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The most introverted extrovert Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

The most introverted extrovert MBTI personality type cover chart

But I was talking about ExTJs who have Te, not Ti. I'm guessing where you are coming from is that you're talking about that part of Fi that wants to make an impact or mark on the world. ENFP fits a bit more. Here's my list:. It's an emotional reaction. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, they excel at finding solutions to practical problems.. Enneagram dependent ofcourse, for example 4s, 5s, and 8s are more loners whereas 2s, 3s, and 7s are more extraverted. Ideally, they would like everything they do to be in congruence with their personal believes. I guess my point is that between Fi, Ti, Si, and Ni-- Fi is naturally the most introverted function that pushes that person's whole approach to life in an introverted direction. But the thing is a heavy Fi-user needs to first withdraw in order to figure out how to best make an impact on the world to begin with. The sign out button is right there. Ne is focused on the moment, they're just focused on the possibilities of the moment rather than their senses. Introverted Feeling is more in depth and complex. But I can accept ENTJ being the most introverted. I think asking an ENFP to find balance in his or her Fi (if unhealthy) would take much longer, which means a lot more ENFP's could be ambiverted than people generally realize. The Ne-Ti obsessiveness can make someone withdraw without being introverted. But we can agree to disagree@PikUp You just make assertons too. and between Ne-doms, ENTPs are more 7w8 (+8w7,3w4), realistic, forceful and hard-working, while ENFPs are more 7w6 (+9w-whatever,2w3/4w3) so they have significantly softer edge and are more prone to actually run away from unpleasant reality (especially when their 6 wing awakens) and cover it with an optimistic one (even that epicurean 7 may be the most extraverted in many aspects as you say, but on the other hand with intuitive 7w6 it's really more about distorting the pains and fears of life with exciting escapism, colourful imagination, humour and hope, while 7w8 distorts reality less because they love it as it is with and take it all). Ti and Fi dig deep. So I'd probably say. By that logic I can say ESxPs are ambiverted because Se isn't oriented towards people as much as it is to the enviornment. You got pissed off that I dare disagree with you. Ne branches off and really just scratches the surface. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type The most introverted extrovert likely is!. When it comes to Te vs Fe the latter is or comes across as much more extroverted. Last time I checked you don't even use the function since you're ISTP. You don't have Te in your primary function stack, so don't forget that while what you say certainly makes sense to you (Ti), the more blunt you are about your conclusions the harder it will be for others to reach them. Fi-users withdraw to find meaning in their life or make sure everything is in accord with their values. When he took the assessment it had him almost at 50/50. But I still think it's ENxP, I know a lot of ENTP who view themselves as introverted in their youth (and some still view themselves like this)I still don't understan why ENTJ. Anyways, I'll leave you with that for now and get back to you later. Am I making any sense now. Unlike Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which responds to the environment and others emotions, Introverted Feeling deals with morals and what the person truly believes. I don't see how being theoretical has to do with being a 4 or a 5. That's because what other people need to understand your logic is a linear line of reasoning starting from an external source to properly see what you're getting at without it looking like you're just contradicting them without evidence. I think it's Te doms, Te is extraverted but not people-oriented in the way the other 3 are. ExxJ's don't have to do that. I agree it wasn't entirely consistent. I think I get where you are coming from with saying that the more introverted extroverts could be an ExxJ because their judging function is introverted, and decisions are made generally by an INDIVIDUAL person's volition. Care to explain. So I definitely would say ENFP is the correct answer here. They want to live a life as true to themselves as possible. You are correct however in saying Ti and Fi are more deep than Ne is. That said, I don't know about 5, but 4 does have a bit more of an intuitive touch to it and likes to see beauty in things. Ne isn't deep, why. It's also worth mentioning that ENxP Ji subtypes are much more similar to INxPs and therefore will have lower extraversion. Ne-doms in general tend to be the most introverted extroverts, due to Ne being the most introspective extroverted function. 