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J.K. Rowling Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

J.K. Rowling MBTI personality type cover chart

Ne eyes are kind of spacey yet curious looking. I'd say INFP, her twitter account is full of retarded Fi feminism. (Although I also think Harry Potter is the best thing ever, of course. I have followed the types and studied them via twitter and FPs tend to get a little too angsty about the causes that they follow. Furthermore note her heavy focus on families, politics, social groups, etc. You are free to use it. In a way, it makes more sense for a strong N-type to value the political and metaphorical integrity of her world, over it necessarily being a sensible and fool-proof construction. Finally there is quite a lot of Se in her books. She doesn't have the steady, Ni eyes of an INFJ but you can see a bit of the Ne of an INFP visually, as well as Fe in the way she communicates. Aux Fe feminism is pretty common thoughInfp 9 wouldnt bother to write all that shitThe stupid way she tells people what their roles in society are supposed to be is more Ni + Fe than INFP imoHitler did the same lolShe is 9 So (with 3 integration), that is why she care about roles in society and that is why she is active. It's a nice theory, but I'd disagree, the ISFJs along with ISTJs have inferior Ne. She self typed herself as an INFJ and I'm convinced if anything she isn't an Ne inferior. I guess I wasn't very clear, but I meant to say that the values (The way the government is run) in the story are just as plentiful as the plot holes (The way the school is run), I don't criticize them, but I feel there would have been more of a focus using Ni Fe. Bach, though even he didn't really esteem creativity in and of itself). That's basic but kinda cute. I don't think an INFP is likely to just "settle" that way. , and how well she portrays warm family environments, similarly to Fe users like Sarah Waters (ISFJ), Charles Dickens (ENFJ) and even Jane Austen (INTP). ISFJ is quite an odd vote for someone who describes herself as an imaginative dreamer. I don't see an ISxJ being interested in making up their own complete fantasy world either. But, once again, I'll defer to the group wisdom and stop posting about the subject. Ne is a bit difficult to gauge because if someone writes fantasy s/he will inevitably look more Ne, so if you ask that about a fantasy writer you will unwisely write off Ni in every case. She seems to fit the profile of the ISxJ fantasy writer: Tolkien, Stephen King, Rowling. She's hard to type, but from a few interviews I've come across, she seems to have Te not Fe. Going here is even faster :DFeminists are usually NFP types. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. But I think for Rowling, since she's a fantasy writer, it might be easier to look for Fe vs. I say that as a Fi dom. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Though that has been the case for most of the instances I've found, there are a couple in which my vote was changed more arbitrarily. It's this idiosyncratic kind of thing that makes me think Fi+Ne+Si than Ni+Fe+Ti. I think historians might one day thank Stephen King for how carefully he captures everyday American life until the monsters show up, and Sarah Waters is literally a historical writer. She seems like someone who is guided by objective ethics (the effects something has on others determining whether it's right or wrong) rather than someone who would be adamant about not doing something because it didn't personally feel right to her even if not doing so would have a negative impact objectively. Its like a squinty look. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Writers characters list.. Where's the Ni. I don't mean this to be rude against ISFJs but some things are just the way they are. They are artists, not scientist. Where's the Ne. Even her dog looks INFP. I've never witnessed something like that. She's obnoxiously cringy on twitter lolBut many people tell shit on Twitter. If she says she is an INFJ, she is an INFJ. This has happened on several other people I have voted for. Everything about the way the world Harry Potter is constructed to satirize and critique tory politics and theThatcherism spirit of British policies in the 80s and early 90s. I don't see Rowling having Ni and Ti. < Both ISxJ writers I'm more sure about (Stephen King, Sarah Waters) also both stick to the world as we know it. Someone has repeatedly broken into my account and changed my vote on this person. In fact, when someone else tries to just do it straightforwardly - the Harry Potter world comes across as boring, silly and inconsistent. On the other hand compare Rowling to the weirdness of real INFP writers like Neil Gaiman (zombie girlfriends and dream gods, anyone. For example one of his most popular series take place in a fantasy world where "the dark lord" won and it's constantly raining ashes. Celebrity Types be damned. Watching screens again I think there might be something Ne-ish about director Park Chan-wook (thedude