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Tiger_greengrass Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Tiger_greengrass MBTI personality type cover chart

Two replies saying the same thing. If you fail your next algebra test, I'll make sure the principal gets in contact with your parents. You have issues. If you read about 3. You're also very blunt and don't seem to consider other's feelings much so T > F. Because to others you agreed with pikup stance on other issue. fourth result: ESTJ. The thing with 8 is that they aren't as ambitious or competitive. you got a snapchat we can settle this right now punk ass bitchLol I say people who voted 6 are idiots and the conversation derails, typical@tiger. ExTx 8w7 for sure, who agree. What about Te. Okay, well now we're getting somewhere. She stated she think she is a good leader and wants to take in charge. wat u talkin bout fool i am uh ESFJ i have si i remember what I did yesterday INTJ 5W4 9W8 3W4 Shit you're right. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Compensatory Narcissism at its finest. Even in the above responces you gave, and those in the exchange with kawaii below, you take everything at face value, which I interpret as Se and Ti. Cool I'll check out their music. YOU ARE NOT INTJ. com/a/jFx2OI don't identify at all with introversionTo all the people who genuinely though tiger was me, i am very, very insulted. The meaning of P=Spontaneous and J=Organized came much later and the whole point of the final function was to set the others. That is true in only one aspects. mmmm Swine Esfp 4w3 8w7 6w7 So/sx ISTJ No. She’s terrified to let her guard down and allow people into her heart because she’s terrified of rejection. @cena Everything I’ve seen about Napoleon indicates that he was definitely an 8. Again if you are 8, then it could be 8 and 2 confusion. You're a 6Comedy gold. What about all of the others. random name picker picks 9w8. I don't give a shit about being needed thoughNah I'm not referring to you, diamondSo if you are 3 then well you project too much of wing 2 to me. In my comment, I'm saying that saying I'd hit it is a joke and that that shouldn't be subtle to clarify. And in that nobody, includes you. Te dominant doesn't make you bossy.

. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. what's the deal. Also, on a serious note if I don't have ANY Ni then I can't be ESxP, you stupid bitch, Ni is you repressed function that means you ignore anything that could be a little bit different than your little perception see. How big is your dick. gmfu - got me fucked up. Type 2 can be a good leader, or felt they have to take in charge. Narcissism is pretty neutral here as well for both groups, although I have a feeling ENFJ would be less likely to actually claim to benarcisstic or even be aware that they are. Aye who is spamming this. The Se and senses part, that's a highly subjective point and we'd have to first understand what you mean by senses and then understand why you don't use them in favor of Ni. I share your impression of Tiger, khel. Actually I retract the INTP question since voting that is on par with the retardation level of voting INFP. seventh result: INFP. But for all I know you could really be ISTP. Deceit is my thing, I lie all the time. Type 8w7 will then try to be funny and witty to get them back. She is definately Te and Se, and has a fair amount of Ni as well, while also being very against Fi which would fit it being inferior. gotta problem wiv dis. Well this is akward ghost number 7 thinks you are INFP. Type 2 sin is pride. Second result from random name picker: INFJ. Because I feel like you have the need for admiration and superiority as well as the condescending demeanor of a 3 but are really serious when it's about being different / individualistic, you're only fake if you want to be admired or want other people to have a certain image of you to make you feel better about yourself / "more superior"(3), but you have a less visible emotional seriousness and self reflecting nature not everyone might expect you to have(4). hope it goes well. Type 7 needs to be assure that their understanding of the world matches their thoughts/belief. Only gonna judge your online appearance. I mean I shouldn't have told you, why would I help someone who typed me as type 2 lolololol*song*You must