7 and 8 are more common for ENTP too. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding The most introverted extrovert Myers-Briggs and personality type!. @strawberry crisis - EXACTLYThe way you're arguing actually doesn't even seem Ti, more Te in its forceful "I'm right you're wrong end of story" kind of way. But when ENFP's go through a hard time, they are almost indistinguishable from INFP's. If you want an example of an ENTP 5, I'm an ENTP 583I call bullshit on you calling bullshit on Ne doms being 4s and 5s. How exactly are you sure the ENxPs you've seen are actually Ne doms. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. Fe is extroversion in the traditional sense. Ne, on the other hands, needs other human to bounce ideas with. That said there isn't too much info on enneagram/mbti correlation, however it is stated on a few statistics that type 4 isn't specifically rare for ENFPs (It had us at around 1/10 ENFPs I believe). Disagreeing is not the same as being close-minded. are you kidding. That's one reason your theory is flawed@PikUpYourPantsPatrol You're too closed minded and it's making you sound like an idiot. That's why I say auxiliary Fi is what would make an extrovert type the most introverted. typologycentral. Just disagreed and got butthurtentp makes sense as the most introverted extravert but extjs talk less for the sake of talking which i guess can make them look more introverted@PikUpYourPantsPatrol You're basically saying "Nope, I'm 100% right and I know it. It's his opinion he has a right to it. ENFP because when looking at enneagram, their most common tritype is 792 or 794 (so, they're actually mixed aggressive-withdrawn-compliant style or even mostly withdrawn) and for ENTP it's 783 (all three aggressive, action oriented types). @szero Nope, I'm a 5 and so are several other ENTPsDon't really wanna get in the middle of this discussion but the security and stress points of enneagram 7 and 8 respectively are both 5 so they can acquire traits of that type. You're not applying the same logic to ESFPs. And I say you're closed minded because whereas I'm considering your argument as a possibility at all times and looking for your logic, you're over here just thinking "I'm right, he's wrong". Ti is detached and doesn't care for people whereas Fi though primarily focused on the self is the exact opposite. The problem with ENFP's is that they are super extroverted when they are happy and healthy. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Polls characters list.. I myself am an ENFP, and so for example, if I'm going through a rough time, I very much close in on myself, especially if I have some level of guilt or shame. " you forget a ton of us are enneagram 4s and 5sAlso, I've had a lot of people tell me on other occasions that they've met really bubbly or extraverted ENTPs or ENFPs. I disagree with that, a lot of ESTPs mistype as ENTP and ESFx mistype as ENFPSe isn't oriented towards people, but it is still oriented towards physical surroundings and the outside world. Oh and @MBTI nice joke autismoI don't know what this kid is so worked up about, I just made a typo xD. If you're an extravert that thinks you're a 4 or 5 then chances are you don't understand it well. ENTPs can be either more similar to ENFP or more to INTP. php/Enneagram_and_MBTI_Correlation)"ne dominant types can be 4s or 5s but i think they're overrepresented in typology surveysYou're just getting defensive cause I don't think you're a 5. Most ENFP's are that way. Te doesn't display the same high energy that Se, Ne and Fe do. Yeah but I'd say Fi by its nature as a function invites a person to withdraw in a way that could be more potentially long-lasting than Ti would. If an ENFP's values are out of wack, that generally takes a lot longer to repair and restore balance to. @PikUp I've used explainations myself. Whatever, at least I'm smart enough to not @ myself in posts. Let me put this another way. And your two other enneagram types, especially the 3rd isn't nearly as prominent in your personality. Give you plenty of examples of you just spewing bs, you just told me I can't do that because you don't lol@Purple Who says I can't LMAOCalm down dude. So that does make sense. You both need to compromise if you want to improve your communication, so I suggest to stop trying to find flaws in each other and build better measures to deal with people you have problems with instead of just calling the other completely unreasonable. Yes and I think ENFP even more so than ENTP because ENTPs have Fe. Ne doms being ambiverted doesnt make much sense to me. Completely agreed. The two are hardly alike, and I would think a theoretical brain would more attribute to 4/5 than a physically oriented one. @PikUp Yea man, like I said before we're all entitled to our own opinions. From another page, a comment of mine regarding someone asking about their type with