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Rust Cohle Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Rust Cohle MBTI personality type cover chart

He doesn't become an ISTP just because of that nor INTJ because he prefers Ti over Te. I don’t CARE about being productive I’m just gonna sit here and SULK and not talk to anyone. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. Cognitive functions isn't something to be measured but they can be observed, e. "Come on scotty, get ove it^^ I hate the bias argument, don't you think you seem biased against her because you clearly didn't like what she wrote. g an NI-dom type which shows unusually high Fi" My problem with this theory is the representation people have of functions. Ti-Si is more obsessing over details, while this attention to details and concrete elements is absent in Cole. Ni-doms in a loop (I didn't write this, I'm just quoting from another source). Please explain this further/. The guy can't stop talking,he's basically constantly questioning what he sees. INTJ and INTJ less of a "impartial analyser" than INTP. And yes by definition INTPs would be less "mystical" than. Its predominance in the individual will often lead to muddle-headed mysticism and over-confidence in the subjective point of view. Using the stereotypical dichotomies of T Vs F or N Vs S. If you take Jung out of it then its nothing more than a rather useless four letter dichotomy which explains shit. I am aware of INTJ-INTP debates on other forums which get pretty hilarious at time. For Jung it was a laboring task yet he engaged in casual typing all his life, changing his assessments again and again. If you feel voters should only vote what you feel is right then you have to make effort. If people thought more this way we wouldn't have all those INFJ/ISTP votes : he's a NT, period. Atleast thats what my opinion is. Being stunned in the past isn't always Si, I've already stated that. He is as INFJ as me, just because he is a bit spiritual and believe in the unconscious means he is an INFJ. According to Keirseyan/Behavioral enthusiasts only T types can be philosophers, logicians, scientists and such while feelers are world leaders, religious/communal leaders, artists etc. I see Ti + Ne him, this explains how he lives imagining the possibilities and building a theory about what happened. Behold his mystical air. skrrt, I'm saying function grips are names pasted on traits everyone has under stress, not a real thing also never met an ESTJ who got cheesy because he was unhealthy, I did however know one who threw a fucking knife at my head because the hole he beat in his own door existed anyways guess he's just an exception to the rule and all the unhealthy domestic abusers are secretly cheesy hopeless romantics then The manifestations of the inferior functions aren't always as unealthy as throwing a knife at someone, that's not what I meant. For starters there were no auxiliary functions in Jung's personality types, there was just one function a person preferred while repressing the inferior one. The detail thing didn't seem to be the most relevant to me. He doesn't seem like he has always been so closed off. "he's too argumentative and stubborn to be INFJ" I hope you never encounter an sx/sp, sx/so, or sp/sx INFJ because they're exactly what you say they're not. MBTI isn't scientific because it isn't measurable, but it doesn't mean the theory is wrong at all. Because it's true and usually applies. Franz its Dom-Aux-Ter-Inf. woah that's just like the other 15 types, let's blame it all on inferior functionsI never said the main function weren't prefered (. It's actually mostly INTJ who see "Ni" and realize that their thinking style is different, thus "Ti", making it an "Ni-Ti loop" and INFJ. The difference would be that Rust collects them to resolve a case he's obsessed with and not only for the sake of it (like Fox Mulder, INTP, from the X-Files would for instance). If you want Rust to be a Ti dom, fine, but why INTP and not ISTP. "You can just see his Ni. Fe is INTPs last function and it shows. Cohle clearly show extraverted intuition when he talks to Marty in the car, or to the cops. If you ask me Rust Cohle seems to be an ISTP using his ENFJ shadow type. Scientific consistency is the least of my concerns. I am talking about the processThank you, again, constructive arguments are what makes the databank a useful resource. According to Jung we are a bit of both. Rust never "ruled out" possibilities. @Moolfreet: Functional loop isn't a made up concept. So INTP for me. INFJs are fucking social people. Too abstract in his thoughts to be a sensor, too scattered in what he says to be Ni. My final comment was just addressing another user below who was reiterating the common misconception that people have about INFJs somehow being harmonious, people-pleasing people even under psychological duress or trauma. He's clearly not an F and clearly is a Ni dom = INTJ, don't think too much about it, he's a complex fictionnal character, not a real person. If your source of typing is Jung, then why the fuck are you using "primary-tertiary loop". Fi, won't be emotionnal/personnal/self-involved/etc. INFP will become like tyrants but usually seem a little ridiculous, overwhiny and emo when they do. ), just that the repressed ones can manifest