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Hisoka Morow Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Hisoka Morow MBTI personality type cover chart

If he didn't care about the glory then why would he mention it. Just watch his behavior during the Volleyball game. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Which is fun and all but honestly. Let's also remember that all types can see potential in others, and let's try to forget about the old type descriptions because they're outdated and limiting. It also demonstrates Si: make connections with the past that he claims to love, so much so that his Nen ability is a connection with something he liked in the past. And even in his fights he values subterfuge and trickery over power. Come on guys, He is clearly ENTP. Forget about the MBTI for a second, how is he a 7w8. He is observational, but this is more the work of Se than anything else. For what it's worth I see a lot of Ne, and some levels of all of Ni, Se, and Si, but nothing even comes close to Ne in strength. He probably would have come up with some ridiculous move to finish off Chrollo, but that's only speculation. I don't even identify as INFP or Fi, so give that one a rest. Anyway, I believe he is a IxxP, not extroverted indeed. MBTI is all about explaining how people look at things with the functions, so it's more like a temperament system because even people of the same type will have different personalities. How is he focused on that. I'm very interested in why people think he's INFP. A good example of psychotic INFP is Soujirou Seta from Rorouni Kenshin, which has a strong appreciation for the ideal darwinism of Shishio and fight to show that killing the weaker people is the right thing to do. His whole defense is his versatility (7) and his hasty offense (w8). Show me one study or anything that shows that NP's have more SJ traits than NJ's and SP's. Hisoka doesn't belong to anybody. But if you want the subjective interpretation to be built off superficial elements and stereotypes rather than cognition, and visible strength of REPRESSED functions (repressed means you don't see them), then you have your subjective interpretations: ENTP and ISTP.

. I really don't want to hear the "he's weird" argument because that's largely a largely skewed perception and stereotype of the INFP type, but. How is that an argument for Se over Ne, especially given how his take on those topics go beyond physicality. But, I don't think he's INFP either (even though I do agree that it is possible for INFP to be sociopathic of course), and I agree with Mande94 that you're probably an INFP projecting on him. Or are you going to ignore this request like I did with the explanation for his "ideals". Has Hisoka ever said anything like that. The fight between him and Chrollo is in fact a good indicator of it. For now I think he is either ISTP or ISFP. I can't relate to his pleasure seeking methods at all, but if it makes you happy, I'll let you believe whatever you wish :)The key word is "different". No I'm not, all I'm saying is that the idea that INFPs aren't natural problem solvers is a bunk one. It doesn't make Hisoka's any less "Fi"@Jamz, I think the reason he is how he is, is exactly because he asks "why do I feel this. And yeah, let's stop with INFP, ENFP would make more sense because tert Te. Anyway, it looks very fancy, the possibilities and the possible pleasure could feel. Whatever, INFP is ridiculous. He has his own subjective criteria of what a fight and a fighter should be. Therefore I think that Hisoka is in the Ti - Fe axis and not Fi -Te. i dont get the point of the ti, the ISTP typing is mostly stereotyped and bullshitHe is so swallowed up in his psyche/fantasies though, which seems like trademark Fi dominance / 4 enneagram. He is F not T. Speaking of projection, the Ni/Se, Fe/Ti user types both Hisoka and Light as Ni/Se and Fe/Ti. Unless you're trying to manipulate and twist my words but I will give you the benefit of a doubt. If he even has Fe then it's inferior. A SP NEVER would act thus an SP would simply focused on the fight and kill, get commenting, idealizing and mentally exalting the opponent is not a matter of SP and his Nen himself is the personification of a chaotic personality, creative and trickster. 3w4s are generally unconvential types, however they're a lot more direct than 4s ----. There is also no reason for you to project your dishonest typing onto me. Ideally, it does but the absence of Si just means a lack of balance. Fi-Ne in INFPS means they search for clarity of meaning and belief. But then we get the best one for "Se" and that is "fighting. But alucards Ni actually makes him very receptive, because it is tertiary and is technically the most childish function. It's just that the subjective judgment has a different base for both of these people. I have trouble seeing Hisoka as an INFP. I can sort of see the ENTP case now but I think the xNFP case is quite a bit stronger, due to his very passionate approach to everything. And you are INFP. If you actually read my arguments you'd see I was trying to make the point that he's a "S" with strong "N". Yes, ISTP 7w8 sounds right. Just like saying someone doesn't seek to "clarify information" as an argument for a Ti-dom - also a very bad way of typing someone. But that is not necessarily the case, especially with someone like Hisoka, an xNFP. And 3w4s do try to achieve status for their own fulfilment, why else would the 4 be there. So ESFJ and INTP don't make sense. If he even has Fe then it's