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Donald Trump Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Donald Trump MBTI personality type cover chart

They're SPs after all, school as it is now is SJ. 8w7 sx/so or so/sx are the only ones that make sense. trump is a visionary, we could all learn a thing or two from Trump@HDr. That seems to be more of what I'm seeing in him, anyway. Compare Trump to the plethora of GOP's ESTJ candidates and you'll see the difference. He used to attack people like Jon Stewart on Twitter all the time, totally unprovoked (seriously look it up it's funny as shit)Him acting the same at 40 as he does at 70 isn't an SJ thing it's just human nature. That is funny. People close to him say that he usually has the opinion of the person he last spoke to. I'm sure some more of his tactics are outlined in the "Art of the deal". PRESIDENT DONALD J. Donald Trump is LITERALLY Hitler. Clinton is so tyrannical, but no one talks about it. "I like people who weren't captured" and building a wall, making Mejico pay - obvious Te. If Bernie can make Socialism non-taboo, Trump can do the same with Fascism. Whatever is your opinion about him the guy knows how to rattle crowds. He doesn't care about logic. I don't know where have you seen that. He's too erratic and impulsive and on the edge to be a TJ, His daughter Ivanka is a EXTJ and they are very different. The act of winning itself is not something that seems to satisfy him on its own. Trump's Pness, contrary to rumors, is massive. Going through bankruptcy (to his own advantage) so many times and exploiting cracks in the system to his benifit suggests a business savvy but rash risk taker. v=1o6-bi3jlxkI don't place a lot of faith in these bullshit percentages after what happened last Tuesday. most of the time he's sort of cool. He's basically Te-Se or Se-Te if you are using functions. You guys aren’t Trump supporters are you. ESTPs do listen to their guts. I'm ready to see the USA and North Korea go to war. I don't know, I must be talking shit myself but STPs are the types I understand the least and Trump feels like one. He is good a negotiating and pleasing to get the deal he wants. I think he'll be a good leader. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. ESTJs are more thorough no matter if you use cognitive functions (Si vs. I live in France and the hypocrisy and propaganda is real. Not a J-type by anyyyy stretch of the imagination. What the fuck is wrong with you, guys. He is quite whiny, as well, more whiny than an 8 would be comfortable with being as they don't like to be seen as somebody that's easily bothered by things. I doubt he is one. I'm not a fan of Hillary, but in the debate she beat the shit out of him. ) Not sure if he’s a 6w7 or 7w8 fix, but definitely 8w7 3w4 x. There is nothing very ordered about him, except for the way he extracts energy from his surroundings and feeds off what he gets in return for doing this. ESTP 8w7 sx/so, "grab 'em by the pussy" is a hint why I didn't choose sp/so. Si: while Trump doesn’t care about political correctness, and might neglect reality sometimes, he does hold very Si values, is nostalgic of the past, and wants to give the country a glory he sees in past times. yea, too masculine for that Why. I can sort of understand ESTJ if you're only typing him based on his bluntness (disagree though), but in what universe and under what reasoning is he not a clear extrovert. Te is about having clear-cut, "to-the-point" solutions to something and following them through without question. A very keen metagame player whose strategies go over the heads of many. I geuss he naturally suffers from ADHD and he shows a lot of NPD, HPD and Hypomania symptoms. It only shows if they pay more attention to other's or their own feelings, or their/the established logical systems. Trump's Pness, contrary to rumors, is massive. What a SHITTY AND ARCHAIC COUNTRY. Being a good marketer and salesman doesn't make him a 3. Even if people are sensitive to the topic. He was kind of likable back then. If you listen to old recordings of him from the 80s he talks almost exactly the same now. But it is the ESTJ lack of considering they are wrong which will get them in a bunch of tough situations, which kind of seems like Trump. I think his pandering to people and his reaction to his social environment would also suggest Fe. Lol Bigoltitties did you actually copy Donald Trump his speaking style there and used it yourself. His entire campaign strategy is pure ESTP. Why not ESFP then. He's probably a 6 or an unhealthy 3. Presidential ESTP candidates are exactly like Trump in their campaign. Dude's so ESTP, it's painful. What I mean about ESTJ being less thorough, I mean their analysis is a little less thorough because they are more decisive. An ESTJ wouldn't be very adaptable and would be more interested in enfprcing the rules than power itself. But he's still successful. But trying to get it out.

