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Christopher Nolan Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Christopher Nolan MBTI personality type cover chart

Also, he wants a hand in every part of the film he can, does not project his emotions outwardly, deals with his actors by giving them what he knows they need, not what they think they need ("[his advice] may not be what they think they need, and it indeed may even be counter to that"), and more. Like the slightly awkward thing that happens when the interviewer tries to show him his old tickets from Memento. s a pretty strong introvert and has a lower-order Feeling function; that has nothing to do with Ti specifically. Who besides INFJ and ENFJ cares deeply about freaking comic superheroes. INFJ - Warm and intense, but somewhat restrained. com/is-it-just-me-or-are-christopher-nolan-s-films-highly-emotional/ Also, Ti-doms have the capacity to be emotional with defined characters too (Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen), so this argument can just be thrown out entirely. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. Compare to David Cronenberg (INTP). XNFJs' favorite word is "collective" btw. If typing to you is just describing behaviour then it's worthless. Even if it was the case all movies have plot-holes. even if the conclusion they reached is correct. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Christopher Nolan' belongs to!. His Ti-dominance seems clear to me, and I don't think the complexity of his films necessarily means he's intuitive. INFJ Nolan does. just serve the story, there. In addition, Batman's character arc in the Dark Knight series has been described as analogous to the Nietzchean. How on heart is he not ENTP. His coldness shows INTP over INTJ. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Christopher Nolan likely is!. Would it be crazy to consider ISFJ for him. Give me a break. (See: Cumberbatch's smile below vs. This could explain the Fe like appearence. Also, his Sx drive is his blind spot, so he's naturally more subdued than most SPs. s a pretty strong introvert and has a lower-order Feeling function : Well you interpreted a quote just before as "Strong Fi", so I'm not following you, he has strong Fi or not. businessinsider. Si) theme, present in the filmography of both NFPs like Tim Burton (Big Fish, Alice, Sleepy Hollow, etc. Do you mean that there is something with how movie directing on this level goes about that would be too constricting for an INTP. Find me an INTP who agrees. But his early movies which arguably are the most true to himself seem like they are very much based in intuition, more likely Ni. How are we not in front of an INTP. And an Ni dom. Woops, here is another INFJ picture http://i45. I don't find Nolan's movies particularly Ne like but still intuitive. : It's a Ne theme, that's how. I'd love to see you defining all 16 types, maybe more with such names and characteristics. He has that dour, sleepy look that Tertiary Ti users always have. These movies, of course, were also very popular. I feel like whenever I go on movie forums or even here, people are always bashing on Nolan and making him seem shallow, etc. He has so much Fe, just watch his interviews, but no so much for a Fe-dom. Not challenging :PINTPs are about other stuff. Now I think he is ENTJ. illusion is the theme of his career. bermansch (another INTJ philosopher). Obsession with magic in "The prestige" is very INFJ. Nolan is someone who very straightforwardly deals with abstract ideas though, for example depicting amnesia by arranging the scenes backwards or getting technical about "dream engineering". INTPs celebrate. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Ne users usually start their worlds and stories from scratch and are very imaginative (like Tarantino, or Woody Allen who manages to act, write plenty of theatre plays and movies and direct them, having released a movie every year for nearly fourty years. Now I think he isn't an Fi type but an Fe type, probably less developed Fe, I changed vote to INTP for now. it's NTP as fuck. INTJs diirectors make movies with an arthouse feel, so Nolan is INFJ. I could just as easily say Nolan's an ESFP because in my world ESFPs are this and that and etc. If he looks cold like INTJ, then INFJs also looks cold (ice queen Nicole Kidman). This is extremely compelling evidence that Nolan is at the very least an Ni dom, if not certainly an INTJ. no, not necessarily; that quote suggests that Nolan values completing the film using his methodology according to his vision above all else, even if it means failure. I'll draw pictures and diagrams that illustrate the movement or the rhythm that I'm after. : Find me one who doesn't. Similar to a lot of other directors who are types you wouldn't expect to fit the profession, like Nicolas Winding Refn (INFP), he grew up in a big movie family. re bored by is an IxTP. I remember before Interstellar came out there was all lot of talk about all the research he made/the scientists that helped on the film for it to be 100% consistent with physics laws, etc. Finally, Nolan. I meant "Tertiary Si users always have" of course. ), they just serve the story, there's not emotion at all. In particular, the military aesthetics of his Batman films and the action scenes in Inception seem like things an xSTP would be interested in. I will no longer chalk out INFJ for him actually even though I am not convinced he is one, or an INTx for that matter. / About Nolan and Fincher, I convinced you since then that Fincher is an INTJ, and what's sure is they don't share a type : They only share the INT preferences, but they're nothing alike. s a man on a mission,. (hard to look more NP than him), Richard Feynman (I don't know about him but the consensus is ENTP), etc. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. For example, you will probably never catch Heidegger (INFJ) smiling. Nolan is, in my view, the most stereotypically INTJ filmmaker working today. Second, even when he made a Fe-ish movie like Interstellar (which is pretty late in his career), a lot of people considered it heavy-handed and clumsy, and it's not really what makes the movie so interesting. He's NFJ because he cares about super-heroes. s not like Nolan. do you want me to say something. m very happy you brought him up, since this article says that despite some peripheral differences the two filmmakers have very similar filmmaking approaches, strengths and weaknesses; in other words, they. - So in your world, geek = INTP. I precisely feel like taking superheroes seriously is Ne though. Butterfly: I really don't get a Ne vibe from his movies at all. :PWhat I said had nothing to do with being original or not, or popular or not. com/tumblr_m2z427ZTW91qcxhnmo1_. : yes but it suggests INTP. Cronenberg dislikes ambiguity (and Nolan's Batman films, as a sidenote), while Nolan prizes it and made multiple films that explore ambiguity as a theme. INTP - Wry, detached, charming. com/tagged/david+fincher/page/19 + All the things you wrote about how he deals with people suggest T over F, yes, but in no way Te over Ti. Vincent's and Nolan's). Please :DIn my ultra-subjective personality system, this guy is probably a Thinker-Dreamer, compared to Stanley Kubrick, who's a Thinker-Aesthete. jpgBody language is always unreliable as it's possible to control for effect. s working method on set is *not* spontaneous or relaxed even though he shoots fast for efficiency. But I'm all ears :D1)His method seems very INTx, very high on Thinking and Intuition: "I draw a lot of diagrams when I work. - Tell that to James Cameron (xNTJ), arguably THE pioneer (in this day and age) of cutting-edge film technology. Another INFJ quote: "I grew up in an era that was a golden age of the blockbuster, when something we might call a family film could have universal appeal. com/2011/12/cinematic-gladiators-david-fincher-vs-christopher-nolan/. He is trying to be very reasonable and warm. And the more introverted INTP's can also likewise give off an Ni vibe (I think Kubrick is a good example even though many will disagree) But still I see an organized/directed vs scattered/searching difference in thought between the two which could be revealing the Te/Ti difference. As for Nolan himself, he prizes efficiency and quickness when filming, pioneers visual effects, likes control in every aspect of filmmaking he can, is cold and aloof but very articulate in interviews, believes that he should be fully responsible for the films he makes ("if I fail, I fail on my own terms") wants to be control of his life/the master of his own fate ("it's definitely something I have a fear of - not being in control of your own life"), and has had an almost meteoric rise in the film industry that's largely due to his tenacity and visionary filmmaking. " : Well no, to me geek = XNTPs in general :p, by that I mean that because of their Ne they are more likely than other types to be drawn to fantasy, comics, that kind of stuff. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Christopher Nolan MBTI type.. t preclude INTJ. I have a muddled argument and if I am able to clarify I'll share. Kubrick by comparison, I saw a video about making Fullmetal Jacket and he kinda gave a "one of the guys" vibe about him among the actors. IR=T What's reproched to him is he's very visually impressive and inventive (Ne) but that his characters are "dimensionless" (same as what I said about Nolan, see the NTP pattern here. If there are no results after the third take, he gets annoyed. That's much more absurd than typing him INTP but no less valid, since in that case neither of us would be arguing from the actual theory. / 4)Based on this discussion above I go with INTP over INTJ. I'm finding the courage to respond to you now (Is it worth it because I don't know if you're still on this site, I haven't seen you post anything recently^^) "So in your world, geek = INTP. I think it's a bit farfetched to say something can't have Si because they made a movie where someone is forgetting the past. Also, his style isn't even close to Cronenberg's, IMO. His characters. "he does, at most, three takes before getting irritated" How uncommon, a P that gets easily bored :p What's intersting is that David Fincher, who is known for taking hundreds of takes before being satisfied, is an INTJ : http://maaarine. The same way I. )) Reality vs. Avoiding cellphones, not wanting people to think of the director when watching the film, and using practical effects all sounds like Fe quirks. "believes that he should be fully responsible for the films he makes ("if I fail, I fail on my own terms")" If that's XNTJ aren't all filmmakers XNTJs. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Christopher Nolan Myers-Briggs and personality type!. " Yes it's just you. Finally I looked up some interviews. There is a lot of Sensor directors who are easily mistaken for Intuitives because they manage to work up such an air of mystery in their movies. He makes geek movies. I actually would see him as closer to ISTJ than ISTP if we were going to type as a sensing type, but I think he's more of an INTJ catering to the broader audience with his later work.

