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Hillary Clinton Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Hillary Clinton MBTI personality type cover chart

I'm fucking wheezing you can't be serious Why did you pull my words out of context. Your level of liberalism is $flev[18]. Inferior Fi, she support things she actually says both on or off campaign. I wonder who else is whiny rn. Have you ever noticed her natural gawkiness when public speaking. I then go other website sources and rechecked them with mine to get a more accurate type. It's absolutely wacky, too, considering you're supposed to be an xNTJ, not an ExFP. Here an example of ExFP stressed 7th function Ti appears "lol you still used that mumbo jumbo function magic of yours lol". Writing out something long and preparing it doesn't make it sound intuitive—the content is how you'd judge it. org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/sensing-or-intuition. she lacks trump's whole schtick with manipulating and controlling her environment, instead relying on her previous knowledge to answer questions. That's certainly not a conclusive or foolproof argument, but it's another point in favor of her being NT, NTs who know her tend to like her. The intellectual style of the open person may serve a professor well, but research has shown that closed thinking is related to superior job performance in police work, sales, and a number of service occupations. yes of course, Hillary C and Nixon HAVE THE SAME TYPE and they are both I. What type is the most annoying. "They think through things more"might be a context thing; it likely means thinking through more possibilities rather than acting in a way that would necessarily be cautious or restrained. I don't see why N would make you more into novelty, at all. I didn't realized you meant Congress supported her; Congress was actually Republican-controlled, so most congressmen did not endorse her. She's certainly much more intellectual than the average secondary Si user. And under the assumption she does this, why is it something 5s couldn't heavily rely on. And that explains why she really wants to be the first female president in USA and breaks the glass sealing. by the letters i think she's i, n, t and j with t and j obviously being the strongest. Si auxiliary, she project herself as someone who believe and support the congress. There are so many reasons for why Hillary Clinton would want to break the glass ceilling that I'm just going to ignore that. Also the website keeps changing my vote back in forth. lol at covering pearl harbor being cover up. but her judging is obvious in a way you can call it self-dictating: she plans ahead, she memorizes, she rehearses, and she tries to get her words down perfectly -- but never in a convincing manner. Your level of imagination is $flev[13]. It is so funny. org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/sensing-or-intuition. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Everyone was telling Hillary was great. Read Carl Bernstein's biography of her; it's a pretty solid portrait of an xNTJ. Hillary is ESTJ and that is final. All of these politicians are well-educated.

. i feel like they're there, but they don't get translated in her words. I know what you mean but I still think it's a decent enough indicator of an actual preference for intuition. Anyway 3rd times the charm in 2020. her style seems kind of fact oriented, but she doesn't really speak with just facts in mind -- she talks about a "vision" she sees, and she doesn't refute her opponent by picking apart their argument with facts just as they are (as i would imagine a sensor to. She doesn't speak like she writes anyways. com/michael-melcher/hillary-clinton-misunders_b_76282. I'm unsure if ENTJ or INTJ works better, but she's not a senser either (for basically the same reasons). The irony is that you are ENFP to boot. my argument for that dichotomy is honestly just gonna be she's not very sensing compared to being somewhat intuiting. If we're gonna use letters. And her performance of projecting is not being able to deliver a convincing manner. " But yeah feel free to disagree. You are so fixiated with data(Si). *Beebe Ti is my 5th function. She is 100x better than that clown. The Te dominance is obvious. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Hillary Clinton? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Let me also point out that - and I'm trying to avoid being political - Hillary Clinton's analytical tendencies, strategies, and ideas found staunch defenders in people from weird, ideologically different corners - Henry Kissinger, Paul Krugrman, George Soros, Barack Obama, Bill Weld - people who are almost universally agreed to be xNTx. like just her upbringing and academic background and political involvement all makes me think she's more likely than not someone who is more in tune with intuition than sensing. Openness to Experience describes a dimension of cognitive style that distinguishes imaginative, creative people from down-to-earth, conventional people. She doesn't want to explicit I believe it w/o losing any less recognition. She acts like she knows the exact reason she lost the election by pointing multiple factors and weird analogy "like covering up the Pearl Harbor"(she doesn't real know why she lost). If there’s an inconsistency between what your functions are saying and what MBTI actually is, then the functions cannot determine an MBTI type accurately. Adventurousness. Although I am pretty sure he was being tongue in cheek, that Hillary is a sore-loser, and doesn't want to lose. She even tries to be a cool grandma, which comes out being cringy at best. I also think it's uncommon for SJs to go all that far outside of their traditional role, and, with her being a woman growing up in the 1950's in a very conservative family, her role would certainly not have included the presidency. Could be so but I was asking that question to isolate the debate of S vs NShe's not an E either. Low scorers lack aesthetic sensitivity and interest in the arts. she's very headish to the point where she gets disconnected with her achievement and academic leanings, and she presents that side of herself very poorly i think, but it seeps through her "estj" facade on stage when she's in a sticky situation during a debate. I don't really feel "sensing" based on what she's written. 