/doom metal, and likes to listen to it as to "calm himself" when he's stressed. I'm trying to get into the site currently and will be into it eventually. bobnickmad, the problem is that you are an INTJ, so of course you won't relate to real INFPsScotty's maskot+Nietzsche moustache, that's just brilliant lol. Fi doms will burst out in Te, not in Fe way. Recently there has been a lot of INFP hate too. Cool, glad to know you are also here. That's why every ENTP thinks he's Iron Man. butterfly, I don't think cognitive functions necessarily have to do with artistic taste. Does this have to do with Satan. That's my problem, I can't accept seeing myself failling because it just confirms every bad thing I know about me from the past. Anyone knows how. Many of the victims of thought control, brainwashing, and menticide that we have talked about were strong men whose minds and wills were broken and degraded. A single baby can hack this site. There is definitely no absolute connection, I agree, and a lot of weird things can influence what kind of things you like. Is this just one person. Enneagram is about motif in what we do things, not about cognitive functions, and 5 has nothing to do with Ti. Once you in it, you in it. PS: Being around a few people that I feel comfortable with I'll become playful and random. I don't use those account anymore. he seems Ni over NeYou're a faggot. I created new accounts because I kept getting tagged names in my MBTI votes. I'm sure you're aware how difficult it is to publish a book. So variants for him: sp/soINFJs and their revolting walls of text. And I also do not think it can be an INFP type 5, much less 5w6. Hi, I think I found a way in which the functions can be arranged that explains the ''missing four'' and seems to fit more with my personal observations. Me, as a Ni user instead, I pick the quotes then I can't interpret those directly but with connecting with other sources like enneagrams or other sets of information. how intense can a 9 be in the first place. Now, that's cool. Don't let those pesky Fi-loop triggers get in the way. I really don't seem intense at all, but then again how intense can a 9 be in the first place. But if Introverted Functions are ''personal frameworks'', how would one describe Extroverted Functions. Now I type by letter and Jungian types as I find function stacks responsible for the convoluted nature of my later comments. When I first joined this site I would type someone based on my best judgment and the next comment would be you flipping out on me. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. In order the possible enneagrams given: 5,9,6,4. There's so much things you can find yourself in except some categories. Unfortunately, I developed a habbit of writting very long comments that never got anywhere. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. bobnickmad and butterfly are very similar in the way they deal with theories, and it seems much more like the INxP way than scotty. But I must clarify some things: childlike and naive is probably how most people actually see me irl. There's also the thing that INFP 5 might look 9w1 by virtue of being an INFP, or a very shy 5 could look 9. Would the same thing be a INTx type 4. is about people that escape inside their own imagination. @zeego keep talking to me. MBTI is mostly bullshit but most of those ISFPs are INFPs anyway. I don't claim to have discovered something new, but I think this is a better way to explain the function in a person. This time I can't afford to waste time like this so I really, really need to find a simple job. I'm kind of freaked out about the spamming and double users and hackings as well. I identify allot with the INFP descriptions, Fi and Ne and all those things, but it seems so easy to believe that person was ISFP or ISTP or INFJ or INTJ. It just offered me another reason to live inside made-up fantasies. Fi is not just personal values and affective reasonings, as everyone has those, but a way of judging those personal affects and ''good vs wrong'' moral considerations according to an individualized framework inside. Hopefully bobnickmad will see this as a compliment, given all the people he likes I want to turn into INFJs, but is there a chance he may be an INFJ. Something can be done, i -for example- have been evaluating what can be done. For example between a 5w6 and 5w4 INTP or INTJ, the 5w4 would put more price on pure intuition than the 5w6 who's more pragmatical in thinking (see Einstein 5w4 on imagination compared with just intelligence, or the 5w4 Nietzsche compared to 5w6 Newton). Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. I'll sign out. However, it is fairly easy to hack. I mean, you thought so much in terms of functions, that it becomes almost impossible to thing outside of it. / They are more affable and talkative than the other two Instinctual Variants of Type Five, but they can cause others surprise and consternation when they unexpectedly drop out and disappear for periods of time. Also, why can't INFP be enneagram 5. I agree with using the term ''framework'' for Introverted Functions. Fact is, we went to war and now there ain't no going back. This whole business of not managing to defend people whose work I relate to as INFP, is generally tiring me down. As I've seen with Se users, they're one of the most likely to take things ''as they are'', which implies taking information in the form in which is presented, already prepared, and this way it doesn't get at the bottom of it. What I always wanted is to feel that I can also speak that way to another person and someone would honestly listen, and that only thing needed was for me to listen back. Kids these days with their satanic number thingies. They fly around from one system to another (eg. Anybody here did wasted several years with colledge studies because they were too indecisive too quit the moment they should have realized they're in the wrong place. I've been trying to contact segovois but I don't know where can I. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. @bobnickmad wowowow you really sound like a douchebagggg. Gods negative to life, born in the orgy of crushing matter inside black holes, spreading their diseased membrane under the substrat of reality until they will turn all our concepts upside down, leaving our minds bathe in the ecstatic joy of madness. Not accusing that you're one, though. So, I'm not putt of by strong Fi at all. Since MBTI, I was starting to think that there was nothing wrong with me, I was just part of this cool personality type, and this wish fulfilling making you see yourself in this interesting persons, but you're nothing like them, because you haven't accomplished anything. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. ''Fives, especially with the Four wing, sometimes mistype themselves as Fours. I just don't understand them or what they are doing. I listen to black metal when I do chores sometimes. I don't approve of these Satanic albums you've been listening to lately. Passionate as in autistic passionate. BigBrother:Ventus. Then I will join you. I'm glad you find the healing in MBTI. Scotty, you are also selling your own stereotype brand using arguments like magic function and INFP's has more Ti-ish than INFJ's. Eh, I'm no so/sx, I'm probably 9w1 sp/sx but with strong 5 and 4 in my tritype. There's really no Ni-dominance and Fe about me, and if you knew me, you'd probably find it quite funny to think so. It doesn't sound aggressive, it sounds lacking any kind of conviction, and more of a gimmick. I only have doubts, not certainties. It's funny how I changed also in the same direction. 2)Nevertheless, Ni is the most sure of all functions of its ability to figure out how things will unfold, while Ne the least unsure. Because based on Sthereo0's description, it seems like Ni is more of a framework (like Si) than a literal access to the unconscious. And the attitude in which he choose to look at life defines him more than his abilities. In the page I was referring to he also lost his old comments. I should have simply put my trust in my own contemplation, instead of finding safety in made-up categories. Plenty of idiots do it, and they make bank doing it. ''a cheerful puppy'' Ok, that sounds embarassing, what I meant is that in those extremely rare cases I feel comfortable around people (and they're maximum 4) I act like an ENFP but even more random. Passionate as a sack of potatoes you mean. The stereotypes always make people unconfortable with their own types as it is impossible to be the type itself. Earning a decent profit from it is an order of magnitude more difficult. I'm xNFP myself (ambiverted, so not sure), and I don't like the time when I was a child and teen (never wanted to go back there, if I could). What matter is common interests, if you can relate to what an artist is trying to express and stuff like that. It would also explain the percieved INTJ-ness. thomas jung, I don't know if you're trolling, but there is a very real difference between statistics and stereotypes. Self-absorbed but also friendly (except towards me). Because the amount of spam is just incredible. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Bobnickmad' belongs to!. Perhaps you went into engineering for the wrong reasons, but at this point it’s better to stay the course and look for exit strategies along the way than to drop everything and do a 180 like you want to. Honestly I think it's more of a 5w4 self-preserving vs. Whatever functions one may assign him, his preferences in the way he relates to society, reality and his work is: Introverted (focused on his vision)-Intuitive (interested in imagination and dreams)-Affective (his work is very personal and emotional to him) -Perceptive (having a laid-back attitude to life). I'm only feeding him biscuits that look like stingrays, but he's a stupid bat, so he doesn't notice. When I was your age, we used numbers only for counting and not whatever your doing now. Stingrays are friends, not food - vegan sharkLet's go on "Save Stingrays from bobnicmad" petition. The only thing that should matter is my direct relation with their art and our mutual quest for meaning. Enemies: the trolls and stubborn people of this site. Like, what's the point being INFP 6w5 sp/sx. I don't relate to social 5 need for academic achievment or stuff like that. I also realized that when a particular type demonstrates behavioral changes, the focus is on what he became, thus ignoring what he was, or repressing best possibility - cognitive development or unconscious influence - just like you do, you moron. Friendly and likable INFP. The thing is, I had two phases with MBTI. I foolishly thought that if I couldn't make it in my program, I would be giving up on myself. It is probably the greatest show of all time, the kind of show an INFP would really like. I was really anti- psychology, anti-religious superstions, etc. Also, giving up isn't really a solution. Boboc is cute when he tries to act all INFP@Zeego Sorry, I was assuming you meant something else, nevermind. I feel a sp/sx 9 would be more content with themselves and the world, while I'm sort of like a 9 who hates being a 9. But he has lost his comments not only on this exact page. I think I'll look into the sp/sx variants of 9w1 and 4w5. After all, isn't the whole point of calling it the "unconscious" being that you can't consciously access it, regardless of your type. Everyone can spam the fuck they wants and, without knowing anything, with like one day acceed to someone's account. Yeah, I'm bob. I notice Bob loves to ramble as if he's mustering his thoughts out at the same time of his speech, that's Ne and Si. And INTP suck. It's just that sp 6w5 has the least lamest presentation of the enneagrams, although it makes allot of things clear. Hideaki Anno is Hideaki Anno. If it's a lie then we fight on that lie but we gotta fight. I can see butterfly INFP very easy, she and Mark Dezemerius aren't actually that different. But one that isn't tied to ''scientific'' and rigid understanding of the functions, but rather main motivations: like how one relates to society, how one relates to his works, how much they're interested in dreams and in reality for its sake etc. I fight to be more ESTJ, because ESTJ is fucking assertive and badassI'm an INFP 8w7; I'm love war and burn inferior peopleI'd be interesting to know how you people see me: distant, affable, modest, arrogant, argumentative, peaceful. I'm not a vegan, but I don't like when people make fun of vegans, because I think their principles are very good. Oh, anyway, the interesting people on this site have started to go one by one due to those who take it as a laughing matter. Fi is introverted, so it's difficult to see. Writing could occupy my mind. They might also turn to insulting me. There are no standards. Why do you hate Scotty so much Mr. They smile a lot and are often friendly. For example, comments posted by an user were posted under the name of a totally different user. It's like with Fi. So when when you put this doubts, this need of objectivity where nothing his clear, and this internal tendency towards role playing and character creating, you end up with allot of mess in your head. I want to know if others had the same issues I have now. How did you get your thread's image changed. Like 5w4 have a darker sense of humor or something. MBTI isn't something that should be taken so seriously, IMO. Basically my actual name.

