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Nkcdzy Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Nkcdzy MBTI personality type cover chart

And it just brings me back in the middle again. Correct me if i'm wrong, but you could argue that that's a very NT trait overall, if i've got my function magic right, the thorough analyzation could be Ni and the fear of failure and needless perfectionism could be Te. When i was younger i was all about being humble, i was very INFPish and wanted to see the good in everything. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Nkcdzy' belongs to!. @Nkcdzy,you don't know how to be pleasant at all,people are pleasant because are sensitive, you are really insensitive. @fniux How much of my comment history have you read. Do they just assume things are right without examining them from start to finish, being unthorough like that. I will say though that i've been pretty harsh online as of late, things have been tumultuous for me and i've kind of taken it out on people online. INFP flower girl emoji. I did the "Fe sucks" entries when i still believed in functions. @nr1 then correct me please, don't just point it out. This enneagram description sounds very INFP though. Me and my sister think you could be an either INFP or INTJ. It took many years of insistance from my friends to change my mind. And truth be told i have a lot of INFP friends and was sure that i'd get the same score as them when i initially took the test. Even though i kind of want to pursue a scientific career because i believe it is the most efficient way of changing things. Is your only argument for not being one really that you don't behave like a workaholic ESTJ 100% of the time. Is anything really genuine in human nature. Sp -> self preserving, I believe. In that case, i subscribe to scottys heroic quest to purge all function magic from the kingdom if PDNah, appears for me rather as an ISTP with some maturity problems. This might have a few flaws in it, but if you're confused about your type this may be useful:. And that, to me, is evidence of a flawed system. Hearing voices, seeing faces, trigger I think mechanisms inside that just make us more "human", if I can say so. http://thoughtcatalog. @blueyphonomenal, you read this together with your sister. I'm more likely to be INxx than a really weird ENTx or ISTx. You don't refute others' points logically, you debate using your values/experiences/stereotypes/other irrelevant things. There should always be a choice. But the dumbest thing you're confronting me with is your accusation of "function magic" justification: Who argumented with Fe to collectively allege deceptional behavior. I'm pretty sure i don't have Se, Si and Fe though, those seem very foreign to me. I fear being useless (even though i secretly already am) i want to make something memorable for the world, leave a legacy. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. Functions aren't going to dictate that as much as you think. I'm willing to hear people out on ISTJ and INTP but no way i'm ISTP. I'm against what i would like to call "emotional economy", such as "owing" people things, it is slave like, how one is expected to help someone in need, i despise that you can be punished for being a passive bystander. oh yeah, and being sensitive is no excuse for acting two faced, they should learn to suck it up. But when i did a test my functions came in this order (from highest percentage to lowest): Ni>Ti>Te>Fi>Ne>Si>Se>Fe. @ Nkcdzy, obviously there are fake people who are just pleasant to achieve their goals, but is not everyone, so it don't generalize. I don't relate to the vague descriptions of Ne and Ni as much as i relate to how those functions appear in the real world. While I have a lot of reluctance to get involved in that system (I got shouted on even today for not being polite and talkative). Fuck this site doesn't recognize it Yeah you have to link the emojis as images for them to work Awesome question pot you made there. Yeah i'm INFP let me tell you a thing or two about patriarchyYeah i'm ESFP let's have sex, hang out with niggers, smoke weed and complain about not getting enough welfareOh yeah then i'm definitely SxSoTo put it oversimplified sx seeks to satisfy it's craving. yet I can't relate much at all to Fi (nor 4, for that matter) hmmmm. I'm quite the outcast in this INFP filled artistic community i'm in. @snowpetal i was the one who made the inner/outer chaos thing. My ISFJ dad thinks this is bonkers even though it works for me and is more effective. Secondly, if you could read numbers you'd see I posted this long before you published your results - so how should I falsificate the ISTP typing statistically. Considering that you're an enneagram 4I promise you,if you were ENTJ for a month you'd wish to be INTJ again no later than after a week. Wing 1w9 - 11. Not sure how the