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Bonita Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Bonita MBTI personality type cover chart

I dunno what having a crude sense of humor has to do with anything. And @LeperBitch the wannabe goth (your soul has nothing gothic to start with lol), and @swoon the idiotic dyke: go back to your disgusting chat where all you do is GOSSIP AND TALK SHIT behind everyone's back, you utterly lame fucks. I got attention from: revolucao, bobnickmad pestering me a lot at first, mentally_unfit (I love you baby), Daddy (love you too. I'll give you an idea of what I believe though. I'm not even trying to convince you I'm not. It did though, you denying it now is you basically admitting that you've lost. My favorite MAC lipsticks are: Twig, Rebel, Up The Amp, Pink Plaid, Girl About Town, Kinda Sexy, Vegas Volt. However, the point is not how smart is she, which is tolerable either if she is or not, but how should herself react against her own desire to drive out everyone who comes here. She's been nice to me as far as I know. Personality, just that I have more personality than a super literal autistic fuck like you. The rest were stuff I sent to myself to save my stupid thoughts about someone. Nice excuse, you're so pathetic, you outright said you were mad over it and when I said to learn to take a joke you were like "ok fine" so no you were serious. On P-D you were complaining about how I memed it into existence and again acted with hostilityI was arguing with them earlier sbout a bunch of things, all of which they couldnt present evidence forYou really are a super literal autistic fuck. I've already explained the last quote enough. You're the one talking about how you can kick my ass. You're so indoctrinated, you never were one to think for yourself. You been watchin the news, Bonita. I'm not going to keep insisting that I did it because I found it amusing. @thephaxsi I admire your understanding of people on here, good on you for doing that. " Get real my dude, you try so hard to be a tough alpha-male but then act like an emotional little girl that doesn't have the balls to admit his mistakes. Even now you came on here cry-typing. It's not something that can be debated, I told you what my intentions were and you don't believe me. For every action there's a reaction and there's no exception with Bonita. What are you talking about lmao. If it's true then Halle-fucking-lujah:0 pls actually leave this timeI'm quitting P-D. Are you Hisoka, YouSmellLikeShit. You have no idea how I feel about myself and I don't force masculine behavior at all. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. What do I have to do with this now. I'll be back tonight. And that's somehow better. PikUPYour said i turned him on. That's not why people call you a fake tough guy. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. " This is pure projection. Rather you make excuses and dance around when called out on your double-standards and logical inconsistencies. Your story just doesnt hold up, this is damage controlI honestly have no doubt that I have more personality and charisma than you in real life. Especially the dominant function. You described me as "mysterious and badass" in the general say good things thread though, which is hilarious because now you claim I'm a fake tough guy. even codeaires has a crush on me lol, she being female. I don't agree with the people in P-D chat on everything, plenty of us have different opinions and beliefs. I didn't claim anyone from the chat was an iconoclast, all I said was that you see yourself as one. Are you on your period omni, is that it. But in this case you're being a bit generous. thephaxsi - If Bonita is getting yelled at, it is obvious backfire. Indoctrinated. It just means I think you're pathetic. I'm just cracking jokes. I wasn't in on that argument dumbass. The most controversial P-D user of all timeBonita, could you please repeat this sentence with the blank filled in. You just tell people they're mistyped and argue in favor of function stacks. And the stomp people for calling you bland thing. I wouldn't say edgy but pretty much that's what I am ^_^ Ask yourself though, what grounds do you have to say that I'm not. You have zero defining qualitiesMe making fun of you for being an awkward little freak with a foot fetish doesn't mean I strive to be normal. Most of the MBTI community. Then why can't you debunk any of it. Acting as if your temper-tantrums were hyperbole, this is like arguing with a flat earther >. Hahahahaha xD I have more facets irl, hate to break it to you my dude. It's function loops and using lower functions to type people that loses me. You people offer no arguments and when called out on your bs you've got nothing. You only got "badass" cause you're bruting. You even said on P-D "whenever someone calls me bland I'll stomp the shit out of them" which made me cringe as usual. Many of you delude yourselves. If you decline to do it you're a pussy bitch. Hate to break it to you but YOU'RE not charming or exciting online. She doesn't have to make some people feel like shit to feel better, nor she needs to impose her unhealthy behavior under people noses because she feels misunderstood. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. It actually can, you just want to drop it cause you know you're a dumbass for saying such a thing. you suck really bad. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Bonita? What about enneagram and other personality types?. that's shitty to be on the receiving end of, but if she does that when she feels attacked then maybe just. And you know I was good to never attack you again. "I'll metaphorically stomp anyone that calls me bland". But to all of you who are caught up in interacting with her the least you ought to do is own up to the fact that those interactions mean something to you and if you don't like that part of yourself figure out what it is that's stemming this desire to interact and find interest in targeting someone evil and address it. There is part of you that is awoken and energized by your collective fight against this woman who represents a fixed archetype of "evil" to you, but you have rendered her so by re-inforcing and paying interest in the behavior you deem as such. I don't have the patience for thisDo you want photographic evidence of my dick in a vagina so you know I'm not gay. Ok, then you just destroyed your entire point. I bet you jerk your lil meat relentlessly to the idea of a girl getting a pedicure. If Bonita is histrionic does she not deserve the same things you do if you don't. You're acting like an emotionally unstable little bitch, did I say homosexuality was bad. I make fun of you for having a foot fetish because it's fucking hilarious. Maybe that's why you hate me so much. But for real I'm done with you and this site now. Is that not bigotry. This is an odd place because there's no moderation, I don't know what anyone's faces look like, and it's a forum but not at the same time. Admittedly it's pretty extra for me to even want to do that but idc. Maybe you separate this from yourself because your normal self can't be seen wanting someone to play a fixed character of evil, but your increasing decisions to engage with her and disregard her changing and enticing actions, such as her many insightful typings (she's one of the best typists on P-D), shows this is exactly what you want her to be. Least I'm not a self-hating gay like you are omni. You have treated her and her insecurities as an object to rise against. " And why do you choose to do so on an anonymous site on the internet. There were members like Scotty who attempted to understand Bonita intellectually and did not provoke her. Yes, I have joked around about fucking someone's girlfriend before. " The cringe xDI believe what I said was I would "verbally" or "metaphorically" stomp the shit out of them and it was meant to be hyperbolic and ridiculous. There you go with your asinine comebacks, Bonita. Because you don't ever really say anything all that challenging. Can't see a nigga in the dark dark. Go argue with Strawberry or Scotty or something. So yeah, I acted differently then. Have a nice life trolling Yahoo answers and chewing on toenail clippings or whatever it is you do for fun. You can really show off that charm and charisma you supposedly have. That's Bodil Joensen, a Danish porn star from the '70s that did bestiality videos O. And no I have no interest in doing vc with you blandy xD"I didn't interact much" come on, be honest to yourself for once, lolI just said why, Idk what you're trying to sayI'd just like to say that I am probably a little gay. The ammount of accusations I can assert here is quite big, but the whole page is a fact on how is she interacting. But, I have to say there's a lot of Bonita's fault on her being pressented as the Evil Figure. You're not welcome to my personal page to talk bad things about me. When have I ever debated you on typology. But I'm also a problem solver, and I think I could work around it. with Fishsticks was love at first sight XD - sorry to those i can't remember right now. But hey, I'm down to continue this disagreement in a Discord voice chat tomorrow, you can invite as many people as you want. I'm not talking to you on Discord, I dont want to be your friend bland boy. Just fuck off already. Does your boyfriend need to comfort you and give you emotional support in this difficult time you're having. An an ISTP I'd like to mention that I prefer cats. People used much more to describe me. You can't start shit then cry when I respond, Joey Wheeler. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. I give zero fucks about that, truly. The only adjective used to describe you was "mysterious" aka blandYou don't want to do it because you know I'll embarrass you. I'll stop because clearly you're taking this seriously. That exchange never happened. But I'm supposed to believe that was "just a prank bro. It looks like it. :(I genuinely have no recollection of that happening and I'm inclined to trust my memory over your word because your word is worth jack shit. xD Yeah you guys disagree on things alright, so dissimilar if you're gun metal gray than the next guy is 2 shades darker than that. I'm just disappointed that they didn't vote "POOP" a bunch of times. It's because you make threats and seek conflict. Why do the lot of you find this site, and yelling at Bonita "addictive. You're one of the few straight men here. "knocked the fuck out. Baseless statement, I never attacked Bonita for fun or anything. The fact that you think I do is pretty funny to me tbh. "I'm omni, I fucked your girlfriend and am Alpha" you get hysterical and try acting tough. The thing we do all agree on is that you're a moron. I'm not talking about mbti you retard. I was asking if you wanted that, because otherwise idk what proof you're asking for. Her trollish behavior I don't care. I'm not forcing anything or trying to appear dominant. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Bonita Myers-Briggs and personality type!. There would be no point to that. No, you said "it was just a joke" but that logic doesn't hold up at all. It's just a cop-out cause you made yourself look foolish multiple times. I have never tried to convince anyone I'm some sort of tough guy. Am too :) whereas you're a generic excuse for a human being and you strive to be normal like a good little sheep. "You get butthurt, feel inferior and then force masculine behavior to appear dominant. I don't see anyone questioning the sex of other girls here. You are gay so stop denying it. That said, I have seen her say some pretty terrible things about other people on here, things that have made me question her value system as a self-appointed INFP. get a life lol. I don't give a shit. I'm bringing light to everything cause tWhat. You're probably just a super logical reserved weirdo who has no grasp on human interaction. >Why do you keep repeating yourself dude. You clearly do though, with your attempts to ~emasculate~ me by implying I'm girly or gay. You say you don't hate yourself than why are you in denial so much. They not even believe I am INFP or a 4w5. I don't see what they see in you Bonita, sorry hunAnd the REAL Megatroll doesn't have your writing style and drive. Get lost you cuntOmfg >. Her identity may be unstable and it could be the result of an unconscious assimilation of the attitudes and values of whoever she's comes into contact with (e. "You don't even know what you're arguing with me about at this point. I thought it would be funny to make a ridiculous comment like that, end of. Do I sound INTJ smart. The only way you could get her attention was snitching on me hahahaha. I even told you I wouldn't if you didn't say anything about me, so no I'm not salty about your weak ass trolling from the old site. Sloppy Joe the Freeloader. You have to go back. however, responding in kind isn't going to make her stop, and it just makes you a bully too. If I was gay I'd just rock that shit, there would be no need to hate myself. I'm talking about you idiots and your lies and double-standards. @bigoltitties4 I promise you that I'm a woman, literally a woman. I'm really cool and low key in real life, and my body is kind of hot :) I'm not playing with you, dear Sir. Omni, I trolled the shit out of you on P-D and you never got over it, you're acting the same now being a whiny little bitch. Maybe you could argue that's she being a keyboard warrior, but that still doesn't make it right. Personality irl, yeah ok xD*facepalm*I didn't say I'm Mr. You're even more deranged than I thought. I didn't interact much cause you guys werent very fun to talk to and just took tests all day for the most part and theorized about dumb shit all day. lol, im so happy you decided to be you again. You act so agressively cause its true. INTP and Ti-Ne just goes hand in hand. My legacy lives on, but I die. Learn to type like a human being first, before spreading hate on my personal page. @meldou I wasn't like this before, I was more detached from this environment. I miss her but she blocked me on Discord :(Of course you miss her lmao you were desperate for her attention for the longest time, PMing her multiple times and getting no response. OLMAO Does Bonita look like that irl. Oh ok, so you just go straight for having girls shove their entire foot up your ass. I obviously don't have a video recording of me typing some old ass message. Bonita is not person but a mental disorder personified. What do you even want me to debunk here. I cry too much to be an INTP T_T almost daily T_Tbigoltitties4, Trump can't mess with me. Me encanta la gente, que como la ballena que una vez se trasladó a la tierra de la edad adulta, regresó para siempre a vivir en el mar de la niñez infinita. Goodbye, you're all dirt. Go to that thread and talk to them. You have shown no desire to engage with Bonita as if she were a human being, as rude and as full of vitriol as she can be. Of course an IxTP will use more Ti than Te, of course an ExFJ is going to use more Fe than Fi, of course an ESxP is gonna use more Se than Si. My sex life is fine, you're too bland to get a mate. Have fun with your sausage fest, coward. You take everything so literally I'm beginning to wonder if you're autistic. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. I thought you would since you're that desperate. You shut the fuck up you schmuck. You cant even be charming and exciting online but somehow you're Mr. But if she leaves some of you will miss her. Maybe you'll have a clear head in the morning, little guy. is it really so complicated. Imma go now, I think I've made my point and proved to everybody with a functioning brain just how stupid and inadequate you are. Like there's no way you're capable of picking up on social cues, it's so obvious. You're like the most annoying kind of 5 there is. All your chat convos would be banned everywhere, you shit vomit throwers. @Leperwitch how the hell you know that. Thank you :)CYBER SEX MEXICANS SEXICANSWhatever, you're scaring away my cyber boyfriends. I already know you think it was 100% genuine, not sure why you keep telling me this. You also claim I'm gay. I'm neither ugly or fat, but you are a misogynist pig. You believe what the media tells you "ohh Trump is waycist" xD. " Why do you perennially come here to lock yourselves in the same loops and interactions with people. Now I know you barely talked because you don't know how to interact with people except through debates and arguments. Dime mi vida, sucede que la perrita siempre precede la época de la perra. It makes me really sick and it's not fun anymore. Mi biggest question is if I'm sx/sp or sp/sx. Speak up for yourself, show me that charisma, or fuck off forever. Ya aunt's still a bitch and so are you. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Bonita' belongs to!. jingoism's back baby. ¡I think it's all the opposite. Bonita has bullied people and that is no good at all. And thank you for all your compliments. because you love to spread lies about me being Megatroll. You'll never have a healthy sex life because every girl you meet is going to be repulsed by you getting off to the idea of her gouging your eyes out with her toes. I just respond when people throw shots my way. Seek help little man. I don't whack off to girls getting pedicures, that's too tame omni, that's the equivalent of missionary sex which I'm sure is your go to. You want to tell me I'm wrong repeatedly but then when I ask for proof you're all silent. Probably is INFP but has histrionic personality disorderI was just remembering when you acussed me of that in the past. You know how many people believe in function stacks. If everything slightly out of the ordinary to you is "weird" than yeah you do. You have the personality and charisma of a wet napkin and nothing will change that. That's how this works. What am I indoctrinated to believe. Yes, some of the things she has said have been horrible and I don't expect everyone to "turn the other cheek. And my sense of humor does too sometimes. But omni, you keep attacking me for having a fetish. INFP for sure. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Bonita likely is!. No, you used it as a comeback and you were OD malicious about it. Hisoka/Oxytocin, disappear from my page cunning cunt. The fact that you'd go to such lengths to prove it is evidence enough you're lyingYou threw a temper tantrum and even acknowledged it awhile back. Just shut the fuck up and go back to fapping to sandal catalogs. That shit will never work with me because I don't care if people are girly or gay. Stop denying that you're gay already, you have no arguments and I doubt your friends genuinely believe what you're saying at this point. Your mom and your dad who disowned you, however, are nice people who clearly have good judgment. Yes you do, I've seen it. I know a bit about her story. But I've scientific brainz. It was a little childish but it wasn't an attempt to convince anyone I'm alpha. I'll have fun making you feel smaller than you feel every time you have your height measured. Sike you're a bitch and so is your aunt who you live with rent free. You honestly don't bring anything to the table other than debating and you're not even good at that. You're very sweet. I think that you personally have not done exactly what I have talked about. ugly fat bitch. Guys, don't make me more famous than I already am. You can visit my page any time you want :) Please forgive me, it's all so complicated here. The rest of your post is just trashy and fancy white-knighting that just fills her attention-seeking cup. You get butthurt, feel inferior and then force masculine behavior to appear dominant. And I don't hate you, I just think you're boring and annoying. I'm new to this place, I don't know anybody that well, but have spent a bit of time reading past comments on this page and some others. No, you posted it with my account :Iomg you hacked my private mails. Your temper-tantrums were funny the first few times I'll admit but now it's just getting sad, you're a grown ass manI'm just having fun with you, Jesus Christ dude. If that makes me a bigot then fuck it, I guess I am one. I don't know what you're trying to get out of this. And Brainwr with respect to my "Baseless statement" I was only taking your words to me as an example. Go on with your lives. I don't even know what that means. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Your facial expression. The bland label stuck because it's true. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Isn't trying hard to be a tough alpha male what YOU'RE known for, Joey Fatone. > you're so lame, just leave already. My stance on functions vs dichotomies is that while I don't believe everyone fits the Grant stacks perfectly, I do think most people of a given type will use the dominant and auxiliary functions of that type the most. The first two functions and the letters are generally saying the same thing in different ways anyway.