. The site admin saw that some of the spamming on House page was did using my account (the spamming is obviously virus generating and not any particular user spams, the virus just hacks account and posts in their name), so our genius enlightened admin deleted my account with all my comments. Stereotypes exist for this reason: the observed trends, which, statistically, it makes sense. If I write maybe I could also get to know other people with similar interests and this would help finally have that support group I always lacked. I don't think 5w4 correlates mainly with the T functions, but with the Intuition functions. i know what you mean, i might be a 4 but i would much rather be a 5, and i've had similar problems with believing that fi=selfish, and trying to present myself as infj. So, I guess I'm still a mix of 4, 5 and 9. With each passing year of my studies, I grew more tired and sick of science, math and engineering, and found that my true interests were in such things as philosophy, music and literature. (btw, it's 9w1 vs 5w4, I don't identify with 9w8 or 5w6)Looks like Thomas "The Tard" Jung wants to rehash the same strawman. Trolling is(a little) funny when you make it not obvious. This is my world. This band I really like, Darkthrone, it's probably more ISFP, they're more about perfecting this cold, bleak atmosphere, like ''Norvegian forests in winter''. For example, one can't prove that Lynch is Ne. MBTI seemed a much easier coping mechanism tough. I probably lack a support group as well, I never felt that I met someone with whom I could have a direct relationship like I could with music, movies or books, despite that I always wanted, but maybe the little bit of encouragment I got from MarkDezmerius or Butterfly should have been enough. But for that I need a medium, and the medium should be writing, not MBTI. People's behavior can be explained by circumstances and unless you go into someone's mind you can't know their type for certain. You and Bob are among the handful of loveable and knowledgeable people here, if you guys leave too then this place is just bad and irritating. I also get my feeling of individuality more from my thoughts on life and society than from my emotions.

. Boboc got bitted by a werebat. It makes no sense. Anyway, I will look forward to making you lots more angry in the future then. And he's INFJz. You don't want to become a professional student or an unemployable academic do you. 2)I smile quite allot and care about appearing agreeable to be a 5w4 sp/sx. It's like INFP were made to be the prodigial child by the MBTI community but we're more like its biggest dissapointment. Bob, always sign out properly. ("I've never told anyone this. Looks like we both wasted four or five years of our lives. A way to adjusting to frameworks outside oneself. Creating an account with the same name and picture. That's actually not exactly what is happening, INFJ and INTP have been attacked here. *it should have been: Butterfly. You use IQ statistics, but does not use statistical stereotype. They are so cute :'(Haha, don't worry, I won't let my avatar get close to yours. 5w4 sp/sx is a very cold and pessimistic. lolIf he really was a INFP, is a INFP very rare with side 5 well developed. And then when I started to type people irl, some people fit so nicely into their type, that the fact some don't doesn't invalidate MBTI. If you can see emotions bursting out, that's mostly Fe. Here’s a quote from the Wire that sums up my feelings on this: “Don't matter who did what to who at this point. Also, those Scotty pages are a stroke of comedic genius. And Bonita, to be frank, if I were you I would just stick with one account and own up to your mistakes. "and has a highly developed intellectual base. At the same time, I feel that I care too much about the intimacy of 1 to 1 relationships to be sp/so. / 3)What doesn't follow smoothly is that INFP is Fi-Ne-Si-Te and INFJ is Ni-Fe-Ti-Se. Your situation sounds similar to mine. But, Fives, unlike Fours, always retain some degree of discomfort when it comes to the expression of their emotional states. '' That part with smiling allot is pretty true. Like, it's very rare that it happens, and most people I can be around an eternity and never behave like that (even people that are friendly with me, if I feel there's a lack of intimate connection, I'll never be a friend to them). I think your enneagram account of this more than explains that though. '' Honestly, people like Thomas Jung who think INFPs can't be 5w4, probably don't understand what 5w4 is all about. That is, Fe and Ni is subordinated to Fi and Ne. I think inferior Te makes one be obsessed with the notion of ''objective truth'' (like we are), but since we don't let this affect our daily life, we concentrate it on a few specific topics, like MBTI. /2)Let's take INFP as an example, since I'm one. So here we are. If it is then disregard all of the above and good life to yaI agree with pursuing writing as a career, I'm just thinking I tend to not have the reserves of energy and focus required doing something very mind and time consuming, and also be able to properly dedicate myself to writing. It did offer me some sense of optimism in dealing with my lack of faith in my abilities but it then turns against me. Huh, I don't hate Scotty. I'm either a self-preserving 9 or a social 5. I am undoubtful too, which is why my name reflects my lack of doubtI'm undoubtful about his type. @butterfly go back to your grave. