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David Lynch Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

David Lynch MBTI personality type cover chart

It probably just struck him what a weird effect a room covered in this color would have. As for Lynch and Murakami; I think they are incredibly different. '';''I:How old do you feel emotionally. For an INFJ not to have developed his Ti enough to interpret his own works, it would mean his Fe would be very developed but that's not the case, he's not very emotionally articulate, and if FJs are one thing, it's emotionally articulate. com/quotes/authors/d/david_lynch. The first is very Ni, convergent, while the second is a puzzle. " So from day-dreams he takes his inspiration, daydreadms which seem way too weird for a non N type. It's just a streak in him. Yeah, INFP spamming. I didn't know I'd actually swayed you with Gaiman. Basically it's just a very strange and (at least to me it seems) earnest pop-culture weirdness artifact with no compromises for almost no one. Where are the ideas. I think they makes INFJ very clear. But it's very idea-based - "doing a realistic superhero origin story". Looking at this painting and comparing it to Winding Refn-sama's style, I still feel that Lynch could very well be Se. And let's do that. At the end of the day he is a very visual director (who cares little about meaning, etc. INFJ can also have personal aesthetics, but it wouldn't be so unconventional I think, their feelings tones would still have something of what's appreciated in the culture they live in (Fe), while for Lynch it's individualized and. Yet, compared to your average ISFP, his images are more influenced by his unconscious. Of course, I'm not saying INFPs can't be scary in a lower Te moment, but I think INFP would be more of an ''I think he might break down'' type of anger, while he had this very casual but also very imposing kind of anger. Eraserhead, the final of Twin peaks improvised, the ending sequence of Blue Velvet dreamed the day before the shooting, the chaotic Inland Empire. I wonder if it would hurt Bobnickmad to admit I'm right at least ~once in a while~ about my weird typings. Also, butterfly probably want she and Refn to remain the only INFPs on the planet, because it's a match made in heaven or something. I think he's just one of those people who's hard to type and has a lot of highly-developed functions. From what I understand what was hindering Lynch from finishing the movie was lack of money, not laziness. Sort of like the movie Stalker by Tarkovsky, for the most it's just footage of dirty water and industrial decay, but it's filmed with such an unique sensitivity that it makes more than all the symbolism in the world. Than again there are ISP musicians that compose sobg lyrics or music in their mind first. ""To give a sense of place, to me, is a thrilling thing. I just wanted to say that there's a stronger case for ISFP like Butterfly made than some people seem to believe, it's my second choice after INFP, far above INFJ right now. Finally, it's not just Lynch's hair. ''I changed my vote to INFP. CelebrityTypes thinks he is INFP, this place thinks he is INFJ, but actually he is ISFP. Plus, when you realize that Mulholland Dr. What is the best option for the MBTI type of David Lynch? What about enneagram and other personality types?. https://youtu. Coming back to him, while in my system he's one of the more ''intuitive'' types: Dreamer-Aesthete, I think in the 4 function model he's still more Fi-Se-Ni-Te than Fi-Ne-Si-Te. Also he can be so erratic at times. It's pretty obvious is spammed like many entries. So there's a strong message behind. Either Kubrick is indeed NT and then all contemplative directors are N types, or Kubrick is ISTP and everyone else remains in doubt. Later Hopper found out what helium does to your voice and he regretted his suggestion. I'll stop posting here, I promise. ''When I ask why he wants to stick to this redundant diet, he tells me that it's 'reassuring. To me, as an INFP, I've always kind of felt unsatisfied with Lynch (except Twin Peaks which is co-written) because I want the weirdness to go somewhere, but it never does. If Lynch is ISFP I guess there would have to be some kind of art style of type of painting that he is building on, even when making movies. Butterfly is giving everyone a nice good lesson. An airplane splutters by his head pumping smoke into the night sky; can you talk a bit about this piece. He argues his case, unlike MBTI master who just know things. ) are obsessed with the idea of murder and ethics. Of course that's not really true, but the point I was trying to make is very similar to how Lynch sees the world I think. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. sx/sp right there for you. He talks about ideas, but he doesn't talk ideas. An xNFJ or xNFP is more interested in hidden meanings, their approach is more "This has a personal meaning for me, I want others to interpret this in their own way to find their own meaning". Did you read what I wrote below, bobnickmad. There's not much to the movie in terms of themes or stuff, it's just a very simple story but it looks gorgeous, with an excellent eye for visuals, sound and atmosphere, as you can find in Blue Velvet or Mulholland Dr. Butterfly what is your problem. David Lynch is absolutely NO sack of potatoes INFP. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. Over and over he makes the same mistake; get a job already. com/2015/08/tumblr_lzfscqpiqm1rob9suo1_1280. Anyway, I guess every artistic type can start from some sudden image, but an IN would translate those images in ideas, while an ISFP would just use them for their direct effect (such as an industry based on using people heads to make pencils and other stuff, as opposed to just making pencils form people's heads). Don't you think on the surface, Drive looks very Se. Mark Frost could very well be INTJ. Lynch doesn't have that evilish streak INFJs show sometimes, among other things I've thought about him. I know it's weird but it's the only think that seems to fit after all this time. Isn't Kubrick way too similar with these people to say he's S but the other N. Don't take my picture though. jpg https://projectedperspectives. Lynch did surrealist paintings before he started the movie, and imo this is what the movie first of all reflects: The film itself is all about interesting visuals and audio design, where I remember the latter being especially praised. Because Lynch seems very in his own mind. INFP 5w4 on the other hand I'd be more willing to believe. " - David Lynch. Watch this interview about 16', the way he insults Mads Mikkelsen, the most un-INFP behavior. htmlEthics is not restricted to Fi. It's going to be so weird and awesome. @bobnickmad Hmm, yeah David's a confusing guy. And a sense of place is made up of details. Overall, he seems like a really bizzare ISFP, someone expressing himself through sensory language yet really bizzare likes, and with some Ni aura of mysyery his enneagram 4 likes to accentuate (it always felt to me he likes being seen as weird, similar with Manson). He would likely be interesting to listen to but I don't see myself chatting easily with him. Mullhoand Dr for instance hes just bitching abou being a true artist and complaining about hollywood's way of making movies. The Dreamer-Aesthete has very developed and personal aesthetic taste, with which through visuals, sounds and moods, they try to bring their reality to life. Btw, I wonder if Butterfly started looking for paintings that could have