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PikUpYourPantsPatrol Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

PikUpYourPantsPatrol MBTI personality type cover chart

jpg PikUpYourPantsPatrol - 08/02/2017 05:40 HA. Like I said, I purposefully didn't open up to you guys then. @szero I already addressed this. In fact, nothing about your trolling makes me think you're a 7, especially considering other trolls here have unconsciously made far more convincing 7s without even identifying as the type. Giving me real examples of me pussing out of arguments. If you don't care about what type you are then why are you getting so defensive about it and spending hours arguing about it, while you also frantically attack other unrelated people and topics. You believe in the theory in its entirety, I don't. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. Everyone in your chat hug-box is more 6 than me, try again losers. Yeah, my reasoning is based on your comments and the source of ISTP enneagram and tritype correlation. But I doubt he's Sp dom. I am sorry to report but the random name picker says pikup is INFJ. And what if they have these fears and they're pussy. In fact, nothing about your trolling makes me think you're a 7, especially considering other trolls here have unconsciously made far more convincing 7s without even identifying as the type. You're in the other thread trying to get me to continue an argument I wasn't in on because people I'm friends with were involved in it. If they're indirect I usually let it go cause usually it's not a big deal. I also just have a hard time trusting your word on your own enneagram when your ennea typings for other people seem to be super off, too: in what world am I a core 8. And the fact you are willing to talk about the incident of discord, sounds like a 369. i mean i don't know you to muchThat's alot of bullshit to take in all at once loli don't see you as a person who longs for intimacy, connection and neither are you very intense. No offense to the INTPs, but INTP is my vote for now. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding PikUpYourPantsPatrol Myers-Briggs and personality type!. I've been here for nearly a year. Especially for the instinctsThese votes are all over the place 0_0Could be a 5 with bery high 7 and 8 just like myselfTbh MBTI and Enneagram are not that accurate. So yeah the verdict is you are ISTP 369, with 6w7 sx/sp as leading. " As for my types, I've solidly typed myself as ISTP since early 2015, asides from the brief period where I considered ISFP. LMAO xDWere you expecting homosack to write you. Never did I mention that people who ARENT 6s either do one or the other. His logic pissed me off, where did I argue that I'm a certain type. Idc what bigol's actual type is I just knew he hates type 6s and it was easy to connect that to his Trump support. However, there was a glitch with the site recently and you could see who made which pages. You can believe I'm whatever type you want but this is such bad logic. Plus 7s would have been tired of your form of "trolling" by now, and from how you present yourself online you don't appear to have the carefree and positive attitudes that a 7 would have. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type PikUpYourPantsPatrol likely is!. com/q1451398/1c06680e-b51a-441c-82a7-cb9b2813d26b. can't buy core 7 yet for a few reasons n the biggest of them being that u seem stuck to this website in ways I doubt a 7 would be. Again you're twisting my words. He's not being petty, nor is he contradicting himself, he's giving his opinion of your type while also asserting facts on how the enneagram works. Enneagram is all about fears and motivations, which inevitably leads to behaviors. It's anecdotal and you can't use one person as your sample size, you need more. :thinking:It also just assumes you'll have one of these fears in the first place and that they can't be overcome. don't be so annoying no one notice youI said that when I believed in the fears. Also here in the UK I'm not underage, tard. It's just strange to me. As for your other is 3w2. Proud to work at walmart. INTP 6w7, he has weird nasty fetishes lol Infj 4w5, she has no friends lolHAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD cry-type some more faggots "y-you're a 6 and insecure so you pick on others, y-y-you meanie. So much for “credibility”, eh. "Idk why you're acting like I have an agenda, I have no horse in this so relax, there's a good chance I'm 6w7. Cause you dont you tardI've actually said that a lot of things about enneagram don't work very well, including the way tritypes are set up. 9w8 sx/sp definition can fit too. Reading through the rest of the thread now, and if I were to use it as my single source