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Griffith Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Griffith MBTI personality type cover chart

I could see 368 or 369 as most likely for Griffith, he's not intellectual or analytical like 5 and is very unwavering from his dream in a way that would imply 6, he feels insecure if he has no dream or if he's forgotten it. Someone* I'm honestly being swayed to INTJ. Griffith tells them than in war everyone is responsible for things they do to others. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Griffith MBTI type.. Basically he show that he don't need be an individual and keeping hidden like an true INTJ 3w4. Griffth felt a connection with the child who dreamt big like he did when he was younger and decided in order to prevent more men like the child from dying he had to find means of more resources - so he prostituted himself for Count Gennon. Griffith is a fictional character, so use probability to compare which features he has more. So that's tertiary Fi instead of inferior Fi. Griffith being more comforatable expressing his Fi values shows he's not Fi inferior. Berserk is written by an INFJ. Se in your stack speaks to your preference for it not exactly your proficency at it. An INTJ even having tendencies to charisma would not be so fast and charismatic and present when it comes to creating a group, especially from early on. Actually, no, Chaotic, now that I look back. 3 will make someone more well-mannered comparatively but still for an ENTJ he's too well-mannered. Enough training can make any type good at physical combat. xNFJ is the image he gives to the people. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. 3w4 8w9 6wX Greatly inspired by Satan from Devilman, both being inferior Fi. Cognitive functions speaking of course. They are the true elite, as dictated by the golden rule of the universe. Griffith kept his plans well hidden before the assassination and made sure the blame would fall elsewhere and the people who helped him manipulate Foss would die at the hands of Guts when it does happen. He's was present in strategic discussions but was never at the forefront of dicussion with other generals. In the earlier chapters, he's also been described as being very high and mighty in an arrogant way according to Guts. I can see INTJ in all honesty. I'm pretty sure Griffith is ENTJ. More Te>Ni I actually agree with Chaotic lmao Chaotic, I'm actually interested in when Griffith demonstrated what you're saying in the series. It could speak to either ENTJs or INTJs. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. An INTJ doesn't have to literally stick to the shadows like a stereotypical INTJ in this case. He simply decided to have sex to vent and forget the frustration. So to say they lack charisma or the ability to control a group is just wrong. I don't think Griffith ever actually let things slide or improvised in the middle of battle. He does not careat all about his men as Casca once told Guts. First and foremost Inf-Se would not make him a weaker fighter, slight example tangent but Batman is a monstrously effective fighter, excellent a quick planning and also an Ni dom. The Ni is obvious, he's focused on the futur, has a clear vision of what he thinks he should be, So yes, ENTJ. He did it for Doldrey, he did it when assassinating the Queen and manipulating Foss before hand. Less forceful than Te doms - and more in touch with his Fi values than inferior Fi ENTJs. It's VERY Fi driven. Even Hannibal who is an INTJ 3w4 (show) would find this extremely exaggerated, rude and vulgar. INTJ 5w4 Hannibal was ENTJ. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Griffith Myers-Briggs and personality type!. It's also after he loses Guts, whom people could argue Griffith legitimatley did have romantic feelings for, that he does this. Saying there are no "spectator seats on the battlefield" when he kills the Queen (or whatever translation you're referring to - mine is the Dark Horse translation. Well INTJs hold the highest percentage of American Presidents (Jefferson being a standout). His charisma comes from the 3, he's more extraverted because he's a 3. Granted, INTJ could as well given his philosophical nature and atteunement to Fi principles. He is extremely fast and decisive in the plans, and acts simultaneously while planning. I don't understand why an INTJ can't manipulate other people into their plan either. Everyone was dead it was just Guts and Casca and Griffith had a perfect opportunity to inflict his resentment onto a helpless Guts. I am ENTJ and compared to my INTJ friends I am much more like Griffith than they are. I doubt an ENTJ would philosophize as freely as Griffith does when he talks about his friend being someone who can fight him for their own dream. Karl Marx was lazy and use more theory. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. ENTJ> INTJDoodlepoodle thinks INTJ are those badass motherfuckers when you don't hear them at all in real life Well INTJs hold the highest percentage of American Presidents (Jefferson being a standout). Might be an archetype you're refering to but we're talking about well written humanized characters here, not archetypes. Griffith is a character close to a real human, that is why he is too deep, and all types of personality have high depth,are not superficial cartoonsThey're not prejudices, they're facts. A dom or aux Fe type would've at least tried to be accomodating of the men under him even if they had differeing values. He's ready to do everything to reach his goal (being "raped" by a adult). Littlefinger is the INTJ 3w4 who is more individual and indirect way People, Griffith IS VERY FAST TO BE AN INTJ WITH SE-INF. Griffith waited until other generals have discussed and exhausted formations of attacks and potential losses, at the end he suggests he's going to bring in the BotH alone to get it done and formulates his solution. The more I look at him the more I see and Ni dom and while his Te is obvious it's second to Ni. If he was an extravert he'd be energetic forceful. He was able to assemble and inspire several soldiers in a short time, and these interactions did not overwhelm him. An ENTJ type 3 may seem quite a '' gentleman '' than an typical ENTJ type 8 or 1. I'm not going to go into comparing him with Griffith. Not to mention that the competitive vision and the way you see it would be a friend to me it seems somewhat Te-Ni. He's an NTJ military leader but he's more in line with INTJs like Hannibal Barca; the ones that pull off the seemingly impossible feats like crossing the alps to attack Rome or conquring Doldrey. Sometimes I wonder have people even encounter a real Ni user. I've never met an obsessed INTJ for controlling a group and being present, because they all live in hiding. I am extremely inspiring, charismatic and more decisive than them. Griffith is INFJ why. ), and he raped Casca in public, that's not something very introverted. And come on, look at this smile. He also demonstrates much more If with appreciation for combat, being present and fighting alongside the troops, acting immediately and impulsively after losing the Guts in order to feel the world to overflow and not isolate and reflect as an INTJ would. Also Maxx we know you're Chaotic. Control that Fi, brother. What does raping Casca in front of Guts have to do with anything. However, it doesn't exactly determine how proficient one can become at it if they did. He is very charismatic and can be very intimidating. It deals with Ni-Se conflict and attributes humanity to ones connection to their loved ones. His search for meaning is N+Fi. As for his presence in battles, it could go either way, because a commander's role is to organize and lead his men in battle and not participate in direct combat as much as his men which is exactly what Griffith does. After all, It did take the Godhand to emotionally manipulate him so he could go on with the sacrificial ritual. Griffith shows that he is an present leader and control everything in external and internal game. Proficiency in combat is irrelevant to Se placement in a stack - it doesn't even matter; any type can become proficient at fast combat if trained properly. An INTJ would be more individual and would not be so present to the group and would spend more time manipulating behind the curtains. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Berserk characters list.. He otherwise usually took the back seat. So to say they lack charisma or the ability to control a group is just wrong. If he was ENTJ he'd be similar to Pegasus from Yugioh as Pegasus is ENFJ 3w4And Markz had said that before,Who ignore arguments now. The only argument for INTJ is his philosophical basis. A Te dom would've been more present in the discussion. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Now we know why he had no problem sacrificing them during the Eclipse. That is basically an perspective of an Te dom and Fi inf no Fi-ter who fight to preserve and connect with values. Yeah, he does seem like Littlefinger doesn't he. Spare me, you fools. We know for a fact that despite saying otherwise Griffith did at least put some value in the lives of his men otherwise the Godhand wouldn't guilt trip him into accepting the sacrifice by reminding him of the lives of many men that was lost under his command. In the beginning, though he idealistic and moral although it would take a backseat to his ambition. It may seem a sociopath ENFJ and idealistic at first, but he just wants the world to him; does not show great affection to his subordinates, and even though some empathy with Guts, he wants to control it for themselves only. And