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Lou Reed Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Lou Reed MBTI personality type cover chart

I think INTPs make great musicians in their own way, but it's just not in the way Lou Reed made music. I was just writing. In a more mainstream setting, there are INTP artists like Richard D. I think you're making some (hilariously off base) claim based on a personal attitude, and projecting that as far as the eye can see. Even in his worst times, his Te still wouldn't let go as he made stuff happen. Two chords are pushing it.

. He would be low conscientiousness even though he seems to extrovert judging on MBTI scaleLou Reed paid a lot of attention to social norms and was bothered by that and used his music as a medium for expressing that. I would have thought Fi doms would be the ideal musician types because of their focus on inner, sincere, individualized emotional expression. And he was definitely counterphobic (and sometimes phobic). I also feel like type 7 ISTPs are the ones more likely to enjoy crude humor, the way Lou did. Very likely a 5w4 iconoclast as well. Not sure if an INTJ would release Metal Machine Music just to screw with people. They seem more serious and purposeful than that. All of this is unnecessary and redundant (victory by induction and all that), as a single INTP would undo your far too black and white generalization. They're mind-numbingly boring people who like to work a lot and love routines. @scotty I'm not sure about his tritype, but I agree with bigol that it's more likely Lou was 7w6. I had read somewhere that ostrich feathers were supposed to be popular, so I wrote a song called The Ostrich—the feedback made the people at radio stations think the record was defective and they sent it back. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. He *learned* how to project the image he wanted to project. v=qm8n0vhVJcg@scotty I can't see that at all for Lou. ISTP 6s are so serious they don't have a sense of humour. I don't know much about Reed himself but @Scotty, why do you say ENFJ is the ideal musician type. That’s what I have been doing since I was 9. No translating to Big Five he is INTP, because he also would be ridiculously low conscientiousness. Clearly you know very little about Lou. "Not all ENTJs are like that. In that case it'd be like typing anxiety as 6. And "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side" is essentially an anthem for Se. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Lou Reed Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Go read some anecdotes from people who knew him. He had that inferior Fe which made him not very talkative, always keeping his answers to interviewers short and blunt. That makes him an extrovert. In the words of his sister "His charisma, his charm, his wit, his intellect were undeniable and seductive to everyone who knew him well. Totally opposite. Also TJ if you know anything about him. At the very least he's obvious an Ni type (xNxJ)if you're going to define the T/F paradigm as "Agreeableness" then yes Lou would be a T, but that is not what it is on the MBTI scale even though the correlation may be high. His score on agreeableness on the Big Five would be like 0. The main reason I think he has no chance of being INTP is because his approach is the antithesis of precision and also not a more constructional approach to composing music. I haven't seen a similar case. You're jumping in at the wrong time here. Even in the midst of his high school struggles, he was observed to be a very focused person and formed his own bands. I just mean any trend setter who gains a following such as Reed. He never really gave a shit about how anyone perceived his music at all; again, see Metal Machine Music. INTP fits best, followed by ENTP, INTJ and ISTP. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. most ISTP i know in irl are the chillest and the nicest people I know ofGood quote idlebody, he was definitely a P type and ISTP fits the most. Not really, just playing. He learned a lot from Warhol (likely another Fi dom)I think he's an INFP. He did not care at all about what was popular or socially acceptable, he openly defied conventions, wrote about taboo subject matter and changed how rock music was perceived and influenced its future. Also, Metal Machine Music WAS DEFINITELY parodical. " This kind of attitude shows his preference for feeling which makes an inferior feeling typing seem crazy to me. When I say "don't care" I mean literally "don't care". Let's assume at least one of these guys isn't "parodying" art. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Lou Reed? What about enneagram and other personality types?. It’s weird the way things work. But he was such a domineering perfectionist. Now THAT is rich. But Lou actually fits that well, and he certainly fits INTP in Big Five dichotomies too, without a doubt. One of us was even here on the Leonard Bernstein Scholarship. Sterling was going for his M. Oh right didn't even think about that. Oren Ambarchi, Kevin Drumm, John Wiese, Jorge Luis Borges. To start with your claim about INTPs and art: No. It was a troll move because Lou didn't give two shits about what anyone thought and deliberately was hostile towards his fans. Was there any plan. 6-4-8: the truth teller. Just read this in New York Times. INTP generally just don't care. Look Scotty you usually have some good arguments and I agree with you more than I do with most it seems, but Log Reed as ENFJ is easily one of the single worst typings I have ever seen anybody make period. I also don't know why you seem to believe he extroverts judging and is an Ni type. Really just like more practical minded INTP. Being an intuitive, the ENFJ type also has nothing about being "appropriate". He seems like a pretty obvious Ti-dom in interviews, but I can't see the Ne. ENFJ are one of the most aggressive types at defining social norms. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The idea that he is ExFJ is frankly comical to me. This isn't authenticity that you're looking at. You really think there are many INTP-testing people that would have his temperament. " Then I really just see the same trends continuing throughout his musical career. Lou Reed asked Bowie for help producing his next album and Bowie said he'd only help if Lou gets his excessive drinking under control at which point Lou lost his shit and punched Bowie in the face. They are as far from Lou Reed in demeanor, behavior, and thought process as possible. The T vs F dichotomy still doesn't really make sense to me so I'm just going to switch to ENTJ and shrugAlso I have to ask: Have you ever actually MET an Fe-dom. " So you agree Lou was an INTP then. What shall I do…. And there we were. And if this isn't the most xSTP thing I've ever heard. Maybe I should've said the ideal *popular* musician. I think that introverts are likely to shine in the studio and extroverts on the stage. Lou did work hard, he was always trying to reach high make something happen rather than just have fun, but that was difficult for him so he turned to a lot of destructive behaviors. Counterphobic <---> Phobic. v=goneaNUv-ScAs shown by all his neurotic traits, he was clearly someone who did care, and did give a fuck, about basically everything. Because based on what you have said I really don't think we're talking about the same person. He was no Jz and sure as fuck was no FJ. When he got to college, he had mostly recovered although he continued to use drugs. im INTP lou is definitely notAlso this whole idea about ISTP "coolness" - the way I see it, it's just rooted in fictional portrayals of Clint Eastwood types. I think recollecting your thoughts might help. Lou is NJ with his own vision of where he wanted to see his musical career go, so he "talked like an ISTP" to make it happen. In his own words, "One chord is fine. INTP generally just don't care. @scotty Also, the ENTJ's sense of humor is almost as dry as their usual conversations. He had no big vision he wamted to fulfill, no grand scheme he sought to complete, no social change he wanted to bring about. When ENTJs figure out that they can get what they want using a certain method, they will continue to use it. A lot of constructive criticism. The opposite of dominant Fe. No way he was an INTP. I know several ExFJ types, some confirmed and some whom I have typed, VERY well. Nothing beats 2 guitars, drum and bass. Entj or istp with very underdeveloped Feistp 6w5-8w7-3w4 sx/sp. not really sure about the heart type tho andy was his "mentor" and the factory was his "support network" i feel like he was very phobic in his teens, but then turned into a very counterphobic person. He's like an ENTJ that disintegrates to INTP. I remember one time at a restaurant or lounge of some kind, he punched David Bowie in the face, lol. We couldn’t get jobs anywhere, but we had this material, and eventually we played a dive. His actual behavior, rather than his stage demeanor, are what reveal that he is an ENTJ 8 above all though. James, Thomas Pynchon, Vladimir Nabokov, David Cronenberg, Philip K. How does he use Si. Lou is much, much closer to them in every way. Yeah I pretty much agree with your typing. Not Se, Te: taking control of the environment and shaping it as he wanted to. ENFJ is a far more ridiculous typing for Lou than ISTP by the way so. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. Complete and total opposite of Lou Reed in every way. ’ Then it went from there. The idea of him talking about how he learned from his professor "with the simplest language imaginable, and very short, you can accomplish the most astonishing heights" shows that those aspects of his interview demeanor that you mention can't be seen as evidence of his natural personality, but also that he thought of his communicative strategy very strategically. He just did what he wanted to do, regardless of how it was perceived or what anyone thought about him. Yes he was blunt, but bluntness with a purpose. But I'm interested in hearing your views on the matter (perhaps use Reed as an illustrative example so the thread stays on topic). And he was the antithesis of the "ideal popular musician. Was there any goal. Did I hope to get recorded. He tried to capture the raw emotion of performance in the studio, rather than focus on composition and construction of something with fascinating structure by itself. I don’t know why. ' "typo: *Notice how in the quote he doesn't deludeNotice how in the quote he doesn't elude to his getting recognized being due to "hard work" and "perseverance". " This seems to be him throughout his life when he was healthy. On the other hand, my best friend is an ISTP and I know and am related to several other IxTP