prove you're innocent since You're currently an enneagram 6 suspect. Jung theorized that the dominant function acts alone in its preferred world: exterior for extraverts and interior for introverts.. stop sucking dick How am I sucking anyone's dick. Probably because I'm emotionally manipulative, I like to guilt trip people, I enjoy breaking people's relationships up, I enjoy turning people against each other,I'm narcissitic, I divide friendship groups, I make others look bad and I use people's secrets against them. Ok so what mbti. people just vote 6 cause they hate me. After watching bits of your videos, my best guess is actually ENTJ. You're wasting your phone's battery life. I don't connect with it's stack though. big fella - general people, usually male. To find out what your MBTI personality type is you need to complete the MBTI questionnaire and take part in a feedback session from a qualified MBTI practitioner.. THERE'S STILL TIME FOR YOU. They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled and ethical, and usually know how to connect!. fifth result: ENTP. You could be Fe dom you appreciate outside validation the most but you seem too surface to be a sensor youknowwhatimsaying. Type 8w7 for a specific example: Type 8w7 friends played a joke. But I'd still hit it. hmm lol Firstly, thanks for the INFP votes whoever spammed that as a troll. How does that make me ISTP. DON"T LET THIS SITE RUIN YOUR LIFE. Lel ikr It is you though, them niggas are rightWtf so am i pikup too. tiger_greengrass dominatrix boots. I can promise you I'm not one of those people. " Can you relateAre*Mostly, but I see hidden meanings while still remembering the obviousWell I should be the one insulted, and you the one full of pride. Yeah by that I'm a 3. 3 dislike being look down upon so they try to be their best. I can go on with more examples, but it'd really be more of the same in this case. I love myself. But I'm not a Fe-dom there is an N/A option for mbti. Type 2,and 4 can be manipulative. How does that affect your opinion that you're an EXFJ rather than a EXTP (if that was your stance), and do you have any other reasons you believe you're a Fe dom over tert Fe. I mean, even ENFJ is more possible than ESTP. A 3 is counter-shame. <3 OBJECTION. Just a quick opinion and open to discussion anyway. Now if we affix a picture of your head to the mouth, it could be a "Tiger in green grass eating Tiger_Greengrass" Bree, or whatever name you are loved. What would a naturally intuitive person be likePerceive everything primarily with intuition, read between the lines, see what's possible and what could be changed, subconsciously processing information they perceive, often see the hidden meanings first and sometimes forget obvious things in exchange, be a "visionary", the first thing they think of when they see something they don't agree with is "how would this idea, this new scheme affect what already exists. But that isn't type 2. Competitive with others. ENTP 9w1 Have you ever actually considered yourself a J. It's an honour to be me, not so much one to be you. You may only use the random generator once. Lol I'm not a Fe-dom @tiger_greengrass Yeah i'm taking the piss out of idiots like you. The psychological pain caused by her tragically low self esteem is so unbearable that the only relief she gets is by putting others down. This really is your most boring persona. Tbh I thought I was more J than PSeems strangeALT alt w alt alt/altI think I will settle with ESTP. The reason I don't see 3 is because, of 6 integration and 9 disintegration. We've been thru a lot of possible types (Primarily ESxP, ENxJ) for her, and debated over a lot of things, but overall Ive come to the conclusion that she fits my original hypothesis of ENTJ best. If not I don't. 2's are good managers not leadersWhat do you all hate and like about me. IxTP 6w7 that thinks they are 3/8 because they live in their fantasy land Because it's a stupid video that needed a good debunking Of course, and you are an ISFP that thinks they are an ENFP because they live in their fantasy land You're the only one who thinks I'm genuinely an ISFP and you're the only one who thinks I'm genuinely an IxTP You sure do respond fast, is this all you're doing right now. I have no flawsLol all the 6 votes are clearly from braindead idiotsWe should stop. Putting N/A