. If I were to type him, I would actually type him as INFP's opposite, the ESTJ. " #HolyShitUh, throwing a tantrum at the slightest provocation. He is not a feeler. He's completely inconsiderate, and is going to do whatever he thinks is best, without the normal influences or goals most people have/use. Hmmm, I wonder why he never appealed to poor or uneducated people. He threatens violence at his own rallies ON CAMERA. Ivanka won't be the first lady but she'll be the first lady president. This guy is all about having fun, and he is too irrational, sensitive and reactive to be a decent T type. An obviously unhealthy ESTP. He associates things to the same things that he always does, and always falls back on the same tricks, knowing what works from experience (just look at how he talked about his crowd getting excited about the wall). No analysis at all is a bad argument for a Ti type. )Your chance of dating me went down from 17% to 0% with that comment of yours. Sweden is fucked m8 Daddy Trump's the cringy type of INFP, the 3w4 LMAO Donald Trump an INTJ. I think he's a 3. I don't know where I was going with that SPs in school stuff. TRUMP, SAY IT WITH ME NOW. I think he's doing a great job. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Donald Trump' belongs to!. trump doesn't seem like the sort of person who mulls over all the options, is okay with ambiguity and lack of closure, and is more laid-back than deliberate. His hands are too small to envision anything. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Donald Trump MBTI type.. He doesn't *really* mind dissent, he actually said he likes that Pence and Mattis and other members of his cabinet have their own opinions on things, and the only time he attacks people is when they attack him personally. If you think an ESTP candidate would relay mainly on logic to win people, it means you probably don't know how ESTPs present themselves irl. He usually gets typed as an 8w7 but his obsession with his self-image and his obvious insecurites about being seen as a "loser" or infavorably by others seems way more like type 3 to me. the ESFP shadow type is INTJ,not ENTJ. It’s a thinking type just like all the other thinking types. This guy is more like a guy that sort of wants others to think he has presence. Some, or many of his ideas are not founded on reality, but rather in abstract ideals: patriotism, the Country, etc. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. He hates stuff that he can't control, and he also uses tested methods to manipulate his supporters. He is creating so many enemies. He acts like a typical ESTP. Trump doesn't care about political correctness, but what drives Trump above all, are his internal values. Ne is considered to be a very useful function to people who want to become rich, due to its capacity of adapting to situations and seeing useful possibilities. it's nice to be noticed. His Ti is probably more obvious in his business decisions than in what he says, since after all Ti is an introverted function, used more to make decisions but not really useful in winning people over like Te or Fe. Sooo ESTJ, and 8. and then probably the tactics he uses in his business dealings. all he cares about is how he is perceived by the media; he constantly brags about how great he is (even when it's totally ridiculous: "I have the best words" "nobody respects women like I do" "I am the most humble person" "I am very stable genius" etc). Interesting, but probably a dangerous guy. your avatar is so adorable. hyperbolic statements and policy proposals, presenting as a strong alpha-male, etc. "he's obsessed with winning" This is not a main characteristic of a unhealthy 3. Part of this might be attributed to a wing 2 if he is a 3, but the way he carries himself is very much in P style, saying and making associations as he pleases. I made a lot of money betting on him. / Fi - he does what he feels like, doesn't give a shit about norms. ESTJ can be more rash than ESTP. He repeats himself with that "make america great again" but it is a void statement, I don't see the substance behind. @Snowstalker I think he loses temper or get excited once in a while. 3 is possible. He is just interested in success and the prestige associated with it. I didn't really know much about 3's before but he clearly is one with how everything he does is for recognition, even perhaps his run for president. Because Te + Fi is also found in xSTJs which also vote Republican a lotAll types can vote conservative lol The very definition of an INFP. I'm not seeing it. Also a classic example of Narcissistic personality disorder. especially after lurking around mbtibase for half a year before joining(. The dude’s for real ESTP 8w7. This also makes him seem more ESTJ than not because he is so focused on the world's judging of him, rather than his judgment of himself. He knows how to seize up his direct environment, it's interesting to see. In my opinion this guy doesn't have 8 energy at all. His Pness is about as big as his hands, which is to say yuge. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Donald Trump likely is!. He constantly goes off script at rallies with his comments about shooting people on 5th avenue, "get that baby out of here" etc etc. No analysis at all because he doesn't care : and that excludes ESFP. @Bonita Go back to whatever third world Hispanic shithole you crawled out ofSo Hillary got like a million votes more than this faggot, according to popular vote. Why America WHY. I made a lot of money betting on him. ENTPs don’t. He has none of the 'weight' that 8's have. I guarantee you there's no problem there, I guarantee it. loll At first I didn't think much of him cuz I don't watch the news. Plus, Donald Trump is super superficial, which is a shame. (Of course I never really did, that's why I bet on President Trump, but the results of that election sealed it for me. As for lack of spontaneity, even during the campaign, he says pretty much the same things at every event even when his official stances were shifting. Likes to jump into action,is not a judging type. I also know one successful and rich entrepreneur, and I think he's ESTP too. Ne: his internal values though, wouldn’t have given any results without the aid of another function, let alone becoming President. Also he never actually sues anyone, he just threatens to (see Rosie O'Donnell) and quickly drops it as soon as he loses interest. Now watch how he backs away from that wall promise. THE BEST INFP SUBTYPE TE EVER. You'd have to be a special kind of stupid to think I'm an ESTJ@HDR 1. That isn't to say I haven't mulled over the possibility of him being an INFP, actually. Anyway Ivanka is probably both more introverted and judging than Donald but it doesn't matter because they are both judgers. literally the ESTP poster childAlso a classic example of Narcissistic personality disorder. he appears spontaneous, but that comes from his fickle-mindedness--which yes, while is generally attributed to perceiving--isn't resolved or gone about in a perceiving manner *at all*. To be honest, you can learn a lot of Trump and his communication style. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. hilary intj 1w2 5w6 3w2. ESTPs are just very uncouth so that's where the 8 votes are coming fromHow is he 8 rather than 3. All the T/F preference determines is how one makes decisions; it doesn't determine intellect whatsoever. Funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Also ennegram-wise he is definitely nothing to do with Sp. This explains the theatrics and the reasons he makes ridiculous comments, it is the intensity of the moment that riles up and completes DT, not his devotion to building up the "best," because by most objective measures he very much misses the bar in this regard and has not seemed to work with any measured policies to accomplish mounting perfection in the way a J type might.  #hatersgonnahateHEIL TRUMP. I was chatting with a guy online today and he said "What about a coup d'etat against Trump if things go to bad. ESTJs are extroverts and don't necessarily have to be the most "ordered" people on the planet, however what he does do is constantly try to shape the environment around him through his usual persuasive tactics There is nothing particularly spontaneous about the way he does it, but the reason why it is persuasive is that he is able to convince people that he is being spontaneous and coming up with something fresh just because he says it so strongly and authoritatively. One can say he lacks Fi because he doesn't seem to have a core set of values he abides by. I don’t think there’s any ambiguity to his P behavior. The ESTJ votes I can understand given his rhetoric. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. If we examine Trump's campaign, its slogan and focus didn't come from logical arguments, but rather emotional, moral ones. Just an amoral guy who wants to have fun. That's how he won, he appealed and went through the hearts of the american people. The type 8 toughness is so obviously a fassade that it shocks me that people still think he's an 8. And adjust accordingly to the current situation. I'll miss Canada and Washington state but Sweden will be fine. His preoccupation with his small hands won't give him much time to envision anything else. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Which of his actions made you think he was a J. Where is his Fe or Ti. But spending more time with EST Peas irl well. Ne expresses mainly in his drive to realize those values (becoming President, for example), and in his economical abilities. He cares more than anything about the values and the vision, and those are above everything else, even facts. Or you can say Te can act as basically just a slightly more impersonal, colder Fe. His hair is high Fi+Ne 100% FUCK TRUMP Could somebody explain why he’s a thinker. A shame for 8s. Besides, do you really see him having a 2 wing or a 4 wing. The idea is “to defend our country". Every morning he spends an hour reading every news headline with his name in it. He seems way too unpredictable to be an ESTJ. Just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's a joke. He's probably gonna make Ivanka the first lady, somehow. how can he not be a core 3. His whole performance is a planned shtick, and if you actually pay close attention he does not make associations as he pleases. :D you can't be serious All reasonable arguments, but I don’t see him having the self-control that threes typically have either. I don’t understand why people seem to make an exception for the T in ESTP. Just thinking about his more neurotic, insecure, reactive tendencies. And I see much more Te in him. He has no regard of the truth whatsoever: 8s also lie and brag but to get what they want and stay in control. are people fucking trolling. Trump is actually, unironically, an INFP. By comparison, Kennedy seemed much more like a Fi user,A thought: Why Ti-Fe over Fi-Te. Uh, not even close. Exactly, he's constantly reinforcing that he's the best. I don't think you are looking at Donald right, Based on people who I know who actually KNOW Donald, he is very fueled by grudges and he is actually nothing like he is like on the TV. The stereotypical infp11+ votes lolSeriously though male INFPs can vote conservative, though I'm not sure if they mistypes as INFPs, is it the I/E or the N/S flipflop. Honestly, it's much more easier for me to see this guy as a crowd pleasing but also vulgar and offensive tertiary Fe user, than an ESFP who just has the wrong principles. They don't win people with logic, but by presenting themselves as one of them using ''charisma''. Same here, I took his bluntness for Te at first, and even though I agree with scotty's definition (that Te analysis is less thorough than Ti), here it's no analysis at all. In the context of Trump, Manafort had to fight to get him to start doing something different than he was doing for all these years. Past a certain age, say 17 or 18, people don't really change. He likes to present himself as a tough guy who speaks bluntly and doesn't give a damn about other's opinions, but that's just a fassade. He's too busy being a clown and talking shit to analyse. Ivanka will be the first lady in Trump presidency. But INTPs don’t. Well he certainly doesn't have a feeling preference, that's for sure :p He doesn't consider other people's feelings and he doesn't make decisions based on morals whatsoever. P), so I don't know where you get the idea that ESTPs are equally thorough. The way he was able to relate to the people on the campaign trail and take the emotional energy out of a room and re-funnel it through himself screams Fe that wants to get others to respond positively to him to fill an inner emotional void. I could see ESTJ in a distant second place, but due to his lack of follow-through and conmanship (fake agenda to appeal to base) as well as his recklessness he's still an ESTP. I guarantee you there's no problem there, I guarantee it. Could he possibly be a counterphobic 6w7. He is a typical ESTP that is his own worst enemy. USA a democracy. The ESTP to end all ESTPs. this guy is vanity and insecurity (about his self-image) all the way. He lacks an objective focus, he focuses in protecting the internal values of America. I'm not sure you can just say he lacks logic and interpret that as Fi. Te: while he has the Ne drive that has allowed him to fulfill his goals, and it might be weird to say then that he has an inferior Te, the truth is that well, he neglects facts sometimes. @Nana24 - that doesn't contradict ESTP, they can be calculated too. The only people who have trouble with it are those who score really high on the E and P axes like Donald. Now it's good to see people comeback into reality. 5 to 1 odds, baby. He's a clown and one that admits in public that people matter just as business. Ti auxiliary- He likes to show what is wrong with the media, statics, government and business management. They have a certain presence about them. He appeals to people's fears but that doesn't make him sp. I read his father raised him up to become that way as he believed the business world is tough. He is the stereotype ESTP entrepreneur. Se dom for sure and no Fi at all. You won a stone carved pillow, to get them you must go to a post office in Kinshasa disguised as a purple turkey. THE BEST INFP SUBTYPE TE EVER. His perceiving show is a sham -- he's closer to esfj than he is to estpAnd this is why letter typing is retarded folksESFJ. Hopefully Sweden has prime two day shipping. He