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Philosophy Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Philosophy MBTI personality type cover chart

Not to say that the world of philosophy wouldn't have been poorer without them, but nevertheless I could see them as an other type of writer. Satyagraha Clinging to the truth - Gandhi's first campaign of civil disobedience. Sinn Sense, meaning, the absence of which in life is the problem of human existence. Political philosophy ENTJs, INTJs and ENTPs. The mind-body duality problem still rages on today, and philosophy in the least continues to pose questions which become important to address through scientific means, even if we are yet to have the means to those ends. Revolutionists Marxists supporting violent revolution to set in place the collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. Postmodern - Urban Dictionary. Only that which is perceived exists; Berkeley held, however, that the minds that do the perceiving also exist",Essentialism "The belief that there are natural, innate differences between women and men, a rejection of the idea that gender is a social construction",Eternal law "In the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, the divine reason of God that rules over all things at all times",Ethical hedonism The doctrine that you ought to seek pleasure over all else,Ethical naturalism The belief that moral value judgments are really judgments of the natural world,Ethical relativism The theory that there are no absolute and universally valid moral standards and values and that therefore the moral standards and values that apply to you are merely those that are accepted by your society,Ethical skepticism The doctrine that moral knowledge is not possible,Ethics/Moral Philosophy "The branch of philosophy that considers the nature, criteria, sources, logic, and validity of moral value judgments 13Ethnophilosophy "A systematically descriptive method of investigating the philosophical concepts that are important in a culture, especially a culture that is primarily transmitted through unwritten stories, rituals, and statements of belief",Evil demon conjecture "The conjecture used by Descartes that states: For all I know, an all-powerful ""god"" or demon has manipulated me so that all I take as true is in fact false",Existence precedes essence (Sartre) The first judgment to be made regarding a thing is whether or not it exists, then about its substance and characteristics. Pascal's Wager Blaise Pascal's wager-argument for God that by believing that he does exist you lose nothing if he does not and you gain a lot in the end if he does. Its basic notion is that all phenomena are expressions of the absolute oneness or suchness. This concept entails that our mind has a non-material, spiritual dimension that includes consciousness and possibly an eternal attribute. Maybe if I took the enneagram test earlier or later in life my results could drastically differI'll settle with Mencius, Taoism, and Sun Tzu. INTP: Descartes, Kant. They'll search for truth in moral questions and things of that nature, discovery. , courage is the mean between fearing everything and fearing nothing. Proletariat Working class. Quine, the idea that alternative conceptions of what objects a theory refers to are equally compatible with the totality of physical facts",Instrumental end "Something desirable as a means to an end, but not desirable for its own sake",Instrumentalism "A theory held by John Dewey, among others, that ideas, judgments, and propositions are not merely true or false; rather, they are tools to understand experience and solve problems",Intelligent design or evolution The idea that the universe cannot be explained except on the supposition that it is the creation of an intelligent designer,Interactionist dualism The theory that the physical body and the nonphysical mind interact with each other,Intrinsic end Something that is desirable for its own sake and not merely as a means to an end,Invisible-hand explanation An explanation of a phenomenon as an unforeseen indirect consequence of action taken for some other purpose,Karma The idea that your point of departure in life is determined by your decisions and deeds in earlier lives,Language game "The context in which an utterance is made, which determines the purposes served by the utterance and hence its meaning; Wittgenstein believed that philosophical problems are due to ignoring the ""game"" in which certain concepts are used",Law of the Father "In Lacan's theory, a system that contains encoded patriarchal values in language",Lawrence v. God's gender Why is God thought to be a male. INFJ: Lao Tzi, Siddhartha, Plato, Plotinus, Spinoza, Schopenhauer, Heidegger. Are you kidding me. empiricism - stereotypes/labeling. Soto Zen Places less emphasis on sudden enlightenment and tends not to use koans, instead this tradition recognizes that enlightenment is possible in all moments. Forget about certain types of people (liberals) many are friends with liberal democrats (mild liberals). Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. That's my personal list of philosophers based on which I judge. What website are you getting this from. But historically it does seem like it could've been INTx dominated, even. empiricism ==> believe that our knowledge came from sensation. The future will resemble the past If you say that the next flame you encounter will be accompanied by heat, you assume the future will be like the past. Socratic (or dialectic) method Is a search for the proper definition of a thing, a definition that will not permit refutation under Socratic questioning. Jen Notions of humanity. historicism is the philosophical study of history ==> Marx,Hegel. (595)Apartheid A South African policy of complete legal separation of the races, including the banning of all social contacts between blacks and whites. In my experience they don't see the point, they view it as a waste of time. Aristotle said it was proper rule by few. Ne is more philosophical in general than Ni, especially in aux position. For INFJ philosophers, their philosopy is simply their world-view. to about 30 B. 8: Aristotelian (Aristotle 8w9). ,Hermeneutics Interpretive understanding that seeks systematically to access the essence of things,Hinduism The Western word for the religious beliefs and practices of the majority of the people of India,Human law "In the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, the laws and statutes of society that are derived from our understanding of natural law",Hypothetical imperative An imperative that states what you ought to do if a certain end is desired,Id "In Sigmund Freud's theory, the part of the psyche that is the unconscious source of instinctive impulses and drives",Idealism "The doctrine that only what is mental (thought, consciousness, perception) exists and that so-called physical things are manifestations of mind or thought",Identity theory The theory that mental states and events are brain states and events,Incorrigible The property of a proposition that cannot be false if you believe it to be true,Indeterminacy of translation "In the philosophy of W. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Philosophy? What about enneagram and other personality types?. 174 is more common with Ne dom(ENTP and ENFP) than INTP. Haiku Short forms of poetry. So who is an INFJ philosopher. How would you type Stoicism. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons. Existentialists are INJs and NFPs. Even so, among the MBTI types, INFJ are considered the most likely to be philosophical, most unlikely not to have an interest in philosophy, taking on a 1 to 1 sample. (527)Afrocentrism A school of thought primarily focused on investigating the heritage and influence of African cultures. rationalism ==> our sense lie to us we have to use reasoning. *GRAMMER POLICE HERE*Line 131: 'metaethics' should be hyphenated to 'meta-ethics'You're welcome. The Absolute "That which is unconditioned and uncaused by anything else; it is frequently thought of as God, a perfect and solitary, self-caused eternal being that is the source or essence of all that exists but that is itself beyond the possibility of conceptualization or definition",(151)Absolute Idealism The early nineteenth-century school of philosophy that maintained that being is the transcendental unfolding or expression of thought or reason,(149)Academics Philosophers of the third and second centuries B. humanism:philosophy who want to value human beingPhilosophy as a whole is INTP. material cause For Aristotle, the matter or stuff out of which something is made. Democratic socialism A term that denotes a popular political structure (especially in Western Europe) where there is a democratically elected executive and legislature and no state ownership of business, though it permits government intervention in the business sector. Free Well God's gift to human beings of freedom and ability to choose what to doDelphi Oracle An oracle is a shrine where a priest delivers a god's response to a human question, this being the most famous oracle which is said to have pronounced Socrates the wisest of people. INTJ similarly I could see them as political writers or historians instead, as it seems that for INTJ philosophers philosophy is done in order to justify a socio-political agenda, and it relies heavily on interpretation of history. And thus its silly to claim that philosophy is for one type or one cognitive function. http://personalitycafe. 