was arguing he was an INFP), but it just feels so subdued, brutal and elegant at the same time which makes me reach for INTJ (Te+Se). I can change it, come back, it stays changed, but after a few days it goes back again. She has Ne, that should be a given, though I am not 100% confident on her being INFP. com/jk_rowling Tell me she's not ISFJ with only her profile picture. She seems to be an INFx. Looks a lot to me like someone's tampering with the system, and I'm just worried for how this affects the integrity of the site I've just confirmed that it doesn't automatically set your vote to the top vote. It's a glitch with the voting system, not someone hacking your account. Notice the tendency to let Si be the carrying element of their stories and then use their imagination as support rather than for example how GRRM puts fantasy in the forefront and bolsters it with facts and reality. and it seems this goes in his writing as wellI think it's a dangerous path not to take people at their word value when typing them, tough. The ministry of magic wasauthoritarian, enslaved elves working in the school, and a headmaster who honestly does more to put the staff and students in harms way than to prevent it. Unless someone changed their vote to one thing and then back to what it was before, at least. isfj clear as day. Like reading you guys :PI don't know, her self assessment as INFJ seems more of a mistyping, perhaps due to lack of deep understanding of the system. She is an INFJ. Good point, impeccable—ISxJs can be creative but since their Ne is inferior they wouldn't describe their natural state as imaginative and dreamy. Rowling based Hermione off of herself—she too was a know-it-all in grade school. I think ISFJ is more likely than INFP. Secondly, this lady is obsessed with universal truths (Ni+Fe) and collectivism (Fe). I can think of a couple technical explanations but none that seem too likely. Why is it happening only on specific people and not broadly across all pages. Seems a bit shady to me I believe that it changes according to the last vote on the page. Https://twitter. "@Always_Amo INTPs are geniuses. Right, it's obvious she put a lot of thought into the world, but it was so much that it is completely disjointed from the theme of the story. Now, these are not the strongest arguments of course, but both Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are full of Ni+Fe-ish generalized words of wisdom compared to ISxJ writers I know and ISxJs I know in real life who would never say things like this and be able to mean them seriously. Also, there's an interview with Tolkien, and during the interview Tolkien keeps talking about every tree he see, lol. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type J.K. Rowling likely is!. Let other people represent themselves. But, if I may, how do you know. Imo there are certainly allegorical qualities to Tolkien's writing. Is it automatically resetting to the most voted type. I have tons of ridiculous theories for every possibility, not that it'll make sense anyway. Thanks for letting me know. I defer to the group wisdom, but there's still one page that's continuing to bother me. 152 réponses 403 Retweets 1 362 j'aime"Shut up and go improve the world. Who keeps voting INFP. Please look through your previous votes and make sure that you haven't fallen victim to the same thing. And ISTJs and INFJs should have absolutely nothing in common because they have no shared functions. m=1Got a source for her identifying as INFJ. Which is a possibility. BTW, i like your profile pic. That's a terrible argument. This issue seems very inconsistent, which gives me the feeling there's something more than a bug. In comparison I would call her flying stairs and "Ministry of Magic" more like a sort of nostalgic playfulness (Ni+Fe). Writers also lie, twist truths etc. I don't even like her but you whiny cunts are so idiotic it pains meWow, so all writers are discoursing on society when they write. I don't know why no one has considered ISFJ as an option. What have you found out about the matter. I'd ultimately disagree too, but it is a very good theory from a deductive point of view. I think the Ne would make them want new things, maybe even change their values, and their Fi would make it difficult for them to write books (on purpose) that they don't themselves consider to be very important. However, if this is as common as it is, then after voting on a particular page, wouldn't I see the type I voted for increase by more than one. Te eyes appear serious. Kiersey also identifies her as an INFJ. If you're right, convince us, don't fuck with our agency and deny us our own voice on the matter you unbelievable asshole. But INFJ sounds very reasonable to me. I have an ISFJ girl in my class, go on her Facebook she has the same fucken face, same fucken selfie, and has a pic of nature and trees used as her banner. Indeed, more often that is true (however, there are some very creative ISxJs e. INFP spamming. Identifies self as an INFJ but is very evidently an INFP in my opinion.