of knowledge on you (. n @pikup ur profile pic is a guy working at a mcdonalds anime bootlegI still don't get what got you so riled up in the first place since I didn't even vote, I just saw your entry in the Recent Comments and decided to tell you how I saw you from the interactions in this website. You botched it up and now you're blaming me for your incompetence. It's the same way DD types people. FUCK OFF MY PAGE BITCH. Any why do you think they enjoy reading and learning. Just ask some OG users, I do act differently in the chat since that is a SOCIAL and CASUAL setting. Pikup the 3w4 with a list of incredible achievements such as:. This guy: http://pasteboard. I'm with szero personally -- you're very likely a 6w5 or 6w7. At least he doesn't have Si ¯\_(ツ)_/¯I'm not crying and I'm not a bitch. naranjo was influenced by a literal fucking MYSTIC. I already gave an answer and said that enneagram is about the fears and motivations that lead up to behaviors. I'd say 9w8 at this point if 9w8 wasn't so passive and shit. You're the one crying like a little bitch xDToo much of a pussy to be ISTP. You wouldn't show your idPikup NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 5,6,7 is headI don't see you as 1,2 or 3Whoever said I was an eight. jpg"PikUpYourPantsPatrol - 09/02/2017 13:55 Why Bonita why. And it's funny you think I'm angry and serious -- I actually have always felt like my *lack* of anger and seriousness would land me in trouble one day. What I meant to say is that I traveled to Colombia to get a top-tier boob job. Enneagram 7 fears resonate with me but I think the fears thing is bs anyways. I also just have a hard time trusting your word on your own enneagram when your ennea typings for other people seem to be super off, too: in what world am I a core 8. They took half of the ISTP description, half of the ISTJ description and gave one half of each to both types and then added a bunch of other stupid shit to it. how mysterious. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. I'm not going from arbitrary tid-bits, I just didn't feel like writing a huge comment on why I think you're a specific type and just decided to debunk other options instead pointing something simple out. It assumes your entire personality and how you will handle situations and orient your life off of one stupid little fear. And if I recall you were saying that you were INFP at one point. So you yourself don't believe what you preach) it just feels to me like getting fitness advice from an out of shape person, y'know. An Sp dom would be a lot more fearful about that stuff. It's called ribbing. 9w8 cause I'm opinionated but not enough to be an 8, but 9w8 is 9 primarily so they wouldn't be opinionated to begin with. Not all trolls are 7s or 8s. Unless I've been getting into a lot of arguments in which case I get more comfortable with it. @Omni hi fuckbuddy. ISFP doesn't act ISTP in grip, why are you having a hard time getting this. i guess she feels ballsy now that shes an istp 8w9"I've said like three times that BOTH fears and behaviors that lead to a person's type. The last enneagram is most likely 9w8. Probably cause I don't fit well into any other and 6 is the most alike to them all. That they tell you what you want to hear or that you're acting differently. Dude you left in March and were cool with us all for the duration of your time here. I love how everything you can't defend turns into a "joke" eventually. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'PikUpYourPantsPatrol' belongs to!. Ok, so what decides your type if they're not in congruence. "PikUpYourPantsPatrol - 09/02/2017 13:11 Faggot. Also he said she's S, so what. You have to realize that if I mistyped myself as ISFP that I'm not going to act as an ENTJ because i'm MISTYPED, plus there are still people out there who think I act ENFJ and ENTP, so boom I just debunked your single argument there twice. i learn everthing from him and thank to him I lost my first boxing fight. I need someone to validate my fragile little ego over the internet because I'm too much of an autistic, ugly, and obsese subhuman to get a boyfriend in real life. why are you running away derpy@Oxytocin Yes I'm angered by logical inconsistency, context jeezSwoon still hasn't let me suck her dick :(I wasn't twisting your words, I was genuinely confused by what you said. Talk about the "Mental Gymnastics" you're doing as you try to desperately debunk people's arguments lmaoLmao at these comments. YO LISTEN TO ME MOTHERFUCKER IF YOU DONT GIVE MY DAUGHTER GOOD DICK HARD AND WELL IM GOING TO YOUR FUCKING HOUSE AND CASTRATE YOU FELLA YOU BETTER HEARD NIGGERAfter lurking around on here for a few months now and seeing your posts, I'd say you're a 7w8xSTP 7w8 Sx/So. Send me your