enneagram: "Whole bunch of possibilities. Stop trying to lie, just stop doing it. I havnt seen you use any external proof either. It doesn't have to do with abstraction as far as I know so I see no reason why an S is less likely. It's a function that deals with the person’s own INDIVIDUAL feelings and beliefs. This is also why INTP and INFP are considered to be the most detached and introverted types- their most extraverted function often manifests itself with nothing more than daydreaming and being like somewhere far away, while Te-aux like ISTJ would keep being busy, pragmatic and actually do things (so with their Te they have stronger and more tangible extroverted force). Or atleast ENFP guys. ENTPs definitely seem very introverted when it comes to extroverts but comparing ENTPs with ENFPs I think ENFPs just behaviorally are more introverted. I stated my opinion and you're getting defensive for no reason. That 7 thing doesnt remotely relate to introversion, T is detached. I think I would agree on ENTJ over ESTJ absolutely. I myself am an ENFP as are a few of my friends, and we're rather chill people, no real hyperactivity to speak of. It's non-selective. I also personally couldn't find much of a statistic saying that ENTP 5s were particularly common, but I'm sure its possible however rare. But I gotta say you took this one a bit far, if PikUp doesn't agree with you then so what. Just because it doesnt work with your Ti doesnt mean what mine thinks is wrong. I'd find it much more likely for a Ji subtype ENxP (such as in socionics) to be 4/5 than one that focuses exclusively on Ne. It's not even shitty reasoning it's just you haven't presented anyLike me linking the stuff I wanna talk about when I want to back my arguments up, for example. So I'd say ENFP's are more introverted than ENTP's, but maybe ENTJ's are more introverted than ENFP's. Their decision-making function (whether Te or Fe) is extroverted in nature. Ne-doms, because unlike other extroverted functions it has a more introspective side, it's leaves open ends that must be further analyzed inside ones head. And ESFP's by virtue of their Se are more focused on those people around them in the present moment, whereas ENFP's are always caught up in either the past or the future based on their mood and emotions. If you think that you've probably never met a real ENxP before. such as Skye/Daisy in Agents of Shield, Anakin from Star Wars, Simba in the Lion King, Ray Palmer in Arrow, or Jasper in The 100. You are getting defensive, look how aggressive you're gettingNe is oriented outwardly. Quit being a bitch, honestly are you about to start crying or something. Ne gets information from what could be and ideas, Se gets information from the environment around them. @Purple Fuck off, nothing of what PikUp says makes any sense whatsoever, and I DO back my arguments with proof. ENTPs can also be bubbly and energetic but they often have this dryness about them and they are the more intellectual and introspective of the two, always thinking of ideas. Ne is more similar to Se than it is NiHow am I aggressive. And just look at the ENFP Youtube videos, they're all over the place. Si is an ENFPs inferior function. An ENTP does not struggle that much emotionally. You wont explain why you think I'm wrong and you're flinging around insults because I dare have a different opinion than youi agree with that on the ambiversion in extjs but i'm not sure if that's just because they talk less, which isn't something i would necessarily attribute to introversion@PikUpYourPantsPatrol you're reasoning was that "ENxPs can't be 4/5 because ESxP can't be 4/5". Fi and Ti seem equally introverted to me but are expressed in different ways. agreed cause you're actually INTP, just join the others please Most introverted. You're reaching and using somewhat unhealthy examples and this isn't consistent really. With the other types their extraversion is more apparentI explained myself enough, you havent added anything. Many ENTPs aren't even extroverted but rather ambiverted. @PikUpYourPantsPatrol Ne sees an idea of itself, and then goes inward in order to theorize about it and make judgements (aux) about what It's found, Se is less attuned to ideas and more towards physical surroundings. Enneagram archetypes are made by behavioral results, simply, if you are a 4, you are likely to be an INFP because there is a strong correlation, then observant people will analyse the behaviors and give 4 the archetype of the INFP for the muestral results, forgetting what the idea of the type is about. It has to be Ne-dominant, because it's the only extroverted function that doesn't even require commonly understood "action" to be used. Ne is a more in your head function. Behaviorally I will admit that INTPs come across as more introverted than INFPs. com/albums/cc466/xxNTJxx/MBTI-InstinctualVariant-Correlationnogridlinesnames. jpg) (http://oi1213.

