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Lana Del Rey Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Lana Del Rey MBTI personality type cover chart

Some people make it more difficult than others. "Del Rey: "What else is there. The reason is that I feel like many of her unreleased songs (Queen of disasters, serial killer, without you, because of you, etc. #ISFP100%Booo, poor case for INFJ and then spamThis one is tough. So what does this point to. Based on her videos, I could deduce she like SP type guys, and she thought if she would embody a more SP image, this would attract the type of guys she likes. Prince will fucking side-eye and roll his eyes at you and not give a fuck about how it comes across. About Lana, you do have a point. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. I knew I wanted the record to be called Ultraviolence and I knew I wanted it to be eleven songs. What I'm saying is with Del Rey there is a pull towards Si nostalgia. Her crippling anxieties and fears of things like sharks also suggests high inner perception. That is the genius of Lana Del Rey to me. Sure, she's a beautiful woman but does she have that fiery sexiness of ISFPs. Del Rey stands there and sings. From what she says I don't believe her Fi can be id block (ISFJ, INFJ). CT has some quotes showing this: "There is a high fantasy element in [my] music. How god awful. But for now I see ISFJ as the only option that makes sense. The goal of the Fi dom to be themselves and the goal of the Si dom to find consistency and comfort. I can see her ISFP, ISFJ or INFP in person, but her music doesn't come of as intuitive. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. In her music there is a pervading sense of longing for the bad boy who will save her and take her to paradise, for the many lovers who will come and go, for the days when she could just be in a group and feel like she was stable in herself. But her lyrics don't reflect much of Ni to me, instead it's all over the place (it's most obvious in her unreleased songs) like Ne. " Don't take that indecisiveness to me the P type, it means about her inner self, her inner personality. An ISFP would be much more likely to be like Rihanna. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Lana Del Rey' belongs to!. " (Si and Fi) and finally: "I just [don't] understand why true love shouldn't be the end-all, be-all" (Si). I agree that Lana Del Rey is a 4w3 but I don't believe her to be an ISFP. Than again, this quote ''I am surprisingly similar to the person in those songs – mostly in the way that I have a strong sense of who I am but not a clear idea of where I’m going. v=Py_-3di1yx0. "My word for the record was 'fire,' you know, blue fire, when a flame gets so hot it goes from red to blue. Death, melancholy, destruction, happiness-- whatever it is-- it's a work of art. That is a new addition. http://personalitycafe. Don't know if one should base her typing on that though, she doesn't exclusively write her stuff. The idea she's N while someone like Reznor is S is ridiculous. Maybe this is something an ESFP would do with Fi, but Fi is not so capable as making this believable as Fe. Also in an interview she slipped wanting to die: "I Wish I Was Dead Already". "Del Rey: "I [always] felt really overwhelmed. This is not meant as a validation of what they've done, because I consider this a poor tactic for typing, but I understand how they connected the dots the way they did. "Del Rey: "I have a strong sense of who I am but not a clear idea of where I'm going.

