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Jesus Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Jesus MBTI personality type cover chart

Was Jesus a 2w1 or a 9w1. He also maintained a moral purity in spite of all the obstacles that were in his way which also seems a lot more like Fi to me. What the heck are you talking about, butterrfly. I thought he was an ENFP. net/jesus_claim. Yeah, whether you believe he was the son of God or not, Jesus definitely was a person who existed on this planet. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Religion and Spirituality characters list.. This situation is too inconvenient for me. Twin are often from the same social class, have the same education. how could he create a religion without writing by his own. One unified vision, not an individualist by any stretch of the imagination. bah, a fuken F hippie.

. "You shall love your neighbor as yourself". Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. But yes he did beat the odds and became the most famous person in world history. He swayed opinions through miracles and enthusiasm and universal love. the principle of an unique god was made by Aristotle for bring back order in a mythological Greek chaos , all monotheism are inspired by his work on this concept. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Jesus' belongs to!. Still, his existence has been supported by historians. There's no way Jesus could be an INFP. org/daily/people-cultures-in-the-bible/jesus-historical-jesus/did-jesus-exist/. I'll also bring up that he studied for 30 years of his life and didn't start to come into contact with crowds and perform miracles until the last few years of his life, which would actually require a natural introversion function and an eventually developed extraversion function. INFP too like his father God the Creator. That's a toughie. 1 in 100000 hippies are this famous. But he wasn't very organized was he. I could never figure out my enneagram type because Identify with 4 different ones that don't go together because of the apparent rules of the system. about the mbti social environment and choice create identity not nature. in all seriousness, i've never been strictly irreligious because i believe there is always a possibility something happens, exists, etcI personally believe that Jesus existed and isn't fake since a number of early non-Christian sources name him (tacitus,suetonius,pliny the younger,etc. He was convicted of grabbing the girl's ass or something, it was bullshit. even if he was poor myth describe him as a cultivated character. Also, I really do like you as a person when you're not acting hostile for no reason, and I'd like to get along. like i said humanity had a chaotic religion in ancient Greek time, that's why philosopher like Plato and Aristotle invent a conceptual unique god (just for bring back order in the relativism of the Greek culture. His inferior Se is visible when it comes to depreciate material posessions. Before anyone votes for ENFJ again, the bible clearly depicts Jesus as introvert. *And the hundreds of prophets of less successful religions, what about them. Jesus was also a real person, not a character. for god sake if you use letter again i'm really gonna become mad. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. Hey, just vote/comment 'bout the personality of this guy, his existente and Powers arguing shouldn't be hereActually, historians can pretty much all agree that Jesus was a real person, and to believe otherwise would mean you're denying the information and evidence given by multiple historical documents that have no correlation with Christianity whatsoever. at least he didn't type him as INTP''Wasn't he known for his leading by not leading sort of style. It never really hurts to get in touch with your inner Ne, right. We even talked about him in my World History class (at a public, non-Christian school), learning only the facts that historians know for sure about his existance. probably psychic too. This kind of preparation would require introversion rather than extraversion. v=jgNvzc-ZdMEI don't think there is a verse where he was prophesized to be the son of God. Self proclaimed son of a god who does not existIsn't it just a little weird how Jesus (who was prophesized to be the son of God before he was even born) just so happened to be INFJ, arguably the best possible type for the role he was prophesized to have, and also the rarest type. Paul, a man who never met Jesus in person but learned about his lifetime through a "vision" that he easily could have made up on the spot. He preferred to pray in private and meditate while taking long walks alone. Again, he use persuasion. Jesus was for sure an introvert. It may seem like an extravert would fit the job more since they would be less likely to retreat from a crowd of people that need healing, but if one thinks about it, the charisma and natural agreeableness comes from his feeling function rather than extraversion. I'm not example to anyone. I know most of you people here don't think very highly of religion because of the seeming lack of logic (and believe me, I can see where you're coming from) but imo it's the opposite of being illogical. I do not know if the historical Jesus real name but if he seems INFP actually. And it's not bias because if I want to spread a personal message I choose someone like myself. I've been doing some thinking about this dude and that thinking has me thinking that he very well may be better described as INFP. Paul's account of Jesus (probably very removed from the actual person) seems to be the version of him Catholicism, and therefore most subsequent branches of Christianity, is based around. HE WAS NOT CONVICTED OF RAPE. With that said, I agree that arguing about this will inevitably lead nowhere since everyone is firm in their own beliefs. Jesus really was the Messiah, or 2: Jesus was prophesized to be the Messiah but really was just an ordinary person pretending to be the Messiah, as part of a plot made up by humans. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. So, knowing that Jesus was a real person, and knowing that Jesus was prophesized to be the Messiah before he was born (see the post above this one) there are really only 2 possibilities: 1. So no, you're actually wrong, it's not even unlikely. Specific details ain't necessarily a sign of authenticity - especially in old documents. Seriously tough, it seems to me you quite a bias against INFJ and wish no important figure was one, probably because some people you think are INTPs are considered INFJ by many and you didn't like that, so you decided to revenge by making any important INFJ be something else. we just had people who talk about him but Jesus does not have written anything. He is immortal. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. biblicalarchaeology. Butthurted INFP biasing against INFJs. You just have to look down and read, kiddo. Fe is homicidal by definition unlike Fi who is suicidal. "Judge not ye be Judged". '' Basically, he lead by persuasion. Not new at all. Lol, you're the one who's responsible for clogging up many discussions on this site. typical NFJHad not check the enneagram votes before so I actually thought he was an 1w9, however, that was because I really correlated him and Kaworu. He beat the odds somehow. wtf even if he was ESTP he could lead a religion(look at the many leader ESTP who lead (roosevelt,churchill,Alexander the great)) the inconvenient you said is bulshit support by your superstition. I really think Jesus used (Ni) and not (Ne)Universal love though might not be an ENFP thing.