finally the rare one that acts impulsivel looks like ExxP. Look at how Griffith behaved before planning the attack on Doldrey. He rationalized his pain as a sacrifice to for his dream to others but not so much to himself - bathing to wash off the filth and gouging his skin in disgust after sleeping with Count Gennon for example. It is not rare or unusual. Ni relies on actual surrounding (Se) to infer. He is extremely fast and decisive in the plans, and acts simultaneously while planning. Even if unethical in the end, Griffith certainly did have a functional Fi core that indicates it wasn't inferior. He sees them as being dead "for they have no dreams" and justifies exploiting them to build his own kingdom - which is again Griffith being very attuned to his Fi values and using aux Te to achieve it. Listen to his speech to Princess Charlotte about who could be his friend. If anything having inf-Se would be indulging in sensory pleasures during times of stress like when Guts leaves and Griffith is utterly broken and proceeds to uncharacteristically act on impulse and sleep with the princess. I don't understand why an INTJ has to be hidden shadows all the time. He also demonstrates much more If with appreciation for combat, being present and fighting alongside the troops, acting immediately and impulsively after losing the Guts in order to feel the world to overflow and not isolate and reflect as an INTJ wouldmuch more Se* He is more fast than an INTJ 3w4. Gutts is the only one really close to him. Griffith's appearance in Berserk leaves little to the deciphering of whether he's an extrovert or introvert where as NTJ is obvious. an INTJ 3w4 is more like Littlefinger. As for enneagram, he's like the poster child of 3w4. These presidents was lazy and rude. An INTJ would be much more reflective of all this and would isolate himself. The sensitivity to personal values and individuality you're trying to get at might be more apparent in dom/aux Fi users not as much in xxTJs. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Isn't screwing Princess Charlotte just that. It took Griffith about 3 - 4 years to assemble his army. If you do not have a dream of your own like Griffith you are not worth Griffith's attention. Inferior Fi would've more likely been a lot more emotional if they went through with what Griffith had to go through with - granted that's a lot more complicated and would depend if said ENTJ was bisexual like Griffith and whether or not they would've prostituted themselves at all. For proficiency, Se placement in a stack would at best determine how likely one is to adopt an Se lifestyle like physical combat. Again, that specific example might seem like inferior Fi, but given the other instances I've described Griffith's overall character and behavior suggests INTJ. Combat is a combination of various functions at play and Se and Ni don't always have to be present in order to be a good combatant. It's more so because he was an extremely successful mercenary general and any mercenary looking to make a sucessful career would consider joining Griffith and his Band of the Hawks. From what I remembered in the 13 first books of the manga, he did not really had regrets for sacrificing all of his friends (which could be the indication of inferior Fi). Griffith act more like an militar ENTJ than InTJ. Tertiary Fi would have a greater appreciation for the individuality of his men - relative to the inferior Fi of an ENTJ. Griffith is a man whose main trait is his dream. Griffith is very much a man concerned with building himself up instead of building others or at least trying to accomodate for them in some way. You're probably an intj who thinks all glorious character are intjs like you just some infjs off the top of my headINFJ: Sasuke, Eren, Gaara, itachi , Erza, Geralt. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. He made his choices due to his Fi morality. Directly or indirectly responsible it wouldn't matter; there are no back seats. Not to mention that having Fi-ter he would have greater loyalty and understand the individuality of the members, he would not be obsessed with controlling them (Te-dom). You might as well argue that Serpico has Se because he's acrobatic and good at fencing as it requires an intuitive wariness of your rapier and blade flection despite the fact he's an Si driven ISTJ. Griffith says there no cabins in the battlefield when he kill the quuen. Griffith did always plan in secret - like an INTJ. Ni is his defining trait. I don't think Griffith is that fast and proficency is Se - or physical combat - is not necessarily a sign of higher Se. He took part in raids if he could and took a more active role during Doldrey but those are the only other exceptions. He is practically a 'perfect' example of the prince of Machiavelli. So there's that. I need you to elaborate.

