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Light Yagami Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Light Yagami MBTI personality type cover chart

That's why ESTPs are the archetype of the salesman, they're funny and they sell you everything, they don't give a shit. I don't have any strong arguments against it. I also think an INTJ would have a much more complex view on the matter. Light Yagami is a reserved and private person, expressing his true thoughts only when alone. Goals are only an end for most INTJs, whereas ENTJs depend more on achievement, succession, and sometimes power on its very own. He plans 10 steps ahead of everyone. Pour résumer, le vrai Light c'est Kira contrairement à celui que son entourage pense connaître. Light uses data for the sake of acting upon it and bringing order in his environment. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. The show got on my nerves I don't even remember why, but Light's personality maybe, or something else, idk, I only watched like 3 episodes and then stopped. Could be ENTJ, ESTJ, ISTJ. Sorry for replying late.

. ENTJ tritype 358. He spends a lot of time alone and is extremely private. :) @strangeweather Yeah, it's defintiely a possibility. His methods are highly inefficients. He doens't seem to hold strong values or whatever. His best fit Socionics type is LSI. He also is attached to the idea of bringing upon justice to the rotten, which can be seen as a learned mission from his upbringing. Ok, I see your point now. His drive to use the Death Note are the constant news about crimes, which are unforgivable for someone like Light who grew up with a policeman as a father, and for >doing the right thing< he thinks he'll be able to call himself a God. XSTPs are very efficient at getting immediate results, and a good example of another fictional INFJ strategist is Johan Liebert from Monster, who organizes a very successful money laundering business at the age of 15 (although I think that his enneagram type is different than Light’s and that he’s rather stuck in the Ni/Ti loop instead of any shadow function). I don't have any more time to waste with your pitiful tactics. In fact, he’s like the best version of an unhealthy collectivist you could find in Anime. Light is an INFJ. Yes, I Agree with the ENTJ typing somewhat but I really don't see any strong evidence that he is extroverted. Kira IS Light, Kira has the same core of Light, which is: fixing the world. One great example of that is Shanks in one piece. How can we surely distinguish NI and Si apart. He thrives more on crushing his opponents mercilessly than on realizing his so-called ideals. Now I'm just waiting for your repeated tactics of making fun of the Fi shadow and the Socionics argument without saying why they're wrong in order to avoid talking about the stuff you can't refute: The Fe and Ti arguments. He is a detailed planner, preferring not to take any unnecessary risks. Light is absolutely not an ISTJ. MBTI's INFJ is Socionics' INFp because the cognitive functions are the exact same for both. Introverted thinking types might as well all agree that finding truth isn't possible, so even if they interpreted information through their own lenses, that isn't to deny that some foundation of their ideas isn't based off some degree of reproduced, reliable consensuses (aka what Te users trust). Light Yagami is xNTJ, most likely INTJ. You seem focused and logical while you're actually very Fi driven. Light would have ways to do that but he never really showed interest in anything but efficiently getting the job done. ENTJ because Light represses Fi not Se. Big Five/OCEAN), you can still see some sort of positive correlation with results across various personality type tools. The way he manipulated her, and made fun of her and on top of that, send her to commit suicide is just pure evil I can't imagine in any sane mind. They may, for example, question if authority is even necessary or if rules that people so often abide by actually make sense. When L first introduce face to face Light, pretends to be calm. So many INFJ and ENTJ votes. )INTJs are actually probably less comfortable pm average taking risks than ISTJs due to less introspective neuroticism, and the godly power plus Light's sense of justice spawned godly ambitions. His suit is also a strong indicator of dominant Te. I personally think that viewing Light Yagami in that light means that you understand almost nothing about him or his character. you're totally going to forget that he was essentially cursed as Kira. doing the same things as Light does but with the personality of like. Wake-up people. That's why xNTJs are said to be blunt, they don't like sugarcoating things and they talk rationnaly. But all this is a weak argument. He doesn't care about people as individuals, which is why he appears more reserved, but he's way too charismatic to be an IxTJ. All I said was that he was idealist and an introvert (because he grips in Se). He’s the most attention-seeking person in existence. But I feel like if you vote Light as INFJ you aren't changing your mind so it's not even worth arguing. The rest is either derived from that, or over-analyzing. Let me clearly state them for you, because you seem to be oblivious to them, or maybe you're doing it on purpose, here you go:. I think he has some similarities with the INFJ, but I don't think that he is that personality. Socionics only goes deeper in telling you how you use all of the 8 functions instead of just focusing on your first 4 as MBTI does. I should watch the series again but I don't have enough time :/. Just because he had rather utilitarianism beliefs that focused directly on improving the world as a whojle (rather than a more personalized approach where he specializes in a few causes) doesn't mean that he's a fe user. Look at Dexter. If someone has something to oppose to what I said, go for it. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Light Yagami Myers-Briggs and personality type!. A thinker like Ryuk doesn't get a single shit of how Light's mind works. The Fe garbage just doesn't cut it though. The more I see this page explode the more I think about him and also that ISTJ 1w9 is the best way to type him. Are you kidding me people. That's what he does throughout the entire story, he tries to eliminate what is evil in HIS eyes and leave only what is "holy", he points a finger at everyone else's mistakes and wrongdoings but never at himself, because he's above judgment, which is very characteristic of unhealthy Ones. Black and White isn't Fi at all, you cannot be farther from the truth. How does this sound ENTJ over INTJ. Like for example, an NT in an action oriented anime/film will be somewhat different from an NT in an anime like Death Note. Si il parait comme étant un 1w2 c'est justement parce qu’il veut qu'on le voit ainsi et c'est le genre de choses que font les "3" généralement. Fi is like the fuel of Te. Even in the first episodes, L described him as having immature moral standards - which, of course, can be a sign of Tert Fi; but seeing that he acts very quickly without reflecting everything back to his intentions and that he doesn't seem to think too much about his concrete vision (he rather concentrates on the way than on the goal), especially compared to how careful and responsible he treats some other things, I think his 'inner world' is underdeveloped/ -valued. when he's not under the influence of the book, at the very beginning and in the Yotsuba arc, he acts like a typical honest, practical 1. Didn't ENTJ lead for a bit before the INFJ spam/INTJ counter-spam. Yeah, I do think at one point ENTJ was in the lead. But I will say that Fe does NOT have to empathize with every little person or even care for their own family. If it was irrelevant, why would there be a stack of 4 functions instead of 2. This does not mean