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Marlon Brando Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Marlon Brando MBTI personality type cover chart

I just want to continue talking about Brando because I'm surprised by how deeply fascinating he was. We love it here. He spoke of the Jungian collective unconsciousness. I really don't know that much about him but I see nothing particularly anti-9w8 sx. Brando: "I was the antithesis of [my character in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'] Stanley Kowalski. That's what I voted. But, yeah, overall I think he was too much domeenering, objective, conquering, competitive and unscrupulous to be ISFP. I'm not trying to be the authority on typing. He was objective, assertive, impulsive and focused on the present moment. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. The amazing ease through which he was able to flirt and charm the pants off of dozens upon dozens of women (even flirting with the female journalists interviewing him on camera) speaks volumes of his Fe. So overall, I like you more than not, but I didn't know INFPs can make people hurt like some people on this site say. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Perhaps we’d meet again. That would either be 4 or 5. Brando’s recorded voice whirred away; 'When what you are as a child is unwanted, you look for an identity that will be acceptable. His mother was no less guilty of abuse, abandoning her kids for the bottle. Bob Dylan did that as well, and I think he's no INFJ. Fi can be very naunced and we are very capable of seeing different aspects of a person. You have to pay CelebrityTypes for them to tell you he is an INFP. I personally can see INFP for Brando, if you think that it was on the Se-Ni axis only because it was a "bad-boy" or because he was muscular and manly, this is a your problem with stereotypes. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. If having Fi in inferior meant "not having Fi", yes. com/marlon-brando-just-didnt-give-crap/. After seeing "Listen to me Marlon" and his interview with Dick Cavett in the 70's I have a very hard time picturing him as an extrovert. I think Brando is very difficult to type, i see something like a Te-Fi axis or a very developed Fi-Te in him, my guess would be ENTJ but i'm not sure about him. On Celebrity Types he is an INFP, and I think that could have sense, however his Te traits are maybe too strong and weird for a Fi dominant. So I'm not INFP biased, I just think you're INFJ biased. A dozen or so biographies later and the picture was still worryingly opaque. acted with an empathy and an instinctual understanding that not even the greatest technical performers could possibly match. Acting became a survival tool. ENTJ all the way. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. I would miss his company and humor. Neither INFP nor ENTJ. Well, first of all, he called himself an atheist. I feel this is also the case with Marlon Brando. Strong Ni, introvert. He would give me books on Krishnamurti and Jung. Spare this site plz. ] His doomed romances were a direct consequence of an abandonment complex relating to his mother. Marlon Brando was the consumate domineering alpha male of his time. He made an early enemy of the popular press, seldom giving interviews and weaving an elaborate web of fabrication when asked about his past. I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for voting INFJ for him by the people of P-D who hate me (and who hate INFJs in general), but hear me out. An ENTJ with an active inferior Fi can feel like the antithesis of this. Below scotty tried to make a case for Brando being INFP 9, but these are not the acts of a 9: "Brando described a dysfunctional household and alcoholic parents. However, whenever I feel there has been a gross mistyping (such as when CT types David Bowie and Nicole Kidman as ISFPs even though they're INFJs), I feel the need to speak out. Again, a 4sx passing for an 8. Like I can dislike things and love things about that same person, but I don't know why some people simplify INFPs that much, maybe because we don't verbalize most of our thoughts probably, or because we're avoidant of people that may hurt us so that looks like resentment. It's just that 4 while concerned with authenticity, tend to fall into making a romantic tragic persona about them, even exaggerating the suffering in their life, that ends up against what they intended. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Marlon Brando Myers-Briggs and personality type!. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Marlon Brando? What about enneagram and other personality types?. But he exudes so much Fi. Also, I do think IxFP 4 can create a ''persona'' as well, it's just rotted in how they want to percieve themselves and others percieve them -4 is still imaged concerned. His skill in mimicry and mastering of accents were tools to gain the attention of his father, informed by an early instinct that other people like to see reflections of themselves. Of the former: "Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols," "The Pentagon Papers," "Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. take Nick Cave for example who is INFJ 4w5 sx/sp and gets mistaken for INFP a lot. INFJ 4s that lead with sexual instinct are the INFJs that look the most Fi-like. Anyway, I guess every type has their own fakeness and their own authenticity. Healthy 4 may be indeed the most authentic of people, but unhealthy 4 can fall in the trap of making up a persona from exaggerating aspects of their life. First you may be thinking "INFJ. Brando, on the other hand, would create a web of contradictory lies about his past and hide his true self consistently till his death. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. His Ni seems obvious to me. I faced a growing dilemma in my choice of potential interviewees for the film – few people who I’d met were around him for long enough to give proper insight. I also see a tendency of people to simplify Fi. I don't have anything much to offer here other than that I disagree with the idea that 9 are the most authentic type. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. ‘The greatest explorations,’ he assured me, and himself, ‘are yet to be undertaken in the mind. (you can see me as an INFP Scotty in that way) Whenever I just get to talk with you and Codeaires about music I find it enjoyable, and I think you have great music taste and look cool from what I saw on those selfies. But that don't mean that. I was happy for him, and realized how fortunate I was to have participated in so extraordinary and examined a life. His acting method was described as ". I'll probably bitch in the comments because I get heated in arguments, but you can take that as me being a 6, rather than me making judgements about you as a person. This comment is independent and not directed at anybody. The psychological bruises were darker still, with Marlon Sr’s incessant criticism of his son instilling a crippling sense of inferiority. The impression I got was that Brando was the orchestrator of much of the mystery surrounding him. ’" He loved Jung a lot. I'm not saying that is definetely an INFP, I'm only considering the idea that he can be it. Of course, sexual 4 can look like 7/8, so that that may explain it. never saw him as INFP, but INTJ seems possible. Well, I do think your response is a little bitchy, probably because you're responding from a Fi place. "In his final self-hypnotherapy session, Brando spoke of a peaceful destination. So for me, he's either INTJ or INFJ. " It's a natural Fi ability in here, and even inspired Johnny Depp (who's also an IxFP). Every author, even those who had known Brando, inserted the caveat that he was inscrutable; a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He laid bare his hatred for his tyrant father, who beat him and his mother. All those long comments can be summarized as: he was charismatic and complex so he was INFJ 4 like all charismatic and complex individuals. @idlebody I'm happy you also think Kidman is INFJ :)sensors can be deep as wellOk, #idlebody, it was just hard for me to see Fe from his interviews. I admit that INTJ seems more plausible than ISFP. It would be fun. I also suspect Albert Camus to be ISFP 4 and he had that tumultous sexual life with many partners like Brando did. I was sensitive by nature and he was coarse, a man with unerring animal instincts and intuitions. Despite these valuable character insights, large parts of the jigsaw were still missing. From his desperate attempts to revive his mother from her drunken stupors, the young Brando developed a knack for skits and role play. I have researched and found quotes to back up my analysis. Friends were often kept separate and would be picked up, dropped and picked up again with alarming regularity. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Marlon Brando MBTI type.. Lol, not even Personality-Datbank is buying CT's bullshit for this guy. " Yes, it's true that Brando had a well-developed Fi, but he also had Fe. The only forthright accounts were from jilted exes or disgruntled employees, who painted a diabolical figure. #yeah, Scotty, you're right. Anyway, I didn't thought Brando may be INFJ, but ISFP, because there's no way an INFP would be that Se. Also, yes he used a lot of Fi in his acting, but he finally quited acting because being so much into Fi was too much pressure for him. I don't think ENTJ even with developed Fi would be able to go into that length of empathy. I also don't think the argument that because he had a lot of sex and engaged in binge eating automatically makes him an ISFP. The thing you are describing seems more related to circumstances than Enneagram evidence though. Stanley Kowalski is a caricatural and unilateral ESTP. His neighbor, the actor Harry Dean Stanton, described a deeply spiritual man. " Ni was his thing. Sounds like you have a lot to teach them. I'd love to see you engage CT on one of their discussions using "scotty" as your name. But he relied a lot upon meditation. You'd be surprised if you see them on stage and back stage as contrastive personalities, from a macho to a meek, shy person. So it's not an "innate ability" as you suggest. (Part 4 of previous comment) And the analysis on Brando continued: "He then defined his life's mission – to resolve the bad habits and behaviors picked up during his formative years. I think the most authentic type is probably 9 rather than 4, even tough 4 are concerned with authenticity, it almost take an abstract meaning for