inferior. That is kinda what patrol said. He idealizes all his fantasies, I don't know how you can't see this. No, he's a romantic dreamer listening to his own emotions above all. I'm afraid Hisoka typers are stumbling over all 3. He's no Cloudcuckoo Lander. The only way I see about him caring about how things "make him feel" is in the way he seeks out physical gratification. He may be an ENFP though. Unless I missed something. The one exception would seem to be how he is around Machi but it's tough to discern his motivations there. I never said he didn't chase after Chrollo, all I said was that he clearly enjoys living in his penthouse with all his money/fame/glory/fans etc. '' And the way he dresses and acts is to postpone an image to fool people. Also, MBTI hasn't been "disproven". " but it is from there that he diverges away from the typical INFP. Can anybody give me at least a glimmer of any subjective morals he might have. A 3 would care about the status of things which Hisoka just doesn't seem to care about AT ALL. "AN SP would be focus on the fight and kill. Then Se to accomplish the desires. But if you look at the judging he does it all originates from his emotions like I've described time and time again. So while I do enjoy talking about personal interpretations I don't think it should override actual canon information stated by manga and Togashi. I agree with that though, I think he's ESFJ. hisoka simply does and acts out what he thinks is vital to a situation, he does not really think ahead or come up with "ideas" much. The only prevailing "Se" argument I see has to do with "physical fights" which is an unfortunate reduction because it doesn't actually describe Se. An unhealthy Fi may well do so, especially if really '' value '' what he does. Hisoka uses the same ability over and over, but he thinks fast with it to make it suit his current needs, which is what a lot of the Se/Ni axis characters do. Off topic, but if he's xSFP i'm gonna laugh because he's always presented as xNTP in the community and xSFPs and xNTPs are worlds apart cognitively. Also, I would rather not share a lot of letters in common with him, but it's pretty obvious what he is if I am going to remain consistent with my typing method. How many spambots have actually been triggering this entry. Discuss with SPs was always difficult because they pretty much have problems of interpretation and has a limited view of things. "Lives for thrills of the moment and new exciting challenges". For me it is obvious Ti-SeYou are retarded. but i do enjoy the way some of these people are theorizing about hisoka even if i do not think it is canon. >Hisoka can not be an S type because he sees himself as a magician. No way am I acting and you are trying to upset mea. If he wanted to fight for the thrill of the physicality, it would make some sense. I know because I one aaaaand everyone argue with me es gay. Hisoka has twisted morals but he's fairly stable considering that he knows exactly what he's doing. Just a reminder that ISTPs have tertiary Ni and while they can be improvisational and reactive like the ESTP, they prefer to set up a vision of a goal before engaging. I know exactly where ISTP is coming from but I just find that interpretation very shallow and when applying that same interpretation to different people consistently, you will get wacky results. They generally follow the beaten path with enthusiasm to get ahead. But you can't, and in the end it is all one big subjective interpretation, and my subjective interpretation doesn't see him being an S type. He's much too flighty to be anything other than an Se dom. That's quite funny. He understands that they are subjective and instead goes after them and strives to make them reality. Doesn't bother anyone. I think is all Ti-dom and Se is more like experience etc. "Discuss with SPs was always difficult because they pretty much have problems of interpretation and has a limited view of things. It's not even hinted at in the series. His most enjoyable activity is spontaneously strategizing for someone's death, which seems like Ne could be on top. I think he is a quite introvert ENTP. yes people have "subjective" fan interpretations of characters (fandom hisoka is probably ExTP), but there is still canon information about his personality and process so hisoka should be able to be accurately typed based off of canon manga information. to make this more clear has anybody seen hellsing. 3 is basically ambitious and direct like ESTJs are. Waiting for Gon and Killua to grow up so he has a challenge, that's it. I feel like he leads with Ne, though at the same time, I think only a fool would call him extroverted. Instead I believe he does what he does to gauge his own strength. He's definitely off but he's not as wacky and zany as people put him off to be, and he's not even extroverted. It takes him tremendous efforts to ignore his feelings and take a thinking decision (like when he fought Gon). The way is to wait for the character appear more often, and have a huge focus, especially in the interior, for analyzes it fully. Is he not completely centered around how things effect him personally, ignoring everything else around him. "His thoughts and feelings are too reserved to have tert Fe". I've already explained that earlier, when I said that Ti users can look very Ne because of the natural way they understand ideas and how quickly they make connections. If your rationale for thinking ISxP is one of "they don't have Si", then let me tell you that Ne is the most likely to want to