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Katsuki Bakugo Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Katsuki Bakugo MBTI personality type cover chart

do you even KNOW what enneagram is. He's afraid deep down. Anyways tho I called you autistic bc your argument makes no sense. Objectively, Bakugou is not mentally "tenacious" to be an 8. enneagram has nothing to do with childhood, what do you mean “8s have harsh childhoods”. An sp-blind 8 would be in jail lol. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. you sure you've got Ti bro. He wasn't full of anger; he was afraid of his weaknesses and inferiorities. Hey formerly brainer do u smoke weed@fg okay yeah that’s fair lol. obviously fucking not. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. > confusing dom Te with an 8 corei have hemorrhoids wanting to be in control is no longer type 8s basic desire that's replaced with not being in jail hey bakugou, what would you type me Teru you killin me bro. Really I don't know why ENTJ > ESTPIn fact he has more Se than Si, so i dunno. Cp6s, on the other hand, have hysterical overreactions to conflict which tends to be mixed with feelings of inferiority. I agree that Bakugou definitely has an 8w7 fix, but it’s definitely not his core type. Why are u on this website on Bakugou’s page if your mad that people will. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. You disagreed with OP’s typing and youre getting this defensive. (also, 8w7 sx/so. The way he never talks to anyone, only cares about himself, and focuses solely on his own development and health is literally the opposite of being sp-blind. Whether it's being beaten and told they're worthless every day, or having drug addict parents and needing to step up and be resposible at a very young age, 8s all face some type of extreme pressure that causes them to never want to be controlled again. 8s have an extremely, extremely unhealthy way of looking at life, and it is pretty much impossible for an 8 to not come from an abusive childhood. Bakugou's everyday behavior SCREAMS cp6, but you can especially see it during his breakdown after the Kamino arc. The reason I'd type him ENTJ is his lack of Si moments, and lots of Se. That’s the most Fi statement ever. @Brainer how far into the manga are you. Either way tho he isn't even sp-blind. Not saying they can't exist normally, but the odds are awfully low. Hell, if you're looking at the unhealthy versions of any ennea type, abuse can apply to any of them You're talking about a fictional character you retard, you think the mangaka created characters with enneagram in mind. 8s have harsh childhoods and harness their anger to overcome the challenges of childhood and eventually life. they can be explosive, but cp6s usually overreact to everything to combat their inner fears. Bakugou's core emotion isn't anger, it's fear. your core type develops as a response to the conflict you face as a kid; it's how you cope. And "Never could I imagine an Fi user be so volatile", seriously. 8,9,1 = gut triad. You definitely called her retarded first but um go off I guess. What’s the point of this comment. The point of MBTI is to analyze the character. He could still be ESTJ though, they are greatly underrated. Direct approach = ST, goal orientation = J. An sx/so would want to be around others somewhat and would at least value some social norms, regardless of MBTI or enneagram. Yeah no mangaka does it with the thought of fans doing mbti typing. Any 8 would look at Bakugou and say “yeah this kid definitely isn’t an 8. You're definitely retarded. Never could I imagine an Fi user be so volatile, the whole point of Fi being inferior in Te doms is so their expressed notions are not clouded in emotions yet he orientates himself externally based on his emotions on a consistent basis. It can be influenced by that but it’s not completely dependent there enneagram literally has everything to do with childhood. @brainer yea the dude is a literal genius m8 his grades only lose to momo n iidaforget what I've said b4, this guy is tricky to type bc he appears more Te-Se than Te-Ni, he'd be an ESTJ by dichotomies alone but lmao functionsss. There is a scene in the 1st episode that encapsulates this. 8 are confrontationnal and their confrontationnal temperaments showing diferently if they are 8w7 or 8w9 or sx, so or sp. When he is walking home from school with his friends, and his friends come up with an idea to go mess around in the arcade and ask him to come and he rejects them in such way asif they missed something so obvious - that in doing that it will tarnish his image and prevent him from getting into his desired school. do you even KNOW what a cp6 is you dipshit Even though they're part of the reactive triad i still have no idea what you're trying to say tho i know this triads but there is other triads. Just bc he risked his health one time to beat All Might doesn't mean he's sp-blind, idk where you guys even got that notion in the first place. You definitely called her retarded first but um go off I guess. Not all children who were abused become 8s (they can become different types, ex: being a 9 to avoid conflict and punishment), but all 8s were abused. 8s are confrontational and face all conflicts head on, making sure they won't lose. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. He believes in the ability for people to evolve though. That's why he secretly admired Ochako's motivation during the tournament and I think he's also secretly liking Deku's development. Being Fe-dom is impossible for him because so far he's never shown weighing other people's feelings when making decisions. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. You don't even need 2 brain cells to know that he's a cp6. Bruh I’m done you really don’t understand what a cp6 is. )ENTJ 8w7 sx/soHonestly i don't understand why him is type as ENTJ i could see Te dom but i don't see him as Te-Ni is not strategically and he is impulsive, grounded and physical to be an ENTJ, if he was ENTJ he would leave his pride and anger aside more easily, he's still J because he's very focused, personally I consider him ESTJ and not ESTP because he has difficulty getting adept and he doesn't seem very open minded so Te-Si 8w7 ESTJ. I understand but in this case ESTP fits better, to be ENTJ he had a lot of Ni too, i think. Honestly i don't understand why him is type as ENTJ i could see Te dom but i don't see him as Te-Ni is not strategically and he is impulsive, grounded and physical to be an ENTJ, if he was ENTJ he would leave his pride and anger aside more easily, he's still J because he's very focused, personally I consider him ESTJ and not ESTP because he has difficulty getting adept and he doesn't seem very open minded so Te-Si 8w7 ESTJ. That's one of the main (only) characteristic he likes on other people : When they get their shit together and start acting competitive. Him yelling and crying about being the reason for All Might's end. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Katsuki Bakugo? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Only a cp6 would be as loud and obnoxious as him (i still love him tho), and ENTJ cp6s are very common. Yeah I'm sure I am Ti and I'm sure you're Ti-tert because you're the one with poor comprehension skills. think about how necessary it is for them to have sp. it doesn't matter they're a fictional character man "Wait are we reading the same thing. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Katsuki Bakugo Myers-Briggs and personality type!. You also never tend to see him thinking outloud (some scenes show his internal thinking) but all you get is emotional expression from him, how could he be a Te dom or auxillary lol. That's fair I suppose. It's way more likely for an individual to be sp-blind with an 8 fix, not an 8 core. " why are you on this website, typing characters, if you think they shouldn't be typed Because I don't say a manga character can't be a sp blind 8 because I believe they would be in jail in real life. They're pretty much either dead or in jail bc of how unruly they'd be. every single one. think about what 8s are like. If "authors don't create characters with enneagram in mind," then why are you yourself trying to type these characters. What i meant is a character who is an 8 won't specifically be abused in their childhood or whatever, since the author does not have enneagram in mind. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Katsuki Bakugo' belongs to!. When I'm saying he's "too reactive" I mean that he's reactive in a way that's too. People think he is ESTP because he is badass. y the social variant tho idgiI am not 100% sure but I think hes a ENTJ because while ESTPs 8w7 Sx/So are violent they still balance It out by living in the moment and not being angry 24/7 but his Te + 8w7 Sx/So makes him competitive and angry literally all the timeHis behavior seems very ESTP-like on the surface, but he's more of an ENTJ in a Te-Se loop once you get past the first season of the anime. Wait are we reading the same thing. I'll recommend you to stop being such a condescending bitch when you spout some bullshit and can't take the time to correctly a understand someone's point because you're too busy being retardef. are you autistic LOL do you think the mangaka created the characters with any of this shit in mind. When he wins the tournament he literally states that “it doesnt matter if the world acknowledges it, if I dont it’s crap”. competence triad (1,3,5),reactive triad (8,4,6), escaping triad (9,2,7). That was just my simple + lazy way of explaining that sx/so 8w7 Bakugou is absurd. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Katsuki Bakugo MBTI type.. his Ni and Se are so obvious. Get off this website if your gonna act 12 you loser. those who lash out and are super loud are always a cp6. i think we can seem his Te-Ni strategy in his fight against ochako. It's common sense. and yes, not all abused children are 8s, but all 8s have been abused. Imagine being this mad over a typing LMFAO. but are you claiming that all 8s sx/so or so/sx are criminals. But while they do this, they maintain composure and strength. Go off queen LOL i swear all of these people are probably cp6s mistyped as 8s. How can you induce drama with an alt bro actually not an alt account but lol. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. The hell is that social variant doing there. ” I saw down below that you typed Bakugou as an 8w7 sx/so which automatically gives you no credibility bc you literally don’t understand what an 8 is. Anyways i see the insults in your comment but not any arguments. He has Inferior Ni periods some time, when he uses his Se dom against Deku (his INFJ counterpart) and expresses himself with Se+Fe. I thought he was an ESTP, but these ENTJ votes made me open my eyes, lolHes too angry, competitive and intense, cares too much about being better than izuku and makes too many enemies Sp dom people arent as intense because it drags them out of their safety zone and they dont care if someone is better than them or not they just focus on themselves"have you all ever thought about isfp for him. You're the actual retard here, not me lol. And I used to lean more for ESTP.