system worksYou don't have the heart to be a 4w5. I do these long monologues irl too. 4s do have this Fi-ish thing going on for them, so it's no wonder they saw similarities. Even trolls get them too. While it might sound like i base a lot of my typings on people i've met. You say that VS thread should be taken with a grain of salt but it's obvious that you got defensive there. Truth be told, i don't meet a lot of people, i mostly base it from characters, celebrities and acquaintances and the impression i've got from them. Ni-Se will then join in the fun to add a bit more spice before moving on. Which, to some extent, it is. Sometimes i just strongly know i'm right because everything just makes sense and i can't explain it properly, and i trust this sense i have because i've ended up being right with these hunches in the past. Also I imagine 1w9 Sx/Sp as your enneagram. I just realized i do something that is very un-INTJ if i understand the type correctly: i rely on my emotional strength rather than my will power. I won't deny it has happened, but i have indeed stopped to think for better fitting types, and i try to do it whenever i canAlso basing your typings on other people/characters never turns out good. I also don't think i have written enough that anyone could use to type me haha. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. You don't have to base your typing based on my test results of course, part of the fun in typing eachother on here is to use your own brain to come to a conclusion. That's a man who delineates in a very procedural manner the conditions he views reality under. Not actually that far from what you do. Couldnn't you argue that the obsession is Ti and the doubt is Ne. I type first and foremost by comparing my understanding of a type to the given subject that is being typed, i then compare it to real world examples to see how consistent it is with the types profile, and finally end up checking functions just to be safe. Sure i can compromise, i always want to be openminded. The irony here is you're probably a socionics ISTj. I will tell them what my ideal world would be and they will just be like "yeah well that isn't how it is now and it is not gonna happen anytime soon". But in this case you had plenty information about me available. Those i relate to the most are Ni,Fi,Ti,Te,Ne. As i have discussed further down. Reading about enneagrams, 4w5 sounds the most like meThose distinctions seem very vague, and even similar in some respects to the Te Ti descriptions. We're not 100% certain though, just guessing. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Nkcdzy? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Like yeah i am a stubborn and intense person, but i'm kind of doing a parody of myself here on P-D because this is the internet. It is not like INTPs are completely passive and doesn't want to do anything, right. Brainer [ISTP] (Most likable)" thread or the "Judger type most likely to be a NEET" one). They make ESFJs sound like total idiots and doormats (which they sometimes are but you get what i'm saying). -responsive, prefers freedom to choose//sometimes i like it when games don't have options menus, because that means i can just get into the game without tweaking around for 15 minutes. And as for the NEET thread, please, everyone knows INTx are neckbeards, no need to overthink it, INFJs are _probably_ more healthy and social due to Fe. the things i've done is not proportionate with the reaction. To be honest I don't even care if you were joking or not because that's just a perfect summary of your arguments. You don't see me typing P-D users based on one upsetting argument, at least not unironically at any rate. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. " that's just words, so much for clarity. I'm the antithesis of an extrovert and sensor. functions r tricky the more u read up on the v specific shit the more blurry they get n in the end u can bullshit ur way to explaining ur almost any type. Read Kant before. although there are times I take advantage of that system, I fully agree with that. Or was there something that i missed. It is not that i expect to be a J workaholic, it is just that i wonder if i'm far enough from being a workaholic to be a perceiver. You didn't tackle of any of the individual points I made. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. You've seen my test results. Wounded Fi syndromeMaybe, i've not studied enneagrams that much because it doesn't really pertain to me. But the pacing will of course not be reliable, which was why school went bad for me, as there is no time for breaks. And to corrext you, i accused ESTPs to be criminal, not ENTPs. It is about as accurate as musical genres, and you don't see me obsessing over that. @khel i don't think it is justified at all, the way our society works and maintains social cohesion is not necessary and not the only way. What makes you so sure you yourself are INTJ, anyway. That is not to say i enjoy knowledge a whole lot too. You don't seem to be Ne-Si, and Fe is out of the question anyway. Using the ever powerful. I hate collective mentality and i hate how deviants get pushed back in line to the norms. and i understand where those votes come from. Also, as for the thing about not listening to what others have to say, that depends on whether i'm decided or not, i will ask for peoples feedback to check the feasability and gain additional knowledge. From what I've seen you disagree with completely reasonable points just because they disagree with your personal experience and/or values and you don't use any tangible counterarguments (i. They would relentlessly seek our their rare anime or some shit lol. >Sexual, social, Sp(orty. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Nkcdzy likely is!. I can't say much about this pairing much, because I can't seem to related all that much. Logician personalities are so prone to reassessing their own thoughts and theories, worrying that they’ve missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that they can stagnate, lost in an intangible world where their thoughts are never truly applied. I'd vote 4w5 Sx/So too,but then the 4w5 S. So seek to serve for greater caused. perceptionvsfact. My profession of choice is also audio/visual media, a creative profession rather than a practical and administrative one, so that should give you an idea. Ur a sociopath that's why u hate FeHow am i supposed to have logical arguments within a system that is purely based on hunches and shaky observations to begin with. It's very disrespectful and/or very narcissistic. I took grand initiatives, such as dying my hair at age 11. @ass everyone here types based on their own experiences. I think i would find more likeminded people in an academic setting than an artistic one too. The categorical imperative served as a way to systemize individuals thought processes objectively based upon on one persons worldview. I will say though, based on ISTJ folks i've met, i'm nothing like them, they are conservative traditionalist normies and i am not that. Like i have nothing against exploring ideas to the point of unrecognition, but when typing, innovating isn't the goal.

. com/@Nkcdzy If you pretty much predict your MBTI by reading the question then chances are you are that MBTI. I think i'm quite obviously philosophically and artistically dispositioned, it was evident in early age too, i was an eccentric kid and people described me and still do describe me as analytical. But that kind of decayed and i lost interest in people. So just drop the functions, i'm not going to take arguments that use them seriously. Is this what scotty calls function magic. But like genres it works so neatly when applied in broad strokes, it is appealing and hard to let go ofSome kind of beeta male/female (loves beets apparently)Ni-Se/Se-Ni axis focus introverted intuition and extraverted sensing. Also can you give me example of Ni-Se axis pair moments in your daily life. It is frustrating to always score in the middle of J/P and not being able to relate to neither INTJ or INTP 100%.

. @khel, yeah, reading it again it kind of sounds like the standard INxx fare. The reason why i like apple is because it limits you to the essentials in such an elegant way. And right more than 10 times worth of real world typings in the past year. Collaboration, yes, obligation to care for your fellow man even if you feel nothing for them. -casual, spontaneous, likes options//yeah, nobody would describe me like this. I can understand, maybe use it from time to time, but my prefer approach is Se-Ni to perceive and then Te-Fi to make judgement. That's not to say i don't care about people. As the individualities collide, there is obviously a need for hypocrisy, as it allows a kinda better social cohesion on the run because it makes conflicts less frontal. Oh look now he's playing the keyboard warrior, you know I can't physically hurt your skull. You're also a J because you strongly desire closure, even about something as trivial as your MBTI type, and you can't handle "INTJ 1w9" or whatever other combination you identify as being wrong, that is, not explaining perfectly every single thing about who you are and how you behave (even though you haven't properly read Enneagram theory). Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Nkcdzy Myers-Briggs and personality type!. I make life a living hell for myself and there is no one left to blame. But i haven't gotten to it yet though. My SFJ parents always complained and criticized me for being so unrealistic and ungrounded when i was a kid, and they still kind of do. I feel like i've always been too offensive and insensitive to be INFP. Doing any of this would be pretty meaningless in a world consisting of only me. You'd be much more accurate arguing for INTP, since i actually score as INTP on some tests, and since INTPs are more likely to mistype as INTJ than ISTP is. No other types would fit other than INTJ and INTP. About your type, I guess 4w5 is possible. I'd advise on reading all the bullshit but try to keep the shit in ur head as simple n straight-forward as possible. Obvious INFPINFP 4W5 6w7 1w9Rip you racist, eugenics promoting, pencil eating, enfp loving fuckNkczdy,. The distinction Jung makes between Te and Ti is really quite clear in that Te individuals tend to make logical judgments based upon external measurements of the world, while Ti users conflate their own mental processing with their self and attempt to delineate how and under what measures they think so that they come to a general understanding of themselves. (Actually, by my experience with perceivers, not really lmao, it is like everything is speculative, even after a decision it is like they are being hypothetical). You really can't be mathematical with mbti" yea. But for some reason, i still spend plenty of days doing nothing but organizing files, reading/researhing and watching movies. I want to be set on one path in my life, but i take my time examining my options so that i can make an educated decision. It's here because everybody gets an entry eventually. jpgAnd before you see this as an offense, Nkcdzy, this is related to the discussion content and not to you. If we're talking about behavior, yes it is, but JCF are more meant to measure mental outlook. I think INTJ, still, while INFP is still a possibility. I feel like i care and simultaneosly do not care about fashion. Well guess what INTJs are the true shitposters of the internet http://mbti-databank. What vii said. In my home i've gone for minimalist solution that "breaks" traditional home configurations. I've just read about the individual functions, not function dynamics. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. As for facial typing don't bother with it, I don't see a connection unless the vague premises was that each MBTI will try to capture a similar expression uncosciously when capture in the moment of the camera. Is it so hard for you to imagine that an INTJ can be immature too. I rarely just choose something because it is the usual. I'm too progressive, unconventional and into the symbolic to be ISTx. And 4w5 because you said so. I also don't relate to bouncing unfinished ideas on people unless i've gotten stuck in my own idea making process and need external input, but who doesn't do that when they can't figure something out. I recommend you do the same. But when i'm already decided the only thing that could change my mind is overwhelming evidence that another option would be more viable. -chooses tasks according to need//this i actually do though, i have several things in my reminders, but i often only do the ones i have energy for in the given moment. Source: http://mbti-notes. So yeah i might be five, that said though, i really related to the 4 description, is it possible to be 5w4. The inner/outer chaos theory has been around for quite some time. There is a reason ENTP is listed as the most psychopathic type. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. --'Fe IS sociopathy. Although i have read a bit about grips and loops but much of it is so vague and could be fitted to suit the argument for me being several other types. @blueyphenomenal i can't really relate to _anything_ there, everything was so general and "yeah i guess. To tackle your suggestion, Is J really all about closure. typing me as a sensor seem to go against all reason and common sense. Sexual is more about creating intimate and deep bonds with a few individuals. There is still a lot i _can't_ relate to, such as not understanding emotional complaints (although sometimes it can appear like it, i like to invalidate peoples emotions, but generally i'm very in touch with my emotions and can even do that NFP thing of just hearing people out and musing about the nature of the emotions). Anyway, i don't want to debate that on this entry@szero hmm i do relate to that, spare for making plans, i mean i make long term plans, but i never make small and scattered plans for each activity i do like some STJs do, for example, when i travel, i prefer to go minimalistic, have an idea of what i want to do, where to go, and that's it. I've gotten to hear i talk a lot for someone so introverted. Besides, the cognitive processes fit too. I clearly don't fit the profile of ISTP however you look at it. It doesn't matter if you "strongly know you're right" if people are giving you their arguments and you just reject them because "you know your hunches were correct in the past". I could rant on about how i realized i couldn't be INFP but i just want to cut a long story short and