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Most intuitive type Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Most intuitive type MBTI personality type cover chart

I don't think they're really "least intuitive" in the sense where if you took a bunch of INFJs and had them take a test to see their average intuition strength they would be closest to borderline but more so that with what data we have, it can be inferred that because if you are an intuitive you are more likely to be extraverted, feeling, and perceiving, sensing inversely aligns itself with introversion, thinking, and judging. Even ISFPs can appear quite intuitive too. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Intuition is defined as "the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning" which sounds more like Ni than Ne. Why are so many people voting 4. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. Also, tertiary Si doesn't add much of a sensing dimension to the type. ENFP and INFJ. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Most intuitive type MBTI type.. Fives are by far the most overwhelmingly N. smallness in the face of the reality and the desire to preserve one's own through partially creating an identity or something. Also wow kudos to you for writing out that long explanation + statistics, lol. 684% more likely i like that more it has a nicer ring to it but SOME PEOPLE don't think soAlso all that said im voting enfpYeah that does make sense when you take letter correlation into consideration. However, I think Ni-doms are more grounded and focused than Ne-auxes who tend to be the least "sensing" of all types. Also sp/sx should be most intuitive. Intuition is tied to perceiving > extraversion > feeling overall, and big 5 actually reflects a similar trend with its openness trait, which in fact correlates to intuition > perceiving > extraversion > feelingYes snowpetal i knew it im sorry i made a grave mistake the value is 1. And I don’t know what the point is in distinguishing among mbti types. A natural at choking on the D. This may also be related to Enneagram (ISxP 4s and 5s probably seem more intuitive, and ISxP 6s and 9s probably seem more sensing). Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Most intuitive type Myers-Briggs and personality type!. ENTP, ENFP, INTJ, and INFJ should be equally N. but they're also not searchig for "truth. But sometimes it's too much, and self-doubt, and etc. judging kind of just has a realistic bend which goes against intuition--being nj is sorta paradoxical in a wayTwo Ni doms: INTJ and INFJ. 8% of sensors are. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. As for enneagram it's really hard to say. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. So we're dealing with dichotomatic MBTI here then. Even though four different assets exist for mbti types, they're not absolutely inseparable to the point where you could say one is independent of another trait and doesn't share any traits with it. INTJ's are less intuitive, because they get Te which works better in real world and makes them lose focus from Ni. But I was approaching it more from a "which type exhibits the purest form of Jungian intuition" perspective which I think requires N-dominance and Feeling over Thinking. Feeling is a judging function, not a perceiving function. INFJs are pure Ni madness. That comes across as a bit reductive and untrue. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. it's rather the first instinct that appeared in life forms, the most primal, basic, materialistic and down-to-earth one, an instinct to serve one's body, have food, have shelter, have practical skills and playing it safe, because how can you spread your genes or build your social identity if your physical form will get destroyed before that. I've noticed this is especially an issue when typing ExxPs since such a vast amount of ESxPs think they're intuitives because they're smart, not realizing thatintelligence =/= MBTI type. Even though perceivers take up 45. N-Dom with Feeling preference is the most "intuitive" because Thinking (whether Te or Ti) attempts to comprehend and/or objectify the intuitive insight, which generally makes it less "pure. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Most intuitive type' belongs to!. I agree with scotty that Ne-auxes seem to be the most intuitive, specially INFPs. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. Infj is actually one of the least intuitive intuitives by default but because they're introverted and "n-dominant" they'll get voted to the topWhy do you think they're one of the least intuitive intuitives. :DINFPs have Ne + Ni. I'm going for INFJ. scotty in my shadow - always intuitive. Ne-doms can resemble Se-doms sometimes, and Ni-doms are more down to earth because they pursue goals. INFJ and their Fe would be much more oriented to stablish emotional and social connections between people. kinda depends on the definition you use. how sp is the most intuitive instinct. fearful of being overcome by it I think 5 > 4. If 5 is essentially being fearful of reality itself. The Fi of INFPs is processed almost solely through intuition, in a way that isn't really sensual at all. both sx and so seem relatively more intuitive, sexual because they search for special something to unite with and it's not only about romantic partners or sex, it's about anything they are passionate about, so it can be abstract philosophical ideas they devote their lives to and put them above own health or reputation and social because the idea of society and group relations is obviously more abstract, global and complex than idea of staying alive. but intuition seems to be linked to extraversion which i never really caught when i used to type people, and it's changed my perception of what intuition really represents. " There really is this intermediary between 5 and 4 that's like. And sorry if me asking came across as rude, I was really just curious to hear your reasoning. INFP is probably the most intuitive in the Jungian sense. so you could also say 2. Even if you don't want to consider that true, the idea of "aux Ne" is very very very N-heavy. I've spoken before about how Fi and Ti can sometimes seem like Ni from an external perspective, but this is only because they operate entirely inside the person's head, leaving outside observers baffled as to how they arrived at a given conclusion. If by intuitive you mean dreamy, non-reality oriented, and contemplative then yes, INFP would get my vote. 6% of intuitives are p while only 36. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Polls characters list.. I do think NJs tend to be a lot more pragmatic and realistic than NPs also, because they're judgers, which would make them less intuitive in that sense. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. But, since their tertiary function is Te which is one of the most grounded functions, I closed it. ENFP I'd say, they're intuitive dominant but unlike us ENTPs, they're less focused on facts then they are deep feeling. @ventus I guess we are just approaching from different angles, and when I see "intuitive" I think MBTI "N". i think infj sooooorta fits if you consider the spacey daydreamy introverted intuition sorta thing and equate it to what people call ni but i think infp is a *lot* more representative of that stereotype (infjs i know tend to seem less "in" than they do if, ij, fj, nf and nj, in my experience while i can't really say the same for infps i know, who seem more in than maybe if or fp). You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Most intuitive type likely is!.