influenced Eraserhead. ) or I am overestimating what an ISFP can do. For example in Neon Demon different character function as metaphors for different powers in the beauty industry. It's actually a bad example, as many INFJ writers (Dostoievski, Mishima etc. butterfly: "We have INFJs as weird as Lars von Trier and Marilyn Manson, who upset people on purpose. I find Refn full of himself and unplesant as a person. It's like something very dark opens up, but rarely. I've also read before about his concern about the bad stuff he shows in his movies. I don't think that would work though. It's got some dirt around the edges and the rubber part has formed some black little balls. Another thing is that few ISFPs are interested in MBTI, or very good at it, and can thus defend themselves. com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/drive-still03. In an INFP that's into visual arts, Ni is more useful so it can be more obvious than a INFP who's not into visual arts. Only talking about his persona again. Gifted people are difficult to type. bobnickmad should refrain from voting and commenting because he has no fucking clue how to differentiate ISFPs from INFPs, and he knows this. Imo it's not very Se at all, but an almost moralistic fairy tale. This reminds me when a school psychology counselor (who was also a philosophy teacher, either INFJ or ISFJ) asked me what I like about me, and I answered ''I can see beauty in everything''. Bob Dylan was just a folk-singer with really plain simple lyrics with no intention of being original, then I realized he had to become his own person, read lots of books and somehow this lead to Desolation Row. Murakami is unassuming, warm, funny and wise. v=fL0Ij89xazA It's basically a Se performance. The image centers on a lone figure with impossibly long legs that elevate his head into bleak empty space. Maybe someone we think is INFP or something out there is actually a dark ISFJ. building sheds, for real, he was actually building sheds. Does it make you want to laugh or cry. Don't you feel he's too much weird all the time to be ISFP tough. Further proof of how individualized his feeling tones are:''Different paintings would have different sounds. INFJ may be peculiar in their intuition, but their feeling is extraverted, it find itself in other's emotions, it connects with it, and as such is good at explaining itself to someone else. there are no surprises there' ''. He is making the person in that interview uncomfortable, lol. I don't see the moralistic aspects you're referring to. He's interested in society as a whole, sending out tweets on his twitter wanting to know what and how everyone is doing. Wouldn't Si be more nostalgic about it. I only liked some of his movies, instead of liking them all and being a big fan like other mbti types. Dreamer I associate most with INFP, and Aesthete with ISFP, so I vote him INFP overall. Butterfly is way too lazy for something like that. Also, if you go on David Lynch's twitter and if you replace "Dear Twitter Friends" with "Diane", you'll realize that his Twin Peaks character Dale Cooper is essentially based on himself. I would like to know who you are as you have stronger powers. And he is not sx/sp. (bobnickmad, random fact collect, lol. rememberGregory House' discussion havn't be deleted, i jude hid te page. Yet, I still finds his ideas too weird and non-linear for an ISFP ( a kid growing a benevolent grandmother from a seed. He did not realise what were his responsibilities until then. We have such different way of comunicating things, I would like to go from one point to anothet and put high ideas in simple terms (Ne) maybe referencincing how I feel inside(Fi-Se), he would stay in place but combine oddly specific impresions with mysterious expressions (Se-Ni). I could become a better actor than david lynch and win an oscar award I am the best actor their is#idlebody. " So Se+Ni it's unbearable. Anyway, I know this isn't a convincing argument, so look at his paintings: https://www. There will also be sporadic, Ni-like mysteriousness though, and of course moral concerns, authenticity etc. Bless you :)Your last two arguments sealed the deal. Self-Pres Fours become frustrated that the environment is insufficiently attuned to their personal needs. In reality that sky would've been blue and Technicolor and the plane would've been a large military plane that made a droning sound. Also notice how he's constantly talking about his family and analyzing which actors he relates to and doesn't, basically like me and bobnickmad are constantly doing on this site, lol. Intuitive FFFFF FFFFF SSSSSSSSSSSSSSeriously though, why do we keep coming back to this "tertiary Ni" idea when we keep invalidating the theory of function stacks over and over. Apparently he liked building stuff from an young age. Because Lynch is an ISFP, he allowed himself to be corrected (Se). And yes, he's INFP. He also lacks the intensity of an sx in person. He has ideas which look like images rather than images that look like ideas, if that makes any sense. #idlebody, What do you think of Kubrick. Don't have much to say about Refn. q=david+lynch+paintings&biw=1024&bih=602&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjw0tSJs6zNAhXMtBQKHd-MBkMQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=WsjGtOi-ao0fTM%3A Where is Se in there. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about David Lynch MBTI type.. This is why I get annoyed when people type guys like David Lynch or David Bowie as ISFP, because NF artists are interested in searching for hidden meanings through abstraction. So, if Refn can do a movie like Drive and not be ISP, so can Lynch. Note also that Eraserhead was Stanley Kubrick's (ISTP) favorite film. He can't write or think without it. Lynch's work tends to forgo logical cohesiveness to give impressions, which seems like Fe suppressed Ti. Anyway, the thing that is very clear is that his infj-ness is only on surface level. ''It's a feeling that the story gives'' but really not good at making that feeling understood. I think that's more inferior Te + Se than Te + Ne. Lynch is also a musician (Se) and an artist (Se) in addition to directing movies primarily known for being visually interesting (Se). David Lynch main insterest is ze mind. ''Self-Pres Fours are particularly sensitive to comfort issues—the temperature of a room, the quality of the lighting, the humidity or lack of it, the weather—all produce powerful emotional responses. :PTo explain the Dennis Hopper thing more closely: Lynch basically allowed himself to be corrected for realism (Se). Don't how an ISFPs imagination actually works, but if an ISFP can have this kind of instant imagination, I wasted my time beign an INFP. An ISFP artist's work is not so much about finding hidden meanings, it's about how the viewer or audience experiences the artistic creation as delineated through the five senses. In comparison, from what I understand Mulholland Drive actually has a "sensible" story that can be solved by reflection and Lynch has even given hints. butterrfly=/=buterfly. It's certainly not usual, but his weirdness is always on the surface level. As for Lynch, I'm still unsure between INFP and INFJ, but I don't really see ISFP in him. His aesthetics and humor is very Se and Ni so I would guess ISFP or INFJ. He's not your typical reclusive hermit 5w4 such as Scott Walker. If you were to see a photograph of that not knowing what it was, it would be unbelievably beautiful. I also have been thinking about split fantasies too; I'm sorry if that sounds too abstract.

