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Sthereo0 Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Sthereo0 MBTI personality type cover chart

), I really prefer stimulating things much before than practical, I'm curious, I prefer a theoretical class much more than a practical one and I result very innovative, imaginative and creative to people, for everything, I'm great to see how the big frameworks work and I'm a smart-ass. To talk about reliability now, if i had to give my opinion about personality tests, i would say that they are not reliable at all (stereotypical, not subtle questions - at least those on internet) since something reliable doesnt need much check behind. I feel like I'm too all-over-the-place and emotionally expressive to be an INTJ though. Clues here: http://imgur. Really super logical like how siri from i phone speaks. The days when I used to test as close to an ambivert are long gone. Ah yes, do you have INFJ's sad face. It's perfectly fair to just admit that you aren't a perfect fit for any type and then think about how you differ with the average person of various types (whether they be INFJ, INTP, ENxP, whatever)@Sthereo0 it seems like you are weighting some differences more than others (the differences with your INTP friends). Second they are very energetic and intense, registering many accounts, etc. No type has a particular face. All of this for me sounds like an ENTP with very well developed Fe. I mentioned the tests just as an advice and gave the reasons why. Can you tell what did you get typed your first time and what did you think about it and why did you get typed as it. I struggle to get 'stability' on my life. Everyone can type themselves as anything they want but INFJ, seems like you have to certificate you are INFJ to type yourself. You know, certainly there's a difference between a inferior-Fe/dominant-Ti type and a tertiary-Ti/auxiliary-Fe. I even think I'm more with the 1 anger and overcontrol than with the 8 dominative and instinctive character. When she argues MBTI she sounds kind of strained too, which I think is Tertiary Ni. Well, here are my thougts. BUT IT WORKS BOTH WAYS HAHAHAAAAAAAAFAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKE FAKE INFJ IS FAKEI don't know what that has to do with being a 9 but okI'm a 9 so sometimes I'm deadly lazy or spend the time doing absolutely nothing. The fixation is kind of creepy and it takes up space but that's about it"You should consider" I already did and, not, I'm not INFP nor INTP. :P They're kind of cool, polite and cerebral like INFJ males (if they are one) tend to be. I feel like it tends to be a bit too literal and misses "the big picture". I don't actually have Se at all. Also, asking for it, your mistypings from the first point to here. The example of you saying I altered my votes when I can say the same about yours. 9w8s are almost always sensors. Reading about typology and cognitive functions to get a deeper understanding and having introspective sessions is a better and more useful way to determine more accurately your type than taking again the test (which i see as a step back). I see more of a later-developed Fe to interact with feelers that isn't really part of your natural preference, but when juxtaposed against some INTPs who probably haven't developed much Fe at all, you will have quite a big difference. All three of these types share alot in common so far so that they even might be indistinguishable on casual observation. I don't want to suggest any type in particular, I believe it would be detrimental to your research - and I could be way off. I really doubt your cordiality. As It first I scored as INTP, then, just for curiosity, came back and just gave a point more to an obvious Fe question, modifying the result to INFJ. Also I think their way of arguing is obviously Ti. I'm on exams for a long time so right now I'm kinda out of my surroundings. Additionally, the crossover between MBTI and socionics is not perfect; for example, Jack London (ESFP) is the type alias for ENTj. S/he seems very cordial and personable in a proper way. I don't priorize the Si but I use it as a compliment. A fucktard like you only could be INTP. Specially when you didnt agree with the first results, you'll respond differently to some points with a better understanding of what the questions in the test refer to (to illustrate that, let me quote sthereo " i [. It will always be fused with Ti to some degree, but in Sthereo0 I see unfiltered Fe, supported by his own evidence below "he really watched me act like the fucking father of everyone and my skills to emotionally and psychologically manipulate. The things that people write about INTP's tend to focus on the non-balanced rather than the balanced, while they write INFJ to be superhumans who are perfectly balanced with a well developed logical side, which is some stereotype that I don't get as nothing seems to support it aside from circular self-affirming reasoning. Only scotty can tell if he's insulted or not. Is it because you don't want some kind of situation to occur while you are hanging out, or because you want things perfectly in control or etc. You tried to do that the other day anyways. But your intuition seems more extroverted than introverted. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. @butterfly And Mentally_ill is not me, in case you were wondering. We have differences on our thesis. An introvert when put in a position of speaking daily to large crowds will score high on extraversion eventually. The only reason I have to believe you're an INFJ is your as it seems strong Fe and the only reason I have to believe you're an INTP is because you're trying so hard on everyone to not to believe you are one, but is not a thing one of them acting like that. When he grew up his dad asked for forgiveness and he forgave his dad while his dad cried and he took care of his dad. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. Only you yourself and those who know you intimately can help you identify. So, to develop a bit more, when you've done taking the test and reading the descriptions that's when the introspection really intervenes, to analyze the results, to try to see if they are relevant. :P But I still think "hello_to" is ISFP. Given that, I have two questions: (1) How do you score on traditional MBTI tests. Why am i not surprised that we are back at it. Sure there will be lots of people you wouldn't even be able to take oxygENP *ba dum tss*A nontet of ENFPs. lol but I was refering to doing stupid shit in order to fit inI was doing the same that you've done If I'm a fucktard for that then, by logic, you're a fucktard. Deberíamos empezar usando el lado de Francés hasta que nos hagan el favor de cambiarlo a español. Now that we're talking about Socionics. Things to know: I don't like to debate or have intellectual fights, I hate being the devil's advocate, but I'm really ingenious and sometimes I come with a extremelly killer sense of humor. I think only by the comments I also would type me as INTP. Is that an attempt to look more masculine so people don't assume you are a girl. I don't know if this is something from some kind of ENTPs, but it is from almost every INFJ. More because I don't want some kind of things to happen rather than to be perfectly planned. Levo mas de 6 meses tratando, y los ultimos 6 meses no entre a facebook, la mayoria de ese tiempo libre lo use para andar aquiY como van las cosas siendo "INTP". I think he already knows his type, but it's trying to manipulate his results and show them to justify it and not to get the 'You are faking your INFJ type'. So don't doubt of my words. Anyone of the voters can explain. It doesn't mean that you can't find people within your grouping that share little in common with you. That's it, It's completely natural on me. com/a/879LCWell, I need help. Based on what I've observed, I see INFJ. Nope, I'm one of the INFJ votes as long as I identify myself the most with the INFJ personality. I don't see the 8 wing at all. Wait, Sthereo0 says they have very strong Ne. You, at some level of your reasoning , arrived to that hyopthesis - and assumed that you might be ENTP. ROYGBIVESTJ 6w5, too intolerant of outsiders like meldouYou're wrong. More on the subject, i still think Sthereo that you should consider INxP 9 before shy Ne dom. He said he would always love his dad and his dad has to face his own demons while drinking. From what I understand, Ni users aren't really that high on consciousness in most aspects of their life like Si users are (ENTJ probably are tough, INFJ probably the least) but rather are specifically focused on that one are of interest to them. Sthereo0, I have no reason to believe you are an extrovert, and no reason to believe you are not an NTP. I'm sure you can find INFJs that you share next to nothing in common with, and maybe because you don't have much first hand experience with a large variety of INFJs, you are beginning to model the INFJ type after yourself in a way. La verdad es que creo que este sitio debe tener un lado de comentario que sea hecho en español en ves de Francés. INTJs are interested in ideas and theories when observing the world.. PD: How do you do the enter. But I guess Big 5 results are based more on you feel that day. I can see ENFJ, which also correlates well with 9. You remind me of people in INTP forum I was in once where their was a thread about INTP who went against the 'cold' stereotype where a guy said he always stood up people and was always freindly. We can be great friends. The order was 9 > 5 > 4 = 2 > 8. I came to your page to set an example. I'm not sure if I or E actually, the most I'm unstressing myself the most I'm seeing myself as an ambivert and the most I see myself as a Feeler. I know you don't like me, so when you see a troll you dislike