. I find that listening to him is very difficult, he talks like a robot (Ti). And one last, weird argument: Almost all his movies have a scene where two characters are discussing something, and then at the end of the discussion one of the characters casually reveals he own the establishment, and we're supposed to think he's incredibly cool because he didn't use it during the disagreement or something. Preeeeeeetty sure he's an INTP. Einstein wanted control over his life too. And he can't be ISTP because a true ISTP would get annoyed watching the type of movies he makes (not too much wild imagination from their part). And of course, INFPs can smile :). ), David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive. First of all, again, I think his subject matter and the structure of his movies is clearly Ne. Find me an INTP who agrees. Thinker-Dreamers correlate best with INTPs (Arthur C Clark) but can also fit with INTJs (like Isaac Asimov). /3) Nevertheless both his interviews, his movies and his method priorities thinking over feeling, and intuition over sensation quite clearly as well. Yes his films are impressive, intelligent, but far from Ni movies. His next movie seems to be some kind of historical war film. I also don't think Haneke and Cronenberg are the only type of INTP artist. illusion/fantasy is a Ne(vs. He basically seems to go about filmmaking as a kind of architect/engineer (INTP). I was being silly before. " I think someone else is using my account name, or perhaps hacked my account. seems well suited for that. I don't know for sure though but he has that knack for realistic imagination that suits Ni-Se more than Ne-Si. This is very Ne. INFJs don't have too much social skills either. / And of course he's not relaxed or spontanuous on set because of all the responsabilities and pressures it entails + he's a strong introvert. be/dyHPLoHkS1I. That's something I want to see again. ) or NTPs like Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris, Magic in the Moonlight. Someone like Carey Mulligan or Benedict Cumberbatch (INFJ) would have handled that a lot better, obviously. Imo you are really, really taking his imagination for granted. I doubt that would be one of the most prominent characteristics of an INTJ. Just to clarify, I was NOT the one who said "Sorry, he is an INTJ. ) sometimes ideas or whole worlds/stories are written or shot after having a dream about it (Lynch, Nolan's Inception, Cameron's Avatar (those last two being lucid dreamers, like the Wachowskis, Salvador Dal. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Acting and Movie Industry characters list.. Nolan definitely looks INTx, although somewhere between INTJ and INTP. There's no Te component in the movies this guy makes, so no INTJ. His movies are to please the crowds (Fe), and emotionally sappy like Interstellar (lack of Fi). in a way less crazy than INTJ, lol. If you look at Ni users, like James Cameron and J. His movies have a certain "dryness" to them that suggests a lack of Fi, and his style of shooting with short shots and inconsistent visual logic (particularly apparent in his fight scenes) suggests a weak or lacking Ni, which would also explain why the dream visuals in Inception are so un-dreamlike. You seem an intelligent person, butterfly. ) So mixing reality and dream/illusion is an Ne theme. s a movie that. ll go through them one by one. ), the Wachowskis films are very NP too and it's the main theme in their "The Matrix" trilogy : Dream/illusion/imagination is a Ne theme. Unlike INTJ Kubrick who had so much drama with Shelley Duvall while filming The Shining. I'm INTP, and I initially disliked Inception because I was baffled at how un-dreamlike the visuals were (in fact, I found it pretty boring). Also, on using stereotypes, c'mon. He doesn't care about perfecting each individual shot; he cares about results. Mine's not what I wrote, just an old English poem I remember in literature class though. Inarritu (ENxP), Terrence Malick (INFP), Woody Allen (ISTP), and so on; that has nothing to do with type. From interviews he has that INxx look about him, of being somewhat distanced from physicality (sort of sleepy/dreamy), that I don't associate with ISTPs. Fincher could be either Ni-dom, actually, but I. Anyway, based on everything I've said and all the evidence I've shown, Nolan is Te-Fi, not Fe-Ti. Fe is more "mouth smile" while Fi smile is called "eyes smile", which I find very moe. INTJ - Goofy, earnest, but lacking in conviction and force. All filmmakers want to fail on their own terms. Movies directed by INTPs are super dry and shocking to watch (Haneke, Cronenberg). All filmmakers want to fail on their own terms. and the mix with Ti (which predisposes them to science for example) makes science-fiction the perfect match between imagination and logic. Anyway, I don't mean to put words in your mouth. - This is how: "Films are subjective. I think it's useful to make the comparison to David Cronenberg (INTP). Same with Nolan, having a "vision" doesn't equal being Ni dom. Note also constant eyebrow shakes when talking, indicative of Ne. " = Ti (btw the article : "Is it just me or are Nolan's films highly emotional.