. regimented tertiary Si. He has inferior sensing as he's not really the type to cook or clean for himself. jpg It's like Winding Refn has been going, "Let's do that. Not Lynch tough. An ISFP would be an aesthete dedicated to reality. ''Putting aside how strange it is, it seems like what is of real interest for David Lynch is feeling tones (Fi). Just because he's not gay doesn't mean he's not an INFP. jpg http://somamagazine. Yeah, you forgot one essential aspect discussed below: his love for routine. A lot of votes in a few minutes. Anyway, I guess IxFP pr INFJ. They can deal with escapism, questioning whether one can escape in the fantasy in their mind from the banality of the world, such works that deal with this include Mulholland Dr. "In its place, Lynch presented Eraserhead, which he had developed based on a daydream of a man's head taken to a pencil factory by a small boy. You are a ISFP who wants everyone to be ISFP or is it just a troll. Also it's obviously an ongoing joke between Mikkelsen and Winding Refn which the interviewer is consciously referring to with his choice of words. We seem to go in circles with this. I started watching from about 16 minutes in and I didn't see any insults. He's about sensory impressions and what he feels about them, with a strong but inarticulate interest in Ni. Think about it this way: What was it really that he imagined. Maybe that Transcendental Meditation really works after all. "I try to keep things very divided". I mean ''hero origin story'', why is that so interesting. Lynch's work is intense as fuck and also twisted. A Bug Dreams would be a really shrill 15. *A true bunch of mental masturbators. Also, similar with what I pointed could be Fi-Si below, Blue Velvet seems mainly to be about his idylic childhood and the contrast with the dark side of society he found out later. I also think Drive is not the best comparison as he's playing with a very specific type of film (though I definitely there is some heavy intuition stuff going on with the hero origin story it's supposed to be), but if you look at more Lynchian movies like Neon Demon and Valhalla Rising, I definitely think Winding Refn-sama is more purpose-laden and conscious of what things are supposed to mean and do, and how he is developing them (Ne+Te) rather than the "take it or leave it" way I feel Lynch does it. I guess, by comparison ISPs are more focused, while INPs are more exploratory. You know there are plenty of people I still think are INFP though. < Also just in general the way he phrases himself, being a sack of potatoes, etc. On the other hand I can imagine an ISFP. Like I said, less inconsistency as possible provided we make the person justice, and Kubrick is that inconsistency here. I was watching this vid on YT about Lost Highway and he said that he was inspired/obsessed by the OJ Simpson case and the horror that implies to live with that. Lynch is ISFP and Butterfly will teach you why. The darkness is realizations about the world and human nature and my own nature all combined into one ball of sludge. Sorry about that. deals with how dreams are formed in the last part and Eraserhead is all N in aesthetic. In an earlier post Bobnickmad says that he could imagine Lynch as an ISFP if it weren't for Eraserhead, which is pure intuition. But Lynch because of X event(s) in his life knows what genuine Ni means and has scared him for life; that Ni is what he's trying to show you in his movies. ISFP valuing Ni, after all the interviews I read and watched with him. I can imagine an ISFP going down in the direction that they sort of decide to make their art about this type of amusement. He was living his life the way he wanted, not in touch at all with the real world. I feel lately that this separation in 4 letters is not apropiate in a way, since many of geniuses strenghts seems their ability in being good on aspects that are seen as dichtotomies. When the dedication to Winding Refn's wife comes and Sia starts singing about the voices in her head that tell her to treat herself better, I can actually believe in it because Winding Refn has told in his own extremely personal way and insulted the establishment every way he could on the way. Also I think the way he talks about ideas in all his quotes, as lightbulb moments you look for, sounds very Ni. )I want to make movies so girls would obsess over me on internet forums. Furthermore, note his interest in new age-y stuff like Transcendental Meditation. I see his function strength as something like: Ni > Fi > Fe > Ne > Se > Si > Ti > Te, and it all comes down to trying to come up with one type that best represents him which is very difficult. For example the American small towns depicted in Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet in each their way. , I liked the idea of having this guy on my INFP but he always weird to me among the others. Anyway I find #butterfly comment that I don't wanna agree with her weird since I did agreed with Myazaki, Mann and later even Gaiman, and I never managed to sway her not once from what I know, so it's really unfair for her to say that. Not saying INFJs are bad. But Lynch started weird. And IMO, by comparison, those things of alleged depth Refn says seem pretty shallow and empty intellectualism, probably because he's such a self-centered individual. For me INFP is Fi-Ne-(Ni)-(Ti)-(Fe)-Si-(Se)-Te. You people should open your minds a little more. Lynch is basically the Feeler version of Kubrick. @butterfly: every typology genius know ISFPs are very plain, have simple ideas and use easy words. #Zeego, It has to do with how people see the world differently, so don't know; World-View Personality Types. Cause that is just funny. Also, in interviews he has this aerian, alien like aura about him that INFx have, and you can't fake this but you can fake 'badass', compare with ISFPs like Coppola, they're more earthy. Between 9 and 17 most of the time, and sometimes around six. I think Winding Refn, in a way, is Lynch up-side down a lot of the time. @Kami-samaaa: If you read lots of my posts, I definitely don't claim everyone is an ISFP. The ISFP's work questions "What does this song/film make you feel. be/aFbrvPGvA34. Like George Lucas using old movies or many ISFP writers hiding twisted version of biographical stuff in their stories. Everyone=ISFP is doing the Lord's work here. Dreamers are people for which imagination and dreams have more appeal than simple every-day life, they have the feeling that another world, more exciting exists somewhere beneath the reality of this world and the mind can bring it to life. So, if we would type them best what they excel at, Lynch would be S-N-F while Kubrick S-N-T, which makes them better justice than typing them S or N. And after Eraserhead he is a picture of 6w5 to me. Because the meaning, it's a very personal thing, and the meaning for me is different than the meaning for somebody else. When you're a child, something as simple as a tree doesn't make sense. Perhaps it's precisely because Lynch only cares about the surface of it that he was able to make it as a surrealist (. at the core often, like in INFPs. " That's how an ISFP approaches their creations. ''This goes Lynch is a notorious creature of habit: he spent seven years drinking the same chocolate milkshake at the same time every day from Bob’s Big Boy in L. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Btw, do you have an official name yet for the "dreamer-aesthete thingy", as you called it. I tought this was bizzare Si but he's weirdly specific about how things feel to him, in a way that I'm just not. q=DAVid+lynch+so+this+is+love&biw=1024&bih=602&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj39OKdx4bNAhXI2xoKHYNeDYAQ_AUICCgD#tbm=isch&q=kurt+cobain+paintings''Part 3:Some other quotes that sounds very INFP: ''I love child things because there's so much mystery when you're a child. It takes superficial beauty so far that at the end, it's has become something gruesome and disgusting. I just thought about it for the last 10 minutes. The world seemed to be more quiet when the plane was passing through the sky. Personally I feel pretty dissatisfied with MBTI right now, as it's hard to see where projection starts and ends. Did you understad what I said. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. But what do we make of Kubrick. Like when I'm reading some really abstract book or when I was studying philosophy, she had me tell her about it, being the only really patient Sensor listener of my friends on this subject, and she was always awfully amused by it. Look, only because I type this people ISP, it doesn't mean their movie aren't meaningful. I see it too clearly. So This Is Love, would have a muffled sound like talking through a glove. And apparently he forms many of his 'ideas' from sounds. (As evidence of his poor capacity to explain the emotions in his movies or the ideas in it, but his varied impressions of sensorial impressions he collects) #idlebody, If you want to type every interesting person as a Ni-dom, fine. Supposedly Agent Cooper is based on Lynch himself and he is quite clearly an INFJ and that is what the crowd here unanimously says too. Si finds comfort in routine, and Ne imagination is left to wonder in all directions without being distracted by the every day 'surprises'. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type David Lynch likely is!. I thought that if spam votes can't be deleted than whole page should be deleted and re-added. Honestly, the more interviews I read the more ISFP makes much sense than INFJ. In this interview you can also see he's philosophical on a very wide range of subjects, while an ISFP would be philosophical in a more restricted way I'd say:http://www. I can't put all my thoughts here because I don't like to write too much. And I guess is because I can't see myself having a fluent conversation with this guy. He explained it somewhere better, by sticking to a routine, he can leave his mind freely to day-dream. How he moves his hands around, how he enunciates the way he speaks, how he is dressed. The anecdote went something like that. It would've been better if he transferred some more powers to mods, maybe power to delete filthy things. that seems very Te. When he says he likes "going into strange worlds you build" he means it literary. I suppose it's possible that David developed his Ni through that as well. or from some kind of mixing of ideas. You are a ISFP who wants everyone to be ISFP or is it just a troll. Like Kubrick or Lynch, and probably the greatest of movie-makers seems to have succeded because they have both strong S and N characteristics: S because they're good at the lowest levels -light, sound, texture, interior design etc. Same thing Murakami. If Lynch was an INFP I imagine he would have come at it in a different way, in terms of what the red room is supposed to mean, etc. Omg, bobnickmad. I would be surprised if they were the same type actually. I guess I'm gifted. His look is 4w5, not Se, definitely not bad-ass. Consider my mind blown by your superior giftedness. He wouldn't kill a fly. " *cough* Andy Warhol *cough*@bobnickmad: I meant my contrarian, weird typings. Also I've actually heard something similar about writer Karl Ove Knausgård (ISFP). So I have a hard time thinking he cares more about the aesthetics of his work than about the impression it gives overall. This is way too funny. But what confuses me is that I have never seen an ISFP 5w4 before. Actually just read Debaser's comments at the bottom of the page. it all points towards INFP imo, though opposite to Lynch one could perhaps say mundanely he is an I-S-F-P. In a way it's good Lynch would rather not talk about that stuff. Evilish in his persona, not his movies. I just discovered why Lynch makes those quick and strange gestures with one hand when he's talking; he's trying to explain the dark and unexplainable (genuine Ni). In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'David Lynch' belongs to!. If he was INTJ, that would explain his resourcefulness as a J quality, but we seemed to agree on Ti-dom. q=DAVid+lynch+so+this+is+love&biw=1024&bih=602&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj39OKdx4bNAhXI2xoKHYNeDYAQ_AUICCgD#tbm=isch&q=david+lynch+paintings&imgrc=41kW3ObKDgccSM%3A On a side note, I don't think I'm the only one who sees a similarity between his paintings, and that of Kurt Cobain:''https://www. Yet, when you look at the stuff he does completely without restrictions, like his weird short movies or those things he calls paintings, the Se like aesthetics are lacking. Also compare his body language to those of INFPs and INFJs. Or does the conservatism of Si hinder the possibility. The weirdness is its own statement (Se+Ni). Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. There are no deep conscious ethical messages with Lynch's work as you would imply. He can't be INFJ because he has too much Fi, widely shown in his movies. And by that token, you could say Lynch is more image driven, than idea driven. Him being an INFP has access to Ni in 6th place, so it's strong (theory) but it's not natural to him. Cooper is not Lynch IMO, as I said before the part of his work that appears INFJ/Ni was co-written. He can pinpoint the sounds he wants in movies in such peculiar yet to him specific ways. So my vote is for 4w5 sp/sx. The whole movie is intuition from start to finish. What would an artistic, anti-social ISFJ look like. A good way to differentiate ISFP from an NF type is to examine what the artist's intentions are. Ok, who the hell wrote Delete in the title. I saw a video behind the scenes of his movie Inland Empire, and there was a moment where he got really angry at someone not doing something right, and he was quite scary. Nicholas Winding Refn = Looks like a sack of potatoes (Tertiary Si), might have a playful smile (Ne). Does it make you want to punch someone in the face. You'll never see an INFJ call strangers "Friends", only a naive INFP. He also demonstrates introverted feeling. The collective consciousness (social instinct) is very important to him. My only addition is the separation into clouded and unclouded function. And the quote about details is actually very Si, not Se. But it's all the little details. 2) A type excells in comunicating their main extroverted functions. Like Saint-Exupéry being INFJ and George Orwell being INFP. I'd still like to see Bob's opinion on Refn now. His films are full of abstractions and "strangeness" that pervade any sense of realism, and in interviews he always seems like a head-in-the-clouds type. Mark Frost was the brain of Twin Peaks (He wrote, directed and produced on his own the last episodes of the first season of the show because Lynch left to do Wild at Heart, and they are amazing), Lost Highway was co-written by Barry Gifford. Lynch is not going to actually interact that much with the ideas behind it, but he plays with the moods and sensation of this weirdness. "reliable, responsible and conscientious. When confused between ISFP and INFP, always look for signs on "sack of potatoes" - Works 100%. This guy is what I call a ''Dreamer-Aesthete''. At first glance, the movie looks positively wacky. About Mikkelsen "it's like speaking to an airhead". I guess you are. And let's do that and that and that. He mostly doesn't go into philosopical generalties and when he does he explains it in a mysterious way, like the fact that a script is made from ideas sounds like a religious thing from him. I have been thinking more about what you said about being inspired to make the red room after touching a car though, and I'm actually starting to think that's not a very Ne thing. I also think what Bobnickmad was saying about INFP vs. He does have Ni but it is a strong Ni. We i'll have time, i'll fix itSite admin visited us today and deleted the Gregory House page. #life goalYou can wait. The way he puts out his emotions lacks the subtlety of an INFP IMO. To me it feels like self absorbed Se, like De Palma, possessed by his obsessions. :) Anyway, you have actually swayed me. '' He seems very sensitive to these kind of things, from ruining a relationship because he couldn't stand the smell of cooking food, to cofee and the same meal. '''Part 2:When you take from the equation the Ni bias that comes with Transcendental Meditation which makes him describe his process as quite Ni, and compare with how his actual process is, it actually sounds more like his main drive is again, feeling tones that come to him in fragments. Now I see 6 votes, but there were more earlier. Routine or not I think you need to look at other things to know if he was a J, in this case an INFJ (Ni-dom) as your theory. At least, Mulholland Dr. http://afistfulofculture. *unusual high range, 3) Related to 2. He enjoys habitual behaviors and routines (like eating the same meal every day for months) that allow him to free his mind to think about other things (Ni+Ti). If they're wrong, then it throws you out of the mood. I think Miyazaki and Mann are pretty uncontroversial, lol. He's similar with Bob Dylan and Chino Moreno from Deftones in the sense that sensorial impression suggests surrealistic images but those images are valued for their quality as images and not much more. I didn't think of it. #butterfly won me here, but you can still save yourself. I feel like I see that more often in other INFPs than INFJs who tend to be more idiosyncratic. Anyway, I'm trying to develop my own personal ''system'', based on MBTI but not tied to the functions (except the dominant and inferior). ISFP is Fi-Se-(Si)-(Ti)-(Fe)-Ni-(Ne)-Te, if you're interested in my typing logic. Do they think what story they want to make and than they take or add thinks from the basic premises untill it suits their own artistic sensibilities. I think Lynch has some sort of Tertiary Ni fixation with surrealism. I guess Se users can be obsessive too, but over Se-ish things like sport or martial arts, but just randomly spouting fact about personal interests at people that don't want to hear it, it's kinda tertiary Si, no. For one, I find the music he makes very Ne in aesthetic, but I think any can like whatever style of aesthetics they like, it's more a matter of personal taste. His surrealism also carries a lot more meaning. I always feel like my friends, relatives, etc. I don't expect a Ne user to talk about his movie means, but rather to talk about various things starting from the movie, yet Lynch just dwelves in this mystical cliches. Rest was all rubbish. Also, the fact that he has this thing with the world hidden behind the real world, the meeting of the normal and the bizzare, the journey in a weird world hidden behind the surface, strikes me very INFP. Anyway, the main thing with a system like MBTI is to eliminate inconsistencies or convoluted explanations, as long as it does the person typed justice. Lynch persona is not dark at all. Or maybe he has some interesting points to make, but it ruins it with cheap shock value, sort of like Marlyin Manson. I don't see what the last part of your comment has to do with the rest. Also, while filming Eraserhead he enjoyed. Sit down and take notes. I don't find that much depth in the things Butterfly say about Refn. As such, there still remains a problem with being sure that people like Lynch, Tarkovsky, Oshii are Intuitives, even agreeing that any type can be good with aesthetics: Stanley Kubrick. Or his weird mini movies, like The Alphabet which seem pure abstractions. Also I feel Lynch's depiction of small town life may just as well be a Se thing. Or I can be going along and see an old Band-Aid in the street, and you know how an old Band-Aid is. In fact Blue Velvet's plot seems mainly driven by ideas who's values serves in settingba mood (songs, ears, ants, clothes etc. Unlike his movies, the sensuality is taken out from there, instead they are unsettling on a visceral level, in a way that suggest an unhealthy low Si to me (Si being interiorized sensation, opposed to extroverted one). Which can be explained with. Like Kubrick's more original works were based on books which he modified untill they matched his personal likes and dislikes while adding stuff that accentiate certain aspects of a scene. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Acting and Movie Industry characters list.. But Lynch talks only about ideas and how thet attract each other. I also think that either you are underestimating what an ISFP can do (in terms of starting out with surrealism, etc. INFP, because for him what matters is to infuse life with the quality of dreams, his movies are basically dreams presented in a way that they can be comprehended while not losing their dream quality. I find it strange to think of him as INFP being me one. was a very human story, masterfully executed, and the weirdness actually gave weight to the characters drama. I don't think it makes sense to type Lynch as an S simply because he's good with aesthetics. I disagree though. '' SP are about being exploratory when it comes to the senses, but Si, even lower Si is bound to same kind of routine or another. Overall, I think he's far too erratic to be INFJ. You could turn it around and say taking 8 years is evidence of his perseverance, suggesting SP. I think it's more important that he's interested in what lies behind the way things appear that is N over S, than Se or Ni aesthetics. The conversation before was interesting though and you could have found answers there. It was a cheap movie but he build the props manually. FJ are verbally emotionally articulated (not this guy), NP are good at putting complex ideas in simple terms, not really him either. I also have an ISFP friend, and she actually loves everything off-beat. The similarity is easy explained by both Lynch and Murakami being Ne-Si INFPs, not ISFP and INFJ. Read his autobio, it's all about "fishing" ideas, nothing concrete in there. In fact why do you need different types for them when they're so similar in the first place. I was doing regular goof-ball stuff. So you have this very strange movie that started from this very strange day dream. There's an interview with Charlie Rose about Straight Story, and he really struggles to explain what is that attracted him to the story. However, seeing as how he is very structured in his everyday life, maybe he isn't really inferior in Te. What I found he has an aptitude for, is explaining textures and sensations from other sensory elements, yet he's still the world strangest ISFP: he's fascinated by the textures of ducks, hairless rats, band aids (. Body language is an unreliable way to type, but I think Lynch seems strikingly ISFP. But anyway, my main arguments are how he started Eraserhead from a bizzare day dream and that his movies aren't 'meaningless' as you seem to take, rather their meaning is more personal. Just like Speed Gavroche posted on the french side he values comfort, peace of mind and tranquility way too much to be sx/sp. It's better not to know so much about what things mean. The evil hiding just under the surface sounds Se+Ni to me above all. When he says that Mikkelsen is an airhead, that's like when I call Shane Carruth lazy or something. It actually seems like Ti that he represses the most. I find Refn agressive, and The Neon Demon is the worst film I've seen in theaters. t=4m36s And I'm definitely not saying any INFP is going to like Nicolas Winding Refn movies nor necessarily trying to convince you of his work's qualities, I'm just trying to point to some of things I think are going on in the movie, suggestive of his particular INFP-ness. About how his inspiration works: before making Eraserhead he wanted to make "Gardenback was a surrealist script about adultery which featured a continually growing insect representing one's man's lust for his neighbor. With my description I was not trying to suggest his movie are "deep" or original, but playful/wacky (Ne) and that the ideas seem to come before the images. Also this quote by him strikes me as very INFx: "It makes me uncomfortable to talk about meanings and things. In a way, it would be more easy to see him as an ISFP than an INFJ. It gives him some kind of spiritual/aesthetic experience. Like I imagine a SP musician jamming based on some old patterbs and ending up with something sounding completely new from there. Dennis Hopper, who didn't know what helium did to your voice, asked Lynch why he would be breathing helium when other gasses make you feel a lot better. Anyway, SP=/=regimented routine. Butterfly what is your problem. His main ability lies in knowing how particular sensations feel like, not articulating abstract ideas or relatable emotions. I still can't explain the Eraserhead thing but I came to agree on ISFP on 3 main motives from reading writen interviews and stuff: 1) He was very hands on, 'artisan' (SP) with making Eraserhead. I think an INFP or INFJ as fulfilled as Lynch would be a bit more intellectually, intuitively sophisticated. It generally helps INFP them unify their subjective Fi impressions into some world-view and visualize their dream-worlds. Meanwhile it's makes no sense with a SP. I find it agressive. Anyway, ISFP David Lynch got me thinking. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding David Lynch Myers-Briggs and personality type!. In the 4 function+2 axis model he could only be ISFP, but I find it as a very unsatisfying model. He can't be ISFP because his movies are too complex. It's the poses and everything. This is a guy who put his hand on a hot car and he immediately imagined The Red Room. 000 cycle piercing sound, She Wasn't Fooling Anyone, She Was Hurt Bad would be an extremely slow motion, muffled breaking glass sound. I can't explain other diets he has though. #Zeego, Yeah, I also know this, the thing is with the hands-on approach and resoursfulness a director like Lynch or Kubrick need to have. He's close to Robert Altman in a way, and I now think the part of his work which seems Ni was actually co-written. *things, patterns, song lyricsDoes anybody knows how an ISFPs artistic process works like. When you look at those paintings, even though the motives are surreal, there is a sort of earthy evenness to their beauty (Se). For example in portraying what it feels like to encounter a foreign culture, he created some very bizarre images (Valhalla Rising), and in trying to convey frustration at going too far about superficial beauty, he creates some really horrific, fascinating images (Neon Demon), etc. And making a movie about the ''cruelty'' and ''shallowness'' of the beauty industry is one of the most cliche things ever. He knows how to look cool and nearly always pulls of some kind of self-conscious elegant pose, just like Camus or Knausgård (alleged ISFPs). His obsesion with 'ideas' and 'dreams' is probably a fascination to a 3rd Ni he likes diving in but still feels like weird teritory, his obsesion with Transcendental Mediation is likely a fascination with tertiary Ni. I also realized that in order to remain consistent to my system, I have to change Van Gogh to an ISFP (aesthete-dreamer). And so the sound and music and color and shape and texture, if all those things are correct and a woman looks a certain way with a certain kind of light and says the right word, you're gone, you're in heaven. I:This is a pleasant memory for you, yet you've translated it into a dark image; why. htmlMusing on Lynch,Part 1: #randomguy:''Many of his explanation is more of a personal impression based on sensory experience which suggests Fi and Si. He also said he started making films to see his paintings moving. is what happens when one watches Sunset Boulevard and Persona several times in his life, its no longer such a mysterious movie, albeit a masterfully executed one in terms of atmosphere. I monitor my internal moods (Fi-Si) but he seems to have an usual high range of descriptions for sounds, tactile and visual sensations. Or how he imagined The Red Room from a warm red car. After thinking I get to some clarity on this, it all failed apart. DL:''Inspiration is like a piece of fuzz – it kind of comes up and makes a desire and an image that causes me to want to paint it. David Lynch is somewhat imposing and strange. Huh, these are good points. He even says something like that Mads Mikkelsen is one of the greatest actors in the world and that he was lucky to work with him. Because on the one hand, he talks about introverted intuition quite a lot. That last comment of you makes me think a lot already about INFPs in general. DL:Because darkness has crept in since then.

