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Mr maul Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Mr maul MBTI personality type cover chart

"snow petal don't have debunked me , she don't give any answer about my word about him being not enough argumentative and too conflict avoiding to being a 5" I never claimed to debunk you but I did respond to you about that, maybe you should go check that before making accusations. Holy shit yeah you're the big objective redpiller trumping all the inferior minds with your cutting edge truth bombs that everyone's too afraid to accept and I'm just the lowlife nice guy that cares about preserving the harmony yet also calls you an obnoxious fucking idiot every other sentence, I gotta say you really blew my mind thereSeriously though, I've told you everything I have to say about a dozen times already, I need to go preserve some harmony, can we please drop it hereDamn I don't even like Maul but get off his page with all this arguing. Inf - Ne - Tries to look for something new to do. extraverted Feeling (Fe) ******************* (19. Inferior (ENxP) – Sense of the natural order of life gives stability to fantasizing and theorizing. fg thinks Mr Maul is ISFJ. Extraverted Feeling. I know for a fact I know him better than you do and even I feel like I barely know him. you deny fact again. "That's how everyone is typed on this website; telling people what they are without inquiring first. " me to but it does not indicate N but lack of Se. IXFP are frequently 9i ve noticed fe more than mature Fi. He keeps a lot to himself and is pretty hard to get to know. you're trying to type everyone like the people say they are for the sake of being nice and it's far less fair than being "a jerk"and telling unpleasant truth. 5 is more conflicting and less submissive than you are. Si doms are tranquil and chill. Crit - Ti - Criticize others for not making any sense. The thing is I've given reasons why I think he's an ISTJ 9, he can't give reasons as to why he's an INTJ 5. That I'm a famous indian violin player that has 76 kids, I can prove it by talking chinese. 9 is the body enneagramm least common to an INTJ and 9w1 is the body enneagramm most common with ISFJ. Rather him and others have to conflate types that way it can be argued that he's INTJ 5. Mr Maul consider himself INTJ. @mr maul If you think you are INTJ including the cognitive functions. about your enneagramm you should read this because i think you're fit more to the 9 description. You can type celebrities through interviews and fictional characters through their motivations and dialogue, but using a bunch of text from someone who barely, if ever comments doesn't make for a very sound argument, let alone evidence Y'all are mad defensive. Auxiliary (ExFP) – Able to influence others, motivated by feelings about people, conveys passion. You are really good at simplifying things. :)Obviously ISFJ this guy is clearly not a Te or a Ni userFg please leaveThe least argumentative, most passive INTJ 5 ever. Introverted Feeling. ISFJCalm and tranquility can be associated with Ni doms since they don't use Se or sensing much. Extraverted iNtuition. My Fe is lower on functions tests than Fi. you're certainly not cynical or resistant and you don't are suspicious at all. They're mostly alt votes. Inferior (INxJ) – Taking action to make one’s vision a reality, testing ideas to see if they’re practical. I swear this asshole thinks he's JFK with how he talks. I relate more to Ni and trusting my gut instinct about situations/people more than relying on past experience/data - albeit it may seem like I do here, but this is a datbank afterall. I could see INTJ 9w1. I couldn't have said it any better myself, can we please just leave it at this now, all of this is just so fucking pointlessI don't made psychology for dummies , in every comment you try to being the nice guy that's why me and pikup(people who break harmony for bring back a higher level of objectivity) are you usual opponents. You people are in denial, I swear. You're typing him based off of one single personality trait.