he uses Fe instead of Te. You must examine how ENTJ and INTJ compare to determine which fits Light best. (Also, I really don't see much Inf Se, except maybe in his megalomania and seperation of reality; but then again, this seperation is rather a seperation/ inability to empathize with individuals and to have more nuanced moral standards; choosing objective, clear and simple rules to make conclusions about more complex human behavior. Couple that with Ti and you have a individual that is a good manipulator and can get everybody on their side to make the most horrible things possible (Hitler for example). Light is anything but a Thinker, the guy is a pure Feeler. Death note is INFP/INTJ/INTP manga, the three most popular mbti types on this website. What’s “moronic” for me is the Te arguments that are repeating themselves non-stop, and which rely on nothing more than stereotypes. About the INFJ votes, I decided to explain just to rule out that possibility. I think he's an INTJ and 3w4, he seems like to type 1 because he's very idealistic, but i think is because 4wing. It's extremely naive in my opinion, and lacks un-convoluted arguments to support it, but I can't deny it's a possible interpretation, mainly because of the Yostuba Arc. I've long thot he was an ENTJ, but after reading the comments, INTJ actually makes a lot of sense. Changed my vote to ENTJ 1w2 (and not 1w9, he's too social and subjective to be w9) sp/so (though he could be so/sp). Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Mello = INFP@Manecleis, even if you think that the shadow function argument is irrelevant, it’s not the only argument for him being an INFJ. I see someone who makes easily verifiable observations like that many people in the world do bad things, and only sees trusted methods (either becoming a cop or their elimination) as suitable of dealing with them. The fact that he spends the entire show running from the police does NOT mean self-preservation subtype, either. It seems that it's you who haven't carefully read the only credible arguments, which are the INFJ ones, or maybe you're just ignoring them like most people on this page because of your inability to refute them. Dexter is awkward while Light plays that social game very well. But I wouldn't see an ENTJ or INTJ insane that way. Being an extrovert regarding MBTI doesn't mean being social, having many friends, liking social interaction/ stimulation etc. As someone pointed out below, each quadra (in socionics) has different values, and Light is not in the gamma quadra. Light seems to be a very unhealthy INFJ who’s stuck in his Fi shadow function as I previously explained. His focus isn't making the world better for other people. It is pure fucking logic, that's Ti. An INFJ with such shortsightness. ENTJs can actually be quite impatient, as can ENFJs. Mind-blowing indeed. The way Light manages to extravert Feeling even in his unhealthy mind suggests F. Yeah for example (I'm watching some parts on youtube quickly at the moment I write this), the guy knows everything. Second, Light's sociopathy has nothing to do with the Enneagram. By the way, where did I say they aren't correlated. He uses external data to back up what he already "knows" is true (which is a common theme for Jung's Ti type). because sx instinct his also the more passionate on conflictal than other subtypeWhat the hell does seeing himself like a punisher have to do with sx instinct (which I thought was defined by intimate, personal, 1-on-1 connections). He does not want to maintain or fix something, he wants to totally change the environment for what he considers to be best for him and '' others ''. I think this is dominant Ni, he was too caught up in his head to even realize that he could have convinced him to come on his side. This is what Light is. And you people act like it's all his innate personality that gives him this "complex", when it's almost completely environmental. Auxiliary Te like from INTJ may not care so much about their image compare to ISTJ, but that is more because of dominant Si. Here's how an ENTJ would have approached that conversation : he would have asked her if she could join his team and state her all the possible things she would earn by joining his side, she would have eventually said no and he would be pissed of and he would threaten her of death by saying he is Kira and so on. Like the Fi in INFJ its the Ne in INFJ. Not gonna work, pal. It is quite bold and risks with their pragmatic visions of the future. Clearly if you think that is evidence against Si, you don't know Si doms at all. Sure he was nicer without it but his goals were still the same. Mainly because Te = ETJ, which includes T and J which are by far his strongest preferences. MBTI and Socionics are different theories/systems based on different hypotheses. He sees people with his own eyes make the world bad and he works from there. According to Jung's Psychological types, he'd probably still be an extroverted thinking type because his thinking is an impetus towards application. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Light Yagami? What about enneagram and other personality types?. He consistently planned and executed (dom Te) and only used Ni to give him directions, motivations, and occassionally, precautions. The death note was just the tool he used to reach that potential. Why would he go about killing petty criminals when he had something as powerful as the Death Note which could be used in much more efficient ways if his motivation was something else. becuz intj = mastermind also look at how hes not sincere hes feking E is I for truthnes Lol xNTP he is a perceiver who is smart but relied on the notebook because he is overanalyzing. He never was under death note control he was an arrogant megalomaniac teen since the start. I also don't agree that he is INFJ, but it's worth considering a counterargument for it anyways. Remember cognitive Functions are not skills. At some point he saved his sister from being killed by his brother. If you can’t find any Fe in Light, than you haven’t thoroughly watched the show and observed the way he interacts with other people, or you’re too blinded by the Te stereotypes to actually see anything else. Can someone explain to me why Light would be introverted. It’s simply because he is an INFJ. Usually, Ni dominants have grand visions as well, but making them a reality isn't their priority as much as it is optimizing a plan to reach their goal. He is basically like scar except less reflective. The ethical system he wants to enforce on humanity clearly favors an impersonal definition of virtues which he decides are to be followed. So he takes the Death Note is not simply writing the name and analyzing several good tactics to use, it is with the mind in the future in an idealized world and dominated by it. His noble end justified his ugly means in his opinion, and the power of the Death Note further blinded him and led him down an abyss which he couldn’t leave because he had already fallen too deep into it. I refrain from saying that the introverted thinking type searches for "accuracy", "truth", or "soundness" because that would just beg the question (of truth being possible in the first place). hey, we haven't typed the Death Note yet. @mbtifan123 Light uses starts from his subjective logic about the way the world is, and then works outward. All this that you describe can be explained by the "observant" nature of sensers. No he's not an extrovert. no, Matsuda, dude-" Fuck you, bitch Wow it's amazing how I say he's a Jung Ti or LSI and people take that to mean ISTP. Of who is really worth of proclaiming justice and of course being L successor. Even Ryuk at the middle of the scene was like "how the fuck did he do that. If anything, he used Se tert more than he used Ni sometimes, especially when he became corrupted by the Death Note. Besides, I