would lead to bandwagoning. I didn't think you'd get off your computer for a quick second. At least I got EsXfp So/Sx right ENFJ actually so ur wrong Nigeria chad and liberia, egypt, benin and gabon random name picker picks ENTJ. Little does she know that we see right through her, but no longer does she have to worry because we love and accept her unconditionally, and wish her a speedy recovery from her mental condition, and a happy, healthy life. Ever gotten fired for fighting with the boss. Meaning type 2 disintegrate to 8. How is it a new time zone. mbti Well you hide it well here then :D how. fix the fucking formatting admin it ruined my meme >:-( haha get fucked, shitface yum like how you made the screenshot really narrow but I still look fucking great. Or if you wanted an explanation for poddibly being an alt, it's because lots of people used to (and still have) alts, which tend to be obnoxious and troll-ish. I've become pretty good friends with her over the past week or 2. Cause if you listen to songs sung by people of the same gender as you you're automatically homosexual. By functions, the last stated point seems to be quite anti-Fe, although I could see why you're voted as Fe-dom due to your constant need for attention. Lol Yeah lol, what's your point. Although I could be ISFJ. http://mbtibase. Did you get discord. com/is/image/Target/13401090Wow a mirror, you should look in one and see what a n00b looks like, bitchYou wouldn't get close to my ass, it's too good for youLike who. Hey, no one wears my dominatrix boots but me. The Se-dom is something I cannot see in myself, and everyone I've asked who knows me has also said they can't see it for me Guys I'm INTJ I dunno I think you're more ENTJ Now lets just wait for fg. Even worse I'm transIdkSo you got a dick or notWhat I hate: your nasty and narcissists comments. An estp, clear as day. Bitch I invited myself smhITS SO OBVIOUS YET NIGGAS STILL WANNA SAY ITS ME SMH. Nah you stalking fuckerAnd our dictionary. I mean I like being a leader so I can boss people around, it's fun as fuck. LOL or better yet ENFP. I'm partly playing devils advocate here in terms of how you type as I want results. Type 8 does care more than type 2 and 4. And that was before my acne tablets. Napoleon and Caesar were 8w7's, doesn't get more ambitious than those two. I'll clear up what I said about parties. Not a fucking ENFJ, that's for sure ENTJ or ENFJ, I don't actually think you're ESTP. I would say ESxJ would be possible, but I don't think of the past like a Si-user would If you're typing by functions rather than letters than the P/J are there to determine if you lead with a perceiving (N/S) or Judging (T/F) function. YesThe official VP ISIS reaction to something shocking. Well I'm seeing a therapist so. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Personality Databank characters list.. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Tiger_greengrass MBTI type.. I believe they're wrong because I prefer to plan things than do things in the moment. Https://imgur. She is much more Te than Ti. You are too proud about your honesty of lying to be a 3. Just some I enjoy listening- I am not an expert on music genre or any genre in general. DICK 10w12ESTP or ENFJ.

. im saying let's stop playing and get on some real talkStop calling me an opp This fight only exists in your headLike most things in your lifeThere's nothing to be talked about everything is clearIm not schizophrenic, you fucking opp, now this fight does exist if people keep trying to test me then im not backing down wtfJust own up and explain a bit No everything is not clear, you people don't know the half of it, i will not be misunderstood here. You also seemed to know more about the site and the users than most real new users would. Third result: ESTJ. I know you said you like deadlines, but the way you describe yourself and the way you act seems very P. Yeah he's my friend have you met him. You're in big trouble, miss. As I stated before very strong Fe and Se from your post. This is a tiger in green grass. I don't hate parties as a whole, and actually the social gathering aspect is quite nice really. Shut the fuck up you always ready to say shit like that don't act pissedYou're my motherJust saying, I'm a slytherin if that helpsYawn. ExTJ descriptions seem kinda like me, so does unhealthy