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Josephty1 Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Josephty1 MBTI personality type cover chart

The "problem" is once I know your name, well, try to do a Internet diet" as you delete everything associated with your name on the Interent. I can make lots of money, millions of US dollars per month. I suppose there is nothing political or illegal here. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////. Socionics at least compared the IJ, EJ, EP, IP, and EF, IF, IT, ET, and ES, EN, IS, IN. Alternatives include focusing on employers that well are "pen/paper". An ENTJ would probably not make posts that generate feelings online, or would they. at least he’s never gonna get any name right so what he’s doing is even more useless, dude’s just lost in his own incoherent world. Not that i'm volunteering or anything. I'll tell you this - I'm scared to be vulnerable even online. What if I'm ESTJ with a Te-Ne loop. Yet I make tons of mistakes so that's out of the picture. But how to prevent the unchecked abuse of environment and therfore losing sustainability for the future. if he bored/upsets you with his comments just ignore it and don't waste your time with mocking "jokes" here, it's only unnecessary and annoyingCongratulations. but seeking pleasure have nothing to do with being more thinking or rationnal. Rogerian Counseuling. Enable users to delete comments. Typing by online behavior: Probably xNTJ for being too blunt and arrogant. I am not very efficient as other Te-users like DiamondDust or fg, so I use this website to kinda help me do that. +1 DiamondDustI just never understood who I was. But it helps to give real impression(because its physically there) instead of abstract impression of Ni. However I do come across to some people as either ESFP, ISTP, or ENTP. You're probably either INTP or ENTP. com/personality-results/. Ne-dom is your entire being. SO MUCH BETTER. btw Joseph my full name is Lasagna McQueen. One benefit of MBTI is that if you know your true type, and you're stressed out in a downward spiral, you can improve your Auxillary and Repressed function to help you get out. You seem to think a lot about possibilities and what-ifs ("Wonder what it would be like. in the Is there Differences. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of mbtibase characters list.. But IDK about everything you feel when are here so I definitely can't say exaclty, it's something that only you can decides because is just you who knows these things about yourself. Grow upA little silly, but I'm curious. Finally, those "P-D Users as" entries have some practical use. So I'm a Ti-user but I don't know what my IQ test is, I just know my highest was 690 SAT Math. Are you ever sober, Joseph. Well the serfs were angry after a series of bad decisions, quarrels over the government bureaucracy, etc. between 20th century USSR/Asian Communism and 21st century European/Pacific Northwest ideal form of social democracy economic system. I mean the general public who works 9-5 job, you guys call Sensors. See yahLolIn MBTI you are not who you want to beIt's weird, Kawaii does'not whine about mean ESTP like he did all times when he talked about ESTP when he see someone who typed himsself as ESTP. Lol you typed me as ISFP so how are you trusted to type anyone. Goal: improve Fi. I have a different persona online versus the real world. House colors: Green and Silver. probably notI think as good as MBTI is I think knowing a person's favorite color and the color they wear the most (not counting things like school or work uniform) is the most useful for gut feeling purposes. That is probably my biggest challenge in life, nurturing the feminine side. your valuation of / adherence to your own internally devised logic/rational. did he lost his ball. ENFP Ne mode today after halloween. keys2cognition. Twitter's not too bad either. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. I've noticed that all Liberals want is Post-Capitalism. Plus as a 5w4 http://mbtibase. for some reason, so I can't be xNTJThe reason I spent so much time in this website is really to categorze things to MBTI Types, so I made a lot of character posts on things like cars, phones, etc. Profile pic history would tell quite a bit of your various recent state of minds. I almost considered making a series of tables of MBTI characters but you know, there's so much people who ____ posts that are more interesting than fictional character posts. Hmmm if they had Google Chrome and the "Search Google for this image" right click feature didn't work or something. Maybe I should buy a Seattle Times Newspaper, yeah that would workEwPretty annoying person, seems like an industrious know-it-all that doesn't actually have a clue unlike Scotty"Enneagram you get a number and if you want a wing (another number)". That might be ENTJ Fi-inferior Honestly the brick wall isn't so bad, I could imagine standing there looking like a gangster or rapperExtraverted means living life externally in my opinion, others interpret it as "energized by social interaction". I'm most likely INTP 9w1 with an ENTJ online persona. JPGI only waste time here because I want to uhh find my own identity. For a long time I cared about getting results, almost demanding it. typologycentral. Dunno I think real world behavior because that's whats going to get you in troubleYou are ENFP. Fe (Extroverted Feeling) (55%). png user I wondered who that wasHttp://keirsey. your valuation of / adherence to the sanctity of your own feelings / ideals / sentiment. http://keirsey. Plus INTJs care too much about ethics (Fi) and ENTJ care too much about living in the moment (Se). Need to ask a local INFP majoring in history lol. Systems builder tritype. One time I have typed as INTP before but I was pretty stressed out that time and 1/3 of the questions I put as "undecided" rather than "true" "mostly true" "false". my weakest function is Te, so I don't usually categorize things effectively. com/viewchar/Explain-this-what-the-fuck-mbti-personality-type---37601I'm a bit unsure that I'm an introvert. Trust me, they work for Fi-repressed. parenting styles, coping mechanisms for life (not the same as technology but could include Facebook/Texting, Rogerian Counseuling, CS concepts of arrays, while loops, lists, stacks/queues, etc), and climate. Enneagram you get a number and if you want a wing (another number) and if you want to go further, instinctual variants, and if you want to go even further, tritype. be/VJEBW1mamH0I'll admit I do preach too much, you're right. My sister is smart but that is it. Those folks in the UW Medical Center are not very friendly, no way. verse could mean music note or a symoymn for "dimension" whatever. Neither are the folks at Othello/Martin Luther King Street in Seattle. ISFP: because as an INTP, geniuses are so smart clothes shopping is just in the back seat. Gaining weight is just gaining weight. Your common room is located in Slytherin Dungeon. However 1w2 or 1w9 is not out of the picture, since I do try to avoid mistakes, but clearly lack the coping mechanisms to do this. Typing by real world behavior: Probably xNTP for well, being lazy with hygiene and stuff. Perfer walking and swimming over cardio/running. Can I ask you something. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. I dont know, I think that keeping unnecessarily in touch with something that makes us worse is a waste of ourselves and a betrayal with our happiness. Black-Background-HD-Wallpaper-24. then I found the MBTI Test. Dunno why the poster of this character post 36254 thought it was this. ENFP is 5 but when you spell it out Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception it equals 3. No gaining weight having nothing to do with Te-Se loop. However it is not just concepts, ideas, eocnomic theories that originated in universities, nor is it even psychological theories proposed by some western experts from US or Europe. Ti (Introverted Thinking) (85%). Creative, yes. Diagram helps too. I find I lack both but that's nice, I can definitely improve them. com/ppics/oct31. So I'm just gonna say this here. -anyone who typed me in mbtibase DiscordWhy are you here if you only care about tests. I feel uncomfortable, alone and empty, then I start getting too addicted in somethings to entertain myself"]. Its all so confusing lol. I have no idea how accurate they are (I'm guessing not very) but still. Feng shui number 3. http://mbtibase. Whates the general MBTI compared NT, NF, SJ, SP. proof huh: http://mbtibase. House founder: Salazar Slytherin. I AM ESTPFeel free to hate lolAll I need to do to work on Extroverted Sensing. edu/sarah-peterson-guada/files/2012/05/RH_Enneagram_V2. So I have typos and stuff well that's just carelessness. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. com/ppics/eclecticenergiesenneagramtest2. Maybe even more than the way they talk MBTI is easy to mistype, I think. With an IQ higher than 99% of the population maybe it would be wise to hire someone to pick clothes for me, since smart people make more money. INTPs and INTJs would have a easier time with that. I feel uncomfortable, alone and empty, then I start getting too addicted in somethings to entertain myself; but it doesn't really works, because my wounds would go wherever I go, so even where I'm supposed to be distracting myself I'm actually just feeling bad and uncomfortable more and more. But then again, this is a very common type people type as, even in "randomized studies" because the state of mind a person even a sensor, or extravert, could cause the person to start "intuitive-thinking" abstract thoughts whether it be metaphysics or questions like "whats the meaning of life" or whatever, or if the person is online too long and having a difficult time socializing in the real world, and if the person is in a bad mood, could take these MBTI tests (even the long official one) and type as a rare INTJ type. Not possible if I have access to public libraries. outside of the universe the laws are different. Most of the MBTI tests I took scored myself as INTJ. I've seen comments from you when you deeply talked about yourself, about what you thought and what you felt. These online tests I took in the computer lab with the rest of the class (it was for a unit on personality, forgot which chapter it was, David Myers Psychology textbook). :)I can see thatENFP 7w6 so/sp. Trust me, video games are good for boredomThis wasn’t a “free troll”, it was my honest reaction to his never ending absurd views and claims abt people and types around this website/on the chats (which I assume you won’t ever comment on no matter how absurd it gets, probably bc he said he might be autistic or some shit. No healing crystals can save it anymore, Joseph. Joseph you have my support when you run for president 2024 I curse this page. I doubt I'm xNTJ or xNFP because they are very very self aware. mild to medium borderline personality disorder is tough huh. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Josephty1 MBTI type.. Reading mythology seemed kinda sad to me though trust me, Greek Mythology is very SEXUAL not in a happy way =(. But my sensitivity to chlorinated smell in pools is such a big problem, I think this is a metaphysics problem, what is the metaphysical cause of this. empower-yourself-with-color-psychology. And that 10 typists in this website think they know my type better than these online professionals who designed an algorithm. Fi strategy develop ~ Again self-motivating book. Si (Introverted Sensing) (75%). They can be vulnerable and lovable. I prefer to rely on tests not opinions from people like:. Maybe shift to other websites with better fitlers like Deviantart or youtube. Facebook is too much noise, well I think its because the follow 100~ of people I know from High school and uhh they are negative too. Plus if it seems like I lack Fe or Se in various comments, discord, etc well I'm definitely not the only user. Then again some of you are not native to English speaking country so I could see a obvious lack of English vocabularly which is okay, I'm not native to English speaking country either. In a Post-Free Market, what could possibly happen is something between Environmentalism and Global Economy Economist System. The worst of the the enneagram is what gurdjieff and ouspensky wrote on the enneagram, they kinda took this idea WAY too far. Dunno anything about Brazil though. You feel like you have show who's the boss around here. We've had a bit of a doxing problem in the past and it's more than a little uncomfortable. I "know" if I look up "Labaconaise Jones" on the Internet I will see some images that are well not exactly inapporpriate. Look up numerology in this mbtibase search box and find out what type numerology 3 isHttps://youtu. Maybe I should do it too. Se (Extroverted Sensing) (60%). I do space out at times but that could reflect my 1w9 wing rather than lack of Se. 9 GPA in HS and scored a 720 Math SAT for a damn reason, I actually figure out what works. Ironically, seeking comfort and harmony by neglecting oneself leads, ultimately, to more discomfort and disharmony. fg pointed out I could be ENTJ which intrigued me. ISTP: I can fix computers. I love LOVE categorizing so why would I have Ti. They can be clever at working around authority. Te develop strategy: Practice planning and scheduling. Hmmm maybe not, I have been told I am insensitive to other peoples feelings. Lol who caresBefore you make up your mind about your type, you might want to try out these other 2 function tests (which DO NOT ask questions