184 is impossible as a tritype because 8 and 1 are both instinctual type. 4 is also the more common heart type for an INTPI was kinda not sure about the 184, because techinically my dominant is 1, so 174 makes more sense. Timocracy Plato's second identification of a form of government: Ruling class motivated by love of honor rather than love for the common good. We see it in the most primal of human narratives: good vs. Upanishads The most philosophically important Vedic scripture is this last book. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. So I guess it comes down to whether or not you vote for the most philosophical or the most likely to write books about philosophy. Thrown into the world For Heidegger, the human being is thrown into the world and soon experiences both fear and dread when confronted with forces beyond understanding. Mean Provides a standard of measure for all things. go away and jack off to plato Nah, I'm cool. What are popular INFJ philosophers except Plato, Wittgenstein and Bergson. She developed this notion of women's otherness in her book, The Second Sex. Foundationalism The doctrine that a belief qualiï¬es as knowledge only if it logically follows from propositions that are incorrigible (incapable of being false if you believe that they are true),Four Noble Truths "Buddha's answer to the central problem of life: (1) There is suffering; (2) suffering has speciï¬c and identiï¬able causes; (3) suffering can be ended; (4) the way to end suffering is through enlightened living, as expressed in the Eightfold Path",Free-market economy "An economic system built around the belief that supply and demand, competition, and a free play of market forces best serve the interests of society and the common good",Functionalism "The doctrine that what a thing is must be understood and analyzed not by what it is made of but by its function; for example, anything that functions as a mousetrap is a mousetrap, regardless of what it is made of or how it looks or is assembled",Gender "A person's biological sex as constructed, understood, interpreted, and institutionalized by society",General will "In the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the will of a politically united people, the will of a state",Genus how a thing is similar to other things,Hedonism The pursuit of pleasure,Hellenistic age The period of Macedonian domination of the Greek-speaking world from around 335 B. Sage Superior man representing an ethical ideal to which humans should aspire. Existentialism "A tradition of twentieth-century philosophy having its roots in the nineteenth century but coming to flower in Europe after World War II; of central concern is the question of how the individual is to ï¬nd an authentic existence in this world, in which there is no ultimate reason why things happen one way and not another",Ex nihilo "Latin for ""out of nothing""",Extension "A property by which a thing occupies space; according to Descartes, the essential attribute of matter",Fallacy A mistake in reasoning(11)False dilemma Offering only two options when in fact more than two options exist(12)Fascism "The totalitarian political philosophy of the Mussolini government in Italy, which stressed the primacy of the state and leadership by an elite who embody the will and intelligence of the people; the term is sometimes more generally used for any totalitarian movement",Feminism Movement in support of the view that men and women should have equal social value and status,First mover "God, in St. " The Greeks, who invented philosophy, thought of any person who sought knowledge in any area as a philosopher, however philosophy today takes many shapes. anarchism - previous government was out of touch of reality. Mushin The state of no mind, no thought. Can fetuses even survive on a vegan diet. :PPure rational philosophy is INTP. Zazen Mediation. Person One way philosophers have approached the matter of individuality has been to develop this notion. Women can do anything men can do if only they are given a chance. At least Western Philosophy is. So, it seems that the more purer philsophical types remaining are INFJ, INTP, ENTP. Reduction proof Proving a proposition by showing that its nonacceptance would involve an absurdity. and the most radical atheist in philosophy was Marx INTJ,Nietzsche INTJ, Freud ISTJ Perhaps I am INTP. Satori Enlightenment experience. Myth of the Cave Plato uses this vivid allegory to explain his two-realms philosophy. INTPs tend to make very obscure and impractical systems whereas INTJs, interestingly, seem to let their passion get the better of them. Quine, the idea that alternative incompatible translations of any language are compatible with the linguistic behavior of its speakers",Individual relativism The theory that what is right (and wrong) is what you believe is right (and wrong),Inscrutability of reference "In the philosophy of W. Plutocracy Plato's third identification of a form of government: Rule by men who primarily desire riches (two classes: rich and poor). stoicism - emotional IQ. Occasionalism A variant of parallelism according to which an act of willing your body to do something is the occasion for God to cause your body to do it,Ontological argument The argument that God's existence is entailed by the definition or concept of God,Ontology The branch of metaphysics that deals with the study of existence or being,Original position John Rawls' name for a hypothetical condition in which rational and unbiased individuals select the principles of social justice that govern a well-ordered society,Pan-African philosophy A cultural categorization of philosophical activity that includes the work of African thinkers and thinkers of African descent wherever they are located,Paradox of hedonism "Henry Sidgwick's term for the fact that the desire for pleasure, if it is too strong, defeats its own aim",Parallelism "The doctrine that there are two parallel and coordinated series of events, one mental and the other physical, and that apparent causal interaction between the mind and the body is to be explained as a manifestation of the correlation between the two series",Patriarchy Second wave feminist term representing the set of institutions that legitimized universal male power,Perception "A modern word for what Thomas Hobbes called ""sense,"" the basic mental activity from which all other mental phenomena are derived",Straightforward reductivist physicalism The theory of that all true propostition can, in principle, be expressed in the principle, but expressed in the language of physicsPerspectivism The idea that all perception and conceptualization takes place from a particular perspective,Phallocentrism A Lacanian term that describes the symbolic order in which the phallus is privileged,Phallus A symbolic representation of the penis,Phenomena "In Kant's philosophy, objects as experienced and hence as organized and uniï¬ed by the categories of the understanding and the forms of space and time; things as they appear to us or, alternatively, the appearances themselves",Phenomenalism "The theory that we only know phenomena; in analytic philosophy, the theory that propositions referring to physical objects can, in principle, be expressed in propositions referring only to sense-data",Phenomenological reduction A method of putting aside the ordinary attitude toward the world and its objects in order to see the objects of pure consciousness through intuition,Phenomenology The objective philosophical investigation of essences or meanings developed by the philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859â€"1938),Philosophy of mind "That area of analytic philosophy concerned with the nature of consciousness, mental states, the mind, and the proper analysis of everyday psychological vocabulary",Political