. Also Ne is not at all hyperactive, that would be Se. ENFJ's -- The most extroverted type because of Fe. @strawberry crisis isn't it that MBTI has to do with how you think and enneagram has to do with your innermost motivations. Also no offense kl, but you didn't really back up much of what you said. That doesn't even make sense, 7 is arguably the most extraverted type. And their Ni (internal map in their head of external reality) mainly has to do with other people's thoughts and feelings. ESTJ's try to control everything and everyone, whereas ENTJ's like to do the Iago from Othello thing of control things without controlling them using the internal framework in their mind through Ni. Most socially anxious. i think you can still be an isfj 8 but your behavioral preferences would probably be weaker along those lettersENTP 5 is nowhere near as ludicrous as ISFJ 8Enneagram has to do with behaviors, not just fears so some mbti types can't be some enneagram typesyeah mbti is more behavioral and enneagram is more motivational so while behavior can reflect motivation, there would be enough ambiguity for a disconnect between those two@k1 Do you think Se doms can be 4s and 5s. It's completely contradictoryYou're relying on auxillary functions, that's why. And going by descriptions of 4s and 5s it seems like a contradiction for an E to be a type that is described as withdrawn. Ni digs deep into a few ideas. Think about ENFP protagonists in film and TV what they look like when struggling internally. If you don't want to give evidence towards anything then fine, have your own opinion, there's nothing wrong with that, but you can't just disagree with someone else's opinion and and try to force your own onto them without proof. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about The most introverted extrovert MBTI type.. Well ENFP's are also more likely 2's and 7's where ENTP's tend to come out more as 5's and 8's (as you said were more introverted). Strangely enough, that's been correlated on a few statistics to being an INxP thing. I'm not pissed off though and I'm not lying lol. how is it ESTJ. I didn't simply insult you and dismiss what you said. So it's true an ENFP might jump the gun and with Ne, make an assumption what his or her calling in life is (important to Fi), but if down the road an ENFP gets the sense he or she is not doing what he or she is called to do in life, that ENFP 9 times out of 10 will withdraw to ascertain what new path would align with his or her Fi. Breaking it down, out of the two Ne-doms I'd say that ENFPs tend to be the more extroverted as they are often bubbly and energetic. I believe they may even tap into different psychological aspects of the individual in that regard while still retaining some form of strong correlation as shown in the links I provided earlier. Have I not responded to everything you've said. imo I don't think Te has to do with people, it's about thought process and productivity, which doesn't have to do with humans. Asking them for a better explanation really helps because they already think they told what they had to say just fine. Te doms are very stoic for an extravert. @szero also, with that logic how would you explain ENFP 4s. Someone with introverted feeling. Whereas ExxPs are off the wall crazy. “ENTPs are the most likely to be social anxiety extroverts” is your sample size for that just yourself. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'The most introverted extrovert' belongs to!. Gotta get to a class. That makes 0 sense to me can you explain please. True ENFPs generally tend to look outwardly extraverted. I commented once that you sounded stupid, that is not "flinging around insults". But I just think ExTP's are pretty good at quickly identifying any discrepancy in their internal logic that would cause them to withdraw. I don't use Ne much but I still have a pretty good understanding of itBecause ESFPs can't be 4s and ESTPs can't be 5sI'm not saying it's impossible, though. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. Your ESTJ description is stereotypical and could fit ENTJ just as well and I don't understand the Ni thing for ENFJ, that seems like you're reaching too tbh. There is also the fact that introversion varies between systems, enneagram, mbti, socionics, ect. They're usually 7s, 2s, 3s and 6s, most extroverted enneatypes. Also @PikUp from the youtube ENFP videos I've seen, the great majority of them are more than likely mistyped, just from what I've observed that is. Ne can take something and dig deep to find an answer rather easily by seeing everything that could be and picking the most likely answer based on its memory and knowledge (Inferior Si). To tell someone that they're close-minded and they sound like an idiot is an insult. It sees possibilities around it.

