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Chrollo Lucilfer Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Chrollo Lucilfer MBTI personality type cover chart

He's very considerate of the troupe and cares about all of them since he openly listens to their opinions and thoughts and wants and needs, and this demonstrates healthy Fe. I'm stuck between INFJ and IxTP. This is what is hard to grasp by a lot of people. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Chrollo Lucilfer' belongs to!. Intp and infp. Spammers are either : trolls (mostly TP ), typers from other site who want to add credibility to their site (can be any type but i guess NJ are the most prone to it), people who take too personally MBTI (mostly INFx). INTP's 5w4 has a great deal of emotionality within itself and an interesting association with the "Fi" shadow function, often resembling INFP's as it happens with Chrollo. Look at the new sign ups. He is an Fi-Ne-user idealist sociopathBtw, Chrollo is an INFP sociopath. In what way is he organized, resolute even. As for Enneagram, why wouldn't he be 5w4. 9's seek inner peace, Chrollo thrives on chaos. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. Fe is also clear from the fact of accepting death for the good of the group. He also has a use of Fe, knowing how to handle and dialogue with the members very well and empathizing with them, but he seems to be more of a rational withdrawal that knows to be surgical at certain moments (INTP) than an introverted dialog that shows a constant empathy and interest in their partners (INFJ), much less by other people, so much so that he hid data from the members themselves. They are "weird" people functions. Mikado (INFP) is very similar at this point. The author's view of this character. It's a very selective sort of spamming. Outside of his "family", he is very insensitive. And an INTP can not cry. Did I miss that. If people made a decision that was against my will, I would end up being rude, uninterested, and unmotivated. Idk why that show specifically but I did too"Why shouldn't i. 7 INTJ votes in immediate succession. And that is just for fun. Though I'm not an ENTP expert, a part of me just screamed "That's so ENTP. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. He is an INTP for exactly those reasons and more. This gets a bit off topic, but I can't trust people who nominate themselves. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Chrollo Lucilfer Myers-Briggs and personality type!. To go back on topic, Danchou is not someone who actively wanted/nominated himself to become Danchou. An INTJ never let it die by the group, because for him, his life would be more important than all others. Hi , I would say he is INTP although he may share some INTJ traits but after contemplating I found that most of his thoughts and actions belongs to INTP traits , for example INTJs are goal oriented , but INTPs are really enjoy the process more than the outcome , a proof of that in his fight with Hisoka when Crollo Stated that he enjoys the fighting style more than the desire to win. Recalling that the charm and manipulative capacity can be well developed and played by all kinds; an INTP can become charming and manipulative. (Well maybe he lacks in Fi since he is sort of amoral and can't define his values). The main difference between the two being that one gets more committed to a specific vision which is rooted in objective (see: Kurapika the NJ) while the other has a more dynamic vision which is rooted in principle (see: Chrollo the NP). Just to throw it out there. Chrollo doesn't have this resoluteness. He's both more Ti than Te and more Fe than Fi. Not an INTJ or ISFP - he uses Ti and Fe in some order, although I don't think either is dominant. Tritype® is a trademarked word which refers specifically to numbers of each triad. I don't see any Te or Fi in him anyway so I don't get INTJ. Way to fuck up a perfectly good page. Those who mix well quick thinking with consistence are Te users. It demonstrates more Ti than Ni. forgive me* I also want to add Sharnalk makes definitely a more credible INTP than Chrollo. there isn't any type that really fits him. The sort of active prediction element of anticipation is highly stimulating to both IxTPs as it works out the introverted thinking. Definitely not an INTP stereotype, but looking at his character more closely it seems to fit him best. You're just a moron who does not believe in the development of 3 functions. When he fought against Zeno and Silva the sole purpose was to steal the powers, basic skills used to lengthen the time, but it was not enough as it came out almost dead. Discard INxJ now. back to the ole drawing-boardI was gonna laugh at the INFP spam votes, but it might be likely imo. My view of the role of Ne in this is : "in case this doesnt work, because of this, then this can occur and to face it we