types. ISTP fits him better than anything else. He was just a guy who liked to jam with his friends and he met the right person at the right time who made him get noticed. " He was iconoclastic, intellectual, detached, withdrawn, eccentric, impulsive, cold, hard, and had a dry/witty/twisted sense of humor. I have a week. ENTJs are "no nonsense" people. Even his music is a reflection of his ENTJ concerns (the dangerous consequences of technology on mankind): https://www. His withdrawn nature comes from his Fi and distaste for journalists in general. Someone asked me a question and I answered it. He shouldn't be judged as an introvert by his anxiety. While I was writing this crappy stuff, I was also writing my own stuff. But why should he give off that message with his verbal language and body language. That makes no sense, scotty. I remember an interview when he said he was shy. Lou Reed, on the other hand, has a very ISTP sense of humor. So, it’s a weird conglomeration. Three chords and you're into jazz. I'm not saying necessarily he's an INTP, but your argument as it stands is highly flawed, bud. Counterphobic 6. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Even still, there is evidence to believe Metal Machine Music was a ironically a parodic work, which would contradict your logic. Reed seemed to push social norms for the sake of doing so. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Lou Reed MBTI type.. Lou left the venue immediately afterwards and Bowie went after Lou to his hotel to confront him, but Lou wouldn't come out of his hotel room. An INTP wouldn't get 2 minutes into recording something like that. I'm also unsure of his heart-fix. "He was definitely NOT an INTP. Dick, David Byrne, both guys from Autechre. We played these dives like no one else. We get a much more accurate reading of who Lou was by simply saying he was an introvert, open/intuitive, disagreeable/thinking, and perceiving/low conscientiousness. Not all, not most of them, but definitely not something unheard of. Though even within function theory I can still make a better case for INTP than ENFJ. We’ll get lights. Oh, I don’t know what to do. Honestly your typing is a painfully obvious example of someone confused by a misunderstanding of the already unreliable and quacky function theory and missing the mark big time as a result. People have said earlier that he can't be a 6 because "where's his support network", but sx/sp 6s look for security/attachment in their relationships/romantic partner. The way he bulldozed through expectations in the name of his passion really screams Te 8, and yeah then he became reclusive, but why. You’ll play, and I’ll show movies. It was a sloppy presentation of an aesthetic. ENTP is somewhat possible, but I seriously doubt it. I probably used the wrong word choice when I said "popular musician". Also it stems from him being an Enneagram 5. If you were to translate big 5 categories he would be an INTJ. I'm talking about putting on an act that gets through to people. So much so that some times I feel like I can even re-experience the early-70 with him. If he pushed social norms for the sake of doing so, that would be a sign of LOW ORDER Fe. I could see a case for either 3w4 or 4 as his heart fix. He would befriend a drunk in a bar and after drawing him out with friendly conversation, suddenly ask 'Would you like to fuck your mother. Just putting forth constructive criticism for your argumen--"No INTP ever would put forth something as lacking in substance and thought as art, except for in a parodical sense. 7s like to try new things. If you want to hear what ENFJ music sounds like, listen to fucking U2. "ENFJ are one of the most aggressive types at defining social norms. And his VU songs were some of the earliest examples ever of pushing the boundaries of "appropriate" song lyrics, not to mention songs like "Heroin" simply described things in a very objective manner without making a judgment one way or the other on them. Overall, he embodies that ultra-cool, not give-a-fuck attitude in music better than anyone else. ISTP that I know are nothing like that and kind of nerdy, if anything. That was the end of it, but by then we had become a “band” called The Velvet Underground. He's intuitive, and Se user but not inferior (or maybe Ne dom who can look like Se users). I know tons about him. Total opposite of an FJ type. I'm fairly certain his instinct stacking was sx/sp. A good example of an ENTJ is Damon Albarn. ENFJs are by the way probably one of the most agreeable, expressive, enthusiastic and friendly types so. I really can't see how Lou could possibly an INTP. Why would Lou Reed continue pretending to be an ISTP long after becoming famous. Because if you are using that statement to argue Lou is an ENFJ, then you prove you know absolutely fuck all about Lou Reed. in Classical English Literature. But when he was there, he was a very busy student who juggled so many things - he started his own band, his own radio show, was involved in a lot of subversive stuff on the side, but still found a way to graduate with honors. There are plenty of INTP artists, and INTPs frequently value art. ENFJ may actually be the most ideal type for musicians, but nobody ever types them as such because all musicians are somehow introverts no matter what which leads to ridiculous typings like ISTP for Reed. I don't get INTP at all.