. These types are described as introverts@PikUpYourPantsPatrol ENxPs aren't ESxPs though. But ENFP's have a very hard time being present to those around them. They're more standoffish as well. You just have 5ish traits cause you're an NTPExtravert is incompatable with 5@PikUpYourPantsPatrol say I wasn't an ENTP give me one reason I'm not a 5. If an ENFP is isolated long enough, they become very much like an INFP. So I totally see the reasoning behind an ENTJ. He doesn't agree with you. And if someone were to meet us when we are going through a rough period, they would 100% assume we are introverts (INFP's). And I have never seen you use one bit of evidence to support anything you've said on really any of these threads, regardless of whether I agree with you or not. ExTJs look ambiverted to me. And Te while extraverted is a thinking function, it's impersonal. Ti makes an ENTP person withdraw until that logic is lined up in his or her brain. I'm pretty chill rn, you started throwing around insults, I just retaliatedthe problem with the x enneagram can't be x mbti argument is that the enneagram's traits will not be 1 to 1 with mbti dichotomies because they're defined differently and can be interpreted differently so what alludes to introversion in 5 doesn't necessitate introversion in mbtiNo, that would be you being butthurt my good sir. @kl People make mistakes retard. ENFP > ENTP > ESTJ > ENTJ > ESFP > ESTP > ENFJ > ESFJ. Ti is detached, Fi seeks out people. I think feelers need more human contact than thinkers. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. And ESTP's and ESFP's can easily just focus on the present and what and who are around them. @5tar I'd think Fe is a bit more extraverted than Te, which would make ENFPs more introverted. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. And Ne is really more about perception than action, well it is action when you brainstorm ideas, but action more mental and theoretic, verbal at most, than physical. Oh heidi it's actually estj Probably ENFP since ENTPs have tertiary Fe. My point here is that enneagram 4 has a sort of an idealistic, dreamy way to it that could definitely fit ENFP, but not necessarily ESFP since while they are both Pe functions, Se IS more attuned to actual physical surroundings and action, than Ne's approach of taking something tangible and then looking to the intangible. I'm simply asking your reasoning behind several things, you're the one getting mad. I feel like there's a way wider spectrum with ENFPs than ENTPs. My point is that ExxP's have an internal judging function, meaning that to make a decision they have to look inside themselves. The reason I'm reaching for unhealthy examples is because extroverts generally do not withdraw unless something is out of balance internally (aka, being unhealthy, feeling the need to find a balance that isn't there yet). Well, Ti very much does as well. If we were to combine those we'd have ENFP and ESTJ. You might be seeing false Ne. @PikUpYourPantsPatrol If the ENFPs you've met are on ESFP level extraversion, then I doubt they're ENFPs. Give me an example of me just spewing bs and not actually thinking it thru. Not as much as INFP's do. @Pikup I'm also curious as to why you think ENxP 4s and 5s are impossible. Te is object focused rather than people focused. Se is physical. Isabel Briggs Myers, a researcher and practitioner of Jung’s theory, proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth dichotomy influencing personality type.. Personally I just don't see why N works for 4 and 5 any more than S does. I believe you are wrong because Ne is a very in your head/not necessarily social function that can lead many ENxPs to associate with an introverted enneagram type. so ENFPs kinda win it for me. I think all my posts thru before time. For all practical purposes he's an ambivert. Te doms can easily be mistake for introverts. As an ENFP when I compare myself with other extroverts I must say that I see myself as much more introverted. ENTPs and ENFPs use their Ne to think of all possibilities and tend to be introspective as a result. I haven't used sources, but I backed up my reasoning with actual explanations. Also I don't really see how you can compare Ne doms to Se doms. As for Ne, it's abstract. They have entirely different Dominant and inferior functions which plays a big part in enneagram. com/albums/cc466/xxNTJxx/MBTI-Enneagram-Correlation2. And no, as an Ne dom myself I can tell you definately do not have a good understanding of it. INFPs are anything but detached. x type must be y enneagram end of story". ENTP 4w3, though it is an odd combination. Whatever, this website is retarded and closed minded. Te doms are like the only extraverted types that have alot of misanthropes. @kl PikUp doesn't have Te in his stack either. For Ti-users, it will be because something logically is imbalanced and doesn't fit in their individual mental map. Fe is really the only truly people oriented function. Also you still haven't explained your reasoning behind Ne doms being the same as Se doms@PikUpYourPantsPatrol. You can both leave this discussion as it is for now. So ESTJs and ENTJs are the most introverted extravert. When ENFP's are ridiculously bubbly and take over the social scene, it's often due to an insecurity of some kind, a fear of not being accepted or having not having whatever they value (specified typically by their respective Enneagram types). That's how I always understood it and have seen it defined over the years. I fail to see how Ne is necessarily more introverted than Se or Te for that matter6w7. Specifically of the 4w3 variety. I'm not getting defensive, I'm asking your reasoning for several of your comments. People with Introverted Feeling tend to be on a quest