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Zuko Myers-Brigs type - MBTI, enneagram and personality type info

Zuko MBTI personality type cover chart

Squidward has a heart, remember the Christmas episode. His own uncle said that what Zuko showed was practically a mask and that in fact he is a rather idealistic person. Fi-dom is very clear. Si and Ti can also do this. He seeks the Avatar because it's a GOAL. Might as well say Squidward is ISFP because he's a lazy artist who plays clarinet. If an IxTP wants to form relationships for example they need to develop their Fe. I always thought Zuko as ISFP. But mainly to people who humiliate him (Zhao, Azula, the boys on the beach, etc. For example, Korra is a 6 and her journey is about fear. I am an INFP and I identify with him a lot because I am very aggressive and I like to impose orders on others. Hey, more people here. He becomes obsessed with this one goal that continually gets more and more unhealthy. Typical sensor. He's a Te user. I remain true to the fact that Se allows him to truly be himself and happy. I wouldn't call wanting your father's acceptance an identity thing. Firebending is like sports or combat (a physical activity) and sensing is far better than intuition in this case. If it is impossible to deny. He displays SiTeFi. Unhealthy Ne can manifest itself as indecisiveness not as creativity. He goes back home and realizes he is supposed to play a role that isn't himself then starts questioning if it is worth it. He uses "Azula always lies" as a mantra but he always gives her a chance to fool him, doesn't seem like he uses past experiences all that much. I think he's Fi because he seems to value his feelings a lot. @Markz you're reaching, I can give the same amount of reasons for why he's any type I want him to be. Rather, we should focus more on their wants and needs. Whenever he's genuinely happy it's through Se. You bitch about stereotypes when they don't fit your narrative and then say shit like "An CHILD ISTJ would NEVER question a military attitude that is inserted in the environment in which he was born" Zuko HAS Fi but he doesn't prioritize it usually. I use my Ne for inspiration and creativity and my Si-Te ended up developing by exposure to the environment. Aggressive INFPs who like to impose orders on others. Feeling is the knowledge of people and he is very good at this. Shame, pride, etc are traits of TJs, STJs more specifically. Don't strawman my argument just because you're too incompetent to come up with a rational argument, stupid fuck >. The fuck is this shit. Zuko is clearly a 4w3 to me. You people see any sort of passion or fire and conclude they must be Fi. Have to agree. He is guided correctly by Iroh (who is strongly intuitive and clearly NF) who constantly makes comments on Zuko's inability to think things through. You know, I wouldn't characterize Zuko as cold or logical. I doubt you'll be able to. Wants and needs can come from a number of areas. And i think Uncle Iron's (ENFJ) relationship with Zuko mirrors a lot of INFP-ENFJ relationships and why they're often considered a good pairing. I gave my reasons, I met my burden of proof. Identity can be attributed to his Fi. A good fight, excitement, tension - Zuko is most alive and healthy when he's allowed to enjoy his Se. Zuko is an INFP in Fi-Si loop. The fact that he seeks the Avatar, a being who has almost vanished from nowhere, can be indicative of Ne seeking possibilities. He's always on about the past (Si) He can't relax, he's stoic, goal-oriented, mean, bossy. Madssdsd is right though stereotypes suck. I haven't found good arguments for 6. Where is the Ne. Here you can explore of famous people and fictional characters.. To enjoy exercising is not only a matter of Being, it is normal for every human being because it is biological. Everyone has identity too but you keep attributing that to 4 among other things so idk what your problem is. @JohnCena Not knowing what to do next can be attributed to 6 or the fact that he was acting out of emotion. Why is he an intuitive in your mind. Maybe it didn't come off that