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Ingmar Bergman Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Ingmar Bergman MBTI personality type cover chart

'' His scenarios start from some specific image, an are build in a slow period of time until he gets all the details right in his head, and only then he start shooting, and doesn't deviate from the course. Do you even think someone is not going to notice. That's what I read about him, I wasn't making it up. For example The Seventh Seal genuinely has a disarming sense of humor. You aren't as smart as you think you are, you did spam, some other guy spammed too - you don't have any moral ground here. But seriously, I think very few directors are actually going to be INFx. As said, I know other people also who might be ENFJ who are known for doing stuff like that when they were older; also I remember very specifically hearing that thing about ENFJs having a very introverted side, unusual for Extroverts, quite often before. #nnh, his method of coming with scenarios doesn't seem Ne-dom at all: ''Most of my films begin with a specific image or feeling around which my imagination begins slowly to build an elaborate detail. Sometimes the character I pull out doesn't get on at all with the other ones in my script, so I have to send him back to his file and look elsewhere. That's why I never liked Persona, Wild Strawberries and all". Some sources say different things, information available is not always exact. This is where I upset everyone though: I've heard a lot of funny stories about this man. His films have substance and depth, like tTarkovsky, Bergman is an ISFP. Also, I've seen pictures with Clint Eastwood and Stanley Kubrick where they smile and seem surprisingly warm compared to their overall cold image, so if they with their inferior Fe can look like that from time to time, I don't think it's impossible to see a Fe auxiliary putting that front much more often. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Ingmar Bergman' belongs to!. I think The best type, similar to us, to be good at this would probably be ISFPs who are very handy and can handle high stress and react quickly. He is always philosophical and mysterious (with actual substance for once, from this type of director imo. ) loser that you come here crying. Must get you a medal of some sort. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. It takes a true INFP to recognize another one. Anyway, this should be more about Bergman. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. It's just a really hard profession for us. The most INFP of them all. Notice also how he approaches emotional subjects always from a social point of view. I knew everything from the start. @BullshitDetectorV3 I just asked for it to be marked as spammed, fucking coward - show your real name. What a cocksucker you are. Useless comment, as often, too bad, you seem to be capable of making intelligent posts once in a while. He seems to be bothered by how money-oriented the movie business is and bored by all the entertainment which isn't self-expression, so he wants to make highly personal, peculiar movies that make no money. Honestly, both Bergman and Tarkovsky are the most INFx film-makers there is, anybody who think either of them is either a S type or Fe-dom is probably just playing a mental trick on himself. Bergman was a highly neurotic person as well. v=V2dMM98pVm8INFJ Tarkovsky felt disappointed when he finally met his hero, the INFP Bergman. He could be Fe-ing Hollywood cynicism. If you ignore a quote like that, you're a Bonita yourself. Him saying that in a million different ways and being rough around the edges about it I think is first of all staying true to this anti-consumer product movie punk rock stance (Ne). Honestly, are you just trolling. INFP's work are for teenagers only. Honestly, this just shows how personal your interpretations are if you think his movies are 'full of life'. Married many times since no one is really fit to love INFPs the way they want and need: besides as I said before he was a man of theater and many beautiful women around him all the time, being him so famous, etc. The whole back and forth between memories seems more Si than Ni, INFJs aren't the only ones who can make philosophical and 'mysterious' art. All you talk is shit and lies, and people are stupid to see it. But #butterfly probably knew all of this, she just thought typing Bergman different than INFx makes her somewhat different, which is very silly. It's how you present yourself to others. Hypocrite is the word I was looking for. Yes, I think he is Ni+Fe. But Bergman, even when not smiling in particular, often looks like he is on the verge of doing it. It's been a while, but I remember The Seventh Seal jumping between lots of very big groups of characters, and in Wild Strawberry the professor (sorry, not the director - that was the Woody Allen parody, lol. I just hope you shared your insights more. I may say a white lie once in a blue moon, but I'm not a bullshitter. Favorita :D "El silencio (Tystnaden) Subtitulada" https://www. :P That seems like a very honest Fi cause. @bobnickmad I'm the one with the most information about him here. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Acting and Movie Industry characters list.. Typical from a bullshitter, when you call them out on their bullshit, they call you celibate. ''it was like Goebbels or something'' lmaoI could also say that as an INFJ myself I am sometimes disturbed by the way he behaves in interviews, and his most famous movies seem to be trying too much. The Seventh Seal is a black comedy, and Bergman has attempted comedy many times in his movies. @Martian I don't have to prove anything to anyone, only to myself. Sounds like the description of an ENFJ from someone who doesn't appreciate too much Fe (ISTP. Pedro punching violently the fuck out of his computer just because someone doesn't agree. com/media/1f6GUhbwF1dRK/giphy. ), yet his movies are incredibly openly human and warm no matter what. This is why I think David Fincher might actually be an INFJ, though I haven't looked to closely at him. It could be that we see Bergman as a very open and un-serious dude because that's what his Fe tells him people want to see from him. You haven't offer a single "empirical proof" for an INFP Bergman yourself. I recommend the second half of this video which seems to strengthen Lars von Trier (INFJ)/Ingmar Bergman (ENFJ). At the same time I do see why people think he is INFP, because he seems too "wild", informal etc. He goes typical INFJ, not answering the question in an INFP manner - brief, subjective, original maybe - but he broadens the whole thing and goes a bit philosophical on "what's the meaning of man's life on earth", spirituality, humankind, etc. And always adaptable, always changing, like a true P. If that's Ni to you, INFPs have strong Ni too. I guess you meant virgin. and in a more substantive manner. 12 proggressive INFP spam votes. Five wives and many mistresses doesn't sound very INFP to be honest. Also, his denial of symbolism and allegory doesn't fit with being a Ni-dom. Video: https://www. According to you Woody Allen is ISTP because plays sports; Bergman XNFJ, yet you as INFJ don't relate to him at all; Chaplin an INFP because handles his contracts in a "Te way". Isn't Camus INFP and was very successful with women too. I was only giving a personal impression (due to my trouble dealing with auxiliary Fe) after my first comment, and it's quite obvious. I just can't even begin to grasp that could be the work of anything but a Fe user, lol. He's just the opposite of that. De tva saliga, riiiiight. I think you're dissecting things too much and in the wrong direction. Definitely spammed. If he talked too much, me too. I initially said that his Fe was so strong he could pass for a Fe dom in person. Lol, 52 is my first discipline. Often I even write them down in note form. wankerssssssss now that's my new favorite engrish word. 11 more to go. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Ingmar Bergman? What about enneagram and other personality types?. And look at Tarkovsky in this clip, being asked what is art. Though his perception of love was where he pointed the explosion and burst of, sometimes, unfiltered emotions ~ "Friendship does not require promises but honestity". @thedude I'm not a troll, fucking piece of shit. too much of an effort for you I guess. His 5 wing could make him look like an analitical INFJ, which I don't see at all. I agree however that this should be marked as "spammed". On the other hand, Bergman is "too much" of the same thing. It's a pretty weak reasoning, and there's far stronger arguments in favor of Tarkovsky being INFP on his page. '' This sound like lower Se. Bonita, or you could try and counter argue, that's how things work usually. It's only after you got out-spammed by a bigger(. As for the pictures again, I agree you can find them of any type smiling. Says the one who's always trolling. One of the differences between ENFJ and INFJ is said to be this relation with new sensations: ENFJs welcome them, INFJs can get easily overwhelmed by them. Empirical proof Bergman is not XNFJ but INFP. in a way that you just don't see in a lot of INFJs, who tend to be very reserved. I honestly don't know many films that are as introverted as Persona despite being centered on characters. ENFJ are if anything one of the most extroverted extrovert there are. I'm surprise by the lack of ENFP votes, since he's clearly one. But when a project begins to take shape, then I dig into one of my mental files for a scene, into another for a character. I think the explanation here is that he is actually an ENFJ. But saying that he's ENFP it's not even worth discussing. Personally, to me there is just no way he is a Fi user. Whereas INFPs often even look aloof and there is often something self-serious and restrained about INFJs, Bergman in many pictures radiates warmth. Haven't watched the movie, but if anything from what I read about, isn't The Mirror the most Fi-Si movie ever filmed. His perception of friendship was a whole Fe heart itself. He was a man of theater, knew a lot of people etc. ;)@butterfly Go back to your cave. I don't get how anyone could see him as either a Fi dom or a Ne user though. Put his name in Google Images. I want to see you dead very soon. And you've been following me around and stalking me since I arrived here with my physically account, disgusting scum. (7 votes)@bobnickmad "nobody won anything from your comments. And let's not forget Fanny & Alexander which is this huge, wild, almost epic family drama which *arguably* depicts the history of the world as the struggle between dogmatism, self-seriousness, abnegation as represented by a creepy priest character and playfulness, openness to people, generosity, as represented by the hectic family environment which is sort of the place Fanny & Alexander have their fall from grace from for a while. @bobnickmad We're the same person, friend. I admit that this is somewhat a weak argument though, because we know little about Swedish movie-making culture at the time. When he came into the room and smiled, everybody was helpless but to do the same thing (Skarsgård says "it was just like Goebbels or something", he would get mixed up into how you life your life (Skarsgård tried to keep distance from him for that reason), and even try to control the movie industry, etc. I also disagree that Bergman's movies are introverted. He is also very animated, full of warmth etc. Probably you are going to see a lot of extroverted judgers. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. But I find it funny that of all people you're the one complaining about it. The description of Bergman as a control freak is intriguing. How important women were to him. Oh very clever retort. Any mod can mark this as SPAMMED. Or if not, you two are a perfect match. It's definitely not Ne dominance tough. Tarkovsky INFJ. I honestly think Refn might be an INTP trying to pass of as a Fi-dom because he imagines that it's what a true 'artist' is. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Ingmar Bergman likely is!. You've learned a lot from people you haven't heard of, and all thanks to me. I think Ingmar Bergman was an ENFJ. I don't buy any argument for either Tarkovsky and Bergman. Seriously, nothing annoys me more on personality forums than people just passing over important quotes as if they don't mean anything. His cinema is more realistic (Te,) unlike Ni dominant directors (Tarkovsky, Nolan, Von Trier) who to threw in magic, extrasensorial and super weird stuff on the screen. So much Fe that in interviews he could almost pass as a shy and quiet ENFJ. Another proof of him being INFP was his love for marionettes, typical of XNFPs: see XNFP puppeteer Jim Henson :DIt's strange you call me a bullshitter, because you know I'm not one. And then you have the film about that movie director trying to come to terms with his past when he is finally being awarded for a big prize, gaining recognition for the person he was, which is seen as this great and important moment. ) is meeting all these characters on his way and stumbling over huge flashback scenes from his past around family. Also, his movies aren't Fe-dom at all, they're one of the most Introverted movies ever. Someone who described friendship as the whole complex of emotions, all centered on pure honestity, omiting all those emotions is because he's not experimenting the being of the emotion themselves but understanding the interrelations. Most of his movies that I've watched are exactly like you describe they should have been if he was ENFJ. I think overall INFJ makes the most sense, just one putting a very likeable and light front. Be thankful I share my insights and epiphanies with the plebs. TRUE, he did isolate himself on an island and weird stuff like that occasionally, but from what I understand that was when he got older (similar to the monkish qualities of the older Leo Tolstoy who is often typed as ENFJ as well). v=7Me--xHG-mQHonestly, yes in terms of seriousness Tarkovsky seems much more like a J and his movies seem very INFJ at first, but reading his book about filmaking, it seems that his creative process is much more Fi-Si (presenting the world through how the artist sees it, filtered through his personal emotions, and linked to his personal memories, also meant to create to sensation of passing time), and most of the thing he says sound much more Fi than Fe. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Have you watched Fanny & Alexander. I file each one away in my mind. That's prototypical Fi-Ne soul searching. Wouldn't an ENFJ be more likely to make movies centered around a larger cast than a few characters, and would overall be more dramatic and tragic than gloomy and introspective. The guy simply isn't a Ne-dom. Quit if you want to, nobody won anything from your comments. You know shit about Tarkovsky and Bergman, don't you. He's super soft and transparent in interviews, so he's INFP. Apparently he was quite a player when it came to women, made movies like he had a theater company (often using the same actors again and again and everyone being like a loud and wild family), and having read some of his conversations with his daughter Linn Ullman (INFP), he has quite a big mouth on him. There are exceptions, but I find many of them to be unusually full of life - like Dickens novels. Also, he had violent outburst like reaping telephones out of the wall and throwing chairs that fits more with unhealthy repressed Se /Te, than Ti. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. , literally too. His movies are additionally always filled with family and questions pertaining to that. For example you have Scenes from a Marriage and Fanny & Alexander, the latter which is almost Dickensian in how it presents families. They make Tarkovsky and Kubrick's movies seem extroverted by comparison for gods-sake.

. You're the one ignoring stuff that doesn't suits your view. But what settles for me, is the fact he keeps all those details in his head and doesn't deviate once he starts filming, while I expect an INFP to add detail while filming and writing the script, and change some stuff. Haven't made a clear enough impression of Bergman yet, but I must say that Tarkovsky could be serious in a rather Fi-dom way: internally brooding and passionate; while Bergman is laid-back in a Fe way: warm and open. Skarsgard really seems to be pointing out Fe dominance in its bad way. Of course, several years may go by before I get around to transforming these sensations into anything as concrete as a scenario.