pic first and I'll send you mine, but you'll never do that. jpgHow does it feel to have one of your idols (Eminem) trashing on the other (Trump). hope you move out and get to move onto somewhere where the people can really be kind to you. One sentence into any personality description and you're disqualified xDYes you have, Adrian came out of nowhere and commented only to insult me. this seem very 6-ish. I've never said that I was INFP, so your recollection is incorrect. While I don't like her, I genuinely wish her the best. Using disintegration to determine enneagram is tantamount to function magic. @omni I'm so sorry for that fake voice recording I made for you. I'll never post a full nude body shot or a face pic, especially not with a timestamp to prove it's authenticity :)@UglyBonita I have a selfie of my right tit stored in my pc, not joking, I'd send it to you if you weren't so violent with me. LMAO xDDon't write me private mails again; you're so fucking toxic. Who wants to be my new daddy. I'm super quiet and reserved irl tho so maybe that's why I thought I was Sp first even tho I don't relate all that much to it. 3 on the other hand morph itself to a certain image it wants to be, regardless of its emotion. You're the one who said you couldn't be extraverted and a 5 so using your logic, you can't be introverted and a 7. -got his GED after dropping out of high school. Examples of me pussying out. Regardless, that system still exists and can still be used to type people, and you definitely don't disintegrate into 1. You are though, BigOl and Hairspray said it too. Actually no, fuck this, I'm not a 6 or any other enneagram type. Idc what your type is, stop getting so defensive, it's sad. " damn i'm one sentence in on this type 3 description and you're already disqualifiedI've never used an alt to talk to you dumbass. But that's besides the point, just trying to spill the facts since you mentioned her not having issues with me. Yeah I think Sx/Sp makes the most sense. And I'm not trying to insist on anything or push anything on you except for my *OPINION* on my typing of you, which I haven't even really given yet. And I know I'm So variant last for sureBest example of an xSTP on this site. How one-dimensional do you think people are. I'm not that extraverted or happy-go-luckytbh 7w6 makes a lot of fucking sense nowAlright 7w6 sx/sp. He is much more of a 7 than Brainer. Notorious for getting angry on here. Same with other types. He can get a lil intense with his trolling so I'm going Sx/Sp. "Why can't we just have a normal discussion about this. Https://youtu. I cry myself to sleep every night. Fears are the foundations of the behaviors of the type though. Again you're not understanding the context of what “fear” means in enneagram. I'm going to Discord DM it to you @Brainer@brainer ask on the server, p sure someone there got it at hand, id have to turn on my laptop to get it n im chillin"ever taken that one big ass test that's totally illegal to redistribute. honestly y'all acting like the function magicians everyone dislikes here, like fuck, u guys know enneagram is ~esoteric~ as shit, right. I don't believe the fears mean anything. Also they just happen to be very introverted people. Also good job on revealing that you guys are talking shit behind my back too, but that's no surprise with all the entries you guys were making. @Oxytocin I don't fit Well into 5, 6, or 7 but Ik I'm one of the three. I don't get the 3 typing. but he is indispensable to the P-D community he make some spice in our food. I dont follow enneagram the way you people do. As soon as he found out I was a tranny(post-op/mutilated dick), he filed for divorce and now I'm stuck looking for a worthwhile replacement. Just shut up already. But you used it to excuse why you typed as ISTP and then said you're ISFP. But that's all besides the point. ESTP 6w7 1w2 4w5 sp/so ISFP what makes me cry is the trayvon martin shooting INTP what makes me cry is these cancerous comments. @fg @mike stfu both of u if u ain't got shit to say don't say shit there's an actual discussion going on here fuck let them talkyou are the faggest Emo on this site don't insult meI just think she's serious and angry @you not @everyone (don't @ me)I got mad at szero cause his logic was bad. Disintegration is a huge part of the enneagram and yet you're calling it bullshit simply because you refuse to follow it, mainly because it's being used to reinforce people's opinions that you're not the type you claim you are. Why can't we just have a normal discussion about this. And don't bring up function magic like it's bogus when you yourself follow it. I'm not sure if this is part of your cool and nonchalant schtick but you're bad at expressing your thoughts with how you're