philosophy "The philosophical study of the state, its justification, and its ethically proper organization 13Postmodernism The period of twentieth-century Western culture following modernism that challenges traditional cultural values in a variety of ways,Pragmatic theory of truth "In Dewey's and William James's philosophies, a theory of justiï¬cation according to which (roughly) a belief may be accepted as true if it ""works,""; in Peirce's philosophy, a species of correspondence theory",Pragmatism Philosophies that hold that the meaning of concepts lies in the difference they make to conduct and that the function of thought is to guide action,Prescriptive egoism The doctrine that in all conscious action you ought to seek your self-interest above all else,Prescriptive judgment A statement that assigns a value to a thing; a value judgment,Pre-Socratic philosophers "Greek philosophers who lived before Socrates - Anaxagoras; Anaximander; Anaximenes; Atomists, the; Democritus; Empedocles; Heraclitus; Leucippus; Parmenides; Pythagoras; Thales; Zeno of Elea",Principle of noncontradiction The principle that a proposition and its contradictory cannot both be true and one or the other must be true,Principle of reason See A priori principle,Principle of sufficient reason The principle that there is a sufficient reason why things are exactly as they are and are not otherwise,Principle of the identity of indiscernibles "The principle according to which if entity X and entity Y have exactly the same set of properties, then X = Y",Private language "In the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, a language that can be understood by only a single individual",Productive relations "In Marxism, social institutions and practices",Psychoanalysis A psychological theory and therapeutic method developed by Sigmund Freud,Psycholinguistics A branch of linguistics that studies psychological aspects of language,Psychological hedonism The theory that pleasure is the object of a person's desire,Pyrrhonists Members of a school of philosophical skepticism in the Hellenistic and Roman periods who attempted to suspend judgment on all knowledge claims,Pythagoreans "Pythagoras and his followers, whose doctrineâ€"a combination of mathematics and philosophyâ€"gave birth to the concept in metaphysics that fundamental reality is eternal, unchanging, and accessible only to reason",Queer theory A theory that deconstructs binary oppositions/sexual boundaries,Rationalism "The epistemological theory that reason is either the sole or primary source of knowledge; in practice, most rationalists maintain merely that at least some truths are not known solely on the basis of sensory experience",Realism The theory that the real world is independent of the mind; the theory that universals exist outside the mind,Red herring The fallacy of addressing a point other than the one actually at issue 12Reductio ad absurdum Proving a proposition by showing that its nonacceptance would involve an absurdity 10Reductionism The idea that every meaningful statement reduces to the experience that would conï¬rm or disconï¬rm it; See also Translatability thesis,Representationalism The doctrine that true beliefs are accurate representations of the state of affairs they are about,Representative realism "The theory that we perceive objects indirectly by means of representations (ideas, perceptions) of them",Rule-utilitarianism A form of utilitarianism (subscribed to by John Stuart Mill) in which the rightness of an act is determined by the impact on the general happiness of the rule or principle the action exemplifies,Samurai The warrior aristocracy of Japan,Semiotic The pre-Oedipal stage when the child does not distinguish between itself and its mother,Sense-data That which you are immediately aware of in sensory experience; the contents of awareness,Skeptic One who questions or suspends judgment on the possibility of knowledge,Skepticism A school of philosophy that emerged in the Hellenistic and Roman periods after Plato; included the Academics and the Pyrrhonists; the doctrine that true knowledge is uncertain or impossible",The doctrine that true knowledge is uncertain or impossible. Tyranny Plato's fifth identification of a form of government: The tyrant will obtain absolute power as each person will selfishly figure to gain from the tyrant's rule and believe the tyrant will end democracy's evil. It would be great idea if you add new section for each one of this list. 4: existentialism(Kierkegaard INFP 4w5 , Nietzsche INTJ 4w5). historicism - valuing wisdom. ENTPs: Socrates, Russell, Hume, Popper, Foucault. Polity Aristotle said it is the proper rule by the many. INFP: Kierkegaard, Emerson, Shestov, Cioran. Reincarnation Rebirth of the soul in another bodyRinzai Zen Named after the famous Zen monk Rinzai, seeks sudden enlightenment, as preached by Hui Neng. Nope i was referring at different kind of dualism separation human body/soul ==> Plato INFJ Dualism Working Class against Bourgeoisie ==>Marx INTJ World product of the battle between the contrary ==> Heraclitus INTJ. 1: Deontological ethics (Kant ISTJ 1w9). For other liberal democrats they get angry (1/8/9). Zoophilia is wrong but at one point does one stop to think about the consequences that incest will have on abortion. epicureanism ==> pleasure is good pain is the bad. ESXP: Hedonism, Epicurism. ENTP are like the medium between philosophy and the actual world, either by making it more accessible without diluating its content (like SPs 'philosophers' often do), or by taking on actual issues of the time (Foucault). INFJ are more spiritual than philosopher. Fg, I'll simplify it for the younger students. dualism- opposites attract. Self/Other Women were left in these roles due to the cultural mechanisms of oppression, as seen by Simone de Beauvoir. Ethical philosophy is mostly INFJ and INFP. Something to think about.

. Language game The context in which an utterance is made, what determines the purposes served by the utterance and hence its meaning; Wittgenstein believed that philosophical problems are due to ignoring the "game" in which certain concepts are used. Some Conservatives are afraid of spiders and worms and stuff. , ""Do your duty. Psyche The soul is the form of the body and that which prevents humans from falling apart. Like someone an admin on CelebrityTypes said it quite well ''for Hegel, Nietzsche and Marx the whole point was an historical analysis in order to justify an initial judgement'' (not quite word for word but similar). Sufism Represents a mystical, theosophical, and ascetic strain of Muslim belief that seeks union with God (Allah). Tendai Buddhism A Japanese variation of the T'ien-t'ai School of Buddhism in China. My second sentence I was comparing Fi to Ti. My love will tear through the fibers of your heart and build a home, where it will reside forever. Thomas's first proof of God's existence",Five Ways St. Sovereign power The Leviathan, Hobbes says, to which people should transfer their power and rights, therefore creating a social contract. Philosophy is really the study of thinking style, personality and motivations if you think about it. Philosophy is INTP. (387)Analects A collection of Confucius's sayings assembled by his disciples. Negritude A concept sought to outline a distinctively African epistemology to explain the claim that there was an African way of knowing that was different from the European. But anyone who has studied philosophy would probably agree. Class Struggle According to Marx, with private property came two classes: those without property, those without, and the hostility between them. If you think INFJ, I think INFJ are more of advocates of philosophy than philosophers. NTPs think for the sake of thinking. During the time of the scholastics surely it was the mythological explanation of matter that answered a why question more general people would be comfortable understanding as a "philosophy" today than the works of someone like Kant or Cavendish, which tend to sound much more scientific in how we currently conceive of that practice. IXFP : existentialism , philosophy of ethic. It's also an interesting fact that none of this were typical INTJs. But the thing about gay marriage is that it only applies to lesbians. Drastic steps must be taken to stop pornography, advertising, and music videos that present women as nothing but sexual toysMisogynous Hating women. Soft and supple Lao Tzu uses these adjectives to describe the sage, who is like water, not hard. Dialectical process History is the result of productive activity in interplay with social relationships. Diogenes The most famous Cynic, who taught by