. "historical character" could let not any writing behind him. In all acutality because Jesus is God Himself, He doesn't have any enneagram type because he was wholly holily balanced as a human person. So, you type someone as your type because they do what you would do. Sometimes I think we need to remember that this is just a fun mbti site and not meant for such heated debates and high levels of seriousness. Extremely empathetic. I personally take the enneagram system for a grain of salt though, since it is not thoroughly researched like the mbti and is based mainly on fears that every person has. Looks like this got out of hand. I just thought that this was an interesting perspective and wanted to share it. I took some time trying to figure out if he was extroverted or introverted but I think the majority of the votes are pretty spot on. Hmmm maybe he was indeed an INFJ. and almost every enneagram type was used in the ballot. For me it's some moral advisor, no need to fightIs good to share your belief, thanksOh shit, he's INFJ. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. —the hallmarks of authentic history. rationalchristianity. Of course, you could also suspect these instances of being inaccurate projections put onto Jesus as well. A very Ni-dom way of speaking, see:Heraclitus, Lao Tzi atc. Personality type is mostly determined by nature rather than nurture too, so that would make it even stranger if he were "fake", wouldn't it. com/articles/inheriting-personality-traits There was also a study done called "Heritability of the Big Five Personality Dimensions and Their Facets: A Twin Study" which specifically measured genetic and environmental influences on each of the Big Five Dichotomies. At the end of the day, you can believe whatever you want, but if you truly do seek the truth, you can never assume that you've already found it. "Thou shalt not kill". They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Let's grab one another's hands and sing for Jesus. The reason some people think he was ENFJ is because they assume that any person with a large following has to be ENFJ. God, shut up with your motivation ascribing. ''and rarely spoke in definites. Has his own internal system. Functionally, he fits the INFJ stack almost perfectly. Even Ne types would eventually grow tired of hanging of a cross for something they can't see, since their intuition is focused in the short term rather than on something as long term and deep as eternity, making an NJ fit for the job. I'm not an enneagram expert, but I think a lot of people need to spend some time researching both Jesus and the enneagram system so that we can come to a consensus. god does not exist. None of us are going to yield. If the bible were written by a bunch of ESTPs jesus probably wouldn't be the way he is and the book wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is, it's not a wonder the character jesus happens to seem to be an INFJ. megalomaniacal, God-complexed, psychopathic cultist. 16personalities. I agree, and I honestly should have seen this coming when I first posted on the entry >. He also worked outside established social structures in favor of a wandering nomadic lifestyle where he would be free of authorities. And in such cases, if you choose to dismiss new ideas that could lead to the truth, you are going to be the one missing out (I'm not just referring to religion, either). Her mother didn't need to make sex first for being pregnant and giving birth to him. There are actually many prophecies telling that Jesus is the promised Messiah. so yeah i'm quite suspicious about his existence. We are talking about a bigger subject here. Read this if you really don't believe me: https://www. INFJs are 1% of the population but 24% of book writers. Do you finally understand what I tried to say in that post. Furthermore, I'm sure he smoked some weed, because he was the first hippie in history. No way He was going to send an INFJ to spread His message to mankind. He would obviously have to be a feeler, since a thinker would probably stand there arguing with God about why they should go die on a cross for a million sinners when there's no logical purpose for it and they should just get what they deserve. Jesus himself is mentioned by secular writers of the first and second centuries. but they don't have seen create this unique god concept would make the world even more in a total mess. Screams ENFP to me. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Jesus MBTI type.. some historian said he exist other say he does not exist. I think that moralistic side of him comes from the time period he was raised in. org/en/publications/books/bible-teach/jesus-christ-the-promised-messiah/Personality type has been proven to be mostly genetic in a number of studies, specifically twin studies, which showed that identical twins were far more likely to share personality traits than fraternal twins. There would have to be so many convenient coincidences for that to be true. The study found that genetics accounted for about 50% of influences on each letter (if I'm interpreting it correctly, feel free to go read the document yourself). org/jesus-claims-to-be-god/. Like I said, they even teach about him in public schools in the US, and atheists would be all over that if it wasn't actually historically accurate. since Jesus in the bible is simply one way God chose to present himself, Jesus has the personality fitting for the current task he was given, which was the task of dying for all of our sins. There are several other instances where Jesus refers to himself as being the Son of God/Messiah:. He resurrected exactly when he felt the urge to, which was mentioned before as a power of Ni. com/article/did-jesus-exist-7489786No problem,snow, everyone wanted to share opiniones,it just got spammed. Ordinary man with extraordinary powers. there is a debate between historian about jesus existence. so retardedI'd compare him to Mandela, Gandhi and King jr. He only tried to nudge people into finding out the truth on their own accord, and rarely spoke in definites. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Jesus Myers-Briggs and personality type!. In order to restore harmony. Ni: resurrection; transforms water into wine; multiply breads. I'm no biblical scholar but wasn't he known for his leading by not leading sort of style. , who were most likely ENFJ. I'm a believer now. ''He only tried to nudge people into finding out the truth on their own accord,'' there was just one truth tough, one vision, that he was the son of God, his kingdom was in heaven and he was sent to redeem mankind. I guess he's 2w1 if anything, but really only MBTI should apply to him and not the Enneagram. And by "fake" I was referring to the idea that he was just an ordinary human (not the son of God) btw. There is no evidence that Jesus claimed himself to be the Son of God or the Messiah, or even anything greater than a rabbi with his own set of beliefs. > I'm sorry for contributing to this, and hopefully the arguing will be over nowPowers have a high correlation with Ni though, so it's definitely relevant. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Jesus likely is!. Yea, he's a SUPER hippie. dude was poor, and told his homies that not to tell anything until he dies, also, the disciples were scared of romans and shit. the catholic and most branches of Christianity portray him as INFJ yes. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. If he would have been ESTP, for example, he likely wouldn't have been able to play that role as well, and the entire "plot" would have failed. ''He also maintained a moral purity in spite of all the obstacles that were in his way which also seems a lot more like Fi to me. The entire idea that Jesus is the Son of God is based on the writings of St. He was probably determined in this sense because he had a vision and stuck with that, despite his lack of speaking in definite terms. Also, Scotty how someones Powers have to do with his personality. '' Because an INFJ would be an hypocrite. Jesus had INFP values. Nothing special he did go to "school". Yes but it's better than none since it gives more validity. His Ni-Se is obvious. Here is a link: https://www. You must be open to new ideas and perspectives, because like it or not, things are always changing, and sometimes you are going to be wrong (not saying you're necessarily wrong about this specifically). Se: capable of born anytime he wants. Ti: questions the God system, breaks his rules and forgives everybody. And prophets often are N F J because they tell the people a new message, a "vision" from "god", that's what prophets do, they try to "enlighten" peopleTo restore harmony. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. The 4 gospels also gives a comprehensive account of Jesus’ life , including specific details about people, places, and times. Read the 10 commandments. Jesus actually had to study for years on end to learn the bible inside out and figure out that he was the messiah. Seriously I can't believe it's 2016 and people still think he was a rapist. If he was a fake, he may not be an Ni-Dom. "My kingdom is not of this world" somehow refers. I mean he was a carpenter so he did live a somewhat normal life for 20 years. look the real Jesus probably believed in reincarnation but also believed that you create your own reality. There are so many of these "convenient coincidences" involving Christianity that it would be very unlikely to be fake in my opinion, and if it is all fake, then a whole lot of things just so happened to go completely right. Give, give, and give with little care for himself. '' He spoke in parables and aphorisms. Fe: loves everybody, even the sinners. Thusly, the role that God gave Jesus would most definitely require the preferences for INFJ to be performed that perfectly. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Jesus? What about enneagram and other personality types?. It's almost obvious that the simple motivation to die and go to hell for days would require a long term big picture focus and the act of dying for something abstract like sin would appall many sensors, making him NJ. Anyway, now that that's said, I'm done discussing this. but that is just a theoryReligious and atheism topics are always endless debates. To my understanding, that is is the real question - whether Jesus truly said any of this or if it was written of him after his death as a way of justifying his death - and I admit that I am not knowledgable enough to provide an adequate answer to that. that's quite annoying a character describe as so cultured and intelligent as him can't write. And I know the Bible better than anyone here, so stop your condescending tone. If, hypothetically, Jesus was not the Messiah, but a mere human pretending to play that role, it would have been extremely convenient and coincidental that he was an INFJ, the practically perfect type for the role. for god sake(lol) we can see the concept of an unique god is far before jesus or the ascension of Jewish religion. FAKEONE WORD CAPS MESSAGES DON'T MAKE YOU MORE CONVINCING Everything exists putting a man in diapers quite petty. His instincts embody his nature. Oh shit, mind blown.  https://probe. i've not any proof of his mystical abilities and far more inconsistencies (walk on water is impossible). Here's a link that better explains it: https://www. It doesn't make any discussion better. I am willing to admist I do not know. How a so know "historical character" could let not any writing behind him. So like I said before, either Christianity was a plot made by humans in which everything just so happened to work out perfectly, despite extremely unlikely odds, or Christianity is real. I can be connected with my Ne i like change in movie (i cant support when people whine because the movie change thing from the book/the original Tv show or whatever, it's the definition of an adaptation ). We all have our own beliefs so there's no point in arguing anymore. He shocked the jews by proclaiming hismelf the son of God.

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