break away and discard its past because it is the most concerned with exploring the unexplored. He doesn't try to prove things to others for their affirmation, rather he does it for himself. It's been stated by himself, other characters, and Togashi. The reason why I ask is because after reading your arguments on which functions he uses and seeing this blog post (http://quietnymphe. "Why do I feel this. It is hard to analyze Hisoka's true personality because he's deceitful, but it should still be possible to type him since MBTI doesn't account for actualized personality or behavior. They have more of a common sense of honor, at worst coming off as "holier than thou". If anything being a trickster relates more to Se than it does Ne, either way it's a P trait, not an N trait. Feitan (ISTP) - uses efficient, precise assassination techniques and agility. Yoo I'm all for personal interpretation and headcanons and discussions and shit, but there is still a difference between personal headcanons and canon information that's been proved true by the manga. If you look Hisoka superficially, you will find that it is an SP, but no. I'm going to quote some of the parts from that chapter where it talks about Hisoka's personality: "Hisoka doesn't say everything. http://personalitycafe. He builds his internal judging framework around his feelings (Fi), and he seeks out new (in an abstract sense) experience and challenges. Also I've got to say there is nothing S about him. What would your guess be for tritype. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Hisoka Morow MBTI type.. He doesn't live in a fantasy. He's is not an INTP, not at all, that's weird because i can see INFP, ISTP. Because all I can think of was him getting beat down by Chrollo (who is a floor master), but he's still a contender there and I haven't heard anything of him giving up on the floor masters. So your argument is still moot. I have a inferior Te very well developed, and have a Fi that values achievement, logistic and assertiveness thus able to control and use Ne-Si. He uses his experience to teach others, he uses his (Fe) inferior often especially when he's gon. Then SPs, NPs, and SJs. In recent events, he does seem to be using more Te to protect violated Fi. But I could see it being related to tert or inferior Te combined with Se. He doesnt think carefully before fighting someone, once again when his feelings are involved that's all matter for him. I also think that he's a sociopath which might make it harder for people to type him. Yes, my vote goes to ISTP because hisoka is very "self sufficient", very trickster, pratical and he likes improvising. If people didn't associate "fighting" with Se, or did so realizing the reason fighting is usually associated with Se, they would actually look at HOW he interprets fighting and see that it is almost pure Ne. But his focus is on his strategical versatility and using the array of options he has given himself to his advantage, to out trick his opponent. @Ryugan: Don't be, it's cool. There might be some truth to it. The only thing Fi like about Hisoka is his appearance. Where is the administrator. You are retarded. Delusional retard. Even an ISTP will spill out personal opinions because of Ti, but Hisoka doesn't really do this. But In Ne it means seeing view points that are not there, making no sense with your view points, etc etc, because you come to different view points and cling to them without actual evidence. See what you come up with. 378 https://waysofwisdom. He does everything to indulge himself though, regardless of what side effects may come from it. Has the creator. Listen Scotty, your argument is getting annoying and you're getting very rude. I think it is more adapted to Pe (and especially Ne) than to Ti. He have clearly (Fe) inferior, xxTP for sure. And how do you type someone as Ti-dom who in your own words doesn't "seek to clarify information". The only thing on which I agree with you is the fact that he has some Fi features, but he shows zero sign of Te, on the other hand he often shows some Fe traits. Keep in mind this is solely my interpretation and if you don't agree with me on those traits making him Fi dominant, we should be debating definitions rather than HIsoka himself. Despite what you seem to be suggesting, I actually put quite a bit of thought into my opinions. Notice that I never even said that he has this "strong Si" or whatever as any kind of argument, as that would be silly. Fi is a lot about using "how does this make me feel. Ti users are THE tricksters, imo, because of that lower Fe. What doesn't seem to have any validity is the idea of the axes and that you can spot an NP type by their use of "Si". Also, his fondness of Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise isn't really indicative of Si, because Si is not remembrance of the actualized past. But his feelings are pure, intense and deep and he has to struggle to not act according to them (which has something to do with MBTI, the consideration of feelings to take a decision). All alucard does is troll people and upset them before he brutally fights them and hes ISTP. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Hunter x Hunter characters list.. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. " is not me and is probably Thomas "The Tard" Jung. My name is lowercase "scotty"People, i not said "Discuss with SPs was always difficult because. Something I've noticed is that characters on the Si/Ne axis (both SJs and NPs) tend to have more complicated and intrinsic nen with multiple abilities and facets. Hisoka have clearly Fe inferior, not Fi , he uses his Fe for Killua and Gon sometimes in the series, and his Ni tert because he can see the potential of gon before anyone. 