to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. Unlike you who doesnt explain anything whatsoever@Purple429 Yeah I could see where you're coming from. You can add me to that sample size, not that it really matters :p You can add me to that sample size, not that it really matters :p Although I suppose I could see ENFP being more shy. You just make assertions, tell people they're wrong and then call people close-minded for not agreeing with you. Pe in general is hyperactive. If anything I'm curious why you're thinking what you are. Just like your father. To break this down we have to look at the introverted auxiliary function and the extroverted tertiary function. I've never met an Ne dom in my life with ADHD. Speaking of functions, here's some Te I guess. Just try to get along if another one comes up. Furthermore, I see everyone here saying Ne doms and Te doms. Probably because of Ni which is quite abstract and introspective, I'm not sure it's true, but I've often read that Ni is the most introverted function between the introverted functions. Anyways that's just my opinion on this matter. All the ones I've met have been ESFP level extroverted, not to mention how similar they both are. I think that an ENFP's struggle of finding balance between his or her heavy auxiliary Fi with a disdained inferior Si (that dwells on that past) makes ENFP's the most introverted overall. Look @kl, I'm gonna try to make sense of this for you. @strawberry yeah but why would you think you're an ISFJ if you think you're an enneagram 8 for example. I know a lot of ENTPs and trust me when I say they babble way more than I do. com/wiki/index. Funny, my boyfriend is ENTP but he's like right on the border of extroversion and introversion. I do think among ExxP's, ENFP's are the most introverted. Idk why people say ENFP, I really don't. You're relying on the auxillary function to justify ENTPs being 5s and ENFPs being 4s. Anytime they struggle with their Fi really heavily, they close off from the world. That's true of all extraverts. I'll give you three links instead of rambling, two nice pictures and some theory: (http://oi1213. ExTJ's have inferior Fi, meaning they generally disregard that "value-balancing" part of themselves unless they have to face it. I think there are more ENTP hermits than ENFP hermits. If that isnt closed minded I don't know what is. They are more of the puppetmasters, whereas ESTJ's will come off like slave drivers. They withdraw. Thinking – Feeling, represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic.. I can imagine an ENTP being totally reclusive. I am going to try and type this as least biased as possible but I really do think ENFP fits more than ENTP. jpg) (http://www. this shit changed my vote to 4w3 hahah and now 4w5. In my experience, I'm ENTP and have always come up ambiverted, whereas 2 of my ENFP friends come up introverted on a lot of tests. For that reason I've got to go with ENTP even if there are a ton of ENFPs who are more of introverts than the average ENTP. Sure Ne is non-selective, but that doesn't not make it deep. What is the best option for the MBTI type of The most introverted extrovert? What about enneagram and other personality types?. ENFPs are the most likely to be introverted extroverts, ENTPs are the most likely to be social anxiety extroverts. @kl Personally I'm an ENFP 4, and I wouldn't see ENTP 5 as too far-fetched, so I do agree with you. @kl You didn't offer any reasoning which is the is the issue. How does Fi seek out people. I do however, understand your argument that if an aux function is being relied on then it would make sense for the other two types with that aux. At the end of the day both Ne dom types are quite introverted for extroverts but I am going to say that from experience ENFPs definitely fit "the most introverted extrovert" status. It's fueled by what is outside, not by what is inside your head like Ni isyeah tho ennea deals with an internal virtue sort of thing which doesn't necessarily have to add up to a myers briggs type, though because enneagram is definitely behavioral to an extent we get type correlations but not those that are really strong enough to say only certain mbti types can be certain ennea typesAn ISFJ 8 (if possible) wouldnt concievably know that they"re that type I don't think@PikUpYourPantsPatrol while it will be very rare, yes I believe even ESxPs can be 4/5. ENTPs can really only be so extroverted, while there is really no limit on ENFPs, as under that umbrella are some individuals who are extroverts in the most absolute sense. That's why IxTJs are uber serious and can be boringNe doms are known for being hyperactive ADHD. Se is mostly about experiencing things and acting at the moment (the most direct extraversion), Te is mostly about order and efficiency and they have to be developed through action (the most determined extraversion), Fe is mostly about adjusing to people with acts of service (the most devoted extraversion). For this I'd say ENFP (I am one and I'm not too social), ENTP, and ESTJ. It's non discriminatory with the information it takes in so that's whyI call bullshit on Ne doms being 4s and 5sAlso when you say "Ne doms being ambiverted doesnt make much sense to me. However, if they lose something they value and cherish or they become confused on what their calling in life is and they will withdraw for an extended period of time generally. Te is a strong-like function to lead and order, which are pretty extravert acts meanwhile Ne has the, as bobnick said, the introspective and philosophical side. I'd say ENFP's. Most Introverted to Least Introverted:. Keep reading to learn more about what goes into your Myers-Briggs personality type—and maybe discover what yours is..

The most introverted extrovert
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