should do that" x 1000 and it takes time to do it correctly. This guy doesn't have the slightest bit of Fi unlike Kurapika. But I get INFJ, for he loves the occult, and is quite charismatic and can deduce human behavior with extreme mastery. I continue my vote with INTP because it seems to me to be a thinking, it is rational and too calculating, but I do not deny the possibility that it is a more rational INFJ. The letters INFJ are a horrible way to represent whatever psychological type you are trying to say he is. INTPs are for the most part very capable at organizing (look at INTP computer code for example, it can be the most meticulously organized stuff out there), but they would rather not be restricted by over-organization rules. From the little that has been shown, it is more improvisational than planner. I won't even take the time to reply because your arguments are shallow and I seriously wonder if you guys have read the same manga as me. INTP 548 tritype He undoubtedly has Ti. Not INTJ, those vote are wrong, i still think that he has Ti and Fe im going with INFJ, in old P-D there was discussion about him. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Hunter x Hunter characters list.. I don't think he really looks that far into the future for any sort of purpose like Kurapika (INTJ) who is a similar planner, although that is looking more likely than INFJ at the moment. I find it fun to figure out how to optimize my strategy for success in a game. "I think his best quote to rule out NJ types is "Thinking about it, it's hard to answer. INTP's but may also do so. I've always had the feeling people type me INTP just because he's a nihilistic cynical guy who enjoys spreading chaos while manipulating people. You are completely off base. He's probably even got 8 in his tritype. I read here on the site that INFJ's were the "least judger" judges, but this does not prove anything convincingly, nor can it be concretely related to a fictional character. Enneagram: he's a social 5, not a 9. INFJ fits him well. Anticipating others' movements can be a very fun game for INTPs, which is why a lot are so drawn to certain strategical games. I gave you some examples that explain why I think Chrollo is a Ni dom type. If: It is not too attached to the past, he likes to live in the now, living next to death and do not mind dying. We can see that Chrollo didnt leave anything to chance against Hisoka, according to the information he had (contrary to Kurapika against Uvo). Also look at his name, it's cleraly a hint by the author in the conception of the character. Plus as I said multiple times (there is at least someone who is agree here) his fight against Hisoka proved he was too organized to not be an INxJ type while Hisoka is the quintessential NP because he's more versatile and adaptable than his rival. Look at Hisoka for Fi with him tracing back everything to how it makes *him* feel, while Chrollo is the complete opposite with his very deliberate detachment. Because they have nothing to do with us. INFJ was good but he doesn't have any real goal, sounds Ne, starts a project, can't finish it because he has many things going in his mind, sounds Ne. His intuition is somewhat confusing, he often seems to have Ni, others Ne, in the aspect of what is characteristic of his intuition, at times he is more determined, conjecture something firm, but I consider others more possibilities, does not care whether something does not relate to what he believes, is open to his own error. He has a lot of the "True Neutral" attitude which is impartial and non-judgmental to all members. It has nothing to do with that. He's one of the rare characters on this manga whose Ni dominant screamed at me along with Kurapika and Meruem. How to verbally express our motives. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. I don't believe you because your kind seem to like to type everyone as INFJ based off some sort of magical thinking. You should read the manga again. The Genei Ryodan I do not think something very ambitious, they just steal to steal, because it's fun. And despite all their differences, I've always thought their way of thinking were quite similar. 549Lol, no Another cool INTP character typed as an INxJ. An NT that has a well developed emotional part, any individual who has something in the 4 will probably have. @Bernkastel , please, man. His main goal is the survival of the Ryodan at all cost. I understand how you could see Ni through his interest towards the "mystical", but claiming he's a Ni-dom solely based on that is pretty stupid to me, he's too random and passive to be one (I know this has been said a lot but his lack of an overarching goal contradicts everything Ni stands for). His main goal is the survival of the Ryodan at all cost. Never thought of that. sorry I can only see him as an infj. Hi , I would say he is INTP although he may share some INTJ traits but after contemplating I found that most of his thoughts and actions belongs to INTP traits , for example INTJs are goal oriented , but INTPs are really enjoy the process more than the outcome , a proof of that in his fight with Hisoka when Crollo Stated that he enjoys the fighting style more than the desire to win. Though I considered him INTJ at first. 