. Compare to for example the aesthetic of, yes, Winding Refn-sama's Drive. Another argument: Note that Lynch is famous for weird stuff, like peeing on set in front of everyone (not kidding). But I see INFJs all the opposite of what you just have said. For example, your beloved Refn and Drive. He movies aren't as deep as some make them out to be, he is very shallow and self obsessed like kurt cobain ( also infp ). ''There also seems to be a Fi-Si thing going one with his weird imagery, talking about a painting: ''Interviewer:One of your recent paintings, "So This Is Love", seems to take a fairly dark view of love. Robert Crumb is sx/sp; look at the man and then his work, do they match. :P"As a teenager, I was really trying to have fun 24 hours a day. He says he separates movies and family. Murakami, whether he is INFP or INFJ, is heavily concerned with society and community even when he tells us not to care. ^^ How upset you are may better be explained by Winding Refn having cut the throat of Fe to achieve Fi. He's all about textures, moods, visual contrasts, nothing Ni-Fe about the guy. He actually seems unusually INFP at the place you pointed me to. I think that after The Neon Demon, he's done with her. I mean, you could claim that by letters he's I-N-F-P, but he seems more in touch with Se than Ne. Butterfly wins this one. @fuckboy: "hello to" is always right though, so you must listen. Read his quotes on brainyquote; it screams INFP 4w5. I've seen that you could delete all the comments on House's page and did a rework on the recent comments section. Not saying ISxP can't be intuitive creators as well though. But I still see The Neon Demon as the assertion of shallow Se, not Ne. v=I7xhdtq9N90. Maybe if there was more information about his food habits. :) And nooo, I don't think Lynch is too much weird to be an ISFP. Not saying Lynch is ISFJ, but it got me thinking. But also in his art, such as enjoying to sleep on the sets of Eraserhead or saying he wants to bite his pictures. That and I also see a more conventional Si aspect to him, in his idealization of small town life and comparing it to the ''corruption'' he later found. And it feels fake. INFPs create Ni through strong Fi+Ne fueled by Si (theory, don't quote me). And in Enneagram land, something that isn't 5. It feels superficial (and it is asserted) to me. It's something sensory (Se) that in a lightbulb moment perhaps (Ni) leads to something else sensory. At the same time, Lynch doesn't explain things in a very Ne way, I mean he talks ABOUT ideas, rather than talking ideas. Yet his brainyquotes sound (scream) lighthearted but also deep INFP: http://www. You've definitely studied him a lot closer in terms of MBTI than I have, so there's that. It's more the lack of Se aesthetic in his more personal projects ('paintings' or short movies) that makes it clear for me. But to me he has lived dark, strong and genuine Ni, which he shows in his movies but he's not comfortable with that because he's an INFP after all. There's a the fact that he's an obviously gifted person, which makes it more likely to have several functions strongly developed, thus more likely an ISFP with strong Ni then an INFJ with poor Fe and even poorer Ti. He's also slightly out of balance (Inferior Te) - though I think a lot of that is also a sort of Ne-based impression of a pretentious movie director and Danish movie industry culture (note Lars von Trier's douchy Fe) -- and he is a sack of potatoes (Si). Just an anecdote I could never put together about Lynch which I think suddenly makes sense now that I think he's ISFP. I find it uber suspicious that INFJ is winning here looooool''pretentious movie director and Danish movie industry culture (note Lars von Trier's douchy Fe) '' Something's rotten in Denmark indeed. I went to see The Neon Demon with my INFP friend, and she was disgusted and impressed at how bad she thought the film was, so that's not an INFP thing as you would like to see it, but just your own take on Refn. The plane took a long time to cross the sky and the sound it made was very serene. With ISFP all the parts fit and there are no too big problems imo; it's just kind of surprising, that is all. I'm an 4w5 too and I don't look half as cool as David Lynch. Doesn't really sound like a person living in ideas (N). INFJ 5w4 so/sx. I think a lot about Winding Refn's strangeness can be explained by him being an INFP with dyslexia, which forces him to get out in the world and express himself physically. I can't imagine Se-Ni jumping connections like that: warm car -- surrealist roim, with only the color red in common. Your post about him being ISFP made me more sure about him being INFP :) (in the sense that I still can't see Eraserhead ISFP, lol). Does this make any sense. Couldn't there theoretically be ISFJs like this. I imagine stuff like that often. It deals with subjects that are important to that group, and it attacks authority - which Winding Refn imagines teens like though he can't possible be serious that he thinks he has done this in an appealing way (Ne). thecityofabsurdity. I have no clue what "evilish persona" is or what that has to do wtih INFJ. He even seems weirder alongside actual ISFPs though. But a movie script seems more complex than that. That point towards a care for ethics (Fi). Apparently, in Blue Velvet, Lynch wanted Dennis Hopper to breathe in helium when he calls for his mommy and whatever in those really weird scenes. If anything, Fi doms appear colder and likely to be "evil" from the outside, while the Fe of INFJs gives a warmer, outwardly kind exterior. I, for one, am actually INFP myself. Does this means delete all the discussion here as well. Sofia Coppola is an INFP wannabe. He's a clear self-preserving 4w5. I agree with everything Bob said. Basically, since Ni is usually clouded by Ne, it tends to not show at the surface of most INFPs, but is actually an important part of their psyche, it's just its domain is limited and put to serve Ne. Se users might need something like that to concentrate, a specific sensory thing, like Lynch has his chocolate milk because their senses are otherwise so sensitive. But Lynch doesn't have that. Seems like a lot of Se for both an INFJ and an INFP. There's a cameo he did in Twin Peaks where he talks about cofee and he seems more outer-wordly than Copper himself who's INFJ, and he just plays himself. Like for example Blue Velvet, come from the image of an ear in the grass, then he heard one of the song that is played the movies, and all kinds of images that eventually set the overall mood. I don't claim to have the truth on the matter, but the four function models leads to overtly-convoluted explanations and ignores half of someone's functions. Meanwhile, ISTPs like Kubrick deal with some of the logical implications the story, another type would pass over, because Ti itself weight those things. According to Mikkelsen, Winding Refn is a complete nerd you can't discuss anything but movies with. A Ni-dom would talk about concepts and archetypes in their work instead of rambling on and on how ''ideas are a beautiful thing'' and never getting anywhere like he read it in a book but never got after the first chapter. I don't see an INFP being that relaxed about their body. So Lynch simply changed it another gas. ) in Hollywood. There's also the quote I posted about how one of his paintings is a serene image of his childhood