dislike a lot about Death Note for sort of INxx reasons while I like it mainly for more like ISTP reasons, so generalities don't mean that much. But the potential for evil was always there. The way he planned out his life so far in advance seems pretty Ni as well. As for Ti, I think that the best argument for it was already given by @superpws, who explained how Light skeptically studied the death note (Ti) before applying it to the real world to test the results (Se), and finally understanding how it works through trial and error, and how that’s the opposite of the Te approach. Animeonly plebs begone, I am discussing the manga character. The guy is ENTJ. Wowwwwwwwwww, I should give you guys a cookie for going in circles and I can kind of see why you type light yagami a certain. As for the Yostuba Arc, you’ll also realize that its only logical explanation or clarification is that Light was his healthy and true INFJ self during it, while he’s extremely unhealthy during most of the series, and that’s precisely why people mistype him as an XNTJ, because isn’t XNTJ the ultimate villain archetype after all. And he really doesn't give a shit about his criterias; as soon as someone opposes him, he kills them - RIP Lind L Taylor. And just because the premise appeals to INxx types doesn't mean that the characters themselves is INxx. Always subtle, always. I hope this makes sense though. Anyways, how do dictatorships usually come about. e2 might be a possibility but 1w2 is fine definitely more 1w2 than 3w4 ENTJ 1w2 3w4 7w6. ENTJ function and letters in my mind. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Death Note characters list.. The origin of his morals, thus, does not derive from the needs and values of others but rather from himself. Jung's functions are incompatible with MBTI which is why MBTI literature describes its own MBTI/Myersian functions differently. However, he very much keeps to himself and is not focused on anything except his own selfish things. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. After Near and Mello. I've had that thought watching anime too, that some consideration of cognitive functions are sometimes made when the authors write the characters. It just goes to show how people depend on stereotypes of the functions rather than really understanding how each one of them manifests itself relative to its position in the functional stack. Some characters mention that Death Note is a curse. So in a way, yes, it did corrupt him, and had he not ever found it, he likely wouldn't have become such a megalomaniac. I think when it comes to differentiating INTJs and ENTJs, I get pretty confused as well. Remember that Ni is capable of rationalizing pretty much everything. 1-You provide and have no arguments of your own for XNTJ. I humbly suggest that you check them out. Surely there's a difference there, but that's how I see that the DN "cursed" him, by triggering something that was already there, not by turning him into someone else. If he was infj with strong ti, he would just have try to make his killings look more realistic or subtle so people will not noticed it and he does not seem to understand people. any people who use the death note is destroyed psychologically but no one who used it before light kill so many people (ryuk said that) and he is the only who got a god complex after use it. So that leads me to 8w7 to me. There's not only that. ISTP Light would probably be way more entertaining imo. So basically zero 2 and a little 9. He's also a Te user because his goal is motivated by collectivity--a sense of order that brings all people together regardless of whether one person, a few, or even many oppose it. Then give a maniac laugh and stated all he have to do was earned L trusted then kill him there. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Light Yagami MBTI type.. That's the "silent" Fi harmony, it's like you're communicating without talking. Why do you think that many of history’s villains were INFJs. I think someone said ISTJ. They just love him because the story says so, and then he uses them to further his agenda. You know, he thinks and acts totally different without Shinigami Power. What makes me cry is the recent Florida School Shooting Victims. Introverted thinking concerns itself far less with the need to maintain external consistency through objective laws or facts and instead searches for validity. Socionics is not MBTI but some people like to pretend it is, in ways that would translate it to ISTx. Tons more so than sx. Defnitely a good question though. This, as someone pointed it : https://www. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. @scotty : I said he looks like he likes people, but not really. I think 6's also have the capability of getting obsessed with cleaning the world of dangerous elements. Even Near said that he did a good job. So, as you see him as an introvert who is wandering in their dreams and ideal world of planning and is a long time in the inner world creating thousandINTJ because he is more future-oriented than order/organization whatever. But I see him as someone too calm and discrete to be an extrovert. Being in the spotlight is not something Light particularly desires. So yeah, the wrong thing here to fix is INFJ spamming. Popular and charismatic = E, not I, so ENTJ>INTJAny type can be shitty to their family. He is eventually chosen by his peers (task force) to lead for his talents or because no one else can. That is, unless you accept that personality is dynamic and people change their type all the time. Neither are INFJ lol. She was honest and kind. Success = less criminals, less crime which was verifiable. INTJs could be similar in this point too, but Light takes little time speculating and is not very hesitant to act upon his ideas, so maybe ENTJ fits better. He also handpicked Mikami (considered by most to be ISTJ) for sharing the same attitude as himself. Because people are stupid and type people as 8 due to their power rather than their actual motivation (which is what enneagram is supposed to be about). He's an egomaniac who uses the death note because he's addicted to the sense of power it gives him. My vote for INTJ is certain. Great use of auxiliary Ni. Light is pure logic on the inside, he doens't have that. In the beginning, it seemed very moralistic as a type 1, but with time it proved very competitive against L, seemed more an attitude of a type 3 more than one type 1. That's a dumb and weak reasoning, if you can even call that reasoning. I relate to him to some extent, but not entirely, idk. He lets the facts speak for themselves which is a much more Si approach. Someone give me an example where it is clear that Light is a Ti user. His bullying is clear Ti coldness. Sometimes characters go out of their way to say something about themselves related to pursuing ideals or whatever that really remind me of the type of language used in typology communities. It's also helpful to note that Te works in accordance with tertiary or inferior Fi. Usually they are systematic, traditional and more tactical than strategic that; They do not see and do not create big ideas and plans for the future, just use experiences for now and do what must be done. The eschewing of his personal relationships (family, Misa, Takada, etc) for the sake of pursuing an ideal of righteousness and law that only aligned with his own perception of morality (Fi) is an example. Manecleis, the only one who's using pitiful tactics is you. His first instintinct is not collecting more information or carefully dealing with the net of information he already has (Ni/Si) but fastly evaluating situations on the matter of facts (when he finds the notebook, his first reaction is 'what a bullshit' because his Te tells him that this doesn't fit with the objective standards he knew; therefore, he decided to ignore it. If