. Part of it may be true and because of her Ne/Si juxtaposition, she hides it well in her ever-changing images to confuse people of her true intention (which it is something INxP is good at). ) sound more Ne/Si and probably true to her true self than her released songs. She's not 4w3. The entire world of Hollywood is essentially Si-Fe and she made that herself and made it palpable. The imagery in her music may be nostalgic but it's also pretty direct in effect and there's no Ne whatsoever. If that is not Fe then I don't know what is. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Music and Music Industry characters list.. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. INFP is an even more unbelievable vote for this woman than INFJ. [It] has such an element of escapism to it. Her lyrics are almost always flashes of sensory data/experiences and how she feels about it. The thing is, her Si really comes through in her quotes which makes sense for someone who developed that function strongly before transitioning to using Se. I think if someday in the future Del Rey comes out and says she was trying to satirize and criticize this Si nostalgia of hers. To everyone who is so clearly stating Fi dom I'll just say that I think LDR seems to have transformed from Fe auxiliary user with little self confidence to one with a lot of self confidence. But ISFJ sx seems like it could be, like Fe taking the role of the feme fatale for adoration. Her lyrics are almost always flashes of sensory data/experiences and how she feels about it. v=ytWWX-y3oIk The person in this video performing does not have aux Se. Lizzie Grant the person = INFP. @thephaxsi I only know a couple of her songs which I found out were co-written; to what extent does that allow me to get an insight about her. And I think at first he was like, 'What the fuck. @Fishsticks: Authenticity isn't inherently an Fi trait, there can be fake FPs. @idlebody The reason you mistyped her is because she's clearly a type 4 Fe user. And you compare her to Rihanna who has a total different roots and nationality. @bobnickmad in complete agreement with what you have said. You tell me, "life isn't that hard" No one's gonna take my soul away I'm living like Jim Morrison Headed towards a fucked up holiday Motel sprees sprees and I'm singing 'Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly Want' It's innocence lost Innocence lost"Lana Del Rey is famous because she made people believe in the power of true love, because she made people believe in the ability to resurrect the past, because she made people believe that their own fairytales could work out, because she told them how America used to be and how it could be. My current guess is that Del Rey developed her functions in this order:. All the acting wild and free and enjoying the moment in videos like Ride. " Personally I find these to be noting alike considering they have quite different ego functions. Actually their quotes do a pretty great job of showing Fi dominance for her. But to go on to other interviews how about the recent billboard one where she states that she feels the need to complete things first and then go to the beach as a reward. She's clearly focused on sense experience in her lyrics and aesthetics, it's just that her aesthetic ideal is influenced by old school Hollywood, thus she has a nostalgic vibe. And lastly, I know that Fi-Se can be very kind but honestly I just see so much Fe in her general reactions too and absolutely zero Se: https://www. I have yet to see her in interviews but if I had to base it on her "Lana" personna, ISFP would be the first thing that comes to mind. No presence of shame. She seems to talk in Ni too, which is possible because INFPs can access to Ni as it's their 6th function and is also one of the strongest functions they have. If you're going to argue for Fi over Fe then maybe I would say ISTJ. While they aren't the number one thing an Ni dominant would write about, they are told from the auxiliary Fe story telling perspective and not cry my guts out Fi dominant perspective. except to be true to yourself and see where it leads you. And she had a serious alcohol addiction when very young (Se-aux). Many of her videos she has designed herself, and she is the sole architect of her visions for her records which has led her to butting heads with producers in a few instances (Dan Auerbach). Not saying Reznor couldn't be S, but the point is: where is the intuition. htmlMy favorite song of hers is the one where she talks about Daddy. "In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel Living in the garden of evil Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed Shining like a fiery beacon You got that medicine I need Fame, Liquor, Love give it to me slowly Put your hands on my waist, do it softly Me and God, we don't get along so now I sing No one's gonna take my soul away I'm living like Jim Morrison Headed towards a fucked up holiday Motel sprees sprees and I'm singing 'Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly Want' It's innocence lost Innocence lost In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel Looking to get fucked hard Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer Life imitates art You got that medicine I need Dope, shoot it up, straight to the heart please I don't really wanna know