them, and I think a type less focused on personal image like 9w1 may be more authentic (although they may not, due to avoiding conflict). " That is an unhealthy sexual 4. There's bissexuals of any type, and, if you compare with true bissexuals ISFPs like Mick Jagger or David Bowie, you'll see how much more masculine and domineering he is in comparaison. I can think your typing suggest a certain degree of vanity about your type,and still think you come as a very likeable and charismatic person, considerate of others. Its beyond pathetic. Further down the page the member "thedude" also saw the staggering amount of Ni before I even did. Based on the information I had at the time (basically Marlon not having INFP votes, and also Marlon being typed as INFP on CT), based on prior experiences it seemed like CT was probably the one that was wrong, but they could've very well actually got it right. I remember my sister telling me that she had fallen asleep in his bedroom, lying down on his couch, and in the middle of the night she woke up and he was sitting on the floor meditating and she was calling to him and he wouldn't answer. If there are two hundred people in a room and one of them doesn't like me, I've got to get out. I agree with you but how do you explain all these ISFP votes. In his later years, many of his relationships were conducted over the phone from the safety of his Mulholland retreat. Many good actors of his time, even portraying "manly" roles were mostly Fi-dom (namely James Dean, who's arguably an ISFP), because they possess the ability to imitate characteristics because of their innate high sensitivity of human nature. My settled typing for him is INFJ 4w5 sx/so. When I was unhealthy, I was promiscuous, had an eating disorder, abused substances. Maybe I sound bitchy but that's the impression I get from your typing process till now. Johnny relies on the women to make the moves for him because he's too shy/awkward. Frank Ocean is ISFP, Lana Del Rey is ISFP, Eminem is ISFP, there are tons who are ISFP, and I acknowledge the ones who I believe are ISFPs. All I'm saying is if you look at an INFP 4 (I use Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain a lot as the INFP 4 poster boys, and it's mainly because most people are in agreement about their types), they are generally pretty easy to spot as they're openly genuine, candid and interested in maintaining an authentic image, even in interviews. Though it does kind of make me feel slightly reassured in a way that I'm not the only one who sees Brando as a Ni-dom. I'm not even sure where his Te dominance is supposed to be found. An inferior Fi can be VERY active. They relive their abandonment over and over in a torturous, masochistic cycle. Cobain actually did that to a certain degree as well, like apparently he didn't ever slept under a bridge, and he or Novoselic actually admitted they would make up stuff about their past because they had very boring life. But that'sthe case of many INTJs actually and being an Sx/Sp is another factor. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Acting and Movie Industry characters list.. Sorry if I act like a know-it-all sometimes, it's not my intention. I can accept my mistake even if it's as a result of CT crying wolf with their pretentious, wrong, inconsistent typings. Upon reading his quotes, his Fi is pretty obvious, I'd say ISFP or INFP. Also, my disagreements with you and Codeaires is about the typing process, not personal. Really, it's like a kind of armor because I'm too sensitive. Was that supposed to be an argument. He get into a lot of emotional trouble in his life, which make him into contact with his ISFP shadow, appering often quiet, shy and sensitive. Brando led a very compartmentalized life. How do you reconcile typing him as Ni dominant though. The 9 in particular explains the unauthentic charm, with the 8 wing being the sledgehammer. The antithesis of an INFP. Ignore my earlier comments about CT btw, I didn't know that much about Marlon. I thought we're sort of powerless and thus we don't affect people that much. @bobnickmad That's ok. It's just I come sort of conflictual in MBTI arguments and you might get that wrong. " - Marlon Brando(Part 3 of previous comment) The documentary filmmaker continued on Brando: "Conversations with these 40-odd individuals provided some balance, beginning at least to cast Brando in a more favorable light. INxJ types can get that way when they're stuck in a Se grip. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Marlon Brando' belongs to!. This is going to be REALLY long so please bear with me. No one even agreed with CT here. Evan off screen he had that macho and domeenering aura that true ISFP like James Dean, so you can't compare. I can see where they got the Ne from, anyway. I presented my opinion not because I am trying to claim everyone as INFJ, that is not the case. INFP sexual 4s are not good at flirting and charming women, there's even a video on youtube of Johnny Depp saying how he isn't able to flirt with women or "makes moves" on them. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. I have my own vanities as well but I also try to find something likeable in most people. I didn't vote for 9 or anything but I was just saying that particular aspect of him seemed 9.