is very aware of the present. He's very smart, but has never needed to have tact in his life before, so he has none. I still think he's ESTJ too but nobody will be buying that it seems. Se) or MBTI letters (J vs. And narcissism is apparently correlated with ESTP. Trump has been changing camps for decades. As for shaping his environment, he has an extremely controlling way of getting people to shut up with his nondisclosure agreements, lawsuits, media tantrums, etc. Being "presidential" is easy as shit too, anyone can do it. Also ESTJs are closer to ESFJs and I would say have much stronger "Fe" than the more internally-judging ESTPs. There's even a video of him at a rally saying to himself "Stay on point, Donald. Haha yeah it's fun to watch. @Khel Pretty ironic of you to say, but cool. Wtf you talking aboutToo emotional and histrionic not to be Sx"Donald Trump is so narcissistic that Barack Obama looks at him and goes 'dude what's your problem. '" - Ted Cruz"You think our country's so innocent. His decisions are based on what he believes will be best for the "business", or in our case, the country. He'll be with anyone to take advantage of the situation. Ni inferior - He always consider himself a winner, a fighter. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Donald Trump Myers-Briggs and personality type!. He tries to crush dissenting voices or those who he felt betrayed him (the Bushes for example). All chaacters of ESTP. You know nothing. It also expresses in the idealism he has. In the end regardless of what he is saying he is a oppunrtunist and charismatic ESTP. lmfao Maybe an easier way for you to think about it powder is to consider T as :things: and F as :people:Everyone thinks, obviously. I see his tactic as some kind of combination of the one used by Mussolini and Hitler. This is also disregarding how everyone else feels about said decisions as well. Donald Trump estp 8w7 sx so. TRUMP IS MY TRUE DADDY. He's very predictably "spontaneous". Trump is expedient and opportunistic. He clearly views things through a lens that's detached from emotions and values, and he's very blunt. He has a big ego. I wonder why our resident function magicians aren't calling him "Se-Te loop ESFP". INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. He has a very fickle and sensitive ego and he acts tough only when he thinks that he will be applauded for it by his base. Acts and looks like an ESTP, has obvious 3-like traits. There’s no thinking going on in there - it’s all what he feels like doing without thinking things through and analyzing problems. I think one can see Donald Trump's Ti not so much in the content and consistency of what he says (which is not logical), but rather in the tactics he has used to win support from people. In Trump's case, his lying and bragging is obviously connected to his vanity, the vice of type 3. Newcomers must be brought down a peg or two. ISFP in his mansion and properties seriously, I don't even get it. Love your avatar and love you too, please marry me. Even still, I would have thought he would be incorrectly typed ESTJ before ESFJ. 8s are just not that obsessed with their image. No sidetracks. His denial of climate change is a clear example of him rejecting facts agreed by scientific authorities (Te). And they were all predictable, tested methods that he knows get the droolers interested in his speeches. They are a very frequent combination that often ally fascist views with individualism.

. While he might not be incredibly pleasant he is surely able to funnel emotional energy of others as he needs to. He is strongly in touch with his ENTJ shadow type - making him look like a strategic ESTP. Te isn't only about "shunning facts". Se dominant- He doesn't care statistic, tradition or proven method that much. To be a narcassist you need about 5 traits. He has everything he wants with money, and supporters just by being funny, he must not see the point in analysing, kind of the same way STPs at school don't care about analysing. He is goofball if you get past his showboat. Simply compare him to Ivanka who shows absolutely none of this behavior and is surely ESTJ. I'm quite sure he doesn't believe 70% of what he is saying, it's just pure tactics. 5 to 1 odds, baby. Fe tertiary- He said things that are offensive to many folks. You know why Trump speaks at a third grade level. To be honest, I truely think he is destroyed himself and his business. 3s are way more polished. Their are reports him having some kind of empathy crying when his brother died or giving thousand of dollars upon meeting kid who had cancer. TRUMP IS MY TRUE DADDY. ': Richard Spencer Speech Excerpts https://www. To me this guy is an ESFP 8w7 Sx/So. He wants his "winning" to be seen as an objective success by everyone. Actually I think Scotty is right. 