3's desire some sort of recognition while 4's see themselves as more of a source of validation. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. You are keeping something in mind because "various sites" have made it a common typing. Excuse you but I did come to my conclusion by myself. I don't think his 5 is that strong but it's stronger than his 3. Probably you are the INFP. * Ps:I was wrong to write the bit. Ok, I PM'd Scotty to further our discussion since it's getting kind of spammy here. Augh, you're really irritating, pulling all this crap out from your bum :/. I respect your views so please respect mine. "He is quite literally hands on and doesn't hesitate to initiate events. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Hisoka Morow Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Please, calm down with your passive aggressiveness, I don't even know you and you are not making a good first impression. And I agree with what the user Hisoka said about "S" being dubious, since dichotomy based terms like "S" and "N" are largely misnomers :POk. It's not just "he fights so he's Se", it's the way he handles his ideas, his impulses, and his past that make him Se, which everybody else has said. He has fantasies (if you even want to call them that) but they are strong and singular and he doesn't need them to be validated by others. If a INFP value logic, it can give logic to feelings becoming more assertive and understanding the importance of the inferior function. The bias is strong here, it's like an autist calling another person an autist. THe arguments here are good and he is obviously not extroverted. We know he's loaded with cash since he was able to pay Machi's incredibly high priced arm reattachtment surgery bill, we know he lives in a penthouse type room thanks to the Heaven's Arena, we know he has a large following of fans in the Heaven's Arena since it was mentioned so, and since the tickets to his fights sell like hotcakes. Psychologically abnormal would be better I guess. It's a 7 trait. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. After all he is always picking people apart and then he is acting on them. You are right : he is not a S type. You're typing him as an S type due to lack of S trait. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. He basically does everything to impress himself. Well damn, maybe you like to eat. More than ENTP ISTP. Hisoka does not seem to show me something, there is a psychotic ideal, just need to do something naturally to satisfy. I think what sets apart the NFP from the NTP is that the NTP wants to remove their personal passion from their analysis, while the NFP doesn't want to. The contrast is too huge and blatant and cannot be missed. Okay, but that means it is a sensor. How he understands things is very Ti. For what it's worth though, INFP score on average higher than ISTP on IQ tests which are supposed to, to some degree, measure problem-solving abilities. If you want to give any good reason why high levels of "Si" are a valid way of differentiating NP's from SPs or NJs then please present them. He's smart, he likes to play with the psychological of his opponents at the time of the fight and it's a great improviser. I dont see ESTP because unhealthy tert Fe would lead him to overshare even the most menial about himself. @Markz, I am not familiar with that series, but ask yourself: what is the difference between that character killing someone because it is the "right" thing to do, and Hisoka killing someone because they aren't worth being kept alive. People don't understand Se at all so they're not going to see it in him because the second a quirky sensor has an idea they become "intuitive", which is funny because intuition in MBTI and intuition in real life are very different things. He's nothing like a 3 at all, his whole sense of self-worth is just so completely different from anything 3-like. For me it is obvious Ti-SeNo way he's an ISTP. :) Moving on from that, I don't see Te in him or Fi. All he cares about is gratification of all sorts, he's very physical and carnal. No, he's clearly an Se user. Si is more akin to Fi even if it's not as idealistic, because Si brings up internal sensations in the gut which people will want to be familiar. Because of this, even Se users are capable of being fond about things from their past, but they will still not care to talk about their past outside of strange nostalgic whims because they're focused on experiencing new sensations. HIsoka just likes to murder strong people and enjoy doing it, what other people thing be damned. A good example of a STP fighter in the manga is Netero. I don't see why you're making fun of "anything being Si" when you were grasping at straws at him being Si way earlier in the argument. I saw 478 described as the "aggressive 4" here: http://www. So that might explain all the Ne typings. I don't think you have the right to ask if anyone is retarded when you think mentioning "physical" a couple times is an argument for Se. Hisoka is a very competent and realistic individual despite his appearance. Other than that he's entirely focused on the moment and spontaneous. He views fights as puzzles with a solution that he the magician must find a way to adapt to, and he is all about impressing himself with his "magic". I don't get this whole "relevant