themselves in an invasive and unhealthy way, AND we were supposed to talk about a character who is unhealthy. As far as I know he mainly just talks about how the lesser unconscious functions contaminate the conscious ones, which are always still preferred. Whilst Rust is more of an intuitive close to the writer, using both Ti, Se, Ne and Ni with apparently repressed Fe. It is not Ni, Ni seems to be, but what happens to it are cognitive problems due to drug use. Putting peoples in boxes is more J than P too (it's judging. "INFP with ESTJ shadow self" has nothing to do with Jung. And how random sportsmen could me more intuitive than him. INTP votes are way off. I keep my vote unless there is a strong argument against it. ^^ They aren't rare online actually, and often come off immature. He's uncomfortable with his auxiliary Fe (like many male INFJ) and appears to be ISTPish on the surface (not INTP at all). Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. It is a distorted personality, but do not see Fe aux it is inferior visible, so much so that he has his outbursts. Most doctrines were created by sensors, but keep it goingWhat the fuck, too many INFJ votes, how the hell do you see Rust prefering Fe over Ti. ah yes, the quintessential harry potter example that totally proves your point @Apocalypse, so you believe that Rust prefers Fe over Ti. Compared to INTP they are more Ni, more in their abstraction, in their own vision of the world,as if they were trapped in it : they articulate it without Fe to block this processus and go to empathy/action. The Ni-Ti looping INFJ on the other hand turns empathy off like a switch similar to how psychopaths do (see Hitler). van der Hoop, von Franz worked on auxiliary and tertiary function. I totally agree on Dumbledore and Hannibal being INTJs and would never type them as NF. The Ni-Fi looping INTJ is drowning in endless feelings, mostly anger veiling a profound sadness with self. He's not "using" Fi, he's showing behaviour that could be interpreted as Fi, but having values has nothing to do with F here. How do you do that. Its confusing to people who have not read Jung and his closest associates but its as real as 16 personality types. And how isn't he a judger. He's totally an INTP. Jung only said that inferior function is unconscious which is a big deal yo look for. How can you say that when this is like one of the first quotes in the series https://www. I don't know about your magic manual, nor how the INTJ in that book were typed. I don't believe we "use" more than two functions and I think we can explain behaviour based on them (and the enneagram). And for the mystical part, INTP (even INTJ) can be very mystical too. In conclusion Cohle is INTP, yes. "He invented a whole doctrine. Rust is a depressive, very unhealthy and detached INFJ, probably a 5w6. Wouldn't it make sense that he has both Ti and Ni. I am not seeing this site as a valid resource. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Rust Cohle likely is!. I personally see both INTP and INTJ as possibilities, and the rest pretty ridiculous. Ni-Ti: https://www. If the third function makes no sense then why is it in the stack or do you believe its the same as the inferior function. How'll you argue 4 letter dichotomies. Oh and Dumbledor, the crying old man who turned bad by idealism and believes in the power of love(>all), a thinker. But the two types having the same dominant function, it's not that absurd to do so. She should've just omitted that whole section, because it just reads as subjective gibberish. Gladly there are many here who have this understanding of jungian typology. You can't say this for the heavily personalized "type yourself based on what you read on Tumblr" kind of pseudo-MBTI. You've managed to argue that he's not bad enough with Fe for it to be inferior, yet you're perfectly fine accepting his "obvious Se" as inferior. There is no Si/Ne in his stack. No Ne whatsoever. By the way, "Se-inf" INTJs were the 2nd most likely type to work out in their leisure time (page 259, MBTI manual). there can be a very solid case for their type. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. " It's funny you dismiss her way of typing when it's exactly how Ni works; it's introverted (subjective) perception, insights and impressions that often can't be clearly described to others, she says it herself, when people ask her to type someone she sometimes struggles to clearly express her perception. Probably INTP. Everything in life is meaningless, everyone will inevitably betray you, and emotions do nothing but hinder us. I never read Tumblr about MBTI (when I come across one, it's usually bullshit). What is the best option for the MBTI type of Rust Cohle? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Maybe you should analyze the characters you type based on their goals, behavior and motivations rather than quoting tumblrHow is "he's not empathetic under stress so he's an INFJ" any better than "he's too argumentative and stubborn to be INFJ", it can apply to literally anyoneI would rather see him as a stressed INFJ too. Se-inf, living in their ideas, can be quite disconnected from the physical world and be unconcerned about health;If I had a time machine, I'd do my best to get the Dom-Tert function loop creator some antipsychotics. That the Cohle we see in the show isn't the usual Cohle (before and after it starts). That's how she functions and how Rust works too :) Hermann : I mostly type using functions too but the letter by letter approach isn't wrong in itself. Typing is an art, not a science :p You can often, for example, place someone in a temperament before seeing any function. INFJ is a very misunderstood type and more often than not they are anti-social actually (especially men). I agree Ni and Ti are touted as the most desirable and intellectual functions while when we use actual jungian typology free from mess made by behavioral typology, MBTI letter codes and Keirsey we find that almost all types possess handful of intellectual figures. Yes its a thing. INFJ: *blank, soulless expression* Who cares. INFJ's can be in their heads alot but INFJ's like to socialize. Se-inf usually all or nothing about this kind of health issues. Its conceivers were well aware of its limitations. wait you're saying that INFPs become stubborn under stress. It's also doubtful (though definitely not impossible) that an INFJ is that pessimistic. And , I read last time that old philosophers INTP was often mistyped INFP because of their emotional reach who complete philosophy systems. I changed my vote to INFJ because Rust is a very focused, single-minded individual. Clear Se/Ni dichotomy. Don't see why INFJ wouldn't be argumentative and stubborn too, especially with strong Ti. There are outliers in all groups but the differences while there aren't enough o warrant stupid group loyalties. N and T is equated to intelligence and "awesomeness". Now ask yourself which one fits Rust Cohle. Stop typing characters based on your stupid interactions with mistyped people, that's not how it works. Also, he is using Ne making connections with new information he is obsessed with collecting. It's not about manipulating, it's about explaining them. I said they become the opposite of what they usually are, not that they simply become stubborn. This is true for all of the 16 types, e. There may even be more. Map me INTP for Cohle. Function stacks are cancerINTJ with poor Te = Sasuke from Naruto. " If you speak french, here's the theory as I see it ( http://maaarine.

. "Fe poorly developed" that's I*TP. They're both completely bogus typings if you want typology to mean anything. The loop is real, I've experienced it myself. I'm wondering if ISTP is s possibility though. @thedude, as I mentioned only a very stable character, a very human, very real character can be attempted to be typed with any seriousness. In the other hand, I have a very hard time seeing Ne and Si in Cole. Atleast I'm consistent with my use of cognitive functions theory as opposed to your arbitrary use of different systems all at once. How could he be a sensor with that. He must be a really unhealthy one if we take this course -. I have to say I don't believe much in tests anyway. It's "true and usually applies". g an NI-dom type which shows unusually high Fi (for whatever reasons) would be typed INFJ in MBTI letter code which wouldn't make sense because INFJs don't prefer Fi. The man lost his child and he is just about, in the last episode, to recover from his unhealthy underuse of Fe/overuse of Ti. You should probably make up your mind about which system you want to operationalize. I mean MBTI , why precisely can't you agree with Rust Cohle is a INFJ or INTP. ) and having emotions doesn't mean they're "in the grip" of anything If it pleases you. Everyone's an INFJ though. IxTP is the best option for him, but I would say it is an INTP, simply because it quickly make abstract connections after the analysis and create a whole theory, but not entirely decisive, but comprehensive. Ni doms essentially build a worldview that gets pulled over all their ideas. I think most characters are written without MBTI in mind, the writer of True Detective is most definitely using Ni, so the only way of adding intuitive leaps would be using a function close to him. He is a huge Ti dominant, in this case INTP. You can easily explain not being totally "thinking" or "feeling" or whatever without using any functions whatsoever. Who even cares, we’re all just walking meat sacks in the world with no purpose. lol) makes its results questionable. If we two aren't even talking about the same thing then we rather not argue at all. There is no way he is an INFJ. I was making a general statement. Like who is mistyped. Not exactly, given the NF/NT supremacy that reigns the MBTI culture. Also funny you put INTP and INTJ as only viable options given that they share not even a single cognitive function. I'm talking generally, it's not just random scenes. Most of the profiler characters are actually INFJs, just take a look at Rober Goren (Law and Order Criminal Intent), Frank Black (Millennium), Will Graham (Manhunter/Hannibal). Most of the time, this world isn't up to their ideal vision and if their Fe isn't properly developed, they will be misanthropes with very dark insights. I don't find him scattered at all, it's like everything he said came from the same source (while in a INTP, it's more having random ideas). Well thought out arguments will however stand out. Ni and Ne are both big-picture oriented and abstract and Ti and Te are both logical/impersonnal. Functional