but ''darkness has crept in''. It's amazing that such a visually impressive movie was made with low budget, but Lynch managed it because he got involved with building props and had an instinctive eye for light and shadows. " You see the same striking, wacky visuals in presumed INFP directors like Tim Burton. com/site/wp-content/uploads/drive-DRV-01381_rgb. You make me want to change votes for both Lynch and Refn as ISFP. But yes, I have a problem differentiating INFPs from INFJs and ISFPs lately. They're not at all interested in concrete ideas. He's inarticulate both in Feeling (like in the Charlie Rose interview, Charlie Rose is Fe and it's easy to see the awkwardness in that interview) and Intuition, instead he's very good at explaining how sounds and textures or comparing sounds and textures etc. I'm a 495 trytipe which is consider very imaginative, Lynch is probably 459 or something, but I can't imagine the trytipe making someone's daydreams so surreal without a clear preference for Intuition over Sensation. Eraserhead seems to be very much like the works of Kafka, strange, surreal metaphors of his own personal anxieties, mainly that of being a father. I think that's a very technical, minor point to topple my otherwise successful line of reasoning. I insist you listen to these MBTI masters and enlighten yourself. I didn't start thinking until I was 20 or 21. His father and brother had to come to him and tell him to get a job because he had to support his wife and newly born daughter. All that feels more Ne. Does it make you horny. He's not a 5, and he's not sx/sp in my view. Only watched Drive, which I really liked for being a simple story executed in a careful way with superb visuals. He's very sensitive to how the environment feels around him, and I don't see much envy directed to the social sphere or intimates, like for example, from Kurt Cobain (sx/sp). He does seem to have that inferior rejected Te thing going on, which would make sense for an INFP. Se sort of seems to be where he is at home. When I make up wacky stuff, at least, that's how it works. DL:It's like a negative image of my childhood. It's in the gutter next to some dirt and a rock, and maybe a little twig. Really, because he has 'cool' hair or something. #segovois, there are people here who troll with modified names of original users, please do not delete the original users. Of course bobnickmad is another peasant like you. David Lynch = Badass motherfucker (Se). Does it make you want to dance. I don't think being iresponsible is N tough, as many homeless alcoholics people are there. For the record, I love his work prior to Drive. INFPs are aesthete that try to break the conventions of reality through imagination. , you need a more conventional, Se like aesthetic, but I don't think INFPs lack in aesthetics sensibilities department either. He is also apparently extremely polite and mature" INFPs are like that when they work with other people, the healthy ones; responsible above all. Okay, so I've finally taken the time to take a careful look at David Lynch, and I come out absolutely convinced that he is an ISFP. A very concrete example is the Scorpion image which is sort of the Drive guy's superhero suit. Btw #butterfly, do you think being nerdy like that on a specific topic is a sign of tertiary Si. '' That's an interesting point. don't really know me, but with that single insight I feel like you have looked directly into my soul. Apparently that's all he did and left. Or a butterfly. I also changed to 4w5 sp/sx. He lacks the intensity of an sx/sp. And when he makes a movie like Inland Empire, shoots it himself with a pd 150 (very poor dv cam), he does not care about the quality of the image that much, but enjoys the freedom to make little movies on his own. I'm quite puzzled by the loss of quality in discussion on this site. But photos capture that very well. I do agree that there are some ISFP-ish thing to him, but he wouldn't be the first INFP with an appreciation for visuals or sound. Another argument: Google "Nicolas Winding Refn" or "Tim Burton", and google "David Lynch". I could see him as a very disturbed Fi dom with backfiring Te. Lynch was lazy (not about Eraserhead, I just meant to say that he was not productive as you would expect an ISFP filmmaker to be). Se, even coupled with Ni has a certain conventional aesthetic that lacks completely from his 'paintings'. He has that intense, cool Se/Ni vibe, but at the same time he is clearly not Fe. Both of you do not have very convincing argument for either type. That seems very 4 rather than 5, but he still may have a 5 wing. Really unpleasant and didn't expect it, yet he started laughing right after that. That's moronic. I've heard things to that effect, but I don't really know his influences or paintings well enough to tell if it's a Extraverted Sensing-like relationship he has to them. The way he dreamed up the ending of Blue Velvet is also pretty intuitive. Next discussion topic, do you guys think it would be evil for me to actively try to break up Winding Refn's marriage or do I need to just patiently wait :(Well, to be fair - in my last post I was arguing that the elements of Neon Demon that thedude calls "sick Se" or something is in fact general Fi. and you see the stain of a little and maybe some yellow dirt on it, a little ointment. I can NOT see him as an Fe-dom though. When asked how he achieved those effects with so litle money he said it's about how things are lighten in front of the camera. I mean, if we look at someone like Bob Dylan or Stanley Kubrick we see that before they got into weirdness they were rather conventional. Anyway, I think creative processes vary for everyone of course, but I have the impression ISFPs tend to be copyists (through Se). Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. ), plus that he puts ideas above everything in interviews, alongside his very subjective, non-Fe personal feeling tones, so Fi+Intuition over sensation would make most sense. I think if Lynch was INFP would had been like, "Who cares. He obsessively chews Juicy Fruit bubblegum. I saw Van Gogh in the INFP heaven. I imagine creative SPs being more hands-on material where their sensibilities about the fits in the material based on their sensibilities and modyfying till it all fits to their liking. The metaphor about fatherhood is actually pretty banal (Tertiary Ni). INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. Because like David, Russell Brand also practices transcendental meditation and despite Russell being ENFP, he managed to develop his Ni through that. What would an artistic, anti-social ISFJ look like. Finally, take a look at this interview. I understand that with Camus or Johny Depp, but Lynch. Are you trying to say that INFPs are more shallow than INFJs and ISFPs. There is all the weird colors, interesting details in the background, etc. And so the details are incredibly important. :PWell played Buttefly,but. Well, I see stronger Ni than Fi, and no Te so he can't be INTJ, leaving INFJ as the best option, although INFP comes in 2nd place. " So you can see the weird stuff in his movie is not meaningless like you seem to imply. Since INFP seems completely off to me, and I don't think he is INFJ, I'm prone to concluding that you are underestimating, lol. We have INFJs as weird as Lars von Trier and Marilyn Manson, who upset people on purpose. To some degree I think