shocking example that the wise person reduces all wants and avoids all comforts. Leap of faith A nonintellectual, passionate "infinite" commitment to Christianity. NTPs are the exact opposite in this regard. Free play of signifiers The writer of a word "privileges" that word for a moment; this "privileging" becomes the medium for the play of the signifier. monism==> a philosophy is monistic if it postulates unity of origin of all things; all existing things return to a source that is distinct from them. Descartes and Kant are both considered crucial points in the history of philosophy, it's before and after Descartes, before and after Kant. I think because of Te though they just abhor hypothetical questions. Whether you're talking about Analytic Philosophy OR Continental Philosophy, both are INTP. What website are you getting this from. Why do women shop in clothes stores a lot. Revisionists, Evolutionary socialists Marxists supporting peaceful (and piecemeal) reform to set in place the collective ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. I imagine I'm not the only one on here with a philosophy degree. Descartes gave more important questions and his answers weren't the most satisfying, but he changed the way philosophy was done since because one had to go at the foundation of one's reasoning. 2: altruism (jesus INFJ 2w1 even if he is not a philosopher he inspire all this ethical tradition). Vishnu Vaisnavism worships this personal god. (11)Premises In an argument, the propositions or reasoning you give for accepting the conclusion of an argument. 5: phenomenology (sartre INTJ 5w4, Maurice merleau Ponty INTP 5w6,Husserl ISTJ 5w6). "Myth Western philosophy was born observing and systematically understanding Greek myths. Social contract An agreement among individuals forming an organized society or between the community and the ruler that deï¬nes the rights and duties of each,Socialism "The theory that communal ownership of land, capital, and the means of production is the best way of serving the common good",Social philosophy The philosophical study of society and its institutions; concerned especially with determining the features of the ideal or best society. humanism - dreamers/creativesMonism - Its basically what the Democratic Party is supposed to represent in theory (not in practice)Nope. Texas A 2003 ruling by the United States Supreme Court that a Texas law prohibiting homosexual sodomy was unconstitutional,Leviathan "The coiled snake or dragon in the Book of Job in the Bible; in the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, ""that mortal God, to which we owe our peace and defense""; that is, the state (or its sovereign) created by social contract",Liberalism A political philosophy whose basic tenet is that each individual should have the maximum freedom consistent with the freedom of others,Libertarian "Someone who believes in free will; alternatively, someone who upholds the principles of liberty of thought and action",Logic The study of the methods, principles, and criteria of correct reasoning. , probably by Antisthenes of Diogenes; the Cynics sought to lead lives of total simplicity and naturalness by rejecting all comforts and conveniences of society",Cyrenaicism The philosophy of Aristippus and others who lived in Cyrene about Plato's time; it emphasized seeking a life of as many intense pleasures as possible,Deontological ethics Ethical theories according to which what I ought to do is whatever it is my moral duty to do,Descriptive egoism The doctrine that maintains that in conscious action a person always seeks self-interest above all else,Descriptive relativism The doctrine that the moral standards people subscribe to differ from culture to culture and from society to society,Determinism The doctrine that a person could not have acted otherwise than as she or he did act,Ding-an-sich "German for ""thing-in-itself"": a thing as it is independent of any consciousness of it",Divine-command ethics Ethical theory according to which what is morally right and good is determined by divine command,Divine law "In the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, God's gift to humankind, apprehended through revelation, that directs us to our supernatural goal, eternal happiness",Double aspect theory "The idea that whatever exists is both mental and physical; that is that the mental and physical are just different ways of looking at the same things, Spinoza, Benedictus de",Dualism "Two-ism; the doctrine that existing things belong to one or another but not both, of two distinct categories of things, usually deemed to be physical and nonphysical or spiritual",Ecofeminism A branch of feminist philosophy that opposes any form of oppression that endangers nature,Egoism The doctrine that in conscious action one seeks (or ought to seek) self-interest above all else,Egoistic ethical hedonism The theory that one ought to seek one's own pleasure above all else,Eightfold Path "The way or practice recommended in Buddhism that includes: Right View, Right Aim, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Living, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Contemplation",Emotivism "The theory that moral (and other) value judgments are expressions of emotions, attitudes, and feelings",Empiricism The philosophy that all knowledge originates in sensory experience,Epicureanism "(capital ""e"") The philosophy of followers of Epicurus, who believed that personal pleasure is the highest good but advocated renouncing momentary pleasures in favor of more lasting ones",Epistemological detour The attempt to utilize epistemological inquiry to arrive at metaphysical truths,Epistemology "The branch of philosophy concerned primarily with the criteria, nature, and possibility of knowledge"13Epoche Suspension of judgment concerning the truth of falsity of a proposition,Equivalence Thesis The idea that letting people die of starvation is as bad as killing them,Esse est percipi "Latin for ""to be is to be perceived,"" a doctrine that George Berkeley made the basis of his philosophy. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Theory of the Divided Line Is used by Plato to contrast knowledge, on one hand (the upper line), with mere belief or opinion, on the other (the lower part). Rectification Correct use, therefore allowing correct understanding of all things, especially names. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Philosophy Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Hedonism - planning/happiness. ""), a moral imperative holds unconditionally (e. While much of the old philosophy was carried out by INTx's this philosophy more resembles most people's current notions of what science is in the sense that it starts by asking the same questions science does and goes by with a different approach. Maternal thinking Ruddick discussed the concerns and perspectives of mothers in some patriarchal cultures and then considered how these concerns and perspectives can structure our moral responses to the world in Maternal Thinking. ",Zen Buddhism "A form of Buddhism that reached its zenith in China and later developed in Japan, Korea, and the West; its name (Chinese Ch'an Japanese Zen) derives from Sanskrit Dhyana (meditation). site who talk about correlation often switch the original statistic or we don't even know where this number came from (we don't even know if interrogated people are mistyped) and a lot of this statistic are made by non professional people who don't know what a basic function is. Divine-command ethics Ethical theory according to which what is morally right and good is determined by divine command. existentialism / New Age - birds of the same feather flock together. For me, philosophy relies heavily on the idea of thinking about possibilities and seek the unthinkable and question everything to find the truth. 9: Buddhism (Buddha 9w1)You're INTJ buddyAtheism is INTP, I knew it (though it is usually enneagram 5 for atheism). Fi would rather work with concepts that aren't clearly defined which is the case with a lot of philosophy. INTJ: Heraclitus, Hegel, Nietzsche, Sarte. First, the INFPs for the reason that I could see INFP philosophers just as well fiction writers or poets. Ethics of caring Is not a set of principles or maxims but a way of responding to people and situations. Kant probably contributed the most of them all, but even then his philosophy was a ''negative'' side showing the limitations of knowledge (''Kant gave it, and Kant took it away''). INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. 28 8 17 19 16 13 13 20 13. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. Problem of personal identity The problem of identity as it applies to people. The more typical pragmatic INTJ would pursue science instead of philosophy and even somewhat look down on philosophy compared to science. See also Political philosophy13Sophists Ancient Greek rhetoricians who taught debating skills for a fee,Specific difference How a thing is specifically different from other things in the same genus,Stoicism "(capital ""s"") The ethical philosophy of the ancient Greek Stoics, who emphasized the serene or untroubled life as the highest good and thought it best reached through acceptance of the natural order of things; (lowercase ""s"") the practice of a stoic, one who is indifferent to pleasure and pain",Straw man The fallacy of trying to refute someone's view by misrepresenting it,Subjectivism "In ethics, the doctrine that what is right is determined by what people believe is right; elsewhere, the theory that limits knowledge of conscious states",Superego "In Sigmund Freud's theory, that part of the psyche that functions as conscience",Switching the burden of proof Trying to prove a position by asking an opponent to disprove it, 11Synthetic truth (Quine) "A true statement that is not such that it holds ""come what may""",Tabula rasa "Latin for ""blank tablet""; also, John Locke's metaphor for the condition of the mind prior to the imprint of sensory experience",Tacit consent "An implied rather than explicitly consent, as, for example, when you consent to the laws of your state by continuing to live in it",Tao "In Chinese philosophy, the Way: the ultimate and eternal principle of unity, meaning, and harmony in the universe; See also Taoism",Taoism "One of the great philosophical traditions in China, according to which the individual will ï¬nd peace and tranquility through quietly following the Tao",Teleological explanation "An explanation of a thing in terms of its ends, goals, purposes, or functions",Ten Tropes A collection of ten arguments by the Skeptic against the possibility of knowledge,Theodicy A defense of God's goodness and omnipotence in view of apparent evil,Theoretical posits Entities whose existence we hypothesize to explain our sensory experience,Theory of Forms Plato's central metaphysical concept. Genealogy It is possible to trace the development of various laws and practices with an emphasis on power, not knowledge. Relativism Ethical theories that answer the question of, What ought I to do. Intuitive and some ISTP's, however, what really makes more apology to the philosopher's concept would be a xNTP. Leibniz one of the Continental rationalists of the seventeenth century (Descartes and Spinoza were the other two). Condemned, because we did not create ourselves, yet is nevertheless at liberty, and from the moment that we is thrown into this world we are responsible for everything we do. So, I think INFJ it's the ''philosophical'' type, even if not the most frequent. Mean between extremes The analysis of specific moral virtues (e. (546)Animism People were regarded as "thinking reeds" completely identified with and part of the natural and divine universe. "")",Morality of intent It is not what you do that matters morally but the state of mind with which you do it,Moral judgment "A value judgment about what is morally right or wrong, good or bad, proper or improper",Naturalist fallacy Thinking that a moral value judgment is entailed by a descriptive statement. Historiography Takes the writing of history as a matter to be studied and analyzed. Liberation Adherence to Christian principles can lead to a better life. 2platonic dualism Plato's highly influential perspective that true reality consists of eternal and perfect Forms, or Ideas, and that the material, bodily world is an imperfect reflection of the world of Forms, dependent on them for all its qualitiespolyandrogyny riseing boy and girls so they are allow to choose there genderprima facie duty duty that is always to be acted upon unless it conflicts on a particular occasion with an equal or stronger dutysexism An ideology based on the belief that one sex is superior to and should dominate the other sexsocratic methods Teaching used by socrate employs question and answer format, using reaction 10Antinaturalism Moore had held that goodness is a simple, nonnatural, and indefinable property. 9Logos Heraclitus saw all change as determined by this cosmic order, Greek for "word. (9)Logical atomism "The metaphysical theory that the world does not consist of things but of facts, that is, things having certain properties and standing in certain relationship to one another. You could "type" people by their philosophy of life, what -ism do they follow, but the MBTI system is better I think. DIVINE COMMAND THEORY You can’t ignore me forever Joseph. Basic belief A belief that is not inferred from evidence or from other beliefs. There is no one type of philosophy, nor one type of philosopher. Night-watchman state Nozick held that this type of minimal state protects its citizens from force and fraud and like things and impinges on the individual's natural rights to his or her holdings. 6:Skepticism (Pyrrhon INTP 6w5,Sextus Empiricus INTP 6w5 ). ENTPs basically do the same, but they tend to be a lot more to-the-point and straightforward. Dhyana Sanskrit word for meditation; both of the words Zen (in Japanese) and Ch'an (in Chinese) derive from the word dhyana. Stablizing and private up from changes. But INTP enneagram 1, 8, 4 is kinda weird. Theoretical posits Entities whose existence we hypothesize to explain our sensory experience. They are the inspiration for the six "insights" / systems of philosophy and best known for the theories of brahman and atman. But when I took the test I got. A contingent truth is a statement that is true but could have been false",Neoplatonism "A further development of Platonic philosophy under the influence of Aristotelian and Pythagorean philosophy and Christian mysticism; it flourished between the third and sixth centuries, stressing a mystical intuition of the highest One or God, a transcendent source of all being",Nihil in intellectu quod prius non fuerit in sensu Nothing is in the intellect that was not ï¬rst in the senses; an epistemological principle formulated by Thomas Aquinas as an extrapolation of Aristotle's thinking,Nihilism The rejection of values and beliefs,Nirvana "In Buddhism, the highest good; the extinction of will and of the accompanying ego, greed, anger, delusion, and clinging to existence. there is some INTP 8 in history ==> the french president François Mitterrand , INTP 1 like Simone Weil exist to. Epistemes Created realities that serve in each era as the ground of the true and the false. Epicureanism - self-esteem needs to improve. Philosophical behaviorism There is no such thing as a nonphysical mind, mental-state thing-words do not really denote things at all, and a person's mental state cannot be translated into some set of statements about the person's behavior. Dharma Reality/truth/law. , ""If you desire health, then eat well. The other types are small fry. Deconstructive method Is to lay bare those assumptions about language, to "question" the text about possible multiple meanings. (483)cogito,ergo sum I think, therefore I am ; the single indubitable truth on which descartes epistemology is basedcondemned to be free We are left alone, without excuse. ISXJ:stoicism and historicism. The answer to this question will likely bare different fruits if you ask academic and normal audiences. Yin/yang Contractive and expansive forces in the universe. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. It's not prescriptive but descriptive. <3 racist and sexist comments scare many liberal democrats away (withdrawn triad). Aristotle said it is improper rule by many. Everydayness Human beings can suffer from a kind of "primitive" and unthinking being and fail to fulfill their real potential. Philosopher-kings Plato held that a class-structured aristocracy if ruled by philosopher-kings, would be the best or a "just" state. Use reason and deny sophistry. Pure rational philosophy is INTP. The Aristotelian type of cause which acts on something "from the past" or which was an antecedent cause is called doerfinal cause One of Aristotle's four kind of causes - specifically, the ultimate purpose for which something happens. Most philosophers do have inferior Fe excluding Plato and maybe a few others. with, what my culture or society thinks I ought to do. Not sure if ISTJ or ISFJ. Monarchy Aristotle said it is when a state is properly ruled by one person. Because the reflections are all they see, the prisoners assume the reflections to be realityPlato's "dialogues" Two dozen compositions by Plato, of which the most famous is the Republic. The ideal speech situation Persons are free to speak their minds and listen to reason without fear of being blocked. I'm asking out of curiosity, because I followed a two-year philosophy course and most philosophers I was learning about are typed as INTJs and INTPs and being interested in their biographies typed correctly, I believe. Problem of identity Sameness over change that applies to everything over time. Imo INFJs and ENTPs make the best philosophers (Ti and Fe). But the "world view" is more important than what you think, is the "weltanschauung", is the Meaning, the vertical movement (not horizontal, unlike the debate on the logic and languages). Aristotle said it is improper rule by one. I think that any remnant of "natural philosophy" has become replaced by science, but philosophy which studies persons and still remains objective by analyzing and assessing them from a distance in an INFx manner still remain incredibly important. EXTJ: political and empirical philosophy. mono-androgyny rising boy and girls the same way there no gender roles and no concepts of masculine or feminine behaviorobjective reality the belief that phenomena exist and have influence, whether or not we are aware of themphilosophy Comes from two Greek words: philein "to love" and sophia "knowledge" or "wisdom. Buddha, according to orthodox Hindus, was an incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. Have a nice day. Do they expect transgender people to marry animals. Fundamental project A project that can mobilize and direct all of one's life energies and permit one to make spontaneous choices. Rule-utilitarianism A form of utilitarianism (subscribed to by John Stuart Mill) in which the rightness of an act is determined by the impact on the general happiness of the rule or principle the action exemplifies. ENXP: anarchism, Postmodern philosophy. Wade A woman's right to abortion as included within the right to privacy. And thus its silly to claim that philosophy is for one type or one cognitive function. Thomas Aquinas's five proofs of God's existence,Form In Plato's philosophy, that which is denoted by a general word (such as "good") that applies to more than a single thing. There were bunch of ENTPs and INFPs too. Atheism is Te over Ti. Aristocracy Plato's first identification of a form of government: Governed by rational philosopher-kings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. For INFJ tough I think it's the most important. Vedas The most ancient religious texts of Hinduism and in an Indo-European language. - and the possible harmful social consequences of our internalized ideas about God's gender. In early China the central tenet of Zen Buddhism was meditation rather than adherence to a particular scripture",Analysis Resolving a complex proposition or concept into simpler ones to gain better understanding of the original proposition or concepts(225)Androgyny Having both male and female characteristics; unisex. com/enneagram-personality-theory-forum/98964-types-wings-mbti-correlation-based-perc-user-profiles. 3: liberalism (the same type than US, country of freedom). INTP: Democritus, Descartes, Leibnitz, Locke, Kant. Stoicism is about accept what you can not change to be happy. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Philosophy likely is!. Democracy Plato's fourth identification of a form of government: A society that honors wealth, people's impulses are unrestrained, and the result is lack of order and direction. anarchism ==> want to make a society without any government. Egalitarian Someone who believes that all humans are equal in their social, political, and economic rights and privileges. I don't really see a reason for voting INTP. NTPs are the most philosophical. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Philosophy' belongs to!. See also Form,Thesis-antithesis-synthesis "In the philosophy of Hegel, to each thesis there is an antithesis (opposite), and the two are a unity in a higher synthesis",Thing-in-itself English for Ding-an-sich: a thing as it is independent of any consciousness of it,Third Man argument "Aristotle's criticism of Plato's Theory of Forms, according to which there must be a third thing that ties together a Form with the particular things that exemplify it",Thought "According to Descartes, the essential attribute of mind",Thought experiment Imagining a situation in order to extract a lesson of philosophical importance 10Total skeptic "One who maintains nothing can be known or, alternatively, suspends judgment in all matters",Transcendental phenomenology An epistemological method that seeks the certainty of a pure of consciousness of objects in the transcendental ego,Translatability thesis "The idea that, in theory, statements about the world could all be translated into statements that refer to immediate sensory experience",Ubermensch "In the philosophy of Nietzsche, the ""Superman"" who escapes the triviality of society by embracing the will to power and rejecting the slave mentality that permeates society and dominates religion",Universal "That which is denoted by a general word, a word (such as ""chair"") that applies to more than a single thing",Universalistic ethical hedonism "The doctrine that one ought to seek, over everything else, the greatest pleasure for the greatest number of people; See also Utilitarianism",Universal phenomenology of consciousness Attempts made by Hegel and Husserl to devise a pure science of knowing,Utilitarianism The doctrine that the rightness of an action is identical with the happiness it produces as its consequence,Value judgment A proposition that explicitly or implicitly assigns a value to something,Veil of ignorance "In Indian philosophy, the perspective from which the world is viewed as a multiplicity of things; in John Rawls's philosophy, the metaphor for the conditions under which rational individuals are to select the principles of justice that govern the well-ordered society",Verifiability criterion (theory) of meaning The dictum that a sentence must express something verifiable if it is to express an empirically meaningful statement,Vienna Circle A group of philosophers and scientists centered at the University of Vienna in the 1920s and 1930s who espoused logical positivism,Virtue ethics "Ethical theories according to which what I ought to do is what the virtuous person would do; for virtue ethics, the primary question is, What kind of person ought I to be. and continues to the present day; Confucianism is a practical philosophy that hopes to establish a better world order by means of moral perfection of the individual,Consequentialism Ethical theories that evaluate actions by their consequences,Conservatism A political philosophy based on respect for established institutions and traditions and that favors preservation of the status quo over social experimentation,Continental philosophy "The philosophical traditions of continental Europe; includes phenomenology, existentialism, hermeneutics, deconstruction, and critical theory",Contractarian theory "The political theory according to which a legitimate state exists only by virtue of an agreement or ""contract"" among the subjects of the state",Contractualism Ethical theories according to which right and wrong are established by a societal agreement or social contract,Copernican revolution in philosophy "A new perspective in epistemology, introduced by Immanuel Kant, according to which the objects of experience must conform in certain respects to our knowledge of them",Cosmological argument An argument for the existence of God according to which the universe and its parts can be neither accidental nor self-caused and must ultimately have been brought into existence by God,Counterargument An argument that counters the given argument (13)Critical theory A philosophical method that seeks to provide a radical critique of knowledge by taking into account the situation and interests involved,Cultural relativism The theory that what is right (and wrong) is what your culture believes is right (and wrong),Cyberfeminism The idea that women can resist the patriarchy through their communication links in computer technology,Cynicism "A school of philosophy founded around the ï¬fth century B. The second letter in the personality type acronym corresponds to the preference within the sensing-intuition dimension: “S” stands for sensing and “N” stands for intuition.. You will soon be under my hypnotic spell. Philosophy's a god send if there is a god. ENTP: Socrates, Hume, Foucault. It's not something they just do for some other purpose or something they