. Ni is cerebral and you don't talk like an INTJ. "He's ISFJ because he's harmony oriented" doesn't really hold up either now does itLol back off he's mineBeing non-argumentative/not brash /=/ Fe, all it means is that he's mature and not using Te in an unhealthy way (like the TJ stereotype). i type you ISFJ because you're acting like one. Tertiary (ENxJ) – Engaging in physical activity every now and then, uses force of will periodically. not analytical like 5w6 would be. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Extraverted Sensing. extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************* (31. Anyways, he's INFJ by the letters and INTJ by the functions imo, I can see either one fitting him. can't be INTJ because he don't have any Te. According to this I'm definately 5 > 9. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. While we're at it lets not type celebrities because we don't know them personally. Also in the chat you just did what Hairspray told you to, it wasn't really your chat. Follows the same logic, he was in chat anyways, quit making excuses. Because I really doubt you have. Therefore IxTJ 9w1 Sp/So. there is the function order signification:. Well, I'm getting my information from here: http://pstypes. my argument about teen who type themselves the type they want to be (generally NT or INFJ). Nines are gentle, easygoing, patient, receptive, and accommodating, whereas Fives are intense, strong-minded, argumentative, contentious, and highly resistant to the influence of others"according to this you're definitely 9>5. This is my exact thought process when I leave the house. This moron aint an 8 with his arbiter of truth shtick. You guys gotta admit that you just enjoy telling people they're mistyped. Inferior (ESxP) – Preparing for the future by focusing on the present, seeing connections after experience. Auxiliary (IxFJ) – Makes speech appropriate for the situation, assisting people by impacting their feelings. Tertiary (ISxP) – Predicting where they will be in a few years, making inferences about absent information. ISFJ of courseI'm changing my vote to 5w6 sp/sx. that's the objective proof he is a nine instead of 5. Tertiary (ExTP) – Maintaining camaraderie, limiting conflict, acting in accordance with a common cause. You're not capable of thinking objectivelyCan everyone please get a fucking life or something what even is the point of this anymoreYou people just tell others what they want to hear. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Mr maul likely is!. When an entry has a lot of comments, the page HEAVILY lags. So much denying is hilariousFg vs Mr Maul. com/misidentifying-5-and-9"He identifies as INTJ but I don't see the Ni-magic and he isn't arrogant so he's gotta be ISFJ. According to this I'm a 5. i agree a INTJ don'have to fit to every trait of the description but Maul don't fit to the INTJ description or the function of this type. Honestly, I think that we don't have enough information to type him as anything beyond IxxJ for certain, but he surely knows himself better than any of us so why not give him the benefit of the doubt. and he is more Si(detail oriented)Than Ni(symbol oriented). They have not. Peoples votes on this site mean very little when a user can create 10+ accounts to spam vote with. Stop trying to twist my words or get to me personally, list your reasons why you think he's whatever type you think he is and leave it at that, there's no point in any of what you're doing, you're just being a bunch of dicks for the fuck of itYeah weren't you the guy who told me not to "psychology for dummies" him just a few days agoLook I already told you that I personally don't think your arguments really hold up and agree with snowpetal in that there's just not enough information for you to act like you're speaking some big objective truth, nothing you said here is fact, it's your personal interpretation, and that's the last time I'm gonna repeat myself on thisI can't even understand what you're all arguing about anymore, but yikes, can we not have a simple debate without all the hostility and defensiveness. "Nines tend to see things the way they want them to be; they reinterpret reality to make it more comforting and less threatening, simpler and less daunting. Aux - Te - Look to others to help them compile their ideas together. Never said Ni was magic. too chill to be a IXTJ not enough visionnary to be INXJ. You have no argument tet want to keep the peace so you're trying desperately for us to drop it, its just that simpleI don't use stereotype i use function or official source like enneagraminstitute. you're just an annoying teenager who deny fact and try to be the good cop , but in this site we have too much hypocrisy and ass licking. And anyway, you can make a point using whatever "evidence" you want, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the evidence *only* supports one side. All this arguing has brought up a new issue with the site that could be fixed for the betterment of all. "Nines like people and trust them; perhaps at times they are too trusting. They write these long walls of text going into detail and whatnot and he doesn't. enneagraminstitute. Mr maul being an INTJ 5w6 is an hilarious vote. Read his comment and you will he is certainly not INTJ. Unfortunately most of his comment was in personality databank, here i does not have posted so muchSome of that is relatable but this "They avoid introspection in favor of entertaining comforting notions about themselves, whatever they may be" Is not. You know what else is a truth. You would need to see more of the picture in order to get a clearer idea of what the shape really is. Auxiliary (IxTJ) – Helping others think logically, credence to external facts, providing clear