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Bundleofsunshine Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Bundleofsunshine MBTI personality type cover chart

Plus it's fine to be hopeless at psychology. Bunch of fake ASS PIXELS. *openly Well no one really has to do any of that caring. Bc according to the theory those are always predictable (as in, a 4 would only disintegrate to 2). You clearly like stirring the pot as much as they do. We just take on their unhealthy traits along with the unhealthy traits of our core type. That just means this theory only exists in your head as soon as you start coming up with convoluted bullshit that doesn't link to immediate personality tendencies. A threat against the subjectivity of one is a threat against the subjectivity of all. Erm nope, Mike. Bundle-chan told me I'm objective ^-^ I'm being honest not mean. Counterphobic 6 seems to fit you nicely. Do you like the Simpsons. I just figured what's the point since we're going round in circles. Why are you freaking tf out on the defensive and making a bunch of baseless assumptions abt me when I’m the only one trynna have a normal conversation w you around here. Stop with the stupidity. You’re not saying anything of substance n just avoided everything else I said No. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Okay then, I guess if you think I'm targeting you (this being the first time we've ever talked) I can be certain that you are a 6w5 (*not even 6w7. She's very gutty as well showing wrath when people are not using the theory correctly or agreeing with what she believes to be "right". Oooooh, so everything you've done here is absolutely not reflective of your personality ;o. I'm teasing youuuu ^^ So only Fi types are sensitive :o I'm still confused as to what 4 values i'm suppose to showing. I'm also a good BS detector and when I looked then I actually found a lot of evidence. Alright so you've convientually forgotten all the times you flat out tell people that MBTI and Enneagram is BS. In fact, I don't think I should ever come back and rear my ugly head, it'd make you happier anyway. It's not MBTI, like I said. FYI, telling the truth isn't being douchy. I don't get what i'd stand to gain by claiming to be a 4w3 unless I was 100% certain. Oh back to obsessing over me are we Khel. Well since I've never seen you being nice to anyone here ;) I wonder how long would you keep going on this entry if I kept answering you. Crazy here is normal in real world's standards. Why do you go out of your way to respond so rudely to perfectly benign comments left by perfectly benign people. Mike, I never blindly agree with anyone. Besides expressing 4ness is more of a 4w5 thing. you sound like a thinker here, why did u decide on ISFP. It’s extremely immature and makes me feel like you’re incapable of making pleasant discussion with people who disagree with your ideas. *) and not 5w6, right. ö Well firstly learn the functions, idiot. I'm not ruthless at all. Show me your 4 motivations babe As a 4w3, I see nothing of myself in you. To me, when ppl are agitated is when it often shows the most Look, just stick to your crayons and leave MBTI and Enneagram to people who actually bother studying it in full. This is Jungian Ti at its finest. I can seem a certain way when all you see is me losing my temper. And 9s, but mainly 4s. Mars hardly made any judgement about your type and asked you for the reasoning behind your typing, but not only did you avoid explaining altogether but you also decided to insult her and question her understanding of the system. Hey, BoS, since you’re oh so knowledgeable n I’m a supposed “newb”, do u happen to know what actual MBTI is. It was you that decided to goad me in the chat last night. How does saying that not make you an ass too. One question answered would only lead to another question since you seem to get off on annoying me. Don't say I am not an artist, art is the only thing I have in this world that keeps me from pulling the trigger, for years I've been alone, there is no family close to me. So don't screenshot me some probably edited crap. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Bundleofsunshine' belongs to!. I'm sure many other fours hugged Kierkegaard and other existentialists after they renounced purely objective ontologies. http://mbtibase. You’re repeating what I’ve said (in a way, way clumsier manner), why are you acting like you disagree now. By “other types”, you do mean disintegration, right. Khel, you can't show enneagram types, dummy. Russ Hudson who is a famous Enneagram author even says you can't detect it irl let alone online. this is getting repetitive) just to deceive youuuuuu. And I'm not voting your ennea rn bc I'm still not decided and idk if I will be because you're not straightforward to me there. the energy and imagination it takes to do what you seem to see as a simple activity of being a poet requires a person with a strong