. I'm aware of that. I answered to her unhealthy behavior, like any healthy person would do. I was just saying you don't really say anything that controversial when it comes to MBTI. I don't mind taking things too far clearly. Nkc even joked around calling you bland once and you flipped. I get it, you don't believe the temper tantrums were an act. I take pride in being a woman and you all believe something I am not. I'm not even trying to convince you of that right now. I tell you, this type of behavior can easily spew out of this site. Bonita's little white knight. Nope, I just have a a crude sense of humor and like fucking with people. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. You're trying to be alpha, it's that simple. There was a good things about Omni thread and mysterious wasn't even the most common term used. Not everything can be some sort of super logical debate, you weirdo. Proof of what. Get the last word if you want thoughTitsAll you were described as was mysterious and badass. on a side note, this site needs moderation badly and I don't understand why there isn't any(is there. What God damn intentions. I'm pretty sure that's one of the top things people give you shit for, being a fake tough guy. Foot fetish is common, you're just afraid of anything that is out of the norm. She's a sexual 4 which means she's got a lot of aggressive, impulsive anger issues that can almost make her look like an 8. "The bird is inside of ___ birdhouse". Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Bonita MBTI type.. The discussion pretty much ends there. I doubt you ever fucked a girl and that wouldnt prove you're not gay. You're an idiot and a liar. I don't mind at all that you did this, you know I love trolls and stalkers, and I'm not saying this sarcastically because I really do :) Call me :)Seems to be a person with a very high EQ. Quit sucking me off already. I'm not a bigoted braindead Trump supporter. Some people really get jealous and retarded when I get attention from real men. Do you want a video recording of my facial expression while I typed out my "temper-tantrum. I've told you this multiple times. You and your friends agree on everything and you can never debunk any of what I say. Playing dumb cause you've got nothing to say, why are you even here. The fact that you opted for cliche, weak insults such as implying I'm feminine or gay just confirms it.

. jesusmarx, Dardo and revolucao sent me emails. Therefore it had a clear base. shut the fuck up already goddamnTo be quite honest I'm sick of you people and your idiotic bullshit. You have recollection of what I'm talking about, you can just pretend it never happened cause the site is inaccessible now, you cried like a little bitch just like you're crying like a little bitch right now. I don't seek conflict, I call out bullshit and it turns into conflict. I remember describing you as mysterious and lowkey because you barely talked in chatzy, I had nothing else to say about you. You threw temper-tantrums multiple times and other trolls made fun of you for it, you got even more butthurt and went on an angry tirade. A guy with weird ass fetishes having doubts that I've fucked a girl is whatever to me. You just copied the troll. I have no earthly idea what you're talking about but hyperbole. Not all of you. La campeón se entrega a sus herramientas. Bonita is one of the smartest persons on this place, which nonetheless is going to make us hate/love her more or any less, but there's a problem on her using all that intellectuallity on extorting people, as you may see, there's a lot of people bullying this site with infantile entries, spam, unapropiated content. Maybe I behave strange or improperly, or my resources are too wide; I don't know what to say about this. La Isla Bonita Bonita- aka the ultimate meme of personality-databank. You're retarded. Lol I'm sure you can change your facial expressions. I dont believe your emotional jackassery was Hyperbole, stop trying to be a tough guy, you're a whiny crybaby with no personality and bad comebacks, end of story. Lmao I love how you see yourself as this edgy iconoclast who thinks for himself and TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. Lol function stacks, you're bringing function stacks into this to say you're iconoclasts. You'll just deny and throw more temper tantrums so theres no point.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

MBTI enneagram type of Bonita Realm:

Category: Politicans and Leaders

Series/Domain: Personality Databank

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