. (Obviously I was exaggerating tho, don't really understand why that has to be stated explicitly). And being sp dom doesn't exclude being competitive. Damn sp-blind 8s are extremely unlikely to occur. EARTH TO OTIM EARTH TO OTIM UR A FUCKING DUMBASSMost people with a vote split between NTJ and STP end up being STJ or NTP from my experience. that square rectangle analogy. Just because u have a goal to work towards doesnt indicate Ni. His Si appears in a different way. i'm not into bnha but i know enough about bakugou to confidently say that he is in no way an 8 lmao What do you think the point of mbti typing is you absolute dumbass. Jesus christ I asked the gurl a question she answers me by saying I'm autistic before asking me the same question. Bakugou appearing "angry" when he's really not is a mechanism to compensate for his insecurities. if Bakugou is not an 8 by those criteria that you just made cartman,gregor clegane or theodore roosevelt are cp 6 too. I'm a Ti-dom and I'm good at deduction, which you're clearly not. "he seems flaky, he's stupid, clearly school and written exams are not his forte" you literally described the complete opposite of himI want arguments for him being a judger, he seems flaky, he's stupid, clearly school and written exams are not his forte, impulsive, all about the action. You know Bakugo and Endeavor are two very similiar, almost identical characters. 5,6,7 = head triad. ISFJs are truly goddamned retard This bitch is getting out all her alts just to type a fictional character she masturbates to lol Hey sorry for the language his fear is about being weak (8) not to be betrayed (6). He is NOT intuitive. Stop talking to me with your alts and I'll answer your questions lolYAAAASS KWEEN SLAY GO OFF SWEETIE IMAGINE BEING THIS PERSON LOL ARE YOU INSANE IM LITERALLY DYING i swear to god this entire thread is basically a beyonce reaction gif it makes my fucking hands tremble sorry had to blow off some steam please go on "it's a fictional character so typology theory doesn't apply to them. That should be all the evidence you need to see he's not an 8. Rather than memories it appears as a weird tradition or worldview that was set in stone since he was a child: he was the strongest, deku was a loser. He's ENTJ cp6w7 sp/sx. I'm actually debating against one person Teru, one person with an alt lmao. He is defo an ExTJ. 8s don't act like he does. neither of you addressed that possibility, only that he has to be an 8. His direct approach and goal orientation is mistaken for Te, when it is infact Fe. Also lmfao he's a cp6w7. 2,3,4 = heart triad. loud for him to be an 8. Yeah, he's ESTJHe seem Se over Si. 8s aren't pissbabies do you guys like, know what a cp6 is. 8 and 6 are both type of the reactive triad so your arguments are invalid. definitely not bakugou. i said that is stupid to say that Bakugou can't be 8 because he is too reactive because 8 are reactive type Oh okay, I get what you mean. Have you read Deku vs. regardless you're talking about unhealthy 8s which makes absolutely no sense if you're talking about all 8s, which is the idea I'm getting from what you're saying. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. ah yes the character that's shown to only care about being in control and winning no matter what is a cp 6 because he wasn't abused and he's sp-last and every fictional universe follows the same rules where they jail sp-last 8s so no need to look at his motivations that were made extremely straightforward from the start of the story or point out where his loyalty, anxiety or paranoia lies, let's come up with our own definitions of "type 8 anger vs type 6 anger" or play discount psychologist and bring up the link between childhood and enneagram (which is a shady theory that's discussed but not a recognized part of enneagram for a reason) hes not an 8 you just dont understand what cp 6s actually are. think about what an 8 would be like without sp. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Katsuki Bakugo likely is!. So apparently sp-blind 8s are all in jail. Yet, Endeavor is typed as ESTJ whereas Bakugo gets the ENTJ vote. @tiger_greengrass didn’t say that. No 8 would ever be as loud and overreactive as Bakugou is. Him being stubborn isn't Si, it's his unhealthy inferior Fi. You cant seem to comprehend anything that isn't blatantly spelled out for you. you seem to don't see the diferences between the different 8s. If you think he's an 8 you're probably disabled. However, a fictional sp-blind 8 would be a very noticeable catch that would probably get in trouble a lot or almost die quite often due to placing themselves in compromising situations. That's not what I meant by saying the author does not have enneagram in mind while creating characters. Clearly, the author didn't create characters saying "oh, this one's gonna be an infp 9w1," but you can still apply typology to the characters based on their behavior, cognition, and background. Please use the search function next time. His Si is his inability to accept it and change. Goddamn bitch lmao. However, deep down, Bakugou masks his fears of being inferior by acting out and "acting" angry.

. Bakugou needs more backstory. bakugou you lost credibility when you said 8s were criminals. Bakugou is like Dio. Where do any of you see Si+Ne in him. 8 anger is much colder and less explosive. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Boku no Hero Academia characters list.. Might have to reread some chapters.

Katsuki Bakugo
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