ENFJMaybe ESTJ 3w2Like: you're female. Tiger being INTP is just as unlikely as INFP. Do you gain energy from helping others acheive too or are you apprehensive about helping others achieve too because you think that they may become better than you. I am willing to concede that I am ESxP, however I am definitely not a 6. do you think that your issues are attention related. So rethinking it through. Nah man I have SiFe which makes me ISFJ. I don't even have that much pride, try again. who the fuck spammed INFP. I like to help others achieve, like I find myself getting annoyed at other people's mistakes as well But I knew I was a 3w2 without your help. Lol are k pop groups guys or girls. I don't see it so I feel like I must be missing something. comedy gold is my dick deep in your throat fuckboy esketitWhen did you become a lil pump fanboyEsketit is just funny, i'm not really a fan of his musicI was at a concert bitchTwo replies saying the same thing. I was watching adocumentary and he is not clear cut 8. " , especially when he keeps responding aggressively instead of explaining anythingThere's nothing to be understood if there's no information given I WOULD FUCKING EXPLAIN BUT NONE OF YOU PUSHY BITCHES ACTUALLY WANT TO TALK, god damn, if you niggas want answers my discord is mike ike#4429 and I'm not typing shit, im going to tell you unfiltered, @kawaii take this opportunity nowIsn't talking to yourself fun anymore. I have to agree with Khel, but I see very little of you, so I don't have a lot to go on. frfr - for real for real. NO ONE WANTS TO FUCKING MEET YOU IRLIn all honesty, i prefer my head in tactTIGER_GREENGRASS. ESTP 387 Ah yes my favorite INFP 6w7 In all seriousness tho she's ESTP 3w2 > 8w7 > 7w8 ESTP 3W2 8W7 7W8 So/Sx ENFJ 8W7 3W2 7W8 ESFJ 7W8 3W4 1W2 nvm back to my original standpoint of ENTJ. If so I consider myself 4w5, 5w4, 5w6, 1w9, until I settle with 3. ESTP and INFP votes close. You are an estp. I always type 3w2, 3w4, 7w8 or 8w7Doubtful you're a 3. But reasoning aside, it was mostly just a vibe. Type 2 hates of not being needed or liked or have their voice heard. True, and why S over N. As for ENTP, I'm not an Ne-dom. 3s often get mistaken for 8s or 7. Setting a different type, ideally one you know you are not, cuts out votes that are mistyping. Go to recess with your gang of middle schoolers. If for instance something grave happens that is related to you, I wouldn't expect you to deal with it analyticallyBut that's a mere impression. But it is also to mock people who think I'm ENFJ Ho Lee. And you just dismissed other people advice because apparently they see your flaw. god damnYeah no offense but PikUp could as well just be an alt as wellEw too many as wellsYou could say that about anyone, that totally loses its meaning. Pussy bitches. thats at least why i asked whats the dealI'm not giving you my snapchat I was gonna give you mine first I don't give a shitLol I'm 3w2AightEdgy twatThanks but those aren't mbti or enneagramI'm definitely not a 6LovelyWho said you could intrude on our conversation, bitchEven betterOh lord xDNah, byeNeh I love ya I wont ever leave ya site (getit. By temperments she fits ExxJ the best, and her way of arguing fits xxTJ to a T. I can see my proof. And is more likely an N. Enneagram maybe 3w2 or 8w7. And if I'm right ESTP's aren't really that bothered about being in control and Se-dom uses the senses whereas I don't really care about senses. Thanks, I'm glad to know that someone here isn't like that. WHATS THE DEAL. voted ESTP 3w4, p sure many votes are automatically changing to ISTP 6w7 Probably because I'm emotionally manipulative, I like to guilt trip people, I enjoy breaking people's relationships up, I enjoy turning people against each other,I'm narcissitic, I divide friendship groups, I make others look bad and I use people's secrets against them. But they being rocking with nice dance moves. that's about it reallySo i'm definitely type 3. The moral of this is "Who believes a liar. Your sometimes nitpicky yet not that systematic neither circumspect attitude and logic does somehow point to Se-Ti imo. )Of course you love you, i'm fucking amazingI love me. Feel free to argue with me on this point. You do seem an extravert, with plenty of effort put into attracting attention even if through this constant bashing and self-agrandizing number, and