way, but I actually valued your contribution (a lot), I love seeing comments lol. INFPs when acting by stress are quite similar to ESTJs. ISFP 4w3-6-8 ENTP 1w9 was gonna consider istp 1w9 but be honest he is an intuitive. Take in account that he was given an impossible mission, that he wants to believe the man who burned him still loves him, that he lived hiding in enemy territory and found good people suffering there, then we talk about "insecurity issues" and "confusion" as more than a matter of circumstance. He looks like a Fi that values the environment of the village of fire to achieve acceptance showing that he is good at something. Shadow aux Si over took his aux Se. I may not be an expert in MBTI, but I know PLENTY about Zuko, so I'm ready to listen :)"I also explained how he uses each function and why he's an SJ. In this site you can find out which of the 16 types this character 'Zuko' belongs to!. If you wanna discuss, let's talk about how *stability* is the core of Zuko, cause that's the ultimate desire of a Type 6. Think for a minute, do you really believe Zuko is an introverted version of Aang. Whenever he's genuinely happy it's through Se. What is the best option for the MBTI type of Zuko? What about enneagram and other personality types?. He behaves in a very ESTJ-like manner in the beginning of the series. When I was growing up I got involved in fights because I knew I could beat bullies, and yes, I was aggressive because I was going through a phase where they were not recognizing my efforts and they were taking me away. It is debatable. I'm done with the INFP topic, I never voted his MBTI. ISFP 4w3 His Ne was repressed because of the trauma, causing him to force Si-Te. @Hearts "What do you plan to do with the avatar's bison. Where's the Ne. Not to mention that INFPs 4w3 has a more practical and ambitious sense, I am one and I know very well what this is. That's how they type on Celebrity Types. You guys are bias, he insults me but I'm supposed to be nice. If I were going to make the argument for Zuko being an IxFP, it would be because the question that drives him isn't "What came before. this can all be to the functions of an INFP. I recommend watching to see how much an INFP can be a leader. The position of Zuko that makes him act as xSTJ. " (Fi)No, counter-argue. The fact that you're typing him by what you believe is inferior Te rather than dominant Fi is very telling. The arguments you're making are scarce in substance. He does follow paths and trends but very poorly (again suggesting his weaker functions). He symbolises very well how INFPs behave after being burned by their fathers :). I'm INFP 4w3 And I identify with him a lot. Zuko's character construction is about how his destiny is tied with his image of himself. Idk where you got this impression that he was "the kind, emotional kid"yeh dude Im a SJ i challenge tradition. I can even see introjection of Iroh's good humor and advices when he joins the gaang. He can mimick an 8 but it's obvious that he's not an 8. Even in the few moments where he's been healthy and/or happy he doesn't act like an Fi dom. Welcome to MBTIBase - PersonalityBase, here you can learn about Zuko MBTI type.. You can't say how he has Ne and he acts STJ. Which is the case with Zuko. Honestly seems more like Tertiary Ni and Inferior Te. He joined Aang's side after realizing that morals do matter, since he is a thinker type this took longer than expected I'll put it simple. Anyway, I know an INFP who is quite aggressive when he is under pressure and ends up acting as an ESTJ even going for violence. I don't see 5 (much less 7) on him. Discover Array, and more, famous people, fictional characters and celebrities here!. Uncle Iroh desperately tries to get Zuko to understand that his actions - how he thinks he SHOULD act - is not really true to his spirit. Anyways, I feel like ISFP is still a better option then IxTJ. I love taking people down in rugby,mma and when i was younger i was unhealthy i always got into fights and was always the tough guy no one messes with. He has some similitaries with Sasuke from Naruto series.