say that i've concluded i'm some INTx suffering from depression and thus looking like INFP. -works in bursts, pressured by deadlines//some activities i approach in bursts, others i reserve time for so that i can finish it in one sitting. I'm pretty egocentric, like i can't remember ever helping anyone with anything in my entire life. com/)Check this website out. how do u go abt it. It leads to the hollow social facade we live in today. It would be better focus on the thing you want to type first and foremost. it is more horoscopy than MBTI but hey MBTI ain't All That either so give it a shot l8 for fun. It is Se and Ni. So, I think the inner chaos- outer order model is really quite ridiculous. my generalization still applies, all Fe acts like this, just for different motives. Where as some people plan what restaurants and hotels they are going to go to, i just roll with the first best option. Ti and Te was about the same percentage too. (4w5 1w9 6w5) Now go write a book criticizing your country and I'll buy it on amazon. And i like to communicate things i learn and my interpretation of it through art. But does anyone. i'd rather wait for an emotional peak instead of pushing it through with the force of will. > Describes himself according to stereotypes instead of actual cognitive processess. But at least it isn't as anti-truth when it is in a dominant position as Fi is. Dunno, clearly not an expert on enneagram. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting, but I don't see much use of it. It is all very blurry and leads to nonsensical typings. I want to make the most out of it. Tritype 416(aka the Philosopher) sx/so in real life. Where as i live in it. alittlebitofpersonality. Using the ever powerful. I connect gists of things i've absorbed from the world. So let's just say i've experienced what is considered the classic S/N clash. I trust typing by my first impression first and foremost. Like, i have expensive designer clothing but everything looks pretty "just fuck me up fam". Also, i can relate to this description of off INTP "The one thing that really holds Logicians back is their restless and pervasive fear of failure. I believe in extreme free speech, the belief that absolutely nothing is inherently evil or forbidden. " You're just unable to see yourself as J sometimes because you have high standards for yourself (J standards, nevertheless), you said so yourself. which article did u save btw. I'm not sure what "trusts process for results" mean, but i interpret it as trusting the first best thing you come up with, which i don't do, except if it concerns something trivial like which restaurant to go to. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. That is how I see it. The "inner order"/"outer chaos" and vice versa thing might also help, it certainly is true for me at least. "Self-Preservation Ones: 'Worried and Anxious'" fits me terribly well. @szero i will love and cherish this meme forever@DD i'd expect to see a type 3 somewhere in there. My gf is a kinda weird INFP 4w5 with certainly cold and arrogant behaviour toward most, while having this deeply rooted self hate. How am i supposed to learn if there is no transparency. > "I'm just going to assume these votes are based on spiteful stereotypes". Anyway INTJ 5w6 sp/sx. Although ENTPs have plenty drug taking psychopaths among them as well. So all in all, there seems to be more J evidence here. I see no question about it. And i very much have inner chaos but outer order. do your beliefs heavily interfere w your actions. #XXTP_ConspiracyTheoryIWantToBelieve@Nkcdzy First of all: Calm down, I've gotten to know you less than 24 hours ago and am per se inable to know who or what you are. I mean does being INTJ dictate you having a clear goal in life since you exit the womb or something. If thought processes has nothing to do with behaviour, then why do most people act according to them. Si-Ne/Ne-Si focus introverted sensing and extroverted intuition. You see, i've just recently come to the conclusion that functions belong in the trash, check the entry "function complaints". Taking wings into account, you seem to be a 4w5. I know i'm not very sexual at any rate, but maybe it doesn't have anything to do with sex drive. I've met intellectual ISTx but there is still a clear difference between them and me. I gave the website you sent me a quick look. (Unless i'm drunk and someone brings the topic up in conversation, i will offer the little information i have)I respect that decision. Regardless of my past, i think i'm a clear cut introvert these days, i haven't seen people in like 6 months, i don't have the ENTJ confidence, rather, i'm kind of awkward, reserved, quiet and shy. That is how I view it. I've known people who clearly have disliked me but wouldn't even own up to it when i asked them to state their issues wih me. I relate much more to the