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Overthinking Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Overthinking MBTI personality type cover chart

Also our auxillary functions are much more externally focused. If we start from the proven theory about I/E temperaments, Jung said: #################################. Generally you're correct in that point however INTP do tend to be the most thorough thinkers. SOme over think, some do not. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. The act of thinking has nothing to do with type. "I'm an Ne dom, you're not, therefore I'm right" is not a valid argument. You also seem to have a grudge against extraverts for some reason, in these threads it seems you tend towards the opinion that introverts can do or be whatever and extraverts are more limited. "over thinking is more often with N dom so any ENP or INJ can fit to this description". You would be heavily implying it based on the fact that in a sense you say "x type must act a certain way based on a function", and then telling me I don't understand the functions very well. as a 4w5 I have to disagree with you, we can also overthink a lot, it's just mostly for emotional reasons. I think Ti-dom is more fitting, especially Intps. enneagramm:5 ,6,7 because thinking type. Were indicative of that Extroverted Intuitives were still having that light attitude and Introverted Sensors had that worrying attitude that led them to overthinking traits. Also you mentioned I was most likely mistyped. You know very well what people mean by overthinking. Anyways who is creating these entries and then expecting a reasonable discussion. The extrovert is usually motivated by outside factors and greatly influenced by the environment, sociable and confident in unfamiliar surroundings, less cautious, less fearful, and likes organizations, parties, and tends to be optimistic and enthusiastic. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. Sensation (mostly men): emphasis on perception through the senses (. (3) They use judgment or diagnosis without an objective basis. Arguing that one type thinks more than the other is ridiculous. You literally didn't explain anything. #################################. P - thinks more then J (P likes to start new things, when J likes to complete and finish things). I don't see this line of conversation going anywhere but there's also the fact that a lot of people don't realize how much they actually use their dominant function because it's so easy and almost automatic for them to do so. Especially considering your faggot ass is most likely mistypedNo, you call me close-minded because I don't feed your fucking ego and tell you what you want to hear. I'd agree that 5w6s and 6w5s overthink more (overthinking is basically their nature) but I don't think that 4w5 is a stupid vote altogether. Grudge against extroverts because why. //There's an obvious state of light personality that flows on the exterior, extroverts think, but they don't overthink normally, because they rely on the external world much further than on the internal world. An INTJ would overthink his plans. fg stands for French girl, never mind. Nothing stops them from holistic, non linear thinking. I might think for days about a comment that someone made that hurt my feelings because I felt criticized. Mbti:ENxP and INXJ because N domAny type can overthink to be honest. The Ti-Ne-Si combination makes INTPs the best thinking type when it comes to completeness and thoroughness. I focus on what we interpret/perceive in our inner word. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Extrovert live in external worldHe's INTP who mistyped as ENTP and yet you agree with him. It's just not that detached over-analyzing that 5s do, but self-absorbed moody brooding. All you did was make assertions@PikUp I'm explaining everything I assert. Thinking as thought of ordinarily is done by ALL individuals of all types. (1) They dislike safe, familiar, or well-established things.

