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Midoriya Izuku Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Midoriya Izuku MBTI personality type cover chart

Not so different, but 9s aren't always lazy self-centered assholes. Stop spamming INTP dipshit Izuku is an INTP, there is no other type he could possibly be. I wonder where that came from, from what I know, they like noting down things they learn, something any type could do (if one is being realistic). Whereas I'm struggling to see a shred of Ti evidence anywhere in your post. "what the fuck are you guys talking about lmao.

. While he has a habit of diligently writing down notes about his heroes he doesn't so much work on a plan of action that would be more characteristic of Ni doms like INxJs. He likes things planned and orderly - not off the cuff. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. Because you focus on minor details and bark like a dog as if they stepped on your favorite poop. :)he's definitely not a 9 tho. and also, he reminds me of my INFJ friend who always make notes in his book. And Fe is because he wants to be exactly like All Might. I'm not sure why you would confuse All Might's heroism for the people and Midoriya's ideal of the hero. And it would make sense with Bakugo being ENTJ (his shadow) and All Might being ENFJ (mentor and his best pairing relationship wise). On the other hand, I've been reading a lot about type 4 self preservation, and I think it fullfils Izuku's life. You can see this with Midoriya on how he wishes to be a Hero with the reputation of All Might, however, he doesn't take much heed to All Mights philosophy of being a "Symbol of Peace" for the people but instead it's implied more to be Midoriya trying to rise above his underdog situation of being Quirkless. Ni-Fe probably. He values people and their personal concerns over objectivity. I do not get NFJ let alone INFJ vibes from him at all. Also a very clear inferior Se - when it's on, it's ON. And he's sp blind as hell for obvious reasons. He seems to be more 2ish or 5ish. "Egg in the microwave", anyone. Fi is focused on individuation and one's own ideals over being a savior to the people. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Midoriya Izuku Myers-Briggs and personality type!. His anxiousness can become related to Si. But the fact remains. He's often stuck in his head, but his reasoning is never impersonal. that's not Ni that's called being a normal person lol In my opinion, he's ISFJ 6w5 so/sx. Kids coming together to nudge each-other into being better and more complete versions of themselves is what Hero Academia is ultimately about. Instead of talking about their suffering, these Fours are “long-suffering” in the sense of learning to endure pain without wincing. He's a quick thinker. You mentioned the cognitive functions first and didn't even bother to read between the lines, you escaped instead of making a sound reply. And on the subject of Ti or Thinking. In the beginning, nobody, not even his mom, thought he could be a hero. It's not uncommon for him to pass sensors for intuitive, and get a lot of characters mixed up. The reason he seems like an INFJ may be because All Might is ENFJ, and that's the guy he wants to be like. IxFJ by letters, INTP by functions. Type 4 self preservation: The Self-Preservation Four is the countertype of the Four subtypes, and so it may be difficult to identify this person as a Four. Imo, Izuku clearly uses Fi, probably ISFP based on the functions but with (very) strong values. The argument for INFJ is basically that he's a smart and intuitive ISFJ. It makes it even harder to distinguish since they have the same function stacks but orientated towards opposing environments (e vs i, Ni-Fe-Ti-Se of INFJs vs Ne-Fi-Te-Si of ENFPs). So I will be sharing this:. The comment about you being a cyber bully is probably a joke, I guess. why the fuck do people think enneragram is a proper substititue for an actual analysis of people Atta' boy. They have a 1 wing and 9s are harmony oriented. If you're arguing him as a Ti-dom, you're doing a pretty bad job. I think he is either a 9w1 or a 4w5, this may explain why some could perceive him as a feeler, despite not being one. He doesn't seem to be lazy self-centred asshole. Doesn't note taking (the way Midoriya does it) seem like an obvious Si trait. He inspires heroism in others by breaking down the barriers between lineage and identity: this is exemplified perfectly in his battle with Todoroki. The whole reason why I'm even commenting is because I'm baffled this kid is labelled an INFJ. This aspect also helps him in figuring out ways to counter Quirks used by his opponents. I'm still convinced he's an ENFP. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Boku no Hero Academia characters list.. It might be helpful for future reference. But yeah he seems also very INFJ. He could simply be a smart ISFJ or an INTP with a lot of Fe. He's not an Fe user. Izuku does not (see: when he tried to talk with Kouta), but definitely still cares. What seems to be inferior Se could simply be the recklessness of a P type. Hearts is a quite ridiculous user. Users like Hearts prove how little most people know about the INTP personality. I know this should not be done, but I read all the comments and I see that there are several discrepances about functions, so, for a chage, I'll talk about people I know. Ideals are very important to him, as shown where he sympathizes with Stain, despite the fact that Stain is a villain who has hurt many heroes and is not a person you'd expect sympathy for. INFJs are quite different, Izuku simply reeks INTP. And while I hate to give debate advice to a seasoned INTJ like yourself. Probably not a T type. Break Midoriya down and you have a kid who just wants to make people smile. Hard to conciliate this passage from the Boku no Hero Academia Wiki with anything but Ni-Ti: "Because of this practice [of taking notes about heroes and quirks], Izuku has developed a great analytical mind and is easily able to form complex plans in short amounts of time, often taking advantage of his allies' Quirks to put them in motion. What the fuck is up with the INTP votes. It's a very prevalent function to the character. I may be wrong, since I saw none of you even considered 4, so I won't be adding it. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. Although this Four experiences envy like the other Fours, they communicate their envy and suffering to others less than the other two Four subtypes do. Someone spammed ISFJ on P-D, but just to make it clear that he's INFJ 9w1: he gets lost in his own head way too much to be ISFJ 9w1 like Ippo from Hajime no Ippo, even though they're indeed quite similar to each other. Hearts contradicted herself (I assume it's a female). Or 9w1s are that much diffirent from 9w8s. He wants to save others with a smile, just like All Might. Look his expressive face, his mumbling under stress, the force of his expressions, and his wide eyed idealism without a plan. Actually, All Might could be ESFJ instead, so I guess I meant to say that I know looks up to All Might's Fe. Izuku is a healthy INTP, has never and will never be an INFJ. The NFJ hero would emphasize the effects of heroes on the populous over the act of being one as seen with All Might. I will traduce this comment : "he is not magical ans not impressive so he can not be my type"INFs can be nervous and they are less assertive than ENFPs, and NFPs can be charismatic,but i still think that he's INFJ. This kid's entire motivation is about inspiring people the way All Might does. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Midoriya Izuku? What about enneagram and other personality types?. And if his "Si" and "Fe" are so observable to you, why not type him as ISFJ. He's an extremely admirable character who is still relatable. INTPs are the kind of people that could risk their own safety in order to help others, they are not selfish, if I may add. Unless you wrote that wrong and you're saying he's the latter, in which case could you provide an example of obvious S preference over N as you put it. He seems to have too much Fe to be INTP but I can see him using a lot of Ti and Si, even Intuition in general. If there is an INFJ in the series I think it's implied to be the All-For-One character, granted I'm not too sure. If I ever get to properly typing either him or Izuku I'll do both at once though. This very humanist desire is what motivates Midoriya above all else; it's why he looks up to All Might. I seem him as a 2, but I know some folks disagree with me on that point. Pettiness only highlights just how weak your position really is. It screams ENFP. certainly not sp either, this is the dude who always jumps at trouble to save anyone, knowing full well he'll get fucked up n only giving a shit abt it if it impairs him enough to leave him useless to the ppl he's trying to helpI see him as INFJ but I'd like to hear the argument for ISFJBy the way, he reminds me of Future Trunks from DBZ for some reason. So I would say Ne dom and tertiary Te given how well he pulls it off at times. He is without a doubt INFJ and I could see a reasoning towards INTP, but Fi dom. Are you truly that fragile when dealing with logical thinking. Although Izuku can never accept Stain, he still recognizes that Stain's motives are strongly shaped by his ideals, which is something that he can relate to. Midoriya breathlessly breaks every bone in his body to get Todoroki to see that he is his own person, not his father; "It's YOURS. You could argue that this is because he inherited a super OP quirk (true), but few people would be able to handle OFA the way Izuku has. that's all true. I don't want to be rude but you are probably another Erik Thor, believing they are an intuitive, he has typed himself as INFJ. He's not one for improvisation unless his back is against the wall. His biggest strength is being an incredibly creative fighter that uses his environment to his advantage - a series of tactics to compensate for a lack of general strategy. Heck, his entire training arc was intensely regimented. "He's not a perceiver", INJs are perceivers due to the fact that they are dominant intuitives. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. LOOOORD YESSSS, the way he hurts himself when fighting and training reminds me SO BADLY of 4 self preservation. Lazy yes, but why would 9w1s be self-centered assholes. Whatever they get, however, never feels like enough. I am completely confident Izuku is an INTP. The whole approach to heroism in Hero Academia that focuses on individual accomplishment over heroism for the people and Midoriya's convictions demonstrate this perfectly. This happens to line up with the stereotypical Fe-user's need to help people out. Most arguments I've seen for INFJ are "you can see his strong Ni because he has a goal of being a hero:)" like. Between ISFJ and INFJ I will chose INFJ right away. They will give away some clues to the person in trouble so that person can end up saving himself (just as he did with Shouto). People might confuse him for INFJ if they're not aware how Fi and Ni works. No, I mean, he doesn't have that the clear-headedness (or calm) that's usually associated with Ni-doms like Todoroki. "Stop spamming INTP dipshit" is supposed to be a valid argument to prove Izuku is not an INTP. The emotions/feelings of his are quite pure, one could say (his Fe resembles that of a child's feelings, when being compared to the INFJ's Fe). But I remember clearly that when All might described Izuku, he used the word "Envy". There is no way Midoriya is a perceiver haha. Too nervous and socially awkward. (First of all, I have caught up on the manga, so my view may differ from anime-only watchers. Actually his Ni-Fe is clear to me. Can anyone explain why INFP. These Fours are more stoic and strong in the face of their pain. I mean he's very close to him, I forgot what was my first impression of him, maybe INFP. His Ti and Fe cannot be denied, his "suppressed" Fe leads him to have uncontrolled emotional outbursts (something that an INFJ would have better control of), which is normal considering he is still a teenager. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Midoriya Izuku likely is!. I literally don't understand where people don't see Si+Ne in him. INTPs aren't all lazy and indifferent characters. His ability to think up strategies is very useful, but it's often Fi and Se that guides most of his actions. Many of his conclusions are used in the real world. Midoriya is people-oriented. Se would be less concerned with the individual relevant and irrelevant details of heroes as Midoriya does in his notebooks and more concerned with creating a generalized list of features that focuses more on understanding something than detailing everything about it - two ways of writing notes that would show how Ni-Se and Ne-Si would work. So that leaves Fi auxillary and Si inferior. I agree:) Where's the Ni though. You can't be as anxious as he is without being a 6. You can sniff the Fi. Midoriya's ideal and approach to the world screams Ne-Fi - the wide-eyed wonder look to his character in particular screams Fi. Unfortunately, we don't reward points for condescension here. He is very much in tune with his body, to the point where he can beat people who have had more experience using their quirks. Also, Fe users have strong social skills and usually know what to say to other people to make them act a certain way. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. About INTPs not taking notes. Todoroki is not a Ni dom and calm attitude have nothing to do with NiI swear Todoroki was an INTJ. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Midoriya Izuku MBTI type.. The INTPs I know care about being their own person, a common intuitive trait. Unlike an INFJ, he may struggle to deal with other people's feelings, poor at taking "emotional" hints (if they were to involve him). You can't make a shounen with an INFJ. To summarize, Izuku is someone who has always had a dream to be a hero, even when faced with rejection and skepticism (Fi). Let me mention he went to a gifted school in Sweden that wasn't a gifted "gifted" school but a school for people with autism and such, it's well known in Sweden, he's actually an ISFP that basically tried to justify himself for not having much INFJ qualities. Outside of lineage and inheritance and forging personal significance outside of these strict hierarchies; HeroAca is mainly about people coming together to achieve self-actualization and personal identity on their own terms and ultimately on their own feet. Inspiring but not charismatic. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. If he's "too nervous" and "too socially awkward" wouldn't it be odd typing him as an introvert. All the INTPs I met tend to be serial procrastinators. Weak minded being, I have no other words to describe your "logic". In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Midoriya Izuku' belongs to!. In function terms, his Fe is self-evident. Envy is less apparent in the Self-Preservation Four because instead of dwelling in and expressing envy, this Four works hard to get what others have that he or she lacks. no u fag The Azula character is showing strong in you, keep the mess under control (when she used to be cool) Also I like the pic since she was one of my favourite characters hearts, are you an ESFJ. His strategys are based in informations that he registered. Thanks Horikami for creating him. Like his hero All-Might. This kid's superpower is basically note-taking. "Izuku simply reeks INTP" well ya better stop sniffing those 2D characters man, doesn't look like it's doing you wonders Always nice to meet a fan. His greatest asset comes from a place of preparedness. Everything is to do with building rapport. His ability to strategize only comes when he's knee deep in battle and his insights stem a wide reaching ability of perception that's seems to indicate Ne instead of Ni. I dont know where you guys see 9w1, he's phobic 6 as FUCK.