you don't strike me as particularily intuitive. Take that to your pageThe persona just seems extroverted since you talk a lot, and ooze of Se. *song*DiamondDust sounds like a bronyI tried to listen different music/song regardless the bands are comprised of male or female. But I obviously just based that on your online persona, I could easily be wrong. LOL I'm an ESFJ alpha mean girl. com/viewchar/The-type-most-likely-to-get-into-a-fight-with-their-boss--mbti-personality-type---31199I'm 16 so no, unless you're on about someone elseIXTP and certainly not a 3 is all I can say, lolLol 'certainly not a 3' yeah I am a 3 get over it skrubby n00bGuess you really aren't an alt, i'd still eat your ass thoughHttps://target. come over fuckboy, i will destroy you. Her comments comes up Fe in the discussion thread. v=dAoiJ3L5nKA why. Type 2 and 4 want other care about their opinion thoughts. I'm using my laptop actually, stupid bitchYou're allowed to bring laptops into public schools. So again Type 2 needs to be assurance they are needed, their voice are heard, they are leader, and they have no weakness(thus pride). Explain my ISFP typing https://www. What a surprise. Interesting, I haven't read much on that but why not T. The teacher has been calling out your name for the past TEN MINUTES and you're STILL glued to the phone begging people to type you on some hocus pocus personality site for failed mystics. Free in-depth and practical information on the 16 personality types, including careers and relationships.. If you typed by letters than I could see an organized person being unable to P to some degree. What I don't like is the lunacy those parties devolve into where everyone gets drunk and at least 3 people have sex in a bush. I just am either 3, 8 or 7. are you willing to try on different masks as long as you are deemed as being the best. Friends explain the joke. Strong Fe and Se. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with.. you don't have not any Te or Ni. " Which band was playing at the concert. what I love: your nasty and narcissists commentsFree yourself from yourselfFuck off with those soppy quotes on my pageYeah I got a tranny dick, can't wait to not have one thoWOOOOOPPPPHHHHHMike what is that abomination of a commentPut types in comments rather than voting until that shit gets fixedAnd thats why you're a sensorWhy. Many people pictures type 2 is a lover and caretaker. You're a shit typist. If you go by functions you could very well be ESTP if you connect with it's stack. Your only J trait is your consistency in your attitude, and you seem rather perceiving in your way of answering to entries and people. Unless you are a 3w2. If it sounds good to me. Too late it already has By this comment section I'd say: an arguementative 8w7. True, actually try and type me thoThis person wants that 3 so badly even though it probably isn't one, that glee profile pic is just the most generic 3w2 thing possibleQuinn is my favourite glee character, how is it generic. I'm kinda effy on the enneagram type though but i'm leaning more towards 8 then 3. Are you actually that slow. So that's one of my points. Type 8 needs to be assure they can trust other, so they can let down their guard. Enneagram: narcissistWnarcissist narcissist/narcissistToo boastful and not enough of pragmatism to be type 3. 8s want to beat themselves more than anyone else Napoleon might be a 3w4. dextuh - the enemy. MBTIbase Yeah I need your four digit number to add you Tiger, you seem to be stuck on the concept of being a 3 but are you trying to be society's ideal. A bit late isn't itJust wanted to fucking askPikup and you ganged up on Omni I think. ", and when disputed, you want their side of it then and there. I don't think of outside-the-box possibilities. I'm guessing aggressive 3s often mistype as 8w7 Yeah 8s can be very competitive with others, the motivations are just different. So you already think of us as one <3. my boots, your head, your teeth on the curb, one stomp and it will all be over. This should be good. Guess you're closer to ESTJ than I thought. I wasn't sure about T/F , but you don't seem to have "the distance" to some things T-types usually have. dislike: there's a chance you're not. When type 8 is unhealthy they distant themselves from everyone. Wtf my genius roasts were deletedThe persona at least seems very ESTP to me. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Tiger_greengrass Myers-Briggs and personality type!. aye - general way hello. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Tiger_greengrass' belongs to!. nigger lipping - sucking the pipe when taking a hit. I'm a tranny, haven't transitioned yet ESTP 3w2 actually If you're a tyranny that identifies as a woman why did you answer 36 questions for MEN. I am, but INFPs are truly the stupid people of the mbti It's hard for me to take what you are saying seriously. You're outgoing, obnoxious, and spontaneous (not in a quirky Ne way), so Se-dom. I could see you as F, given how wacky your attitude towards people seem, but your intended behaviour is particularly not oriented towards any clear values or towards people pleasing or anything like that. And no i'm not enfj, so try again bitch. - something you say when someone is tripping on you or you'd like to know whats going down. You literally keep saying you're a 3. Either way, I have to vote for ESTP. Maybe you can show your gang your futanari collection then. shut up, your sketch dumbass is the reason i now have to fight off more stupid oppsNo you are kushinka, tiger_greengrass, kitty+numbers, etc, as well as from P-D: kitty, sperm girl, Omni's fangirl, Dylan Klebold, fake segovois, fake Hisoka, SpamDetector, Big Fella, hairsprays cute ass, TruthSeeker, Trenton, mbti-databank, ENFJ women are the best, admin444, mikeg, I HATE ESFJ, XXXTENTACION, ironhead, little_bitch, amiey, catface, AlphaSupremacy, hairspray queen, Mercu, Inuyasha, swoons, Mercuccio, DeltaSupremacy, and probably some moreThanks, but how am I sketchy. v=O9DDMYif4eQ@snowpetal I can't remember which one it was right now, but it was self masturbatoryHey there, Mr. we have our own dictionaryLol I know lots of intuitives that hate soppy quotesWtf is vp isis, explainVP ISIS is a group i lead, there are currently 11 main members with about 30 or so acquaintances there is me, the leader and besides me are codenames: panda, daweenie, furry, marbus, dmx, zarro, ling ling, babyboy, mailbox and cooljays. do you constantly seek validation. Lol no I was at a concertA concert. Why does this read like a donald trump tweetI dont know man but it's just Sad. Nah man I have clear Si I remember what happened 5 minutes ago i think ENTJ 7w8 *3w4 ExTJ 3w2 Why 3w2. Very easily Nobody is going to get anywhere if you just keep telling everyone they are wrong. are you often deceitful even towards yourself. But type 8 are willing to entrust other in control when type 8 is healthy. Sure do You seem like an ESTP, but you insist you’re an N so I don’t find those votes surprising. Notice the absence of pikup in that list, bimboLol what do you have my ip or something. you have nothing in common with a 5. The ENTP part makes sense. Again I say fake Te; I can go with tiger_greengrass has Ti auxiliary. vote my type on this instead you know people in this website can be very negative almost like the "old man French" stereotype. I'm such a bad girl aren't I. And also, I'm a 3w2 I thought you were a female, and fucking great is quite far fetched. we just generally cause trouble and sell drugsAye you got a snapchat. What a surprise. And you shouldn't Vote INFP if you're retarded, vote ESTP if you're not retarded What if I vote INTP. Type 8w7 feels stupid. If that makes sensehttp://www. Yeah but why do that when I can make fun of idiots. Well I could be stereotypical and say that I hate parties for a reason I'm not Se-dom. well jeez, what are you then. sixth result: ENFJ. yes to all Alright as for the wing. If anyone is reading this please avoid this comment section at all costs. 8s can be incredibly ambitious. You are bad at making up excuses tiger :p I mean the actual reason is that I'm too fucking lazy, and having N/A would annoy me. Type 2w1 sx/spWhat. Actually on tests, I'm usually least like 2,4 and 9. It all depends how I feel at the moment. I have to assume that you're saying Se should enjoy the experience but you could make a counter argument with Fe because it would be a social gathering. Yeah I messaged you On discord. Lol sigma plz stop sucking my dick I am sorry to report but the random name picker says you are ENFJ. being totally for real here, do you need professional mental help and if so, how can I help you. Until I find my type of course, then I'll change it. HEY - the signal. Also i'm pretty sure I'm 3w2 over 3w4You seem too self obsessed to be a w2System changed my vote, go fuck yourself bitchAnd why esfj. In real life she stays home drowning in her sadness. You don't seem to be as "naturally intuitive" as the most intuitives and I think you're pretty down to earth as well, I do think you have pretty good use of intuition though, but I don't think it's your primary way of perception. 