instructions. "None of this is true of Fives, and the two types are opposites in many ways. I don't think soSorry i was saying that but i make a click mistake "if you believe 5 are passive like him read that https://www. you telling shit on me for trying to be seen as the nice guy who save the day against the mean fg(and sheep like your comment obviously). on this site you're seem to use fe (social harmony ) more than fi(inner value)fg, I don't use very much Fe. It's not really as clear as you think. Is it really that hard. My vote for me is still INTJ too. i insult you only because you say "get a life" and this is obviously a comment of somebody who have nothing to bring on the debate Can you stop making me repeat myself, of course I have nothing to "bring on the debate", it's pointless, which is why I asked you to stop, snowpetal already pretty much debunked everything you said and your shitty, stereotyped assumptions aren't facts, try to listen to what other people have to say for once and, again, get off your high horse you pretentious fucking snobEvidence can be interpreted differently, you're being bias. Dominant (ENxP) – Extrapolates ideas across contexts, constantly innovating, compares dissimilar things. This is also why I thought I was a 6w5 for a while. You're not explaining why you think you're N. I have the opposite problem entertaining negative notions and trying to stop them. Auxiliary (ENxJ) – Awareness of what their overall goal is, having an idea of how the future will be. fg- ISFJ functions. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Mr maul Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Opp - Se- No need to see it for themselves to understand. harmony is Fe or 9 so you're one of them. Tertiary (ExFP) – Making simple charts, diagrams, and lists; sometimes being blunt or tactless. 9 traits make you look more F. Arguments are evidence, it's how we decide what is and isnt true. Dem - Ni- Tries to predict something bad will happen to them. But there's no reason I can think of that he's INTJ 5, especially when there's evidence to the contrary. As for no symbolic comments, he doesn't even comment that much, so how can you really tell. Nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone's assessment of themselves and telling them as much but you're typing him with such limited information that I can't really take your assessment seriously. so God please NO he is not an NTJFirst it was that you didn't know how the site works, now it's "laziness/apathy" You're just changing your story. Nothing is being observed, the only thing you can do is form interpretations, it's not evidence nor fact and if you think so it's bias, can we please drop this nowIf you readed at my post more than 2 second you will see my comment about symbolic ,philosophy ore future oriented analysis. nope you stay in your special snowflake syndrome and you still denying the truth. Similarly, you see Maul displaying traits of passiveness and nonargumentativeness, and one person interprets that as IxFJ while another interprets it as IxTJ with a neutral enneagram type. com/misidentifying-5-and-8. Only did discord because I was invited by people here. Many Fi doms get high on 9 which is all about peace/harmony yet you still think 9 traits = fe. Inferior (ExTJ) – Spreading goodwill through telling others what to do. Inferior (ExFJ) – Occasionally balancing a stable emotional atmosphere with critical thinking and input. and he don't fit to Ni dominance or Te auxiliary so he can't be INTJ. i can't see the ni in him but neither can i seem him as an n type, i think istxI'm not an ISTJ. That's how everyone is typed on this website; telling people what they are without inquiring first. Dominant (ExTJ) – Telling others what to do, directing and organizing people, making plans for groups. I"m not trying to push an agenda here or any specific typing, I just really struggle to see where you're getting ISFJ from. Their thought is focused on specifics, often highly technical and concerned with foresight and the consequences of acting one way rather than another. stop denying fact and call them biasSnow petal don't have debunked me , she don't give any answer about my word about him being not enough argumentative and too conflict avoiding to being a 5. " and disagree with everyone ISFJ 9w1 in denial An ISFJ that needs to develop that Ne and FeISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted. Tertiary (IxTJ) – Having simply defined but strong values, can identify how they feel about an issue. keys2cognition. ISFJ>ISTJHe's nothing like the intuitives on this site. and no argument to being INTJ. I wasn't calling you a jerk, just saying that TJs are often stereotyped as being jerks. @Juke It is the truth, quit bein a bitchYou know what else is a truth. Fi is not that selfish but his more focus on ethics than harmony and you're seems more harmony oriented like most of 9. You can't assign both an MBTI type and an enneagram to someone off of one trait and expect it to be accurate. my vote for you is still intj~Yep, I was very conflicted on my enneagram untill I took this long test: http://pstypes. It's not that I'm not open to be proven wrong but you're just trying to shut the argument down and arent telling me how I'm off-base Teru. diamond dust is not specially arrogant but is one. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. E5 is the highest comes next is E3 and then E1. some people like me or PikUp are essential to bring back unpleasant objectivity here even if it hurt. That's exactly why I'm voting him INTJ. Dem - Si - Panicking tries to remember all the possible mistake they have done in the past so they can fix it and prevent from the future. Seems like a really chill INTJThis is my new name. and she admit maul as a feeler so where is the debunking. com/misidentifying-5-and-8Pfft *hints* wtf does that even mean. It's really not that unusual. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Mr maul? What about enneagram and other personality types?. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. My argument on his absent Ni-Te , and about the 9 instead of 5(not enough analytical to be a 5). How do you know he isn't future oriented. The only arguments you made up until an hour ago were "it's obvious" and a bunch of stereotyped, watered-down assumptions, I don't think you're in any position to tell people they're unable to form any, especially when they do and yours get debunked over and over againI've argued with you so much I just grew tired of it, it's physically impossible to get you to consider alternate points of view, now you even resorted to insulting people's intelligence when you can barely even form a coherent fucking sentence, get your head out of your ass you pretentious fucking snob, there's no point in this if you're just gonna continue repeating the same shit until you get your wayWell of course it does, that's why this site uses votes and why portraying what you think as evidence or fact is fucking retardedWhat can be observed is evidence and is fact, like what are you even talking about right now. Dominant (ESxP) – Hyper-aware of environment, always on the lookout for opportunities in the present. They distort their perceptions of reality so that reality seems more negative and threatening than it actually is. You don't really have enough data to accurately conclude that he isn't an Ni user. compares it to other contexts. Inf - Se - Needs a real object to help them better modeling their idea. You're not even debating his type anymore, now you're just going around in circles accusing each other of not arguing the right way. Inferior (ISxJ) – Open to new ideas once they can see similarity to prior experiences. Aux - Fe - Make sure others people opinion are not attacked. Denying evidence that doesn't support your bias as not being evidence, get a life. And yeah clearly 5s are not as passive or harmony oriented as 9s but they are still detached and not particularly assertive, preferring to play the role of an observer over an active participater. "I also space out alot and forget my surroundings, which as we know are N traits. "5 neutral and passive like he is read that girl before saying bullshit for making himself good rather than seek the truth" I don't understand what you're trying to say here, but it sounds like you're just proving my point that 5s are neutral and passive. Even in old P-D or he talked much than here and not any comment about symbolic or future oriented analysis(or even philosophy comment like did diamond dust (a true Ni user) was made bad him. "None of this is true of Fives, and the two types are opposites in many ways. What the fuck are you people even on about, I never said you couldn't portray your arguments or opinions, I'm just saying that they're not facts and you're never gonna achieve anything if you keep treating other people like they're wrong for not agreeing with you and continue holding your own opinions to this glorified standard, it's okay to think he's some other type than he claims to be but when you're gonna comment on his page, make a fucking case for it and don't go all "oh yeah buddy you're denying the facts, you're just a dumb kid you don't know what you're talking about, can't hear you over all your stupidity" when you get on people's nerves, you're not being objective, you're being obnoxious, piss offYou have not reading my comment about his absent Ni(no comment about philosophy, not any symbolical oriented comment ,and no future oriented analysis) or his absent Te(not any source used to support his point of view ,and not argumentative: he can't explain why he would be INTJ ). Introverted iNtuition. You're just trying desperately to blur the lines between the types so he can fit into either. so that's why TJ don't fit to you. Dominant (INxJ) – Faith in their vision, committed to a long-term plan, synthesizes information thoroughly. Robot dude chilling in his war bunkerIxTJ for now, read a couple comment of mr maul. and he made more comment like "calm down guys" Si stability+Fe harmony 9w1. Based on the limited information we have, either option could make sense, and we would need more information to see a clearer picture. I have little fe besides liking harmony, but harmony isn't necessarily an fe exclusive trait. Jesus fucking Christ, you're one of those people. But at an extreme, Fives risk seeing reality not as it is but as a projection of their preoccupations and fears. For example, I could draw a shape on a piece of paper and cover up part of it so you only saw one part of the shape (let's say it looks like this: < ), and have you guess what shape it is. Laziness/apathy really. That seems to fit Maul pretty well. Dom - Si - Compare information consistency. maybe if you're a T type you're INTP which explain why you can seem ISFJ (same function). according to this you're again more a 9 than a 5"Fives risk seeing reality not as it is but as a projection of their preoccupations and fears. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. Cool, I can call you Mr from now on. don't because you like IXFJ character more than IXTJ charactersAtleast ISFJ is something different than ISTJ this time. I didn't "admit he's a feeler" either, I just said he gives off slightly more of a feeler vibe to me, although I had nothing to prove it. Dominant (ExFJ) – Strives for harmony, upholds shared values, highly aware of emotional atmosphere. never said either he had to be arrogant to be an INTJ. Nigga you ISTJ 9Please don't touch my fg. com/misidentifying-5-and-9/.