. Also, it would be very interesting if Kouhei Horikoshi was another ISTP type 9 author like Toriyama (see my comment on his page on this site for details) since they'd share all functions with INFJ. Shut up doodlepoodle. He used the HeroAca Games as a means to help Todoroki take control of his own identity, and did so at the cost of his own physical well-being and at the potential cost of future endorsements. I just wonder. Come on, you're a parody. You would never mistake Midoriya for being indifferent or uncaring because he wears his heart on his sleeve. He wants to help others be better than are. Doesn't have the clear calm personality of an NFJ and his view of a hero has interesting nuances to that of All Mights - being a hero is something he wants to become for himself, the idea of being a "Symbol of Peace" or anything of that sort isn't as important but would nonetheless fulfill such roles if it's required for him to be a hero. You should look up Kiznaiver's Katsuhira or Hitorijime My Hero's Setagawa (both are obvious INTPs). It's his frequent analysis of pretty much everything regarding heroes that allows him to improve. *extrovertHe's an unsocialized ENFP. Also, to the manga readers (I don't think this scene made it into the anime yet): remember that time when he was talking with Tomura (INTJ 6w5) on the bench and he said Deku's insight helped him connect the dots and get a clearer view on the big picture of their current situation. Of all the ISFJ and INFJ I've met, I can say that one of the biggest differences in behavior is that ISFJs tend to protect and fight fierously for their loved ones, but they won't do the same for unknown people, on the other hand, INFJ may not passionatly defend people, but they deeply care about known and unknown people. Midoriya is planning and training 24/7. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. It's a shonen series after all - like Naruto (ESFP or ENFP) trying to become Hokage. You're an idiot, INTP has clearly been spammed,I just stated that, ""Stop spamming INTP dipshit" is supposed to be a valid argument to prove Izuku is not an INTP" - It was never supposed to be an argument to prove that he's not an INTP, stop assuming nonsense. He's inferior Se is stimulated via Fe, you can see this dialogue moments in which he weighs the importance using Fe and it springs him into action. Pseudo-INFJ typing only INFJ-related stuff from vibes. You couldn't get the INTP more wrong, do you read into stereotypes instead of cognitive functions. Midoriya wants to be a hero for the sake of being a hero. He spends a lot of time inside of his own head if I am not mistaken, questioning himself. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. He has way too much Fe to be an INTPI think it's pretty obvious that INTP got spammed. He's reckless. Izuku is quite the "good boy", doesn't like to take any risks nor is any impulsive, these are Si traits. Instead of hanging out in their longing in a way that prevents them from taking action, they strive to get “those distant things” that give them the feeling of being able to obtain that which was lost. It's a shounen for god's sake. To make matters more complicated he's using auxillary Fi which is more attuned to inner emotions and values rather than the external socialization of Fe. " -- This is Midoriya's cross to bear; this is his purpose. Another user has typed your username under the Yandere side, why that person would do that, I don't know. Si users tend to have routines, unlike Se users that are not quite like that (more spontaneous than Si users). Midoriya I would say is an ENFP. And yet he kept believing he could. I think the biggest problem is that people are having a hard time differentiating Ni from Ne and not understanding Si, and confusing Fi for Fe. He is an INFJ. And imo his tritype is 2w1, 6w5, 9w1 They think just intuitives can be strategics. You can try and obscure that with function-stack psychobabble all you want.

Midoriya Izuku
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