3 when stress once to hide and not hold any responsibility. cause you are a clear extravert and you're fe is clearly more visible than your SI. If you're actually curious about your type, and don't want affirmation but a debate, it makes sense. You're so over the top in your narcisstic edgy acting that a lot of people might suspect that you're a troll account from another user. Little mix, why. Too embarrassed to log in as tiger_greengrass today. Nah, he made it pretty obvious in one commentWhich one. Cause i don't like soppy quotes. What did you vote. Based on your selfie, you're an INTP. even by function you are not an intuitive (your Ne and your Ni are too low) Lol fg can't accept that he is wrong. Type 8w7 don't get it. pretty fucked dude, since you have all that do you wanna meet me irl and i can stomp your fucking head in. Aw I want my DiamondDust typing too :cWhy all the ISTP votes. 3 becomes secure of themselves and support others. I know a lot of Ps who have adapted to modern society and are J-ish when it comes to work. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. does image mean a lot to you. I can see the Ti pretty easy, you're intellectually honest. Real subtle Thomas "Real subtle" that that was a joke. Checked a few places on google and it looks like enneagram 8 is actually #1 for ESTPs so we can safely say that some ESTPs like being in charge, looks like 3 is also big, so the enneagrams match up. The most obvious distinction is that 8s view failure as an opportunity to bounce back, whereas threes hate failure. You're ESTPish here. uncultured swine. Right, and why E over I. 3w4 > 3w2 imoInteresting, why. that's all you are, real easy to talk shit behind a screen but don't wanna actually talk lmaoI thought it may be helpful to alert you that you, in fact, are talking shit behind a screenThen let's do this for real, call me up wtfPeople callin u out for your alts doesn't mean they wanna kill you gxThe chances id kill one of you opps is higher than one of you killing me tbh, that's not even what im saying. Tiger my fav smoking partnerTiger you gotta play along, you are me lets go do your part bitchWHERE ARE YOU AT. 6 doesn't describe me at all so no I'm not a 6"I was at a concert bitch. stalker I'm not a stalker. What I do enjoy however is the fact that because there are many people, it's much easier to eavesdrop without being caught. Get well love. Type 8 actually hates manipulation, they rather confront things head on. Derek helped me I already knew that you came to the conclusion that you were a 3 but I wanted to make sure. are you very adaptable. Fe in the third slot should be able to percieve emotions enough to manipulate them. Absolutely not, you. Lol i'm not intuitive, not what people around me in person have said Are these people talking about MBTI intuition or the common meaning of intuition. You're always very direct and in the moment. However type 4 is more about wanting individuality and nothing to do with being a good leader. FTFY I was being totally serious and not sarcastic whatsoever. by the way what the halibut (mr. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. It's 9pmA new time zone. I didn't think you'd get off your computer for a quick second. Since Se is a cognitive function and doesn't actually represent senses themselves, it could go either direction with what you said. VRN - very rare niggasWtf. But type 2 takes the cake. Lots of people have said that, could you explain. My current verdict of tiger_greengrass is ESTP 387 sx/so or so/sx(my opinion so/sx). no u fuckin what. Look just like their girl counterpart. adrian grey you wanna talk shit behind someone else's character. ESFJ fit more to you than ISFJ. And by wing 2 you mean if I'm 3, I'm 3w2 right. woph - something you say when responding to something shocking. Get back to work, young lady. Type 8 are afraid of getting back-stabbed the