. I can see INTP to an extent but also IxFJ and ISTP. Rowling, they are far more likely to be drawn to concepts already deeply ingrained in the culture, like killer robots and wizard schools, and then try to make the ultimate statement about them. I still think he's an INTP over INFJ though. why you keep liking my comment here. I imagine if anything would be hard for an INTP it would be leading all these people, but that should be even harder for an INFP, and there are INFP directors. com/23240/a-sneak-peek-at-christopher-nolans-chilly-cerebral-inception/. Morgan Freeman said he does, at most, three takes before getting irritated. illusion" is the theme of his career. v=dyHPLoHkS1I I definitely think he has a very Fe-like approach to interviews. "Nolan likes to shoot fast. If you're just going to argue based on your preconceived notions about type while ignoring the objective definitions, then your arguments hold zero weight. They have somewhat similar demeanor, but their films are nothing alike at all. Ventus413 : He makes geek movies (from a Batman trilogy to space movies), "reality vs. Yes, but that doesn. He definitely has Fe. Here goes Moolfreet with his awful arguments again based off stereotypes residing within his own head. David Fincher is an INTJ and he. XNTPs are, far more than XNTJs, pioneers in technology. "@Moolfreet: nearly all of your arguments are based on false stereotypes. Fincher and Kubrick are the kind to be tyranic on set, taking hundreds of takes before being satisfied. Thinker-Dreamers are interested in potentializing their imagination but confined to scientific or rationalistic thought patterns. And Ti doms are known to be the less expressive types "he barely even smiled back" that's often what's very striking in TPs and especially in IXTPs, the fact that they're so oblivious to how things work socially (inferior Fe)I'd actually say he's INTP, not INTJ. but Interstellar spent lots of time being scientifically accurate. And that Memento movie about fogetting the past, aka non existant Si; clearly INFJ in this case. I think someone like the writer Borges is closer in tone to Nolan. Therefore INTP (strong Si) is out of the question. thedailybeast. but the thing for me that is absolutely unifying is. One of the reasons I didn't reply to you before is I don't agree with a single one of your typings (except I. He is (compared to most directors) way more focused on the inhuman elements relative to the human elements. That frees me, finding a mathematical model or a scientific model. com/articles/2011/02/15/christopher-nolans-inception-oscar-snub. Alright, other Zeego, what the hell are you doing. In terms of the tone of the film, it looks at where we are as a people and has a universality about human experience. I'll also say I think the more clearly introverted INTJ's repress their Te and give off a Ti vibe (Nolan may be a good example). "pioneers visual effects" XNTPs are, far more than XNTJs, pioneers in technology. There's no way an ISFJ would appear this distant, or make movies complicated on purpose. but Interstellar spent lots of time being scientifically accurate. And when you don't feel it, that's the only time I feel like I'm wasting my time at the movies. With that said:. Uh, uh, do an INFP smile : ). In addition, Todd McGowan, a respected film analyst, analyzed all of Nolan's films and concluded that, more than any other filmmaker, Nolan had devoted his films' themes to the nature of illusion, the illusion of filmmaking as an art form, and how the subjective brings about the objective/the truth comes out of the lie. All movies have plot holes. http://img004. He's no INFJ either. Also note how quickly he gets technical, talking about what he wanted to achieve with the different type of sets, etc. Talking about smiles, I think Nolan has Fi smile. I'm starting to think he's either ISTx or INTJ. Just look at him. I'm very surprised by the INTP votes; he's extremely strongly INTJ. This is something that generally makes me very skeptical of the INTJ typing: Nolan just simply seems very unimposing, "chill". It's normally some new type of weirdness in each of Nolan's movies which is experienced through a Fe-ish group of characters. He loves writing stories. The topics are unusual (like a dream heist movie) and he is always subverting, playing with viewer expectation. And if I didn't make INTJ over INFJ clear enough, he's a tenacious and expedient filmmaker who is never belabored by over-analysis or over-intellectualization. s only interesting when no humans are speaking or even on screen. It's just like what GRRM does with Tolkien-esque fantasy. Making Batman into a symbol of authoritarianism is subversion. ), Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth. This all implies Te, not Ti. s no emotion at all. can't see Bill Murray ISTP, that physically detached/sleepy look. But a proper INTP gentleman born in Westminster, London. Like it or not, there are objective definitions of the various functions. Besides, Nolan's movies are in many ways