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Elsa Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Elsa MBTI personality type cover chart

I understand the point people make about why they think Elsa is an Si-dom (constantly being stuck on the past and not being able to move on) but I think that the Si that we may be seeing could possibly be her shadow function Si. Her story is very centered on her emotions and how she hates having to conceal them. Also, we can consider her hability to create ice from nothing as a manifestation of Ne. The only "Ni-ish" thing she does is build an ice castle, and that's something she does spontaneously in the moment when she's "letting go", which is more indicative of inf Ne if anything. Somehow everyone thinks "Ooooh, special ice magic powers=INFJ. only an infj would know it. Every pretty fashionable animated character is a 4. But the only thing I have for sure that she is a feeler type. She doesn't think that far in advance, strategically or in her points of view, so there's no way she's an Ni dom. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Elsa Myers-Briggs and personality type!. If you type only using the letters she would be misconcepted as an IxxJ, that's the reason we have to use the functions. She has nothing iNtuitive about her. She is gentle hearted and banishes herself to protect her sister from herself. She is not easy to get. For an INFJ, Elsa sure did take the "conceal don't feel" motto to heart. The INFJ can often be haunted by the past and skeptical of it. It's easy to say that Elsa is a relatively unhealthy character. She isolates herself because she believes it's the best thing for Anna, and she runs away because of the same reason, only now it's because of the entire kingdom, not just Anna. Infj in real life can see it a little cold (experience). Also, being 1w9 increases her J-ish characteristic, but she is not a Judger. Also, let's see the weak point which seems to be Te, the pressure on her, the control made by others to her. Fi user, she only cares about her feelings and her sister. That's her fuel. When she "let it go", she goes into full potential. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. She cares deeply about the ones she loves and is driven to agony because of her desire to protect them from herself. You can also see this belief of hers when Anna wishes to marry Hans, and Elsa disapproves because contrary to Anna, she is realistic and does not believe in such naive idealism. I think they're cool. Maybe INFJ, but I don't know enough INFJs to make that determination. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. she's so fixated on the past and insists on handling everything the way it's always been handled, even when it's been proven to her that that way won't work- total Si-dom. Fe never tried to reach out to the trolls for counsel and answers. Only when Fi is "fine" Ne can shine. She feels more than she can express. I know Ni doms don't like reconsidering their first impressions, but just think about it for a moment. She is happy about that. A few points: (1) Why would Ni, Fe, and Ti be guaranteed to be above accepting that notion. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. They see only what was negative about the past, only what traumatized them, only the mistakes they made. She uses Si, she is an ISFJ, afraid of breaking the rules and being herself. Why are your posts bizarrely formatted. '' you've just confused Te with 3ness. I highly doubt ISTJ. There's a small possibility of INFJ>ISFJ considering that she was practically brainwashed by her parents (who were doing The Right Thing in their opinion) and had a bunch of trauma to back things up. A clear sensor, voted for ISTJI don't think the Let It Go can be ascribed to just one cognitive function. Ultimately it's a fictional character so cataloguing empirical examples of specific functions is difficult anyways. She doesn’t want people to like her, she simply feels obligated to fulfill her duty as a ruler without anyone knowing about her powers. She won't run away and just hide. ISTJ would be happy about controlling, she was not. She's so badly written that people will never know if she's and INFJ or ISTJ. ''to become rich or to achieve some heroic fear. You make some good points. (4) Cognitive functions aren't behaviors. I mistook her need to isolate herself from Anna in order to protect her as Fe. She isn't particularly insightful and introspective in my opinion. " Here's a description about how Si reveals itself in an INFJ that I got from an article I read about INFJ Shadow Functions:"Because Introverted Sensing is the INFJs Demon, it normally reflects itself in very negative ways. INTJ doesn't make much sense either, because her emotions are her driving force, from her desire to stay away from Anna to protect her from herself to her decision to "let it go. Looks cold despite she is kind. Because I like to bizarrely format them. I don't think she's any Te type, at least not Te dominant or Te auxiliary. She is a dutiful, practical type 1, the opposite of Anna. Also, facing a problem head-on and trying to find a solution isn't the same as Ti (plus, tertiary Ti is not dominant Ti) and foresight isn't the same as Ni. So NF revealed.