in his surroundings for his interests" being some sort of Se over Ne evidence either. You're way out of line by calling people stupid and twisting other people's arguments. Also he's not group oriented and he doesn't care about compromising or sacrificing himself to keeping groups going smoothly. People associate Fi too much with morals, when that is really just one manifestation of Fi. Ps: remember that in the description of Ne aux [INxP] is the ability to see potential in several things. Direct =/= obvious. " are questions they ask. In the end it IS one big subjective interpretation. He simply states his observations and his analysis as he goes, which is Ti. And again, how are they connected to his feelings. He just wants to fight people and then break them downI don't use "temperaments" at all. Nope man, I think you are the one who uses stereotypes, according to your arguments, in practice, only a Fi dominant can have an orgasm. com/2014/05/20/description-of-tritypes-archetypes-with-a-4/. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. He uses Ti and Ni, not Ne. Also, he lives for the future a lot more than the moment. He's hard to type in MBTI but if anyone knows about socionics, then I think it would be easier to pin him down. And you haven't really given any evidence on Hisoka or gone into explanation, so I don't see why you stick around if you're not going to debate. Ne users are too unrealistic and non discriminatory when it comes to ideas to decipher truth. He's very much about achieving and being successful in his endeavors to define his image of self. However is there anything directly physical to his perception of fighting. But the 378 sounds more like him in my opinion. I have always been a pacifist who doesn't even like watching people fight. 3's go for that stable reference to success. And I agree with Jamz. He's individualistic but he's not really set on being too different from others, so long as he gets to do his own thing. Anyway, try taking some sort of MBTI quiz pretending you are Hisoka. Earlier in the comments you said "In the end it is all one big subjective interpretation" and now you are acting like this whole thing is not subjective and that anyone who disagrees that he is Ne is an idiot. But anyways, I'm still interested in good Fi arguments for xSFP. His strategy from the beginning is clear, not open. On the contrary I find him to be a very stable person. Hisoka, STOP with this childish prejudice. And at the core of his fantasies are his own twisted set of values. Besides, the overindulgence is most likely because he's an unhealthy sexual variant. In all honesty I'm not sure what his type is, but I could see INTP or ISxP being possibilities for him. He would change his target in a heartbeat and gets bored with people after they stop being interesting. That link has all stupid arguments. Also his intentions are SP, tell me how he's an NF, fucking how. It's immature and manipulative and it adds nothing to the debate. Wow, what is wrong with you people and making things personal. What makes Hisoka an N though, is the polarity through which he views people based on how they inspire his imagination. I can't remember what he did with the packages but Wtf Hisoka. The real problem is that I see a huge intuitive ability and sometimes shows a lack of focus at the time of action, which makes me go in doubt about the character be more focused on the immediate or intuitive world. A 3 would be likely to work their way up Heavens' Arena the more conventional way. I think if hisoka were Fi or Si user than he would be passionate about fighting in a different sense. He's very Ti/Se 7w8. He enjoys getting a rise out of others, but that is both an Se and Fe thing. Also, he's Ti dominant. He doesn't ignore everything around him, he's very aware of his surroundings, how things effect him. I agree with INFP, he's the most weird character of HXH save for Shaiapouf, and type 4 of enneagram so deep and persuasive, cleary Fi-dom INFP 4w5 sx/sp. Pretty much every MBTI model states that NPs use Si, whether its to their benefit or not. I haven't noticed him jumping around from topic to topic, passionately gushing, or caring to exchange ideas like an Fi/Ne would. I relate to him in a lot of ways. Nothing of your description of Hisoka makes him more an INFP than an ISTP actually. Hisoka definitely overestimates his abilities but he doesn't brag to others. Most likely, he'll have even forgotten the face of Kastro. But the way he does it indicates Ni. If it was the case he wouldn't want so much to fight Chrollo who is basically his fantasy, he would prefer to fight Netero for example who is way stronger than Chrollo. In the fight, he had nothing planned out beforehand, didn't try to play up that he was fighting the spider boss for show purposes. He cares about his image in both how he feels about it, and how others see him. I hope I have helped you guys. He mentioned his strong aversion to stopping and thinking. That's even dumber than scotty's reasoning >. Even in your world where Hisoka is an S that doesn't make sense. Hisoka isn't even "direct", he's cryptic and private. He seemed like a Ti user tho'. You remind me of the guy who typed Armin Arlert as a ISFJ because of his "obvious Ne". People can say whatever they want now, it doesn't really matter to me anymore especially since my argument is dead. FP's have certain traits that they are likely to exhibit, hence "using Fi". Chrollo's thoughts "Humans are fascinating ; Abilities all have their flaw and advantage, we should