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Nicki Minaj Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Nicki Minaj MBTI personality type cover chart

Ask LA Reid, ask Jay. She's the only reason that I went to school and I finished. Mbti is some vagueass non scientific shitI saw you in another thread talk about the BIG 5. 'cause no one understands me they don't know what to do when I'm hurt when I'm angry. She's a little image-conscious. And of course it wasn't your fault. She got butt implants in 2009 and probably got breast implants too cause they look synthetic afAnd they look expensive, at least 10 grants Probably always wanted them and lil wayne gave her the money she needed for them after he had discovered herLook at this pathetic shit: https://www.

. But I needed to grow. Disagreeability is slightly correlated to thinkers, but I believe that a feeler can be just as agreeable as a perceiver can be conscientious. ESFP 3w4 sx/soThen you're a dumb fuck that doesn't understand enneagram. Toss up between 3w2/7w8. My voice projected my life reflected. Hold you and kiss you tell you how I miss you. can't you see I'm right here I gotta let you know what you mean to me. (as you can see, this is 100% related to nicki minaj)@mozzarella. And what's her nationality, she chinese right. , those traits would be closer to their axis of disagreeability ("Nu-MBTI"'s definition for introverted feeling is BIG 5's disagreeability). I'm holding you, holding you, holding you. or just hold your little hand if it's part of gods plan, maybe we can meet again. You see for every bad, I did a ton of good. Am I allowed to say that here. Every time you came through. They don't understand these labels look at numbers it's statistics. And it still fucked the media. There are a thousand ESFP artists, and none of them are like Nicki. Being ambitious doesn't mean someone is a 3. She get me so sick it make me vomit. You played the same part. ) is actually far more T than "Fe" is but cuz function stacks say so we'd type people T for being the latter hahaha"Perhaps you're suggesting she's an ENFJ or an ESFJ, which I could agree with if she wasn't so aggressive. Yes, she has a strong feeling side but it comes out as "I don't want relationship drama" rather than "I want to be true to myself xd". “to cover up the holes in the theory made by how specific it is, make it even more specific and bullshitable. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Nicki Minaj' belongs to!. But every time she do a interview you know I run and see. You told me you'd come when I needed you. Doesn't she have some prominent 3 traits. She saw something in me that, 'til this day I don't know if I could be that. Don't you think "staying true to yourself" can contextually go against "I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. She is very aggressive in the way she presents herself to the world, which makes me think she's an ESTP. @meraaa: she could be INTJ for all I care, I pointed that out bc what you said made no sense. She isn't image-conscious. Only underground bitch around that's duckin the paparatzi. There was no match for you. But I gotta let you know all the shit I did make it feel like I'm dying real slow,. And you said it so sweetly I believed you. And tell that you coming back and you just took a break. May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected. Tell 'em pretty pretty please don't play Nicki. But how the fuck would they know what I was ready to do. You never switched it up. In my relationships, I appear caring, warm, and tactful" (taken from myersbriggs. And she ain't never comin out, look at currency. God these wrong 7w8 votes bother me". Yea yea uh huh. She's ESTP in my opinion. Might hit up thisis50. and now I don't pat myself on the back for sending you back. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. But nevertheless, Fi still isn't F like Fe is and because of its vaguer sense of applicability, I would argue a very good portion of thinkers would relate to Nu-MBTI Fi -- Fi over Fe anyway. it makes complete sense. But it's like every intersection we just missed each other. Why she ain't signed with G-Unit, she from Queens right. Yo, did I chase the glitz and glamour. I live the life now, that we would daydream. She was and still is. 'Cause if so that will forever go down my lamest hour. You know her last name Minaj, she a lesbian. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. She definitely gets validation through both her status and her appearance, though I think her style matters much more to her. But I'm a die trying and when I'm done crying. You was the brave heart. She's desperate for success, not for funMaybe you died 'cause everybody asked me, "Where you at. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Lady when you're done, just salute bad bitch. Never believed in ya. And black out like I'm retiring. 'Cause of you all them chicks couldn't stand me. You stole Wayne heart. *disagreeable@kawaii: hell yea, that’s how it was supposed to be at least. A lot more than I'd expect a 7 to be. Nothing I do ever is, good enough for the music biz ". In hindsight, I loved your rawness and I loved your edge. But dear, old Nicki. Your earrings bamboo. function stacks, especially when we’re talking about real people, are rarely in that ridiculously restrictive and predictable order, as much as that’d be convenient. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Nicki Minaj Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Nicki Minaj MBTI type.. what guides *you*. Left you in all black. It took this long for me to learn my lesson.