. If you resort to making extra profiles it weakens your argument. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. " And they say you can't type from a single quote. Griffith also says that the true friend somewhere who can destroy his dream and fight against him for the world. Griffith is Very decisive, Machiavelli anexo, fast, strategic, tactic and fight for yourself. Te with a introverted percieving function can make for a pretty strategic fighter like Griffith and Serpico and saber combat and rapier fencing are more effective with the efficiency of Te to work around the need for greater dexterity those combat styles require. I like how you conveniently ignore my other arguments though and fixate on those two. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Griffith' belongs to!. If you calculate the time it took in between Casca being found by Griffith and when the BotH is as large as it is during the later parts of the Golden Age. GRIFFITH IS ENTJ 3w4 Agreed with Chaotic. I've never met an INTJ, even 3w4, who can inspire and create a group quickly with his charisma. Griffith was as present as his job as a commander needed him to be. He definitely seems more introverted but his function stack is definitely an ENTJs particularly the tertiary Se and inferior Fi. But meh whatever. He wasn't exactly motivated by money or power - but because of a child who died while serving under him. Very tactical and opportunist to be Se inf Control your mystic Ni who see bullshits like Guts and Zodd infj and Griffith Se inf. You could justify it like that. An determined Ni dom, despite having inferior Se, can become very proficient at physical combat if trained properly and could become even better at it than dom/aux Se types who would be less concerned about improvement and more on fun whereas the Ni type would be concerned about development. Griffith appreciates the pleasures and knows how to get involved in the environment using charisma and intimidation [Se-ter] without showing indifference and withdrawal like Roose Bolton or Hannibal - an INTJ type 3. Griffith didn't. As far as I'm concerned Griffith usually plans ahead of doing something. An ENTJ would've appeared much more forceful than the relatively more elegant Ni-driven INTJ like Griffith. In terms of tertiary Fi, it was far more apparent in the early days I feel people see what he became and did and thus dismiss any kind of Fi. I have never met an INTJ who decides, throws himself in danger and plans simultaneously. Caska and plenty of other members of the Hawk don't have Se yet are good at combat and like it. He does not have to close himself completely and step back, he is always present as a leader. It means the same anyways. He handles his Fi feelings rather well if you pay attention - quickly returning to normal infront of Casca. Se-ter is more obvious because he knows how to enjoy the instant and uses it for quick application, not to mention that he raped Caska in front of everyone. He doesn't have the forceful charisma of an Te dom ENTJ and is much more gentle in his demeanor. He's an obvious xNTJ 3 Now that it seems his type is solid, what could be his tritype. He's lived his entire adult life driven by a "knowing" of his destiny (the behelit), it was an almost unconscious belief in his own success and a prime example of why he's Ni dom the military strategy and planning (Te) is all to get to the end goal. TV Hannibal INTJ is a very complicated character with his Fi impulses and trauma. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. More Te>Ni. "He's too deep to be ENTJ" "he's too well-mannered to have tertiary Se". left the band. While the more socially one looks like ENFJ. You also have people like Karl Marx all who thousands (even millions) of people. 3 is his obvious heart type, I considered 5 or 6 for his head type, and more like 8 or 9 for his gut type. Griffith wasn't. Edit: proficiency in Se - or physical combat - is not necessarily a sign of higher Se. Griffith is INTJ. The confusing between with Te and Fe is that they are good with social interaction. Chaotic, when exactly did Griffith never complete a plan to complete fruition and let things slide due to teritary Se. Wouldn't an ENTJ have lost his shit after losing to Guts instead of getting on his knees at the realization of his loss like Griffith does. Griffith recklessly indulging in inferior Se. I am extremely inspiring, charismatic and more decisive than them. INTJs would still be control freaks.