loops explain so much, the confusion caused by letter MBTI codes is solved with this, e. There may be associated behaviors related to cognitive functions but they are not cause and effect. So-last INFJs are as isolated and withdrawn as any of the other INxx types, many of them are 5s or have strong 5-wings too, but other than that I agreeThese are not the arguments I gave. Is it surprising. You guys really need to stop stereotyping Fe as a people friendly function. And I'd say INTJ would be more prone to develop a discipline due to Te. Ni doms tend to be very "meta", in the universality, to capture the essence of things, to have foresight, etc. The link I posted is of an INTJ + 1 from which I learned the MBTI theory, and I'm glad she has this detachment from the classical MBTI background everyone seems to have here because if I learned it somewhere else I might have fallen into the hole of the loops. I often see the personal bias they imply. Not using the tertiary to type can be so restrictive. Teru Mikami : Gueh. I was like, what is with all the characters being INFJs who are clearly NTs. The type of someone IS whatever people think it is, and the goal is to find it :p So I guess I'm one of those jerk typers, sorry to ruin your time here :/ The thing is sometimes people's nonsense is unbearable + this site is used by many as a solid basis (maybe more than CelebrityTypes) and I think aberrant unanimous typings must be adressed. I guess you've never met a bitter and depressive INFJ. As for the rest of you, all I hear is "He's Ni, no he's Ti, no he's in the Ni-Ti loop" without supporting evidence. I agree lots of fictionnal characters can't and shoudn't be typed, often they're not realistic or developped enough, we can't type everyone and everything. Make an irrefutable, comprehensive argument for your case instead of such useless comments. Rust has logical structure of things and totally pessimistic view, Fe it is clearly inferior: there is the weak ability to display and arrogance, and also do not remember him having a collective focus. I didn't even talk about Rust at all ^^ here's a good case for him (in french) : http://maaarine. Even if for my part I guess he is INTP. Let me laugh my way to Nebraska. Hence the pertinence in looking for primary/tertiary loop. I've been trying to adress this discussion rationally, but when you face people commenting "total intp" without any elaboration, or some non sense about there being no arguments (might want to scroll down the page). Like I asked before how did you arrive at INT. I told you already, INT is obvious because he is not a sensor and he is not a feeler. Why do you even pay attention to his theory. You're not arguing for INTP at all. We don't want this place to turn into one of those N types/NT/NF circle jerks. Seriously why. Enneagram 1 is a J type (mostly corolated with TJ types), very ethicaly-driven, with strong notions of right and wrong, sometimes even a sense of mission. I don't see much to back up the Ne/Si claim for Rust. INTJ all the way. Hitler would be an INTJ, because he's not a nice INFJ with a nice Fe-second, then. She should've just omitted that whole section, because it just reads as subjective gibberish. And I'm not masturbating to prove anything like you do, I just tell the way things seem congruent to me. I don't see INFJ, or really any Fe for that matter. He's a 6 and either ISTP or a very dark and depressed INFJ. Humor helps picture things. This all depends on how many functions are conscious. If he still had his kid and wife, who knows, maybe he'd be hugging everyone. Dude, you clearly don't know what goes on in an INTP's mind. Vote him for INFJ because Ti in tertiary position represents his strong logical rationalizing very well, or ISTP because Ni in tertiary position represents his strong intuition very well. I hope you don't think that talking about his dead child make him a feeler. Just that if you use one function, you'll see unhealthy aspect of its shadow as well. If not then explain how you'll arrive at INTP using MBTI letter test. The behaviour/result may be the same, but the internal process isn't. And it's not that hard to notice that an INFP can become as inflexible as an ESTJ sometimes, or that a ESTJ will become mysteriously as cheesy as they can be tough because of their inferior functions. MBTI is stupid in the first place, but it's fun, don't take that away. Loops are bullshit, male feelers may be uncomfortable being feelers but that doesn't make them use Ti. Where do you see secondary Fe there. Mind you Jung's original typology only made room for 8 types (INJ,ITP,ETJ,ESJ,ESP,ENP,ISJ and ISP). Seriously this is MBTI , not chemical weapon. Being haunted, helpless and aloof does not make you melancholic in a Si way. The visual patterns he goes by are difficult to classify as either Ni or Ne. If we're not doing that then I too should going around writing comments ob how stupid people are for not agreeing with me. And I don't agree with the "everyone has this traits under stress" thing, because you could say just the same with the primary functions themselves. I'm only sure of I as a dichotomy. He's also drunk, on drugs, acting impulsively. We can discuss preference of cognitive functions. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Rust Cohle Myers-Briggs and personality type!. (I mistyped myself at first so I'm not making fun of those who have a hard time figuring out their type) that doesn't mean the theory is invalid. who think they are mystical because they listen to Pink Floyd. But If you can't back up your claims, don't comment. I'm interested in your masterpiece. Don't care about life and health -> INFJ as Se-inf tend to be even more concerned than INTP. Yeah, you've got a strong case for that one, right. I think for most of the iconic personalities with ample information about their philosophy, their outlook etc. But I know some Te who manifest something like a caricature of Fi. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Rust Cohle' belongs to!. Jung and even later jungians rejected any use of behaviorism in cognitive typology. This in turn limits clarity of the system which already is pretty nuanced. To be clear INTPs can be mystics but there focus isn't on profound mysticism rather clarity amd consistency of thought. The method of obtaining type was completely consistent and thus could be used to predict someone's habits based on what they got on the test. And I don't type by "stupid interactions", I'm talking about people who did a lot of self-search and established they were indeed Ni-repressed Fe-strong Ti-Se. " and another one I found elsewhere : "The introverted intuitive type has the same capacity as the extroverted intuitive for smelling out the future, having the right guess or the right hunch about the not-yet-seen future possibilities of a situation. Nothing in common what so ever except for the first three letters. He has Ti, but he usually goes by patterns/impressions. Choose if you will use Jung's cognitive theory or not. In episode one he brings flowers to dinner as a social custom. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Rust Cohle MBTI type.. I don't buy the Ne argument, INFJs are known for making lists and collecting evidence as well. Something ISTPs have. From now on I am eliminating all emotions from my brain and forming no close relationships with anyone. Not INTJ at all, he's not driven by an objective and isn't stuck in this one vision. If so what do you make of the undercover episode where he shows obvious Se, by diving into his shadowside. MBTI detractor, who think the model is too unidimensional about personality aren't totally wrong and using the inferior functions to type removes this flaw. His interrogation process is actually very close to Hercule Poirot's. Anyway : there's no right way of typing, only right typings :) And I'm sure you believe you use Fe but chances are you just have friends and tolerate their illogicality, that doesn't make you a feeler. His nature is naturally pessimistic, which is more linked to the INTP's [Ti-Si], the fact that he explain random things while the car demonstrates his acting Ne. Rest is all up for debate. The fact that so many clueless people inhabit this site (rust cole an infj. But I agree that he shows a lot of Ne symptoms too, but he seems to always draw his conclusions using some kind of Ti-Ni. He's NT for sure because he is intuitive and thinking. All I did was provide a description of what Ni loops like and asked others to decide upon it for themselves. Honestly I see more than two types in him in different episodes. I would suggest openness and a change in attitude change for the positive. It's like a filter that takes the information and ideas that best suit it's set of narratives/theories. I think thats fair. It's not so much the function stack approach that bothers me, as the people who work their function magic with inferior and especially tertiary functions. My main source for typing would be Jung, hence the notion of shadow, which I find interesting because it explains the human paradox. Here it's not to mix NP's excenticity with NJ's mysticism. That's it for me. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. And how could he be ISTP or INTJ yet not INTP. And he's also very much in contact with his ESTP/Se shadow (watch the undercover episode). He is not Fe-aux, and loop is bullshit. They are not the projection of some fantasies simply because they are supposed to be the rarest type. Their Fi remains their primary functions. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Also, a primary-tertiary loop is usually unhealthy, even if we all use all our main functions to an extend. ” / ""Visions and intuitive insights are trusted and valued. Being value-driven maybe for example. The dominant and auxiliary functions exclude the two others; if I have Ne as my auxiliary function I can't be "using" Si too (though I don't like that word, fucntions are not tools we choose, they're unconscious, not controled): I can't perceive the big picture, in an abstract and hypotheticaly-oriented way and at the same time be concrete-oriented, down-to-earth and subjectively "comparing" the environment with stored factual impressions. But his intuition is turned within, and therefore he is primarily the type of the religious prophet, of the seer. I mean people getting emotional over why the votes aren't according to their wishes for a complex fictional character is strange to me. Slightly off topic, but what I don't get is why *some* INTJ's feel like they are in constant competition to INTP's, to the point where