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Buddhism Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Buddhism MBTI personality type cover chart

. INTPs are attracted to Buddhism. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. What school of Buddhism. The philosophy itself is much more diverse. Trying to remember best I can from college (was a theology/philosophy double-major). You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Buddhism likely is!. Numeorus other NTPs and NF later on. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types..

. The whole point of Buddhism is to reach Nirvanah which is the extinction of all desire. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Buddhism MBTI type.. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Buddhism' belongs to!. So I feel like INTP suits that. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Religion and Spirituality characters list.. I never thought of inferior Se as being disconnection from the world. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Buddhism Myers-Briggs and personality type!. I can't see why original Buddhism isn't INFJ. Fe would seem to leave room for desire/attachment, which would be counterproductive for the "way" of Buddha. INTP is legit, Nagarjuna was an INTP. But you are right Buddhism is too broad to be of one type. The chasm between a few of them is pretty big. Makes sense for Buddhism to have inferior Fe. Yeahh, Buddha himself might have been an INFJ. Most Buddhist tend to be of Fe-Ti axis due to the emphasis of no self, an antithesis of Fi-Te. Most NFs and NTPs are. And for INFJ's, the desire for harmony seems to overpower their Ti. Ni-Fe seeks oneness with the universe. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Buddhism? What about enneagram and other personality types?. I mean, why would Buddhism have auxiliary Fe like an INFJ if the whole point of being Buddhist is to learn not to have NO desires. I have seen people disappointed by how disconnected some schools of Buddhism are from its origin. Inferior Fe captures the whole idea of trying to extinguish desire within one's soul. I believe that all faiths/religions/doctrines when adapted by masses lose their original touch. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. So I don't know. Those with Fe have pretty strong "desires". So not sure why people think INFJ should represent Buddhism either. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Lack of desire is inferior Se, disconnect from the world. Buddhism today is much more ritualistic (most schools of it at least) than how it was founded and canonized. And Yoda is INTP + 9w1. You convinced me. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Those are some good points. And good point about taking the different schools into consideration like the Vehicle one and the one more based on the original. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. The recourse to meditation/reflection finds itself in the Ti + Ne combo. I think part of the reason I jumped on board with that Yoshi guy below and said INTP was because I've always thought of Yoda from Star Wars as a sort of symbol for Buddhism. But INTP strikes me more as embodying Buddhism.


MBTI enneagram type of Buddhism Realm:

Category: Religion and Spirituality


INFJ - 8 vote(s)
INTP - 4 vote(s)
INFP - 3 vote(s)
ISFP - 1 vote(s)

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9W1 - 7 vote(s)
4W5 - 2 vote(s)

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