about whether you love indie rock):. Even the Vietnamese catholic church has more lively music than the English Catholic church. Yes I want harmony but authenticity feels SO MUCH BETTER. Which universe did you come from, Joseph. I'd unfriend someone/unfollow someone for having political or religious posts because many are so negative and the news feed or quora feed or whatever, needs to stay positive. I doubted the first time time I scored INTP in the 5th online MBTI test I took but I think this is my true typeLol just because I'm "practicing Te on the Internet" which is the shadow function of dom-Ti doesn't mean that I'm ENTJ ha haNe is a lot more fun than Ni anyway. Fi (Introverted Feeling) (65%). I am INTJ Either ENFP, INTP, ISFP fits my personality. Yes I got people fooled huh. Your inferior Si makes you look one small detail and drove off with your dominant Ne. House head: Professor Snape. Okay I'll practice, I'll admit, I have been diagnosed with autism and selective mutism. USSR Communism should be rephrase Post-Monarchy economic system, or Post-Serfdom (phrase taken from Civ 4) Civ 4 calls this Communism as "State property". This is a much more difficult and complex task because there is no 1 scapegoat. Anyway, some questions to ponder. Hmmm Fi-repressed rather than Se-repressed. not the most likable peopleI used those experiences as sample size But that doesn't mean I instantly hate every ESTP I get to know as soon as I know it's their type, because I'm not a piece of shitYeah, they are, "Se" is a very impulsive function, additionally, their most common enneagram type is 7, which is known for seeking pleasure and doing risky things. Just noI'm wondering if you could actually be INTP. Idk, I think that when I come in contact with these horrible things about humans act, I can better reevaluate my own sense of moral and empathy, also I develop more awareness about these bad things who exists in everyone. You have been sorted into Slytherin, the house of cleverness. You talk too much, gotta be ENTJHttp://alameda. Your lack awareness of your auxiliary Fi but you constantly preach about the meaning value of personality, numerology, colors and etc. My first langauge is vietnamese so my SAT reading score is about 560. It was introduced to me by my 11th grade AP Psychology instructor, he was pretty cool. Hmm they are the rarest extroverted typePls stop with those free trolls things, isn't funny and he has never do nothing to you. based on your results your type is likely - entp. So I just wanted to know you are not feeling something like that; but it was a silly and inconvenient attitude because first of all I actually know absolutely nothing about you to supposes something like that and second even if you could are feeling bad I can't really help you so it's useless. The prefixuni-which means “one” is an important prefix in the English language. I'm assuming the online MBTI tests, out of the 12 or so I took, 4 said I'm INTP, 6 said I'm INTJ, and randomly 1 I got ENTP. Ni (Introverted Intuition) (75%). Now I need to focus on methods, methods, methods. House ghost: Bloody Baron. 666 god blast you Even if you kill him, he's split his soul 7 times. Must be one of those bipolar manic phase today. It might be easier for someone else to type you than to type yourself, which is why even fg kinda struggled with this. ENTP: imagination + logic I'd PM you if I knew which accounts you checked and which ones you didn't. Is there differences in climate between 20th century USSR/Asian Communism and 21st century European/Pacific Northwest ideal form of social democracy economic system. So you trash talk this person to know their place. Lack of Se or Lack of Fi. However this is a common occurrence in history, usually another king takes over. com/black-background-hd-wallpaper-24But then again, a 8w7 ENTJ would more likely do this more frequently thoughThen again I'm probably likely INTJ with the Ni-Fi loop. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. I did read first 4-5 books of Death Note and comparing it to real life experience, I'm more similar to L (INTP) than LIght Yagami. Since I believed other poeple said I was autism self fulfilling prophecy but what if thats not my true type. No one that knew me socially beyond the acquaintance stage would've guessed I had autism. Twitter sucks because you kinda want to complain all the time there. But of course with 8 universes, yet all are interconnected, just stick with your own for now. Play music improve Se too. xNTJ with a enneagram 9.