. E vs I, again it E focus on what we interpret/perceive in our world. Are you serious rn. It sounds more like overthinking I think. Jungian thinking is preference of logic, not ability to actually think. And yea thats why I was saying I use Ne more. Very interesting theoryAnyway 5w4 do this the most in general as a habit, because they are more detached and inside their minds, though 5w6 could become more obssesive in some cases i guess, but yeah 5w4 take this7,6,5 overthink in different way (6 in paranoid way ) (5 in over rationalize thing around them in putting signification they may not have) (7 overthink they have thousand idea in one second and want to share it) 4 are just over feeling. And yes, the functions in fact do not have limitations, because they're used differently in different people. An INFJ overthink her visions. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. Or literally anything. And I love how you get on your high horse telling people to be more open-minded while at the same time dismissing shit that you disagree with. keys2cognition. Ne + Ti the possibilities are endless. #################################. So INTx, probably INTP a bit more so. Te gathers as much info as possible and Ne is similar in that it looks at all ideas from different angles. (2) The introverted sensation types are sometimes difficult to understand; because they are overwhelmed by impressions—they see things that are not there, e. You're mistakenly attributting thinking(not Objective over Subjective, but the basic meaning of thinking) attitudes to the role of a function, instead of focusing what does that function mean temperaments-wise. @PikUp Still questioning how you (apparently) know more about my dominant function than I do. You seem to not even understand extroversion or introversion. I don't remember if you already answered this but why do you think you're an E, though. Fg use functions :PIt's an enneagram post, why i will use function on enneagramm. However Ti is most prone to overthinking especially INTPs. The definition of Ni is viewing the same insight from all possible angles and uniting it into one synthesis. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Overthinking MBTI type.. What ego are you talking about. Enneagram 7 is the least overthinking, if anything. An INTJ is more likely to rigidly plan everything through thinking, and also create blind spots as a result of constructing an intricate and long train of thoughts that can be derailed. Thinking over something over extended period of time. but it's still overthinking. Ti Te Fi Fe on the other hand are consider the rational function. You can't be someone who is more extroverted than introverted while simultaneously be the most introspective you dolt >. Just this lame preachy bullshit "people are different, can't put them in a box" if anything goes then there's no system, you realize this, right. They are often effective in new situations where there is no established way to deal with those situations. I - thinks more then E (thinks more before acts). How did you determine your type if categorizing is "close-minded". 6w5s take the biscuit for overthinking. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. ENPs ramble with ideas and have a more live the present attitudeI agree with 5tar, I think ENxP overthinks the most. #################################. INFJ I know is an overthinker to the point it makes him go totally insane, so he uses music to escape; he could be listening to music 10 hours daily (headphones). Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Overthinking Myers-Briggs and personality type!. INTJs over-"think ahead of themselves". Yeah i think "overthinking" in both those types manifest themselves in different ways but your interpretation makes sense. i would attribute overthinking to introversion and intuition but most of all turbulence/neuroticism depending on context@PikUp There's billions of different possibilities and combinations that make up a person (MBTI, Enneagram, Subtype, ect. And theoretically both ENxP's and INxJ's are less likely to overthink than INxP's, because they're respectively energised by action and goal-oriented/more decisive. You're a narcissistic moron who doesn't understand the system. INTJ may appear to overthink or they claim to be, but that is more of because they are giving a vague image of what they think is going on, and run with it in their mind, and they try to reason in the most logical and tangent. 7w8 (basically ExxP types) overthink more than 4w5 (mostly NF'S + ISFP + more INTx's). You just contradict yourself, call people close-minded for disagreeing with you and don't back up your arguments with any sort of facts or reasoning. You guys are getting so mad about nothing lolThis whole "you can't put me in a box" mentality and identifying as something even though it's not how you areNo you idiot, it's a contradiction. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Overthinking likely is!. I'll check it out though. htmWhere do I have a burden of proof. (1) They are sensitive and imaginative. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Overthinking? What about enneagram and other personality types?. What I'm not getting is why burden of proof is such a foreign concept to a supposed ENTPYou didn't argue anything though. , traveler, temporary leader. , engineer, artists, musicians. I come up more Ti on most tests because as I said I tend to focus it more. The introvert is usually. Just because you don't understand my reasoning doesn't mean I'm not explaining myself. You just define Ne however you want, it has no limitations to you. If you need to straw man what I say to win the argument than maybe you should consider shutting up. N - thinks more then S (imagining possibilities, planing the future, etc - S usually acts more in the concrete world). I was reading Jung where he described Ni doms going to there accumulated insights over and over again and taking their time to make a synthetic idea. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. I know, i know. I'm an ENTP and this happens to me all of the time. Even yet focusing on Introverted Sensation vs Extroverted intution. There is no one way of thinking and that is why this entry is full of bullcrap. fg probably needs a girlfriend. Serious question which is better. There ya go, some extra things to factor in besides just the base function order which doesn't necessarily tell anything about a person, how they act, or how much they think. As for ENxP either Ti overload or Si stressing is causing overthinking. I think he stated that he was hetereosexual am I correct. repeat after me: I lovingly welcome love into my life. Hey @kl, take this test as give us the result (with a screenshot preferably): http://www. T - thinks more then F (thinking x feeling). People who aren't NPs should feel likely. All thinking enneagramm type (5,6,7) overthinking often ,4w5 is a stupid vote. You're a fucking moronIn other words PikUp, If you look around you, there's more than just clones of the same 16 people. Just that you're mistyped. If Ne was broad and deep then there'd be no reason for Ni to even existHe's INTP who mistyped as ENTP and yet you agree with him. INTJ and INFJ are very likely to be overthinkers. Ni doms only think around their preferred area, even overthink but INTP would go through everything is a detailed manner. I determined my type because I looked to what the functions actually meant and fit myself into one of the broad categorizations. I don't need to be an Ne dom to understand Ne. ), you can't just say "Ne isn't deep" or "ENTPs don't over think" and shut the door on that, many Ne doms are deep, some are not. MBTI F is the non-preference of Jungian logic. i explain my reasoning. Just baseless assertionsI'm not saying you can't put me in a box I'm just giving you what I personally think and arguing it. If Ne is likely to think through everything why not ENTP. I've taken many a function test lol. The only two types that make sense are INTP and INTJ. You haven't explained a thing my dudeI've never created a page on here. Extroverted attitude: a standpoint characterized by an outward flowing of personal energy (libido)—an interest in events, in people and things, a relationship with them, and a dependence on them. Some people reason based on how the world actually works. Other based on how ideally/should the world works. Can really make an argument for one over the other with those results though, my Fe and Si both suck. happy alone with a rich imagination, and prefers reflection to activity. Extrovert live in external worldI dont. So looks like it can't just be one type. Ti-Ne-Si functions seems to be very overthinking to me. , fiery dragons as faces in automobile grills. Over-Thinking or Thinking-Over. @Drifter Well then by your way of looking at it, I'm an INTP. Then mix that with Ti or Ni and the individual digs deeply into a wealth of knowledge.

. I might constantly imagine similar situations and what I could have said, what I could say to get back at him etc. If the act of thinking has nothing to do with type, why are you even arguing for a type. I'm surprised ENTPs or ENFPS aren't even an option. I said I don't get how you would know more about my dominant function than I do because that makes no sense, obviously the person who actually uses the function would know more about it. INTP far more likely than Ni-doms, it's the Ne that makes ones mind go in all kinds of ''what if's''. Introverted Attitude: characterized by an inward flowing of personal energy—a withdrawal concentrating on subjective factors. I said Ne is not deep, I never said Ne doms are not deep. I use Te more than Ni according to that test but I'm still INTJ. What do overthinkers do. Well, because functions, again. (2) They often have the capacity to inspire in hopelessly blocked situations. //Clear indicative of overthinking and self-reflection attitudes. Jung's insights were:. ##################################. Objective doesn't have anything to deal with real/fake, but more pertains of preference of range/capability to reason and understand. iNTJ page you made earlier, check it out if you want to. I tend to come up ENTP or INTP. Any introvert or introspective type would do that. And that's especially evident when you say things like an extroverted type is most prone to overthinking. In the other hand. ISTPs and INFJs may have TiNi but one is tertiary. I never said Ik your type. INTPs over-think tangential stuff. An INTP is more likely to think about a bunch of stuff that has no practical value and doesn't really matter for anything other than satisfying the INTP. Lol that INFJ vote just shows how far people will go with their function magic. That's the difference between extraverted and introverted functions. over