like "kkdvk" then you asume it's me. The same as non-priorizing but using Si. I guess i should have expressed myself in a better way. I think my awareness of others is some kind of Shadow Si + Surface Fe more than Surface Se + Fe. He keeps trying to see himself as INTP but keeps finding more reasons to doubt that, so we can throw that possibility out entirely, since he knows himself better than we do. You seem cool, "hello_to", and i'm sure you could beat us all in sports, like your "physically_fit" name suggests. I got INFJ on the first MBTI test I ever took because I was in a "feely" mood, but I knew there was something off with the result and took several other tests more carefully and got INTJ on all of them - and identified more with INTJ than INFJ. Second note: I think I relate more to 8 enneagram than to 1, but I would relate myself more to 9w1 descriptions rather than 9w8 descriptions. I've look for the ENTP 9 thing and it seems like fitting considering a state of ambiversion and how 9 ENTPs overpronunce their Fe. Ne being the less "rooted" function, it can explain why when forced to have roots the result varies every time the experience is tried (your test results), your open ended answer when i tried to draw generality (not sure if that's the correct way of describing my thinking). I'm feeling noticed right now yeah FILL ME with those INTP votesAnd, I identify myself a lot more with 953 than with 963, which describes somehow that it could be just stress and unhealthy 6 paranoic/neurotic traits(I'm very very of that). I suck at getting well connected to my environments. The only time I did the Sociotype long questionnaire I got IEI-Ni, the rest of the tests were extroverted types, mostly ILE and IEE. He seems to have a lot of 1 influence either way. Oh, you were asking me. @Ventus : I did not say that the first test was the most reliable of all but rather the most useful (i - for example - got INTJ on my first test but i'm currently more thinking about INTP ). If he is a 9 he must be a 9w1. But the key is to treat each piece of evidence fairly and equally, and also keep in mind its probably our natural tendency to type ourselves as different from the people we know because the differences are magnified. Sólo pido si podrías visitar http://mbti-databank.

. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Sthereo0 MBTI type.. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Bueno, no sé muy bien cómo se hace eso de PersonalityCafe, pero luego lo intentaré. As for other stuff, I'm not Fe-dom though I relate to some Aux-Fe descriptions and even some Tert-Fe descriptions(but not as much as Aux). I'm no one to tell you 'You are not INFJ'. You're an obvious ENTP who is acting like an INFJ, not INTP either, an INTP wouldn't use that Fe and would prefer to go with INTP's Fi and act much more moody. No lol, it was just kidding. Those are some facts, I'm sure that I'm ~ Fe=Ti. I just succinctly developed my view point on this case in my previous message, thinking it would be better to be brief about all the points i talked about. I've been surprised, too. It must have been a nightmare because it made me wake up. But that's cool, now we have something better to do instead of asking to delete threads where Scotty is highly insulted. You said that you think social exclusion might be the reason of your apparent "introversion", i suppose that you wouldn't need to plan this much when invited if you were an ENTP "socially excluded" since there is no reason of being afraid of social exclusion when invited ( assuming the people know you enough for that, what shouldn't be easy from what you said). Do you think about going there without any preparation or do you feel the need to think about it. What kind of example is that. First there is no need for you to take others tests, not only because they are quite stereotypical (so very inadapted to people like you who dont find their way in their descriptions), but also because they find their full utility when you take them the first time (now you are just manipulating the results to fit what you think you are at the moment you take them- this is something i remarked on this page, every time you posted your results, they were conform to what you expected the message before ). The description of So/Sx 6 that I've read seem very identificable for me and I don't know if I'm more driven by fear or anger. Recently, I took socionics test again, surprisingly scoring as INFp(INFJ) then going for the jungian function test. Regarding conscientiousness, I think it depends in what way you are consciousness or not. I don't see anything bad on INFJ for you, but, let's see if you see something bad with it, because, if you do, you know. i'm not insulted. I'm that warm and kind towards EVERYONE as its first. I don't really understand your justification for overwriting the INTP test result with INFJ. No offence, lol. An introvert put in that position every day is gonna implode. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. What I discarded about it is the surfaced Fi-Te, but if we took a mix between dominant function and dichotomies, ENFP would be the most likely. Do you have ENFP and ENTP friends to compare yourself with. So I'll just post that I don't relate to 963 more than 953 nor 6 more than 5, but I'm completely identified with the Phobic 6. I think I might have 9 in my tritype, but after a long time going back and forth with it, it's not my core type. The difference between you and me is that I have reasons to do that. First of all it's close to their own self-typing, INFP. @butterfly Or maybe YOU are the only real ISFP in this website. Also getting in tests both INFJ and ENTP makes sense for an ENFJ. You guys are going home in 2 days. Why can't you cooperate, Pedro. I got even lower in consciousness than you. I'm the most of the time a warm, kind and sweet person myself, sometimes I'm really critical or logical, but the most of the time I'm a person who idealizes other people and naturally see other people by their good sides. @Sthereo0 I like how you changed your location to "Spain (DEP)". These personality portraits are extremely stereotypical and should be taken with a pinch of salt for self assessment. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Sthereo0 Myers-Briggs and personality type!. inferior Fi ENTJ wanting to convince people to believe what he thinksAnd, actually, not that hard is the diff between 8 and 1 identification. You clearly displayed a difference status between a Fi user and a Fe user. You're proving nothing, considering it an example or even an accusation. I definitely think that I'm not a thinker. What makes you think you are a N-dom. In case I were an ENTP, the 'NTs who want to be NFs' would fit me as hell. I still think you are best typed as an INTP which coincides with your testing. That is the only time I've ever gotten INFJ on a test to this day. No cake only for the burgueoise. I wrote a decent commment but it just vanished(:^l) so I'll just leave that this is your best comment. We come cause we hear there is good gay porn. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Sthereo0? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Also, I'm a person that goes very well with social norms" and his cordial and personable properness that bobnickmad mentioned. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!.

. And from all the pieces of information you gave on this page including the last ones what i think is that you are probably an INxP 9w8. He seems to have a lot of 1 influence either way. Oye cuantos de ustedes hablan español. But in the end I can't tell you what type you are, and can only say that the best answer is probably the one you will give yourself when you aren't adjusting your typology process to yield a conclusive result. INJs are the laziest J types by far, that's why you see so many on sites like this. Is this somewhat resembling you. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. Not uncommon at all. If he is a 9 he must be a 9w1. I'm willing to consider that over ISFP. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Sthereo0' belongs to!. I think I'm 4w5 so/sp. Also, there have been a lot of time since I took the last enneagram test, I'll take it again. It looked too square, that's how I got you. They really aren't, and each of them is closer to INTP than each other. What do you think about xNFP typing. Pedro wants you to be his real type because he loves you. Was it you the one who ruined my personal page. Being an ENFP isn't even your worst sin nowShitty pun, but I couldn't resist. But be open for feedback. After a look, I'm still a Sx/So. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. I'm very Fi/Te though. ¿me podrías ayudar, por favor. Thank you, John, I consider you a nice person too :^). Lol Sthereo0 now you are an ESTP 8w7. Why is still people voting in my page. A question you can ask yourself is: "can I pinpoint what makes it so hard for me to identify myself. In the later case is there some kind of situation do you want to avoid at all in your planning. What i'm asking is the reasons why you feel the need to plan ahead. That was AWFUL. I think that's just because I'm INxP-ish yet analytical. But that's just my interpretation of things. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Sthereo0 likely is!. By the way, you always sounded very INTP to me since day one. :P Anyway, I actually get INTP a lot. I thought about ENFP a lot of times, and it seems fitting.

The new website will come out in ~10 days (hopefully before New Year), and meanwhile Im collecting money for the server, so please excuse the excessive ads for a while. Also Happy Christmas and New Year, although I gotta be working. Thank you for supporting the development!

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