analyze them to use them more properly" and it continues with conclusions he reached during his life from a neutral, detached point. I take that back on. It is not an ISTP, he is an INFP. You can *claim* that NP's have more "Si" traits, but where is any bit of evidence showing it works like this. However, I have seen ESFP become a more common typing on various sites, so I'll keep that in mind as a possibility. Think for yourself, or don't vote. You can call that irrelevant, and it certainly seems that way. I don't think on any other page have I seen such a concentrated example of thoughtless typing which acts as a living example of how the typing community screws up. Also, if I have this apparent "N bias", how do you explain me being one of 3% who typed Light as an S. It can be anything associated with "Si". I'm not sure of that other guy though. Or something like that. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Winning against a Floor Master would have been impressive enough, and we know how flashy he is when it comes to fighting. After all one of his main character traits is how we don't know how he feels or his opinions on matters, which is impossible for Fe users in general. Of course, you just focus on "feelings" to straw man me for no apparent reason. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. com/istp-forum-mechanics/11482-fictional-istps-31. Same for Chrollo. People can have their subjective views as long as they realize that reality is impending them. NP's have certain traits that they are likely to exhibit, hence "using Ne". You're just being delusional. What is this crap. Which is fine. You don't get brownie points for deliberately typing Light out as an S to try and shift your bias. It's just when true believers talk in terms of their axes and whatnot, I have fun on their playing field. Also, do you have any examples of him using Ti. In his natural state he doesn't even think, he thinks only when its necessary, when he is back to the wall. He did say he was interested in fighting there for the glory and entertainment , no. No, you spot an SJ by their use of Si, and probably an NP by their lack of use of Si. retard they're probably coming from you and your acting is garbageWHAT THE FUCK ARE THOSE COMMENTS. How much into the future does he look. If Hisoka was really an INFP that would mean he has a clear belief that leads him to murder strong people and seek violence. His thoughts and feelings are too reserved to have tert Fe. Hisoka is aware of the intents of people and what goes on around him. I'm an INFP and love practicing martial arts, as well as Hisoka, I idealize quite ideal opponents for me and I am very good at persuading and hide my intentions. My guess is that the voters are generally focused more on superficial stuff like whether or not he is a ENTP "joker" or an ISTP "blood knight" that cognition is not their focus. And Te inferior types generally show the least signs of Te. Saying "no way he is an NF or INFP" just seems like a waste of a post. If he was a 4, he probably would have said he didnt care about that instead of playing it up when Gon and Killua first visited the Arena. If I find them I'll try to hyperlink them here. Or is it because you don't have any evidence. I can see Hisoka being many different types, but canonically he's introverted and an Se user despite how weird he is. " Hopefully this gives some insight. Right now we see the typing bias to stereotypes in "He's a troll" ENTP votes versus "He loves to FIGHT" ISTP votes. He's clearly 7w8, they care about image too. Hisoka's thoughts "Mmmm yes i love it ; Fight is synchronization of our hearts" etc. Hisoka is more into amusing himself with his magician persona. So it would make sense to say that NPs use more Si than SPs and NJs because SPs and NJs don't use Si, but NPs don't use Si more than SJs. That's more of Ti trait than Fi. There is no such thing as a "main 4". Because it's pretty much canon that all hisoka is after is pleasure. A lot of NF types are analytical, probably most so are INFPs and some INFJs, less ENFPs, even less ENFJs. So basically, if someone disagrees with you, it's just a "headcanon". His facade is obviously one more of his tactics. I thought it was clear that he was always focused on action. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Hisoka Morow? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Definitely an N not S thing. Doesn't everything come down to personal interpretation. You're calling everybody stereotypical when you bring out your own stereotypical INFP argument that no one else is agreeing with. Idk if he's being serious or not, but as I've said before I think that ENFP Hisoka is better than INFP Hisoka. He analyzes people and he comes to an understanding/judgement of them. @meldou: how so. And ENFPs have even less Si traits than INFP so maybe that will make you happy. Attachment to past sensation, lol. He obviously doesn't care about spouting out ideas or sharing them with the world by openly criticizing concepts and people and how they would affect him and others, which would be the Ne/Ti/Fe process. info/vbulletin/showthread. He might be more ambiverted/introverted but that doesn't mean that he leads with an introverted function. I'm starting to get tired. ), and the way he dresses and acts is to put off an image to deceive people. Rather than try to come up with an impressive way to win, he stubbornly kept true to his own battle ideology of spontaneous trickery which he seems to only express to himself. A clear Mark of Ti-Se