7th function Ni. It's fascinating to me that you're justifying an ESTJ typing by referring to a "7th function" in a completely different model and don't explain its actual manifestation well at all, instead using shaky, meaningless and cherrypicked examples in an effort to explain it. I can see you are saying she does plan things ahead, but in what approach. Writing about sexism doesn't make it easier to integrate to 7 or does it. There's also this zanyness to her that ESxJs tend to have. Your score on Openness to Experience is high, indicating you enjoy novelty, variety, and change. They enjoy riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers. I can only guarantee the validity of this as far as I fit the description they gave very well myself. An INTJ wouldn't do that, they'd be much more of a visionary. “I am not a natural politician, in case you haven’t noticed, like my husband or President Obama. He is acting more like an xNFP than me based on his own comment. Of course being educated doesn't make you an N (although I am not 100% sold that Mitt Romney is an ESTJ either; I really don't know enough and what I have seen could go either way). High scorers on adventurousness are eager to try new activities, travel to foreign lands, and experience different things. My verdict is based on the fact that she was trying succeed and life and try to be a role model to young women. And to make matter worse she blames Comey of her defeat and recently stated that DNC didn't help her enough during the campaign that she blew 1. Openness is often presented as healthier or more mature by psychologists, who are often themselves open to experience. So I'll go with what's been demonstrated to be true. I have no concrete proofs but I always saw her as a I. Novelty is more correlated to Ne rather Ni. i'm not really sure. e: about her being sniper rifle shot. Most of her campaign was her donor, news reporter, and famous hollywood actor. ENTJ can be like that too though. Not only that I think Hillary is more of a sensor, and most sensor/thinking orientated tends to be 6 or specifically 6w5. Donald Trump think he should be president, because he thinks these are what is actually is missing in USA and the congress is ignoring(Se). "Ni as trickster shadows Ne as child. Ti is my 5th function. But I don't really even think she's a 3 (she'd be wing 2 if she were, not wing 4) and feel like it's more "situational" for her than it is ingrained in her personality. ExFP's: All this archetype stuff ("puers trigger witches", etc. She been campaign and political activist for her entire life. The internet will suffice. I personally feel that her lack of genuineness, ideological purity, and perceived unethical and ruthless tendencies were primarily criticized by Ss and Fs. Regardless of inferior Fi. Haha, that debaser is a joke. Mitt Romney is ESTJ too, he can't connect with people either. If she is 3w4 then she in it for herself. maybe u should try function instead from letter bro HAHA owned like & share That's not really a very substantive response. 3w2's are supposed to be more people oriented (sort of like MBTI Fe-doms), 3w4's are more serious, task-oriented. I am not a cyber bully lol. Based on her recent book "What Happen", she sounds like an unhealthy 1w2. She wants to break the glass ceiling. I don't have a strong opinion of her enneagram type, but those are my thoughts exactly on the MBTI side. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. But she twisted it to achieve it. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Hillary Clinton' belongs to!. She had always been on the defensive. I was struggling to figure out her enneagram. Or how come her magical Ni cannot picked up on that. I'd say if the data doesn't fit, then disregard it until further notice. I'd say if the data doesn't fit, then disregard it until further notice. she reeeeeally doesn't seem like she could be either a 2 or a 4 wing honestly but 5 with a 6 wing makes sense. She's not ethical like a 1, not image-conscious like a 3 (she can be really "out of touch"), and doesn't seem to be careful like a 6 or aggressive like an 8. You are curious, imaginative, and creative. she likes to make a 3-like presentation of the 2 things she's done in her life if that makes any sense. Your level of emotionality is $flev[15]. "—taken from the Myers-Briggs website). is perfectly in line with a stereotypical INTJ villain. No question there. "Hillary is an academic at heart and awkwardly shapes herself to suit the character who she needs to be to win the presidential election""I will assume she's being honest""but does have a strong sense of knowing what’s right". v=7oy_DqKqTg0 Sounds like a frustrated ESTJ to me. Now without that my other option would of been ISTJ, but I don't think Hillary is weak on the Ne. Like her or not, Hillary Clinton is not much of a paper-pusher. I'm not saying she's 3 cause she's running for president. She talks about in one of her quotes advancing the common humanity, doing what's best for society, but it doesn't stop there. I wonder, what do people think a very disingenuous xNTJ would look like if NOT like Hillary. The way she communicates is very N too. So here's the most detailed description of trickster Ti I could find:. But she can't accept that is she is at fault for losing. Because the fact I have to reason every single point is annyoing and meticulus to me(Ti). She is instead a 5w6. " Everything has to go back to her. Your level of adventurousness is $flev[16]. Okay I get the main message. John Beebe may have made 16 "archetypes" that happen to share the same names of Myers and Briggs' 16 personality types but don't be deceived; they're actually radically different. Did you not see the 2016 election. Another reason why she isn't Ni, because she wants to be a novelty(the first female US president). She acts very 3, 5 is there but not nearly as much. What other things she needs to lack faith there of. She backed out to defend herself to tell the other instinctively backed off by doing the stop hand sign at 2:06. But you've not only applied the idea of "novelty" in the funniest way here but you're also explaining how "novelty," an intuitive concept, is supposed to justify her being a sensor. I find this super funny, DiamondDust, because I feel like you've exhibited signs of these points much more than I have, fitting your own worldview into these models that simply don't reflect what MBTI types are in order to type people using MBTI. I guess I get what you're saying at the end. In Jung's conception, she's definitely an extraverted thinking type but that isn't MBTI. To her she this as an absolute winning. Apart from a few social issues she's a total disasterThats quite naive of you to think that. She wants to break the glass ceiling. I don't really imagine someone sensing-leaning writing these:https://www. Ideational, not idealistic. HC will do and say anything in order to win, very 3 like. Intellectuals typically score high on Openness to Experience; consequently, this factor has also been calledCultureorIntellect. Trump was better than me. High scorers on Intellect love to play with ideas. They regard intellectual exercises as a waste of time. Above all, she takes a more studious "think-tankish" technocratic approach to politics even when it distances herself from the public. Your level of intellect is $flev[17]. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. How does it feel. I agree, she's almost absolutely not an ESTJ. SJs come off as folksy, traditional, and down-to-earth. They tend to think and act in individualistic and nonconforming ways. Her tactic is nearly the same as Trump, but the difference is that she is a bad player. Like she probably felt deep inside what is the point of me projecting myself across the media. And here's what Beebe had to say about trickster Ti:. I would think that her elaborate, morally and legaly dubious plans like taking over the DNC, covertly funding Fusion GPS investigations into Trump/Russia collusion, keeping a private email server and deleting emails that presumably contained shady info. But at the same time she is always seems to be concern covering her weakness in the front of the media. She's an academic at heart who over years in the public eye programmed her robotic self to be somewhat presentable as a politician, but she excessively relies on knowledge rather than charisma or manipulation (she leaves that to other people to do on her behalf). She much more openly exhibits N-tendencies in this 1979 interview:. Can you logically tell me why N would have to do with openness. Regardless of your political opinions there’s nothing contradictory about what I said if you put those words back where they need to be to make sense not saying it's contradictory, it's naive and I think I'm pretty obviously joking about the first two “Hillary Clinton” and “honest” together in the same sentence does seem to get ur alarm ringing regardless of the meaning around it Oh okay Teru Mikami:. Here an example of ExFP stressed 7th function Ti appears "lol you still used that mumbo jumbo function magic of yours lol". She’s bookish and internal, showing off herself to the world in a restricted fashion she puts herself into both as a consequence of the field she is working in and as a consequence of her personality. i can't really see her being a wing 4 -- it would contradict her 3 in a way that would be recognizable even behind her political imageshe's probably 3w2 come to think of it like her detachment isn't really the product of her potential 4 wingI could of put her 3w2 as a motivator and promoter because she is an activist. The media states she has 95% chance. I see her approach of planning Te. Low Openness to Experience. She is playing the idea of Russian influencing the election. High scorers on this scale use fantasy as a way of creating a richer, more interesting world. Te-dom she calls the shot. To me it looks accurate overall, but when delve deeper and look into more minor details, there is a lot of inaccuracies. It's funny strawberry that you try to project me: "That xNTJ is this very emotionless know it all. Intellect is an intellectual style, not an intellectual ability, although high scorers on Intellect scoreslightlyhigher than low-Intellect individuals on standardized intelligence tests. Another characteristic of the open cognitive style is a facility for thinking in symbols and abstractions far removed from concrete experience. A 5 cares about intellectual honesty and finding truth. I don't think her wanting to be president would make her exclusively 3 like that and I think she has a bigger 5 side than a 3 side. " Can you see the absurdity of trying to type Hillary an ESTJ through your ill-explained idea of a trickster function. I think with her being introverted (and judging), this is something that comes to her more naturally than her competitors and makes her able to cope with her sphere’s demand for being “perfect. Tertiary Ne even supports the fact she thinks shes a female therefore she is entitle to become a president and breaking the glass seal. Like I said her opinions change with the times. Persons high on Emotionality have good access to and awareness of their own feelings. You're not wrong about J being less novel than P though, which is why openness in Big 5 is strongly N and P together, but the actual idea of "novelty" doesn't inherently describe perceiving even though there's a decent overlap; seeking out new and original ways to do things is not perceiving related, it's how intuition is defined. Hillary is a very strong judger: she's disciplined, she knows the rules, and she looks at the world in a way that is "set" with conventions and the status-quo triumphing over new and radical ideas, but sensing would only come into play if she truly had a lack of consideration for such ideas and avoided them because of their intrinsic sense of absurdity rather than, perhaps, her looking at these ideas and deprioritizing them because she doesn't believe they'll be accepted by the world around her, something I'm inclined to believe she's more like. Do you consider that's her Te overriding/resisting Fi. I think she's an INTJ who forces any E and S qualities you might see to succeed in politics. Show me she is inferior Se or tertiary Se. "A 5 wouldn't rely so heavily on slander and lash out at people for losing. I also am willingly to admit that I type people with a broad stroke. Low scorers are on this scale are more oriented to facts than fantasy. i just don't believe she's a sensor. Tert Ne, she has her own, philosophy view that was guided with questionable characters. But it's only your secondary trait(aux Fi tert Te). Her behavior on election night was extremely ESTJ in the saddest way possible. Si auxiliary because she used her past experience and thought she could win running the 1990 or that she is entitle it. I do believe she has a strong 3 side but I don't believe it's her core type simply because she doesn't strike me as someone who lives their life to be recognized and valued or have an essential fear rooted in worthlessness. It's also contradictory since it also says they think through things