dreamy way INTJ is described, i relate very much about checking all my paths and then narrowing it down to the most effective and appealing one. My work is well thought out and often has a vision behind it, rather than being experiments in seeing what is possible. For example, i haven't slept well and feel blurry: i won't make music because i don't want to create under suboptimal performance, so i choose something i can do with the energy i have available instead. Links: (http://mbti-notes. I'm sorry you can't relate to it sweety, maybe I should change my language to that of the masses because you clearly represent them. I'm on iPhone and at the beach atm. Why i feel stuck between the dichotomy remains unexplainedAnd what exactly do you think your words amount to other than an anti-theoretical diatribe. And it's not even about mbti anymore, it's about the flaws in your reasoning. You also do the thing where you vote for your own type because this particular entry resonates with you instead of actually thinking of a fitting type. hahaha@mars just the wikipedia article and one from the enneagram institute. By the way, i am organized and tidy, and i do have goals, but i'm not exactly accomplished and i don't know how strongly i'm motivated to pursue them, most of all i just want to be happy and have somebody to love, i would probably sacrifice career oppotunities for romance, something that sounds very F, but that is like the only time where i would actually let my emotions dictate, overall i'm obviously T. Other questions have to be answered for that. I really don't care about "the optimal choice" when it concerns near interchangeable experiences. @Nkcdzy, ahah you are funny. I've told you once not to say nigger ever again, I won't tell you twice. http://mbti-databank. Or perhaps you are easier to type and your dighotomies are pretty strong. Hell no, i think people should own up to their lack of care. I summon thee,. If you're like me you'll want closure so badly but also just be in a state of chaos trying to get that closure. also hmmmmm I smell an 8 in ur tritype (yep, they're also a thing. how do u judge a situation when it deals w some moral implications. Anyway, i can't relate to any of that, it all sounded like senseless drivel to me and i'm surprised you just eat this pseudo science up. I can't relate to the conservative and grounded way ISTJ is described but i can't relate to fiercy pursuing a vision either, i'm a good manager but i would hesitate to say i'm someone who pushes to get things done. It seems clear that on the P/J scale you're a judger. But if you feel so tempted to get me to cough up an example for you how bout this. But then you could counter that with the fact that it is actually Ni that is being thorough and seeking verification for itself, so as to make everything just snap together, while Te systematically breaks it down. Also, another belief of mine that i think sounds very Fi is that everyone should be like their own self-sustaining castle. Is wanting to be organized and have closure really all you need to prove that someone is J. The categorical imperative served as a way to systemize individuals thought processes objectively based upon on one persons worldview. @ass ok, inform me, and what reasonable arguments have i disagreed with. I relate both to not wanting to live in the present and not wanting to live in the future. @kawaii, yeah, i scored low Ne and high Ni, i also had next to no Fe. Wing 5w4 - 11. And that joke thing seem like it could vary wildly by context and situation. What do you call knowledge you've gained in the past. I'm gonna comment here again and copy it in case it gets deleted again. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. html there are descriptions in this format for every type (google the same title w the type u wanna read abt n you'll find them) they're alright n a quick read (compared to others at least) so u can like ~expand~ from there, read these for the types u got the most on n then do the most in depth research on the one u relate the mostwait it said ur a 1 n then a 4w5. i have more important reading material that comes first. http://personalitycafe. But come to think of it, people who don't know me often call me cold and arrogant. I won't try do perform at all, because i reason that in that given moment, i am handicapped, and my performance would be suboptimal, so i see no point in trying if i'm just gonna end up with lackluster results. I summon thee,. Are you really trying to backpedal. It drove my SFJ parents crazy@mars i don't even know if that is possible though, you are spot on, it indeed gets so blurry that you can fit into any type. I don't advocate for genocide though. Oh, and as far as i am concerned, all function use is function magic, because even though Te/Ti appear different, you can really bend your logic and argue for cherry