. Free me from all you gratuitious drama. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Ingmar Bergman MBTI type.. But it makes more sense to see him as a social type rather than sp one. The outbursts are interesting, but on the other hand I counter that I've heard that he started out extremely heavily planning his movies, down to every last detail, and then only slowly loosened with age - which sounds more like a Judger. They give me too many impressions to experience at the same time. It doesn't matter the spam because he's INFP indeed. Married 5 times, never grown up out of making fun of religion, talked too much. I'm not saying that these looks-oriented arguments are ever going to be very strong, but I definitely think he seems very energetic and open compared to most INFJs. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Ingmar Bergman Myers-Briggs and personality type!. You are a fucking ignorant but also a snob. INFP was spammed. If you've watched the documentary on Dune, just the way he went around recruiting all these great people and creating this community. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. It's clear to me that he's INFP. You and your fellow losers should get your asses out of this site. Being in a new city overwhelms me, unsettles me. Meanwhile, a movie like Ingmar's Persona can seem very Fi at first glance. And to think people have read you for hours and took you seriously makes me want to quit this site forever. It's often said that ENFJs are the most introverted of all Extroverted types too. Not to add the last INFP spam wave. That's why I never liked Persona, Wild Strawberries and all, but love his less respected films. " You know that's not true, pathetic liar. to be an INFJ. So this shows how MBTI can be very difficult to asses. For example, what is a "persona". He had some issues with super strict and religious father. Proof from yesterday: http://i. So while I agree with Bob on the island thing, I must admit Butterfly is making sense. Sounds Ni, definitely not Ne-dom. In an interview he explains how his main actresses influenced him with ideas when filming, specially those with strong personalities, so he does deviate from his course. Also, Jodorowsky is considered INFJ and is even more informal and 'wild' than Bergman. If Bonita quits, can we throw a party. He said somehwere that Bergman was a superficial person because he looked too happy, making jokes, etc. And notice how "plastic", lively his face looks in many pictures - like this https://media. gif He looks like he might break into a conversation instantly. Honestly, instead of acting childlike you (or you two) could try instead to develop your potential at typist(s), but you rather act like small brats. @bobnickmad Zerkalo is the most INFJ movie ever filmed. Jodorowsky's movies "wildness" and "weirdness" is a lot heavier on Ni and less Fe than Bergman's movies. "thedude: I could also say that as an INFJ myself I am sometimes disturbed by the way he behaves in interviews, and his most famous movies seem to be trying too much. By the way, I don't think Winding Refn-sama is an INTP Fe-ing what an artist should be. INFPs because of Ne can be very playful and not so serious like the "deep" INFJ. It could be Ni, or it could be aux Ne+Si, but it's definitely not Ne-dom. Who does even think that this guy is INFP from now. I think an ENFJ would be more like: ''New city. Even someone like Benedict Cumberbatch is very charming in a restrained, "please-don't-notice-me-too-much" kind of way. As with Tarkovksy, I am also kind of one the fence here, although leaning INFP. Didn't you spam 30 odd INFP votes. I'm not convinced that an ENFJ would not isolate themselves on an island. Different flavours of INFPs. ENFJ are one of the types of personality most averse to isolation, they can't deal with a few hours not being around other people, so the idea of an INFJ deliberatingly isolating himself on an island is absurd. They all crowd in on me. You're just the loser who lost. Sure, they deal with human emotions and all, but they nevertheless as Introverted as it gets for such type of movie, they're obviously made by someone who's main connection with the outside world is indirect. :P But Type 4s are known to be temperamental, so that might also be an angle against you saying outbursts are Fi/Te. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. But seriuosly, this dude is an ENFP. Comparing him with Nicolas Winding Refn it's clear that Bergman it's not INFP. com/film/video/2012/jun/28/stellan-skarsgard-ingmar-bergman-video According to actor Skarsgård, who worked with both of them, von Trier, despite his reputation, really cares about the people around him. "You aren't as smart as you think you are" DITTOYour defense mechanisms are on, blaming the person who calls you on your bullshit, Seems legit. Bergman is INFP. You talk too much imaginary stuff, aka lies. All these phonies appearing from under a rock and smearing you page, Mr. The dude pulls out the "to know others you've got to know your self" trap card on a few different occasions. Poor arguments that could be something if more properly defended; responding rude when challenged with a serious argument: I start to buy into the whole Physicall-Fit = Bonita thing. I do actually think there is an excellent case to be made for ENFJ Jodorowsky though. This way I have a whole series of handy files in my head. I also don't see why you think an INFP would give a brief answer to the question ''what is art'', that is not a question that can be answered in two words and INFPs can be just as philosophical as INFJs, they don't have a monopole on being philsophical. You're the hypocrite because you're a spammer yourself and you think you're better than me trying to expel me and other people from this site. On ENFJ vs INFJ: ''New cities arouse too many sensations in me. Anyway, I would like to see what TheDude has to add more on the subject of Bergman and Tarkovsky. Most of those who manage to do something as unnatural I think are going to be high-strung weirdos like Lars von Trier and Nicolas Winding Refn. My films grow like a snowball, very gradually from a single flake of snow. This guy is a clear NFJNow we spotted the spammer. Also, he admits that early in his career before he become more collaborative he was as uncompromising as it gets, ENFJ aren't ones of the most uncompromising types, an ENFJ would have been collaborative from the start.

Ingmar Bergman

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INFP - 20 vote(s)
INFJ - 18 vote(s)
INTP - 2 vote(s)
ENFJ - 2 vote(s)

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