. I doubt she has Ti as a 3rd function. I'm not sure about her type, but her recent on and on editions on Harry Potter series can be compared to Lucas who is an INFP, though. Fe eyes appear friendly. Idk the details, but it seems like people's votes get changed to the most recent vote, and it happens on pretty much every entry for me. I've talked to a couple (One of my best friends is an ISTJ and my grandmother is an ISFJ) and while they are both bookish neither type has much of an active imagination, which they're quite honest about. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. That said she probably is an INFP. Hitler was more about action than opinion. Because apparently "having a lot of ideas" makes you Ne type. Yes it does Victor. Few books can actually sustain the amount of haphazard stitching, so it's really an accomplishment if anything. Yes she is a feeler and an introvert, annd the reason why it's an argument between INFJ and INFP is because you can see both the Si of an INFP, and the Fe of an INFJ. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. If she identifies herself as INFJ then what makes people think they know her personality type better than she does. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about J.K. Rowling MBTI type.. Talking about Tolkien, I think using mythology and folk tales to create a new story is such an Ne+Si kind of thing, and he treated it very seriously, as if it's some kind of historical books he just stumbled upon and told it to the audience. ISFJ ISFJ ISFJ ISFJ everywhere. She has the stereotypical ESFJ facebook-ish nice auntie profile pictures lol dude don't make me type by photos. I think since she's sort of ambiguously INFx and good arguments exist on both sides this is a good place to invoke the "own best fit" rule. Instead, almost as a game, she writes half-hearted socially concerned crime fiction now. think George Bush. I know its a faily popular and quite frankly very desirable way of typing which is prevalent on the online community however it offers no consistent basis of application and is rather highly subjective and personal gauge. com/jk_rowling/status/579984118257229825I find it a bit cringy. But man, she is so bland. In fact, in my experience they make fun of it as something pompous, naive and meaningless. They're very nice people but not big on storytelling, although writing true stories would be another matter. I don't know, but it has happened to me like this until now. My vote changed several times despite no other activity. Finally neither J. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Stephen King literally places himself as a character into The Dark Tower eventually and incorporates his car accident whereas Sarah Waters's Fingersmith (so excited for http://www. I didn't know the cub diaper vore sonic fan fictions were so engaged in making the world a better place. Let's also not forget the emphasis on Quidditch (Se+Fe). Even her dog looks INFP. INFP is more likely, even though she identifies herself as INFJ. Tolkien is known for the detail he gives to his imaginary world, he clearly states he doesn't like allegory or intended to write one. But I could be wrong. P/J difference is too blurry, some J types can be huge slackers and P types can be very productive. Like with people collecting pencils or stamps and stuff like that, but with trees instead of pencils. I remember reading that Rowling intricately mapped out everything to do with the plot for all seven books before writing them, which to me would suggest very long-range planning and thus INFJ or at least J. I cannot think of a single compelling reason to dispute that and say she is an INFP instead. It's been an issue for a while that pretty much everyone on the site has been having. https://twitter. Ni+Fe+Ti = built stories with thematic themes, with every clear elements in their minds what goes where. Notice also that her books strongly represent the values of her background as a British center-left, but in an impersonal, general, confident way rather than the thorny, confused and passionate depictions INFPs tend towards (GRRM's tragic cynicism, the purity of The Little Prince, etc. Kiersey also identifies her as an INFJ. Makes no sense to me. Imo she's either INFP with developed Te or STJs with developed Fi. Writers are often asked very concrete questions about general stuff pertaining to art, and the flashier and simpler the answers are, the more likely they are to be reproduced en masse. @jlee-blue: In my opinion, Ni vs. Found one (it's near the bottom):. That's not writing it's a manifestation of severe mental illnessAnyway saying that someone should "stick to X" when they say something political, whether or not you agree with it, shows you're a dummyWouldn't an INFJ take more care about the values in the books than just fantasy worldbuilding. Honestly I think people are underestimating Ni a little bit. So much doesn't make sense, but because the story is fun and distracting, no one minds. What is the explanation. What is the best option for the MBTI type of J.K. Rowling? What about enneagram and other personality types?. In fact, it is often suggested that loneliness itself makes you a bad person, corrupts you (as in the case of Tom Riddle, Snape, Ginny in the second book). I see her as an INFP as well, but with good inferiors. Feminazis are usually SF's, ESFJ, ISFP, ESFP, and also ST's such as ESTPs, ISTPs and retarded ESTJs. Se eyes are straight up noticeable. Muggle born vs. I remember hearing she planned out all seven books pretty much from the beginning, which also seems J. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'J.K. Rowling' belongs to!. Tolkien (INFJ). It seems controversial pages are more likely to have this problem than lesser ones. I don't know, it could also be Fe but the wrong misinformed kindAs if writing isn't literally founded in commentary/discourse on society. The saving grace are very often older characters or groups with some kind of eternal truth or wise word to set you on the right path. That's very unusual for INFPs. But than again, you have a thing for ignoring what people say about their own work, only as to be INFJ in your world-view. INFJ > INFP, seems to show Fe in interviews, too. Dreamer-Mentor like Tolkien and Myazaki. I mean, an INFJ could obsess with the symbolism of the tree or something, but obsessing with the object's impression rather than the abstract concept behind it, seems much more of a Si thing. Maybe there is, it's been seven years since I have read them. I might add also that J. Now, can someone explain to me why she get votes for Enneagram 6. com/2014/06/9-reasons-you-should-read-the-silkworm-galbraith-rowling. Bitch shoud stick to writing. Not all INFJs have to be zen buddhist mystics who can see the future. Perfect Se example-George Bush. There are plenty of other examples, like science fantasy surrealist Jodorowsky (INFJ) and let's not forget J. Thanks for the replies. ISFJno way she is an infj or infp. Just go on her Twitter and see her profile picture and description. Someone must have voted for INFJ the last time, and then your vote changed to INFJ. All elements need to make logical sense (Ti) and can convey universal meaning (Fe). I think if she were an INFP, she would be identifying with these characters rather than writing a series which is fundamentally about the establishment of a new social order, both in the books world and in the sense that it's trying to teach the children these (imo rather naive and simplistic) values. Get out of that corner immediately and go improve the world. Please show me any work of Jung, his students or even Keirsey which states that physical emotions and cues can help determine cognitive functions. If there's any nostalgic elements in an INFJ's writings, it would be just a tool to carry the plots or themes, but not the important aspects of the stories. just watched around 30 interviews on youtube. Rowling is no sack of potatoes ISFJ, that's for sure. Uncontrollable thrashing has always been a Fi thing. The wackiness is a dorky, style thing reminiscent of 19th century novels that have their tongue in their cheek; not elaborate, the way you would expect from an INFP. Maybe one day the admin will fix it. and sometimes ISTP males have a psycho look but not alwaysPersonality types and Jungian functions have no correlation with eyes, mouth, hair color or foot size. I'd like more input of @Ventus413 @bobnickmad @impeccable. Similar approach of creating the new from the old and keeping many elements of the story is seen in INFP writer such as GRRM, too (dark, grim, harsh reality of the medieval, instead of creating alternative ones out of it). Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. Changing my vote to INFJ then. Ni+Fe isn't nostalgic at all. Well on the one hand, face reading has absolutely nothing to do with MBTI, but on the other, you do make an excellent point. ), Narnia which switches genre several times through the series, and the "what the fuck" moments that string together Game of Thrones. That's a confusing argument Apocalypse Please, so ISTJs and INFPs are basically the same thing because they have the same functions regardless of their order. ""a bit""Believes in magic like most INFJsShe is unbearable and her care bear's comment are even more unbearable than her new rich attitude. Half-blood vs. Identifies self as an INFJ but is very evidently an INFP in my opinion. I've noticed that every time someone comments the type of a character that I've voted for, my vote changes exaclty to the type the person has commented and voted. Seems obsessive Si. INFP doesn't have a monopoly on whimsical fantasy, and it's one of the prime ethical rules of the MBTI that the individual has final say unless she is extremely misinformed. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. Today it was min. That's a tall claim. I solidly vote INFP. She could be ENFP but her Si doesn't seem inferior. Going there is the best way to believe humanity is hopeless. INFxWhat shahenshah said. I was very fascinated to watch some lectures on writing by Brandon Sanderson (INTJ) and how he almost *deduces* himself to the Ne-like weirdness of his books. A possible point to consider is that in Harry Potter (as compared to, say, LOTR) lots of time is spent on sorting and classification, even beyond the four Houses (e. That still seems to me like a fundamentally Intuitive thing. com/title/tt4016934/ ;_; ) has several wacky twists famed for making readers throw the book across the room and stopping to read. The example of an obnoxious, nonsensical, ilogical INFP. Come back with something better. Loners and individualists, meanwhile, are always portrayed as morally uneven and in an almost overbearing fashion, like Lupin and Snape, and barely redeemed. It also would explain why she said Hufflepuff was her favorite house in some ways. After the Cursed Child and thinking about Harry Potter more again for a while, I'm even more convinced she is an INFJ. Though I did have her as an INFP initially, INFJ makes sense too. Let's also remember that this was a guy who made up a fictional language JUST FOR FUN (Ti). Ohhhh, if the movie adaption totally gives you a Fi aura that's because. Judging from her twitter account she's just a broken INFJ. in an introvert you will see their 2nd function which is extroverted. she just talks about everyday stuff, there is no bigger picture talking (Ni), no train of thought (Ne), no speculating, just everyday average stuff. tolstoytherapy.