. if i ever really typed by functions i probably would vote infj too, and if i didn't have this data i would have voted infp. Maybe Ni-doms are more "intuitive" as a rule than the other 7 sets of doms. While the works of the latter are more structured/organized the works of the former leave more up to imagination which is the primary character of Jungian intuition. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. INFJ and ENFP I'd say. 02684 times more likely to be an intuitive if you're a feeler than in the normal population distribution. you didn't come off that way at all -- i was actually super stoked you asked after i made that snarky comment cuz i had an excuse to go back to that excel table i made w/ all the info i'd compiled on the whole thing. Just compare works of many people who are considered INxPs (Tolkien, Kafka, Lovecraft, Márquez) with equivalents who are considered INxJs (Cormac McCarthy, Charlotte Bronte, Hegel). I saw ENFP as an attractive choice too. An INFP will rarely appear as a Sensing type because they seem so highly N. INFJ probably fits the traditional definition of "intuition" best though if you're going off of functions, which is probably what many of the INFJ voters were thinking. Taking account to the fact that Ni is defined as the most intuitive and abstract cognitive function we get a IN J type. Probably one of my most controversial opinions, but I generally think that any IxFJ, IXTJ, ExTP, or ExFP that is on the cusp or scores lower than around 80% Intuitive is a sensor due to online bias leading them to believe intuitives are better. 5w4 is more intuitive than 4w5, mainly because there are significantly more ISFPs 4w5 than ISTPs 5w4 (other sensors are very rare for both types, there are possibly as many ISFJs 4w5 as ISTJs 5w4 and that is not many). But some 5 definitions make 5 seem close to Jungian Ti because they stress some sort of desire to build a systematic understanding of how the individual perceives the world which is pretty J-ish. 72% more likely to be intuitive than the normal population (if I calculated that correctly). it's kinda just a little messy and i've never really been so sure about which way anything goes. " Ni-Fi INTJs and Ne-Fe ENTPs will be "most intuitive" as well but they are rarer than Ni-Te INTJs and Ne-Ti ENTPs and thus INFJ/ENFP are on average more intuitive. Feeling is less tied to these dichotomies, but if you are a feeler, you are 0. I think the reason why some ISxPs seem intuitive is because they have developed their tertiary Ni. I think the Ne in ENFPs is focused on the present to the degree that it takes on Se characteristics.

. Take a person who calls themselves an ExTP for example, the way I see it that person is almost surely an ESTP becuase if they were infact an ENTP, the Intuition would be way to obvious to even question. ESFPs have Ne, Ni, No, Nu, Na, Nuh, Nope, Never, Nah ah. This does not mean that Fi and Ti are intuitive functions in and of themselves. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Most intuitive type? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Personally I choose to follow the former definition because I think lots of those super alienated 5s don't really fit best in the 4 category of trying to build an identity. For the tertiary function, Fi seems less grounded than Ti, so INTJ has the point here, but Ti is a very abstract function which is focused on reasoning and patterns, also very non-down to earth, so it doesnt' end convincing me to vote INTJ over INFJ. i'm not exactly sure which intuitive function is really more like mbti's intuition because each one borrows some varying aspects of it that sometimes get flattened out, overlooked, or combined. The reason why intuitives tend to be perceivers and sensors tend to be judgers is simply because the two scales tie into one another: intuition values looking at more options and is more receptive to alternatives while sensing is more "practical" in the sense where there is less of an "exploration" of various other ideas, which implicitly ties itself with judging. I agree with that. I would go for INFJ because INTJ uses Te, which is a very grounded function that looks for goals and concrete things in the actual world directly. i do agree with your np/nj distinction btw. 9% of the population, 70. 02684 so yes you are 1. And I didn't see INFP that likely even if it is a really possible typing. Scotty: I see where you're coming from, but I disagree. Its also worth mentioning that it is very easy for xSFPs in particular to mistype as Intuitives due to the fact that Fi can mask as Intuition. 3% of people are extraverts, but 46% of sensors are extraverts while 58% of intuitives are extraverted. This type corresponds best to Jung's Ni typeoverall though of course there are exceptions. Any dominant intuitive would relate heavily to almost all the intuitive questions on any test and would likely come up mas highly intuitive as a result.

Most intuitive type
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