. But I'm honestly not one bit surprised you scored 100% Ne lol. Compare this to a Mexican catholic church, so much instruments in their church songs. I gained some weight because of the "Freshman 15" and that could be the Te-Se loop. Hmm got that idea from DiamondDust. I used to be an ESFP in my youth. @hearts after talking to you for awhile, keep playing your video games, winter's cold. Se isn't relate to athletic. But yes I recognize that there are some people who are interested in the true crime who exaggerate when talk about :P. your valuation of / tendency towards free association and creating with external stimuli. Idealist tritype. ENFP: imagination. your valuation of / focus on internal sensations and reliving past moments. Se relates to real physical object and etc. And see them as a fool. Entrepreneurial. Thought process: Maybe DiamondDust is right, maybe xNFPWhat's the best indicator. The world is already cruel it is. repetitive tasks. Not wrong but anyone is energized if with the right people, out of the 6 billion people, there are the right people somewhere. Please don’t doxx me Some proposed solutions:. Destroy this website and start over a new website with completely different layout. You look at this person and gauge them. Te strategy develop - Categorizing(from the man himself Aristotle) genre, like movies, music, games and etc. Fi develop strategy: Read self-motivating books. That's why I was commenting and stuff. htmlThat's cool. I don't even know what that would indicate, but I don't really see an ENTJ so easily adopting others' opinions like that on account of a possibility. I can also fly airplanes. three factors so far. Books that makes you feel good about yourself and stop give a damn thing about the cruel world. Ni-aux or Te-aux. Goal: improve Se. typologycentral. There’s nothing wrong with it uwuSureYou talk an awful lot abt shit that seems to come unfiltered from your head, definitely not a judger. Ne develop strategy: Practice brainstorming ideas. Also check someone's facebook page, if they post a lot their profile pic, background, and read some of their comments, tells quite a bit of what kinda personality they are. Read/watch current events. You're gonna need to rephrase that hunHe's saying that it's strange that you're not hating on him for typing himself ESTP when you hated on ESTPs in the past. universe 8 I, Joseph am Enneagram 1 ENTP Sorry I meant INFJ You can’t run away from who you are. (Nkcdzy referring to fg). Others just label people who are social as extraverts and shy people as introverts which is incorrectOh you're the. Plus the INTJ label I believed a long time really hurt me I read somewhere that Fi is the 5th function of ENTJ and Fe is the 4th function, I think socionics. INTP: Why I get As in school. Well we can identify solutions yes but it is not easy to identify the important problems from the fluff (using extraverted thinking for sorting out the unimportant details, using introverted thinking for sorting out the illogical). WOW YOU GUYS SUCK. Tritype 713 or 731. But the using real names thing isn't cute. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Josephty1 likely is!. I do need to stopI honestly think ESTJMaking lists suggest Te use, you may have a point that it may not be dominant and could indicate a lack of Si filter rather than lack of Se. Thinking before acting is more rational than acting before thinking and enneagram 7 + Perceiver is more acting before thinking than vice versaImagine a kid eating 6 scoops of their favorite ice cream in no less than 4 minutes because they don't feel full not considering the consequences and vomiting 2 minutes laterThat's okay, but I like to use evidence. You have have ambition and you are very resourceful. There are multiple corporations and the general public isn't going to buy the idea of "illuminati" or "top 1%". No idea why they think thatProbably not yours though Wonder what it would be like. You guys just suck at typing. Ti develop strategy: Practice reading a logic book. My personality:. Alternatively read fashion magazine or just exercise improve Se. Ne (Extroverted Intuition) (100%). Most Ti-user are just frustrated scientist that no one notice them like my sister INTP. "), and also come up with many creative ideas here. com/personality-color-orange. But the serfs directed all their anger towards the one king. I am INTP 5w4. Yes exercise helps a lot. Joseph, I like you, man. your valuation of / tendency towards internal/original free association and creativity. My