8 and 3 are the only two types not at all scared of confrontation and he has 3-ish traitsGrab her by the pussy. All signs of a non-dominant (not as strong as Fi and Ne), but still present Si function. INFP votes are sarcastic I guess. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. He doesn't stand for any worldview, any side whatsoever. He never admits to failure, he's afraid of being seen as a loser and he is losing touch with reality because he desperately wants to keep up the image that everything is going great - textbook unhealthy 3. He's also very blunt, reckless and narcissistic. His slogan has an adherence to values. maybe in the way of saying that even if SPs can be successful and charming as entrepreneurs, they are the worst when it comes to politics which is more of an SJ/NJ thing. His "tested methods" by the way are pretty innovative and bold as far as campaign strategies go. " That doesn't even make sense. Not a J-type by anyyyy stretch of the imagination. He underestimates his influence/power and soonly, he will get backfired. Apparently all the thinkers are smart and logical until you get to ESTP, where it turns into a feeling type that doesn’t know how to use a brain. He may use the "blunt honesty" appeal but he is really a lot more calculated and intuitive. He may seem unpredictable but he is more "opportunictic". he doesn't ever really intend to keep his options open; he just opens up his closed opens very quickly. Yeah he is really engaging. And doing what he feels like doing and not thinking through things can be attributed to Se / perceiving and sensing preferences. he just reminds me of my estp dad, so i can confirm. He goes by what he had seen and observe. What he wants does not seem to be others to view that he "won the best objectively" so much as he wants their adoration and emotional energy in the moment. Still better than Hillary Cunton. It's not because he wants to control them, it's cause he's a textbook narcissist. He's an 8 because he's obsessed with winning. And my country is very rich anyways. INTP 5w6 when he comes with ideas and analysis. Kyriette makes a very good point in contrasting him with Ivanka (ESTJ). It's like he suffers of some kind of masochistic traits lol. Also, thinkers aren't necessarily smart. But I see Trump as opportunistic, practical minded, and intrepid rather than abstract or theoretical. I don't know where you get the idea that they are more "thorough". I agree with ESTP 8w7, I just think he's Sx rather than Sp. It's the 8 enneagram that is truly interested in power. He listens to his gut, not his head. I see ESTP more likely than ESTJ. He obviously cares a lot what others think and how he is represented by the press. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Politicans and Leaders characters list.. Trump is more involved in the world around him than in his mind. He muscles his way through everything. v=GZpMJeynBeg Smooth tertiary Fe right here. TBH HE'S KINDA CUTE "Apparently all the thinkers are smart". sanders entj 1w2 5w6 4w5Donald: "Trying to get it out. yeah and that within itself sounds very estp, let alone 8w7He's not a 3. This is a perfect example of how someone who is a "thinker" is not planning things out. @Scotty I don't think you are reading DT quite right here. He's fucked up so badly and people didn't give a shit cause he didnt give a shit eitherWhere are who said he is a ESTJ, anyone. They know the answer before the question is asked. His rejection towards immigrants and defensive approach is caused by an excess of fear that the Ne possibilities might give. " He did zero debate prep. And if that is how you veiw his functions, why not ENFP. "His hands are too small to envision anything. There's different kinds of obsession with "winning". He is completely spontaneous. ESTP is the Hemingway. Is it actually possible that he could be some kind of unhealthy counterphobic 6. Whelp I don't know. Practically unanimous votes must mean something. Sp are more conservative/guarded with their actions while he is not afraid to go all out and fail. I guess he will lose, her power is too great. Congratulation on being the 545644849451212th person to take those troll votes seriously. holy shit did i actually think ESTJ in the first comments. ENFP because he is a dreamer. Can someone just explain why he’s thinking. ESTP votes are obvious spam. I actually agree with Moolfreet on this. CRY MORE INFP LOSEEEEEEER FUCK YOU INFP CHILDREN OF SHIT FUCK YOU HEIL TRUMP. This way of running a crowd screams Fe. The first orange president. Fi: many think mistakenly that Trump is a thinker. As a result, ESTPs are impulsive and live in the moment, often jumping into situations without thinking ahead. Any type can be interested in power, especially an 8w7, so I will go with ESTP. ESTJ will be much more likely to definitively plan to that goal they spontaneously decided with tenacity. You know nothing. INFP for sure. U bumDon't type by letter you have to use functionHis style is certainly not like a perceiver's… recklessness isn't really a perceiving trait even though perceivers tend to be reckless compared to judgers. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. I still think the amount by which he prefers accomplishment over experience tilts him to ESTJ if anything, but ESTP is fine too. He cheated on all of his wives and doesn't even think what he did was wrong. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. The two are indeed very different. Because everyone can understand a third grade level. He's not an Estp. It doesn't matter that he has Fascist tendencies, in fact it's about time we had a leader who does. Castration time. "Make America great again". ESTP are comparatively less decisive. His campaign manager Paul Manafort had to fight to keep him on message. Same with Trump, I cannot think he's not an idiot. "if no one can agree on one type, it's obvious he's part of the assertive triadyeah 3's are much more serious in day to day life, they can be goofballs too of course but they are much more guarded and have more of a facade (which trump does have but he's also brutally honest)He is more an 8. Donald Trump is LITERALLY the President of the United States. Other times he's just looking for a fight. It's the only logical choice after hearing both sides. His clear interest in power, his preference for blunt explanation of his views (inferior Fi) over the more suggestive/persuasive nature of an ESTP's tertiary Fe, narrow it down for me to either ESTJ or ENTJ; I pick the former since I see zero Ni. Your usual hedonistic, disintegrated, violent, incoherent and stupid 8w7. He's going to save his businesses by making America great again. Trump mainly wants other people to acknowledge that he is winning. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Donald Trump? What about enneagram and other personality types?. And telling himself "stay on point" basically refers to him trying out his new "Presidential" way of being probably, which again is a big change for someone who was doing the same shit for 30+ years. That impression though, appears due to Trump not being an extroverted feeler, but rather an introverted feeler. GROBALN KRUTF is kino I'm sure the INFP votes are a joke. He is an NPD/Hypomaniac ESFP. Just my opinion. Trump's is also very rash in decision making and had not been very cautious and thorough as an ESTJ would be. He has no plan or agenda and always goes rogue all of the time during his news conferences, much to his advisors' dismay. He doesn't like things that are overly complicated. You know why Bernie speaks at a college level. He is not an ENTP guys. Bunch of motherfuckerdEurope is feeling jittery but far-right nuts are in jubilation. And how exactly does he try to shape his environment. His bluntness isn't unfounded for ESTPs either but he is playing the crowd favorite at the moment. HEEEILUSA digging its own grave - 'Hail Trump. v=LibRNYJmZ-IMan o man I would love to see him fight Hillary. Can't see him as an 8. It has nothing to do with being a thinker or a feeler. Personally, I don't see him as having high Fi. Stay on point. That would seem much more likely than INFP. Because he felt it must be said. Because he's an opportunist more than someone with solid personal values, I would say. He's running his decisions off of his own logical systems that does not care about the way the world works or the way the world thinks. I mean I don't know if this will be in google traffic flow because it's an obscure French website. You're right about the NPD though. Let me explain, let's see his functions. Hitler killed degenerates like Trump. He surely ain't healthy, but still, he is an incredibly fast thinker. " - Trump, 2017. And in a way there is an analysis : they don't analyse because school is not their thing, they want to do something else, and they are opportunistic. the means by themselves are all in all very judging-esque, and it's for sure a stronger preference for him compared to f/t"he just opens up his closed opens very quickly" <-- that second opens is supposed to be decisions im not sure whats up w me today ahahaI love the INFP votes. Because he's a pretentious ass with no idea of how to communicate. Anyway he's not Te>Si.

Donald Trump

MBTI enneagram type of Donald Trump Realm:

Category: Politicans and Leaders


ESTP - 125 vote(s)
INFP - 18 vote(s)
ESTJ - 9 vote(s)
ENTJ - 5 vote(s)
INFJ - 2 vote(s)
INTJ - 2 vote(s)
INTP - 1 vote(s)
ESFP - 1 vote(s)
ESFJ - 1 vote(s)

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8W7 - 53 vote(s)
3W4 - 19 vote(s)
7W8 - 6 vote(s)
4W5 - 3 vote(s)
6W7 - 2 vote(s)
1W9 - 1 vote(s)
2W1 - 1 vote(s)
6W5 - 1 vote(s)
8W9 - 1 vote(s)
9W1 - 1 vote(s)

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