33%You can't be 8 and 9 in tritype cause it's the same triad, you can't put numbers of the same triad in tritypeBut i'm not sure a real INFP would answers this though. He puts all idealism in your organization, but he is a totally passive and unpredictable leader. He likes to keep people apart, to isolate. Ni-dom does not act this way. @scotty thanks for existing,scottoChrollo's tritype is probably 584 btw. Probably think that is born and dies like, fuck you asshole. On the intuitive part of it, it is very difficult to identify, he is a great strategist and has very incisive opinions making it appear at times that he has Ni, but I believe that Ti + Ne can produce a similar effect and the scene he dialogues with Gon on why his actions clearly showsthe use of Ne,Considering various possibilities, arriving at their coherence with your Ti and arriving at a completely different question, "Can this be a way to understand me. Shut up, man Both are Fe users. He is clearly a Ni-dominant. I'm slightly more inclined to INFJ over the other three, motivated by Fe aux. This isn't organization, it's a (canonically smart, as it works) way of maintaining a sort of stable state of disorganization, without the typical downsides of disorder. It's the "system-designing" approach that he takes which is how INTx's in general deal with leadership roles - a lot of introspection at how to best arrange the group logically. You can sometimes infer a lot about an author's personality by analyzing their characters. And it's not even an INFJ trait nor a Ni-dom trait. And just because Hisoka is perceiver-extreme doesn't mean that someone who chose to strategically plan one time when his life was on the line is a Ni or J type. I'm INFJ as well and contrary to you Bernkastel I don't see the INFJ's vibe at all coming from Chrollo. I'm not ignoring your posts. I dont know how you can vote 5 for Feitan, but not for him. I'm not sure if he was an INFJ acting in an Se grip, or a Ti user acting in the Fe grip. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. "Togashi writes the coolest INTPs Iǘe ever seen if he is indeed one. CHROLLO'S TYPE IS POOP AND YOU KNOW IT. NothingYes, he's more on the Ti-Fe/Fe-Ti axis than Te-Fi/Fi-Te, so INFJ and INTP become more probably. I do not care to die for the good of the group, which I do not imagine one NTJ think about doing. It's as simple as that. I can see INFP working even though I wanted him to be one. Whatever i must have said, i'm clueless now, i've just finished to think about him but i'm not advanced at all. I am the cutest creature on earth@Brainer you didn't tell me the reason why I can't put numbers of the same triad into a tritypeI feel like a lot of people joined this site because of HxH. @Jamz There is some ambiguity about those two types (Carl Gustav Jung, Spinoza, Bourdieu) but people always tend to Chrollo as an INTx just because he's a nihilistic edgelord. I'm convinced now that he is an INTP at his core. What is with this s eternal confusion between INTPs and INFJs. " :)) Or I maybe wrong. Oh, and I think he's ENTP because, why does he steal stuff anyway. Its been going on for a while on numerous entries. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. They were probably the spam votes along with INFJ. But the other 2 possibilities don't work all that well either. He only directly addresses their concerns sparingly, and for a group leader is very loose with his control as well as very distant. And the ones that he uses to lead the Troupe have nothing to do with the more hands-on J type of skills. The way he cried when reading Neon's prophecy. He just wants to maintain the Troupe, and take things as they come, and in the case of the new arc, live to see them happen. He's very strategic, pensive, and detached. A lot of NJ types are visionaries but guess what, so are a lot of INP types. Yes, he was very smart to hire Illumi, but that does not mean he is Ni, he risks a lot and does not seem to have a huge self-esteem. But honestly, or rather "evidently". I get that he's loose with leadership, but even when troupe members quarrel he doesn't seek to get involved and smooth things out like a secondary Fe user would do. You'll get INTPAfter all these spam votes I still have doubts about Chrollo's type, certainly a INxx. Outside of that, I don't see a trace of Te, maybe some Fi but definitely not to the extent of it being his dominant function, I don't understand why INTJ and INFP are so high up. Chrollo's feeling judgments are all based off group harmony. I had