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Most logical F-dom Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Most logical F-dom MBTI personality type cover chart

Taken that way, it might just mean that ENFJs are more natural-born leaders :p What cretins voted for types that are not actually F dom. The post is too vague for me to give an accurate answerAgain these fuckers putting INFPs down. <3 Sorry, but no jokes allowed. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. INFJ aren't F-doms. What person should I be speaking in. INFj in socionics is far closer to INFJ in MBTI than INFP which explains why clear INFPs in MBTI like Kurt Cobain or Sylvia Plath are INFp in socionics whereas clear INFJs in MBTI like Simone De Beauvoir or Dostoevsky are also INFj in socionics. I think in fact INFPs can most often be logical when it comes to their own decisions (only when they don't get carried away by what they're feeling and ignore the more "logical" choice). Are they all covert narcissists. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Most logical F-dom Myers-Briggs and personality type!. I'm referring to another human being that isn't here. I suppose you could call INFJ "F dom" by letters if it is their highest letter, but the letter system generally doesn't make such distinctions.

. THey are less likely to be 5 though/have 5 in their tritype Why do INFPs insist on voting for themselves on every entry. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. It’s ENFJ. First person wouldn't make sense, since I'm not referring to myself. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Considering INFJ's are the only F-doms where a substantial proportion are enneagram 5. Five is the most logical enneagram type and INFP is the most likely to be five out of F-domsProbably ISFP. And ENFJs make the most logical and wise decisions when it comes to the best for everyone, taking into account what is most appropriate and what works best in the both long and short run. Why are you speaking in the third person. While ENFJs have "Inferior Ti" that would supposedly be a more subjective thinking.

. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Most logical F-dom' belongs to!. So if you do use the socio perspective than someone who is INFJ by letters will most likely be EII in socionics and considered and F dom that is p logical/rational. I make more money than you thanks to my remarkable brain, bitch. I only know 1 INFP and she is the most illogical person I know Virtually everything about feelings is subjective and relative, different from logic (or, at least, let's say that logic is less subjective than feelings), but feelings is the issue here. In the case of the most logical overall feeler, I'd agree, it's likely INFJ, although I don't really agree with the method you used, since using socionics to come to an answer in the letter framework (especially when the INFj in socionics is closer to the INFP in both letter and fucntion mbti) is flimsy at best. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. INFP on outside but ENFJ in inside I don't think so :P Well, let's stereotype now. Certainly not INFP ExFJ are actually logical than people gave them credit for. anyway cool gif also I love it, need to watch The Chocolate Factory again The "best for everyone" is relative and of subjective importance. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. I think it all depends on how we're facing the "logic" term here. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Most logical F-dom MBTI type.. While ENFJs don't, but when it comes to making the most logical and assertive choices, ENFJs take the cake because INFPs may have many difficulties in dissecting the best logical choices foroften being too influenced by their own feelings. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Polls characters list.. If we go by MBTI only, not giving a shit about enneagram, the most logical F dom has got to be a sensor, so either ESFJ or ISFP, and considering J and Fe are considered more objective than Fi, ESFJ takes the cake. Everything must be taken seriously. Its that their logic are more concern with human condition. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Most logical F-dom likely is!. INFPs have "Inferior Te", which is supposedly objective thinking. Hence my reply about you speaking in the third person. Second person also wouldn't make sense as I am not talking to the person. If you really believe in function theory I’d give a vote for ENFJ 1w2. http://mbtibase. But because ENFJs are probably a little more objective than INFPs (for focus on others feelings in general), even though they're Feelers too, they're supposed to tend to make better, more assertive and "logic" choices that would work better in general. And that Tertiary Ti. So I find them more "logical" than INFPs in general. So the closest type to MBTI "INFJ" by letters is definitely EII/INFj in socionics. ” I’ll make it ESFJ too Most voters are INFPs ( a lot of INFPs are hidden on this site, they don't post they just vote on entries they view positively cause they're snowflakes) Actually, I wouldn't say this is INFP. com/viewchar/The-most-logical-type--mbti-personality-type---30976I’m voting ISFJ Thank you, lmao, I only voted ESFJ because I considered traditional function stacks. ESFJ are the most realistic F-doms (and F types overall) by far. Boy, maybe you’re an ESTP after all, as Se-doms have difficulty not taking things at face value. If F is the secondary function the type is not F dom. Infj is not an F dom. Oh that’s a good point actually I don’t think the “I” is important enough here to go against what the entry is “really asking for. INFP can be quite logical when they apply their logic to dissect some topic of interest tough. It was a joke as many users troll you with an INFP typing. It can be in some cases, but on a whole it's probably ENFJ. Those INFP votes are a joke. Thus you’d be referring to yourself in your original comment. Keyword: "F-dom" (IFPs and EFJs). The entry says "F dom", meaning it's specifically refering to the framework of function theory wherein the only possible F dominant types are ExFJ/IxFP. I think what I meant by "INFP on the outside but ENFJ on the inside" is that INFPs seem to be more logical when you look for the outside, because they're introverted and often seem far away, too detached. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. You can see in mature INFP comments that they can be quite analytical, which doesn't fit inferior T stereotype. Love you anyway bluegrass. If you’re open to letters I’d vouch for INFJ 1w9. Fi and Fe are consider rational function(along with Ti and Te) if that is what you meant as being logical. Yeah, it's ESFJ. INFP is logical as beef is vegan. If you read more about socionics theory you'll also see that Se is considered the worst function of the EII type, just like it is for INFJ in MBTI and for the intuitive subtype of the Fi type in Jung. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Most logical F-dom? What about enneagram and other personality types?. If you meant being logical as being practical(Sensor), ISFP and ESFJ. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. 1w2 seems like the best answer here bc 1 is correlated with extraordinarily rational IxTJ types who tend to use very discrete and perfected systems to make their distinctions. Yeah, I'm gonna go for INFJ. In socionics many say EII (INFJ) is the closest type to LII (INTJ) and there certainly have been many principled, fair and rational INFJ 1s out there. ESFJs are at least sensible and realistic and can function in the world.

Most logical F-dom
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MBTI enneagram type of Most logical F-dom Realm:

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