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Bobnickmad Myers-Briggs and personality type!. This explains why I identified with 5w4 but can look 9-ish most of the time, it's because 6w5 are quite analytical like a 5 but self-preservign 6 puts an amiable and harmless face similar to a 9w1. If he's 4w5 sx/sp then he's like Bonita who is also 4w5 sx/sp. I don't know where it is yet. The difference is really that Scotty doesn't play by the rules. ")Butterfly, please don't leave or atleast don't care about these trolls. Interestingly, acording to enneagrams, it doesn't give some likely social variant. I mean there's no point, it's just becoming something too demotivational, and there's no point obssesing over something that ends up dissapointing you. I do not think there can be a INFP type 5, for INFP's just have the logical function as the last. There's one person I'm clinging on to be INFP, but if he turns to be ISFP as well, I give up. Hm, let's see if I can put it in better words: 1) Ni tries to grasp the overall picture as it percieves it like Se does but then tries to arrive at the essence of this mass of information, rather than letting itself open to it all. Basically I was using MBTI as a coping mechanism, just like I used to do with music, movies, anime and philosophy. You should also note that my music idol Ian Curtis is typed INFP 5w4, and I'm pretty sure my anime idol, Hideaki Anno is also likely INFP 5w4. I guess I'm just prone to obsessive thinking. Wooo, someone is doubting my INFP. I opened the site and found myself logged in on bobnickmad's account. This for me seems to follow smoothly. (And btw, you should watch The Wire. So, 5w4 is more about Ne/Ni, 5w6 is more about Te/Ti. With the time using just the letters seem to be useful as long as you know the real meaning (not what most people believe). I sometimes listen to Whitehouse when I want to get out stress. sorry againNothing hold INFPs from showing maturity and understanding. In fact I think this avatar I have now is pretty good aproximation of how I appear when talking to people. '' In the average range, Self-Preservation Fives attempt to gain independence and separation by reducing their needs. I realized that on this site there are many idiots who actually think that cognitive functions actually exist and confuse such functions with neurological bases. They outwardly appear friendly but reserved'' So, 5-4-9 appears friendly and agreeable. Stop disappointing me for once. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Self-Preservation Fives also conserve their energy and resource in order to avoid needing others too much, trying to take as little from the environment as possible. Obvious ISFP with shallow philosophies that doesn't go anywhere. I was at some training bullshit stuff in college, and there we were asked to describe the other persons in one word. How are people voting things that are not an option to vote in the first place. The only F which can be type 5 is INFJ's with Ti developed and some ENFP's. Like Ni has the premise that what's in front of the person can be reduced to it's essence, while Ne has the premise that it's always something else out there. Just took a test and it says ''You're most likely a type 5''. I could work in a market or something whatever, maybe it's too late, maybe I have to start again. TRENDS are found in people, if you read online topics you will realize that they are people who complain or talk about, nothing fictitious, your delayed INFP. Interestingly, some extreme metal-heads, like Mille Petrozza from Kreator, are actually vegan. Someone said that 5-9-4 is more INTP than INFP, so I guess I could still be 5-4-9. We need MBTI like people need astrology because the unknown that's always open in front of us. Also, where do you get that I'm put off by David Lynch. You didn't demonstrate anything to counter that. I believe in trends that are backed up by numbers. And so, after four years of sleep deprivation and stress, I graduated recently and found that, with the state of the job market and my lack of specialization, I am not only unenthusiastic about the prospect of finding work in engineering, but that I am also unable to fine one. INFJs tend to love black metal. "Boboc" HAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAI think bobnickmad shows clear preference for Fi and Ne and I suspect he has a good functioning Si function. Nothing about this shit is serious except for how you're treating it. Honestly, I'm very quiet, but also pretty affable. "I worry too much about not being a stereotype" youre trying hard to be an INFPAlso, I worry too much about not being a stereotype of a certain social type than a 9 would care. Anyway, it's basically like a brain worm for me, like there are those songs that get stuck in your head and you can't get out, you have to humm them. And INFPs make the most mature children and teenagers, then from there things go downhill for some. I wasn't the only one who's account was used for spamming, and it's not the only strange thing that happened.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

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