mindset. ^^ ^^ ^^ look we're all ^^ing at you :. it doesn't hold much weight when you question your e type a lot. You clearly crave attention, whether it is good or bad. I guess you could make an argument that you've "created an identity through creating a logical framework to always upend non-subjective viewpoints" (there's another user who was like this before named Ncdzy who said he was INTJ 4w5). Please do get some mental help and stop taking out your issues on strangers on the internet. You're a spoiled girl and you should grow. com/viewchar/Worst-typist-on-here-Superlatives-mbti-personality-type---37509=. The difference is that a theory has a degree of likeliness, based on its logical consistency and level of practical application. are you being serious. I just didn't realize there were a lot of stupid people here that want to call me arrogant or insensitive because I actually studied both 'theories'. Like, c’mon guys, they at least try to havefun. You could make friends on any site. I really hope you're lying on your age, because having a 12 yo mentality at 19 is kinda sad, but I still wish you to overcome all this bullshit and have a tiny bit of self criticism someday before reality smashes in your face and explodes your teeth real hard. Are we like, tsundere-flirting. Now, is it a 4 motivation ^^. Every type at their core has different basic fears and desires and two types of which they can take over characteristics when dealing with either stress or growth (disintegration and integration), you'll only develop different traits and habits but according to the theory your basic fears are fixed so your type doesn't change, what are you talking about I'm on the defence because it's the same old annoying c's in my mentions that won't leave me the heck alone. Just because I can hold my own in an argument doesn't make me a 5w6. 4w5 5 wing is not silent, just like 4w3 3 wing is not silent. ” so you’re admitting to being biased yourself. "You mean Mike and Oxy and all are not really my friends. Yes, I do believe in that concept so it is understandable why i'm here. What he said was just the tip of iceberg. Even when I try to be positive about you or give you the benefit of the doubt you just attack me anyway. All of this is my reaction. I mean just cause I have a brain that means i'm a 5 or a 6, apparently. And lol, to someone who blindly believes what they read abt other theories, it sounds funny that you’d claim Teru would go through the effort and risk of editing a text so it supposedly contains misinformation (which, srsly. You're suppose to express your points for the typings not to make friends or to sit and chit chat. “Now, I will pay less attention to whatever they have said since it's clearly biased. If I was a 5 or a 3w4 then i'd openly admit it. I meant that I learn it on the go as in outside. I don't remember you creating the theory. I don't have to give any reasoning for my typing. "Having a brain" is something I'd say many 4s have. You're a freak and always will be. “ Believe it or not, I literally first learned about the enneagram while on the road. All the people I know and interact with bring me joy only when I'm with them, but these experiences mean nothing in the bigger picture. Either a troll or works from a strongly rooted and self-influencing series of unbreakable heuristics that when infringed upon even in the slightest (which no one could predict because they are some sort of interminable subjective framework) cause retaliation with the most ruthless condemnations that reference as right the all-powerfulness of that personal heuristic packaged in such a way that this user and no one else might confuse it for an objective systematic judgment from MBTI or Ennegram. You just dwell on this bullshit because, considering how dumb you are, it's the only obscure yet kinda known shit that allows you to feel somehow superior to anyone. ” What do you mean. Damn, your life must be pretty lame. It was pretty obvious. It's a self-developpement spirtualist pseudo-science theory that implies believing in it, not it being true. I only started thinking about your type cause you wouldn't get off my case in the first place. That's just how I see her, I'm probably just projecting my empathy for the underdog scenario though. Also, you bring up the thing about 4s trying on masks, which is a 3 thing not a 4 thing. Fine, since you want to play it this way I guess I have no other choice. So how about you have a discussion like an adult. I didn't ask for this page in the first place. “Besides expressing 4ness is more of a 4w5 thing. Khel, any E type can want to do that. Are you still sulking about me calling you out the other day. com/viewchar/When-will-people-stop-voting-all-the-deep-or-unconventional-9w1s-as-4w5s--mbti-personality-type---39840#15396 Show me your degree in psychology :> No. Ex: 8's become 5's under stress etc. I had my suspicions for a while but I didn't say anything because I wanted to be 100% sure before I made such an accusation unlike yourself who assumed not 4 from the get-go. Proof that you just like stirring things. So you're not trying to see things in my perspective. I'm no victim. I'd rather you just crawled back to the hovel from which you came. And in socionics a clear LSI. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. Oh bless you're butthurt cause you're a stupid idiot that doesn't understand enneagram. Try not to make fun of Mars for her age around here. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Bundleofsunshine Myers-Briggs and personality type!. 4 : There seems to be a reason for this theory to be listed in the MIVILUDES "dangerous practicings inducing exclusion of traditional medecine that may cause sectarian drifts". I am seeking and have sought mental help for a very long time. The color of your energy is way off. MBTI and enneagram ARE bullshit. On what ass backwards planet do you live on. Just like you, I am reactive as well. I am the monster. I only become insensitive when backed into a corner. And on top of that this is just offensive to w7s. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. My motivations was to type characters and celebrities. ''Enneagram itself shouldn't be taken seriously unless you're hopeless at psychology. I guess birds of a feather flock to together. Show me your 4 babe You respond at lightening speed. I'm not evading your question. Because I find MBTI and enneagram fun when stuck up bitches like you don't clench their anus so hard they shit with their mouth. I'm confused as to how you've somehow made yourself someone who is able to judge me on my actions when you do the same things. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. You're probably just annoyed more that i've sided with Pikup more than I was of questioning your type. @bundleofsunshine if you think we're a bunch of morons then why bother being here and talking to us in the first place. but when someone counters you, they’re just a dumbass. You're so black and white, girl. I just want things to be chill but this one keeps targeting me. I hope this is the last time but I doubt it. jeez you don't have to be mean to me uwu I honestly don't take pride in it. Well, if anything I believe that you’re “overly sensitive” now No you don't. "12-year-olds in this day and age aren't children. And about the function stuff, I don't type that way so we're not gonna have much to talk about there. 5w6 has conveniently been a recent vote. 6 : You're always rude and tell people they're idiots because they have better to do with their time than read roads with enneagram stuff engraved in it, sorry not sorry, but you're pretty douchey. I never attacked anyone personally with that, it's just that having your whole life revolving around this pseudo-science like a religion makes you so touchy that you take it personally. 4w3s are an even balance of 4+3. Regardless of what you believe, functions aren’t actual MBTI I have his book and it says that all the types become other types under stress. You're a moron cause people can join sites for whatever reason they chose to which has nothing to do with their core motivations. I squashed all the stuff before. I learn this stuff on the road. You don't have to believe in something to find it fun, simple minded person. Khel, i'm Fi af. and to think people are obsessing over you all the time sounds like some NPD action nice this site just made several users spam ISFP and 4w3, whoever the admin is, they have a hard on for bundle Mike, the only person with NPD is yourself. You're probably picking and choosing which bits support your argument. I have nothing better to do, clearly. You are obsessed with the image of the tortured artist. Oh sorry I did not understand ^^. Hahaha I love your humour bundle ^^ You're the best. message in a bottle. No, he is not serious, and btw, this world doesn't exist :> Yes. You clearly just don't understand 4s or you are implying that all 4s are like the pathetic 4w5s that write poems and stay at home all day. This is a website to type people. And it's not fake sympathy :c 1 : Relativity, gravity are theories. Mars have you checked your chakras lately. 2 : You have as much time as I have apparently, you respond to everyone of my messages. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. You've been popping by now and then quite a lot tonight :> Tonight is better than all the time. hmmmm) Oh please like Mike isn't like that but he's your friend so you don't notice. I don't think being depressed makes anyone a certain type. ” I’ve written down the license plate of your white van just in case I read about this on Tumblr. You're so deeply ill-informed and subjective when it comes to Enneagram that is alarming at this point. ]4w5's 5 wing is often silent. Always have been and always will be. Erm nope just you and please 12 year olds in this day and age aren't children. Read again my comment. You just don't like me, Mike. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Bundleofsunshine MBTI type.. just see your mbtibase 2. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of mbtibase characters list.. I need it because my mom does not trust me to be alone and neither do my school counselors. I certainly don't have to explain it to a newb or a 12 year old that should be in bed by now. Also, what E4 judges someone for their depression/mental illness. mike ike, it's a website for typing people. I was trying to at least add a thought into that metaphorical pot to create the enneagram 4 soup that is your blood, so I was trying to aid the idea/fact whatever that you are a 4. I don't 'pride' in it. I live in the United States of America and I'm pretty sure legally speaking being 12 years old is still very much considered a child. What are your motivations for coming here bundle-chan ^^. You mean behaviour is not always reflective of your core motivations :o. 4w5's 5 wing is often silent. 3 : The researches on enneagram have very low level of peer-reviewing and psychometric testing, which means that likely, their amount of "truth" is dependent upon subjective interpretation, which, again, seems not unlikely seeing how communities of typers never seem to agree and always come up with different versions of the theory. whatever you've got to say you can say here. You constantly try to shut me up when I react and have never shown to be reactive to me in general. Behaviour and core motivations aren't connected but people may claim there are some correlations to make things easier to digest for simpletons like yourself. FYI, you literally went from thinking I was a 5 to a 6w7 to a 1. “12 year olds in this day and age aren't children. I have only been here a lot the last couple of days. I don't understand why 6w7 was in the lead before. I really don't have a comment for your enneagram but you don't seem four at all. Now, I will pay less attention to whatever they have said since it's clearly biased. I have tried several times with you but you're just a venomous person. So what the heck are you talking about. " Don't know you well enough to say. I have plenty of posts where i'm not annoyed and I care very much about getting the root of the characters' minds that i'm trying to type. and imo you seem 5 > 4 > 6, you gotta be one of those for sure, n also sp first My obnoxiousmeter broke reading this entire conversation. Fi is the function about being incredibly obnoxious and elitist about pseudo-science psychobabble. @BoS: Did I say anything abt your type there, pissbaby. I don't give a crap about the community. Also, what 4w3 keeps refers to someone as fragile when they open up. What a sad life you lead. I didn't make light of your depression, I just thought it was rich that you'd say I was fragile for being reasonably annoyed that I was once again getting cornered when you tried to kill yourself. The more you know. I think the fact that you can't empathize with the idea of another person's internal struggle that might lead them to "write poems and stay at home all day" seems pretty anti-fourish because it's not rooted in transcending one's own shame and understanding that process. This isn't a sport to me. That big picture is me, the defective boy. which is weird anyways because you're so obviously INFP and the xNTP typing was clearly a joke INFP uwu I'm completely neutral on the Friends vs BoS thing and couldn't care less about where the discussion goes, but can I just say that I'm incredibly tired of rude/reactive people being typed as 6w7, whether it's serious or just to troll. The ones who stay in and learn are 4w5s and 5s. bith hook urself up w some risperidone, u need it “I learn this stuff on the road. It's full of losers with no lives and I only stay here cause I actually want to type characters and celebrities. I mean 4s are meant be subjective, indiviualistic and reactive. Mike, I literally only know the stuff that you put out there. You want children dead. Also I'm glad that you're done but since you'll start answering again as soon as someone says something you don't like because you're a little Hitler wannabe, I don't put too much hope in that. Also the fact that I as the most subjective person ever could be seen as the most objective e type is the biggest load of nonsense of the year. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Bundleofsunshine? What about enneagram and other personality types?. You should see a therapist for why you join sites for concepts that you don't believe in. I can't say you seem stereotypically 5, you have a framework that's strong but idk if it could fall under that idea of being used to "counteract fears of helplessness in reality. I don’t think I’m really in any position to question your enneagram typing but considering you seem. As I thought, you didn't even try to take your obvious 3 traits that I revealed into account. MBTI is behaviour not Enneagram. WHO FUCKING CARES Well obviously Mike does cause he can't seem to stop obsessing over me and my supposed 4 mistyping. Why choose an MBTI site. Sorry brah, you can't get higher than that. As long as I got bored. That's where I learned that you become other types under stress, fool. You remember what daylight was like right. Khel, I said overly sensitive not sensitive. The truth is you're just an attention-seeker and you know full well that I did feel bad for you but you lost my support when you told me that I was anyone to you. You said that in November before I insulted you on being French. “I don't understand why 6w7 was in the lead before. intp troll account attempting to play as a sensor Hahahahahaha Holy shiet ESTJ 9w8 964 That sounds serious, the whole internet might give up and leave if we don't stop these trolls. Enneagram 1's deadly sin is wrath and boy, does she have lots of it. Except you started telling me xenophobic gibberish before I said that (http://mbtibase. You need mental help and stop craving for attention on this website. ” I guess it became a meme here after pikup even tho neither u nor him seem to be so lol I guess some use it as an o so very insulting insult now. I'd rather not get into the arguments in the first place. I'm Fi-dom too. Unless you like in some sheltered town. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. Oh, I forgot you were a french tosser that didn't understand English lingo. You seem to pride yourself on your ability to shred others arguments and never once have you spoke about 4 concerns, this doesn't mean you aren't one but on such a site as this first impressions matter a lot. Would you like me to link you to all the times you've goaded people, Khel. I love it when you contradict yourself, it's so cuuute :> Hitler having existed doesn't automatically make you a nice person ^^ But well, my name is not faggotofhappiness :p 6w7 + 5w6 are big stretches for enneagram assumpations. I did say i'd put a lid on my reactions and I have. All feelers are sensitive but Fi doms are overly sensitive. #audiobooks Bundle holds the enneagram theory close to her heart in such loyalty that suggests either 1, or 6 in my opinion. You're describing Fe not Fi. Poor bundle, I'm the bad guy. She's pretty young, y'know. 6w5 sounds more plausible of an assumpation than 6w7. “it can rarely be detected online practically if the person has been agitated. Fuck off, I hope you don't make it to 13. what basis do you have that I'm a 3 besides blindly agreeing with your neighborhood friendly manlet, PikUpYourPantsPatrol. Stop acting like you're nice when you're vile. I didn't know enneagram was engraved on roads. Ever even tried to know what it actually is abt.

. Which shows you clearly just want fans not geniune people to talk to. :<" sorry hun. Besides, i'm an ISFP not an ENFP. For someone who prides herself so much in her typology knowledge, have you ever even looked at the cover of a book abt MBTI. They become other types due to stress. live* And you learned that where, on tumblr, PerC, or TypoC. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. Well you said enneagram is motivations, you stated your motivations, now come to conlusions dear ^^ Khel, I already guessed they were your friends from their lack of insight into Enneagram. All arguments aside, being a 4 does add this sense of "strong individual" feeling andit seems to be that BoS tends to fall victim of her striking desire to be or come across as different. But that doesn't necessarily mean they'reheadstrong. Maybe people become what you call an "attention seeker" because they have felt unloved and unappreciated. I have told you the reasons that I think you're a 3. i'minternally scratching my head here, alright so if 12 year olds aren't children then that means a 19 year old DEFINITELY isn't a child. It's not my fault if you clearly take things way too literally. I don’t know Mike much, but I can safely say the conversations I had w him in the past were immensely more pleasant than you’ve ever been. First of all, don't think you know anything about me like you claim to. If you just let of the stupid stereotypes then you'd know how to type people's MBTI properly but Enneagram can't be detected online. You sound miserable and lonely af. I'm only underdog here not irl. Drop enneagram and go see a real therapist cause you're unhealthy as fuck. This will be the last comment I will ever make towards you or mentioning your name, bundleofsunshine. all internet friends are FAKE. Don't ever say with your little friends that I've never been through anything, you don't have the first clue. I clearly only keep answering you when I have nothing better to do. I don't need your fake sympathy, Mike. Just a thought. I hope you give away all your blessings to those of us in need and who can use them to hope for things since you likely require none with your all-knowing heurstic.