him at INFJ then ENTP now INTP. He either fakes warmth or boldly displays it (to his troupe), but to others he's totally cold inside. Also the whole "sometimes we do X", "sometimes we do Y" divergent philosophy of the Phantom Troupe seems a lot more Ne, don't know if I mentioned that much already. Well, I try to explain this in my work so I won't go too far into detail, but I like personalities who can say "this is how things are, so I will do my best. There are many xNFP's that do not have Fe and can be charismatic and inspiring. Chrollo shows great use of improvised planning and figuring out the situation which seems like Ne and Ti. It is far just to create a game of hide and seek. Chrollo as an INFJ. He's probably a 5 though. Even in his own behavior, he is more flexible and open, adjusting to the context and being very spontaneous with the unforeseen how he played Mozart's Requiem, was admiring the letter of that girl, behaved through losing his powers and the unexpected from there forward. Please someone stop that spam. " And in the end he admitted that he did not have an answer for that at the moment. CHROLLO DOES JENKEM AND YOU KNOW IT. The problem with INTP is that I can't see him being Fe inferior. I can't see a 9 doing many of the things he does. Can be INFJ, all the idealism of the bid with the spider is good thing NF. This guy is really hard to type. Funny because Chrollo didn't show any signs of true organization, he has shown long planning but that's it. Chrollo seems like the Ne-dominant rather than Ni-dominant type. Yeah, it's not the typical Fe described as warm and empathic but rather a toxic and manipulative Fe, but it's still Fe. Are you sure there has been spamming here. what do we do if this *inser whatever you want* occur. Specially from his fight against hisoka -_-. " That really sounds like a lost INFJ who's trying to search himself or just very INFP. I'm pretty sure Chrollo was typed INTP the most a few weeks agoDefinitely on the Ti-Fe axis, though he doesn't seem like a Ni-dom in the slightest. But it doesnt ultimately mean that they are better strategist; the fact is, they are often probabilist. I'll switch to INTPA Fi can do so as well. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. It only appears when you are bored to cause commotion. He's INTP 5w4. He always been someone extremely organized and just because he's capable of adapting himself when the situation is critical doesn't necessary he's an INTP. Not to mention that I notice that INTPs have a strong connection with Fe-inf, although they repress, they know how to express themselves well, only in a more analytical way, which is the case with Chrollo. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. He maintains a social structure which controls itself, not through high-level Fe but through analyzing the structure logically and creating non-restrictive rules which keep it in order while maintaining individual independence. It's obvious that he is an inxj. He keeps a very loose grip over the group, only gently directing when it is needed most. *lets out a sigh filled with the most excruciating boredom. If it's true that Kurapika is more assertive in his own way (because he uses Te as an auxiliary function), don't forget NJ types are visionaries. It also has Te, very ambitious, so he is a thief. (Lucilfer-inverted cross). @Jamz They aren't that similar, but some people either have in their mind that you have to be "Ni-dom" in order to do certain things which is just preposterous. As for Enneagram, he's clearly not a 9. Well, way to go. I can't do anything for you. Clearly Ti-Ne-Si. Do you honestly Chrollo would have been able to lead a band composed with so much versatile and unstable members without any organization skills. Sorry, I guess Fi would be more about understanding himself right. What kind of INFJ after narrowly escaping death has the reaction "too bad I couldn't steal his abilities, what a drag". I was thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that his Fe probably isn't inferior. I started believeing he was an INFJ. It is a loose, mushy, pick and choose kind of mysticism, which is exactly what Chrollo shows. He's tricky because he doesn't look like a stereotypically INTP, he shows Ni, Ti, Fe and some Ne randominess. @scotty @TheMemphisProbably an INTJ taking MBTI too personally. And INTPs are probably more into planning battle tactics than INFJs anyway. In fact, forgive my for my arrogance but I don't understand how you guys can be so blind to miss his Ni dominant. However, I believe the Kuroro has very Ti. His approach was psychological (not allowing Hisoka to use his creative mind so to distort his plan) as well as technical (meaning here what a fight requires : skills, abilities etc). INTP with Fe well developed. Even though I'm sure he's INTP in MBTI, if you're using function magic (Ti-Fe-ishness vs Fi-Te-ishness) to