people want to vote ENTJ, they should do it. My sister told me to watch it because she said I resemble Light a lot, but after watching a few episodes that guy got on my nerves. A point with typing characters is to try to understand how the author intends to write them in contrast or comparison to the other characters--I think that always helps me distinguish some type confusions. Also, you cannot argue for healthy XNTJ, because, first of all, we’re dealing with a very unhealthy character, and secondly, Inferior or Tertiary Fi manifest themselves in XNTJs as individualism and personal moral codes that are independent from common external values (I already gave examples of Ayn Rand and Aristotle in my previous posts), not as possible ease with killing your parent and feeling no guilt over it as some people previously implied as an example of inferior Fi. People may argue that Light is motivated by a sense of wanting to control his external environment, or of wanting to dominate the world since he sees people as inferior and himself as superior. Sorry for veering off topic--. The reason he thinks so much is because of his F preference wanting to stay true to his own ideals so much and thus relying on the shadow aspects of his personality. The energyand intentions of his values, however, was directed outwardly. Maybe to them, school grading systems are too flawed because it fails to realize the many facets of intelligence as well as who they personally believe is actually "knowledgeable". You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Light Yagami likely is!. strategy Kira is far from the world because he sees people as inferior beings and are not worthy of your attention, so that only L managed to arouse his interest. @scotty so you would agree with light being a 1. I really think that this is the only and most logically consistent explanation of the latter confusion. This remains true for matters of morality. Just as Fi users are more authentic because their emotions are not driven by Ti logic of social harmony (vs shallow Fe). He's most possibly an xNTJ. ) but he started out of a sense of fixing what is wrong with the world sine criminals who polluted society disgusted him in his own words. None of that wandering in their dreams/heads in the clouds deal. The N is pretty clear too, because only an intuitive genius who got a hold of a weapon that can kill any person in the world would go for small-time criminals instead of corrupt politicians, businessmen, etc. web counterFirst, there's no double personality in this show. If he were INFJ he would be much more reluctant about sentencing and would seek to understand criminals. For example, Near uses Ni as a dominant function, so he's predominantly focused on perceiving and solving the puzzle rather than executing his plan (which he did during the last two episodes). As szero and myself have pointed out, he doesn't look at the "big picture" of society at all and instead focuses on killing common criminals one-by-one. So maybe it would be best to look to the results of obvious environmental stuff as indicators of what defines his personality. ISTJ's can have moments like that when they are in trouble with their lower function, however, it should be guided by Him, that is not the case it because I do not see him wearing an exaggeration of view of past details to guide your way, he You throw in the unpredictable world and try to control situations of future events and deducing paths he must follow and be exploited by him. Your inability (unwillingness. Forget about everything I said about Fe vs Fi, the guy is probably some kind of INTJ (or ENTJ). So there you go. Finally, I don't need bringing ENTJ arguments to the table, it has already been done quite well and I'm no parrot. He is mainly just disgusted with the world as it is, and his ambitious nature makes him want to be the hero. What is his plan for the world (aside of course getting rid of "criminals" *sarcastic*). @scotty : yeah I saw you defended ISTJ very well, but compare to Dexter and you'll see that Light has more social confidence than him. For example Frank Underwood is very good a emotional manipulation and blackmail and the general consensus for him is ENTJ. I do not remember him seeking tactics and using past experiences to do things, does not even strategic and manual inspirations. light's father decide to not use the death note to kill Near a true type 1Light wasn't evil at first, but he always had the potential to be. As far as the ENTJ/INTJ arguments go, I feel (instinctively) that the author could've written him as an ENTJ. He relies primarily on his predictions and possibilties to slowly unravel the most optimal solution to the puzzle, often progressing slowly by accumulating facts and data along the way (aux Te). His morals are internally derived. It's not factual and concrete at all. 3-You only focus on talking about how wrong and "magical" the Fi shadow argument is. On the other hand, when EXTJs are in the grip of their inferior Fi function, they usually become ineffective, depressive and generally feel vulnerable and incompetent, since being in the grip of their inferior function means losing touch with their dominant role (Te). I really don’t know what to say. I typed him dominant Te merely because he demonstrates, very blatantly, the mechanism of inferior Fi working behind the scenes of dominant Te. Also because Near was pretty obvious of a INTJ, it only makes it harder to accept that the author could've written Light as an INTJ as well (hypothetically assuming they didn't use enneagram to draw distinctions). But I'm not 100% sure either, ENTJ's also act this way. that guy is so a little bitch@hairspray queen I did thought 1w9 but L stated something along that Kira is someone that is very childish and will not backed down so easily. Yeah, I agree. All he wanted was his ideal to come true and forgot about her as a human being and the fact that she was a good person. Also he isn't Fi inf, Se inf makes more sense. I don't understand INFJ votes at all, are they spams. He does have Fi and he is not a complete monster. I guess he would question himself more if he used them, which he never did. This guy basically uses Fe in most if not all of his interactions with others, just re-watch any episode and observe his behavior around people. Others are 3w4 and 5w6. What about Light’s morality. It rather means firstly having an outer objective focus instead of a focus on your own subjective, often rich, inner world. @ephemeris "His view on the world comes from Fi, as it's about black & white morality ". @TheMemphis, nor is spamming INTJ votes every time INFJ votes go up, lol. Especially in regards shadow functions for the types, how PoLR Te explains some of his behaviour and unhealthy types in general. An ISTJ 1w9 would also be more likely to develop a "God complex" than other enneatypes, giving off the superficial impression of Ni. Who says that Light is INFJ it probably is xNFJ's sociopaths who are identifying with the Light attitudes. the grasp is usually negative and harmful, you can see this with entj's using fe to divide and conquer people comparable to how light does this with his killings as kiradefinitely entj, his fe isn't point of least resistance it's devilish meaning it strikes him at the weirdest times and can have an uncanny grasp at the functionFor an INTJ example look at Near. Si can compare current situations with past experiences, but in a very matter-of-fact way, and I think we'll both agree that nothing could have prepared Light to the events of the manga/anime. Don't get me wrong, I understand that Fe users are good at emotional manipulation but so can many other types. the death note just permit him to show her true natureHe was corrupted for the power like everyone in that situation would be. Part of my analysis revolves around tackling