. He doesn't at all display Ne. Guys, come on. " No, you really didn't, can you give examples. When he is completely torn between helping Azula and helping Katara. Of course it's easy to see ourselves in characters (particularlywell-written ones like Zuko) but I still see no evidence of Aux Ne that isn't more tertiary Ni (even his weird hallucination fever that shifts his character could be linked to this). It is not because he is an INFP that he can not be a leader, INFPs also have the same form of judging ISTJs, but as he has a forced TE he ends up having an illogical and sentimental view of something and ends up making mistakes like Kylo Ren - an INFPNice that you read it, hearts. Meanwhile you're not really offering arguments at all, so I'm gonna have to stay with Type 4, since there is another discussion going on here and this is getting messy. If he were Fi-Ne he would channel his feelings into more creative outlets, he channels his through combat and acts of physicality. Zuko is constantly torn inside himself; torn between questioning who he is, who he wants to be, and who he thinks he should be. He is not assertive, he's force assertiveness. Only a matter of Se* I understand that exercising isn't related to Se but combat and martial arts are far more than just exercise to Zuko. Not to mention that he went in search of a fancy journey of the Avatar, because the Avatar was nothing more than a myth, more Ne than If. Zuko doesn't have a need to be special. Zuko practically has an unhealthy and repressed Ne, where she appears as a way of connecting with the blue spirit and within her dreams. But the moral lesson that Zuko has to learn is that he will never be satisfied until he reconnects with who he REALLY is. Jung also proposed that in a person one of the four functions above is dominant – either a function of perception or a function of judging.. I'm not sure if he's an ISTJ or an INFP, and you're arguments for ISTJ are really sound. People need to let go of the idea that all 4s are artists. Even if not directly tested, public voting can provide good accuracy regarding Zuko Myers-Briggs and personality type!. I don't know enough of MBTI to feel confident to vote, but I'm curious about what do you mean by "what makes him happy". Every person’s preference can be found on a spectrum, so just choose the letter you identify with most.. "Serious, a leader, logical, focused, insecure" sorry, who is this, Tenzin. "First I have to get it out of here" Zuko. He wants to be the kind of person who is accepted by his father. After being humiliated by his father, he was forced to erase the mistake he made to be able to feel good about himself and be looked upon by his father, but then it was shown that this was not his true face and that deep down he Was an idealist with a good heart who struggles for the right - Uncle's wordsYou really are reaching with these arguments. I talked about his behavior and actions long before I analyzed quotes. "I'm INTJ but I act ESFP" no. PickUp, Zuko's not a real person, he's a character and his essence lies in how he is written, so of course I described his character development (which is complex and beautifully done and cannot be ignored when trying to understand him). Everyone following this thread knows you've spent more time bashing on us than developing a solid argument. His false persona is related to Fi more than anything and being an enneagram 4. Thank you for your explanation, it was very well written out. Fe - extraverted feeling. An INFP will be more sensitive to such attitudes and will question such cruelty, which was in his case. When he asked people to demonstrate Zuko's intuition, no one really stepped up. And Zuko demonstrates a ton of indecisiveness. Really, the moral dilemma that drives Zuko, the pain in his heart, isn't really a question of appealing to Tradition (SJ) or Rationality (NT) but more of a matter of identity (NF). At his best he's not generating ideas and possibilities he's fighting and living in the moment. He's stiff, serious, assertive, a leader, he has little to no Ne and caring about other peoples lives does not indicate feeler, that's retarded. Zuko seems less skilled than Azula but he was able to navigate through difficult enviornmetns with little outside help and understand many difficult mental concepts. He seems to force the use of Te, he tries to be organized but ends up exploding when something goes out of control. He's trying to use his lower functions, and failing miserably, but becomes happy when he can use Fi/Ne with Aang and the gaang. Type 4 can't have a meaningless life and Zuko doesn''t want to be "no one somewhere" for the rest of his existence. Catch the Avatar, get his father's acceptance. This is exactly what happened when you captured avatar at north pole. But for what it's worth, I've agreed with basically everything you've said about him being a Type 4. So I suggest you rewatch ATLA and find Zuko's sensibility in "Zuko Alone", taking in account that that amount of emotion is not even