what's good for me God's dead, I said 'baby that's alright with me' No one's gonna take my soul away I'm living like Jim Morrison Headed towards a fucked up holiday Motel sprees sprees and I'm singing 'Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly Want' It's innocence lost Innocence lost When you talk it's like a movie and you're making me Crazy - Cause life imitates art If I get a little prettier can I be your baby. com/lyrics/lanadelrey/nexttome. She majored in philosophy. Also it's notable the life path she took to get where she is. And I told him I wanted everything to sound like it was in the key of blue. @thephaxsi She's there, somehow you are missing it. I [am] one of those. com/music/2014/jun/12/lana-del-rey-ultraviolence-albumAnother thing that points me towards Si dom is her general awkwardness. My favorite song of hers is West Coast. If Lana Del Rey were an Fi dom wouldn't her lyrics be less vague most likely. But her music sounds Fi to my ears :( ,than again, that's too subjective of a criteria. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Lana Del Rey likely is!. " Perfect example of Ni right there. @Joy I don't know what you're smoking but Lizzy certainly writes all of her lyrics and almost all the vocal melodies as well. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. She longed to be in a "group of people who made art. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Lana Del Rey MBTI type.. No fixed personality. Instead I think what is easiest to establish is that she is an IXFJ first. ) When she imagined creating ultraviolence she said: "I would explain things to him in terms of colors and touchstone words," she says. I thought she might be an ISFP who took old Hollywood America as her aesthetic ideal, thus the ISFJ-ness, and she could be like an enneagram 2 ISFP. In fact I see thematic unity in the works that she creates (Ni. "GQ Magazine: "[She has] a dreamy apartness. v=cu7dApJNQ9U ''I feel like honestly, since I was really young, I walked my own path, even in terms of of my taste, even sonically and visually. When I was younger, I hated the focus, and it made me feel strange. She also has a habit of dumping ex-boyfriends like they were used tissue which is a very 2w3 thing. That is extremely J of her. Has she been removed. She beyond clearly moves to an Si rhythm in her dance. Take these lyrics for example: http://www. Dreamy paradise world blah blah blah there's nothing Se about Lizzy Grant. Only because she's suicidal they think she's INFP. I get ISFP vibes from her as well. @ Scotty, what exactly do you mean by "On the cusp of ISFP and ISFJ. She actually makes good use of her Se to blend in and go with the flow, which might be the inauthenticity you're thinking of. Notice how Del Rey says things like "my mother told me I had a chameleon soul. Bobnickmad and I came to a general agreement about this sort of pull away from the auxiliary to its opposite orientation in types whose ego functions and said directions are quite strong (or in this case as you put it "heavy introverted nature. Way too much Ni for typical ISFPs and also way too compromised introverted feeling. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Lana Del Rey Myers-Briggs and personality type!. com/enneagram-personality-theory-forum/362138-lana-del-rey-not-4-a. She also seems to have inferior Te in the way she directs almost all her elements in music and presentation, but also took some poor judgements over it. ) Ride video: nostalgic images of people living together in harmony riding off into the sunset. So I'm shifting my vote from ISFJ to INFP. " While originally I though Lana was an ISFJ funneling Fi through Fe, I now recognize Fi to be her ego function and I think she's very much stuck in this id block Si that she uses Se to funnel out. Del Rey has said she chose to study the subject because it "bridged the gap between God and science. Anyway I see what you mean, she does have a lot of creative help, though what I was trying to show was that she has a lot of power to her in terms of her creative vision that other ISFPs, say Britney for example, don't have. yesterday was not the best of days and I failed to realize what I was doing. I haven't had the final conclusion for her type yet, but what I'm sure of is her Si way of "flashes of imagery". ISFP: Fi-Se-(Si). I argued much earlier here that I believed her to be Si dom. I can't imagine an ISFJ writing an album like ultra violence which is so focused on creating this maudlin longing and very consistent dream world where the loss of her men and with them, her sense of self is highlighted. With Del Rey it's more the lyrics are wanting to do something in the present. I really can't see his music being anything but Fi-dom, and he's clear S in his lyrics, yet there's this strong nostalgic, melancholic vibe to his music. True ISFPs are more likely to make something raunchy, eye catching, explosive, and authentic in a way Del Rey just seems to entirely lack. It's also nice to hear she's adamant about having input in her work. "The Telegraph: "[She has] a quality that is hard to pin down. I think she's an INFP who's in touch with her ID (Ni) and that's why she sounds very pessimistic and always seems to anticipate for her "death". I [am] discerning. Another example of such a case of ISFP +(Si) is Mark Kozelek. , but in order to determine what her type is we have to look past her image and at her. She was not chasing some sort of high like an Se user might she was trying to fit in in that moment in time. @thephaxsi Don't worry about your tone, I didn't read through a negative lense. '';''I had a vision of making my life a work of art. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Her public persona seems to be a character tha she created (the drunk whore). There is simply no way she is an ISFP. To me this is what Lana Del Rey has done. Her entire image seems based upon enjoying the moment, living on the edge etc. Don't know if one should base her typing on that though, she doesn't exclusively write her stuff. She looks awkward in her own body. Always endearing, appearing like America's sweetheart. @Scotty I don't see her listed under INFP on CT. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Because she has such a well developed id Si, likely her dabbling in Se led to her to overuse that function and not take a while to find a happy medium with it (alcoholic years, entire BTD album), but slowly she's balancing it with her already strong Ni to craft a style that is uniquely hers, or something we saw on Honeymoon. " (Ne and Si) "I'm not a natural performer or exhibitionist. To me Michael Jackson is a much more stereotypical ISFP@Hisoka IDK about that. ISFP tend to be autentic with who they are. And she accomplished this through Fe. Everything about Lizzy screams Si. Criticize the American Values of safety and security not only in home but in personality as well, then maybe I would flip my vote to INFJ. She looks confused as to how to stand and not at all present. Her being ISFP is so clear to me. by the desire not to end up in an office, doing something I [don't] believe in. Born To Die video: images of an American flag draped behind her. Because of her long range planning, her undergraduate study of Philosophy, and her somewhat more complex lyrics as May Jailer I am going to type her as INFJ. Lizzy Grant is not an ISFP, she's only made to look as one. I say INFJ and also think she's an EII so that checks out nicely. I see why people say ISFP, but that to me is just what you see from the surface. *sexual instinct ISFJ seems interestinghttps://www. That again is indicative of Fe and is what the song "This is What Makes Us Girls" is about. Lana's movements usually start out restrained, but as an interview/show goes on, she slowly begins to open up and becomes increasingly expressive (sometimes even in impulsive bursts), which in her case is a combination of Fi/Se. She def has Si over Se, and she is NOT Fe even with those quotes. " which is the mantra for any 4, myself included. That goes right along with Lana having a plan to embody a specific person in order to gain her fame, or once again an indication of Xi-Fe-Ti-Xe. So she's a combination of type and enneagram that's not very common, like ISFP 2 or ISFJ 4. And I think at the end of the day this sense of self is something Del Rey puts the most value on which makes her a four. As a person she seems almost J-ish. Or rather, Ne parodying Se+Ni combination. I take these earlier works to be a more true reflection of who Lizzy Grant is. She's done enough work on her own videos to get credits on some of them. As for Rihanna I could come up with a list of a million different ISFPs who have better control over their body than Del Rey does. "Del Rey: "Being human is difficult. Many ISFPs don't seem to have their heads screwed on as well in that respect as she does. '"" To me this sounds like abstract inner perception (Ni and not Si) translating to Se. Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean. High Se users tend to be able to dance and move well. If you just visually compare her to INFJs you will realize there is a striking difference. She is showing on ESTJ page on my end. Don't doubt that she's N underneath it all. She's most likely Fi-dom and pretty clearly S, so ISFP. If she's ISFP she's a really strange one. She has a very strong tertiary Ni she uses, making her a very creative ISFP. Even though I find lots of her music uninspiring and focused on things which don't terribly interest me, I respect her for that.

. Democrats, Republications, I have a lot of conflicting feelings about all of them, to be politically correct. She is a person into whom you can read a lot. " Now, I'm hesitant to say that an ISFJ could pull off what she has, though on first look her lyrics look very much like those of a sensor. Any type can have substance abuse issues for a plethora of different reasons. Also her Ni is unhealthy and affects her too much to be aux, she only uses it to predict how deeply an experience will impact herself in the far off future, which is Fi/Ni. My intent wasn't to discredit her as a creative person, I do enjoy some of her stuff. Don't know if one should base her typing on that though, she doesn't exclusively write her stuff. Not just with Trump but with Democratic potential candidates. But still both are ISFP to me. People don't give enough credit to the many ways this type can look and be. Wouldn't she be writing them to comment on her own experience and not conjure up some dream world as she's doing. I don't think Lorde is at all an SP. But in order to get this sense of self she had to rely on others which