super vague and misdirective with your wordsIt's a common phrase, it means your a hypocriteYou're really incoherent sorry this just isn't worth my time I've already given you my thoughts take them or leave themI'm only explaining myself because I wanna know what you think what you think but it doesn't look like it's very based in anything. And you can reject whatever you want in fact, but you can't disagree with other people's interpretations because they can do the same for various different reasons. Like I said, fears are a bs way of typing. Just want to say it wasn't me that started the 6 spam. Thought you could ace my pa with no repercussions. "It's worth noting that 6s in general aren't very aware of their fears or underlying anxiety since they know how to keep it at bay. you seem generally normal and guardedyou are pretty selfish which is an sp thing, you seem to care very little for other people so definitely not soExplain your reasoning people. enneagraminstitute. Also come get your made up underage girlfriend she's acting out again. Nahhhhh nigga. If I wanted to reason out a type for you my comment would be much longer, didn't you talk about their size in one of the deleted entries as well. You're not making sense according to enneagram. You're free to believe whatever you wantI'm only explaining myself because I wanna know what you think what you think but it doesn't look like it's very based in anything. Online I come cross as more of an ExTP though because I'm more vocal and like to trollHe is the most logical type: INTPWhat. What is the best option for the MBTI type of PikUpYourPantsPatrol? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Not everything has to be my actual opinion, I'm not trying to actually type him when I say shit like that. You're getting defensive because you feel the need to explain yourself so much. I don't see how I can "blend in" while still being seen as a leader. Your "evidence" was disintegration (as if you know what I'm like when stressed anyways) and that I'm not enough like your one 6w5 aunt. To be a 7, you have to actually be both open-minded and extraverted, from which versatility, unfocusedness and carefreeness come up as "side effects" that would relate back to the enneagram. love conflict , hate bulshit. You said you don't think I have 7 in my enneagram but that's not what I'm addressing. " xDMe and mah boy pikup. I realize that this isn't about my fucking type but YOU brought it into the discussion, so yes, I'm going to explain the reasoning behind the history of my self typings especially when you're basing my “cred” on it and trying to debunk my entire argument because of it. I just read the description and relate so much to it. And BigOl said "hisoka sureeeee is getting uppity. this 6w7+sx instinctual variant can explain why you look like to a 8Even if I'm 6w7 idc. Disintegration is garbage. Shut up and lick my feetYeah, it's definitely omniI think I might be 3w4A 3w4 who works at walmart yea sure thing lil buddy"Threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. And they changed their votes on your type. You said you think regarding the 7 thing, the next thing you said was a declarative statement. Everyone has their thing. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about PikUpYourPantsPatrol MBTI type.. be/qWvl017ub3Ithe East coast sure is neurotic compared to the west Could be dunno ISTP 6w7 seems about right. And I'm not even saying I'm 7w8. Having to do something doesn't mean that you'll like doing it. I got 2 of your tritype right. I don't personally believe either statement but I do at least agree it's highly unlikely for people to be extraverted + 5 and introverted + 7 and from what I've been able to tell about you online, you're almost definitely not one of the rare exceptions. See ya buddy, we didn't get to have our super saiyan fight in my front yard but shit was fun while it lasted. Scotty, get lostI don't think I'm any type in socionics because socionics is nonsense. Nah, you said I was 7 too, try againYou said it out of butthurtI think you're a 5 now though. a fake titties like a breast augmentation. The enneagram's entire system was built on fears so to ignore and discard the theory that enneagram is based on fears is completely illogical. I specifically said that 6s have a tendency to oscillate between attacking and retreating, which you literally do every damn time you pick dumb as fuck fights (LIKE THIS ONE THAT CAME OUT OF SZERO SAYING YOU'RE A 6. Maybe it can turn you straight, I dunno. We barely talk about you, you came back after months. ) I'd pick 6w5. And Idk what you're talking about with agendas anyways, or what the hell Swoon has to do with this. Easy to deny that since your page got deleted. :D PikUpYourPantsPatrol - 09/02/2017 02:38 https://i. That reasoning is such horseshit. How was I petty. Pikup like trolling and also like drama so he can be annoying sometimes. What a fulfilling life I lead, eh. Your reasoning is shit, that's my problem. I have a feeling PikUp is becoming more confused because he is looking at it too much and pointing out the discrepancies. It was your fuck up that made me forget that 5 is a head type. Then why did you correct me as if you do, you dense cunt. Way to spam a page, you tards@Bonita keep my name out of your mouth@UglyBonita You were the one who left me, so don't feel jealous now. It's common knowledge that everyone has all the enneagram fears to a point but you don' seem to have the core fear of a 7, if anything you get upset when things aren't consistent. You are willingly to help, but not all the way. And you said we were both 7s, but now since we make fun of you we're both enneagram 6 lolI think bigol is an obvious 7 and PikUp you're 5w6. theenneagramsingapore. XDTruth or not, I thought your words were funny :)XD "I stand out more than most people on this site which is why I get a lot of attention"As for 3, they are tend to be out of touch of their emotion, compare to 2,4. Your intentions are as transparent as your nonexistent personalityYou can't even have alts on this site, only 1 account per IP is allowed. "As for my fears, are you honestly trying to tell me what my fears are. what hypothetical. " I think you're taking the term fears too seriously and not understanding the context in which "fears" means in enneagram. Now it says ISTJ wtf. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. it's easy to express emotion over the internet. I self typed as a 5 for even longer, from 2013 up until early 2017 when I started to research about the enneagram. Also some type 6/Trump stuff but that was less funny imo. Every user has voted. Also, just because you don't behave a certain way doesn't make you any type at all, this goes for my reasoning too, but it's my opinion and I felt like saying it anyway. Maul being the passive-aggressive coward he is using alts. Also what's this about me getting defensive. And it's not very common for ISTP to be 7 since 7 is a very outgoing, extroverted, and carefree type. PikUp seems a 8. com/three-centres-of-intelligence/. And while the Insult Olympics creates a fun flurry that is sometimes entertaining to get swept up into, but I have to imagine it's kinda off-putting to new people. 2,3,4 is heart. " Right there is an example of you twisting my words to fit YOUR argument. But I doubt he's Sp dom. oh haii pikup. I'm sure plenty of people fear being harmed or controlled for example. "If" see you're ducking. Do you want to be my new daddy. This place would be a lot more boring without him for sureAnd i miss my baby bigolI'm surprised there is enough people to go around here to unanimously vote 3w4 on my page He argues a bit too much for me. ever taken that one big ass test that's totally illegal to redistribute. How dense are you. This is public, people. I'm a renowned catfish troll on an obscure French MBTI site who roleplays as an eccentric sexy Latina. I'm not annoyed by dude's passive-aggressiveness, it's just amusing. Whining about the validity of personality typing, that's so 2014Is this conversation perhaps a meta-attempt at making you seem more 6w5. Your lie is indefensible, just concede the point -_-'. com/funny_pictures/1205196/Forever#574fea_1204752"Just testing my new profile pic. But I'm not like you. This is a public setting and you had no reason to hide your true self from the 3 of us before recently. Omni like 2 hours before that you said I was a 6. jpg@UglyBonita you don't trust anyone because you're a big liar, then you think everyone is like you. No they're not. an all around genetic disaster. And I'm more focused on intense experiences and my appearance than health, safety and money. (this was @ everyone in this discussion)No, you seem to have a lot of thoughts but you don't explain them well. btw wanna cybersex with me. I'm so desperate here :(Also: http://i. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. Idk how you can't see 7 or 8. @Strawberry You're just not that smart hunNo , szero's points are perfectly clear and they make perfect sense. 