more. Te-dom she calls the shot. Oh would you look at that. Interpret it how you will, but I will assume she's being honest because she has demonstrated signs of discomfort as a politician to the point where I would even say she's not really made to be on stage—where other politicians live and own it, Hillary is a step removed from her audience and doesn't connect with them in a way which would suggest she’s inherently oriented towards the outer world. High Openness to Experience. Having a vagina is the best credential. " Or her recent interview. I'm unsure if ENTJ or INTJ works better, but she's not a senser either (for basically the same reasons). As for 3w4 leading. Hillary is a pragmatist but there’s no reason to believe she’s naturally oriented toward pragmatism in a way that “sensing” would necessarily behest rather than her just being logical, practical and aware of social boundaries like a introverted, thinking judger would be. huffingtonpost. Even the "killary" cartoon villain that people on the right and some on the far-left have created strikes me as an xNTJ. I went over and highlighted the more “N” related things in red, and the more “P” related things in blue. I feel like there's a 5 behind her persona while you think there's a 3 behind it and we'll never really know. Please tell me if you disagree with anything I’ve highlighted. She reminds me of an unhealthy 3, unable to cope with loss. Psychological liberalism and conservatism are not identical to political affiliation, but certainly incline individuals toward certain political parties. Above all, she takes a more studious "think-tankish" technocratic approach to politics even when it distances herself from the public. He is acting more like an xNFP than me based on his own comment. And she deserves it. It something mysterious. She doesn't seem like someone caught up in explaining facts and details for what they are rather than someone who would be more willing to extrapolate and theorize based on her written work—this is an N thing, unlike being "idealistic" which could mean anything depending on context. Fair enough—I think you're totally justified in believing it. Te makes her action oriented but her Si makes her reluctant to challenge status quo and keeping things the way they are working. Novelty is more correlated to Ne rather Ni. the problem with your argument is that you apply your functions anywhere in this sorta arbitrary manner -- what says something is leading, auxiliary, tertiary, or inferior and why do certain (not necessarily even consistent) mannerisms get tied to the functions that way. I am glad you asked. Read the book "What Happened. High scorers on this scale love beauty, both in art and in nature. But anyway let's not derailed the thread. Every one in the congress and the social media was all supporting Hillary. She does and says anything to win and she was so torn after losing she wrote a book about it blaming others. I really do think Hillary just may be a 5w6, and an INTJ. Just like what you are doing it now. i can't give a great argument for sensing vs intuition because i see her more as non-se and non-ne; i would guess ni and si are both pretty high in her. INTP 7th function Se "lol look at this guy trying to be. We'll never really know since she's a politician and a fairly private one at that, but I don't see her as a 3 for reasons I've explained before. This may seem ESFJ, but in her other quotes she talks about her beliefs and doesn't mention how society fits in with that. She also mentions having a positive outlook on the future, which leads me to believe that she is not intuition inferior, as intuition inferior would be more fearful of the unknown. She looked more extroverted in the 90s, but we've seen more of her now. So ENxJs "protect themselves" by insisting on removing weight on past mistakes. Compromising your opinions isn't related to intuition or sensing. " Or her recent interview. Bush, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Gilmore, Mike Pence, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Barbara Bush, Michelle Obama, Darrell Castle, etc. My point is it has to be inspiring, move people, convince them and promise change. " undertones that vaguely point to introverted intuition, where she seems to have ideas that she doesn't really explain so well. 6w5 is a counter phobic just like 5w6, but 6w5 will react more then 5w6 and be on the defensive. People with low scores on openness to experience tend to have narrow, common interests. i'll refrain from voting there, but she's almost definitely a 351 or a 531, and definitely 5w6 if it's that first. You could call it 3, but it would be political suicide to expose your true views on everything. Above all, she takes a more studious "think-tankish" technocratic approach to politics even when it distances herself from the public. ” I don’t think she’s particularly image-oriented at all but does have a strong sense of knowing what’s right (which isn’t overpowered by her detached, academic and information-gathering side — yes, I think she without a doubt has this when you consider how she’s built up her image). honestly i might consider it over 3, since her introversion explains her 5 side. To put it simple: Hillary, "I am not saying its your fault that I lost, but it is your fault that I lost. 7th function Ni. Imaginativeness using multiple possibilities is a playful, childlike endeavor. And I am not going to read a biography book. Actually, neither E nor S make any sense to me whatsoever. Hillary is more hawkish than Trump. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Your level of artistic interests is $flev[14]. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. She didn't bother going campaigning some other states in the final days. She is Si everywhere. She is saying she is innocent and was hard working and everyone else were being shady and blindside her, including the DNC. I don't get any extroversion from her during the 2016 campaign. her body language and practically theatrical reservedness reveals her cerebrality and, in my opinion, her introversion. com/documents/HillaryClintonThesis. Si (although I am ideologically opposed to using cognitive functions to type as I think most of the conclusions people draw are superfluous). Scores on Openness to Experience are only modestly related to years of education and scores on standard intelligent tests. There are people out there who relish, live and learn about the world through engaging with it and being a part of it; this is something Hillary is certainly not. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www. "Not staying true to yourself" isn't really a good indicator of sensing to me all. It doesn't matter. Low scorers tend to feel uncomfortable with change and prefer familiar routines. They prepare their speeches, it has to convince people, ofc it will sound like that. Good examples of SJs in the recent world of politics are George H. Js care more about things being the same. If Hillary was 3w2 that explains her coat tailing her husband Bill Clinton and continuing Obama era of progressive if that makes any sense. If Hillary Clinton knows exactly why she lost. Her tactic is nearly the same as Trump, but the difference is that she is a bad player. Ye, my favorite. They tend to be, compared to closed people, more aware of their feelings. No one has ever said that Hillary changes her views "to fit in", even if Hillary Clinton might change her statements in order to win. I agree with this but I think her 3 side is more situational and inspired by her wanting to achieve her goal of being president. To be honest I just focus the 2016 election only. Although they respect (tertiary Te), they felt it too conflicted (trickster Ti). Also she's not a visionary, her views adapt with the times. She's the latter. Low scorers are less aware of their feelings and tend not to express their emotions openly. When ENTJ(along ENFJ) stressed 7th function Si appears "Lol you still bring this old stuff. Wouldn't that lead to being more cautious and less open to a degree. She doesn't really believe what she is saying. Feels confused or lost with technical variables and projects it onto others. If Hillary Clinton were xSTJ, I would think she would be ISTJ. )INTJ http://www. Anyway when I try to typed someone. They don't look anything like Hillary Clinton. The 7th function either direct at others or themselves to give a sense of relief. You don't need the news for your daily news. Accuses others of being stuck in the models and frameworks they have learned or adapted. I don't see any Ni in her because her quotes are mostly focused on hard work and the common good rather than vision and foresight. htmlI've heard she throws tantrumsXXXX. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. My friend has a friend in the military and he apparently met Obama. Your score on Openness to Experience is low, indicating you like to think in plain and simple terms. Again, not really an N thing. I don't think she even really looks particularly xSTJ 3, though. Anyway enough about me. She looks xSTJ 3 cause she is. Others forms of vid documentary, liver interview are suffice. But then CNN wants a reconfirmation that she really mean to blames DNC. It's fair to type her 3 for it but I don't think it really represents who she actually is. Regardless, she's clearly an N if you look at her at all before she entered politics. So yeah I am willingly to accept criticism of my typing. If this is intimidated, the person will then try to bind the other person with negative premonitions of what will happen. Move on its current year. She's an academic at heart who over years in the public eye programmed her robotic self to be somewhat presentable as a politician, but she excessively relies on knowledge rather than charisma or manipulation (she leaves that to other people to do on her behalf). Donald Trump sees twitter is a the new platau of social media, it can allow him to bypass the newsmedia (strong Se mofo), where is Hillary Se. " That to me clicked 6w5. Openness Facets. Her 7th function is Ni. Based off of her book, INFJ, she clearly saw the evils in our country and tried to defend us from them. I even consider 5w6, but after watching the "Why I am not 50 points ahead. time_continue=1499&v=LMIoYihU7VU Sorry, I didn't embed it the first time. At some point in her life she was a lot more ideological but I think her Te just is a lot stronger than her Ni. " Hardy har har. This is strange—so you yourself redefined what "intuition" and "sensing" means in MBTI terms to suit something it means to you personally. Hillary is an academic at heart and awkwardly shapes herself to suit the character who she needs to be to win the presidential election: the to-be first female president of the United States. com/embed/LMIoYihU7VU" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Bah. The defining features of this scale areinterest in, andappreciation ofnatural and artificial beauty. People opposed to Hillary Clinton more often portray her as scheming and Machiavellian than they do simple and unsophisticated. If you look at Hillary Clinton when she was in college and after the election, which I assume is her behaving more naturally than when campaigning, she looks very xNTJ. I might be off 1 or 2 enneagram, because that is more of my blindspot of not taking too much considering, and only focusing things the major appropriate stacking. She's not ethical like a 1, not image-conscious like a 3 (she can be really "out of touch"), and doesn't seem to be careful like a 6 or aggressive like an 8. Artistic Interests. She has somewhat of a 1-like attitude but she doesn't seem to be truly driven by actual 1-related motivations—at least not enough for it to be her core type. Sounds like 3 adaptability and SJ conformity. Biggest failure in the history of modern politics. She's a 3w4 though, not 3w2. But DD reasoning and acting doesn't match xNTJ. I repeat going back and forth to get an accurate type of the person. in that video i can't really say much more than xxtj like there isn't anything particularly intuiting or sensing there and nor do i really get much of introversion or extraversion out of iti think she's most definitely te leading -- at least in front of an audience -- and probably why her intuition becomes obscured, but i don't think her being te dominant necessarily means that she's extraverted. She is instead a 5w6. I am not a cyber bully lol. She is clearly Te. She thought hey if I make some live twitter, maybe I am hip and hop too(Ne tertiary). At the same time she can't say, "Yeah I lost. but her most used functions imo might be te, ni and si, probably with some fe and possibly a little bit of ne too. Others describe you as down-to-earth, practical, and conservative. The idea of ideological exploration and exploring possibilities does tie into Big 5’s “openness to experience” based on this description; it’s about seeking new ways to do things, having varied interests, deviating from conventional activities, and exploring options. They become easily involved and absorbed in artistic and natural events. You're projecting something onto me that doesn't exist lol Here is why she is Ni 7th function:. Your argument for 3 is valid but again, I don't think it's because she's actually 3 but it's rather her adjusting to her climate. even if she speaks quite well in public it seems very prepared. Ignored the clickbait title. It's funny strawberry that you try to project me: "That xNTJ is this very emotionless know it all. " Hardy har har. Because the fact I have to reason every single point is annyoing and meticulus to me(Ti). Here is what openness to experience in Big 5 describes:. TV ads are still very useful; Trump used them as well. I was struggling to figure out her enneagram. A tragic end to a selfless hero. She's not ethical like a 1, not image-conscious like a 3 (she can be really "out of touch"), and doesn't seem to be careful like a 6 or aggressive like an 8. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Hillary Clinton MBTI type.. She is saying, "Yes its my fault. (Ni inferior btw) He thinks he should be president, because he thinks he can. where do y'all get extraversion from. You are so fixiated with data(Si). These are self-assessments and the way you're describing it implies Ns can't not be open. Caught up in pointing out others’ inconsistencies, with a dogmatic tendency to adhere to one principle rather than seeing its distinctions. She feels in control. Can you give me a basic reason why you think Hillary is an INTJ 5w6. i could maybe accept sensing, but there is no way she's extraverted being so secretive, private, and almost "unnatural" in front of an audience. " They make this remark to protect themselve. "Trump was better than me" would be a downright bizzarre thing to say. I think she's direct, pragmatic, realistic, and a go-getter, but in no way does she show off those traits in a way that would suggest she's an extraverted sensor. I'm unsure if ENTJ or INTJ works better, but she's not a senser either (for basically the same reasons). as for intuition and sensing, i lean intuition mainly because she just seems to be more in tune with ideas than facts themselves. Hillary Clinton's "experience" argument reflects SJ (Si function) values, but that really just seems like a better campaign tactic than "vote for me because I am smart enough to know what's wrong America. A Nazi endorsing his favorite candidate. I really don't think you grasp the Bebe model. You try so hard to understand human sociology, and reasoning so much. Or I cop-out she just have very poor memory, but that wouldn't do no good for getting a good typing of her. And finally, Hillary was Secretary of State not Secretary of Defense. They are not necessarily artistically trained nor talented, although many will be. Ne focus on alternate possibilty based on already developed/accepted concept/criterion. Depending on the individual's specific intellectual abilities, this symbolic cognition may take the form of mathematical, logical, or geometric thinking, artistic and metaphorical use of language, music composition or performance, or one of the many visual or performing arts. Psychological conservatives prefer the security and stability brought by conformity to tradition. For the sake of discussion, anyone got an argument for N. I think if she at her core sought to achieve and be valued, we'd still see such an attitude even now that's she's not in the running. She acts like she knows the exact reason she lost the election by pointing multiple factors and weird analogy "like covering up the Pearl Harbor"(she doesn't real know why she lost). Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. I don't really see why speaking and writing should be any different when it's the same person behind them both. I feel like if I typed Hillary by how she seemed at face value I'd also arrive at something like xSTJ 3 but there is more to her background that I believe you're overlooking. They prefer the plain, straightforward, and obvious over the complex, ambiguous, and subtle. So it's going to sound more N for that reason. Such a blatant ESTJ it hard to miss. Definitely ESTJ. Leading enneagram 3w4 so/sp. In its most extreme form, psychological liberalism can even represent outright hostility toward rules, sympathy for law-breakers, and love of ambiguity, chaos, and disorder. They find familiarity and routine boring, and will take a new route home just because it is different. May make statements or believe in ideas that are contradictory and illogical and project this on others. Finally, if you consider Hillary Clinton to be cruel in campaigning, all that indicates is "T", which I'm pretty sure everyone already agrees on. In other words she doesn't have a goal for herself. No, novelty is just correlated to "N," and in fact is how "N" is generally defined ("I am interested in doing things that are new and different. Hillary can't really be anything but an INTJ and I would guess she's most likely a 5w6, even though I've considered 3w2 in the past. Closed people prefer familiarity over novelty; they are conservative and resistant to change. I don't really delve to deep of other people, or other potential possibilities, once I get a basic understanding of their type. i don't see hillary as someone who gets energized by being around people but more as someone who deals with it in order to accomplish her goals. Clear cut INTJ. Tert Ne, she has her own, philosophy view that was guided with questionable characters. Nonetheless, Intellect is probably best regarded as one aspect of openness to experience. If she takes too seriously, she is a whacko. Open people are intellectually curious, appreciative of art, and sensitive to beauty. And if she was an ISTJ or INTJ, then that makes her defeat even more tragic or in my opinion comical. Hillary Clinton already build her career as a lawyer, senate, secretary. And @Debaser, why do you see her as an introvert. To deal her ego she makes herself look Ni-dom. I do see her reasoning Ne and Si trying to connect Russia and 1000 agents to what I have no idea is she talking about. But it's only your secondary trait(aux Fi tert Te). I can even go further that say she is Fi inferior because she constantly gets caught lying, i. Every ESTJ I can think of tends to be power-hungry or hungry for control. Fascinating—so if I score "extraversion," "intuition," and "judging" on the official Myers-Briggs test, I will necessarily do this. To me Hillary Clinton is a stress out ESTJ. So far as I