. I'm not an hypocrite, I admit that openly. 4s are the worst. I am an ISFP 4w3 sp/sx. Besides, the way you’reoverly sensitive is in the sense of feeling threatened by every single word ppl throw your way and reacting extremely defensive while attempting to attack others, which definitely isn’t a feeler-only issue, in fact by original MBTI’s definitions it actually goes against how feelers are supposed to be (harmony-oriented, tactful, expressing concern for others therefore being more likely to see their side, instead of pretending you’re deaf while yelling at others abt how wrong they supposedly are because I said so and Iknow more than you. I am a bundle of sunshine to people who aren't stupid frog-eaters like yourself. If you claim that it's not a theory, then it's a simple belief, like if you'd say you believe and magic n shit. I'm flattered. Meanwhile, you actually don't believe in the concept so you're only here to make bezzy mates. Well you seem to enjoy it yourself since you're still with me, dear ^-^ I'm responding back out of annoyance not out of liking. Plus it's true. to use “Fi” and the idea of not being able to handle criticism to justify your ISFP typing without truly creating a distinction between feeling and thinking (in actual MBTI terms) to denote a particular preference while doing so makes me believe you haven’t explained your Myers-Briggs position too thoroughly and you’ve overinflated your own words here to demonstrate a deceivingly rigorous understanding of the theory. Very misleading nick. You clearly lack an actual community irl or you wouldn't give a crap about it either. also, how would ppl w the combination of two withdrawn types somehow be more likely to express themselves than w3s. Fi is perfectly fine with not being a goodytwoshoes. I'm wondering how exactly I don't seem 4. But many 4s do because it reaffirms the validity of their own subjective path, or maybe they just want to outside of this system. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Bundleofsunshine likely is!. I didn't even plan to make any comments and I sure wish I didn't make any half the time since anything can turn into an argument here. You even said so yourself that i'm overly sensitive. 0 page She left lol. How can you bash "4w5 poets that never go outside" and admit having studied to its core a pseudo-scientific psychology theory, probably spending days learning obscure apocryph internet theories. Imo we don't become the types we disintegrate into. Everyone knows you have no idea when it comes to enneagram, Mike. Especially since you think being depressed makes you a 4. ” Disagree, the strength of the wings rly depends on the person, some are a perfect balance n others not so much. I think I am going to give you a species name: Omnisapientia Omniterrestris (no reference to Omni) but because you know all things across the entirety of Earth. 5 : Funny how you support a deterministic theory that links every possible dynamic of evolution in the life of a person within a set of 9 types, thus becoming pseudo-science by a pretention of predictability which has not been prove by psychometrics. I feel like 5 or 3w4 would make most sense for you though from what I see. You are obsessed with me because you keep proving that you are time and time again. "12-year-olds in this day and age aren't children. '' How is this not insulting someone. anyway, answering some of the stuff BoS said:. I'd rather we all just got along but you all have to keep testing my already overwhelmed patience. “ I’m definitely ISFP” you say but you’re yet to provide any argument other than, “well, I don’t need to explain myself, it’s obvious. It's not the same as MBTI. Enneagram is complex and it can rarely be detected online practically if the person has been agitated. Did you ever read what he posted.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

MBTI enneagram type of Bundleofsunshine Realm:

Category: Politicans and Leaders

Series/Domain: mbtibase

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