speaks strongly to her three wing. Sounds very non authenticShe's so stereotypically ISFP in every way it hurts. That's an Se thing she's clearly missing. Right at the bottom of the page. And that's where the 4w3 wing comes in. Pick your role models wisely. The motivation is to have this stable sense of self and have this stable loving group of people around her where everything is fairytale like. Find out what they did and do it. There's like two side of her: one is the ISFP uncompromising artist, the other the awkward on stage and loving ISFJ. I think that Del Rey's trusting of her Ni and high reliance on it actually speaks to her 4 traits, her decisions to "never trust anyone (but herself)" speaks more to how her creative vision is at the helm of everything she does as opposed to a 2w3 who would be more focused on Se in the construction of the album and on what the shock value and way the emotions would impact other people would be. Look up Joanna Newsom, Lykke Li etc. The person in this video does: https://www. This would explain why her Se seems more awkward and less flashy than other ISFPs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, etc. She's probably on the cusp of ISFP and ISFJ, and her heavy introverted nature makes the dominant functions of both those types stick out. So sometimes I don't really know why but I have a small concept that I work within and more steps along the way reveal themselves. That said I see your points and they make sense on the whole. in terms of my own aesthetic and what I like. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. This feels like "I'm fucking with you" playful Ne to me. ) She's an interesting woman, no doubt. High By the Beach: what must be done to those who threaten security and privacy (Si values. Del Rey has gone to large lengths to find the image she can sell, not only to her fans, but to herself and that has been the image of a ride or die girl. She remind me of Emma Bovary (the character), she's considered INFP because she's into living an fantasy life, but her fantasy life is purely related to sense experience, so she's most likely ISFP. Her music and lyrics are very S+Fi. She would not have to reinvent herself thousands of times she could go out there and say: these are my opinions, this is what I believe in, this is Lizzy and she is beautiful. " This speaks to the overall intense construction that came into LDR taking on these personas and getting the life she wanted. Yes she can be quoted as saying there is a high "fantasy" element in her music, but when you look at what the fantasy actually is, what is it. But if you look back to her older stuff as May Jailer, you will notice some more abstract themes and concepts. I was interested in God and how technology could bring us closer to finding out where we came from and why. q=lana+del+rey&biw=1024&bih=635&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjooOLS-qrPAhXoBcAKHXEHCP0Q_AUIBigB#imgrc=MGyx-cLqnoLc_M%3A It's pretty effective to me. No moral compass pointing due north. On the surface Lana Del Rey appears extremely XSFP I would agree. Her Se comes up quite a bit in her lyrics but in her movement/body language seems forced/strained. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Lana Del Rey? What about enneagram and other personality types?. For sure it points to a J tendency. Likely, when asked questions about politics she would give strong answers about her beliefs instead of seeming like she has no beliefs and keeping the answer Fe heavy as you would assume an IXFJ might with a response like: “From all of them. She pursued her career very vigorously with different plotted personas to create an idenity she felt comfortable in and able to sell simultaneously. v=p8Gl1Sm5M04. The "do it" part of her quote definitely sounds very Te. An ISFP would not be the type to go around changing their name from May Jailer to Lizzie Grant to Sparkle Jumprope Queen to Lana Del Rey just to find the image that was most sellable to fans. In one of her interviews she says that what she would tell people is: "Find someone who has the life that you want and figure how they got it. Thus, I think I have to look into her more before voting. Extraverted feeling in the auxiliary, of all its incarnations is most easily able to project some sort of image, make it felt by others, and through that make it real. ISFP 4w3 9w1 6w7 so/sxIDR labs has her typed as INFP. And not all SPs are good dancers, take Lorde for instance who is very awkward in her movements. " But then from there you know, INFJs usually stand for something and I don't see Del Rey standing for anything but the glamorized past and her own fairytale world, so that seems even more ISFJ to me. I went back and really listened to the Born to Die album, and it wasn't until she said "We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art. I also think your comment about "doing the math" on wanting to die already is a bit rude and assuming. But honestly she seems to be one of those who just pretends to be an ISFP for the fame. Finding herself in other is as Fe-aux as you can get. Right next to another obvious INFP, Marlon Brando@Scotty I see it now. If not then a very odd INFP indeed. There's no Ne for her to be INFP. It's obvious in her first homemade mv - Video Games, which is the combination of Ne and Si (random flashes of imagery, taken from her memories and sensation derived from memories). Alot of INFP do that. I have yet to see her in interviews but if I had to base it on her "Lana" personna, ISFP would be the first thing that comes to mind. I had this idea for a song called "Cruel World" even though those words aren't mentioned in that song. Her lyrics are almost always flashes of sensory data/experiences and how she feels about it. com/172156685Also, I don't see how her sexiness is ''obscure''. So it's kind of step by step. I have yet to see her in interviews but if I had to base it on her "Lana" personna, ISFP would be the first thing that comes to mind. " sounds more ISFP than ISFJ. @ephemeris I see where you get this from but what do you propose. Compare her to Prince (ISFP 4w3). In the 4 function axis she has to be Fi-Si INFP but outside of it, Fi-Se-Si fits very well. I don't think her public persona was totally made up. She had to create an image of what she was, of what she wanted others to make her feel, and needed others to make that real by responding to it in order to find that sense of self that she sought. Someone is now spamming INFP simply so that it may be above INFJ. @Joy Sorry for the aggravated response. I don't have any difficulty with the 4w3 enneagram, as I think this is completely correct, but I think her entire plan was to project this persona that would make her famous. Because celebrity types only bases off interviews and not lyrics, it makes sense to them her Si would come through and the only logical typing would be INFP. The starting chords are sometimes given to her, however. " Del Rey would have not had so much trouble being herself if she were a true Fi dom. Just my opinion tho. Del Rey: "I'm discerning, but not in terms of what other people. If she were a very sneaky ISFJ maybe she would be able to pull this off. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. All types, especially introverts, live fantasies in their heads. I need more time to figure out what they’re saying can pass through and is actually feasible. She also has this obscure image/sexiness which is not something sensors would want to present themselves. Actually to me what Lana seems to be is an ISFP who has a quite strong pull towards her id block Si. Her lyrics certainly don't seem tinged with feeling primarily, but more withdrawn analyses that relate to her feelings. "No moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality. I don't personnally relate nor am I inspired by her work but I appreciate the consistency and commitment she showcases to her artistic concept. '' I still could see her ISFP, but the idea she might be a sexual instinct ISFJ seems fitting. @thephaxsi Probably INFP I think. Very sexual, very body heavy, lyrics that do not seem reflective at all, but are simply about doing something in the present. I was actually doubting in my lack of knowledge of her actual personnality outside of her songs. Her entire attitude on love seems Fe based as well: "When your happiness is someone else's happiness, that's called love. Lana on the other hand plays to the people, to the cameras. I mean, who knows maybe people who are INFP are sensing in their art, and people are ISFP can be intuitive, but if so, the nominations become meaningless. She's so fake and based purely on a vision it's incredible. On making Ultraviolence Del Rey said: "I usually have an intuitive feeling of the record's structure. The only things that seem to me to be showing actual opinion of Del Rey are traceable to tertiary Ti as she talks about how interested she is in the future world of SpaceX and Tesla. I admit my fault in mistyping Lana. " These summaries seem to be indicative of the Fe auxiliary quality of shapeshifting and masking to appear a certain way. https://vimeo. Her entire desires in life as well as her being inept at moving on stage tell me she is Si over Se. Her undergraduate study of metaphysics seems very INFx but could be also linked to tertiary Ti. You may be able to blame CelebrityTypes for the INFP votesShe's kinda like a perfect embodiment of Se-Ni in the auxiliary-tertiary positions. She detailed this persona out for years and went through multiple other personas until she got the formula just right. Lana Del Rey the performer = ISFP. Her quotes make a stronger case for ISFP, like I can't seen an ISFJ saying they knew the album has to have 11 songs and stuff like that, it's an artistic intuition that fits an ISFP more. Once again, this also shows the limitations of the four letter system. clear as fuck Fi in eveerything she does. So Fi+Si ISFP is possible. But with INFP I see no Ne. So I think INFP more likely. I find them more natural and enjoyable than her released songs, but like many INFPs--she has this image of herself to be depressive, deep and sad so all her released songs sound depressing af. ISFP 2w3 I think, although she has a 4 in her tri-type, it's probably secondary.

Lana Del Rey

MBTI enneagram type of Lana Del Rey Realm:

Category: Music and Music Industry


ISFP - 44 vote(s)
INFP - 14 vote(s)
INFJ - 4 vote(s)
ESFP - 3 vote(s)
ISTP - 1 vote(s)
ISFJ - 1 vote(s)

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4W3 - 24 vote(s)
2W3 - 7 vote(s)
9W1 - 5 vote(s)
6W7 - 3 vote(s)
9W8 - 1 vote(s)

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