can have easily done in another medium, it's an world-view that has both a spiritual basis and an internally logical frame-work. This one right. INXJ : the being and dualism. Ideology A kind of self-interested delusion that infection the bourgeoisie and that they half-cynically, half-unconsciously passed on to the proletariat. )Prescriptive egoism The doctrine that in all conscious action you ought to seek your self-interest above all else. @Scotty could you define fully "impersonal philosophy. Oligarchy Aristotle said it is improper rule by the few. I'm not saying INFJ are better (as philosophers) than INTP: I'm re-evaluating the importance of the weltanschauung. It's not a matter of sharpening one's argumentative skills like with NTPs, but something more spiritual. Ethical philosophy is mostly INFJ and INFP. Stoicism is completely Si-dom. Spectator theory of knowledge Dewey's doctrine that independent objects exist outside the mind - realism; it is no more acceptable to him than idealism. postmodern philosophy ==> inspired by french theory /structuarilsm:believe human are conditioned by structure around them. " Ancient philosophies stressed both of these, and it different times either side has had the advantage over the other. Entitlement concept of social justice Nozick's idea that a person is entitled to what he or she has rightfully acquired, and justice consists in each person's retaining control over his or her rightful acquisitions. INTPs are an interesting case due to how crucial they are, even when their contribution is not the most ''substantial''. " I for the most part would agree with you. I'm looking at the description of 145 and it kinda matches up. in what had been Plato's Academy; they had the reputation of maintaining that all things are inapprehensible,(84)Act-utilitarianism A form of utilitarianism (subscribed to by Bentham) in which the rightness of an act is determined by its effect on the general happiness,(305)Aesthetics The philosophical study of art and of value judgments about art and of beauty in general,(13)Alterity "The condition of being ""Other"" to the center of power and authority",Analytic philosophy The predominant twentieth-century philosophical tradition in English-speaking countries; analytic philosophy has its roots in British empiricism and holds that analysis is the proper method of philosophy,(225)Analytic statement (Quine): A statement that holds come what may,(249)Anarchism A utopian political theory that seeks to eliminate all authority and state rule in favor of a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups,(358)Antirepresentationalism A philosophy that denies that the mind or language contains or is a representation of reality,(234)Appeal to emotion Trying to establish a position by playing on someone's emotions,(12)Applied ethics Moral theory applied to specific contemporary moral issues, such as abortion, affirmative action, pornography, capital punishment, and so on. Even stuff like mind-body duality makes no sense to waste time on to most T types like myself, although I would guess INTPs would much rather think about it than INTJs as a general rule. (390)A priori/a posteriori pair "In the philosophy of Saul Kripke, an a priori truth is a statement known to be true independently of any experience, and its opposite, an a posteriori truth, is a statement known to be true through experience",A priori principle A proposition whose truth we do not need to know through sensory experience and that no conceivable experience could serve to refute,Argument A series of propositions, one of which is supposedly supported by the others. Dualism definitely is something inherent to basic philosophies. Creation Ex nihilo Creation "out of nothing. It's almost like this philosophical INFPs could have been fiction writers or poets instead. Perhaps not really a fallacy,Naturalized epistemology The view that the important epistemological problems are those that can be resolved by psychological investigation of the processes involved in acquiring and revising beliefs,Natural law "in Hobbes's philosophy, a value-neutral principle, discovered by reason, of how best to preserve one's life; in the Stoic philosophy, a principle of rationality that infuses the universe, to which human behavior ought to conform; in Thomas Aquinas's philosophy, God's eternal law as it applies to humans on earth and dictates the fundamental principles of morality",Natural law political theory "The view that questions of political ethics are to be answered by natural law, which alone determines what is right, good, just, and proper (and their alternatives)",Natural right A right thought to belong by nature to all human beings at all times and in all circumstances,Necessary being A being whose nonexistence is impossible,Necessary/contingent pair "In the philosophy of Saul Kripke, a necessary truth is a statement that could not possibly be false. Yet at the same time INTPs rise up the standards at which philosophy is done, and without them it would have been an easier game. I wonder why I scored so much on both 1 and 8 in the long enneagram test. A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors, or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, as by explaining aspects of the natural world or delineating the psychology, customs, or ideals of society. Existential predicament The world is irrational and absurd leaving the individual to choose how he or she is to live amongst senselessness, separation, and inability to communicate which give birth to anxiety, dread, self-doubt and despair. I think today when people think of philosophy they think of a subject which centers on answering an objective "why" as opposed to "how. Unified Kant held, to qualify as experience, sensory stimulation must be unified in a single connected consciousness. Political philosophy ENTJs, INTJs and ENTPs. But most philosophers don't actually write books about philosophy and a lot of INFJ's do. In the Myth of the Cave, a group of prisoners is placed so they can see, on the wall of the cave, only reflections of objects carried back and forth in front of a fire behind them. IXTP : rationalism and monism. INTJ: Nietzsche, Marx, Sartre. Liberal feminism Has its roots in some very traditional American notions: freedom of choice and equality of opportunity. (9)Conclusion The proposition you are trying to establish in an argument. I think that impersonal philosophy is at a pretty big dead end which is why it's so INFx today. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Philosophy MBTI type.. htmlBased on those results I'd think you'd be 145I hate personality coffee but i was referring at the idealist triad (1,4,7) because Ne is one of the most idealistic function. Existentialists are INJs and NFPs. There is no one type of philosophy, nor one type of philosopher. monism - against discrimination, spirituality, infinity, etc. INFJs always provide the full package with a comprehensive logical system and humane ideals to live by. (558)Atman The inner self. formal cause For Aristotle, the form of a thing; that which answers the question What is the thing. Big Bang The universe is an explosion. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Writers characters list.. stoicism is not about emotional IQ at all stoician want to free themselves to passion thanks to reason. 7: Epicurean philosophy (the 7 nickname is even the Epicure ). Maybe eastern is INFJ. Objectivism A philosophy that championed the brilliant individual who rises to the top in an ideal society based on the freedom of the individual to create. Spinoza, Heidegger, de Beauvoir, Schopenhauer and probably Hegel are a few more, as well as likely most of those Eastern guys. Norms are standards 11Noumena "In the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, things as they are in themselves independent of all possible experience of them",Nous "A Greek word variously translated as ""thinking,"" ""mind,"" ""spirit,"" and ""intellect""",The third soul, or the intelligent or spiritual soul. However, my favorite philosopher is an INTJ. They were either a more artistic inclinated kind of INTJ (Nietzsche,Sartre) or a more mystical one (Heraclitus, Hegel). '"" Pythagoras used the word to denote the ï¬rst number of a series, and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz used the word to denote the unextended, simple, soul-like basic elements of the universe",Moral argument for the existence of God "The argument that maintains that morality, to be more than merely relative and contingent, must come from and be guaranteed by a supreme being, God",Moral imperative "Distinguished by Kant from a