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Steve Jobs Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Steve Jobs MBTI personality type cover chart

Since he believed in nature medicine (even refusing cancer treatment), didn't know a lick of programming (. Same thing for being fearless about pluddging his headfirst. He was stoic, detail oriented, carver. I find it surreal that it is leading this poll. He is J to the extreme. Where does this ENP non-sense comes about. might as well throw a comedy vote for ISFJ in there. Total Ne dominant. Too esoteric and unconventional to be ENTJ. ISTPI know real INTJs sooo it's easier for me to see that in him. Why do you want Steve Jobs to be ENTP so badly. And he looks like the stereotypical INTJ in his photos when young. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Steve Jobs Myers-Briggs and personality type!. Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. Bonita, do you think you could be projecting your crush onto him. Jobs is the definition of a well developed INTJ. ISTP doesn't make any sense. Any type can have poor social skills or be rude. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Steve Jobs MBTI type.. Steve J was an hypomanic Explorer, and it's very obvious that he was a P when we study his life before Apple and even at the begining. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. definitely Sx last and a 3. Obviously uses Ti, Se, Ni and Fe though but like I said for the other reasons he can look ESTJ except for the fact that he's creative and untraditional. com/2016/09/what-makes-steve-jobs-a-charismatic-speakerSteve Jobs fast talking, know-it-all like a true INTJ #visionvision: https://www. I even remember reading he would call one of his sexual partners by telephone like 10-20 years after they had sex to thank her for the mystical experience that it meant to him. It seems to me that you're letting your anger get in the way of your reasoning. Let's pull types out of the box, shall we. I know that Celebrity Type is supposed to be THE reference on the matter, but ISTP doens't make any sense at all. If you read his biography you would know he was an introvert and he liked to build things with his own hands. Really, being "stoic, detail oriented, carver". People are just idiots who don't know how to type. ISTP is a completely absurd typing. He also has lots of Te, so he's most likely an ENFP is an Ne-Te loop 7w8 sx/so@Songbird I agree. He dropped out of college without any plans what so ever on the belief that it would work out in the end. jobs is an introvert. Wozniak is the xNTP, he came with the ideas, and Jobs focused them on a path that could work. In general, a T type when unhealthy will be more likely to be a dick, but that's about as far as you can take that line of reasoning. Furthermore, his greatest strength was not commandeeing, but motivating. The distortion field is also steve jobs imposing his own version of reality on you it's his Ti - Se. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Steve Jobs likely is!. Jobs - ENTJ Gates - INTJ Wozniak - INTPJobs, gates n wozniak intps. Probanbly he was introvert. His focus was primarily on artistry and design rather than pragmatism, which is more of an Fi trait than Ni-Te. ISTPs are craftsmen. But what he really did was rush to a different new judgment every day and treat his judgment as the word of God. Though that's nothing strictly related with Jness. Seriously, if you wanna say he's NTJ at least go with ENTJ. After that an idea comes to mind and he realizes he can become an entrepreneur with his new skills. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. Jobs, gates n wozniak intps. Also the Ne defence of spewing out random connections that make no sense. He was a man of commitment to his visions with his full being. Everywhere you look, Jobs sacrificed product quality for aesthethic, and it is difficult for me to imagine any thinker, Ti or Te, who would sacrifice value and product quality in order to make to make something LOOK better. :/I think his Ni and Se are pretty clear. Couldn't an ISTP use tertiary Ni to achieve visionary goals to move the world forward. The MBTI questionnaire sorts people into one of 16 different personality types.. IIRC, During the development of the Apple 2, Jobs wanted to simplify the number of ports while Wozniak and the other engineers wanted the standard amount. This personality type is highly individualistic and Champions strive toward creating their own methods, looks, actions, habits, and ideas!. If a company is Ne, it's Google. v=rQKis2CfpeoAnd the NTJ typings are dead wrong, at this point I'm pretty sure he was an ISXP, I've just need to see arguments for which judgement axis he was on. ENTP all the way. That's very ISTP. He seems like an ENTJ. As a thinker, it makes me shudder. Second, Steve Jobs’ speech has a large loudness range. This is all the opposite of what an ISTP would be like. didnt vote but Jobs can be intj, but gates n wozniak are intps. Many other reasons to think he's INTJ too, but those are the obvious ones. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of People of Science characters list.. When you fight with an INFP you have to fight them in their imaginary world. And cy is ISTP. This means that Steve Jobs’ speech has extensive up-ward and down-ward melodic movements. Jobs was a juggernaut who would take what he wanted and lived to argue and destroy his enemies. Steve jobs is obviously ISTP he is even listed as ISTP at celebrity types. It's apparently a surrealistically inaccurate film. @Songbird I agree. Aux Te + Tert Fi = More Fe than inferior Fe. Genuine questionOh yea and INFPs will take any attack on their poor thinking and reasoning skills as an attack on them personally. Oh, and couldn't Jobs's "teriarty Si" explain why he values practical, tangible achievement. He was sort of an asshole towards people in his life so he can't be ISTP. His father would say to him: it sucks to be an orphan man. People really think he was a great "business" person but he really wasn't, he was a marketer-artist that got people to buy his products because he knew how to paint an image and sell it to people, which is a radically different style of business than Musk & Gates who are both INTJs. Since Ne looks at what is being implied rather than the literal. INTJs don't have sexual partners. " That would be dominant Si. No "Ne" user is interested in practical achievement. I don't care about the dude nor his type, but inf Se doesn't make sense for him. Would an ISTP do that. Whenever there's a totally random typing, you know who is to blame. If you watch any of his talks, eg. I continue to be amazed. Jobs and Wozniak were the perfect ENTJ/INTP duo. what about his early life is inconsistent with xNTJ. I haven't watched it myself though. What does that even mean in regards to typology. I did not refer to his hyppie period, but as him being a fantasist guy ready to jump from one thing to another and very versatile and even scattered. He's very entrepreneurial and he's agile with words and people. he was Se, not Ne.