understand the trickster function really wouldn't often be confused for the dominant function. ISTJ or INTJ for me. She is one of the politicians who (in debates and interviews, not in speeches) seems the most focused on how a particular discussion is framed. ESTJ tritype 368. However, open and closed styles of thinking are useful in different environments. May impose their ideasabout the models and principles they’ve adopted, categorizing everything simplistically and robotically following the principles. Well, maybe the word "whiny" is the more accurate description of her. but her using what can be interpreted as te more in our public eye is what makes it hard to see either in her. Si auxiliary, she project herself as someone who believe and support the congress. hillary doesn't really strike me as exxj in the sense that she doesn't have a hold on her external environment in the way extraverted judgers tend to have. Another reason why she isn't Ni, because she wants to be a novelty(the first female US president). May impose their ideasabout the models and principles they’ve adopted, categorizing everything simplistically and robotically following the principles. She also use $1,2 billion during the campaign. Move on its current year. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Hillary Clinton likely is!. She'll be whatever type she has to to get elected. N has to do with being more abstract than concrete and more idea-oriented. "Believe in and support the congress" could be true for anyone; and even then I don't know to what exactly you are refferring with regard to Hillary. To imaginative individuals, the real world is often too plain and ordinary. They are open-minded to new and unusual ideas, and like to debate intellectual issues. Here, if you can't see Ni in Hillary, you might be too focused on her recent image. I see some of your earlier responses. You can really only make out TJ from her on stage and guess 3 because she's a politician but I don't think her first two letters are obvious, and for good reason when you consider electability. Te-dom, because everything she said in the entire campaign was just "Me, Me, and I did this and did that. So in order to stress relieve they make a light jester out of it. " We should focus most on Hillary when she's NOT campaigning, because she is likely to be most genuine then. But on the other hand she is actually very realistic in her approach. Elaborate on the Si part. You can just go on the internet. Does that sound xNTJ 5 or xSTJ 3 to you. Psychological liberalism refers to a readiness to challenge authority, convention, and traditional values. I'm going for ESTJ. Regardless, that should still apply to Ni vs. Intelligent, practical minded, result oriented and very grounded. Everyone's opinions are subject to changing, but judging exactly how much her actual opinions are changing isn't an easy thing to gauge considering she's wearing a public mask. She has very little feeling. The fact she didn't appear during the concession speech and tells Podesta, instead is very weak Fi. When ENTJ(along ENFJ) stressed 7th function Si appears "Lol you still bring this old stuff. He said Obama was nice but Hillary and Michelle were both super bitchy. Where I think sensors are naturally oriented toward realism and see stretching out into the ideational side of things second, intuitives see orient themselves toward ideas and think of pragmatism as a secondary trait, something I see Hillary having an easier time doing being both strongly “thinking” and “judging. If I am off, then I rechecked my typing. Intellect and artistic interests are the two most important, central aspects of openness to experience. While intuition is certainly “abstract,” it’s not really describing solely abstractness in the philosophical vs concrete sense but it’s more related to the idea of “meaning and significance” than “raw facts and details written out as is. You can point to superfluous things like "she ran a relatively traditional campaign" or "her political views are pretty normal" to say that she exhibits SJ qualities, but the fact is throughout her career she has been oriented towards trying to change as much as possible. The statement you just proposed is self-evidence. " They make this remark to protect themselve. But of course I can easily justify an ExFP typing for you by using "trickster Ti" to describe your "cognitive thought process. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Why do you think her Te and Si are so strong. Again, you've turned this into a matter of ability rather than preference, and you're projecting the extent of my knowledgeability about sociology through a function model. 2 billion dollars and still lost. There's compromising your opinions and then there's not staying true to yourself. Hillary Clinton really strikes me as an introverted intuitive ruled by her thinking and judging side to act in a way which would make her fit in the world of politics with the image of being a character resembling an “extraverted sensor. As Donald Trump stated in the debate that she is fighter. They need to fix that. I'd be curious for the arguments for ESTJ over ENTJ, cause I'm not seeing any. she also has funny "how could you not see it this way. Hillary was found jogging and posted a picture by someone, that if I recalled was one of her staff. seems more 3w4 than anythingShe's energetic but she doesn't know how to connect with or relate to people at all. This is an obvious ESTJ trying to behave like an ESTP. Being a politician, Hillary knows how to act and plays a safe campaign because she is aware of how politics work and how nominees are elected; you may look at this as "Si" but this is exactly where function theory and types begin to disconnect from one another. Ask yourself: is Myers-Briggs really meant to measure "cognitive ability". This is an obvious ESTJ trying to behave like an ESTP. Ni focus only based on current surrounding (Se). I remember that Pokemon Go statement thing she did to appear hip and popular. You try so hard to understand human sociology, and reasoning so much. (Seriously, look it up. com/2016/02/17/nite-vedain-book-import/). It seems to me that she is primarily concerned with advancing society with her own beliefs Te-Fi. Again, it's here:http://www. logical frameworks) is just excuses for bad behavior (I actually had one say this to me. The irony is that you are ENFP to boot. I think she is ESTJ. In Jung's conception, she's definitely an extraverted thinking type but that isn't MBTI.

