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Hannibal Lecter Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Hannibal Lecter MBTI personality type cover chart

(Identity types, which provide the relatable/indepth mutual psychological evaluations/conversations they have)This Hannibal is INFJ. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Mads Mikkelsen - INFJ. The Hannibal movie like certain games, but he fights for survival first. Someone to share it with, that's not F. Most other versions INTJ. Remember when he said he could tell his teacher had stomach cancer just by his sense of smell. In the movies, he's an INTJ and Clarice Starling is INTJ. It is a distorted Fe Ti with a very developed because he is a sociopath. or ENTP because he is curious (Ne), and we don't see him plan much so he must not plan (Ti. He shows no You, but You. He let himself die along with Will. But love the chaos it could also be something F. Will says in the book, and TV series I believe, that he's labeled psychopath because people don't have a better word for him, but he's just a monster. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. Hannibal may like the people around him because they aren't rude and are intelligent but what he sees in Will is an opportunity for a real friendship, wanting to share his world with him has nothing to do with Fe or Te. I see more 4w3 than 3 in Hannibal because he finds death beautiful. I'm just showing the functions it uses, not the stereotype. Ts have feelings too, and the only times he really puts them forward is when he finds people who connect with him, who understand him, the rest of the time people are just pawns for him. You are comparing nazis to Hannibal. He has dinner with people who actually know nothing about who he really is, they just see what he wants them to see. They center around him trying to elevate himself to his own idea of perfection. His philosophy is very restrained and cruel [Ni-Fi], there is no great need to expose as we see that is what INFJ's do. Hopkins - INTJ. So much so that if you find Lucifer is typed as an ENFP, and all it does is because of the hurt Fi he had. I believe this is quite Fe. This is a guy who had no problem getting isolated inside a cell with only his books for the sake of one person. Also, ENFJs don't talk as highly intellectual and cryptic like he does, they blend better while Hannibal stands out, that's more INJ. His philosophy is very restrained and cruel [Ni-Fi], there is no great need to expose as we see that is what INFJ's do. Her empathic ability and need to connect and feel the world and display of charming way is closely linked to the Fe function. Hannibal needs to know others. ENTJ lead with facts, ENFJ lead with personal connections and individual recognising. Which is in the case of Will. Especially if they are risky. He thinks and follows the flow does not control completely. INFJ's developed with Ti can indeed exist. His goals don't center around figuring things out and developing a sense of competency. And just because people can't type certain persons doesn't mean they don't have a type or that the theory is invalid, they're not exceptions (I'm not talking about fictionnal characters who are often unconsistant or not developped enough. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Will also states Hannibal is not a usual psychopath. Are you insinuating that we must have 'mutual feelings'. It is much the same INFJ. Moreover, Hannibal is known for his propensity to try to elevate others to his idea of perfection. She enjoys meeting people and attending social events, but with the intention to stay connected and connected to what's going on. Hannibal event thinks his murders are beautiful because he "changes" them i. HSP's often describe themselves as having a rich and complex inner life. When he runs away and goes to florence he automatically is already involved parties exposing himself because he likes to stay close to the others and feel them. His strong sense of smell and his ability to recreate the item responsible for that smell in his mind is a result of HSP. Where did you put your Te. Hannibal does it with Will and, in a sense, with others. It is not a control objective in the outside world. The reason most characters fit well into one type is because it seems unrealistic if they do not, but some writters can write the characters overlap MBTI margins and still look consistent. ^^The Mastermind: Grammar dude. Hannibal has esoteric taste preferences. com/post/111084304607/hannibal-hannibal-lecter-infj. Where does that come from. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Hannibal Lecter' belongs to!. All MBTI types can manipulate. He doesn't even care if Will reciprocates these feelings. An INTJ is known to get away and be alone in his corner after a while with others. The lack of control over their feelings and affection he feels and the need to either connect with others in your way and make decisions where you think in the other. Although I can see INTJ, I believe this goes for INFJ. He makes a play to see what will happen. And the most important difference, the book and film do not sacrifice their freedom for someone who feels something. He is a INFJ upset with a distorted Fe and Ti developed looking for his soul mate. The two other INTJs I have mentionned do the exact same thing : they are very social and charming, but it's only pragmatical. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. From what we known about Hannibal, he's able to keep a cool composure all the time. Being socially smooth sounds Fe but it's often a superficial analysis, and the NTJ deceiver is the most logical interpretation here. Of all the people that it connects the surface, the only one he actually created expectations was Will Graham could understand all its expansion (Ni-Fi). He likes to be close to the people and talk to them. A Ni Fe Ti sociopath want to know what will happen, want to test the player using manipulations and play for some sides to know what will happen, but still focusing on end, but ready to be surprised. I see Hannibal as 5w4 4w3 8w9. He has perfect-pitch, an uncanny sense of smell,and he is moved by the beauty of paintings. to functions when MBTI is just a tool to see how people's minds process things. He's not shallow. The INTJ archetype is the mastermind with his long term planing : taking into account other people's reactions is necessary, but it doesn't come from a an F reasoning. INFJ's are empty of himself, especially as it has developed Ti. Then made his beautiful game with Clarice, and arrived in doubt: Escape or let me be caught and get in the mind of the person I love. I don't think the first season is any different from the book (Hannibal being INTJ, Graham INFJ) but by the end of the 2nd and the 3rd the characters do seem to have changed, which may explain the confusion between INTJ/INFJ. (lol) I'm sorry for unpredictable explosion. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Hannibal Lecter likely is!. Not superficial -. He's not insensitive. Hannibal series, and the Will of the series, has a very keen empathy, can discover the "psychic entrails" of the people, a great knowledge of what afflicts the other. He's not shallow. '' A Fe / Fe aux sociopath manipulates the feeling of the people to achieve the goal that he wants to be reached with the intention of seeing them coming into emotional breakdown or feeling betrayed to achieve something. 4s are attracted to death. Honestly, after all this time I still feel he's ambiously INJ. He is not emotionally sensitive.

. Mhmmmm INFJ, I agree. What's pragmatic about Hannibal. It is extremely manipulative and know move the feelings of others for them to act the way he wants. 3 offer a facade of good experiences in order to manipulate. Hannibal is indeed one of the most obvious INTJ character you could ever find. http://funkymbtifiction. Many people here think of functions as unrelated to one another that can be "used" (as though it was conscious. As well as see the lives of others. I seriously hope this is some troll or else I am beginning to think INFJs are just delusional. Interestingly, on the trail, Hannibal became more isolated and showed up not too social to others. Hannibal, rather than run away and plan your recent past, attended social events in which he was seen and discovered. That's what happens. But the fact that he sacrifice his freedom, get a lot for the unpredictable, does not have many scenes in which he plans to detail does not make sense to me. Two demons fighting with each other. INFJs are feelers, yes, but that doesn't mean they like the unpredictable, I can't see the link between the two. How do you think a INFJ developed with Ti should act then. The so/sx 5w4 fears rejection from those they love. HSP's often describe themselves as having a rich and complex inner life. We also know that despite all of the killing he does, he becomes bleary-eyed and vulnerable in the presence of Will. If there's a letter associated with chaos it's P and not F. But the fact that he sacrifice his freedom, get a lot for the unpredictable, does not have many scenes in which he plans to detail does not make sense to me. It is often unpredictable and lucky. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Hannibal Lecter Myers-Briggs and personality type!. He lives in social events and conversation with people. Only one goal led to a match of sentimental manipulation. He doesn't care about those people. What is so improbable in an INTJ playing mind games. It is much the same INFJ. I really don't think he's an INFJ, more so just an emotionally intelligent and socially compitent INTJ. Hannibal totally sacrificed their freedom, and tells Jack where to find it - in the mind of Will. You have a very strange interpretation of his motivations and you want to explain them with a tool that's not made for that. INTJ 5w4 so/sxI'm surprised by how few votes there are for 1w9Here's my argument:1w9s fundamentally believe in becoming the greatest possible version of themselves. This is how a distorted Fe would act. The intention was not to take credit for your post, but I found quite interesting and wanted to share here. He likes to either connect with the feelings of others and find it interesting person to eat (Fe-Ti). Saying he's INTJ doesn't simplify him more than INFJ complexifies him. He's not insensitive. INTJ's 3w4 tend to develop emotional intelligence and understand the external sense, only indifferently and restrained way, like this Hannibal. I am EonsInTheNight. ["Some common signs are sensitivity to loud noises, bright or fluorescent lights, and strong smells. If anything it's a sexual instinct in the enneagram. He likes to