each potential argument and narrowing them down to the best option. No doubt INTJ: 6w5 SP/SO. A, he doesn't spend a ton of time with his friends (despite canonically having a lot of friends) and is kind of misanthropic therefore must be an introvert. He's not using data for the sake of maintaining internal consistency or I should say personalized/subjective logic. He is popular. For the hundredth time, Fi shadow is only an attempt at explaining his unhealthiness. Light's plan is too cold-hearted and methodical to be an INFJ. Light's father once says "Kira is not evil, the power to kill is evil. Here's a link to the Quadras' descriptions if you haven't heard of them:. This is a Frank Underwood (ENTJ) and Doug Stamper (ISTJ) type of collaboration, in short. In fact, there's evidence that he was intentionally written as a fi user because he assumes that only his morals and judgements are absolute. INTJs are not impatient. Soon I continue to ENTJ. Light is Fe, end of the question. It's probably just a coincidence but it sure makes typing some characters a lot easier, ha. I think he's ISTJ 1w9. Well, they’re INTPs’ first 4 functions (Ti + Ne + Si + Fe), and I can’t see how any of them could possibly explain Light’s unhealthy behavior, and even if an argument was made for any of them, I don’t think that it will be as strong as the Fi critical parent one, because that’s the only function placement I could find which perfectly explained Light’s extreme views. I think it was Scotty who said that Light was an introvert who was magically granted many friends and popularity. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Light Yagami' belongs to!. Light's motivation was the same yes, but just because Kira and Light share the same body and same core motivation does not make them the same person. His extroverted view on the world is not logical but ethical "criminals are bad people". If someone can argue for him being INTJ with some solid evidence I will probably accept that as well. However, the Light that was shown when he lost his memory seemed rather INFJ, but the Light in Death Note is undoubtedly someone who wants to control the world, to judge the beings he sees as inferior and search logic challenges with all that interpretation of arrogance. I guess this is the main downside to extroverted judgment functions--its ideals' lack of consideration for individualistic perspectives, needs, feelings, and opinions as opposed to the consensus'. com/2015/04/08/mbti-light-is-an-entj/ Why are we even considering INFJ in the first place. Light Yagami is a huge collectivist. I agree that there are much S more intelligent than N, but it is not ISTJ. His black and white morality comes from having Fi as the inferior function (Te in the dominant spot). Before Light found the Deathnote he was an Overachieving student who attended supplemental classes. light= INTJ+ 1w2 =god complexI love how the guy who just voted INFJ right now doesn't even know what to comment after what I wrote. his entire drive in the show is to cleanse the world of evil. yeah this scene was so weird"Which I thought was defined by intimate, personal, 1-on-1 connections. Inferior Fi makes him thinks only he can do what others can't. Light isn't a Ni dom. Also just because you say he's very abstract doesn't make it so. Except I tend not to place too much emphasis on the myers briggs (or the four dichotomies, E/I, S/N, T/F,J/P, to be precise) or the socionics as much as Jung's original theory, since Myers briggs (MBTI) and socionics are basically derived from Jung's theories except oversimplified for the sake of (practical) use in the workforce, schools, and for entertainment. You keep describing STJ things. ) to read is as despair-inducing as you wanting to talk Socionics with me. Arguing for tertiary or inferior functions is never irrelevant. xnjs so in general can sway people and the huge diferent between you and light ishat you are so sx 8w7 6w7 3w4 and light is so sp 1w2 7w8 3w4. Also if you have brain damage, you may type him as INFJ. " Plenty of that. He doesn't have any Fi. Light INFJ is such a cute and naive point of view. In a nutshell, Ti users have a bit of Te; you can't be a pure Ti user according to my interpretation. he's a gut type definitely but not an 8, he's a 1Just to add additional stuff. Aahhhhhh if only I had that book :)))@ToStand: (Heh) You Probably got angry because your sister compared you to such a maniac. So there is no confirmation bias, just some logical, and accurate evaluation of what is wrong here. Notice that I'm extra nice today so I won't bother explaining why I think arguing for Ti is irrelevant if you're not going to type him as xxTP, I'll just assume INFJs can use Ti for the sake of argument. Can you clarify your point, please. He was later given the equivalent of a nuke. Best example ISTJ that stands out in fiction, in my view, is Cyclops, Dexter and Batman (although it has many INTJ and ISTP moments, but, I believe it was for a while one ISTJ). I'm too lazy to watch the episode to check this. Te/Ni or Ni/Te (xNTJ) is certain. He was predominantly goal driven and used Ni to motivate him. Light did not even choose him because they're alike. That's a big misunderstanding when it comes to Fe. He also hand-picked Mikami as the closest in mindset to himself, and it would make sense for both to be ISTJ. 1w2 tend to have this kind of complex because they have 2 wing who make see themselves as the saviorAnd in doing what I described in my previous post, I still think he is ISTJ 1w9 sp/so. He ruthlessly sentences to death people who do not fit his moral code without any consideration whatsoever to their circumstances. I sort of have anti social tendencies and the Death note would probably be a tool to my personal power. What you described about not targeting the roots is the lack of global, long vision, it has nothing to do with Te. Do you even know any INTJ 1w2s. Why would Light be an introvert by the letters. If you are looking for a dominant MBTI function, you will probably get Te. The function '' Si '' what I have learned, has the data storage ability observed, thus using these data for the present. Look, I'm far from a specialist in psychology, but from what I've seen Light just used to be a high functioning sociopath, he had a great upbringing and learned that killing is wrong and never triggered that, up until he found the DN and a justification to use it in order to commit mass murder. @Jamz that still doesn't show Ni over Si. Thirdly, the Fe arguments aren’t just about emotional manipulation; they include his general behavior and way of interacting with people which is all Fe, just go and watch any episode for proof of it, and if you still think that Light doesn’t use Fe after that, then I’m really interested in what you consider Fe behavior (I’m guessing it will be being a doormat and crying for people’s sins)3-“I'll just assume INFJs can use Ti. Yes, because the show I watched didn't say that using the Death Note changes a person's personality to the point that they become another Enneatype. You can't shit on an ENTJ. What about ENTJs’ shadow functions. But he doesn't have any group values or else he would question himself. I actually had to think about this question and retrieve a bit more information. And also he was quite ruthless, whereas INTJs show great love to their siblings and family members, example-Lelouch from code geass. He wanted to become a cop and had helped the police a couple of times before. I mean, look at how he trapped Ray Penbar, or the many ways he hid the Death Note. Another point if that matters : I only watched a few episodes and got bored. There really isn't any relevance between the moral itself versus the audience towards which the morals are catered towards. Kind, good at seeing the big picture, and has decided catch Kira because he thinks that Kira made him "unjustly accused", was made he pass to bad situations, and have caused suffer to his father, probably Si. Secondly, emotional manipulation doesn’t equal F, it equals strong Fe, wither it’s dominant, auxiliary or tertiary, and it gets stronger if it’s coupled with Ni. But it's not to see them happy and get inherent personal enjoyment from helping people out. Secondly some entjs are phobic, like kaiba from yugioh. I can't back it up with any concrete proof but sometimes when characters go off in a sort of psychoanalysis mode explaining their own motivations or someone else's, it really sounds like descriptions of types lol. I know Jung's theory is actually pretty popular, and even if writers used different tools (e. " The first time he killed someone you can see that Light is terrified and takes time to accept it. Another reason I decided 358 is because he never really cares about romance, all he cares is jumping from project to project, outmaneuvering and get rid of anyone getting his way. If he would have a Te-Si preference i feel he wouldn't have gotten Mikami to take on his job. Again, Light was a character that was essentially focused on execution and maintaining order, which backfired because of his selfish and self-derived judgment of right and wrong. Just about the abstract thinking thing; Light is 100% speculative in his reasonings. Being Te-Fi doesn't mean you relate to every other Te-Fi. " Death Note is a curse, changes and destroys those who use it. " are really cute, yet completely naive. ) So, probably ENTJ. I feel Ni would find the pressure points in society and hit them efficiently while he would rather focus on what has revealed itself to be "rotten". INTJs 1 are the most ISTJish of the INTJs. He was also against waiting for Yotsuba kill someone to prove that the company had involvement with Kira, for the same reason ("It's not right. I argue he could've been Te dominant because he didn't rule crimes as bad because it was a shared value, but because such morals like not cheating, not killing, no lying, etc. Manecleis, the only mind blowing thing is your ignorance. Arguments like this one: "Light Yagami is a huge collectivist. Ni is a lot slower and deeper, not being as content with the instinct itself but digging further. Hell no, he's IxTJ in MBTI. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. It is not easy to distinguish between the two. lolIf he were INFJ, he would try to talk to those "criminals" and tried to learn if they deserve to be killed or not before taking actions. everyone will be afraid after a first kill. I know this was long, but I really hope it clarified some confusion. and B, he actually has values and wants to change the world in a certain way therefore he can't have inferior Fi and it must be tertiary, as clearly dom Te users have absolutely no desire to change or improve systems and are content with the status quo. Definitely extroverted, don't you guys remember all those scenes where he is energized by the ones around him and doesn't at all withdraw into his own head. He sees problems and wants to fix them with non-theoretical strategies. Their F use is already weak by default, if they're unhealthy, it's gonna be worse. It’s no news that XNFJs are the ultimate emotional manipulators because of the strong Ni/Fe combo. Did French subtitles change the plot. Where Light wants to entertain Ryuk about the human world and question about the shinigami if there is such thing as Heaven or Hell. Kira seems 3w4 and light is 1w2C'est évident qu'il est 3w4. 4-“Most of the Fe arguments rely on the "emotional manipulation = F" stereotype, which is obviously wrong: hello Claire Underwood, Sosuke Aizen, Amy Dunne. come on guys, you gotta admit that was funny. Pamdom, you are correct that INTJ spamming is not good but it is just a response to the large amount of INFJ spam votes. His preference for detachment from people not only makes him an introvert but also rules out a 2 wing. But at the same time, he has lazy Ti-Fe reasonings sometimes like "you can shit on me but not on my friends". Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand functions (or at least their expression in real world) enough. Yup, it's as cute as your arguments for XNTJ. "INFJ can have strong Te too" or some other nonsense along these lines. I believe ToStand has made Light's type quite clear in many ways. Him killing criminals doesn’t mean that he’s an ignorant wannabe world dominator or controller; it means that he has strong unhealthy collectivist values which are related to social and moral issues, and which he seeks to exercise. Also, you seem to be ignoring the tons of previously laid arguments for Fe and Ti which are almost irrefutable. So I ended 5w6. Although I agree with the Enneagram 1 typing, Light Yagami couldn’t be an ENTJ for reasons which I previously mentioned, and which were basically the same reasons why he couldn’t be an INTJ, since these two personality types have the exact same cognitive functions but placed in a slightly different order. I can see where it's coming from, this robotic mind can also be seen as Si, but for the reasons I gave below, I can't see him as an Fi user. I'd guess introverted, but what is your thinking on this. The very credible arguments for INFJ rely on stupid concepts such as the "Ni-Ti loop" or the "strong Fi-critical-parent INFJs possess". To me bob's comment seems to be more of an argument for ISTJ. Too hard-working to be INTJ. The way that people like him, the way that girls like him and the way this seems so natural to him and the way he takes it for granted, it fills me with rage.

. The latter description is almost the exact definition of collectivism, and if you could correlate this moral view with any cognitive function, it would be Fe, since high Fe users mostly consider the impact of any decision on the greater good of people rather than their own personal feelings or any individual’s. he's certainly a 3 fixer (don't see any 2 or 4) but core 1 fits him a lot better, just very corrupted. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Light is INFJ, and you people are nothing but a bunch of entitled idiots who can't accept evidence that's contrary to their preconceived beliefs, lol. Good luck trying. There's still the comment section to start a discussion on other sorts of typing systems. The guy has values, twisted but still. These are indispensable tools in typing people. Re-changed my vote to ENTJ : i give up on that guy, he's untypeableI've also seen : light INFJ, kira ENTJ, and INTJ as a result somewhere on a forum, i think it makes senseAs someone said, INTJs 1 can appear EChanged my vote to INTJ. ENTJ for sure. On the other side, you’ll find the INFJs with the strong healthy collectivist values, such as Gandhi. For Near, his perceptions served as fuel for his final attack--he was predominantly a perceiver who prioritized understanding above all else, which made him far less hasty than Light. I don't think this is possible for an xNTJ. " Common sense is dead at this point. Myersian functions are defined more in ways that fit the MBTI letters. Because Confirmation bias. XNTJ 3w4 not 1, people voted 1 because he's idealist and he always talks about justice, but he is truly competitive and image seeker, the reason for his idealism that's because he has Fi. It explores not tactics, whenever a plan it falls he does not know what to do in a few seconds, but then regains control and create a new plan. They can't fake interest that well, or you see that it's fake. Any feeler can be mistaken for a thinker if they have developed their thinking function (This is why arguing for Ti is not “irrelevant”), and I think that the latter case is found in INFJs more than any other feeling type due to the Ni dominance. So If he's not INFJ, then he's an ISTP. But the world domination-focused internet edgelords are so into their