in my experience. thats not Fi it is Fe. the thing is that I don't like to say "it looks like an ISTP" or "this is very INFP" because then it is going by the stereotypes and it becomes limited. It's sort of like INTPs vs INTJs, and how the INTPs are generally considered more analytical. As for Se he's a competitive cold-blooded savage that acts very sexually. I can see your Fi/Te theory but he canonically has no Ne/Si. You can see it again against Gon with the boner scene "These eyes, this determination this etc", he's briefly enumerating some of his criterias. It all depends on the values Fi and inspired. after all he enjoys the reactionary feelings of others too much to fi. It requires highly physical experiences, he turns to fighting and has great need to test all the physical and mental capacity with other opponents. When it hit him, it was much more in an epiphany kind of way, which is how Ni comes to its conclusions about ideas. I can see him being INFP in fandom and personal interpretations but not in the manga or anime(s). Stereotypical ISTPs are dumb and unimaginative muscle and sensors are stereotyped as uncreative in general. If he's a 4, then I would bet more on him having a 3 wing instead of a 5 wing. NP's are the least attached to the past. It is possible to be a sociopathic INFP. With how motivated he is, if he is a 4 then he's either 4w3 or 3w4 because he uses ambition to fuel his identity. I fail to see how he has Se as auxiliary. He only cares about his own truth and that is his own strength. Ne is not feelings based, so idk what you're going on about in either of your comments. You said something about "healthy NPs" which could be those who are able to balance their NP-ness with SJ-ness (Si), but Hisoka is not, not, not healthy. Everything is personal rather than impersonal with him. The status is to define their image, not to be solely loved by others like a 3w2 would aim for. I don't see any evidence of Si or Ne. whoa this got out of hand. 3s work really hard to achieve success on universally recognized playing fields. Both Fi as Ti can be enigmatic and can play with others. How does he have Fi. Seriously, do you even read what I write. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Hisoka Morow likely is!. Se it smacks me. And I'm genuinely curious how he's blown off heavens arena. Well you're definitely the worst kind of Fe user, telling me how I look at things and why, despite having no evidence at all. "3s wouldn't fight for personal entertainment or their own sense of honor. Hisoka is my favorite character and i don't get upset by seeing other different opinions about his personality. Btw if he was 4w3 or 3w4 it could not be ISTP, in general 3s are extrovert like, ESTP, ENTP, ENTJ or ESTJ. They have more of a common sense of honor, at worst coming off as "holier than thou". Even then that's an Se/Fi process. Pretty sure he was spending his time chasing down Chrollo, someone he wanted to kill to turn himself on. Your bias shows because all the people I've seen you type so far have all been INxx, which is the most heavily biased and favored group in MBTI. This is unrelated but hisoka is not really that creative in an Ne sense, he doesn't care for talking about ideas or getting other peoples ideas (ne) or getting people to care about what he cares about (Si) or anything like that. Looking at the votes though, we see this weird split of votes between ENTP and ISTP. and being "out of touch with reality" is not related to Ne. You are a terrible mailman. So if INFP got better results than XXXX type they must be better than them in all domains. Like seriously did I miss any of that in the manga. Because he's understood that he's the strongest. Only way you get ENTP is by following stereotypes. Could he be an ESFP. php/33751-Tritype-archetypes-and-variant-descriptionsI think he's 478, not sure about the 8 but it just seems like the least bad choice. hisoka and alucard have a lot in common in that regards and they approach in a similar manner. I think he's along the lines of a 3w4 6w5 8w7 sx/so. He doesn't fit stereotypical Fi or Ti. There is a "main 2" and subconscious functions, and the subconscious things are basically just the opposite of their preference and something that they can try to develop for balance. His focus is on the Nen part of fighting, the spiritual non physical part. Psychologically abnormal would be better I guess. But other people created the arena and I played in it. @scotty : I have a hard time seeing where you are coming up with INFP. There is no impartiality, everything about him is based upon how that makes him feel. ISTP is possible but I cant see him being ESFJ or ENTP. All that his love for fighting shows is his competitive nature and his want to be physical. Fe is all about putting off an image to manipulate others into giving them an idea about you, fi is coming up with your own feelings of the self and staying true to yourself and keeping a strong hold on your feelings and morals. And not only Fi dominants can be dramatics characters. "Something I've noticed is that characters on the Si/Ne axis (both SJs and NPs) tend to have more complicated and intrinsic nen with multiple abilities and facets. Please you don't say stupid things, because Hisoka is a nice guy. When the criterias Hisoka like above all else are met, he wants to fight to enjoy them all. Just for references it's mentioned in volume 7, chapter 55. He is an INFP who is just so dramatically self-centered that his judgment system doesn't make sense to the outside world.