favorite color is orange. however what triggered this conversion from the Tsar dynasty to Stalin communism. Or take robotics or gaming class. "When discomfort occurs or conflict is possible, NINES automatically call on the mechanism of narcotization, numbing out through secondary comforts such as food, drink or repetitive, comforting activities or thoughts. your valuation of / adherence to logic of external systems / hierarchies / methods. I'll admit I check more boxes here than any of the descriptions of ENTJ, INTP, INTJ, etc. Look if I act like a 1w9 that's because I am around my family members but honestly I got a 3. I'm clearly not a Deviantart commissions artist ay do u have involuntary muscle spasms whenever the words “SENSOR”, “BORDERLINE”, “GROWTH MINDSET”, “FORGIVENESS” and “QUORA” are mentioned. We've found our Voldemort, but we're in dire need of a Harry Potter. What about how others may think of me. Thats nice, INFPs being in the top 4 of MBTI based on intelligence, that would be really nice to have that 120+ IQ and 700+ SAT Math score. (NOT an oxymoron, btw)Se is also pragmatic and the less personnal function , 7 is a head type they tend to be quickminded. MBTI you get some letters and some made up function theory that is not proven, but you still approve it anyway, being the hypocrite that you are, valuing facts so muchDoubtful. Te (Extroverted Thinking) (30%). Have a magical year at Hogwarts. I hate how when people said that it's not likely you're 147 you changed it in your profile to 137 even though those guys don't know you at all Hmmm josepthy do you feel good when you are here in this site. It's something real, you know, what people are able to do. INTP 1s are rare and strange, proabbly ENTP. id=4&branch=B&temperament=3,3&ordering=Ti%20%3E%20Te%20%3E%20Ne%20=%20Ni%20%3E%20Si%20%3E%20Fi%20%3E%20Se%20%3E%20Fe. http://mbtibase. (at the time of this posting)True, yes. Sure I do use logic at times, so Ti makes sense. You would have to Limit number of signups. I believe its my inability to be emotionally vulnerable. Theres the other 4 shadow functions, theres socionics and how complicated they are, and theres the keirsey, oh my gosh. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Si develop strategy: Practice taking down notes and remembering. Not proud of the few, well maybe more than a few, times I've done thatIt actually was a black background, empty. INTJ: 4 times, INTP: my 2nd time, 1st time in another websiteHe could be ENFJ 1w9Nah im being for real, that signature and your avatar are pretty FDude I just read self help books and listen to music and shit. Btw, I like red and I'm ISTP. Lack of self awareness. What makes this resurgence of communism different. Real Life I'm probably INTJ. Ni develop strategy: Practice reading and interpreting mythology. I doubt I'm ennegram 7 because. Plus I'm not a Te-user because regarding information and what's true I don't care about authority, they're not always rights. Btw wait why aren’t you following your own advice n not bitching abt me posting a video of a fucking hot dog on a microwave on a weird ass page. Oh do you really have autism. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. Is there differences in coping mechanisms for life between 20th century USSR/Asian Communism and 21st century European/Pacific Northwest ideal form of social democracy economic system. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Josephty1? What about enneagram and other personality types?. @mars hmmm I don't get along with sensors in general eh until I slowly grow in the growth mindset@heathcliff blockquote [" What worried me is that I do/already did it too and I know the reason is because around me I don't feel like I really have someone with me. "ONEs do everything to avoid making mistakes, being out of control or being unworthy. Avoid books that make me feel bad. Never knew why it worked when I thought I had depression. As long as it is not "illegal", or "political" or "offensive" he is fine. Te-Se loop is more of a bully. Honestly want to know what my type was to figure what stuff to buy, who to talk to, learn my strengths and weaknesses, plus I kinda suck at reflecting honestly. web counterweb counter. But the flip side of MBTI is that you can overcomplicate yourself. INxPENTP it isOr is this my shadow functions. never thought of it like that. Or a Ne-Te loop, that would be ENFPMaybe I need to retake the enneagram test (the long ones) another time and come back in a year or two, then rethink about this.