they will insult their own intelligence and everyone else's too by writing stuff like "INTP may think they have a mystical air because they listen to Pink Floyd but they are really just nerds". If you don't identify with the use of tertiary function then that's pretty much upto you. He is clear INTP. anyways, any kind of unhealthy response can be developed under the right situation, just because you're an ESTJ doesn't mean you'll be overly cheesy (most likely the opposite. for Jung its just the dominant and inferior function, for V. Jung's INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Rational):. Ni is objective, rule out possibilities that are not in your eyes or that are judged to be ineffective in the case and is more interested in directing and find out so accepting. They probably dig deeper into it than you will ever do. "He's good at reading others and questioning them in investigations". Lol, I was just thinking that last night scotty. There are plenty of instances where a person is mistyped, sometime grossly mistyped and I myself have challenged the voters for an explanation because ofcourse they would have one and I most certainly don't mean that I am right but sometimes arguments can get ridiculous. Someone should really clean this site up. How could he be a sensor with that. There is absolutely no high Fe in him. I haven't seen the serie for a long time but as far as I remember he did have intuitions about the killer, that was linked to his vision of humanity as a whole. So most likely a Ti dom, INTP with Ni trends coming from the writer, with Se used as a character story drive. I am sure that tertiary function or puerile function is very conscious and very evident in the person. Actually I missed your point about the certainty in typing others^^ To me it's not the issue. Only later works worked on auxiliary and tertiary functions and even some of the functions were not theorized by Jung but his associates. Because he has the Ni-Se axis and not Ne-Si axis. All ESTJ won't become overly cheesy, it's just that some do while it doesn't seem to fit their personality at first. He also put people in boxes and has a lot of contempt for the religious. He's totally an INTP. He is a rationalist. He wasn't concerned about his health at all, it's not a Inf Se thing. Also, he doesn't get along well with others and he butts in to other's conversations to correct them or give them answers even though he appears to be disconnected from their conversation. this is why arguing with lower functions is dumb. Sometimes being very cheesy with animals (the same way as Aunt Marge in Harry Potter) or liking over-romantic stuffs while at first sight you would say they hate that. It's a violent and lower side of his personality that emerges while playing someone he's actually not. How the hell would he be an INFJ. He isn't a clear cut straight forward character afterall. "INTJ: I fucked up I fucked up, I’m a loser with no purpose in life wtf I am so ANGRY at myself because I am not good enough and I’m a shitty person. Certainly then Nietzsche's Fi cant't be explained. I think my tertiary Fe is more than visible in my personal interactions. No, I never said it would always happen this way. He shows LOTS of Se.

. Don't worry, that's not about competition, and it's not personnal, no type is safe on her tumblr, only INTJs xDThat was point #1 of what Moolfreet said was a "good case". When you compare him with a Ti-Si INTP, the difference is very clear. It can't be possible unless the person is based on a very real person reflecting only his psyche onto the character. INTJ you could get away with. So this kind of loop, and the fact he would be showing his shadow self might make sense in this kind of context. He is abe to recall details for his investigations, how is that not Si. His judgement on jews was kind of massive. So its true assessment of type can only be an insightful process not a scientific one. I'm still going over the same evidence : what do you make of Rust confession-like use of Fe during interogations. He has no friends really yet he kinda grows on people. There can only be certainty when a person is indicating clear preferences for a type, rest is all conjectures and best fit. You described INTPs very well. I'd be interested in that but atleast explain the premise a bit. Its however very rare that an INTJ's auxiliary would be underdeveloped abnormally, that would rather indicate some kind of personality disorder causing anomalies. Cohle is stuck in the past and stunned by what happened to his daughter, and he doesn't really care anymore about his life and health, he just do a couple pull-ups in one episode for no reason. The dynamic between secondary and tertiary often explains a lot about people's paradox, about how their character seems to shift. *throws temper tantrum before crying secretly into pillow*. If you want to experiment with the system. We can easily contrast them with Ni types Newton and Schopenhauer. To be honest type itself has no scientific consistency, people get random types on random online "MBTI" tests. Rather, he kept looking for information that built and then confirmed his preconceptions. This place used to be fun, when people could share their ideas, take what they want and at the end of the day a light conversation about a