allowed in his environment (crying in front of the two most powerful man, grieving his cousin's death), see in Nightmares and Daydreams how hurt he feels because he wasn't invited to the meeting even though he's obviously just supposed to be there, then we talk about "cold", "stoic", "logical". I agree he relies on Iroh for guidance, even though he frequently ignores his uncle's advises. It just doesn't work. Thinking HAS to be in one of the 3 stacks. Can someone please explain Type 6. A site that's notorious for mistypes. Once rediscover how firebend again with Aang he is able to channel Fi+Se and make use of tertiary Ni. Se/Ni users can be quite interested in philosophy. I really do think the essence of Zuko's character more closely resembles an INFP, but making the functions stack right is hard to do without resorting to cheats like grips or loops. Zuko feeds many idealizations about his false persona, always knows where to find the Avatar, likes to search for faster paths, uses trends. he is ISTJPickup is a fool. Zuko is driven to do what's right which is Si. Their are gonna be different types of INFP. INFPs, like most introverts, are quiet and reserved. They prefer not to talk about themselves.. You have a really great grasp of the character. Look, I can name like 10 ISTJs in fiction that are similar to Zuko, can't name any INFPs who are similar to him because INFPs don't act that way. His heart is consumed by shame. His Si is really strong and overpowers Ne easily. About insecurities, they are either very real issues (his mission was always doomed to failure) or image related issues. He thinks that an INFP has to be victimistic and weak, otherwise it can not be an INFP. He is 1-ish when he faces his father and so many other times when he was critical and hardworking. Te is organized and prepared, and knows very well what they are doing and what they need to do, and comes up with a backup plan. But Ne always appears in the conflicts, in the images, in the blue spirit, where he feels free of truth. Typing based on how Zuko externalizes his inner turmoil is a slippery slope, but I can absolutely see where Pikup is coming from. Enneagram 1 ESFPs. he has Fi for sure but he is far more a Si user. You just asserting that I'm wrong isn't an argument. you had him and you had nowhere to go. He has insecurity issues, he's always confused, he wants to fit in and be apart of something bigger than himself. I agree with you. You are in the best place to test MBTI and learn what type Zuko likely is!. A good fight, excitement, tension - Zuko is most alive and healthy when he's allowed to enjoy his Se. Zuko spends a lot of time acting like an ESTJ and not a lot of time acting like an INFP. He is withdrawn and moody, expects Mai to take care of the mess inside of him. INFP's shadow isn't ESTJ though, pretty sure it is ENFJ. When he's fighting he's usually under a lot of pressure because he must capture the Avatar, but I'd also say his alter-ego as the Blue Spirit makes him happy because it's something he's good at. He becomes obsessed with this one goal that continually gets more and more unhealthy. He found Aang in many places. Intuitives focus on a more abstract level of thinking; they are more interested in theories, patterns, and explanations. They are often more concerned with the future than the present and are often described as creative. or is it someone else forced on you, time for you to look inward who are you. You're like scotty typing Hisoka as INFP based off of how he dressesPikup doesn't know how to be polite in a casual discussion where no one has nothing to lose.

. Example: when they make a presentation to their grandpa, Azula is awesome so Zuko decides to try even though he wasn't asked to and fails. He never plans anything he does, Azula is a dominat Te, we can see the immense difference. We don't really see him "happy" in the show except for some moments he shared with Mai and when he started to feel like he had friends in the Gaang. what do you want. For what it's worth Pikup, I'm kind of with you. Believe me or not, I just love to discuss Zuko. He could not be a ISFP. > What's next. Zuko has pretty high IQ makes and he is introverted of course. He's Fi-dom IxFP for sure and his aggressiveness it's because of his ExTJ shadow. 