type, you can eliminate INFP/INTJ. Assuming he's intuitive, that would leave ENTP and INFJ as possibilities. Honestly, I myself am in doubt at the time of the conclusions I drew at that moment. I am outraged as any character that seems to be intelligent has to be INTJ. We are either wrong about our perceptions on one of them or they are actually pretty similar which I highly doubt. It is driven by external factors that make them stimulate themselves to kill boredom and still do not care if it will die there or not. He is also not much of a sequential planner. I wouldn't call it altruism because it is only reserved to his comrades. To some, his use of planning may set him up as an INTJ type but he seems to truly enjoy the art of combat as a means to use his strategies more than a means to an end, looking more like Ne than Te. INTP, being intuitive tacticians, are likely to think outside of battle and devise tactics more than any other P type. NP (except for maybe INTP) are more attracted to general mystical stuff than other types, mainly because they offer alternate ways of perceiving the world. His way of organizing, founding and dealing with the Phantom troupe and its members seems much more like a perceiver than a judge. I think the Hisoka fight all but rules out Fe-aux of INFJ, with his "shamelessly watch my strategy win from afar". This to me is obvious. Anyway, his goal is the uncertain, has not shown much about it, but I believe he is well INxx traits, only more INFJ and INTP. I also do believe Chrollo is an ENTP. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Chrollo Lucilfer likely is!. And the way he plays the action is Ne, because at the time of the fight he explores possibilities and gives some details focus on only one enemy and not at all, as seen in the fight against Zeno and Silva. It's really hard. That would make him INTP, it's a very solid vote. He has sentimentality by his troupe, and think that the organization is more important than his own life. He is an INTP 5w4, he has Ti and Si. There are a ton of duty-bound STJ characters who you're not supposed to like or care about very much because they are just so average, and that may be how Togashi views them in real life especially in more traditional Japan. So, I think people who can do their best in that situation is amazing. Arminalert got it in a bit more detail. INTP is in general the closest type to INTJ, at least when it comes to heavy usage of both a more intellectualized strategy and tactics. I'm not fond of it. @Jamz YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT YOU POOPSACKCHROLLO'S TYPE IS STILL POOP@Brainer, ability to gather others can also come from Ne. But just look at his answer to Gon : "How can you kill people who have nothing to do with you. Yes, that's true INFP makes more sense, as i had never thought by that way. @Hisoka Trump's wig is shaped like a horn thoughvoted 6 times for INTP to start with a blank slate, INFJ and INTJ both were spammed in the pastSays the dude who swapped out his lame bunny avatar w/ trumps lame wig :/Almost as lame as naming yourself after oneImagine being lame enough to spam vote an Anime Character :/@impeccable Can you mark Ingmar Bergman as SPAMMED, ID: 1601. Wasn't sure anyone would get that, but that was what I was trying to say :P@arminalert : still lol for Hisoka. What's more, for him the group is more important than your safety, it does not matter to die by the group. The way he suddenly decides to "avenge" Uvo's death. )"Chrollo Lucilfer is like generic Viagra for Hisoka. Kuroro has its well developed functions. My perception of him not having an objective, planning in the Phantom Troupe was not certain, because I remember that he set goals to loot that mafia event and later to find the "guy of chains" among others, now his individual behavior continues resembling more a perceiver, with more judgers moments, is not an obvious perceiver like Hisoka. Se if it were a discard all theory and would take what think more practical, that is not his case. So even when it comes to politics and politicians, I am very distrustful. I don't think he's an ENTP not just because he's visibly not an extrovert, but also because he stays so far from the action and keeps to himself. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. I thought it INFJ to be quite mysterious, mystical and distant. NTJs are more efficient , quick planners/strategists and then more suited to reality and its constraints. Chrollo Lucifer is fully INFJ for the following reasons: Ni: He likes to isolate and create plans Fe: He has shown to have a great affection for his fellow, even with that cold look Ti: He probably developed enough to you, which makes it look completely a matter in which he is interested; not to mention it's a great deciphering puzzles. Who is your favorite member of the Phantom Troupe, and why is that member your favorite.