hobby. About the INTJ with Fi : It is you who interpret something as Fi. "The mystical thing is just a dumb argument in general. I feel there is some truth in this kind of article, about shadow being a part of humanity : http://quillette. You can be sure someone is a intuitive without being sure of the other dichotomies. com/2017/10/02/jung-trumpian-shadow/. Fe: "We are programmed with insurance that we are all somebody, when in fact we are all nobody. You think that impeccable made the most intelligent comment here, yet he did not say anything about the character. The segregation between types is absurd. If you purely used letters to arrive at this conclusion, what exactly are your reasons for that. Kant and Einstein. Ni is actually, believe it or not, described as mystical by C. If you want to talk about Hitler's type in depth, we can talk about it on Hitler's page. The guy was sweating Ne. "And it's not that hard to notice that an INFP can become as inflexible as an ESTJ sometimes, or that a ESTJ will become mysteriously as cheesy as they can be tough because of their inferior functions. Can you really see an INTP behaving like he did in the undercover episode. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of True Detective characters list.. We don't really know how Cohle was before his daughter died, but it seems his attitude changed. They are "shadow functions" the reverse of the functions we use as our mental process. "quintessial harry potter example" -> you said that, I just took this example randomly. g Fe is distinguishable from Fi. Maybe you should give some arguments before you start calling things clearUnhealthy INTP, type 5w6. When consistent, and this is the case here, they are indeed well-formed and of a definite type. Turns out its not the case. My "magical manual" had to do with people who got INTJ on MBTI Form M. If you want to type with stereotypes, then INTP is also the perfect type for detectives. For evidence of strong Fe, look at the way he procedes in his interrogations, he's very manipulative, and at the same time compassionate. v=kiTvFaVs5Gc@Teru I actually didn't put across my opinion of Rust's type. This phenomena is the cause of alot of mistyping in the online MBTI culture. Fuck that's exactly what an INTP would do. Impeccable, I think your rant about him being a possible SJ was beautiful and it is very right, though it doesn't prove that he is ESJ. He makes me think of INFJ-Ti I know. I've seen so many ISTPs mistyped as INTPs here. I actually have a system but I never wrote it down because it's somewhat complicated, and it's just easier to explain through what people already understand. And just because MBTI isn't perfect, doesn't mean you should type by inferior functions and turn the whole thing into a mess that can be manipulated way more easily. Don't forget the universal rule. He is a perfect combination of Ni and Ti in my opinion. He invented a whole doctrine. The mystical thing is just a dumb argument in general. You people get worse at typing every time I come back here. He's more of an observer than a controller, finay he's too argumentative and stubborn to be INFJ. And it's less about his daughter than an entire vision of the world anyway. I have not seen a good enough argument for this ome to make a decision, because typing is not about guessing, you need information to get the typing right mostly. He's also a fictional character who kind of flips back and forth between INTP and INTJ, which is why even if functions were real and everyone was just one type, there could be a strong debate between the two. I voted INTJ some time ago btw but I'm open to ISTP. It's a manifestation of their shadow (and yes I'm into Jung's theories and if you aren't I don't give a shit). Here is an idea. Argue about INTP and INTJ all day long, at least those are reasonable typings because he has a preference for using both intuition and thinking functions, which is why they have to be above sensing and feeling functions. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. INFJ tend to understand INFJ better and realize who is and isn't one. So much for INxJs being "unconcerned about health". You are just dismissing what I'm not even claiming. What happens is that many people find that some INFJ know understand something logical, it is because it is using Ti, and Ni-Fe is good to understand things. Looping does not exist. The thing is that Cole's personality seems to have shifted. I can say I'm an INTJ with poorly developped Te, that wouldn't make much sense. (BTW my best friend is a twisted INTP and I do have a lot of experience dealing with this particular type. Well I'm not going to argue against INTJ. It's impossible not to see INFJ in the last scene as a standalone. Typism really bothers me. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. And I find that INFJ can be very concerned about religion also. Sorry for the rant, It might very well be useless and inspire some witty responses but I had to speak my mind. Only INFJ and ISTP, which are a pretty silly function magic attempt at reconciling the dominant functions from his INTP and INTJ forms. Hitler would be an ISxP because he's not intuitive and he's not a judger. Fe just can't be is inferior function.

Rust Cohle
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