. She's my queen and I ain't even British. You was my friend and my man and my daddy,. Anyway, real bitches listen wen I'm speakin. It's like I feel it in the air, I hear you saying mommy don't cry. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Music and Music Industry characters list.. Why don't people bother trying to learn about people BEFORE they became famous. I heard she move them thangs. Cause if nicki win, then all of ya'll gettin meetings (kyea). v=s_gQ_CoM2rIFake thiccSex sellsShe's a 7w8 ESTP with a 3 fix. Got on her knees and prayed for me when I started being violent. The reason that I sleep with my head under the covers. She was a rough hoodrat. ppl try to make it way more than it is n don’t notice how close to astrology they’re getting“She definitely gets validation through both her status and her appearance, though I think her style matters much more to her. com/736x/f8/df/aa/f8dfaaab8bbd8766c56dea85b25147f8--mbti-personality-extroverted-feeling. She said FUCK FENDI, but I think she was playin. ” and, by your words, that’s not being true to herself xd. not anyone else. Money, fame and power. 'Cause now all I want is peace and get drama. I tried to channel you in hopes that I could stare back. I mean she OK, but she ain't ALL DAT. Ask Craig Common, you can ask chris. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. Perhaps you're suggesting she's an ENFJ or an ESFJ, which I could agree with if she wasn't so aggressive. “Fi” or “Fe” is very easy to pinpoint innitAerothon, I wouldn't necessarily say so--Nu-MBTI's "Fi" by itself is generally still "feeling" over "thinking" but the trait is certainly far more compatible with thinkers than "Fe" by itself would be. And I needed to know. and should've thrown a book at you 'cause I hate you so much that it burn when I look at you. I'm holding you, holding you, holding you to that. I can't see you. You're absolutely right that (dis)agreeableness doesn't have a particularly strong correlation to MBTI's t/f axis and I would agree with your comparison between feelers being just as likely to be disagreeable as feelers are conscientious because studies demonstrate only a moderate correlation for both of these axes. But I still miss us when we was just on some stupid shit. Your long nails, too. She ain't the next bitch, tell that bitch FALL BACK. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Nicki Minaj likely is!. See I'm a hater, I go hard. (her father was abusive)She wasn't a "hoodrat", she was a troubled kid that had to grow up in a toxic environment. But I'm standing here calling. My only wish is you come enjoy it with me. Couldn't defeat your prowess. Yeah, ESFP sounds right. But I am holding you, holding you, holding you to that. And probably a 3, I don't get the 7 votes, I wouldn't type someone based on their former demeanor but their history and autobiography instead. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony. she could display all the "Fe" she wants without actually being a high "Fe" user in order to get validation. Tripled and quadrupled it. Still I might crack a smile. Nightmares of you killing my mother. But I am holding you, holding you, holding you to that. One day you'll remeber this. Then hit up Universal, see what Sylvia Rhone say. May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected. Still I fight. I should've kept you with me gettin' at them nameless cowards. Think about "authenticity," "valuing uniqueness and individuality," and "being true to yourself" particularly, because these traits can be painted in a *not feeling* way while Fe's "striving for harmony" and "avoiding conflict" simply can't. I adhere to the nonsense listened to people who told me I wasn't ready for you. Again, Fi or Fe is easy to pinpoint, just watch a couple of interviews. Were there some things inside of me that I needed to show. Stupid Hoe is about the most Ne song in existence. So why I hurt you that's the question. Stay around the white like a nazi. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. Guess otherwise all "Si" users were born as "Se" users and got blind at some point in their life and have to remember everything they had ever seen when they still had "Se""Fi" in Nu-MBTI (listen to what motivates *you*. When he burnt the house down and my mother was in it. 3w4 as hell Very obvious Ne dom. But dear old Nicki. You got your fans waiting. that is, unless you buy into completely nonsensical theories to turn X function/type into Y via “loops” (did you know that one was made up by some rando in personalitycafe with nothing but their own opinion to back up their claims, and that it was relating those to mental disorders. Maybe I blamed you for everything – That was my mistake. 