. I came here to figure out my own identity in the form of MBTI + ennegram type. All I would can do is to hear you. com/ppics/eclecticenergiesenneagramtest2. your valuation of / tendency to fully experience the world unfiltered, in the moment. I AM NOT THAT GOOD AT BEING VULERNABLE. To be honest I regret having commented this because I couldn't say what I really wanted to say and I ended up sounding in a totally different way than I wanted. your valuation of / adherence to external morals, ethics, traditions, customs, groups. Read self help books. @Teru browse the nofap reddit. But sometimes even with millions of dollars in my bank account, I feel like picking clothes myself. If I say I got an illness too will u hop off my dick. If it is more bad than good for you so it's not worth spent too much, world is too big for it. If you want your life to be flogged only when shows your intelligence then I feel sorry for you my friend. I doubt I'm ennegram 1 because. Fe develop strategy: Learn body language. Honestly I'll restore my old habits, I'll go back to old my INTJ self. http://mbtibase. House animal: Snake. Why I'm enneagram 9. The worksheet I found that says "tips to cure borderline personality disorder" (found it in a library lol) where you plan by writing down a positive thing you would do today works when I tried it last week. Life is much more about than the size of your intellect. But I'll admit the number of posts of killers, negative things, really force me to re-evaluate. some sort of xNxP, I’m gonna guess ENTP even if I’ve yet to read even 5% of what u sayOnline persona. com/ppics/satscores. Its cool, because I could make a random generator and pick one of the 6, that's the type of the day (or minute). Ni-dom or Te-dom. funny how you’re the one creating a conflict hereI used to type as INTJ in high school from the online mbti tests. Fast forward I got more interested in this test after I graduated high school, slowly to now. 3 is creative, communicator, energetic, inventive, artistic, bouncy. Or perhaps the assumption that I am a 1 is incorrect. Te-user are more honest with their lack of knowledge compare to Ti-user. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Josephty1 Myers-Briggs and personality type!. But their enemy is corporations and government officials. Facebook/Texting. ESFP: Sure, but I change my first name. So I lack Te according to. http://bydesignvsm. Its much better than categorizing things I've downloaded into folders because those are not real world physical tangable items (video files, image files, websites into bookmark folders, etc). F71@thanks DiamondDust. What worried me is that I do/already did it too and I know the reason is because around me I don't feel like I really have someone with me. In real life I am not sociable. josephty can’t see people as people m8, that’s useless. You enjoy compiling thoughts together with tertiary Te. I typed as INTJ at the time. "SEVEN with a SIX wing (7w6), when healthy, is responsible, funny, and cares a lot about relationships. Is there differences in parenting styles between 20th century USSR/Asian Communism and 21st century European/Pacific Northwest ideal form of social democracy economic system. And for the most part I think your antics bring a fun flavor to this place that keeps things from getting super stale or boring. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Josephty1' belongs to!. You're also really quick to adopt other people's opinions/explore new suggestions and possibilities (someone suggests you could be ENTJ and you start to claim you're ENTJ, someone says you can't be 147, you start to claim you're 137, etc). If a person has multiple favorite colors then you have to discect what they say and their history, if any. Socionics the id the ego, and words like Shizotyme / Cyclotyme. You have to destroy every alt to defeat him. btw, when you don't feel comfortable here it would be better to really try to get away, maybe just for a while and then back again after. I’m that hot dog screaming in a microwave whenever that guy goes on his loony rants, that’s all the reaction I have to his entire thing, I’m not spamming nor particularly mocking, only expressing my despair. pdfENTJ 1w9 Xin chào. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Why was your old profile pic a black brick wall. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. Biblical mythology seemed really negative alsoI doubt I'm an Se user I would never buy a subscription to newspapers, 1/3 to half are negative. According to test results (scroll down) http://mbtibase. And I also """noticed""" that you spend some time on this site. here's one of them:. Well, I do some of and commented in a few entries here about killers @_@ is interesting, I like. How many type a person can change your self-typing in few day. josephty1 have the answerIs it shadow function. banLabaconaise mike ike Jonesis loved. And obviously I posted it bc I also found it amusing on top of that. Honestly what do you do with this info to improve yourself. Online Persona. SEVEN with an EIGHT wing (7w8) is more gregarious or boisterous, with a lot of confidence to make their ideas happen. Se develop strategy: Read/watch current events. com/ppics/oct31.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

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