. Go read your tarot Actually, no, Chaotic, now that I look back. //"no Fi-ter who fight to preserve and connect with values"//. Yes, despite the ironic "Griffith did nothing wrong" memes, he did indeed sacrifice the Hawks during the Eclipse because he realized that the deaths of the many men who died under him would be rendered meaningless if he didn't make this one last sacrifice. The 3 makes him appear more extraverted and charismaticTe doms can often show lots of Fe traits. An INTJ 3w4 are more cautious and snaking. Also Maxx we know you're Chaotic. A Se-inf, remains inferior even trained. he is not only future-thinking as Ni dominants. It would be easy to characterize him as a heartless psychopath but it plays even more to the theme of fate and freewill in Berserk if we acknowledge that Griffith did indeed have a semblance of morality and empathy. ENTJ Emperor Ganishka threw a fit at the mere thought of bowing to reincarnated Griffith (inferior Fi) - Griffith probably wouldn't have reacted similarly in he was in his place. ) is Griffith responding to the Queen after one of her men tells him he's not responsible for poisoning him. he does not focus entirely on the perfect plan, he makes things happen fast and panes sequentially and simultaneously what he should do. ENTJ is a popular vote for him. His Se is clearly inferior. He's closer to ENFJ if he were an xNFJ. His demeanor and personal convictions make me consider him as more of a feeler than a thinker, though he has done some pretty awful stuff. It didn't take him a short time either. Also he's too well-mannered to have tertiary Se. He use more Se than Fi, and when Guts. Ne relies on recalling sensation (Si) to generate new ideas. He calmly rationalizes his actions to Casca but despite repressing his feelings, it's not the same thing as inferior Fi repression by ENTJs. It wasn't just his charisma, Chaotic. That's the only view he has. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Griffith? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Griffith likes to take risks and expose himself at the hour of improvisation, something that an INTJ does not do because he does not know how to deal with these situations. He has traits of dominant Ni. In fact, I could even see Griffith as an ENFJ but not in the traditional sense. I don't actually understand what you're saying here. It's as if he needed to find some way to reforge that connection and having sex with Charlotte was the closest thing he could do. They don't give a shit about anything. Whether it be philsophizing infront of Charlotte or telling Guts he wants him, he is certainly willing to show his more humane side to the people he deems worthy. Griffith from an early age was expressive and charismatic. Which is still under the subject of Ni and Te in an INTJ. doodlepoodle = Everyone in m fav manga is a Ni-dom like me No shit, Formerly. If you resort to making extra profiles it weakens your argument. it's not my fault that i'm right and y'all are wrong Cool story I am ENTJ and compared to my INTJ friends I am much more like Griffith than they are. He does not have to close himself completely and step back, he is always present as a leader. The idealistic one looks like INxJ. Kevin, inferior Se can retreat to charge Ni or abuse and indulge in Se to somehow satiate Ni. I think it could honestly be argued that at times his goals were just he just eventually lost his way. You also have people like Karl Marx all who thousands (even millions) of people. The more reclusive ENTJ tends to look like INTJ. Littlefinger plans completely in the shadows, while Griffith plans outwardly and uses the shadows as a complement and at the same time says that in war the battles should not be fought in the shadows, for it is a cowardly thing. He even said that in a war it's ridiculous to hide behind the curtains. Griffith did always plan in secret - like an INTJ. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Griffith likely is!. What are you doing man. People not typing griffith as infj lolINFJ. He's kind of forceful, the guy said to Guts that he owns him (what kind of INTJ do that to someone they barely know. He can repress it because he has auxiliary Te over Fi however given his ability to regulate his emotions well he can't be inferior Fi. Zuko, Lelouch, L, Kurisu So Chaotic's two other accounts are Kevin and Max. Griffith is always showing that calm and pleasant face to everyone that Littlefinger does. Despite doing terrible things to himself Grffith is nonetheless willing to show his more vulnerable Fi side than an inferior Te ENTJ. No Se-inf, he use more Te than Ni. *he does not focus entirely on the perfect plan, he makes things happen fast and panes sequentially and simultaneously what he should do. Still an ENTJ 3 would be much more extraverted. He even played out how he's going to engage Guts in combat when he left. B-b-but, Formerly Brainer, why so angery. Julio Cesar was more charismatic, Stanlin and Napoleon also.

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