fantasy that they need to incorporate it into these personality systems. we can see he 2 wing with his very good social skills. It's there since one of his first quotes in the show, "the world is rotten". :) So just because a character is physically adept doesn't automatically make them SPs, for example. They branch off of the original theory so they do use some (but not completely) different approaches. As an ENTJ, I want to rally other people to my cause. As for 2 wing, it'd be hard to create a character who is less of a 2 who still can be identified as human. On a more serious note I fail to see any Fe. INTJ 3w4 1w9 5w6 sp/sx. Yeah, the website says "MBTI votes" so people should either vote for MBTI or not vote at all and avoid the confusion. after that he literally explose. Of course INFJs can use Ti, isn’t it their tertiary function. D'ailleurs ce n’est pas pour rien qu'on les appelle les caméléons. @Raw: Very Interesting. This is not the only example, but think of it one second : does this guy really strike you as an E anyway. So it's like a game to Light at the moment. And as someone pointed out, Ni+Ti can come off as T. It's extremely naive in my opinion, and lacks un-convoluted arguments to support it, but I can't deny it's a possible interpretation, mainly because of the Yostuba Arc. And that got on my nerves too. I came across these concepts before but i never found more than very basic descriptions that dont explain what you seem to be referring to. This site is supposed to be a DATAbank. Which is why I believe many don't go right away and do it. Fi concentrates on the personal values of the subject thus upholding not only individuation but also an invocation to let others express their own, equally valid values. He's the Shadow of LI think we can automatically rule out INFJ because he wasn't a fe user of any sort. Kira still operates by the same idea of "things are wrong here, let me fix it", though. I'd even lean S but the point is he's clearly "Introverted" (as an MBTI concept). Also, good analysis, I agree he's probably an ENTJ. Compare to an INTJ they will not be able to respond fast enough if they didn't foreseen it due to inferior Se. The worldview of them are to the outside as well, where good people are not oppressed by unjust and corrupt people. So that makes it necessary that introverted thinkings have to accept some sort of logic that is reliable not because it's "truthful" but because it has been reproduced and trusted by people (hinting Te) from generation to generation. Even in normal school life he spends most of his time alone and just magically has "social skills" (it's a stat from some Death Note thing). Oh yeah then he walks in the yard and the girls are like "oh he's so pretty" and him on the other hand didn't do anything to get these favors. Either through fascism or communism, and what is the basis for the latter two systems. I don't think I need to explain how funny Light as ISTP is though. Just pay attention at how he processes everything. In the end, we type based on >motivation<, and Light's an unhealthy social Type 1, which means he thinks he knows the right way the world is supposed to be and he wants to impose that on everyone. The good Light Yagami would of been 6w5 though or that he want to serve as a police. Anyway and what about him when he are not under Death Note control. He thrives more on crushing his opponents mercilessly than on realizing his so-called ideals. Check the most watched on MyAnimeList for example. It's arguably the most popular anime in the Western anime community (Pokemon, DBZ, maybe Naruto would beat it overall, but more crossover appeal). Behaviorally I think he's introverted but I can see a lot of possibilities for Light. 1-“I don't believe in some of the most important Socionics hypotheses so it won't get you anywhere. He is clearly an ENTJ, yet there are those moments when he may be an INFJ (the very first episode, the Yotsuba arc). He's too obsessed with practical and efficient changes to the world, when he picked up the Death Note he was not in the intuitive world developing massive plans he was simply imediado and knew what I had to do. Which to me, it is something quite Te. Scotty does have good arguments but Light still isn't working in a routinely and dutiful manner. T is his second clearest letter. What's his vision. Unhealthy ENFJ 1 is also possible, but I'd lead more towards Ni in his case given the lack of morality he has. I think part of the confusion for typing him is you can use different approaches and end up with different systems. @DerekTheCleric Light is more just swallowed up by convictions that start from within. The way he treated that poor girl is just too much for me. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I read the walls of text below arguing for Fe-Ti and its just gross blabber. He has Fi fourth and Te first, making him more of a standard-enforcer than an idealist. Light was also better at fabricating solutions (lies lies lies) at the moment; whether they failed or succeeded isn't really the point as much as his ability to think and actually rely on these improvisations. Was he stupid. A Si dom also would have never put in motion the plan that led to the Yotsuba arc. 2's are warm and get happy from the direct emotional energy given off by people around them. And yes @gayintp, my argument wasn't "gross blabber". Death Note showed the height of INxx's personalities. 1 is common in ISTJs. He has passion for what he is doing for "cleaning up" society, but that would be related to so and sp, not sx. I couldn't be sure, but it's very likely that anime writers use some sort of tool to distinguish and support the process of creating those characters. If you're using Jung's Psychological Types, then he's either an introverted thinking type or an extraverted thinking type. i feel like it's I because it doesn't talk to anyone, N because it works with names which are more abstract concepts (if it were a sensor you'd have to draw the person's face), F because it is all about expressing your values, and J because it makes judgements. The amount of INFJ votes consistently coming in is fishy. All he does is of utmost trust with your mind, with your intuition to predict future events with bases in these events as soon Ni-Se. Or kill that fucker that annoyed me in some way or another. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. 5-“Arguments like this one: "Light Yagami is a huge collectivist. The arguments for it just fit so perfectly that I can’t see how anyone could consider any other possibility for his personality type other than INFJ. But then Light stated he could see himself as Kira. 3s tend to want to procreate life and suceed in career and he is using the death note. https://zombiesruineverything. The traits related to the influence of the Fi critical parent perfectly apply to Light, since he’s not just killing criminals, but also innocent people who question his motivations or moral judgments. My vote goes to INFJ, the guy is clear Ti-Fe axis. The point here is to look at Mikami, they are basically the sames. Also, interesting article I mentioned on another page that also types Light as an ENTJ:. His God complex does NOT mean Image Triad and his readiness to pretend, manipulate and step into a role do NOT mean Type 3. Not saying that there aren't 1w2 INTJs that are capable of having the kind of complex Light has but there are a lot of other types too. He picked him because he felt he was the most capable of applying the new God's will. he is guided by Ni symbol off justice and merciless god he want to be. Light on the other hand, portrayed that far less. Light is just a selfish and power-hungry individual, nothing else. His ability to think on his feet when he is in clutches is thanks to his tertiary Se. Idk, he pisses me off. I do however once again see no point in