. " (to be continued in next message)(Part 2 of previous comment) Now to share quotes about Marlon Brando by the filmmaker who made the "Listen to Me, Marlon" documentary on him: "I read that he was elusive and eccentric; difficult to control, ostracized by Hollywood as a mutinous force; that he was an addictive personality and heartless womanizer, leaving broken hearts and suicides in his wake. Rather than wait for the inevitable departure of his girlfriends, Brando would run a sledgehammer through the relationships himself. " And this quote by Brando shows that he was very sensitive to the emotional energy of the people in his environment (Fe): "I put on an act sometimes, and people think I'm insensitive. that true ISFPs like James Dean don't haveMarlon Brando was manly as a character AND as a person. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. And the sexual 4 fits his personality very well because sexual 4s have the aggression, competitiveness and intensity that is most comparable to enneagram 8. I think anyone who grows up under those conditions may feel that way. This could be a good interpretation, but Brando seems very in contact with his ISFP shadow (and so "quiet, shy and sensitive"), already in his younger days and first movies, but he's without doubt very dominant already as a young man. Brando seemed hypersensitive to tiny fallouts and petty betrayals. His children Rebecca and Miko spoke candidly of a father who, while often absent, was still loving and attentive. "The volumes at his bedside when he died attest both to his wide range of interests and also to his subversive side. ' " And there's another interview where his daughter Rebecca says this of her father that really sealed the deal for me that he was an INFJ: "I do have memories of him telling me to take deep breaths. He wasn't a big fan of Freud. Harry Belafonte fondly recalled a brave champion with extraordinary empathy for the 1960s civil-rights cause. Because of the psychological damage from his troubled childhood, Brando began recording audio tapes of himself performing self-hypnotherapy and self-psychoanalyzing. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Marlon Brando likely is!. In this case you may be able to make the argument that Brando is actually the 9 INFP here. 9's pay more attention to their surroundings and use their observant nature to react in a way that is harmonious with the environment, rather than harmonious with their inner self. So, basically #idlebody, sorry for the bitchiness, but it isn't intended personally, as I simply don't know you as a person (except that you have a very cool fashion sense). In any case, this is an extremely unusual debate: ENTJ vs. I think I'm 6 so I take this typing thing too personal, but it's not about you as a person.

. com/21-amazing-facts-about-marlon-brando. " (to be continued in next message)Some of you might know I was looking into Brando from the chatzy room conversation, and I've changed my mind from INFP to INFJ for Marlon Brando. The final media servings were of a troubled recluse, wrestling with demons, bent on self-destruction through overeating; an aberration of his former youthful beauty. I see what you're saying with regard to ENTJ, but since inferior Fi is so obvious in him, why not INTJ with strong tertiary Fi. Both types are great at reading people's cues and imitate them, which is his methods of acting too. I'm quite sure about his tritype though 845 or 854. I'll watch the movie again to find evidence of the impression he gave me. And there was some terrible family tragedy that had befallen his household: a killing perpetrated by his son, followed by his daughter’s suicide, which had hastened his exile from the public gaze. After all the interviews I've read and watched, I can't see him as anything other than an INFx. Marlon, in his personal life was a very private person, and admittedly bisexual. I could see him ISFP or even INxJ to be franc. (to be continued in next message)http://www. His meditations had served their function, enabling the elderly man to parent his younger self and forgive his childhood fears. I think Brando has both a 4 and a 7/8 in there. What's the point of your comment about his bisexuality. In fact, I'd be more willing to believe that Brando was INTJ over ISFP because the intense interest he had in the human psyche and human behavior since he was young boy prevailed above all else. He looks a lot more like an introvert to me.

Marlon Brando
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