. Also, contrary to the ISTJ voters, I think she does in fact have Fe over Te/ F > T. You don't need to be ISTJ to do that. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Saying something is "clear" without providing explanation doesn't help your case.

. I couldn't see any FJ be that harsh and insensitive towards a loved one who has done them no harm. Elsa is a clear INFJ. They will pinpoint all their mistakes and failures as signs that they will never be anything but a disappointment or a failure. I stand by what I said before: she's an IxFJ who was driven to agony in order to protect others from herself. :)would you be willing to explain why you think she's an intuitive. I thought I_FJ was evident and only debate was between Ni and Si. @intj spammerHuge Fe-eyes, braided hair, plushy face. Who voted 4w3. Even if you argue that it is a sign of her being N, nothing else about her is. dominant Si, inferior NeThe entire movie revolves around Elsa's Si-Fi loop. ISTJ Elsa would just remain in Arendelle as Queen, whether people like it or not, and she would try to better control her skills - maybe see a doctor or wizard or some professional. Once she is free, she can be what she really is again, creative. I belive she is a great example of an infp (which are misbelieved to be kind and nice always). Just look at Hela (ENTJ) from Thor: Ragnarok - she was locked up by Odin and she was mad as hell. " I just finished watching the movie for the first time ever and i'd say she's a 1 with a really strong link to 4 but a 1 nonetheless. She is regal, well mannered, traditional and obedient in the first half of movie. She wanted to uphold tradition, and when her secret was exposed, she ran away because she thought the past would repeat itself. Actually she had a pretty hard time to control herself. I don't see her "conceal don't feel" as a pragmatic decision to be a better queen, it's equally an emotional decision to keep herself from hurting loved ones. This way INFJ. @Birdchain wow. It's not just Ne flooding in. Just because she may not be the same type as you, doesn't mean you can't relate to her. At least ISFJ is plausible as it is Si + Fe. I also think she's ISFJ. And where is her Ni. My bet is she is the complicated one, the one easily misunderstood with an INTJ, the INFP. Te can be just as polite and proper as Fe. The only argument I could see for Fe is her need to behave appropriately and instead of just being herself. I think people in general just like to trash ISTJ, but I don't see why. ISTJ is the most self controled type and she is not. She is also very caring for others, especially her sister. Haunted by her past, coldly rejecting those she loves to protect them (Te-Fi). But I realised that it wasn't her personality that resonated with me, it was the situation she was in. That's not fair play. That's not very Si. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. INFJs are often mistaken for ISFJs or even ISTJs because, yes, they are very dutiful and responsible, but that doesn't mean they're sensors. In my experience, ISTJs can be just as concerned with appropriateness as FJs. This made her colder and more irritable than most IxFJs. I don't know where everybody's seeing INFJ. They may only see the mistakes and failures of others as well. The Let it Go is her Ne flooding in. You mean she totally forgot about the troll telling her fear would make her powers uncontrollable. But based on everything, IxFJ seems more probable. She still stay away to not harm people, because of her auxiliary Fe function. She is an ISFJ. I can see INFJ at a level but she is thoroughly an ISFJ for the most part in my opinion, a very unhealthy one though. Just because the cold vibe is not a reason to type her like a T user without reason. She's a total ISTJ. Elsa is NOT an intuitive even remotely. She's constantly rejecting her own feelings and wishes in order to do what she's been told is best for other people. She acts as a foil to Anna (7w6); while Anna is excitable, outgoing, adventurous, playful, and spontaneous, Elsa is disciplined, strict, hesitant to try new things, and focused on rules and maintaining order. An INFJ would recognize that the past does not necessarily determine the future, but Elsa couldn't see this. It is clear that she frees herself and is incredibly more happy when she flees from obligations and live her own identity ("the perfect girl is gone"). ISFJ 1w9 she had disintegration in 4. The most rational options are isfj and infj. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Frozen characters list.. There was a popular article posted about how she's ISTJ and I bet people are repeating it here Definitely not INFJ. She just imagined it and then created it. She doesn't want to isolate herself or conceal her feelings and powers, but that's how things are, that's the harsh reality that she believes she must accept and adhere to. I think the answer to that is pretty obvious. Without the thougths of everyone, a vote isn't funny anymore. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. Te types tend to be objective driven, but Elsa has no notable objectives in the movie, e. ISTJ will hold out and do what they think is the right thing even when others don't like it. It can be an unhealthy infj using shadows functions. You do make a good point about S types having better spatial intelligence than N types, and on a macro level I agree. (3) Fe is actually more likely to take the "conceal don't feel" motto to heart than Fi because Fe is by definition more willing to sacrifice inner integrity for outward harmony (exactly what Elsa did, by the way). I can see why so many INFJs type her as one. to become rich or to hone her powers or to achieve some heroic feat, etc. But if you take away all of that and focus only on the way she interacts with her environment, it gets pretty obvious that she’s not an Ni or Fe user. Eddard Stark, Stannis Baratheon, for a female example Lightning from FF XIII). They may become immersed in their past trauma or regrets and unable to get out. Maybe ISTJ but I see more Fe and Ti than Fi and Te. Where is her foresight. Ti never kicked in and started analyzing and gathering information. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. I just can't see any TJ type submitting to being locked up in a room for many many years without much complaining. After she hurted her sister, she stays locked to protect the people. Not sure why anyone would think ISTP; she's clearly a planner and is driven by her emotions. It's more about emotions overall. Randomly creating an ice castle while running away in fear sounds much more like inferior Ne than dominant Ni. Her catastrophising about all the horrible things that could happen seems more like inferior Ne. Thinking she is Si-dom, in particular ISTJ, is thinking that the healthiest state of her life was related to her closure. I get the impression that she sees the world and especially her situation as some harsh reality. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Elsa' belongs to!. She doesn't have some idealized vision/dream/purpose, receive insights or have "feelings" that lead to a deeper understanding, or think much about the future, and she isn't very creative or idea-oriented either. When in the realm of the Demon function, the INFJ can also become completely incapable of holding onto any details accurately and may distort past details to fulfill their vision of failure and hopelessness. I totally agree with lld0789. Even the biggest Fe types ESFJ and ENFJ could act like that in an attempt to protect the ones they care about. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Elsa? What about enneagram and other personality types?. I feel like ISTJ got spammed cause there used to be less ISTJ votes than ISFJ votes 2 weeks ago and now it has 24 moreVery hard to type, but I'm confident she's 1w9. Te types also like to interact with the world to make changes to it, but Elsa just wants to run away and hide. She is a pretty practical, realistic person, not really intuitive at all. As an INFJ, I could really relate to her. Again, she's very hard to type mbti-wise, but I still struggle to see how she's N > S. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Elsa MBTI type.. Yeah because MBTI fits real people so much No, MBTI is a poorly written fake system so it’s best for poorly written fake characters disintegration theory believer who knows, maybe when frozen 2 comes out she'll turn out to be an INTJ She'll turn out as a lesbian most of all. If nothing else, think about the temperaments. Fi seems to be what drives her, not Te (no control on others, nor Ti (nor inner control), nor Si (past doesnt seem important to her), nor Se (not living the moment), not Fe (not connecting with others) but Fi, following her heart even if that takes her to isolate herself. Was she focused on creating a better world for the future (INFJ) or was she focused on upholding the traditions she had been taught (ISTJ). Because she is polite and proper. I could see her as a Sp 4 : she both shows tenacity and a need for recklessness. INFJ is also less likely. In an INFJ, Si is considered their "Demon Function. Si being more stuck in the past and more catering to what society already deems to be correct and Fe being more people pleasing. She used her Ni to build the castle and at the very end she had the insight of how stop the winter, like an inner vision Ni. yeah she is more Fe-Ti and Si-Ne than Te-Fi and Si-Ne. If you ignore your "vibes" about her being an INFJ and actually take a closer look at her behaviour, you'll see that there's not even one example of her using Ni or Fe. If you have actual evidence of her using Ni-Fe-Ti-Se, please explain. people type her INFJ because she is "so special" or ISTJ because she act as the responsible grand daughter. is mbti a measure for deciding whether a character is well-written or not. She's stuck in her old ways and doesn't even consider looking for a new approach. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Elsa likely is!. Why doesn't she face her problem head-on and try to find a solution. That is the most ignorant type I've seen for Elsa yet.

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