trying to find a Fe or Ti where there isn't one. 2-“I think arguing for Ti is irrelevant if you're not going to type him as xxTP. There is no such thing as "Fi-shadow-function-critical-parent" in the INFJ cognitive process (Ni-Fe - Ti-Se). He always seems happiest when he’s the center of attention. Fe is ENTJs 8th shadow function, and it usually looks very bad when an ENTJ tries to use it, because they have close to zero skills at using it. Arguments for Light having Te as a dominant function are nothing but over generalizations that overlook his deep motivations. But in the end Light only cares about creating world where the world accept his definition of justice and being God of the new world. That's not how it actually happened though. If he were an Ni dominant, Light wouldn't be so insistent about controlling his surroundings or manipulating others in pursuit of his goals. the last part should read "proven or self-evident methods". Clearly an ENTJ. So my vote goes to ENTJ. He is IxTJ by letters. if he were a 3, he would have asserted himself in a way that lead him to actually be affirmed and praised by others for his accomplishments, but instead he only interacts with people like Misa, Takada or Mikami on a pragmatic basis. I'm doing it because coming at me in such a ridiculous way arouses me, actually. But flip it around to thought manipulation, and it’s a whole other matter. On other occasion he refused to use Misa's feelings for advance in the investigation because he doesn't love her and didn't think that's right. 2-You keep on ignoring any argument for Fe and Ti because of you inability to refute them and your dogmatism, even though they're stronger and more reasonable than the Te ones. Obvious yet visionary. 2w1 or 1w2 because he wants to improve society. (Anime exclusive not manga rated)we can see he is sp/sx when L shows his identity to him. I don't think he's either INxJ but there is the idea that you could be on the borderline between INTJ and INFJ, in which case you could exhibit both pretty strong Fe and Te. For example, an introverted thinker would argue that rules can't actually create order because they are just shallow norms that people abide by under obligation, nor does it prevent some people's desire to rebel against them. @scotty has the only sane argument in this comment section and even that uses some unnecessary stereotypes. We can see light despise humanity since the start. You can see the contrast when Light gets rid of his ownership (his values and generally demeanor is less antagonistic (like Kira) and more helpful/upstanding like 1w2). Why haven't you attacked the Fe and Ti arguments instead. Too bad he is a thinker type though xSFJ would be also fitting Shut your solid hole lmao I don't know much about shadow functions but it's funny how L is Light's shadow (ENTJ, INTP) and they're compared so often in the anime How on Earth is he 3w4. There is nothing particularly abstract about choosing to remove these people from the world once he happens to have a death notebook enter his life. spends most of his narration mentally leveraging really profane insults at Ryuk and L and instead of his tl:dr speech in the warehouse, "consider this: I do what the fuck I want" "okay, yagatmi. But he's an Ni Subtype INFJ, which is sometimes referred to as the "revolutionary". I think you are very well aware that STJs are most stereotypically into "justice", so you just stick "symbol" in front of it and think that makes it look like Ni. Personally, I have no idea. are systematically constructed and are thus, by default, obligatory. Every other function is basically irrelevant when it comes to typing a character as INFJ. His social skills, popularity on school, and other facts that aims to an extrovert, can be explained by his enneatype 1w2 social, but he stills being an introvert. He wants to save people because of his 1 and 6 traits. BUT I agree from personal experience that INFJs sometimes can be mistaken for ENTJs and vice-versa. ” You think that the INFJ possibility lacks strong arguments, while I think that the XNTJ possibility is what’s lacking in them. ENTJ is the correct answer. He and Lelouch are two INFJ's showing a well developed Ti. Not even the most popular manga, as its ranked around the 80th-100th in the all-time bestsellers (the top 3 being One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto). If I had had the Deathnote, I would have used it for power, killing (subtly, I'd never get caught) all the people that I consider as rivals (like Patrick Bateman did for the other guy, I don't remember his name). And because I don't see how Light's motivation changed once he adopted the name of Kira. It's important to take the context into account. Another thing : at which point does he extrovert logic, i. Why do you think that many people say that when Light Yagami lost his memory he very much resembled an INFJ. Just because the Ti users tend to have personalized viewpoints of logic doesn't make it necessary that they don't use or care about information that has external consistency. Who are these fools voting INFJ for Light. I believe an actual ISTJ wouldn't be as crazy and would have played his cards much safer. I also theorize that the author intentionally used MBTI types to create these characters, given that some characters (L, Near, Misa) were almost cut out versions of their type's profiles. Ryuk stated something along the lines of this in episode 10, and I didn't necessarily say he had to change a whole enneatype, I was more coing from the direction of staying true to the story. Do me a favor and check out Socionics. Compare him with Dexter Morgan (who is also usually typed as sp/so), but Dexter clearly has way more of that with how he gets personally involved with making the murderers suffer and "relive" what they did. When they are in grip or loop with the Ne function, end up with paranoia, thinking of possibilities that can destroy the protection they are doing within the environment, by doing so, they seek connections with accurate data to protect themselves from chaos - Like Batman, Michael GTA V, Cyclops, Dexter. found the 9w1 two reasons people think this. When Soichiro dies, Ryuuk mentions that even though he came in contact with the notebook, he died happy, "probably for never has writing in the Death Note. For example, we can't form the theory that we might not exist unless we accept and use some pieces of widely accepted information (Te), such as knowing what "exists" means according to conventionally accepted definitions. Take the moment where he manipulates the girl whose boyfriend was killed in the bus. his major weakness: he cut his hair thats why he lost. Here you have an example of an INFJ villain. We could just suggest that his morals were obviously directed towards benefiting at large, but we can't rule out the possibility that his morals were not derived from a cooperative and socially accepted level. It is a focused and nostalgic function that stores experiences and uses them for life. It seems as though people are discarding the fact that perfect and long-term strategizing is an Ni Dom trait more so than a Te one. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. He is completely lacking in 2, only caring about feeling satisfaction from achieving his own goals which may be at least somewhat vaguely related to the 9's drive for "inner peace".

Light Yagami

MBTI enneagram type of Light Yagami Realm:

Category: Anime and Manga Characters

Series/Domain: Death Note


ENTJ - 124 vote(s)
INTJ - 108 vote(s)
INFJ - 32 vote(s)
ISTJ - 6 vote(s)
INTP - 4 vote(s)
ESTJ - 1 vote(s)
ESFJ - 1 vote(s)

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1W2 - 37 vote(s)
3W4 - 32 vote(s)
1W9 - 19 vote(s)
8W7 - 5 vote(s)
3W2 - 2 vote(s)
4W5 - 2 vote(s)
5W4 - 2 vote(s)
6W5 - 2 vote(s)

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