. But, you don't have to be the same type as Hisoka to be similar to him, right. They're good i. Since he has "no real Ti usage", would you suggest that he's neither ISTP or ENTP. Hisoka is ESFP. "Discuss with SPs was always difficult because they pretty much have problems of interpretation and has a limited view of things. But ill say that ISTP still makes the most sense to me. And no he is not INFP, please lolI generally see INFPs as being more analytical than INFJs. Ahhh, truth be told, I'm not really an ENFJ. You can't group all sensors together and go by the E/I S/N dichotomy because it's an inaccurate way to type. The dude is pretty much without morals and convictions. But it's obvious that you do want to have a type in common with him because you mentioned it yet again without us even having solid evidence of your type (which is probably INFP, I've met INFPs like this before), so there is obvious bias in all of your replies. he is not out of touch with reality because he is always striving to get something out of it with the way he is always trying to fight people for fun. It is somewhat puzzling. While Hisoka wants his opponents to exhibit some particular traits he loves, his only/main criteria isn't the strenght. And the S arguments seem to be like "fights are physical and he likes to fight". Anyways, I know everybody here has already agreed on ISTP but I'm still very interested in xSFP arguments. Then, by the inductive logic, it makes more sense Hisoka be xxFP than xxTP. It requires highly physical experiences, he turns to fighting and has great need to test all the physical and mental capacity with other opponents. With ISTPs, they care about helping people actualize their full potential in a "craft" that they love by training and mentoring them. @scotty: just because he gets "different feelings" than other people from fighting doesn't indicate Fi, and it is dubious to say that he "Isn't S". Anyway, I agree that currently it is indeed a ISTP (or perhaps ISFP). You're way out of line. For this instance I will bring up alucard again because he never struck me as a sensor but rather as some sort of ENTx. So I can't see him being Se tert either. Yes, he "fights". MBTI is a system designed to represent human cognitive preferences which IS very complicated, yet by focusing on "the facts", as you say, you are choosing to conveniently and lazily focus on the external rather than the internal, which is what the model is actually supposed to be about. If you're looking for 5 in his type, 5w6 would make more sense showing up in his enneagram. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Hisoka Morow' belongs to!. There's not much to disprove. Let's be gonna countin'. I think he's not a F type because he is very analytical. And I don't recall anyone saying anything about INFPs being unable to be badass or logical or anything like that, so I don't understand where you're getting this from. But if I hear a good debate on Fi later on then people might be onto something with ESFP, so of course I'll keep it in mind because it's obviously a good thing to listen to other's perspectives. Scotty, you have a good point on the only way that he'd be ENTP is if you go by the stereotypes. I put in a random type since I didn't want to use my real one on here, lol. Greed Island is a good argument for ISTP since the arc really solidifies his character. He doesn't go based off of an internalized framework of sensations and he doesn't seek to recreate past experiences via idealism, he objectively seeks out fun and mastery in his ambitions to work toward a higher and realistic goal which is Se. Just point them out as sensors and you win the debate. 3w4's are more "4" than 3w2's but there is nothing indicating that he is more 3 than 4. INFPs are actually one of the most interesting types to me, I just don't think he's INFP. Anyway, it shows outwardly Se. Sensors can be quite smart and look very intuitive, I once dated this ISFP girl and i had a hard time believing she wasn't an N. They will get "hands on". Well, he's always smiling (which makes me think he has tertiary Fe) and I don't think he's rationnal enough for being a Ti-dom. So get off my dick and move on with your life, m8. Damn these are all long. Plus your iNtuitive bias is showing, lol. This is bullshit. That is bigotry and you are actually being a bit of a hypocrite. I don't see 4w5 since he doesn't express any need for individualism at all.

Hisoka Morow

MBTI enneagram type of Hisoka Morow Realm:

Category: Anime and Manga Characters

Series/Domain: Hunter x Hunter


ENTP - 32 vote(s)
ISTP - 14 vote(s)
ESTP - 4 vote(s)
ENFP - 3 vote(s)
ESFP - 3 vote(s)
INFP - 1 vote(s)
ISFP - 1 vote(s)

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7W8 - 16 vote(s)
3W4 - 8 vote(s)
4W5 - 3 vote(s)
5W6 - 1 vote(s)
6W5 - 1 vote(s)
8W7 - 1 vote(s)

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