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MBTI enneagram type of Rattlesnake Realm:

Category: Writers

Series/Domain: Primal Astrology



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Strong, focused, and proud, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Rattlesnake have an insatiable drive and tireless work ethic. Few people can keep up with their energy, and even less can match their persistence. They know it, too, and most Rattlesnakes expect to be respected due to their inherent power and their earned success.

Members of this sign like nice things and want to live the good life. A big, beautiful home tops the Rattlesnake’s priority list followed by lots of nice things to show off. In truth they are a bit overly impressed by shows of wealth and status. Deep down what they really want is respect and adoration, but they inherently know that accumulating money is the easiest way to impress others and they happen to be quite skilled at doing just that.

Careers are often the focal point of a Rattlesnake’s life. Strong and capable workers, they are also effective group leaders and do best when they are in charge. Too often though they try to take on big projects by themselves. It's not that they don't trust anyone else to get things done, they just know that they are capable of doing it all. This usually means that they overload themselves and eventually get bogged down and burned out. Rattlesnakes need to learn how to use their inherent leadership skills to delegate responsibility. They can get much more accomplished in the long run by using their charm and influence to convince others to join in their cause.

Members of this sign are incredibly stubborn and have a well-earned reputation for being inflexible. They are not tyrants, but they have high expectations of others, though they never expect more from others than they expect from themselves. Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Rattlesnake are not very tolerant of those who cross them. They will almost always give you a warning, though, before they strike out, and that warning should be heeded. When pushed too far they can lash out quickly and ferociously. An angry Rattlesnake can be extremely dangerous.

Rattlesnakes need to have something greater than themselves to live for. Without a higher purpose in life, members of this forward-focused sign will chase after wealth, accomplishments, status, or power. Should they follow this path, they will end up feeling empty when they finally stop to rest and enjoy their achievements. Finding a bigger purpose in life to put their talents and energy into will be a big life purpose for this sign.

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