thinking is more often with N dom so any ENP or INJ can fit to this descriptionNot one 5w6 vote. Because I use Ne more than Ti. An INFP would overthink her ideals. Non linear logical thinking. > if functions have no limitations than there's no mbti, no functions, no types. It sounds like overthinking. I tend to focus more on Ti whereas the Ne just seemed to come naturally since basically forever. Why do introverts overthink. it is, however, in your head and generally caused by stress/anxiety/something that's bothering you, so ixxx-t would probably be more prone to it than any other set of types, and probably an intuitive type overall being slightly more likely than a sensing type because they'd be more likely to be disconnected from the immediate situation and mulling it over, but i wouldn't call that as strong as introversion and turbulenceFor the record to all, Ni Ne Si Se are not consider as rational function, because they don't judge/make a decision, they just process the information. This is why I say you're closed minded, you take a broad category and basically say "everyone in this category is exactly x and cannot possibly ever be y", when in fact there are infinite possibilities of how a person can work. Because I said that they're not more introspective than introverts. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. If it was overthinking linear logic than I'd say 100% of the time INTP would trump any other but its generic and therefore any vote for any introverted type is equally valid. Congrats on being an idiot. Why should we explain a proven basic fact of the Jungian theory as introverts are self-reflective and inner thinkers. I'm just pointing out the obvious that everyone in the world isn't just a clone of the same 16 people. (4) Intuition: ( intuition via the unconscious) tells of future possibilities and gives information of the atmosphere which surrounds experience. @kl Ne is not deep, it's broad. Introverted: emphasis on the sensation. Just wanted to rile you up a little. I knew 5 would win this poll because of the lack of understanding of enneagram that there is going on. But you clearly have Fi. Anyway, I also left a comment for you about Enneagram in the ENTP vs. INTP@scotty: Either you don't understand how Ni-Ti works or you put too much focus on the MBTI dichotomies, rather than the Jungian functions. Ne + Te would eventually organize things and stop "overthinking" once certain ideas/ways of thinking (isms) / algorithms are thought by the Te-user to be more important than the otherThis can really be any N to be honest Josephty1 we all know this is your alt I actually have no idea who tha is it changed my vote from 6w5 to 5w4. And who said they were. Therefore I functions are consider subjective; E are consider objective. They over- what. Meanwhile Ni-doms ''what if's'', are more concentrated alongside a narrower path, but Ne goes in all directions at all times and yeah. They are the decision maker. You don't even give any reasoning. That doesn't make them necessarily an over-thinker or they are correct etc. Ne-doms are always seeing all possibilities which may cause them to overthink and get paranoid especially when under stressful situations. You can fit into a vague generality (which is what the MBTI is) without having to be the exact same as everyone else in that category, sometimes not even close. You don't seem to understand the functions well. (4) When mistaken, the extroverted intuitive type can lead many people to ruin. @szero Nah I made the comment to mess with my brother, not the whole thread lmao@kl I remember you saying you made it just to mess with your brother or something, my mistake then. I'd also say an introverted type can't be the most charismatic or socially skilled@kl HEY I JUST TOLD YOU FUCKHEADAlso please tell me how you know I use Fi, I'd love to hear it. my thoughts are more imaginative than analytic and they're mostly driven and triggered by emotions, but 4w5 are capable of overthinking a lot. Extroverts overthink things more than introverts. The definition of this function: a perception of realities which are not known to consciousness and which go on via the unconscious. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Overthinking' belongs to!. You're trying to have your cake and eat it too. It creates much more of an imbalance within the individual I think. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. You're confusing the act of thinking with Jungian thinking. 5w6 or 6w5 would be ennea types most prone to it maybeattributing functions to "overthinking" is counterproductive because you're not gonna find much of a correlation with any of those and looping thoughts around in your head because you're stressed. Introverts are stereotypically more anxious, extend issues and reasonate just by themselves. Also, Ni-doms aren't as concerned with getting it exactly right as the Ti-dom, they're main cognitive process is more organic than the step-by-step/analyze this and that of INTPs. I'm more on INTP because they're much more likely to think and get sudden thinking states to self-realizate meanwhile INTJs trend to do for realization of goals instead, also, this could sound pretty stupid, but I'm more on a T-dom to overthink that on a T-aux. Well then good sir, why don't you type me then and tell me what type (you think) I am. 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