. People tend to focus on the aspect of him working hard to build Apple and many other companies and picture that as Ni. the "mystical experience" part tho what the fuck HAHAHAHAH that sounds ridiculous to anyone that's sober)The guy is obviously ISTP to the bone everything else is just wishful thinking. Their case for Jobs as an ISTP os though not convinsing but well researched nonetheless. In the Danny Boyle movie he is very combative and intense though, which might explain why many people think he is ENTP or ENTJ or something. This is in contrast to NTJ Gates who dropped out because he had a definite plan on how to succeed. I don't think so. I agree that there are some good points for INTJ over ENTJ but what do you think of inferior Se vs Fi. Jobs had a lifelong history of becoming extremely confident in decisions, going all in on them, and then changing his mind completely. I've mulled over it and I've come to agree with the ENFP typing being wrong, but I'll talk about what I meant with Fi & aesthetics. How can anyone see him as a Ti-dom or Ne-dom. And ENTPs do not have tertiary Si; you're talking about inferior Si. What's Ne-dom about the dude, except his eccentricities. The debate, imo, should be ENTJ vs. ), several times ran his company into the ground with crazy risks before he finally started succeeding near the end of his life which seems to suggest he enjoys the action and isn't very analytical, and seems kind of out of touch with his emotions, like his relationship with his dad and own daughter, I'd go with Tertiary Ni and Inferior Fe, which is to say I agree with the common ISTP typing. And lol CT vs Keirsey. I watched all of his talks and read his biography. This guy is an orphan thats why Apple existed. He's also mainly about these stubborn visions and how everything looks and feels. He was an entrepreuneur, so yes he believed that his project could win and therefore sticked to them, but SP who are into entrepreuneurship behave this way. A lot of the times they will just say things they think sound smart. The inferior can explain things about a person that don't fit the normal picture, but the defining characteristic of a person and the ones that brought him success can only be explained by his higher functions, and it's either Ni supported by Se, or Se and Ni being close together. At first, he didn't really worry about his future, and instead decides to drop out of college, yet continues to only take the classes that he likes, such as calligraphy. Tested by themselves as INTJ, not me. He also has lots of Te, so he's most likely an ENFP is an Ne-Te loop 7w8 sx/soAfter reading this biography, I don't think he is a judger at all. I've switched my typing to ISFP because I actually agree with your arguments that he was an Se-Aux, but I find it hardpressed to think he was an Ti-dom just because he was so horribly illogical and because his leadership style was much more motivational & marshalling, rather than analytical & uniting like you would expect from someone on the Ti-Fe axis. I find CT having much better grip on Jung, MBTI, Keirsey & other Jungians than most "experts" however their research on some individuals is underwhelming despite a very solid typing criteria. Don't think stupid. He was about practical achievment, not abstract speculationWow, Celebrity Types admin posing as "impeccable," you better go tell all the IxTPs that they are all rude as hell and lack social skills because of their "inferior Fe," including Abraham Lincoln and, if you have the balls, Clint Eastwood. the 1997 WWDC, you will see clearly that he is primarily uses Ti. And his sense for design=Se. Yeah he was a hippie for a while and so what. He made the Mac as minimalistic as possible, contrary to Wozniaks's wishes (Ni vs Ne), and when he came back to Apple, he reduced the number of products developed in order to focus on the Mac and later Apple. ISTPYou guys are crazy. " God, the pseudoscience expressed so confidently is hilarious. ) is way more laid back. There is no actual argument for "Se. tes, he happened to become a boss. Jobs talent was that he could make people believe in magic through sheer charisma, which is a feeler trait and not a thinking one. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Steve Jobs? What about enneagram and other personality types?. My old ESTJ teacher reminds me of him. I understand that everyone is an STP according to Speed, but the rest of you. How else do you win an argument. I don't see him as a recluse person working with his hands on something. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. Huh there's not even an INTP vote. http://gawker. " Source: https://knowridge. In addition, his speech rate is faster. I have yet to see a real well argued case for either ENTP, ENTJ and INTJ. but in general can be really cerebral. This basically means that the Ashton Kutcher portrayal was closer to reality than the Michael Fassbender one. It's not necessarily that being an aesthete made him an Fi (after all, this is more of an Se trait), but rather that Jobs was willing to sacrifice objective performance over aesthetics that made me realize he was most likely a thinker. No, I say he's INTJ because he is indeed an INTJ. I can acept that his demand of efficiency and immediate results comes from a philosophical Ni basis and isn't actually dominant Te with non-inferior Se, but by all accounts he seems absolutely atrocious with Fi. That is pure J. ISTPs are rude to people but in a much sensical way (ISTPs at least have Fe). He was also aggressive