connect with the feelings of others, even if superficially - in which case, many INFJ's do. If it '' connects with the feelings and manipulates '' it is precisely because he is 3w4. Bon appétit. That's so poorly argumented I can't even. But, yeah, better try with tryharder stereotypes like every villain is a NTJ. That's not the first time I read that, people mix everything. And he only keeps Dr. He can have his cake and eat it too. Hannibal is the perfect show to spot differences between INFJ (Graham) and INTJ. What is more 1 than killing a musician because he made ONE mistake at the opera. The character shows more than Ti Te. Enneagram 5w4 across the board. He is a HSP and INTJ. He's really like a mix of Johan and Littlefinger this way. Hannibal demonstrations on social site are unplanned, it is only there because you think the interesting people and likes to connect with the feelings of others. His obsession with Will seems more Fi: where he continuously tests him to see if he's good enough, rather than just be loyal to him like a Fe user would. Hannibal has an interest in a inner workings of things. Hannibal plays the cards to hold, without an immediate goal. Hannibal is a character who likes to connect with the feelings of others, even superficially. He is concerned about leaving the mind of your opponent obsessed by it. Hannibal is INTJ and Will INFP. And if the interpretations of functions add up : whoah he uses all the functions of [insert type], that's what he is. He has no anger and no one hates rude. But, he is not ENFJ or INFJ. The unpredictable game that I speak of is a distorted Fe. He is distant and superficial juggling with focus and purpose is quite rationalistic to the external event; only acts to show his mask Fe, but internally he is a monster that seeks someone who can understand [Ni-Te-Fi]. He likes to talk to people, there is superficiality in what he does. He is a HSP INTJ. The same behaviour can come from very different reasoning. You are not INTJ, I'm sure, you did not came with a single fact or argument so you blamed the fuck out of it. Will also states Hannibal is not a usual psychopath. Looking 5 INFJs are likely to behave like INTJs, they can be mistaken. No arguments, my dear INFJ's. He wants to be the only one in Will's life and he will go to great lengths to get his way. I do not understand how this could not be a distorted Fe and Ti developed. , which it uses is Ti) He likes to have control of the situation but has moments he just leaves things as they are to walk slowly. He does not classify personal values, but is focused on the outside, so that likes to awaken the potential of others. You do not need to fit into all the characteristics of Highly Sensitive Person in order to be considered an HSP. It is not a narcissist who thinks only of himself. He's good at relationships, I see it with lack of energy in time to fit in, and INTJ's usually prefer to stay alone, not Hannibal. Seems driven by perfectionnism and elitism, only kills people he considers mediocre in a way or another. He did not even know where the play with Will was the leading - kill or not to kill, indifference or empathy. Hannibal yearns and aches for Will Graham. The last season has made clear his confusion; He made it clear that he sacrifices his freedom to go into Will's mind. You are directed to the '' end justifies the means '' Fe is directed to connections with people's feelings. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Hannibal Lecter? What about enneagram and other personality types?. That's how enneagram 3 works, 3 works as a base of others opinions, often developing unconsciously emotional connections in order to 'paint' themselves. Guys, he is clearly an evil ENFJ. He takes something he deems distasteful such as a anti-environmental politician and he turns them into something he finds tasteful. He's not really "science" minded. The conflict will appear. She hates the unpredictable, does not like to be surprised by chance. Often prefer watching events to know that the unpredictable can do. That can't be a real question. He is distant and superficial juggling with focus and purpose is quite rationalistic to the external event; only acts to show his mask Fe, but internally he is a monster that seeks someone who can understand [Ni-Te-Fi]. So it's Hannibal INTJ and INFJ. So why wouldn't Hannibal go to great lengths to acquire and secure his length preference for Will Graham. He also did not need to take a hostage with him to talk. Hannibal fits enough criteria to be considered an HSP. Okay, it was an accident. INFJ's are irrational types, may not have the enneagrama 5. :oHannibal, MBTI verision: Hannibal Lecter - butterfly; Will Graham - bobnickmad; The Great Red Dragon -MarkDezmerius; Jack Crawford -Ventus; Chilton/Freddie Lounds - bonita/hello-to/physically-fit; Alana Bloom - SthereoO"INFJ's are irrational types" COME ON, KID. He wants to be surprised by his opponent wants to play with the change. I jokingly said What is Hannibal an INFJ now too. The moment of his true extraversion is more to be a social mask worn by an INTJ. As for the rest I guess a T can't be interested in people, he would have to be interested in things. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. Hannibal says to Will: That's what I wanted for you, Will; for all of us. That's why I think he has a sexual instinct : wanting a bond with a particular person (Will), and not everyone he sees like you seem to suggest. Not because he is cunning and evil and is planned to be presented as an INTJWow, I don't where any of that comes from ^^ you write all this like it's an obvious and simple cooking recipe every cook tried and studied, basic stuff, except it's your own weird interpretation of both this fictionnal character and cognitive function theory. They typically aim to be highly affluent, well read and studied, extremely polite, highly successful in their chosen field, well connected, and esteemed in every way. This is what made Hannibal NBC a masterpiece. Hannibal let himself die to go along with Will. An INTJ would be Machiavellian, would have a plan and a goal to achieve something for yourself. This is also a trait of 1w9s, but. Being admired, making friends and not ennemies is purely pragmatical. It's what is doing, taking advantage of others feelings and move himself around them. Hannibal is not a facade builder, but a natural emotional feeler, as he rationalizes with natures and inside logic in order to understand things, he is acting overly logical, impulsed by a enneagram 5, that gives the INTJ stereotype. If he's INTJ, he's definitely an enneagram 3w2, which would explain the need for adoration and making a good impression. And the most important difference, the book and film do not sacrifice their freedom for someone who feels something. That is not what Hannibal wants. He does not "demonstrate" Fe and Ti, you just see a behaviour and stop there. 1w9s develop a deep sense of moral duty they apply to themselves and by which they develop their goals of personal perfection. Anyway, he has all the traits of a ENFJ - empathic, manipulative, charming, charismatic, like to exhibit and communicate with others. Every real professionnal say he doesn't fall in any category. that's where the sense ends. Hannibal plays with chance and tries to make philosophical connections with unpredictable situations. Fe it is totally distorted. He's good at relationships, I see it with lack of energy in time to fit in, and INTJ's usually prefer to stay alone, not Hannibal. Wanting to share it with someone doesn't make him an feeler more than it makes him an extrovert. Bryan Fuller says himself he's not a psychopath because he feels empathy and not a sociopath because he can feel regret. Ni and Te is driven by wanting to know what will happen and take control of the situation and be true to your belief and not let it ever. You may even be considered sadomasochistic. I need to rewatch the show, but I'm starting to believe there is a shift in some character's types between the first season and the last one. (take the two examples I've given. not really of 5w4s In the show I don't know because I didn't watch it, but in the movies I would agree with 1w9 Sx/So. He looks at Will is a good demonstration that the character has Fe features His need to participate in social events and parties to connect with the feelings of others is also Fe. Remember he manages to be admitted as insane in an asylum just not to go to prison. So how do you explain this god-like sense of smell. He's the devil incarnate, the source of all the chaos around him, he loves it. Then you should go to develop deductive logical reasoning. This is how the Te works. @bobnickmad No, I don't think it's far-fetched at all. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Hannibal characters list.. It is a game of one into the mind of the other. Hates unpredictable, and does its best to be flexible, but even hating what is unpredictable. He sacrificed his freedom to stay inside Will's mind. He is only demonstrating his art and the feeling it conveys. Hannibal is INTJ and Will IS INFJ. Mastermind, contemplative, narcissist INTJ archetype, and has a sexual instinct (I have no idea about his enneagram though. Many of them are confused with INTJ's or INTP's, but the problem is that they are more prisoners to find out how something works for an outside well. He is listed as being probably 5w4, which makes sense since it's common for INTJs, but. Not all look alike, in fact. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. You only have to meet the standard. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. This is how it works Te. ^^It's as the show strayed from the source as it went on. Based on everything I've read on narcissism and psychopathy they do not heighten the senses. Which is very perfection/purity driven, once more. What kind of gaol exactly would he need to have for you to type him INTJ. INTJs typically aren't emotional, but that's especially true for Hannibal who, being a psychiatrist, focuses purely on his client's emotions rather than bringing in his own, both in the nature of INTJ philosophy and psychiatric professionalism. The Hannibal of the game is simply to feel the feeling, it is a subtle and stylish game, it's not like what the movie and books that are isolated for a while and then back to active. It's a balance, and if someone is "unsane" or whatever it doesn't change his cognitive functions. On the other hand, he does have an extremely high sensitivity to sensory stimuli. He sees an opportunity to be a cannibalistic psychopath and have a boyfriend. ["Some common signs are sensitivity to loud noises, bright or fluorescent lights, and strong smells.