most(lust/passion because lust makes one vulnerable to other). You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Tiger_greengrass likely is!. I think you are ENFJ. Still got your funny comment on my page. Mbti type: narcissist. Kawaii you're a pussy bro, don't fueling waste my time againWhatever I don't like being pushed, my voice would've probably satisfied you for some timeCan someone explain to me why there is 4 entries for this person. Stop with the sarcasm, passive agressive bitch :< You were one of those fools who typed me as ENFJ right. For example, you point to feedback you've gotten in your real life as a supporting fact you are intuitive, like a Se "It's there. This is absolutely spot-on. I didn't really understand what you meant about hating parties. krabs) are you doing in a website with mostly (gamers) here. Many fangirls have heart stroke that day though. I actually really don't think Tiger_Greengrass is Mike, and I kinda doubt it's PikUp either. Now that I read some of her response. I know, I'm not dumb like bundle Just checking because it wouldn't surprise me. Hoping that she can successfully convince us of her worth, thus inflating her fragile self esteem. ESTP 3w2 8w7 7w8 So/Sx. I will try again in a week and see if the results change. For the record whwn I say debated over things I dont mean just type, we have other similar interests as well. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Tiger_greengrass? What about enneagram and other personality types?. Anyway I have work now. Steel toed work boots, you could be my first confirmed kill, call me 765-631-1192, im at school and ill pick up, i don't care anymore, fight or be foughtNo one wants to meet up with you irlEdgy, sounds like something mercu would sayAll this time spent researching the Enneagram you could have used to finish your English HW. Wasn't sure which function was the dominant one. And you just showed up one day insulting people obnoxiously. With a name like that I'm guessing hugeWelp that's itWho invited you. Whether that is being graceful, kind, hard-working and etc. so please, accept the fact you're an ESxP 638 and shut up. INFP 4w3 putting on a facade of arrogance to hide the fact that she feels insignificant, worthless and inferior. Because that is actually quite accurateMy best guess is ESFJ. Apparently i voted ESTP actually@spillthebeans. What kinda boots though. That's because Derek is always here and I take breaks in the weekends. The men are too feminine. Not necessarily criticizing the votes or those who made them (contrary to tiger) but the process. That comment is ugly af but the message true Who said that. If anything I'm more concerned about why Kawaii still voted that you're a Fe dom. Kawaii are you referring to me. Type 3 sin is deceit. It just makes you stubborn and fixed with certain criterion like a planned or schedule. Could be an alt though. "Me me me me me me me I'm a badass and a boss" So what you're suggesting is I set it for something that's even more of a stretch like ISFP I know I am no, bitch Can someone explain the ENTP votes. Yeah of course, but I love me as well so. INFJ 9w1 sp/sx INFP 6w7. are they fucking up the votes. Based on her statement of hating loss control, sounds more like she basing on her type 2 under stress. So it's a win win situation For meYa me too me is us I'm the dominant oneOkay <3Hey Grass_TeenTiger heard you're one of the best could you type me please. Everyones votes got changed. We're adding some depth to this persona, folks. She say she doesn't care what other people thinks. Because 8 and 2 are similar. Lol don't type by letter, type by function I didn’t vote ENTP. VP ISIS Dictionary. I don't recall bc all the comments were deleted now.


MBTI enneagram type of Tiger_greengrass Realm:

Category: Politicans and Leaders

Series/Domain: Personality Databank


INFP - 23 vote(s)
ESTP - 19 vote(s)
ENTJ - 9 vote(s)
ISTP - 8 vote(s)
ENFJ - 5 vote(s)
ENTP - 4 vote(s)
INTP - 3 vote(s)
ESFJ - 3 vote(s)
ISFP - 2 vote(s)
INFJ - 1 vote(s)
ISTJ - 1 vote(s)
ISFJ - 1 vote(s)
ESTJ - 1 vote(s)

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6W7 - 15 vote(s)
4W3 - 12 vote(s)
3W2 - 8 vote(s)
9W8 - 8 vote(s)
7W8 - 7 vote(s)
3W4 - 5 vote(s)
8W7 - 4 vote(s)
6W5 - 3 vote(s)
2W1 - 1 vote(s)
9W1 - 1 vote(s)

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