with the way he ran the company - INTJs and ENTPs are not nearly that aggressive. Look at all the criticism about his "dark side". Yoy attacking me personally proves that you're doubting he's ISTP. That is, his vocal effort is extensively waning and waxing both within and across parts of speech. That's basically how Aaron Sorkin (ENTP) writes his movies though (Zuckerberg was pretty NP in The Social Network too). Although he paused a lot, his speech is perceived quite fluent. focus on aesthetics has nothing to do with FiDude is not Ne-dom, everything about the dude goes against exploring a multitude of possibilities. His pitch level is high variable. I could same for ISTP. "Oh, and couldn't Jobs's "teriarty Si" explain why he values practical, tangible achievement. People that type him ISTP know dick about MBTI. Seriously, what kind of nonsensical way to type is this. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. People tend to focus on the aspect of him working hard to build Apple and many other companies and picture that as Ni. Even his voice is INTJ, according to recent article. Third, Steve Jobs’ speech parts are much shorter than typical public speech. NTJ are not stoci or carver, that's an IS trait, not an NTJ trait. P is ludicrous. Being confident and then change your min completely is a TP trait, not an NJ trait. The only way you make one look good is by comparing them to the other. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Steve Jobs' belongs to!. Jobs was definitely TP because he lavishly ignored etiqette and regulations. If you aren't convinced he's an xNTJ from reading what others have to say about him then I don't know what you can ever be convinced on. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. " Isn't that "Ne. That's the essence of Ni.

. com/5847344/what-everyone-is-too-polite-to-say-about-steve-jobsAm I missing something here. So what then would you call, say, Walt Disney, or any other NP who values success. He clearly uses Ti, but having watched the Lost Interview he doesn't seem Ti dominant AT ALL. The only reason anyone votes P is because he was known to change his mind. I read his biography, written by Walter Isaacson. People here assume he is a J just because he was a bossy CEO. INFPs like Bonita will often use the typical Te defense of not having a valid/objective enough source. That's a matter of development and healrh, not type. didnt vote but Jobs can be intj, but gates n wozniak are intps. " Anything you clain, and you of course never would have had CT not suggested it first, I can easily counter with an "Ne" argument, and around the merry go round we go getting nowhere. If they say good sounding things that implies they are right then that's just as good as being right. Hands-on managing controlling every aspect, domineering to the extreme. Jobs was rude as hell and lacked most social skills. Total Ne dominant. At first, he didn't really worry about his future, and instead decides to drop out of college, yet continues to only take the classes that he likes, such as calligraphy. He's 100% ENTP. Absolutely fearless about plunging in headfirst. Compare him to Stanley Kubrick or even Clint Eastwood. Sadly probably true. A true ISTP (and 7w8. ESTJ and ISTP have the same function order anyways. INTJOk upon reading more he was definitely an xNTJ. Glorious and purest INTJ that ever existed, at least when young. During the development of the NeXT, Jobs wanted it to be purely cubical even at the cost of the PCBs being more expensive & harder to develop. They are pretty much the stereotype of an unstable ENTJ. If you want to argue the guy was P type, then he had to ISTP: perfectionist, minimalistic, design focused. And why could he not be an ESTP rather than ISTP. :)Dude didn't had inf Se, that's for sure (. they like to be given tasks and execute them. ENTP use Si to recall ideas, facts, and other bits of information to reinforce their Ne achievements. v=GnO7D5UaDig Look at him talking, look at his hands and arms opening and that grandiose monologue and argumenting. After that an idea comes to mind and he realizes he can become an entrepreneur with his new skills. How do you explain the famous "reality distortion field. ENTP's, or ENP's for that matter, are very calm people, sometimes can be excitable. Also, I don't wanna hear about how his perfectionism is inferior Si, typing the most defining characteristic of a person and the one that brought him success, based on the inferior is nonsense. STP are bossy and decisisive, so they can look J. Welcome to MBTI community where S types are relegated to mediocrity everyday. And what does this have to do with "Se" anyway. Jobs was an innovative entrepreneur who "thought different" and designed an array of innovative achievements. I actually think that he's a Kanye West-esque, unhealthy ENFP. Only in your silly INFP fantasy world. Like the INTJ I know, the most nerdy one who also is a succesful startup founder, high pitched and INTJ-fast as I said in my pevious post: "Steve Jobs’ speech has an exceptionally high pitch that actually falls within the lower end of female speakers. You have to see the whole picture sometimes. Think different. That does not make him a J. Have you watched interviews with this guy. jobs is an introvert. ISTPs when triggered will fight back, but aren't the war lord types. "like to be given tasks and execute them" so essentially ISTPs are mindless labours who do what they are told to do.

Steve Jobs
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