picked behaviour you do that seem to conform to either Te or Ti. I understand typing people based on limited information, i do that too sometimes. You could've just read the comments on this very entry, i've posted function scores and everything if that's your thing (these where the scores i was talking about, not the 25quiz ones, so your comment being older than those results is irrelevant). I've only been wrong about twice IIRC. It was spot on with appearance as well. By the way, the "all EXTPs are manipulative psychopaths" is Fe-logic itself, so this is a staircase wit. I found this on YT one time. Again, i don't care about confirming INTJ 1w9. @brainer what are you gonna do about it huh. And i still don't like to drink excessively. I would like to hear the motivation behind these votes. I'm quite the information sponge. At this rate 145/146 is your tritype. Under stress the 1 goes to 4 and starts relentlessly seeking their own identity while the 9 goes to 6 and begins to ask questions in search of security, looking for what other people have to say and facts to cling to. wanna read it too if I mayI never got into enneagrams, i did a test once and it seemed too horoscopy for me to bother with, didn't like the way the test didn't give you clear results either, and instead just showed you a bunch of likely candidates. But if you feel so tempted to get me to cough up an example for you how bout this. If we weren't obliged by society to act in certain ways, the times when niceties actually DO occur would have way more impact, because it would unmistakenly be genuine. When it is quite blatant that different motivations and "functions" can lead to identical sounding arguments. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. I feel kind of exposed now. I know because i've lived years without them. It was almost a complete derail although you justified yourself at the end. i argued with functions just now and before to make a point how annoying functions are, being a constant tug of war of convincing arguments from both sides made by procrustean logic, talking about functions right now is seemingly irrelevant, but what i'm trying to say is that i think function magic have ultimately warped the definitions of the types for me. idk whether that could be hella Fi or hella anti-Fi omg what is FiMaybe, I guess my morals, if anything, would be pretty similar to nihilism, i am almost evangelical when it comes to the value of the scientific method. I think those ENTJ votes are interesting, damn, i kind of _want_ to be ENTJ. But when these peaks do happen, i do perform. And who are you kidding to not see the pattern that there is a connection between INTx and neckbeards. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Nkcdzy MBTI type.. Can't you see that what you're doing by going along this line of thought is exactly seeking the J closure which is your natural preference. Besides, why are you arguing with functions. You are still not a workaholic type 3 like me. Don't know what self-preserving completely entails but i would describe myself as "my best-interests"-y. It's a different thing to type fictional characters and celebrities than actual DBK-members. What I found to be helpful was looking at the functions (and I don't mean function magic. I think more people should learn to be stand alone like this. I think a lot of people tend to be warmer in their everyday life, texting isn't one of the most spontaneous and close there is. Too condescending and 5ish. @Nkcdzy In my opion you're way too organized for an INFP,you don't have much Si and you used to take your time to make sure everything you say suits your thought process. But there is no basis beyond that. And i don't relate to Se and Si much at all, i relate to Se grip more than Fe grip. I don't really feel like i deserve an entry since i've just been silently watching and not participated. My mom who is a sensor and basically only gets the gist of the system first guessed i was P based on the mess that i am. And mbti amplifies my skills. He was a clear Ni dominant but had the motivation and gusto and ability to leverage his own judgments to assert himself as a Judger does. I usually consider people who jokes around with Ne-Si like to be meta(meta means future in short sense) of everything. But i currently feel too weak, the plan is to pursue an artistic career first to gain momentum, then give science a shot once i have the strenght. I'm not saying it is perfect by any means, there is a lot of things you could say about it. btw "having no morals" yet u score high on Fi, could it be just that your morals just differ from those saying it. Is combining the three what tritype is. And to tackle your suggestion further, do perceivers just suspend their disbelief.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

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