hypothetical imperative, which holds conditionally (e. (9)Argument by analogy As in an argument for the existence of God: the idea that the world is analogous to a human contrivance and therefore, just as the human contrivance has a creator, the world must also have a creator(441)Argument from design/teleological argument A proof for the existence of God based on the idea that the universe and its parts give evidence of purpose or design and therefore require a divine designer(431)Argumentum ad hominem The mistaken idea that you can successfully challenge any view by criticizing the person whose view it is,(11)Ataraxia The goal of unperturbedness and tranquility of mind that was considered the highest good by ancient thinkers such as the Skeptics,(85)Atomism "The ancient Greek philosophy that holds that all things are composed of simple, indivisible minute particles",(31)Authenticity "In Sartre's philosophy, a way of understanding the essential nature of the human being by seeing it as a totality",(180)Bad Faith "In the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre, essentially self-deception or lying to oneself, especially when this takes the form of blaming circumstances for one's fate and not seizing the freedom to realize oneself in action",Begging the question The fallacy of assuming as a premise the very conclusion of the argument is intended to prove(11)Behaviorism "The methodological principle in psychology according to which meaningful psychological inquiry conï¬nes itself to psychological phenomena that can be behaviorally deï¬ned; the theory in philosophy that when we talk about a person's mental states, we are referring in fact to the person's disposition to behave in certain ways",Buddhism "A philosophical tradition, founded by Gautama Siddhartha Buddha in the ï¬fth century B. If you start rounding up INTJs, INTPs and ENTPs, there aren't that many either. So, let's see what types with more philosophers I would go down from my list. And we were doing MBTI test in our group (24 people) and everybody except one girl (ENFP) tested as INTJ, INTP or INFP so I can't see how philosophy is an INFJ thing, but maybe it's my subjective experience. , that took on various forms as a religion and spread throughout Asia; Buddhism attempts to help the individual conquer the suffering and mutability of human existence through the elimination of desire and ego and attainment of the state of nirvana",Bushido "The way or ethic of the samurai warrior, based on service and demanding rigorous training, usually both in the military and literary arts",Capabilities approach "In the philosophy of Martha Nussbaum, the principle that all nations and governments should provide for the core ingredients of human dignity",Capitalism An economic system in which ownership of the means of production and distribution is maintained mostly by private individuals and corporations,Categorical imperative "Immanuel Kant's formulation of a moral law that holds unconditionally, that is, categorically; in its most common formulation, states that you are to act in such a way that you could desire the principle on which you act to be a universal law",Clear and distinct criterion "René Descartes' criterion of truth, according to which that, and only that, which is perceived as clearly and distinctly as the fact of one's own existence is certain",Code Pink A third wave women's grassroots peace and justice movement that opposes any kind of military force,Communism "(capital ""c"") The ideology of the Communist Party; (lowercase ""c"") an economic system",Communitarian "One who holds that there is a common good deï¬ned by one's society, the attainment of which has priority over individual liberty",Conceptualism The theory that universals are concepts and exist only in the mind,Confucianism A philosophical tradition that began with Confucius in the sixth century B. The number two is also reflected in our anatomy: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two lips, two arms, two legs, two biological sexes, and so on. night, human vs.

. sartredream conjecture Rene Descartes: Two famous conjecture he employed were the dream experienceefficient cause 324. Either way, perhaps later in life I will increasingly develop the 4 and 5. EXFJ: philosophy of dialogue and humanism. rationalism - simplifying/teaching. "Stoicism (lowercase "s") The practice of a stoic, one who is indifferent to pleasure and pain. Like what other profesions/calling, I don't type the majority (since this has to do with the representation in the general population, INFJ being considered rare outside the internet and all), but rather what type it fits best, for what type this fits more with their natural state. Kami Gods of nature that created the universe. Ehthnophilosophy A systematically descriptive method of investigating the philosophical concepts that are important in a culture, especially a culture which is primarily transmitted through unwritten stories, rituals, and statements of belief. NTJs more so because they want an answer. random from quizlet. Madison The Supreme Court has the power under the Constitution to declare void federal and state laws that violate it. Dualism is the concept that our mind is more than just our brain. @bobnickmad you just prefer analytic philosophy (xNTP in my opinion) than continental one (more INFx). The ultimate facts are atomic in that they are logically independent of one another and are unresolvable into simpler facts; likewise, an empirically correct description of the world will consist ultimately of logically independent and unanalyzable atomic propositions that correspond to the atomic facts",Logical positivism "The philosophy of the Vienna Circle, according to which an purported statement of fact, if not a verbal truism, is meaningless unless certain conceivable observations would serve to conïfirm or deny it",Logicism The thesis that the concepts of mathematics can be deï¬ned in terms of concepts of logic and that all mathematical truths can be proved from principles of formal logic,Logocentrism "A term coined by Derrida that refers to the traditional Western ways of thinking about truth, consciousness, and reason in language",Marxism "The socialist philosophy of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and their followers that postulates the labor theory of value, the dialectical interplay of social institutions, class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat leading to a classless society",Materialism The theory that only physical entities exist and that so-called mental things are manifestations of an underlying physical reality,Means (forces) of production In Marxism the means of producing the satisfaction of needs,Metaethics "The philosophical investigation of the sources, criteria, meaning, verification, validation, and logical interrelationships of moral value",Metaphysics The branch of philosophy that studies the nature and fundamental features of being 13Mirror stage "In Lacanian theory, the stage of development when the child identifies itself with its own image, separate from its mother",Modified skeptic A skeptic who does not doubt that at least some things are known but denies or suspends judgment on the possibility of knowledge about some particular subject,Monad "From the Greek word meaning ""unit. (589)Black-or-white fallacy An argument that limits us to two options when in fact more options exist. Verifiability principle Verifiability principle the meaning of a proposition is the experience you would have to have to know that it is true. existentialism:believe that man is free and responsible in a nonsense and have to put sense in the world. Yeah I meant basically natural philosophy, which leaves us with the "softer" INFx kind of philosophy not as based in an approach based in pure logical progression. Just looked up Dualism,. Koan Illogical, even nonsensical, puzzles that are designed to break the stranglehold of conceptual thought so that absolute, indivisible truth or reality many be suddenly and utterly seen or intuited. Substance(ousia) one selfAgoge Way of living. Radical feminism Entrenched social attitudes do as much or more harm than restrictive laws. ISxP: Epicurus(ISTP),Camus(ISFP). Ti + Ne are above and beyond the two most utilized cognitive functions in the overarching discipline. But not Western. Achievement of nirvana means being freed from all future rebirths",Nominalism The theory that only individual things are real,Normative ethics A system of moral value judgments together with their justifications 11Normative questions Questions about the value of something.

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