. I also space out alot and forget my surroundings, which as we know are N traits. Extraverted Thinking. it 's not a personnal interpretation here. He's a normie like omni. Cannot pick up N or S. Dom - Ni - Pictures a symbol/image to understand the entire general concept. htmlI see it as more fitting for you. Dec - Fe - Tries to be funny and poke fun about the controversial idea. com/misidentifying-5-and-9/. He can't tell the difference bewtween Si & Ni, or I doubt he's even going by functions when he said ISTJ - it was just a jab against me because he already said I was an ISTJ months ago. It's mine now and I don't listen to anyone. Auxiliary (ExTP) – Breaking ideas down little by little, able to give concise explanations and descriptions. Kinda hope the admin deletes most of this shit tbh@PikUp stop calling theses the truth. Seriously what would make anyone think he's N. Yes, you don't have to fit every trait to be type X. All you did was say that they could be similar. I usually score INTJ or INFJ on tests. If we had your mindsst than Nobody would know anything ever, the fact that you type people at all shows you dont practice what you're preaching. being non argumentative don't make him a Fe user but certainly not fit with Te auxiliary. Dominant (IxFP) – Understands one’s values, clear sense of good and evil, able to predict own reactions. Tertiary (ESxJ) – Finding a new way of completing tasks in order to take a break from the customary. Auxiliary (INxP) – On the lookout for possibilities and opportunities in common occurrences. com/tag/jungian-functions/. Did you got in in the typology server. You're saying when we observe something it's invalid but then say things like "Snowpetal debunked you" just stop bro, you're just sucking dick at this It's not like you've countered a single thing I've said anywaysEvidence implies factual truth, there is no one factual truth that suggests he's one type over another, the only thing you can do is interpret it in a way that points at one, which is inherently subjective (and not necessarily bad since this comment section is there for your opinions and input) but when you call those opinions evidence and fact when you used neither to arrive at them, you're being biased. Inferior (IxTP) – Subdued expressiveness, figuring out what emotions make sense for a given environment. Passive /=/ Fe either, it just means he has a neutral enneagram type ("Neutral: avoidant, withdrawn, indifferent, apathetic, absent, reserved, ignoring, neglectful. Dominant (IxTP) – Acute understanding of what makes sense, intellectual strength, clear logical principles. Maul is ISTJ 9, nothing N or 5 about him. not any Te rash and fact oriented comments. I think you're confusing evidence with hints. excellent use. So 5w6 3w4 1w9 are for me. Mr Maul - INTJ functions. No, and you're not saying how he's N. He doesn't really give away the inner workings of his mind much. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. So much people type you ISFJ(even if INTJ is higher but it's because most of people are typed like they type themselves) on this site. enneagraminstitute. com/2010/01/chilhood-scenarios-for-enneatypes-law. TJ is clearly an uncommon combination with type 9. enneagraminstitute. source:https://cezarspace. Dominant (ISxJ) – Having a sharp memory for specifics, strong recollection of past experiences. introverted Intuiting (Ni) ************************************* (37. It could just be this computer, but I'm sure I won't be the only one who ends up with this issue in the near future. By attempting to arrive at a grand unifying theory that encompasses and explains everything, average Fives end up involved in increasing complications and abstractions. The truth is that there are kind INTJs out there, not every TJ is a jerk. I can kinda relate to ISxJ's but never really connect enough to feel the type is my own. An INTJ would do things their own way. Auxiliary (ESxJ) – Relies on rules and details as a guide, keeping a list of common norms in mind. Tertiary (IxFJ) – Sometimes concerned with technical accuracy, can be pedantic about certain things. does it at least give you some clues. com/cgi/survey48. (You're probably the same person as the guy that made the "Tine" account) because you randomly talk shit about people like for instance 5tar: "5tard is a 1w2, the dude is compliant triad asf. That's true, mike, my 9 is the second highest number next to 5. His MBTI is not clear for me, but so I consider myself not able to doubt it and even less claim anything else. Tertiary (INxP) – Knowledge of certain details in their area of interest, sometimes reflecting on the past. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. not any Ni visionary or symbolical though. "Also in the chat you just did what Hairspray told you to" because I didn't know much about discord at the time and it was made for me by her. he said himself on Personality-Databank he got ISFP in the function test and he still believe he is INTJ instead of looked at his own attitude or his results. Tert - Ti - Tries to make sense out of other problems. And I'm not saying that when you observe something it's invalid, I'm saying that when you observe something it doesn't mean it's fact, and I said snowpetal debunked fg's own biased claims, not that she's either right or wrong (which she can't be and doesn't claim to be since she assumed a neutral position, which is exactly what everyone who isn't Maul should do), jesus fucking christAnd I'm not saying that when you observe something it's invalid, I'm saying that when you observe something it doesn't mean it's fact, and I said snowpetal debunked fg's own biased claims, not that she's either right or wrong (which she can't be and doesn't claim to be since she assumed a neutral position, which is exactly what everyone who isn't Maul should do), jesus fucking christNope, if you're applying the same logic then she didnt debunk shit. One person could guess that it's a triangle, and another could guess that it's a diamond just based on that information, and both would make sense. I am going by functions. Also nice profile pic, November. introverted Sensing (Si) ****************************** (30. You could be INTJ but all I have to go off of is what I see. I took a cognitive functions test and got: extraverted Sensing (Se) ****************************** (30. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spottedTe nowhere Te nowhere Te nowhere Te nowhereMaybe if you keep saying that and put a tooth under your pillow it will come true. I'm pretty surprised about the results, I took that test long ago and gave me balanced 5. I wasn't even saying that he's for sure INTJ, just that your points don't necessarily disprove it. introverted Feeling (Fi) ************************************** (38. No one would give a shit if he could actually form an argument outside of "wuh he's obviously not this type because it's obvious and I say so" and repeat that on practically every fucking entry he comments onWhere did you ever make a decent argument. Yeah because there's really a lot of evidence to draw from a bunch of fucking comments on a websiteWhy type anyone than. Introverted Sensing. Opp - Ne - Other possibilities is pointless and useless. ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted ISFJ spotted. enneagraminstitute. Auxiliary (ISxP) – Freely gives practical advice, willing to use physical energy to accomplish a goal. " This, so much. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. i've being debunked only in your little mind who deny fact and evidence ,men. 5 neutral and passive like he is read that girl before saying bullshit for making himself good rather than seek the truth. There's just no point in arguing with you is therePikup you suck so much ass just stop talkingLike I care what a butt-sniff like you thinksHave any of you stopped and asked yourself if you've even talked to Maul enough to have a good idea of who he is as a person. They distort their perceptions of reality so that reality seems more negative and threatening than it actually is. I love doing this tooI agree with 9. but i have a scoop for you , most of the people are not honest with themselves and type themselve the type they want to be that's why there is so many auto-proclaimed NT or INFJ in personality like P-D or site rather than common types. fg gives his opinion and Juke comes in like "please leave, you're disrupting the harmony with your pesky truth" *3 people like post*Some guys with poor argument and probably poor intelligence say "get a life" when they can not make argument against other and try to be the cool and reasonable guys but this kind of guy are just coward unable to argue against someone. Do not feed the trollWhy so defensive. Then chances are you are INTJ. And if I'm honest, he does comes across as a bit more of a feeler to me (as a vibe), but I don't have reasoning for Fe over Te so I'm not going to assert that opinion. Introverted Thinking. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Mr maul MBTI type.. "He's much more calm and tranquil (Si)" Ni can't be calm and tranquil. That I'm a famous indian violin player that has 76 kids, I can prove it by talking chinese. Tert - Fi - Look others ideal and follow the right thing to do. By contrast, average Fives are suspicious of people and are anything but trusting, perhaps at times too cynical and resistant. you does not show any Ni in your comment so i've not enough data for typing you as INFJ. It's just to get along with people. and this is why i think he is 9 instead of a 5. Crit - Fi - Attacking other for not being truthful. enneagraminstitute. it's symbolic and future oriented (that he is not). And he's sx last, not sx whatsoever. A lot of older Fi users especially have more sympathy for other people who remind them of past versions of themselves. seem harmony is more important to you than fact. By contrast, the thinking of Fives is complex. Dec - Te- Thinks its cool to take the lead for others. Inferior (IxFP) – Carrying out plans for the sole purpose of fulfilling deeply held values. 9 also seems like a pretty valid option though, and I never said otherwise. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Mr maul' belongs to!. ") And 5 and 9 both fall under this category, so it makes sense. Nines are gentle, easygoing, patient, receptive, and accommodating, whereas Fives are intense, strong-minded, argumentative, contentious, and highly resistant to the influence of others" I diagree with argumentativeness being exclusive to 5 but some of each fit me on both descriptions. Actually yeah ISTJ. Not very argumentative. "Show me the comments that prove he's ISFJ. I relate to every description of Ni and seldomly relate to Si or Ne descriptions online (albeit I love Ne users).

Mr maul
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