'cause god knows I was better than that to conceive then leave you the concept alone seems evil I'm trapped in my conscience. Cause everytime a door opens for me dat means you. be true to *yourself*. Please call back. They ridiculed you. And you said it so sweetly I believed you. You told me you'd come when I needed you. And you know that I got some more haters with me. listen let's begin. Just gotta a better opportunity to do you. I'm holding you, holding you, holding you. The pain is infinite. Keep my eyes on the prize, see my haters tell 'em HI. But I'm standing here calling. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. The money came. That's why I spend my time online leaving comments. Bitches is like crabs in a bucket. Keep my eyes on the prize, see my haters tell 'em HI. I finally understand the true meaning of karma. I'm holding you, holding you, holding you. You was there when that bitch tried to stab me anything I ever needed knew you had me. Still I fight. She call herself Lewinsky, that mean she give him brain. Still I might crack a smile. So I just deaded you. Should be thrown into jail for making shitty music. May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic. ) and “grips” (any INFJ under stress can look like an unhealthy, imbalanced ESTP. Ngl she copied lil kim a lot during the beginning of her career. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Nicki Minaj? What about enneagram and other personality types?. But you was underground and I was mainstream. Young Money is full of 7s except for Drake who may actually be a 3 cause he's consistent. May the lord protect me as the world gets hectic my voice projected my life reflected. She tryna be like Little Kim, her picture looks the same. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. Nicki is not a thinker not in a million yearsShe might even be N She likes being seen as "the successful queen with a tragic past" , all her "emotional videos" and her dramatic history, her way of coping (creating dozens of personas in her youth), Definitely F over T. " Perceiving is less aggressive than judging. Go meet them lawyers with me. I'm holding you, holding you, holding you. no need for a psychiatrist, you’re just not using your secondary function [that is definitely Xy because the unquestionable theory says so] like you should, mold yourself based in this rigid format that’s totally in logical accordance to every human’s behavior and you’ll be mentally healthy. when I'm sleeping I see you in my dreams with me wish I could touch your little face. In and outta town, be swirvin the mazeratzi. I think she fuckin Wayne. One day when we reminisce. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. Please baby forgive me, mommy was young, mommy was to busy tryna have fun. apart from that, I pretty much agree she's Se: materalistic, and a real "doer", so yeah ESFP. Damn I wanna run to you. Are you suggesting that Feelers (who identify with the stereotypical Fi traits) are thinkers if they have THOSE traits. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. Tell me you ain't 6 feet under. I'm holding you, holding you, holding you to that. black and white morality. Grab the iron. I lose, u lose, mines just legastic. jpg <-- This graphic outlines Fi using those traits I described above *but* applies F-related ideas to their outline to make it sound like… feeling. Pussy pppoppin on my poppers so the cops see. Daddy was a crack fiend 2 in the morning had us running down the block like a track team. But now it's officially over and I can't let you go. You see a bad bitch gettin shine, you shoud love it. 'Cause it was you who talked me down from jumping off the ledge. I had to make them changes – I hope you understood. One day when we reminisce. She's so disgusting. Displays strong Fe in every interview I've watched“displays strong feeling side, therefore thinker”Dude, all I'm saying is she doesn't have Fi so she's not an ESFP. Please call back. They just deaded you. One day you'll remeber this. How could I forget it. typing someone by their “tertiary function” is reaching and leads to dumb mistypings, with people like you justifying why someone is a *thinker* by how they are strong *feeling*. Left you in all black. Get on them conference calls. She told me that I had talent. Everyone has all functionsShe's a 3. Painfully annoying/attention-seeking ESFP, either a 7 or an 8. Thought I would have a son for you. Nothing I do ever is, good enough for the music biz. I can't see you.

Nicki Minaj
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