similar to The Matrix, which seems to have mainly been written by an INFP. That video had a reverse effect on me. "is cold and aloof but very articulate in interviews" I would have written boring but that's my opinion :p I find that listening to him is very difficult, he talks like a robot (Ti). s no fucking around on set. com/images/175871075/large. Did you write that. - How does that preclude INTJ. I think it's more like that he was commissioned for Batman movies due to his skills, and he was able to develop that "Se" side. I want to feel that the people who made that film think it's the best movie in the world. "And his films have quite a few plot holes that are there because he sacrificed logical consistency for the sake of poetic grandeur" You mean the movies he takes years to write. I have the impression it's a pretty open profession, as long as you are making money. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. And Nolan talking about "collective fears that we have as a society" in another interview. :Pphysically-fit seems to take bad arguments to an art level. Amelie was never a woman just a fucking ass kisser. "/2)I noticed that people who were born in certain parts of England seem like J types in interviews at first glance even when they're P types (Kate Bush, even Hugh Laurie). I do a lot of thinking about etchings by Escher, for instance. rritu, who is clearly ENTP for me : http://www. v=pxJdCPVhsI8. t=6m48sNote all the stuff about how he is very relaxed and is making sure not to get in anyone's way as a director, etc. And that just scratches the surface. The ways dreams are chosen to be portrayed is one choice within a context full of wacky choices. So in your world, everyone you. A great believer in the level of creative concentration enforced by the pressures of time and money, he maintains a focused energy on set, starting at 7am and finishing at 7pm, with a break for lunch. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Ti and Ni >>> ISTP. What I mean by that is that there is a slight, maybe irrational conservative streak in him. He is a consistently groundbreaking director who is always doing something different. info/people/annie_clark_aka_st_vincent/annie_clark_aka_st_vincent_sweet_smile_ehVlwBO. Fi users smile more genuinely, mostly not as wide as Fe smile, but with emotions in their eyes. Also, apparently, at a convention, someone came up to him and told him he was his favorite director, and he barely even smiled back (his wife, Emma Thomas, beamed much more overtly and enthusiastically, and she wasn't even the one the guy was complimenting). He loves writing stories, his caracters are functionnal (who said superficial. Inception for example was exploration of a single idea in depth, that movie's subject matter was much more narrow than Matrix-like movie. This is exactly the kind of disrespect for titles, money, etc. Whereas I'm pretty sure that were he obscure everyone would be loving him soooo much and thinking he is soooo deep. I think his strength as a filmmaker comes primarily from his ability to analyze and think things through (Ti), as well as his ability to be pragmatic and find creative solutions to problems (Ne). The difference is that Cronenberg is drawn to horror whereas Nolan tends towards sci-fi-ish action thrillers, and there is a long tradition of movies that take you into strange and new worlds, like Star Wars or superhero movies, making money. Saying Cameron is XNTJ because he is assertive and directive is only TJ stereotyping and it's the only way you can come up with this typing because there is no way he isn't Ne>Ti. "wants to be control of his life/the master of his own fate ("it's definitely something I have a fear of - not being in control of your own life")" Einstein said the same thing and he's the archetypical INTP. It's probably having to deal with so many people that Nolan's Fe seems so refined after all these years. He's had like twenty jobs, is a scientist/engineer/inventor, makes sci-fi movies and even dreams one, was maried five times, and he is a fucking deep-sea explorer. "I must be the only person in the world thinking he's INFJ (yes, those 3 votes are mine)bob: interesting system. I don't see him as INFJ at all. He assigns all his time and all his effort to serving that mission. 40% of the population, or something, is Intuitive and many Sensors are interested in Intuitors stuff just like many Intuitors are interested in Sensor movies. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Christopher Nolan? What about enneagram and other personality types?. @hello to: I disagree with the notion that he's "too inside the system to be INTP". Hoytema told me. no, not necessarily; that quote suggests that Nolan values completing the film using his methodology according to his vision above all else, even if it means failure. It's a certain etiquette that comes in that culture that makes individuals seem more disciplined and proper. Yes, but that doesn. Especially when it comes to MBTI. - How does that preclude INTJ. So he's been INFJ since day one. Also, how important is for him to get credibility form the audience considering his future films; an INTJ would be independent and free of all this. But you're above that I guess. And his films have quite a few plot holes that are there because he sacrificed logical consistency for the sake of poetic grandeur, further implying he's an Ni dom rather than a Ti dom (or really any Ti type). Here's two articles that mention his aloofness, including the example I wrote above:. XNTP directors, because they're NPs like world-building, where they can express their imagination, possibilities, or complex or bizarre worlds or characters (like Douglas Adams and his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") I'm not saying that an ESFJ can't like Doctor Who, but come on. But no, I think Nolan must be an Intuitive director. re both Ni-doms: http://screenpicks. Intestellar's accurate scientific background is because of his bother who wrote it, the one with the real knowledge. illusion is the theme of his career. t preclude INTJ. NTJs are more likely not to write their films or invent worlds but to adapt novels or scripts because their Te see how to perfect it, be efficient and pragmatical (David Fincher, Steven Soderberg, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, etc. The only thing that you can really hold against him is that he's incredibly popular, but honestly, Ne and Fe with an interest for space exploration movies, comic book heroes, etc. ) NPs when they make adaptations usually adapt their own works (Woody Allen who adapts his plays or Guillermo del Toro who adpats his books). Furthermore, all his movies have weird and unusual subjects and try to use your expectations for Hollywood blockbusters to surprise and awe you. And they don't include any of the stereotypes you've based your arguments on. Ne quip: https://youtu. Whether or not I agree with what they've done, I want that. And in that clip thedude shared, it says that it's very important to him to make the actors comfortable to take the best out of them; a true INFJ gentleman. In addition, he pioneers visual effects and, in interviews, basically always talks about the filmmaking process/grammar and how he used it to convey his themes. Fe users smile in a 'formal' way, like they're posing for a photo-shoot. Nolan is way too inside the system to be INTP. Nolan says the sentence he uses the most on set is "Moving on. This may be an unpopular opinion, but now I actually think he's ISTP. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. - Tell that to James Cameron (xNTJ), arguably THE pioneer (in this day and age) of cutting-edge film technology. (your own words) / So here, I explained my "stereotyping" :) And about "there are objective definitions of functions you know". He carries himself nothing like an INTJ. Even more INTJ than James Cameron. : I think Cameron is an ENTP, and that it's a clue to his type. How are we not in front of an INTP. He then called him a "thoroughly Hegelian filmmaker" because all of his films align themselves ideologically with INTJ philosopher G. Some of that could be interpreted as Te. " and your article says he is seen as "quiet, reserved and docile". Also, my impression is that Kubrick seems to like it best when discussing particular scenes from his movies and the way they were made, while Nolan prefers to discuss the movie and its themes as whole and the way technology /effects were used to communicate those themes to the audience. jpg I'll leave you guys to do the math on Christopher Nolan. com/the-revenant-one-of-the-worst-movies-to-ever-win-best-picture-oscars-2016-2. rritu (Birdman), Christopher Nolan (Inception, Memento, The Prestige, etc. All movies have plot holes. Note that he's still not a very warm person though. Because that's not how everybody works, with stereotypes residing in their own heads. If you haven't noticed already half of his movies were co-written with his brother. The arguments about Nolan's Fe seeming weaker/more awkward than the auxiliary of an INFJ also goes for the possibility of him being an ISFJ, of course. s a writer-director, like James Cameron (xNTJ) and Darren Aronofsky (INTJ) but also Quentin Tarantino (ESFP), A. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. I agree that it's becoming hard for me to see INTJ. I find that listening to him is very difficult, he talks like a robot (Ti). Even Cronenberg was pretty big at some point in his career though. This guy is clearly an INFJ. He is more visually and story-wise inventive but not that much of a perfectionnist. I'm just rambling based on associations to what you say. I might write more on why I think he could be ISTP, later. I feel too lazy now to watch that vid now. XNTPs are, far more than XNTJs, pioneers in technology.

Christopher Nolan

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INTJ - 23 vote(s)
INTP - 10 vote(s)
ENTJ - 2 vote(s)
ISTP - 2 vote(s)
INFJ - 1 vote(s)

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