. Being organized is not an exclusive Ni-dom trait. Yeah he's either INFP or INTP. I actually think he kind of flips between INTP (most of the time) and INFJ. Chrollo is capable of anticipating the moves of his opponent and even though you said this is an absolute proof, his fight against Hisoka proved it. However, I have doubts still on Ne and Ni, it obviously is intuitive, but his intuition process is quite unpredictable and does not demonstrate an enormous pragmatic concentration - which is the case at all Ni gift. He's definitely no Fi dom. I won't even take the time to reply because your arguments are shallow and I seriously wonder if you guys have read the same manga as me. correction: replace "INFJ" with "Feeler" in the below postIf your typing algorithm is such that having LESS of a specific Feeling function (Fi in his case) makes you an INFJ, then this argument is not worth having, because you are using a really silly system which doesn't match with the letters that you are using to codify it. After reading your comment INTP with healthy Fe makes sense ,the phantom troupe himself seems a P. Do you have some problem. Believe me when I say he's one of my kind. Just the way he assembled all these people and the creation of their ethics. Newsflash: you aren't Chrollo Lucilfer. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Chrollo Lucilfer MBTI type.. ) He has attachment for their companions, but does not care to let them die if they do not fulfill their specific role, and that is how he also sees yourself. First of well, I'm totally rational and coherent when I say Chrollo is an INFJ. What could be too.

. He's clearly a J type because he wants the group that he founded with all his friends to survive. It seems that the correlation between him and this type is real trigger for you, which is totally incoherent. I'm uncertain about which but I'm sure he's either INTP or INFJ. He's a sociopath, do not feel empathy for others, only for who is of his group. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Chrollo Lucilfer? What about enneagram and other personality types?. The 9 and J votes continue to be baffling. "Making the abilities yours while exploring the darkness within the soul of the original owner. Chrollo clearly shows Ne's randomness. 2 spammers competing against each other for supremacy. Your post don't make any sense, you know, but it's indeed useless to keep talking with someone who is not even willing to read you properly. Have you really read York Shin City. I agree with you, Chaotic. I think the reason why his plans weren't thought out was because he was acting in the Se grip. He's a sociopath INFJ. Se: It is not too attached to the past, he likes to live in the now, living next to death and do not mind dying. He's the mastermind, the one who elaborates everything, the Spider while everyone else is a mere leg. Is that the key to understanding myself.

Chrollo Lucilfer

MBTI enneagram type of Chrollo Lucilfer Realm:

Category: Anime and Manga Characters

Series/Domain: Hunter x Hunter


INFJ - 22 vote(s)
INTJ - 16 vote(s)
INTP - 14 vote(s)
INFP - 7 vote(s)
ENTP - 2 vote(s)

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5W4 - 13 vote(s)
9W1 - 4 vote(s)
4W5 - 1 vote(s)
5W6 - 1 vote(s)
9W8 - 1 vote(s)

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