. The DNC and RNC. You're trying to bind me [I feel confused or lost with technical variables and project it onto you] so I'm going to bind you with individually understood technical details. she is not a natural public speaker. And still lost to an orange baboon. You're totally free to disagree. Did you not read your own post "double bound". Also extravert means you are loud and boisterous. edu/events/commencement/archives/1969commencement/studentspeechhttps://www. In Jung's conception, she's definitely an extraverted thinking type but that isn't MBTI. 6w5 and 8w9 are the others. A 5 wouldn't rely so heavily on slander and lash out at people for losing. Inferior Fi, she support things she actually says both on or off campaign. * I still believe Hillary is a tritype 368. I agree with gary, though I see ENTJ at a level too. somehow she doesn't know how to present herself well, which i feel as though is uncharacteristic of a 3. You actually don't get campaigning that well. And Hillary Clinton is very private and does not come off naturally in front of crowds, so INTJ. So it's possible for her to be president and being secretary of defense its safe to assume she knows best of USA(Si). Not the current era. They may regard the arts and sciences with suspicion, regarding these endeavors as abstruse or of no practical use. ) but has an idea-centric way of explaining her opposition's arguments. Read the book "What Happened. If anything, she seems to have somewhat of a drive to correct others' ways of doing things, but she's definitely malleable in this regard and I would agree she isn't really consistent enough to be a type 1. But if you read about Hillary Clinton in her youth she was very interested in developing her own political philosophy (those are great picks for documents showing that). I don't think her being educated makes her intuitive either but looking into her as a person, she seems to have a definite ideational slant that I think she obscured during her presidential campaign. Extravert doesn't mean you are loud or boisterous. I also notice her saying she loves live audiences with real people, which is a definite sign of extraversion. hillaryclintonquarterly. I first try to get an overall image of the person by observing which function appears more frequently, and which one is most likely fit that cognitive approach. So I think ESTJ. lol 43 people have voted ESTJ, and not a single one of them has argued why. But she twisted it to achieve it. This mean ENFP feels conflicted. Ni will be more like Donald Trump. She seems to do the latter. She is probably that one. Clinton is a 3, not a 5. Her opinions have changed radically over the years and that's the only explanation I can think of as to why. Back to Hillary. She is instead a 5w6. it's just an intuition vibe i guessI made a minor mistake: She is 8w9 compare to Trump who is more of 8w7. Her campaign is based on the 1990s. But others are more to blame. Not only is this hilariously reductionistic of my actual view on function theory but it's also simplifying Beebe's explanation of it to terms where I'm unable to actually pull the concept of a "trickster function" out of what you're trying to articulate. An NJ being more interested in novelty than an SP is just hilarious. She's strategic, utilitarian, and pragmatic. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Politicans and Leaders characters list.. Inferior Fi is there, because she didn't bother visits the rust belt, and thought she had everything in the bag. Not the vibe I get from her. I'd be interested to see why you think ESTJ. You inserted your own opinion about why she lost and used it to guide an idea you created of her having no clue about why shereally lost, turning this theory not into a matter ofpreference, but a matter ofability. I don't know what I expected, but that wasn't it. * Of course in their own tritype respective. It doesn't really sound like anything to me. There's a reason she didn't give her concession speech until the next day. You’ve actually made a better argument for ENTJ than ESTJ here since your reasoning for Ne would indicate N while your reasoning for Si doesn’t indicate S You're getting too political, but let me just say that this is the first election where I have ever heard it described as the loser's "fault" for losing. Hillary is a smart women. She honestly seems to be a type 5 pretending to be a 1 who comes off as a 3, but I would guess all three of those are in her tritype. Whether you go by functions or letters. But that is because I don't see the point of it. And you might be right she might be a possible introversion, that I didn't pick up, because as I stated I only went the most recent of her in 2016+. And I still don't see how anything you're saying corresponds to her type. she's definitely very 3 in that regard: a determined go-getter and opportunist. If you have Se you will realize, nowadays tv is not needed for campaign. The lady adjusts her views in order to fit in. But at times I think she is very detach about it. Not everyone you dislike is an S. Are you blind. ” It’s about questioning, exploring possibilities, considering more in thought, and it demonstrates comfortability with things that aren’t “for sure. i think now she could be 3 leading when you look at her as a politician but she may just be playing pretend and could be 5 or 1 first with a 3-fix maybe. Not to barge in the middle of the conversation since I don't know a whole lot about Hillary, but @strawberry crisis, since you're proposing she's INTJ, here's a link describing her as such with regards to body language, just Ctrl+F her name: (http://cognitivetype. Intellect shouldnotbe equated with intelligence. She is 8w7 compare to Trump who is more of 8w9. Or what do you think. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Hillary Clinton Myers-Briggs and personality type!. May become lost and confused when trying to analyze why things work and may project this onto others. Pikupyourpantspatrol:2. I was struggling to figure out her enneagram. Criticizes others for notarticulating their operating principles. htmIt's there3. I see her as a cerebral, reticent, rehearsed, and even reserved personality forced onto the stage by her own drive and volition, and she therefore lacks a politician’s charisma. ExFP’s Might feel ‘double-bound’ by variable logical principles and use them to trap others or be silly. She doesn't show it but, it has reported or rumor she throw and tantrum after losing the election or that she drink/drunk herself to get away from the feeling defeat and despair. I don't have an opinion on her type my man, I think everything about her post-2014 is too fake to be able to judge her and I can't stand her so I'm not gonna go looking into her personal life either Pikupyourpantspatrol:HC is an ESTJ, her inability to connect with people doesn't make her an INTJ and being educated doesn't make you N. Low scorers on Intellect prefer dealing with either people or things rather than ideas. Wouldn't all presidential candidates be idealistic. She's clearly ESTJ, indeed. She might be: 5w6 1w2 3w2. It's just a weird and pointless thing to say. But DD reasoning and acting doesn't match xNTJ. They may act as if it is inevitable or as good as having occurred already, and become very childish. This is probably a prime example of distorting unrelated theories to suit a particular narrative that's meant to translate to something that doesn't suit what you believe it is meant to suit. She's an academic at heart who over years in the public eye programmed her robotic self to be somewhat presentable as a politician, but she excessively relies on knowledge rather than charisma or manipulation (she leaves that to other people to do on her behalf). Ik it says that but if you type by functions or actually observe these types that's not how it is.

Hillary Clinton
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