. I will admit that I'm not very confident he is an INFJ though, and there might be something to the SJ angle as I haven't really read anything by or of Tolkien in a long time though. However don't claim its even remotely Jungian. As already stated by Victor, typing people based off of mannerisms or facial expressions is /NOT/ accurate. On the other hand, I could see an INFJ settling into this kind of pleasant, even life as a writer, doing their thing. Personally I haven't made up my mind what I think she might be. Well, the book wasn't quite like that. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding J.K. Rowling Myers-Briggs and personality type!. It's from a youtube video with Japanese calming music or something. There's also one page where I can confirm that only my vote is being reset since all the other numbers stay the same. Didn't realize she identified as INFJ, though; I would not have guessed that. Whoever is doing this is doing a horrible disservice to this wonderful site. She apparently self-types as INFJ, too. Aso she type had INFJ, that's proof that MBTI is garbage. It's just a theory. Yeah, I agree it's dangerous, but I think a lot more common error is taking to literally everything they say, especially when it's often out of context. Lewis or having fights with priests in the middle of sermon about how they do things, so it's very possible you're right. Fi+Ne+Si writers = creates something new from something old, using Fi to filter the elements that matters and holds things of uniqueness and weight for the authors. Notice how Rick Perry has the same Se eyes. Images like lying in your four-poster bed in the Gryffindor hall after almost everyone has gone home for Christmas, and watching the snow fall through the windows; or going to that secret city to drink that mead everyone likes so much. Rowling Twitter -INFJ Stop. I can say with 100% certainty that there's no way this is someone tampering with the system, as it's a daily occurrence and the votes change to completely different types within minutes (on fg's page, for example, my vote kept changing between like 3 different types). I know Tolkien is usually said to be an INFP, but I don't think that is right as his stories are so heavily built on existing myths rather than being free-form imagined (Ni+Ti), and he would often be quite conservative and elitist; for example he made a HUGE ruckus about his church wanting to preach in British rather than Latin. Wait a better example of Te eyes is Stefan Molyneux on youtubeYou cannot see Ni Si Ti eyes because they are introverted functions thus internal. Rowling is clearly an INFP, but one that gets easily affected by the outside world it seems :-/ Way too creative to be ISFJ. Rowling nor Tolkien have the kind of almost roughly bizarre ideas Waters and King have sometimes (Ne). I do hope it is only a glitch, but I'm a bit skeptical. Just an impression. So you will see Se eyes on an ISFP's face. Perfect Te example-Charles Krauthammer who is an INTJJust out of curiosity, how do you define Ni, Si and Ti eyes. We're not here to hear just your opinion. If she's indeed ISFJ that'd best explain the Hermione parallel. It's fun and games to attempt to determine someone's type using the above concepts, but it should /NOT/ be a deciding factor. I'm not aware of the satire, but even so, using the setting as satire to create another theme that is completely separate from main themes already in place still seems like Fi and Ne over Ni and Fe to me. Harry Potter seem made by an INFx. A Ni user is not going to sit down and make up some weird world to entertain their friends while waiting for the train, but if it's their job to be fantasy writers, they can do it quite well. According to my understanding. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. ) Finally, she considers Harry Potter the best thing she'll ever write and doesn't even try to follow it up. She's kind of a dumb maggot, an SJW and she can insult you on Twitter. < Anyway, that definitely does not sound very INFJ-ish, and I remember he could be somewhat rough as well, like when criticizing his friend C. Also Ni is not big on nostalgia, so when you read an INFJ's literature, the nostalgia is more similar to the background of he story, in which the protagonist created the new world (or system). Had she said she was an ESTJ, I might find that odd and think something was amiss. Usually this struggling between making sense and universal meaning can be mistaken with idiosyncrasies Which can be called, of course, but not the same way as Fi's personal idiosyncrasy.

J.K. Rowling
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