it's *really* supposed to be a horror movie for 16 year old girls. It's just the weird way it makes you feel and how mysterious it is. You see it in the distance and it looks small, but as you go closer, it seems to grow – you haven't got a handle on the rules when you're a child. He was more tied to reality, he painted stuff that was there in reality and only use his strong imagination for aesthetic purpose. ISFP can use Ni, but it's decorative (like with Klimt), Mulholland Dr. Tim Burton = Looks like a sack of potatoes (Tertiary Si) and somewhat gloomy (Fi). ISFP anger fits with Winding Refn who is more someone who looks like he is about to blow up at any moment than genuinely, naturally aggressive. Laura Harring also said he has a very visual way of explaining things, or another actor about how he gives instructions like "you have a plastic bag on your face" to explain what he wants from him. Don't know, I'm so confused lately on this issue, I have no idea why can't I just leave this behind and focus on my personal dreamer-aesthete thingy I tried to do as to individualize my own personality types. His Ne is strong too. Couldn't there theoretically be ISFJs like this. As for The Neon Demon, it's one of my favorite experiences of 2016, movies and not. But while I can see an ISFP adding strong intuition to his movies (sort of like Blue Velvet), I can't see an ISFP making Eraserhead as a debut film. Someone is spamming. and End of Evangelion. As I understand, Se users can get very angry and scary suddenly, and just as suddenly cool down, while Si users come of as less scary in the moment but takes them more time to cool off, as if Si users are a storm passing by while Se users are a thunder. Similar with Kubrick with conventional movies like The Kill before going 2001 and stuff. He doesn't seem to have that "investigator" passion for diving deep into topics, preferring to focus on juxtaposing objects of emotional complexity, to create a dissonant manipulator of the subconscious. Very much like Kubrick, he was a true 'artisan' , not just someone with ideas, his later movies were more expensive yet less ambitious because he lacked time and control. The thing with a guy like Lynch or Kubrick is that they were very practical at the lowest level -cinematography- which helped them great movies with amazing cinematography (2001, Eraserhead) much cheaper than many others would have. Murakami and David Lynch are also very different in person. But the meaning of the red room doesn't really matter much to Lynch, I think. If I would type the movie itself it would be ISP, but don't know Refn himself. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. , N because the way they take this projects into this mind-blowing creations that stretch the limits of their genre and tend to be contemplative people. Like I was in school, and I saw this piece of metal in my mind there appeared this full image of a grey alien ocean, with black towers that were populated by unseen organism, and there were this red dots floating around, and all this, the ocean, the towers seemed organic. Lost Highway was written with Barry Gifford and what inspired Lynch with OJ is not ethics at all, it's the state fugue, how a man can escape in fantasies refusing to accept his crime. I personally have things like that quite often. Like there's this thing about innocence and how it can turn to its dark-side in Lynch movies (Blue Velvet, Mulholland: the main characters start as innocent people, yet their curiosity/sensitivity turn to voyeurism+adultery/crime), or people not escaping from their conscious (Lost Highway, Mulholland, is about people escaping their guilty conscious inside their minds yet it all unravels bit by bit from inside) which in itself carries importance, because Fi itself weight those things. The simple fact that it took 8 years for him to make eraserhead, not to mention is laziness is just so un-SP. Taking this into account, and the fact that ISFPs are statistically a lot more common than INFJs, INFPs and INTJs, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many "deep" and unusual artists are in fact ISFPs. Of course, for a long movie like Blue Velvet or Mulholland Dr. Compare to similar director Nicolas Winding Refn (INFP) who tends to have a lot more complex and developed metaphors. Sorry those who trusted me. But I think ISFPs are systematically underestimated, among other reasons because most people seem to lack an extensive understanding of Se and Tertiary Ni - and what it can do and does. ISFPs however abstract they can be are more grounded than that. I guess my final vote for David is INFP. He's one of the more outgoing fives. It's an image. I also get the impression he likes his 'paintings' for the materials he uses to make them more than anything, and they're Francis Bacon worship anyway. It's pretty cliched stuff. It's just been scrambled. Also note how his movies, when he's not being surreal, tend to be very down-to-earth stories about common life as it is lived (Se). @bobnickmad: sorry that was my fault. Actually, Eraserhead is incredibly Se. " (Ne) Personally I'm sad whenever I think of that, because I think it would had been so cool. And also like I'm trying to see all the "important movies", going through lists of books, etc. Other Dreamer-Aesthetes include Tim Burton, Charles Baudelaire and Hideaki Anno. But my general argument about Winding Refn is wackiness (Ne) and earnestness/always-following-his-heart (Fi). That said, I don't think this lack of being very articulated in interviews necessary makes him SP, as INFPs can find verbal expression difficult, NFJ not so much. I just have a really hard time making sense of Lynch as a INFP and especially INFJ. He even has one character turn a running garden hose in the direction of the camera for a moment, as if he is peeing at the audience. We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experienced is a narrowing of the imagination. As for Lynch looking bad-ass. *(Fi-Si), on my INFP list, to anotherThat's a good point #hello to, I also tought this, but he excelled at the SP side of movie creation with Eraserhead, and like I said, and he alwayes felt off to me despite being close in type, enneagram and instinct. Fi-dominance and Ti-dominance in itself deals with either value judgements or story logic, which is enough to gave a movie ''meaning'', even when it's not explored in a Ne way. ), draws, paints and makes music while just taking in good faith a type of meditation that supposedly can hinder natural catastrophes if enough people do it, affecting the aura of the environment or something. He also said that his movies aren't about a social message, which seems odd for an NFJ. Lynch, on the other hand, is very "art for art's sake" and his surrealism is often just plain "take it or leave it" weirdness. Ni is the most difficult part to talk about; theories of strong Ni in INFPs. The difference between this movie and Mullholand Drive (Lynch alone) may be the answer. He saw a red car and he imagined a red room.

David Lynch

MBTI enneagram type of David Lynch Realm:

Category: Acting and Movie Industry


INFJ - 55 vote(s)
INFP - 53 vote(s)
INTP - 3 vote(s)
ISFP - 2 vote(s)

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4W5 - 21 vote(s)
5W4 - 20 vote(s)
4W3 - 1 vote(s)
6W5 - 1 vote(s)
9W8 - 1 vote(s)
9W1 - 1 vote(s)

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