. He definitely had his mental difficulties and often went through periods of overwhelming anxiety, but his general motivations do not seem to be in line with 6 at all: looking for a support network, security, etc. They are so different than ISTP 7s they should be a different type entirely. Lou was definitely an INTP. He doesn't refer to those other projects as "work" either, just stuff he felt like doing for fun. You can also look to the underground, e. Are you SURE you're not confusing Lou Reed for Bono. I'm with idlebody herr. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. No INTP ever would put forth something as lacking in substance and thought as art, except for in a parodical sense. It will be obvious. The way he speaks in interviews is very ISTP, concis and aphatic, he doesn't feel the need to explain himself or his project too much. 8 disintegrating to 5 (Lou Reed's pattern under stress) is actually part of official Enneagram theory. What trytipe do you think he was. ’ (This is Andy) ‘Oh, I know. Whoops my comment below was directed at bobnickmad, not scotty. John Cale: "Lou was a lot of fun. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Music and Music Industry characters list.. ENTJ musicians are very much like chameleons, and you can spot them not by their demeanor but on how they live their life. Lou Reed interview from 2002: "They needed other members to say it was a group and that’s when we found John Cale. Close call between those two, but no way was he ISTP. Lou Reed was as far from an "Fe Dom" as humanly possible - that is, a To dom. He's also clearly intuitve. And he was not likely an extrovert. Reed is a weird case in comparing MBTI and big 5. T is by far his strongest letter, and while I once thought INTJ was possible, I see that P is likely his second strongest. You gave me a headache. Also his charisma he transmits in his music is a very "I don't care, I don't give a fuck", cool but laid back, not trying too much, kind of way, not the forcefull and purposfull Te charisma. And 3 out of 4 of us were college graduates, of all things. He enjoyed taking situations to extremes you couldn't imagine until you'd been there with him. com/2015/11/01/fashion/who-was-the-real-lou-reed. He was just a really cool guy. He had that neuroticism underneath, but type 7 makes more sense regarding the fact that he was involved in so many different projects. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Lou Reed' belongs to!. Dominant Fe conforms to social norms. Once, somebody brought Andy Warhol in, and the next thing you know, he said, ‘I have a week at the Cinémathèque (which is now the Anthology Film Archives on Second Street). When ENTJs talk, they sound like textbooks. Lou ReedDespite what Scotty wants you to think, ISTPs can be quite notorious for their bad temper and impulsive actions while under the influence of their repressed Fe. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Lou Reed likely is!. Not saying that you wouldn't have some points for your case, but a lot of what you said was fallacious. His parents could not control his ambitions as a high school teenager to play in the city as a musician. I'm going to go with ENFJ. He relished chaos and intellectual novelty. ISTP are very chill, but when unhealthy xSTP (and maybe SPs in general) might enjoy starting fights to ''cool off'' or something. Then I ran into Sterling Morrison on the subway—we needed a drummer—and his friend Jim Tucker had a sister named Maureen who loved to play drums and had a car, and that was it: The Velvet Underground. You fancy yourself an INTP, right. Metal Machine music wasn't a parody. I literally just laughed out loud when I read that. As for typing Reed as a J, maybe you can look at your ever-so-confident declaration: "Also TJ if you know anything about him. ’ So I said, ‘Okay, fine. I would have really liked to have met him. And this is all assuming that MBTI function theory is valid of course. He was way too concerned with how his music was perceived and always trying to make a statement with his music interacting with the outside world. And, yes, his rage was lethal and unforgiving. I still can't see him as anything except ENTJ, and probably a phobic 8 too. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. xNTPs are known as the ultimate trolls for a reason. Now that I think about it, INTP is a possibility. He didn't just "fancy himself" as a thinker; he really was one. They're the type of people that love to talk about work. He was obsessed with aesthetics and essentially replacing thought and structure with raw feeling by taking a barebones primitive approach. He had addiction problems as well as huge neurotic issues - depression and anxiety. That doesn't the fact that he was TP as idlebody quotes show. Andy adopted us. And I don't particularly fancy myself to be any type except xNxP; I just told people what I got on test results. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. I also am not convinced that he didn't "literally not care" about social norms, because I don't think he gave a flying fuck and have never seen a shred of evidence that he did. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Everything he did, he was making a large impact, in his own words he had learned "with the simplest language imaginable, and very short, you can accomplish the most astonishing heights. Introverts generally aren't impulsively-acting-out jerks for no reason. While definitely an accomplished studio musician, Reed still seems to me to have been more of a "performer" even in the studio. Metal Machine Music is a perfect example of why not. He emulated a few older R/B styles, like "I Found A Reason" or certain riffs that can be heard on "White Light/White Heat". Yes it is well known that he was very neurotic with a lot of anxiety issues, but I think that could've been a reaction to how he was bullied in a really rough junior high school. But if you listen to his solo career, his music sounds modern. I watch this video of Lou and it immediately reminds me of bigol and pikup. htmlCompelling argument REALBIGCHEEKlou reed is definitely not INTP. Let's put some mittens on to prevent you from typing for a second. I think he fancied himself as a thinker but was really a feeler. LOU REED as an F AND a J type. That means he's ENxx.

Lou Reed

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ISTP - 14 vote(s)
INTP - 11 vote(s)
ISFP - 4 vote(s)
INFP - 1 vote(s)
ENTJ - 1 vote(s)

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5W4 - 3 vote(s)
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