1 *cries*ISTP 5w6 (7w8) 8w9 sp/sxISTP 6w7 8w7 3w4ISFJ 6w7. Like I said, function magic. but I wouldn't say ur a 5 either, I still see u as cp6wX from what I've observed so far. And the core fear of being deprived and in pain isn't really of concern to most ISTPs since they're usually very pain tolerant. Irl I'm introverted and come across as cold and seriousI think you are an ExTP because you seems like spontaneous and argumentative i can't see inferior Fe. You are very opinionated but not to the point of very abrasive of a strong 8. Asexual isn't a real sexuality lolNever said it was lol. I already said I was just looking at the Recent Comments, saw your entry and decided to make a quick comment, you're taking this way more seriously than I am and just because of a syntax mistake I made (I'm also not a native English speaker, it's in my profile). And Mike and someone else said I was a 6. Your reasoning is very spotty to say the least. An Sp dom would be a lot more fearful about that stuff. You have such a masculine personality. I have nothing against you :)@Bonita that's after I reported a post of yours to Impeccable when you told me to go kill myself. And you yourself said that fears determine enneagram type so if you put 2 and 2 together than your logic would suggest that. >I was talking about my postLmao this was funny as shit Omni you're retarded if you think a 3w4 can't work at walmart. Especially if they try to just brush it off like nothing happened and start acting all goody goody to my face while also talking crap behind my back. Irl I'm only really combative when people are direct with me. I was the only one type you as an odd 6 when you was leading 7w8. but he is indispensable to the P-D community he make some spice in our food. I fucked all 8 of your mothersSpot on on whoever typed my enneagram. Even so I only changed my core enneatype twice more and I'm very sure of my tritype (if you really want to talk about my types then you can post about them on my page and we can discuss them there). Sp/So varient. This leaves 5w6 or 6w5 Sx/Sp as the only options left and I'd go with the former since I have an S aunt who's the latter and she fits the "devil's advocate" 6w5 archetype way better than you do, despite what other users here would say given how disagreeable you can come across as being. he's just a poor man's bigol. Maybe my comfortability with disagreeing with people on their theories here makes it look like that to you. fg is a better LSI example. When have I ever looked for support and guidance if you wanna talk about fears. What does that tell you. Genuinely curiousI have embraced 6w7 as my true type :). You've shown signs of secrecy and detachedness of a 5 here online, and your "trolling" is hardly anything to justify a 7 typing for. And I'm not sure what you're confused about, if you explain whats confusing you maybe I can clarify. Give me examples. Especially when you do mental gymnastics for swoon. 8w9 so/spI think Sp/Sx, dk about his enneagramGot LIE at socionicsWtf. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. The being anxious thing and loyalty thing I don't relate to either1. I could honestly actually see 9 tooEnneagram fears are kind of unconscious I don't really find it easy to relate to any of them eitherPikup is one hard motherfucker, he has no fearsHe said 5 fears don't make sense to him so why would he be a 5It's like the first thing he typed himself as. What do you mean by fears then. Idk how much more clear I can be. I'm not obligated to either accept or reject the system entirely. I figure you're stressed or something. You can't make this up. So your statement there is out of context. But you wouldn't know that because I don't talk to you outside of telling you you're a dumb cunt. For someone who's supposedly open to being a 6w7, you react surprisingly horribly to people not thinking you're a 7 or 8 core -- and they have plenty of reason to believe that. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Come out and step to me or imma be obliged to walk up in yo house and put my gun up in yo mouthI will work you. When you changed your type to ISFP you said it was cause you were in the grip before (even though in theory grip would make you act ENTJ and not ISTP. Do 5 sx descriptions resonate with you. I feel like I'm in a cult arguing about this weird shit smhAs I said you rarely joke around on here and you've had more than a few outbursts. I actually have not voted. You're the one who said you couldn't be extraverted and a 5 so using your logic, you can't be introverted and a 7. I have no idea why you keep doing that. That is where I get 9w8. sorry for the confusion in the previous post. you deserve it. If behavior doesn't determine type than why are you typing based off of behaviors. When bigol was ~roasting~ me I just made jokes about him listening to blink 182 and downing energy drinks. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is.. Hairspray made 95% of the bad pages about me, the competitive ones, and even tried to dox me. Enneagram 5s fears contradict what it means to be an extrovert. goddamn not only are you vertically challenged you're mentally challenged too. You tend to blend in too much. >if you wanna be an 8 like me you gonna have to do better than 0/12. Besides, I have a long and turbulent history with Hairspray, you really think I'm going to be ok with someone who has always been passive aggressive and competitive towards me for no good reason. The 8 thing was more of a joke but there's truth to it. -won a debate in the comment section of a youtube video one timeYou're misunderstanding the typesYou can change your ip addressAdrian Gray. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Because so far you've given me no reason to think you're a 7 or 8. He said "it's just my opinion" after making an assertion. I already explained that but you interpreted how you wanted. What else is a person supposed to go on when typing enneagram. This is the internet, don't take it so seriously lady. Ik phobic and counter-phobic react radically differently but still these sorts of things aren't concerns for me. " that was funny. >" A recent example of you avoiding an argument right after blowing something insignificant up. I guess you're 538 or some shit then. He just has a lot of complexes, but is actually a softhearted and insecure person. can you give me some argument against 8. But I'm really not a fan of the community of shame that P-D eventually spiraled into. 6 stereotype is 6so/sp if you are a 6 you're a 6sxEnneagram 6 is the default type. Actually no, why is that even relevant. And sure I take mbti too seriously fine I think that's awesome since it's probably one of the only things I'm so serious about but I kinda wish I could take that seriousness I show online into the real world tooI was talking to fg not you marsi love when my shotas try to look like grown men talking about their razors when they shave once a week :3 then i make them wear skirtsss@mike do it faggot this gonna save me money / @fg English pls :/aww meldou you are so cute when you get like this ^w^stop you're mouth to say bad punchline seems impossible indeedand PikUp has the foot fetish, not me big bellayou're face have a nice place under my feetI'll slit your neck with my used razor, don't test me bitchHow do you guys see my profile pic. This is where 4 and 3 can mistake one another. Actually 583 seems more likely than 538. Where have I ever ran away. He is much more of a 7 than Brainer. It's because without it they don't feel prepared for anythingThe fears lead to the motivations which lead to the behaviors, so they don't contradict each other. Mike you're 3w4 asfPikUp my nigga, you don't actually know me lolWhich is how Ik you're 3w4, 3w4s live a lie. You're not 17, you don't have skool tomorrow Proof. Jk, I can actually see him being an INTP 5 or 6 in all honestyI am tell you he mah best frand. There was really nothing left to say but petty bs. Sx I relate pretty strongly too as well but I doubt I'm Sx dom. Do you realize how silly that is. Ik plenty of people (myself included) who can resonate with the type but not the fears. I feel dead inside if I'm not connected to a person or thing. He can get a lil intense with his trolling so I'm going Sx/Sp. Why ain’t you scared. Or SLI may even be better. Guess who just sent me an inbox message asking for a booty call and then said I looked like a $4 hooker with chlamydia when I didn't answer right away. LSI is too authoritarian. Do you think people just run around scared of ONE thing all the time. Because behavior is the only thing I can go from with an anonymous person over the Internet. the disintegrating stuff isnt that accurate anyway,enneagram isn't flawlessI don't think you have a 7 in your Enneagram, you're not even close to going 1 under stress. Pikup like trolling and also like so he can be annoying sometimes. > PikUp>BigOl>Brainer>BoxI'm an sx-first, I think you might be one too but you're not as cool as me. You acted differently when you first got here. Judging by the fact I'm asexual, I don't think I'm anyone's 'underage girlfriend'. Yet you have 578 as your tritype in your profile. Not getting into that discussion. You're really serious and angry for someone who claims to be a 7. At this point you don't even seem to know what side you're on. I could've said that to anyone. Don't you mean INTJ then. In the context of enneagram it's very much a need. " I didn't get involved in that because that argument had nothing to do with me, but yes I agree that enneagram has it flaws. It's not fair to put all of the blame on PikUp. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. My apologies Mr. Don't talk to me with that "you people" shit. Last but not least 3w2 is where you create an image like a leader to other P-D user, but not quite. If Bigol was here roasting you and I wasn't you'd say the opposite omni lolYeah. You “pussy out” of arguments when you try to play failed attempts as pitiful jokes. Bitch please >. Stop being insistent on this, I didn't open up to you or hairspray and I didn't get the chance to open up to bigol, and that's that. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. And it's not like you know what I believe anyways, I for one don't hold disintegration as 100% true but I still think it's valid if others believe in it because it's still a widely believed and practiced part of the theory. PikUpYourPantsPatrol - 09/02/2017 02:53 Is he daddy material or what. "But I do find it odd that you of all people who constantly switches her mbti and enneagram types (and can't figure out which enneagram she is atm) is so insistent when it comes to my type. HORNY ASIAN BOYS HAVE TIC TAC PEE-PEESMy little brother is the big brother :(I never outgrew my clothes from 7th gradeI still order a kids meal at McDonaldsI need a booster seat when I driveI AM SHORT, SO I MUST COME ON P-D, MAKE PETTY ENTRIES AND BE LOUD. Yeah, the strawberry thesis entries were totally serious, c'mon now. The way you twist my words to fit your argument without using any facts of your own, the way you overreact and blow arguments up yet avoid and run away when you aren't winning, this is classic 6 behavior. You are a dumb cunt, PikUp. And yes I acted a lot more carefree on this site in the beginning since there was a community here before and a really cool one but now with the chats I just use this site for the most part the way it was meant to b usedYou can't say you disagree with people over theory if you're just gonna ignore whatever aspects you want of it, in this case, Enneagram and growth arrows. Votes don't matter, I want names. LolOmni's temper tantrums are "jokes" now apparently >. 5 is integrated 7, 7 is disintegrated 5. I said you're a type 5 yesterday moron. It's not like 5s HAVE to learn, they're going to enjoy being able to learn because it makes them feel more prepared. @PikUpYourPantsPatrol 7w6 isn't necessarily happy go lucky. I didnt make that, smart oneYesYes, PikUp. I already said how I'm not, there's no counter-arguments and ya'll act more 6 than me, try againHe's probably more like LII in socionics. The reasons why I "retreat" as you call it can be for many reasons. You said something separate from that "you're not even close to going 1 under stress" that's not an opinion, it's an assertion. https://oceanmoonshine9. I wasn't joking about the 8 thing. @PikUp, I wouldn't actually. :)PikUp knows I'm married, right Pikup. They're not things I think aboutfor me 8w7sx/sp fits the most to youIf I'm a 6 I should still relate to it though, right. I didn't mean me specifically, I just meant in general. You're free to believe whatever you wantBut I'm not agitated by people calling me extj or 8.

. 4 tends to mistake itself as no emotion. even though you look just like a little boy who never hit puberty. Or in the case of Strawberry her posts are too long. You would actually, you were just as butthurt when he did it. Fits fine, you're so salty lol. I did address your third point, I specifically said "I've said like three times that BOTH fears and behaviors that lead to a person's type. I believe in functions, not function magic. Maybe when a mind-reading machine is invented everyone's will have their MBTI and Enneagram figured out for sure. 5 and 6 are both head types, retard7 is a head type too, retard. But I do find it odd that you of all people who constantly switches her mbti and enneagram types (and can't figure out which enneagram she is atm) is so insistent when it comes to my type. https://typevolution. That everyone who isn't a 6 either always attacks or always retreats. Fg gets itHe's pretty dispensable really. Plenty of others said I was 6, mars' argument seemed reasonable. Pretty much everyone on the site roasted you yesterday on the site but I'm pathetic okeeeey :DI think you misread 10 as 6, buddy ole palYou do realize I wasn't replying to your comment, right buddy ole pal. -walmart employee of the month. WHY wont you respond to my silly emails D:"PikUp harassing me via private mails. But somehow I'm still a 6. It's worth noting that 6s in general aren't very aware of their fears or underlying anxiety since they know how to keep it at bay. And as for your last part. So I relate very little to.



MBTI enneagram type of PikUpYourPantsPatrol Realm:

Category: Politicans and Leaders

Series/Domain: Personality Databank


ISTP - 21 vote(s)
INTP - 3 vote(s)
ESTP - 3 vote(s)
ISTJ - 3 vote(s)
ISFP - 2 vote(s)
ENFP - 1 vote(s)
ESFJ - 1 vote(s)

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6W7 - 19 vote(s)
5W6 - 11 vote(s)
7W8 - 10 vote(s)
6W5 - 2 vote(s)
3W2 - 1 vote(s)
4W5 - 1 vote(s)
5W4 - 1 vote(s)
8W7 - 1 vote(s)

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