. The book is INTJ, this is xNFJHannibal manages to masterfully manipulate the human feeling and get in people's minds. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Hannibal tried to deny Will, but realized he could not. Couldn't you make all this nonsense to sound like it's his tertiary Fi, his childhood trauma that made him an INTJ who's Te has been distorted, and he's in some kind of Ni-Fi loop or whatever that makes him want to know how other people's mind work from the inside. He plans just to play a game and be surprised, he loves the unpredictability of the game. INTJ's 3w4 tend to develop emotional intelligence and understand the external sense, only indifferently and restrained way, like this Hannibal. Oh, and for the silent spamming, it is obvious, no one would ever vote something that you didn't developed as other did with the other thesis, kiddo. He does not want to get in power as these characters INTJ's. And all his refined lifestyle reflects this refinement he seems to seek everywhere. Pure efficiency/pragmatism Ni>Te)Hannibal the film is an INTJ with Fi and Se developed. It is more like Johan Liebert than Aizen. No, your fucking INFP. He kills Abigail because he doesn't want Will to have anyone else in his life except him. The darkest tritype of all. It's a pragmatical behaviour (Te). It was there that he changed. But, he is not ENFJ or INFJ. ), His goal is to make beauty/art out of his killings, to make reality match his own extremely precise standards and tastes. Whatever, INTJs are not the only ones who can think while the other restrict themselves to be retards, tryhard. Will later realizes he did this so that he would always know where to find him. Some actions of this Hannibal is making irrational and unpredictable ways. He was not in full control at the end of the game. A sx/so 5w4 is the most dramatic and aggressive of the type 5 stackings. The kind of racionality of Hannibal is pure Ti, he uses inner and pure logic in order to understand. Not to mention his utter disregard for everyone else. You could make a case for every function there is. It connects with the feeling of them, supports and logical decisions or even incorrect just to see what will happen. I mean the entire show is full of Ni conversations back and forth between Hannibal and Will (who is INFJ). This sounds like Fi and Se to me. He convinces Dolarhyde to go after Will's family because he wants them out of the way too. He makes some moves to see what happens (Ti) without an end in itself or concentration. I could see him being INFJ in a sick, sociopathically twisted way. He preferred to run away and start all over again. He has no fear something will fall apart. And the vast majority like most strategy games, pulling strings. Daken Marvel Comics is a great example of a ENFJ sociopath; Charles Xavier has had moments like that too; Johan Liebert and Loki is also a good example. After he manages to escape thanks to Will and end one decides to save the other and Hannibal decides to kill himself after exposing art and all feeling displayed. He transforms his unperfect targets into perfect dishes (=> and that's how he would be perfecting people as a 1 Sx. The game with Will was clearly a set of indifference and affection. Also in the second movie (Hannibal) I remember he killed the detective telling him his blood was unpure, something like this. Mainly because Fi. He likes to eat people because it needs to taste the meat of them and, in a way, honor them and show them that you can not fool him. As for seeing loops in him. An INTJ could do that. He is a multi-faceted exception. He was forced to eat his own sister in order to survive. Notice that all strategist base and external rationalization and total concentration and objective organization is more common among Ni-Fe than Ni-Te. He's charming, endearing, obsessed with social graces and politeness to the point where he poetically murders anyone he deems impolite, an incredible manipulator, constantly trying to figure people out, messes with them because he's "curious what they'll do", etc, Hopkins' version's as INTJ as they come but not this guy. He made those arts to show Will you feel. A lot like a 4, he wants to let someone in who will accept his true self. And, I don't get where is the 'supperficiality' on him. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Hannibal Lecter MBTI type.. His strong sense of smell and his ability to recreate the item responsible for that smell in his mind is a result of HSP. INFJ's are irrational types, may not have the enneagrama 5. If we went to the stereotype will not exist any sociopath NF. He really likes to fit in and entrozar. And wanting to be alone after a while is introversion, whether they use Fe or not, introverts need alone time.

Hannibal Lecter
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