5w4 He has good observation skills and wants to create a new foundation for the future of the Fire Nation. INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas.. He found the avatar he caught him and he had no idea what to do due to inferior Te. what do you want. Si - introverted sensing. At his best he's not generating ideas and possibilities he's fighting and living in the moment. If Zuko is INFP, then Yasuo from league would be INFP, which obviously is not true. He thinks of only the current, present goal and all he wants is to return home forgiven. I just know it really isn't fair to type Zuko based on his actions, because the entire point of his character is that he's not being true to himself. Se is also related to impulsiveness and Zuko never really plans anything through thoroughly. He puts his values above all else, especially logic. If you enjoyed this entry, find out about the personality types of Avatar the Last Airbender characters list.. INTPs are well known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic, which makes sense since they are arguably the most logical minded of all the personality types.. Also that's not even an Ne exclusive thing. Shame and pride are traits of human beings, stop generalizing everything, both MBTI and Enneagram are about HOW, not WHAT. But it is clearly an INFP that values the philosophy of fire and tries to suppress the use of Ne to pull over to the Si and Te. Si is also about body awareness. Zuko focuses on Fi so much cause it's unhealthy in him. I mean he's constantly going back to his past and expects things to be just as they were when he left. IxFPs are not all about honor. The P/J differences are the tough ones I know. Envy and shame all over, he needs to prove he is talented, too. Ti - introverted thinking. As a child he questioned his father for making a cold decision without caring about the lives of others, which is clearly Fi> Te. He was ashamed for acting in a sentimental way and sought a way to be recognized by his father. It's just weird that his SiTe can be messed up but not his Ne (in an Fi-Si loop). I agree with what you said too, unhealthy Ne is indecisiveness (though Idk enough of MBTI to type him) and I kinda felt Type 4 vibes in your description of him. Going by your logic if an ISTJ isn't say religious and/or a conservative then he must by INTJ or something else. I am INFP and I love to practice karate because I like to use varieties of scams and I feel good because of dopamine. If we're making a purely function-based argument. His uncle is probably one too. I think with characters like Zuko it is important not to type necessarily on how they behave, because surface level behaviors can be misleading. INTJ non-virgins. Zuko envies Azula and longs for what he doesn't have, he is still not satisfied when he gets to be back. What seems to me a Fi-Si loop. E6 needs support and guidance. And, since I'm asking, I've always heard that Si is related to memory and making connections to the past and doesn't that fit Zuko. I would, he's certainly not warm and friendly and he's always pulling others back down to reality with how realistic and logical he is. Maybe it didn't come off that way, but I actually valued your contribution (a lot), I love seeing comments lol. When he got healthier he went on to abstract more, have a more open and metaphorical perspective Ne than Se* Honestly seems more like Tertiary Ni and Inferior Te. Again, he still has Fi but it's lower. The primary functions also show how they complementone another. Not to mention that Avatar was given as dead and only he created such a fanciful journey in his mind believing that he was alive. He is very attached to facts of the past, thus, be more methodical wanting the work done to achieve such recognition and regain his honor that he lost. I do not think Zuko is more ISFP than INFP because Si is quite visible than SeI disagree but I could see a much better case for ISFP than INFPI always thought Zuko as ISFP, i agree with Fi dom but he doesn't use any Ne. Wanting relationships doesn't make them an FJ type. There are different ways of expression, including the art of swords (when you're a firebender, why) and creating an entire persona out of it. 9Love16 caring about image does not indicate enneagram 4 and all you described was character development. But, I'm still not sure if he's INFP or ISFP. Your vision of INFPs is very bullshit. ), he cannot STAND to be looked down so he inflates himself. In the past he himself got the scar because he thought it was cruel military attitudes and was punished for this by making him create a mask and deceive himself. That makes him the perfect Fire Lord after the war. I must have been drunk then. It's not because he is serious and assertiveness force that he is a xSTJ, if you types people and characters using stereotypes this also indicates retard. Ne - He needed Iroh's help think of new possibilities that are out of the box. You just want me to agree with you, the fact that I don't annoys you so that makes me "close-minded" Feeling like you got the short end of the stick is a 6 thing if anything. But he's lost, and what he needs is to realign his spirit with the authentic self. Zuko is an INFP who tries to expose Si and Te making him act like xSTJ. He isn't an out of the box thinker or mentally abstract and speaks literally. Especially if they are 3w4,4w3 or 9w8. What would make Zuko whole. In a narrative, you build your characters and show who they are through actions and dialogues, quotes are not random because they reveal stuff a character may be masking (like how Zuko masks his shame with pride) and they offer us their inner perspective. That is the essence of character writing.

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